Hyundai Veracruz Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    I also think the amount off MSRP you could expect would be different (i.e.-less) for a GLS than for a Limited.

    Enjoy the ride!
  • hovdethovdet Member Posts: 1
    29k for a new limited with nav & they are going to pay your last 3 lease payments (another $1000)

    I'm not buying this considering you can barely get a used Veracruz Limited with 10k plus miles on it for this price. 294964207&D=90&zip=37064&sY=2008-NA&No=0&Ep=homepage:homepage%20Make&Rp=R&PP=20&- sV=List&CD=14+240+190+8+9&Q=403a2001-0ecb-470e-b1a6-51aab24d9c47
  • pinevalleyitepinevalleyite Member Posts: 19
    Is it possible in Northern NJ to get a Hyundai Veracruz GS (using the $4K cashback) for under $20K at any dealership?
  • jojijoji Member Posts: 3
    Thank you Hovdet for your response & information. I did receive that 29K offer but when I called back the next day for the fiance interest rate, the deal went to 30K for their 2.9% special. The 1K increase corresponds with their current rebate but the guy knew when I met that we were financing with Hyundai so disappointed it wasn't mentioned originally. Not sure if any others experienced this.

    If Hyundai dealership has to pay my last 3 payments of the lease to Hyundai Fiance, then I agree with you that this is a great deal. It doesn't seem to make sense they would have to continue payments since you are taking money out of one pocket and placing it in another pocket, unless they are considered separate corporations.

    Just my take on it but I could definitely be wrong.
  • marigoldmarigold Member Posts: 1
    I am considering buying a 2008 Veracruz, AWD Limited. I found one with 15,000 miles for $25,000. From what I've read, this sounds like a good price. I have always had GM cars and am apprehensive about buying foreign. Does anyone have any additional input on buying a foreign car and does this sound like a good deal?? Thanks!!
  • pinevalleyitepinevalleyite Member Posts: 19
    It sounds about right. We just bought a new 2008 Veracruz GLS from dealer. It's the lowest level Veracruz while the Limited is the top. We also only got the FWD not AWD. We did get the optional package put into the vehicle (sunroof, heated motorized seats, etc.) and were able to take advantage of the $4K cashback since we bought last day of April. Our model also had a bluetooth already in it as well as the carpeted floor mats. Total with tax (including the cashback) was $27,262 in Northern NJ.
  • kifarokifaro Member Posts: 1
    After alot of negotiating I struck a deal on my 2008 Veracruz. I got the Limited w/ Entertainment package. The price was $25,100. I figured out a way to get the loyalty bonus... if you have a GOOD, TRUSTED friend who already owns one, put them on the title with you. Wham 2k off!! This probably won't work if you are financing, as I paid cash.

    I also got them to overpay for my trade in. This was in Charlotte, NC.
  • dglewisdglewis Member Posts: 2
    I got a beige Hyundai Veracruz GLS for $21350. I bought the extended 10 year warranty for $1100. It included bluetooth, carpeted mats.

    The dealer close to where I live was quoting 22458 for the same vehicle.
  • banworrybanworry Member Posts: 3
    I have the same question - are they really offering 30% reduction on 2009 if I pre-order them?
  • peteyboy30peteyboy30 Member Posts: 34
    Where did this 30% off come from? Is this a rumor, or based in fact? I'd jump on that pre-order, as I'm in the market now... but whoever knows anything, please divulge so we can all know if this is true or just fluff.
  • pinevalleyitepinevalleyite Member Posts: 19
    I think I saw a commercial the other night that they are now offering $6000 cashback on 2008 Veracruz's but I don't know how many can be left at this point. I got $4000 cashback in April and was surprised they went higher with the rebate.
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    I'm pretty sure it is still a $4000 rebate with a $2000 loyalty thingy added.

    Almost makes want to go out and buy a $500 used Accent!
  • banworrybanworry Member Posts: 3
    Was my mistake. The dealer is now saying that it is 30% off the sticker which is higher than MSRP and doesn't get it to my price point.
  • ls1993ls1993 Member Posts: 10
    Bought one from Doten Hyundai, Richmond, CA.

    MSRP: $36900.
    Sell Price: $32002.
    Minus: $5650 cash back and owner loyalty.
    Selling Price: $ 26352 plus TTL.
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Member Posts: 330
    I took my Hyundai Sonata in for service saturday and started looking in the showroom. I test drove the what a nice car, but was not wanting to really trade autos. I must say i had a balloon note with Hyundai that was up and i could turn in the car or keep it from 05/22-06/22 to decide so i really didnt have a trade-in.

    I was talking to the salesperson and said you guys only have one veracruz, he said yep its an 08 SE all bells and whistles, leather, sunroof, upgraded stereo, just doesnt have the DVD player but everything else you can get on it with 15 miles on the OD. So we took it for a test drive, very nice and smooth, smoother driving than the genesis imo. He said i can make you one heck of a deal...i laughed and said ok shoot...he said with your owner loyalty and the current rebate plus the dealer discount we will take $10,000+ off the sticker...i almost fell out of the auto....We had shopped the Veracruz back in the summer of 2007 and we could hardly get $1,000 off sticker so we purchased an 07 sonata instead which we liked but really needed a larger auto for the family.

    In the end it was an 2008 SE Liquid Silver, Black Leather, 2wd, everything you can get on it but the drop down drop down DVD player, threw in window tint on front windows, upgraded alarm, some kinda nitrogen in the tires? they came over and said they were including it as I was a repeat customer. I paid $23,965 Before T.T.L. stickered for $34,165, and I got 5.6% financing for 72 months

    $34,165 MSRP
    $23,965 Before T.T.L.
    $10,200 Discount Includes owner loyalty $2,000 and $4,000 hyundai rebate the other was dealership discount.

    One thing they did do is pull up trade in values in the area and said this auto would trade in about $25-27K. I toldem i would buy it they take in trade same day give me the difference in cash....they didnt laugh, I did, lol......
  • indecisionindecision Member Posts: 22
    Just priced a 2008 Hyundai Veracruz Limited. They told me the best they could do was 31000. I told them no way. The said they couldnt do any better and I said thats too bad because I would have bought it if the price was right.
  • bird14bird14 Member Posts: 1
    The first dealer that I tried published a Hyundai Varacruz for 15,000$ . Knowing that this is not possible, i just tried it any way. The Guy started at 39,000$ for limited and came down to 30,000 which was still double the price they published.
    I tried a second dealer who published Varacruz at 25,999$. He said I do not qualify for Loyalty discount, Milatary discount etc and tried to sell me the SE for a best price of 28000.
    Finally tried with third dealer who was very professional and decent. He has GLS as well. He told me there are only sixteen 2008 GLS left in eastren region and they have one of them, Satin Beige which was my favorite color. It has some 675$ Manufacturer's options and a 1900$ the so called dealer options(they just call it appearance package which does not seem to cost 1900$)
    He said that 1900$ he will give free of cost. Excluding that the MSRP on the sticker was 28,400. I requested invoice price and he showed me the price as 26,200. He proposed the offer and i took it.

    Invoice 26,400 minus Customer Rebate 3,650, minus 1000$ dealer marketing incentive and i got zero percent APR for 36 months(This apr is literally 2500$ discount). But he added a 750 frieght + 1000$ state tax + 80 processing fee + 80$ registration fee+ 80$ title..I drove the GLS for 23740 with zero down and zero apr for 36 months. At this price he said he makes zero profit and loose all space cost that he paid for last 9 months. 10 years back i bought my honda accord for this price and i am satisfied with the smooth ride of Varacruz.

    After going through this forum, i found some of them in NJ region got good deals like 22000, or 21,500 etc on GLS. They might have been qualified for loyalty? But none of them said they got zero APR and they have $650 manufacturer options and 1900 dealer options..I am still hoping my deal is also ok.
  • zepplin76zepplin76 Member Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone,

    I have been folowing this forum for quite some time. One of the Northern NJ dealer (Lynns Hyundai) offered me new 2008 Hyundai varacruz AWD LTD for 28250 + tax and title. This car has does not have DVD or bluetooth package. Just wanted to know opinion of members in this forum. Is it good deal ?

  • indecisionindecision Member Posts: 22
    did the 2008 veracruz SE have a power liftgate or just a limited?
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    Hello Everyone,

    I have been folowing this forum for quite some time. One of the Northern NJ dealer (Lynns Hyundai) offered me new 2008 Hyundai varacruz AWD LTD for 28250 + tax and title. This car has does not have DVD or bluetooth package. Just wanted to know opinion of members in this forum. Is it good deal ?


    It's difficult to say without knowing what options are on the car.

    If you price it out with options on Edmunds, and subtract from the invoice price $4000 cash back, and subtract $1000 mfg-to-dealer cash, I think you'll be in a good place.
  • pinevalleyitepinevalleyite Member Posts: 19
    Has anyone had trouble actually starting the car with the key in the ignition? I've only had my Verzacruz a month but twice I have gotten in the car, put the key in the ignition and been unable to turn the key to start it. It won't move from the "lock" position. The first time, I got in and out of the vehicle and played with the locking and unlocking of the remote thinking I must have enabled some security feature. The second time, I could get the key to move into place no matter what so I finally got out and did the remote start. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a trick?
  • jlindhjlindh Member Posts: 282
    Sometimes, the mechanism that locks the steering wheel when the ignition is off will interfere with the turning of the key. When this happens, all you need to do is turn the steering wheel a bit in the proper direction and the key will turn normally.
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Member Posts: 330
    you did the right thing walking away...i know where i purchased they had a fully loaded limited with towing package, blue tooth, adjustable pedals...2wd for $26,800...i almost went for that one as they had just gotten it in as a dealer trade the day i was to sign the papers on my deal...they let me drive my veracruz for a week to decide on the purchase...which i thought was very generous of them..Although they told me i could switch to the limited with the same money off I decided I.didnt want to pay for the extras when i dont need them plus my payment would have been about $50 more a month. Its still sitting on the lot as of today at Vandergriff Hyundai in Arlington, TX....MSRP is $36,990 if your in the DFW area a good deal to be had...the sales price includes owner loyalty....
  • jefferson1964jefferson1964 Member Posts: 330
    I think the 0% interest is worth 3-4K that you saved depending on the average APR in your area...i was not even offered the was just not available in my 5.6 for 72 months which if i pay it out tacks on another $4k onto the good for you.....congrats on the new veracruz...i sure am enjoying of the finest suv's ive owned for the money....
  • indecisionindecision Member Posts: 22
    Thanks...I wish I lived near dfw. Unfortunately, Im in NY. Ive been trying to track one down to no avail. Very aggravating.
  • mballemballe Member Posts: 2
  • mballemballe Member Posts: 2
    Im look for anyone who has made any great deals with any dealers
    in the Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex counties in New Jersey.
    On a 09 FWD GLS Veracruz with the preferred PKG....

  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    A national reporter is looking to speak to consumers who purchased a Hyundai vehicle recently (within the past four months) because of the Hyundai Assurance Program. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Friday, June 5, 2009.
  • liv4morliv4mor Member Posts: 1
    Does the 2009 model have the same discount availability? I am looking at a 2009 Veracruz limited without Navi or DVD. How does this car size up next to the Pilot of comparable options?
  • mlaskowskymlaskowsky Member Posts: 1

    Has anyone bought the software update for the nav system in the 2008 Veracruz. If so, did you notice if it was any better.

  • stakingclaimstakingclaim Member Posts: 3
    just returned from dealer in Tn., and got lowdown on "new" rebates. The $4000 rebate hanging around since Jan. has now been "incentivized" to move remaining 2YR OLD stock of Veracruz's. They REDUCED it to $3900, and offer it as a "Now get $650 every month for 6 mos. for 2008 Veracruz". Sounds like an additional rebate... but don't get your hopes up! It's supposed to reflect "a monthly debit card option, for $100 less, OR same ol' $4,000 rebate already reflected in most dealers advertising.....HUHHHH!!! What's with the "Now get....", How's that more attractive than the "Old get....". A sleazy bit of advertising.... Maybe, a good thing to avoid them now, as opposed to in the service dept!!!
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    It doesn't look like the Veracruz is included in that program- at least not on Hyundai's website today.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    A sleazy bit of advertising....

    Doesn't look like that to me. They are very straight-forward on their website that it is an either/or proposition. pdf

    I have also seen the TV ads and I do not feel that anyone would be mislead into thinking it is a rebate and monthly money deal. Just my humble opinion and you can agree with me or you can agree to disagree with me. Your choice. ;)
  • counselor4444counselor4444 Member Posts: 47
    Hi all,
    My husband and I live in Northern NJ are interested in purchasing a GLS FWD Veracruz without options. We will travel within PA/DE/NY/CT for the best deal if necessary. I see that a 4K rebate is being offered on teh 08 model but nothing is being offered on the 09 model. Can you guys help me with:

    1. Are there still a lot of new 08 Veracruz out there? Anyone know where I can find them in Northern NJ or surrounding states? (I don't want a demo or a used vehicle)

    2. Any cons to getting the 08 instead of the 09 model? Is it basically the same?

    3. For the 08 model, anyone know how much below invoice (before the 4K rebate) we should start? Anyone know what dealer incentives are being given below invoice to sell 08 models?


  • islander55islander55 Member Posts: 4
    I live in Central Jersey , I shopped for a veracruz , on the 08 I got the best quotes at
    Towne Hyundai on route 10 and H town Hyundai in Hacketstown , As far the 09 goes
    Maxon on Rt 22 quoted 28500 , sticker was 34000 , this was a 09 AWD GLS .
    I really Believe if I had more time I could get them to go around 28 .
  • counselor4444counselor4444 Member Posts: 47
    Thanks for the info islander55. When did you get the 08 Veracruz? recently? I'm just wondering how many dealerships actually still have these in stock. We will check out Towne Hyundai and Hackettstown Hyundai.

    Anyone else have any info?

  • pinevalleyitepinevalleyite Member Posts: 19
    We bought the GLS FWD 08 Veracruz in April and got the best deal at Liberty Hyundai in or Mahwah NJ. They didn't have any in stock but gave us a deal and said they'd find one. We gave them several color choices and they found one for us at no extra charge. They were great to deal with. We had looked in Paramus and Central NJ also but found our best deal with them. Can't remember how it all worked out moneywise, but we got the $4K cashback and they beat prices we got elsewhere - we went there last.
  • lvhoundlvhound Member Posts: 1
    Today I went to a dealer for VC08 but they all gone. One dealer showed me a 09 GLS FWD w/ sunroof, the O.T.D is 29k. No even a buck rebate available on 09 right now. Still hesitating about it, don't know it's a decent deal or not. Probably wait to July to see any rebates/incentives come out.

    Anybody has buying story about 09 ones?
  • counselor4444counselor4444 Member Posts: 47
    I found an 08 SE AWD with Premium, Leather, and Entertainment Package for MSRP 37K. Realistically, what is the lowest I can get this for? I believe invoice on this vehicle is somewhere around 34K. So, invoice minus 4K rebate is 30K... not low enough for me. Can I get dealerships to go substantially below this now? Will they drop thousands off that because it is considered an older model? Any idea what dealer incentives are right now for the 08's? Any thoughts?
  • islander55islander55 Member Posts: 4
    Let Me guess ? Htown in Hackettstown ?

    I saw that Car , Offer 28000
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    Picked up an 08 Veracruz Limited last night.

    First Aid Kit
    Wheel locks
    Sunroof wind deflector

    $29,900 + TTL.

    A very pleasant experience at Fred Beans Hyundai. Started on the internet, finished with one phone call.
  • carshoppertxcarshoppertx Member Posts: 10
    My husband and I are just beginning the process of looking for a new car. We really like the Hyundai Veracruz but have questions we hope someone here can speak to.

    We live in Austin,TX and it seems '09 Veracruz inventory is low statewide. Why??? Is this a nationwide phenomenon?

    Also, why is there a $4K rebate on the '08 model in the middle of the '09 year but no significant incentives on the '09 model?

    Invoice on a base GLS model is $25,766. How much lower do you guys think I can negotiate on a GLS with the $2400 preferred package (MSRP $29,545)?

    What fees can I expect to get slapped with that I can negotiate away and howdo I do so?

    Has anyone bought a 2009 GLS that can tell me what they paid and what their experience buying was?

  • indecisionindecision Member Posts: 22
    well, the reason why there is a 4000 rebate on the 2008 veracruz is because hyundai is still trying to get rid of them. There is only a 1000 incentive starting this month on the 2009's because it was rolled out at the end of May. Inventory is still low nationwide because they are still rolling them out but I have noticed dealers are slowly acquiring more than 1 or 2. I really cant answer the other questions, but I hope this helps a little.
  • dturrdturr Member Posts: 70
    Plenty of vehicles on the lot anyone received any prices on 2010 models?
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Member Posts: 70
    I wasn't aware that any 2010s hit the street yet. Seems like the 09s have only been out 4-5 weeks at several eastern dealers I was checking.
  • atipoatipo Member Posts: 2
    Through the car broker Cartelligent, we just bought a 2008 Veracrus Ltd. (fully fully loaded) with 10,080 miles for $25K. The MSRP was $36K. It was a dealer demo - so it was stocked up, and only driven very carefully by one employee of the dealership in Richmond, CA (Doten Hyundai.) Otherwise, we found it was really difficult to get one (we were looking for either a Santa Fe or a Veracruz) that had the options we wanted.

    So far, we love it!
  • ls1993ls1993 Member Posts: 10
    Hi, I also bought a dealer demo from Doten Hyundai (2008 Veracruz Limited). How does the car feel above 70 Mph? Any vibration?
    Mine has steering wheel vibration above 70 Mph, still in complaint process to Hyundai thru Doten. It seems like the regional rep's trying to dismiss this complaint.
  • counselor4444counselor4444 Member Posts: 47
    Are dealerships going to be getting more 09 Veracruz? Or will low inventory continue until next year when the 2010's are rolled out? Right now the 09 Veracruz is too expensive for me. I was hoping they'd start to get more and the rebate would increase.
  • counselor4444counselor4444 Member Posts: 47
    Let me answer my own question... Hyundai has decided that they are so far behind in rolling out the 09's that they are almost skipping the 09 model year on the Veracruz and jumping into shipment of 10's now. So, there will be good deal on the "09's" but there were so few made that pickens are slim.
  • thorsthors Member Posts: 35
    I was told recently by a dealer in S. Fla. that he only had 1 Veracruz on his lot because they are discontinuing it because it did not sell. MAJOR push on his Santa Fe's though (which I amnot interested in!) though! Anyone know if this is indeed the case??
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