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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Congrats on your new vehicle! I don't see any spelling mistakes in your previous message. Oh BTW, it's not a truck ;-)

    Drew Townhall co-host
    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories conferences
  • Buckcherry . . . It sounds like you got mine. Except I didn't get the cargo floor or the rear heated seats, but I did get the heated wheel. I am a little nervous about not getting the floor. Is it really good? what about NAV?
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    Anybody have or seen an X5 without the sunroof? Does the roof appear more "vaulted" vs with-sunroof? Curious if you gain any headroom.

    Also anybody have or seen the interior aluminum trim vs. wood? Wonder if this gives the vehicle more of a "techno" look? Don't care for wood (even real) at all.

    Anybody tried to get the 3.0's 18" sport wheels on a 4.4? Thinking the 3.0's 18" are the best looking wheel available, period.
  • Does anyone have an opinion on the X5 sports seats vs the standard seats?

    I'm in the process of ordering an X5 4.4i w/ the sport package and the activity package. I am not sure if I should go with the sports seats or the standard seats + lumbar?
  • artosartos Posts: 1
    is there anyone could say about how x5 doing on the icy roads.. living in Moscow /Russia and trying to get 4.4 w/sport package, activity etc. thanks in advance..
  • Any advice on equiping an X5 4.4i w/ sport package for winter driving (snow/ice)?

    Wheel/tire options - maybe using 18" 3.0i sport wheels w/ all season tires or aftermarket wheels/tires...

    What have other X5ers done?
  • hzhaohzhao Posts: 28
    Planning to purchasing or leasing the X5 in next couple of weeks. Any price/lease paid on this car is greatly appreciated.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    See: for some X5 winter driving insights. The studded Pirelli S/Ts did OK for our purposes, but I would check and see what winter tires Tire Rack has in the 18" size.
  • I own a X5 30 with Sport Pkg, Nov, Xenon, Sport seats, climate pkg.

    I have to say that the NAV system is fabulous. It does indeed have to option of reporting in Metric or U.S. Miles, If you take time to read the manual and watch the second part of the X5 video - you will know how to use it. The navigation is very accurate - Once you set your destination, you dont even have to look at the screen, as the voice tells you of upcoming turns as you approach. You get plenty of warning and even detailed instructions like "take the second turn on the left". There are quite a few menus and settings - but it enables the "master" user to get the most out of it.

    It seems that most complaints come from people who are not computer savvy. It you are not comfortable with PC's - dot get it until they release the "Navigation for dummies " manual update.

    P.S. That spell robot has to go! I had to edit this post 4 times to fix the spelling corrections!
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    Hi all,

    I have an ML, and starting to wander accross the boards

    I thought that dealers intentionally lowered the HID projector beams on the X5. I read some where, not sure where, but you can have the HIDs adjusted a bit higher so the cutoff is not as annoying. I actually think that the HIDS on my ML are aimed a bit high, therefore preventing the same effect that many people complain about. On the other hand not so good for the other drivers.

  • I thought I would share my experience of dealing with Fields BMW, a Chicagoland dealer.

    I went there to follow up on a trinket that I had purchased (but not received) for a friend for Xmas. While I was there I thought I would have them wash my car as it had a lot of salt on it. I pulled into the service area (which is where Parts is also located) and asked the service guy if I could get my car washed. He looked at it and said that because I had not bought it there they wouldn’t wash it. I told him that I didn’t expect him to do it for free that I would pay for it, of course. No, they do not wash vehicles not purchased there. (They do offer detailing, both interior and exterior, but that wasn’t offered. Just a flat NO.)

    Ok, fine…I will go find my little F1 racing keychain and leave. Parts said it should be there somewhere and spent about 10 minutes looking for it. In the meantime the service people had moved my brand new, three day old X5 closer to the door where it was promptly HIT by a customer who was leaving. I screamed STOP! But it was too late. Boomph. He sideswipped my front driver-side wheelwell.

    The service manager then runs out, grabs a dry rag and proceeds to rub the salt off of the front fender to see if there was any damage. I asked him to stop stating that he was going to rub the salt into the finish at which point he started yelling at me. HUH? EXCUSE ME, you idiot, it was MY vehicle that was hit! Why are you yelling at me? I was then informed that I would have to exchange information with the guy who hit me and have our insurance companies handle it. I don’t think so!

    Ok, it was General Manager time. I spoke with her and gave her the rundown of what happened. I started my discussion with her by stating that I was “beyond angry” and that I had stopped there for two reasons, 1. to pick up my trinket, and 2. to scope out their service department as they are closer to my house than the place I purchased the vehicle and I was looking for a service provider closer to my home…and I told her that her service department failed miserably. “Well, it is our policy to not wash other vehicles…” blah, blah, blah, was pretty much her response until I got to the point where I told her that my car, my BRAND NEW, 3 DAY OLD X5 was hit in her service area and under no circumstances should her service guy have raised his voice to me. Amazingly I was able to control my frustration up until now…but at this point tears started flowing down my cheeks.

    I will admit that she was nice about it after that and gave me an X5 coffee table book but the overall experience with them left me wanting (not to mention shaking and upset to the point I could barely talk). She had the car washed and then we looked for damage - thankfully the schmoe that hit me was in a car and his wheelwell scraped mine and with the plastic piece that goes around the X’s wheelwells it only got a scratch and a rub on the paint…something I could handle myself. She offered to give me the drivers information (the dealer took no responsibility what-so-ever) at which point I must have looked at her like she was from another planet. She then offered to have them buff it out next time I came back (yeah like I would EVER go back there) but I politely refused. I asked for a refund of the keychain (that they still couldn’t find – now 45 minutes later) stating, to myself, that there was no way in hell I would ever cross their doors again. I could only imagine what would happen if I entrusted my baby to them for ANYTHING. I don't think so!!

    So now they have lost a service customer, a potential future customer, and one who is very vocal in offering my opinion to those on the internet….other potential customers. Thankfully the place I bought the car will be the primary servicer but it is nice to have a backup closer to home. Fields will definitely NOT be that baclup!

    BEWARE! This dealer has decent sales people but service is the pits!

    I’ll now relate my first experience at Fields - when I ordered the key chain. I had asked them if they could look at the tire of my 4Runner (before the X came in) as I thought it had a leak. They told me that their union people wouldn’t work on my car…it was against their rules or some such. I said that I only wanted them to look at the tire as it was going flat. After much discussion (including that I was purchasing an X5) they looked at it and found that it needed to be plugged and repaired it. What an effort, though. My safety meant nothing. Jeez…it wasn’t like I asked them to work on my Japanese car…I just wanted the tire looked at! That first experience left me wanting. This last one was the clincher.

    This was the worst service experience of any dealer I had ever worked with and I have owned over the 100 vehicles in my lifetime. THE WORST EVER….and let me tell you I have had a lot of service dealings over the years.

    Thanks for letting me go off and please, warn any friends considering purchasing from them. Caveot emptor…let the buyer beware!
  • Joanne, I'm sorry to hear what happened to your X5. If there's any X5 owners club, I suggest you share your dealer experience there. I have an MDX and a lot of people(including myself) share their daeler experience.
  • Good idea! I joined BMW Car Club of America and perhaps they would be a good direction for my venting!

    Thanks for the suggestion! How's the new MDX? You loving it? I hope so! Nothing like a new car that you L O V E!!!!
  • Hope you find a dealer with better service. The MDX is great. It's my wife's car and she loves it(sigh from me). I remember you had a post saying MDX and X5 don't really compare. I agree. X5 is the choice for purely performance oriented buyer. But gladly/sadly I've passed that time and needed both performance and versatility.
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    I'm very sorry to hear about that accident with your new X5. I hope it can be easily buffed and touched-up to be as good as new.

    Was that actually the service MANAGER who yelled at you? I find that sort of behavior very disgusting for someone in the management position at a BMW dealer!

    But just to play devil's advocate, you had a couple complaints with which I disagree. I find it perfectly normal that a BMW service center would decline to check a tire on another manufacturer's vehicle, unless the damage to the tire was caused at that dealership. Keep in mind you were not a customer nor a BMW driver at that time. I also find no fault with a BMW service center that refuses to provide a complementary car wash on a vehicle purchased at another dealership. Although you offered to pay for the wash, their lot attendents may have been busy, and they probably don't have any pricing structure for just a car wash. They should have offered you the option of a paid detailing service, but I imagine that would have required leaving your X5 with them for at least half of the day, if not the entire day.

    I make these arguments because I place myself in the eyes of the dealer management, and more importantly, in the eyes of other customers who also want the dealer's resources and personnel working on THEIR cars. For example, if I was waiting on my 328i for a basic oil change service, I wouldn't be too happy if I was told my car was delayed due to a couple technicians examining the tire on a 4Runner. If I later found out that my 328i is late being delivered to me on the drive because somebody off the street got into the queue ahead of me for the car wash, I would be further frustrated.

    However, I can't excuse the yelling, nor do I understand why a service guy took the liberty of moving your car. In my opinion, they should have found you and asked you to move it. If the car was not getting serviced there, they shouldn't be driving it -- even if it is only a few feet!
  • I wouldn't have gone to them to have my tire fixed however it was right before the Thanksgiving holiday (Wednesday evening) and it was snowing like mad and I was going from my house (in the city) to John's house in the 'burbs when I was informed en route that I had a flat.

    I had stopped at two other places to get the tire repaired and there were no other places that I could think of that might be open on the way. I wanted to get John the BMW keychain, anyway. After stopping a couple of times I finally found a place to put air in it and because the weather was so crappy I just figured I'd stop at BMW, get the key chain and get the tire fixed at the same time instead of driving all over creation trying to find something open.

    I have gone to dealers in the past for other than the brand they sell (and I rarely ever get the vehicles serviced where I buy them becuase I want the best deal and don't always get that at the closest place...most places love providing service as that is where they make most of their $$, not on the original deal). Anyway, I felt I was in a desperate situation when I asked them to look at the tire and was sorely disappointed when they gave me a hard time. They didn't have cars lined up around the block and they were going to be closing in the next couple of hours.

    Honestly, I'd have paid them $100 to fix it that night...I hate to do the dumb girl thing but I had no desire to change the tire in the freezing, near-blizzard conditions we had that night. (Ok, I admit it...I had never dropped the spare in the 4Runner and there was so much snow I don't think I even could have.)

    As for asking them to wash it I didn't think twice about it. I thought that was a service all dealers offered. I honestly didn't think I was asking for anything special. I guess I was wrong. Whodda thunk it...not me, that's for sure.

    I would like to find a service provider that will go above and beyond for me. That was why I feel they failed miserably. Because if they won't go above and beyond now will they ever? I doubt it.

    Let me share why I think this is so important. I had a Grand Am SE Quad 4 that I loved. I had that car longer than any other I have ever owned (it had 156k miles on it when I sold it...a rarity for me, as I would usually keep them for a month, two, maybe a year at the most). Anyway, I bought this vehicle at Highland Park Pontiac but Patrick Pontiac in Libertyville was closer for service. I started taking it to Patrick for service at about 16k miles. At 80k it blew a head gasket. I was well outside of any warranty it might have had. I asked the mechanic if it was even worth repairing, to which he replied that it was worth 0 as it stood at that moment. I opted to fix it at a cost of $1100.00. About 4 hours later I got a call from Patrick that they were going to fix it under a warranty program with my paying a $250.00 deductible (turns out that they were having this problem and replacing head gaskets on vehicles up to 60k miles). I had no idea about the problems they were having with the head gaskets and I was prepared to pay them over a grand to fix it. They knew that and still fixed it under warranty with my paying a fraction of what I expected. THAT, to me, is above and beyond.

    I plan on keeping this X5 until the doors fall service is something that is very important to me. While I got a great service agreement with Patrick BMW (where I purchased the vehicle...and they are soooo nice out there), there are probably going to be times when I will need a faster turn around or whatever and I will need to go elsewhere. To me, service is the guts of any dealership. THAT is where customers are made or broken.

    As for the jerk in their service department, I would have assumed that he was some service flunkie until I was informed that he was the manager. That was ultimately telling. Under no circumstance does the service manager lose it. Even if I was yelling and cursing at him (which I wasn't) it is his job to contain himself. As someone who has been in jobs where I had to deal with the public I know how critical that is. You take it from the customer, walk away and THEN curse the jerk up and down...after they have left....which is what he should have done, definitely not to my face.

    Sorry for the length of this post. It's cathartic for me...and I honestly don't understand the beating I am taking in the Fields BMW Chicago - The Worst Ever topic. But, hey...I love the publicity. I don't care if I am ragged on...keep that topic public where those who might consider buying a car from them can see it.

    I always thought that some of the people out there that have these cars they love were nuts (like the guy who has some hot$^!t BMW and never closes the doors when it's in the garage because he wants to keep the seals perfect...I think that's a little out there), but with that said, I am so totally, absolutely nutty in love with this car it isn't even funny. It's a dream. I'm gushing...and I NEVER gush! I guess I am turning into one of those nuts. ARGH!!! Hellllllp Meeeeeeeee..... (grin) No was totally uncalled for that I would be yelled at after my vehicle was hit, even if I was completely in the wrong. Keep playing devil's advocate, though...maybe a slap in my face will help me see something I'm just not seeing right now. Never know. As they say...wonders never cease. :)

    Thanks guys!
  • cotmccotmc Posts: 1,081
    Yes, I see that you are getting a bit of a verbal spanking over there in the Fields BMW topic. I guess all it takes is one witty retort for everyone to jump onto the bandwagon. I'm surprised nobody there is questioning the yelling service manager.

    To be honest, for those people who haven't read other posts from you (and thus, don't know you at all), you probably came across as a prima donna in that first post. Add to that the fact that many people still consider a BMW to be the ultimate Yuppie statement, and you get a little bit of a mob mentality!

    Thanks to your last post, I now have a better understanding on where you were coming from regarding the tire repair service.

    I guess I agree with some of those other posts in that it is the other driver who is responsible for the damages, not the dealer, unless your X5 was parked in an unsafe location.

    However, I still think the dealer was wrong in moving your X5 without first making a strong attempt to ask you to move it (considering they were not servicing it or washing it). They were also wrong to start wiping off your X5 without first asking for your permission. Finally, as you just said, no manager of any dealership should ever yell directly at a customer!

    I'm glad that you are so happy about your X5! If it had more cargo space and cost a few grand less, I might now have two BMW's in the garage. I really like the MDX, but it doesn't quite bring the joy of ownership that a new BMW usually provides! I hope your X5 avoids the few problems that other people have mentioned. Keep up the posts, and don't let the mob get you down! I admire your spunk! :-)
  • Well. maybe ms_joanne is her own worst enemy in getting service. Having read the posts and the general attitude expressed by them, I'm not surprised that she got treated as less than their most important customer. (I'm not justifying any bad behaviour, but misery loves company).

    Personally, I've had excellent experience with my dealer in Portland, OR - and I'm not even a full customer yet since I'm awaiting delivery of my X5. For instance, I pulled into the dealership with a nail sticking out of my rear tyre and the service guys very willingly took my car into the shop, removed the offending item, checked the tyre conditions and returned the car to me. All at no cost. (Ok, it to be fair, it was my F355 Spider).

    They have been nothing but helpful and considerate to me at all phases of my purchase and willing to work with me to finalise my vehicle specifications, even after the initial order was placed.

    I think you'll find that a little honey works a whole lot better than vinegar in any relationship, business or otherwise.

    My $0.02, for which I'll now probably get flamed ...
  • Thanks div2 - great article on the X5 on ice. Ref post #39 of 50.

    I wonder if I can get a set of the X5 3.0i 18" sport wheels (they look great) to outfitted with the snow tires for my X5 4.4i w/ sport pkg in the winter and just use the 19" wheels when things thaw out.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Glad you enjoyed the article. You have a good idea on the tire/wheel package. You might call around to some of the dealers who advertise in Roundel to see if they have any take-offs. You also might check ; Let me know if I can be of further help- my blood runs blue and white...;)
  • Hello! I've gotten so much out of reading people's postings in the Townhall, so I want to return the favor.

    First off, I decided to buy an available 3.0 X5 that was very close to what I wanted instead of ordering one and waiting. It's an alpine white automatic with the climate, premium, and premium sound packages, sand leather. The dealer gave me list price.

    I have no regrets with this vehicle - it handles great and is a joy to drive. This is my first SUV, my second vehicle (first was a Saturn). I was deciding between the X5 and the Acura MDX. The MDX wasn't right for me because I didn't need the extra seats and cargo space, the driver's seat wasn't comfortable for me, and I wanted something sportier. The X5 was the only vehicle I was excited about and literally made me say, "Wow!"

    I was debating about the xenon headlights. The dealer let me drive a 5 series sedan with xenons and the X5 with halogen. I decided the xenon did produce a much whiter light, had more shoulder vision, but the range wasn't significantly greater, the light jiggles a lot (I think due to the auto-levelling?), and replacements are very expensive - over $900 for each side. Plus I'd have to order one with xenons. I have not been disappointed with the halogens.

    The seats are very comfortable - it has enough lumbar support for me without the extra lumbar option. Also as testimony, a friend easily fell into a deep sleep in the back :-)

    It handles great on ice and snow. The first day I got it, we tested braking on an ice patch and accelerating from the ice patch, and it was great - stopped very quickly and had no problems starting to drive again. A few days later it snowed and the roads were slick - with the usual caution, I had no problems. Meanwhile a neighbor with a pickup truck couldn't get out of his parking spot.

    Handling on dry road is excellent too. I had no problems avoiding a tree branch in the road at night. A friend also drove it several times around a very small unnecessary traffic circle at high speed. He said it didn't slip at all compared to his Navaho, and would've taken it faster except that I started eeking in alarm :-) The 3.0 has plenty of power for passing and going up mountains.

    For my first tank, I calculated 19.2 mpg which was a mix of highway and local.

    I like the climate package - it's handy being able to control driver temperature separately from the front passenger. I don't miss heated seats because the car warms up so quickly. I like how it's smart and doesn't blast cold air right away - it waits until it's warmed up first! This car has too many features! I also don't miss auto-dimming - with the privacy glass and the height of the vehicle, brights don't bother me from behind.

    I am not an audiophile, but the premium sound is great! However, the first X5 I test drove didn't have premium sound, and I was impressed with just the sound of the radio. I do wish it came with both cd player and tape player.

    I like the tailgate design. I am not tall, and I have no problems putting stuff in back. It's also short enough that I can put things in with just the window hatch up. So I think most people wouldn't need the retractable cargo floor.

    The dealer I worked with was great - Santa Fe BMW. The head guy let me test drive it alone, without even looking at my driver's license! The second time I went, the sales guy took me to a dirt road with gravel and washboard - the X5 soaked up the bumps, I didn't have to slow down. It was very low key, low pressure. They also didn't question whether I could afford it, unlike the Nissan salesman who asked right off the bat how much I could spend. When I didn't give him a number, he assumed that it was minimal since I look young. Anyway, in contrast, this BMW dealership has very nice people and a relaxed atmosphere - you want to just hang out there!
  • Congrads on your X5. I would have picked X5 over the MDX if I didn't need the 3rd seat and extra space. The MDX is probably the best choice if the top 3 priorities are versatility, performance and 7 seats. X5 is the way to go when priorities are performance, performance, performance.
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Posts: 278
    8. January 2001

    Detroit, Michigan, January 8, 2001...Three BMWs made their world debuts today at the North American International Auto Show. The previously unannounced BMW X coupe concept vehicle combines ground-breaking sport coupe styling with off-road capability. The M3 convertible represents something unique in the marketplace - a true high-performance four-seat convertible. It was further announced that the base MSRP for the M3 convertible would be $54,045. A third member of BMW's family of X5 Sports Activity Vehicles was also unveiled, the ultra high-performance X5 4.6is, which joins the X5 4.4i and X5 3.0i.
    Making its North American debut is the Z9 convertible concept vehicle. This open-air 2+2 provides a glimpse into future BMW design. At its heart is a new concept in interior design, called iDrive. With the increasing number of comfort, convenience, navigational and driving features becoming available in automobiles, iDrive will make it much simpler for drivers to operate these features while concentrating on the full-time task of driving.

    First unveiled in Los Angeles, the M coupe and M roadster, equipped with the new, more powerful 3.2-liter engine, will join the M3 coupe, M3 convertible and M5 sport sedan to offer a full range of products from BMW M.
  • There are constant rumors about an X7 being made sometime in the future that will offer 3rd row seating. I think it will be hard to beat...the extra space would be nice even without the seating but the X5 works well for me.

    I didn't get the premium sound and I think the stereo rocks. It has a great sound at all levels. Granted I am not the biggest of audiophiles but the base system (with in-dash CD) is pretty awesome. I wouldn't mind a few added features like knowing what sound level you're at and added CD features like Repeat but I have little complaints overall.

    So far this vehicle continues to WOW me (that is just the words I used, too, Janelin...the X5 WOW'd me beyond words...and still does every time I get in it. :)
  • gemni1gemni1 Posts: 12
    I'm a female that's in the market for a '01 X5 3.0i and I'd like to know what your experience was in dealing with salesman. Were you able to negotiate your deal (I believe that you said $$$ off of MSRP)and be taken seriously? Please share with me how you went about dealing with them. Thanks in advance!
  • cshap1cshap1 Posts: 1
    I handle all the Internet requests for Fields BMW.
    Unfortunatly, the X5 4.4 (8cyl) are few and far between so it's MSRP. On the X5 6cyl. we do try and give something off. But there is no price that can be given for good customer service which I provide, from taking orders over the email and telephone to bringing the X5 to your home in certain circumstances for test drives.The service doesn't end after we wave goodbye to you in your new X5, it continues. For example today I am going to a clients home to set her garage door opener so it will work with the automatic one in the new car.She is older and should not be on a ladder fiddling with garage doors.
  • And Terry Shoemaker was very professional. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with him the first time. We got the pricing down over the phone and he advised me about the Red Star service (where they come get my car, bring me a loaner, and deliver my X when they are done servicing it) which is offered for as long as I own the vehicle. It was great! The discount was greater than any in the Chicago area. He was professional and a really nice guy to deal with. When I went to the dealership we firmed everything up and had papers written up within 15 minutes. I was out their door with a contract and estimated expect date for the delivery of my new baby within 30 minutes.

    Stay away from Fields. No matter what their internet person says their service is the pits. Not at all worth the risk, IMHO. One of their people posted a message saying they were a customer and lying about me (with no return email address...which I think was cowardly as I was going to call him a liar to his, his email since the topic on Edmunds was already frozen).

    If you're in the northern IL area Knauz is another good dealer (excellent sales and service) but they don't discount the same as Patrick. I liked everyone I encountered at Knauz just as much as I liked everyone I encountered at Patrick.

    I feel that sales and service are two distinct entities within a dealer. Dealers don't make as much off of their sales side as they do off of their service side (which makes sense if you have maintenance after the initial warranty period expires). I have rarely purchased a new vehicle at a dealer where they wound up servicing it simply for logistic reasons.

    I will give Patrick the majority of my service business because of the Red Star thing. But if there is a recall or some other reason that I need service sooner than the couple weeks advance notice usually required to have my X picked up and then delivered, it's nice to know that there there a good dealer to use as backup for service. Who knows what the future holds and who will wind up with the majority of my service. I plan on keeping this X until the doors fall off...I am so totally in olve with this car!

    I expect a lot from a dealer...and probably more so from a BMW dealer. I would definitely consider either Patrick or Knauz as dealers who offer superior sales and service to a woman.
  • gibdoggibdog Posts: 1
    Any thoughts/comments on getting a 3.0 vs. a 4.4, beyond the cost differences?
  • 1-9-01, I traded my 2000 E E430 for the X5 30i, 2001, and love it. As you can tell from my name, I am/was a Mercedes E430 lover. However, things change especially with customer service. There was no special reason for getting rid of the E430, just wanted to get back in a SUV. I looked at the ML 430 mainly for my love of Mercedes cars. During my conversations with my sales guy in Houston, TX, I informed him how unsatisfied I was with their offer for my trade in, and that I was not in a have to buy mode. In the 13 months of owning the E430, I had 3 service visits to fix the same electrical SRS problems... the connections to the air bags (no accidents, just electrical issues). I bought my car in Dallas at Park Place before ownership went to Auto Nation, who now owns the Park Place M in Houston where I now live. The sales man took a tact that baffles me to this moment. I was informed that Auto Nation had issued a "firm" mandate that only people who bought a car from that center would get a free rental for service or maintaince jobs. A threat? An attempt to get me to not look elsewhere? Trying to get me to just make the decision? I took it as a threat, like, "if you don't buy the ML 430 here, you will not get a free rental from us, which includes future service with your E430." The sales man at Advantage BMW, DT Houston, Mauricio, was the best car sales man I have ever, ever, dealt with in the car buying process. I love the X5, it rained today, never felt so sure on wet roads, and I feel safe all around. I have read about the problems for the X5, but someone show us a car that does not have problems other than the lucky few who do get that perfect car. However, I am getting to the point that I will not except the customer service attitude of luxury car sales people, "you want the car, and I know you will buy it, so just do it" attitude. Two, we all need to start taking a stand against the options/charges on things that should be standard. All in all, I am in love with my X5, and I am now a BMW guy. Yes, I still love some Mercedes cars.
  • I think the 3.0i has wonderful power but real power freaks will always go with the 4.4. As I don't have a 4.4 it's hard for me to say yeah or nay. If you go to there are alot of bimmer folks there and this topic is discussed often. Check through their archives to see what has been said and then if your questions haven't been answered post one of your own.

    I find it hard to see a $10k difference as I think the 3.0 has all the power and prowess one could ask for. But that's just this one gal's opinion.

    Good luck!!
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