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  • I hear that!! Good for you!!
  • gemni1gemni1 Posts: 12

    You seem to be well informed about this topic so I have another question for you. The brochure shows a picture of the X5 with a light brown/black trim, I don't like it, is this standard? What trim does your Alpine White/Black X5 have?

    Also, on the site I saw an interior trim that was titanium aluminum (silver), is it possible to get this in the U.S.? Did you opt for the leather or the leatherette seats (is it worth $1,450)?
  • I have the black leatherette. You can't tell the difference between leather and leatherette. I think, and you'd have to confirm this with a dealer, that the only time you get two toned seats is if you get the sport or luxury package with leather seats. Read the specs for both of those packages in your brochure.

    I considered the leather seats but I didn't see the need to pay an extra $1450 and it just seemed kind of weird to me to have leather seats in a SUV (SAV, whatever). I've always preferred cloth myself.

    Both the leather and leatherette were very nice. I think you'd like either. Only difference I could really tell was one smelled and the other didn't. Leather has a very specific smell. I think it's supposed to be a little more maintenance to care for, too. Not sure about that one.

    I don't know if that was too helpful. :)
  • I misread your message the first time!

    My X has the black high gloss trim and it looks GREAT!! I am not a wood person so I really didn't want wood trim. I think the black dash top, with the color coded dash front and interior, and the wood, and the titanium door handle trim is WAY TOO BUSY! My X has a complete black interior (except the headliner and roof framing which is gray) and the black gloss trim with the titanium door trim. It looks sporty as heck! If I had a digital camera I'd take pix and post it. I think the interior is awesome!

    If you don't get the premium package you get the color coded trim to match your interior color. The premium package allows you to get the light or dark color wood trim. The titanium is only offered in Europe, not in the states.

    Honestly, I like the black. I don't think, however, I would like the others. I saw the sand with the sand high gloss and titanium and didn't much care for it (but then again, I dislike a tan interior anyway so that probably plays a part in it). Gray would probably look pretty good.

    To further the question about leather seats, I am not a PETA nut or anything but I just didn't see the sense in leather when the leatherette is soooooo nice. Why kill the cow for his skin. I don't mind eating him but.... I know, I'm a hypocrite. What can I say.

    I think that might have answered it properly now.
  • In case anyone is interest in a personal X5 review, of sorts, I put together a couple webpages that describe why I think the X5 is safest, fun-to-drive vehicle you can currently buy. You can check them out at:


    Those of you who also read the excellent X5 message board at might have seen this already when I posted a pointer there a while back. Also, last night I created a new topic in the news and views section here at Edmunds to discuss the safest vehicles (X5 and others).

    Note that while I have test driven one, I don't own one. The point of the pages is not to give personal driving impressions. Lots of posts on this board and numerous reviews on other websites (which I provide links to) give plenty of those. The point instead is to collect much of the useful info that is out there into one place, with a little discussion and with lots of pointers back to the original sources, all to explain why the X5 has to be considered by anyone looking for the safest possible vehicle that is also fun to drive. (For me, "fun to drive" includes the requirement of a manual transmission, though much of what is discussed on the pages applies to people looking for safe, fun-to-drive automatics as well.)

  • ctk1ctk1 Posts: 79
    Is anyone know X5 has mud flap ? I order an X5 3.0,trying to negotiate to have 4 mud flap install on the new SAV. The saleman check with part dept. and say X5 already come with it. So he offer me a wind deflector for the sunroof instead. I take a closer look at the X5 at the dealer, the mud flap seems very short to me compare to my current 1989/ 325IS. I check the accessories on the BMW website but it does not show the mud flap for X5.
    Note: My friend has ML320 with mud flap. It look nice. I expected X5 should has a similar set.
  • I don't think I have seen any mudflaps for the X. I'll have to go look at mine again but I think what is there is sufficient. There may be an aftermarket place you could get some. I haven't seen any from BMW though.
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    Can you provide any more details of your comparison of leather vs. leatherette? Just what is leatherette? Any differences in look or feel? Does one have to be snob to readily tell the difference?

    And on the high-gloss vs. wood trim (I don't like wood either). Pretend you want a tan interior. Would the tan or black high-gloss look better? Gotta hunch the black, especially given the size of the center console. That would be a big piece of tan... whatever it is (plastic?)

    Can you remind what your pricing was vs. MSRP & invoice?
  • I don't know if I can say what the difference is. Leatherette is some kind of man-made material. It looks and feels like leather. The leather is maybe a little thicker with a tad more graining to it. Other than that I can't say. If you go to your BMW dealer ask him to show you leatherette in any of their vehicles...even if it's not an X. Same stuff.

    If you get a tan interior you don't have a choice of will get tan high gloss. I got black interior so I got black high gloss. The only trim on the console is on the ash tray cover, around the shifter and back to the armrest which is covered in leatherette. If you go to and search the archives this guy posted pics of his tan/high gloss interior. Gosh, what was his name? Let me will come to me and I will post it. See if you can search for interior or high gloss. Also try heat controls as he didn't have the dual climate controls he had the rotary dials for heat and AC.

    I got $1000.00 off list plus Red Star service (which is where they bring you a loaner, pick up your X, and then deliver your car and take the loaner back). The guy I talked with was excellent and will offer that same deal to anyone I refer.

    Hope that helped!
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    I assume they'd let me have tan interior w/ black trim if I ordered the vehicle? Can't imagine they'd object, when I took the factory tour they made light of willingness to accomodate special details that weren't unrealistic. I think a black-and-tan interior would great, but I've seen the tan trim in a 3-series brochure and thought it was not quite right... better with black, I think. And then there's the aluminum someone else mentioned. Destined for europe or not, they're all made in the same place!

    I will search Thanks.

    Anyone have/seen an X5 without sunroof? Brochure states no sunroof adds 1" of headroom, 39.9" vs. 38.9".
  • arod2arod2 Posts: 10
    My X5 3.0 is scheduled for production in week 6. After reading endless consumer/owner write-ups on glitches like defroster, tailgate latch, wind noise, key-seat memory, auto-locking improperly, etc. I am wondering if BMW has integrated these corrections on the assembly line yet? Has anyone seen a posting from BMW or anything on the Bimmer.Org site that indicates these problems have been addressed upfront (i.e. on the factory floor)? Thanks
  • I have had my X for almost 1000 miles now and the only minor complaint I have is that the sunroof is a little noiser than I would like - when closed. I rarely ever open a sunroof, I just like the sunlight shining through as I often work days where I don't see sunlight at all. When it is out and I am out I like to soak it up. If I close the interior sunshade (under the sunroof) it quiets the noise completely.

    For you to appreciate how minute this is you'd have to appreciate that I am an exceptionally detail oriented person. I doubt anyone else would even notice it. Next time my sweetie is in the car I am going to ask him. I also have very high expectations for this vehicle (and any encounters I have with BMW personnel) and thus far the vehicle has been outstanding. I've already addressed the personnel issues so I won't beat that dead horse.

    All told I love this vehicle and am not regretting paying a small fortune for it. Heck, it cost more than my first house did! But, it is definitely the best vehicle I have ever owned.

    As for the black and tan gut is that I don't think I'd like it. However, with the black dash top and if you put black mats in it (I put WeatherTech mats in it before I even drove it...crappy Chicago winter going on here)it might just work. I am sure that BMW will assist you if they can. My sales guy said that accommodate whenever they can.

    If you do get it I'd be interested in seeing pics.
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    The brochure indicates that the sport package replaces exterior chrome with black trim. Yet I see many non-sport X5's pictured without chrome. What's the deal? Do I have it wrong?
  • gemni1gemni1 Posts: 12

    It's good to see that you're enjoying your new ride, I hope that you have continued success with it. So many people use this site to vent (about all of their disappointments), but you always provide the members will positive feedback (well, except for your unfortunate encounter with Fields, but that was crazy).

    Some stories make people a little bit apprehensive about buying, but not me, I'll take my chances and trust that BMW will live up to its reputation.

    Reading all of your posts has just reinforced my decision to purchase an X5, just like yours, the same color combinations and all. I won't be purchasing until the spring, but when I do I'll share my experience with everyone. In the meantime I will continue to visit Edmunds to keep abreast of all the new information.
  • It's tough to decipher which information applies to the 4.4 and which applies to the 3.0. The black trim is always there on the 3.0. The 4.4 comes with the chrome trim (around the windows) and is "upgraded" with the package to the black trim. I think the chrome is UGLY but that's just this kids opinion. There are a lot of other things that apply only to one vehicle and not the other. I learned by asking a ton of questions on and at the dealer. Some questions had to be called in to BMWNA for answers. (Yes, I am an exceptionally detailed kinda haunts me sometimes. )

    I try to be very positive. I have been an active member of for about a year and a half (mostly in the MDX section as I had planned on purchasing one til I actually drove it {sorry MDXer!} and other misc. SUV topics) and I don't think I have ever posted a negative message before. There are a lot of people here who know me (by my messages) and know the kind of person I am. That unfortunate experience pushed me beyond anything and that was the only way I coped with the whole rotten situation. But that's behind me and I'm human again. And a little smarter...I hope.

    So far this vehicle has been everything I have hoped for. I expect that it is going to have some quirks and so be it. I do expect it to be mechanically sound and thus far it is that. I will report any problems as they arise.

    Let me know what you decide on. I love to hear what people get in their new babies!
  • I am looking for some 2002 X5 info., if it is available. I had heard the 2002 X5 was going to have a higher price tag, but with more standard features. What have others heard? Also, any ideas as to when 2002's can be ordered.
  • I have driven my new X-5 3.0 about 2000 miles and have had it stall 4 times -- all at low speed with turns of varying type. The dealer has been sympathetic and at one point provided a factory suggested re programming of some chip. This did not solve the problem.

    I am very concerned about the safety factor of losing braking and steering power suddenly while the car is still moving, even though it be at slow speed.

    Has anyone found the proper fix for this problem? I'll look for your response.


    Bob, The 76er.
  • I know there were two fixes to the software in the vehicle. The second software upgrade was supposed to be taken care of the stalling issue about 2 or 3 months ago. Did you get the 2nd software upgrade?
  • Can any one explain the different options to set up the key functions? I am getting my X5 3.0i in about 2 weeks.Silver with black interior, can't wait. I have had problems posting before so I hope this makes it!
    Ms joanne, I think you got a raw deal at the BMW dealer where your X5 was hit. Stay away from them. I hope I have as much fun with my X5 as you seem to be having.
    Kpfleger, that was a great site, thanks. Did you do this as a college project or just for fun?
  • There are several which your sales person will go over with you when you take delivery of your vehicle. I pulled this list off from their archives as I thought that the folks who read Edmumds would like it, too.

    If it is active it means your X will already be programmed for that feature to operate. If Inactive you will have to have your dealer change the program for you if you want it to automatically work (or work at all).

    I don't recall is this is complete or not but it's close if is a list of options and their standard settings according to the sheet:

    I. Car Memory:

    1. Daytime Running Lights - not active. when active, your low beam (inner pair of lights) comes on...not your xenon.

    2. Pathway lighting - active. can trigger by flashing high beams after ignition is off.

    3. Driver's sear position memory - not active

    4. Armed alarm confirmation signal - arm/disarm confirmed both visually and audibly.

    II. Key memory

    1. Auto locking after car in motion - not active (Ed: Watch this one...I heard from several people that unlocking was a problem and they actually got stuck inside of the car. It wasn't confirmed that this was the reason but after asking some questions this was the only correlate I could determine. For whatever that is worth. Joanne)

    2. Selective central locking - active. press unlock once, releases driver's door. press twice releases all locks.

    3. Climate control settings memory - always active. Car duplicates the same CC settings as the last time that key was used.
  • gemni1gemni1 Posts: 12

    I was wondering what your off road experience has been like? Do you do much traveling off road with your X5? If you've experienced any difficulty with it, in what manner?
  • I had my 4Runner for hard core off roading. I am through with that. The most offroad this little gal is going to get is driving through the field that you have to take to get to my boyfriends mother's house on Long Island sound...hope she never pisses off that farmer or she will be accessible only via boat! (grin)

    Other than that (unless you consider the heavily torn up roads Chicago has now due tot he winter weather) I don't see her going too far off the beaten path.

    Sorry...not too much help there.
  • x5loverx5lover Posts: 11
    I've seen the mud flaps under accessories of the x5 section on the BMW Web.

    Check it out at:

    Go in there, then choose x5 and click on accessories. You will see it. But no pictures of the mud flaps are posted there.

    If anyone knows any place or site is selling X5 accessories, please let me know.
  • shorrshorr Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 X5 3.0 sport pkg. A squeak from the rear hatch since delivery, had it back to the shop for rear hatch adjustments cant seem to get it fixed. any other X5 owners have this problem if so what is the fix. Thanks
  • sealseal Posts: 3
    I have had my X5 for a week. For most of the week it has been raining. I noticed yesterday that "white stuff" was dripping from the front of the doors. It looks like lithium grease. I tracked it back to the weep holes under the door. I imagine that water is traveling down through the door (a certain amount is normal) and washing away the grease that lubricates the windows.

    I called the dealership and have an appoinment on Monday.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this?
  • either here or at

    You may want to post your query there. There are many more X5 owners there than here. I read that board regularly and haven't heard of this one as of yet.
  • Ms Joanne, thanks for the tips on options. I also went to the site for additional info.
    Hopefully I get my X5 in the next week, so I'll let you know my experiences.
  • sealseal Posts: 3
    Thanks. I couldn't find anything on the bimmer board either. I am not that concerned. The vehicle is quality and the dealership is good. I'll post something when I find out what it is.
  • sealseal Posts: 3
    Quick update: I had it at the dealership this morning. The white material is Cosmoline (spell?). They said it is normal for it to wash away. No worries.
  • arod2arod2 Posts: 10
    I ordered a silver X5 3.0 in early Dec. It will be built in production week 6. After researching and reading on this and other websites, I called my BMW sales guy to inquire. After listing off several of the most common issues being reported he's acting like a D*umbass and saying he's never heard of any of these things (tailgate button, Check Engine Light, Open Tailgate light, key/seat memory, random locking door problems, etc...). As a consumer he's really insulting me. I would go to another dealership but I've already waited over 6 weeks. You would think all these BMW service bulletins would be shared, in some form, with the salesforce. Or, maybe it's just easier for him to act like an ignorant employee and DAK this stuff. What I'm really in search of is someone to say YES, these problems are being addressed and won't affect your vehicle..blah, blah. Does anyone know a technically oriented BMW Service Manager that is "Current" on X5 issues? A first name, dealership main #, whatever would be greatly appreciated.
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