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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • mike519mike519 Posts: 16
    Hyundai in Sarasota, Fl. Put in a brand new transmission this past fall. I was ready to go to lemon law and they acted-only after they witnessed the transmission banging at low speeds. Why no recall is amazing.
  • tuck6tuck6 Posts: 1
    I also have had the same problems with my transmission. I had mine at the dealer about two weeks ago and they did some re programing. Not only do I still have the start up and shifting issues but now the whole car seems to vibrate at between 65 and 70 mph. I was wondering if anyone else with the 2010 Santa Fe was having that issue?
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    This one is dated January 2011. It is titled: 11-AT-001, and appears to be a new ECM Update.

    As a reader of this Forum for a few months now, I crossed my fingers as I signed the deal a week ago today for a 2011 Santa Fe GLS 2.4. So far, 370 miles and no problems. The problems seem to be more prevalent with the 3.5L V6. Not posting to bring anyone down; I'm posting to prove that Hyundai is still working on this issue.
  • Boy, you guys are scaring the hell out of me. I'm just about ready to sign for a 2011 6cyl AWD Limited. I've read that theres been some problems with the rear brake calibers but this tranny and drive shaft stuff is really worrying me. I know a few people with 09 Santa Fe's and they love them. Are these new ones really that bad? Please answer as soon as you can since I'm really close to signing...thanks
  • widg99widg99 Posts: 7
    hi frozen out in alberta, there is an agency out there called CAMVAP who can help us, google it and call them. from what i have read u should be able to get hyundai canada to take back the lemon because your vehicle is less than 1 yr old and has less than 25000 km on it and the dealer has made more than 3 unsuccessful repairs. as well they can help out all other consumers with related issues even with higher mileage check it out!!!
  • widg99widg99 Posts: 7
    I havn't heard anything bad about the 2011, from what the forums are saying it's only the 2010 santa fe. After talking to a hyundai sales rep these tranny and drive shaft problems are on the 2010 4cyl and 6cyl models so far. This engine and trany are both new to hyundai. best of luck!!!
  • dbqfandbqfan Posts: 16
    I had a "New" transmission installed in my 2010 Santa Fe and it has the same problems as the original one. I think this transmission is a bad design and Hyundai is trying to fix the problem with ECU reprogramming. I have had my ECU done 3 times now and that has not worked either. My attorney is in Florida and will not be back for another month or so. When he gets back I am going to court with the Lemon Law. I talked to him on the phone and he said a month or 2 will not make any difference so I will wait until he returns. I had my Santa Fe in last week for another ECU update and the next day the transmission was banging just as usual. I think there really is no fix for this unless there is a complete redesign. Hyundai came out with a new engine for 2010 and maybe they did not change the transmission. My salesman asking my what I was doing at the dealership last week and I told him about the transmission. He acted like it was the 1st time he heard about that. Either he is not telling the truth or Hyundai is hiding a major malfunction in the 2010 Santa Fe.
  • syrup1syrup1 Posts: 5
    I think most of the transmission problems are with V6 engine/trans combos. Mine is a 2004 AWD 3.5 V6. Had 80K miles driving down road and loud bang, snapped my neck and sayed in 3rd gear (limp mode) Had to replace transmission. They said I had to follow Severe Use guildelines. Normal use is not acceptable for anywhere in all 50 states, that is per Regional manager. Only way they would replace transmission is if I had $800 timing belt replaced, they would give courtesy replacement. Went to replace fluids and filter. Found out my replacement trans has NO filter. But manual says it has an internal AND a screw on External filter. Had machanic take it apart(big pain) found no filters. There is a casting place for a screw on but it is not bored and tapped. If they do NOT have any filters on some of these, that could be why some are breaking down. My dealer REFUSED to do any warranty work unless all severe use maint. is followed. :mad: I was told that only place you could use regular maint schedule is in an "enclosed test environment" What is up with that??? Please Email me for more info: syrup1 "at"
  • iv6teciv6tec Posts: 14
    Don't buy a Hyundai and especially not the Santa Fe. I have a 2007 3.3 V6 with the 5 speed auto and about 40,000 miles on it. I haven't had any problems with the transmission yet. I had to replace the throttle body sensor three times. Every time it failed, it did so suddenly and the car would only drive up to about 10 MPH in limp mode. Very dangerous on divided highways or at night. I also had to replace both front sway bar links which started clunking at about 30,000 mi. I also had to completely rebuild the rear calipers which became badly corroded and seized up at about 20,000 mi. The rotors were badly scored and had to be replaced as well. I had to pay for everything. Hyundai would not cover the rear brake calipers or rotors as I declined their recommendation to clean and adjust the brakes once a year as my wife only drives the car about 10,000 mi/year. The so called brake service would have cost me $350 +tax. All Hyundai dealers are instructed not to cover any warranty repairs unless the customer follows the severe service schedule which includes very expensive and unnecessary work such as dismantling and cleaning the brakes yearly. That applies to every Hyundai vehicle. That is why they can offer 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. It is meaningless and they don't honor it!
  • royh1royh1 Posts: 7
    I have posted previously regarding my same problem with the slipping and slamming. It took one time for the dealer to correct the problem over 2 months ago. They kept the vehicle for 3 days, gave me a new car loaner and sent the ECU to the factory for reprogramming. I have had zero (0) problems since. Everyone in this forum wants to buy a perfect car as I would, but I have not found one in the last 50 years. This Santa Fe is still the best value and I like mine very much. As far as the severe condition servicing, I presented all those scenarios to my dealer, and they told me that I was not required to do anything more than what the regular service manual says to do, regarding the 100,000 mile warranty. I believe that there are too many dealers that are just bad dealers, and would be bad dealers no matter what brand they sold.
  • where can i read this new tsb???
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    2012 Highlander Limited AWD V6 and 2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE
  • I have just started reading the blog on transmission problems with the 2010 Santa Fe automatic. I have this problem originally when I only had about 750 miles on the car. I was in a cold climate and started the car and went no more than 500 feet when I had to stop for a red light and the car lurched like I had hit someone from behind. The transmission made a very loud thump and sounded like it was going to go through the engine. I started up again and drove home, more than 400 miles, without further problems. It happened a few more times, but very intermittently and I have been unsuccessful in duplicating it when I try. It only happens when it is downshifting. I had filed a mental note to have it taken to the dealer before I got a lot of miles on it, but it didn't seem to happen for a long time. Today, I pulled out of a parking lot, drove about 500 feet downhill to a stop sign and it happened again. This was the loudest thump yet. I have 7,380 miles on the car. I called Hyundai dealer and told them I wanted them to look at it and asked if they had heard of any problems. This was after I had read a lot of the postings on this blog. They said they were not aware of any problems with the transmission. I then sent email to the Hyundai owners forum and called the North America office. They also indicated they had no recalls or heard of any problems relating to the transmission for the 2010. I told the lady about the problems I was having and mentioned the blog problems which were rampant with problems with the 2010. She said to keep her informed. I dropped it off at the dealer a few hours ago and again, after explaining my experience, had anyone else reported problems. He indicated that he remembered on other problem. He told me it would problem be with the programming and they would check it out tomorrow and let me know. I will wait and see what happens. Unfortunately, a transmission can't make a thump that hard without doing some internal metal damage. Stay tuned. I traded in a 2004 AWD Santa Fe with 93,000 miles and never had a problem except for a $400 sensor - which caused the transmission to slip. Interesting. I loved my 2004 and that's why I decided to stay with Hyundai. The jury is still out on whether the 2010 will live up to the quality of the 2004. I believe the 2004 was built in Korea and the 2010 was built in Alabama. I wonder if the quality is the same??
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    edited January 2011
    link title

    Sign up for a free membership. Part of the Hyundai "ownership experience" that I found before I purchased. It something I've never had from Honda or Toyota. "
  • This is a follow on comment from yesterday. I picked up my Santa Fe this afternoon from the dealer. He told me that there had been a recall on my car and they performed TC7 ECM update. The mechanic said he couldn't duplicate the problem which didn't surprise me because I haven't been able to do it either. This was shortly after Hyundai's consumer unit told me there was no recall. I blasted them in an email on not alerting customers to the problems that I had and have been reported in this blog concerning the auto transmission in the 2010 Santa Fe.
  • I hope you are right about the fix being permanent. My dealer did the TC 7 recall ecm reprogramming today. I've got my fingers crossed.
  • Joe, I am not a whiner. I have been a cheerleader for Hyundai products since buying a 2004 Santa Fe. Traded it after 93,000 trouble free miles for the 2010 V-6 2wd limited edition. I love the new 2010. However, I am having problems with downshifting as reported in this blog. The first time it happened I only had 750 miles on the car. It is very intermittent and I have been unsuccessful in duplicating it. However, it happened again the other day and I thought the whole engine was going through the front of the car. I took it into Hyundai and they performed TC7 ECM update which was issued by Hyundai - reprogramming. They couldn't duplicate the problem either. I've got my fingers crossed because I do like the car and was thinking of buying a
    Genesis, but will hold off until my 2010 problem is resolved.
  • Been reading your posts on the Santa Fe and wondering there anyone out there that has that model, purchased since the 2011's became available, that is having any trans problems.

    Cars look great and are great to drive! I sure hate to put near 30 grand in a car and have it flame out right away.

    Went to 3 different dealers in the Detroit metro area and they claim that they never have heard about the problems with the trans. but would get with the Hyundai reps and get back to me. One called back and told me that they haven't seen an unusual amount of problems....what's that mean?

    I believe that Hyundai has a real problem with the 2010 trans. or whatever, and is trying REAL hard too keep it quiet as they are about to introduce their new line of super expensive cars at 70 grand.

    Another thing that I thought unusual was when I asked the salesmen which engine would be the best they both recommended the 4 cylinder and it seems to be little or no problems with that engine....just maybe they realize this.

    This is my first post on this board.
  • mike519mike519 Posts: 16
    2011 Sante Fes don't have trans issues as far as I know. they put a new trans in my 2010 and all is well now. They are good vehicles with an apparent bad run on some 2010's.
  • viper14viper14 Posts: 24
    The dealer you spoke to was not up front with you. The problem is with 2010 Santa Fe Limited with the V6 and six speed transmission as you can see by the amount of treads on this site. On Jan 20th I had the latest and the greatest (per Hyundai) update done on my 2010 Santa Fe. Number is 39110F3Y ECM update. Which by the way is for both the 2010 and 2011 Santa FE with V6 and 6 speed. Four have been accomplished by my dealer with no complaints. My transmission problem has just about disappeared, however since the last ECM update my car has developed a new and very dangerous problem.

    When starting out from a dead stop or slightly moving forward then pressing on the gas pedal to accelerate there is a dead spot where nothing happens, then all of a sudden the car jumps forward. At times the acceleration is so quick the front tires spin. Releasing pressure on the gas pedal brings the car back under control. This is much more prevalent when making a right or left turn. Just this morning when attempting to turn left at a divided highway with one car coming on the other lane and with plenty of room to turn before that car came close, my car did nothing when I pressed on the gas. I immediately stepped on the brake or there would have been on hell of a wreck.

    Has anyone experienced this problem?
  • viper14viper14 Posts: 24
    How many miles on your 2011 Santa Fe? Wait til you get 3 or 4 thousand miles. By the way the Santa Fe Limited only comes with a V6 and 6 speed transmission, not a 4 cyl. Why is the 2010 ECM update apply to the 2011 Santa Fe Limited, it's the same as the 2010 Limited.

    Why was your 2010 transmission replaced?
  • mike519mike519 Posts: 16
    I have 8500 on the Sante Fe currently, problem free so far. They replaced the trans because the service rep was driving it when it hit hard into 2nd gear as I had been complaining about. I was lucky it happened for them. They tried blowing me off until then.
  • widg99widg99 Posts: 7
    after my reman tranny was installed i had a similar situation where the same thing happen to me in an intersection where the light had change to yellow so i went to step on the gas and a dead spot just like u had. took it right to the dealer and of coarse could not duplicate it, was told it has to do with the ecs, tc, bdf systems. i told them i didn't care what system it was , but that it was not safe when your stepping on the gas peddle and have it to the floor that the wheels should at least spin, mine didn't. after reading all the blogs on many forums, it sounds like this could be a computer problem. my santa fe is on its way back to the dealer on monday, again for tranny issues and others as well. i have had nothing but good things to say about hyundai vehicles in the past, but enough is enough, this one is truly a lemon. if hyundai doesn't acknowlage that this one is in fact a lemon, i will be contacting our lawyer!!!!
  • viper14viper14 Posts: 24
    Wow! Sounds like I'm not the only one with this new problem. In my option, I think this problem rates up there with the uncommanded acceleration issue Toyota had. This dead spot problem started right after the ECM computer update # TC7 10BA30R0 I had done Dec 1, 2010 and was supposed to be corrected with ECM update # 39110F3Y done on Jan 20, 2011. I had that update last week and seemed to fix the transmission, but not the dead spot issue.
    There will be crashes soon on these Santa Fe models because this dead spot and until people get badly injured or worse nothing will be done.
    Hyundai are you reading this?
  • viper14viper14 Posts: 24
    ECM update doesn't work. Back to the drawing board.
  • So would I be right to assume that I should stay away from buying a 2011 6cyl AWD limited Santa Fe ? Afer reading the post here I'm really confused if there a couple of problems that aren't being fixed.
  • viper14viper14 Posts: 24

    There have been close to 350 messages back and forth between Santa Fe owners just on the transmission issue. Why not read them all, then make your decision on buying one. I'm on my second Santa Fe, 1st was a 2006. Currently I have a 2010 Santa Fe with 3.5 V6 and 6 speed transmission and I love this car, but I'm afraid of the dead spot when pressing the gas and I wonder if the transmission is going to last to 100,000 miles.

    My Hyundai dealer has always been up front with me and is trying to work things out.

    Good luck!
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Not to minimize the problems here, but it would be interestng to know how many people generated the 350 messages referred to. It would be one thing to say that this is a 10% failure rate, but it may be closer to 100 out of 100,000, or 0.1%. It also seems that at least one replacement transmission did the trick. To all those who are struggling with this issue, my apologies.

    About the dead spot, there is a post on another message board that indicates that this is an issue with the throttle, and not the transmission. They indicated that there is an adjustment on the accelerator that improves this issue. I'd include that link, but Edmunds doesn't allow links to other Forums. Just google Throttle dead spot Hyundai. Good luck all.
  • Viper, my best friend has an 09 Sante Fe and hasn't had a problem in 38,000 miles. I asked 2 dealers about tranny problems and they said they haven't heard of any in a year. 2011 Kia buyers are having tranny problems, I read about all the problems you guys are having and wonder how the dealers can tell me they haven't heard of them. I just wish they'd admit the problem , say where the problem cars were built and when. So if I do buy I can avoid them. I'm now concerned for my family safety and that's why I'm asking for all the advice from you guys. That's why even though I really want the car, I'm confused as to what to do.
  • viper14viper14 Posts: 24

    Checked Google, it's not related to the dead spot problem I'm experiencing. My problem surfaced after ECM computer update. Looking at the past threads there have been many transmissions replaced on 2010 Santa Fe's including my own. Note, 2010 Santa Fe Limtied is the same as the 2010.
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