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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • arkandavearkandave Posts: 1
    Everyone with the 2010 Santa Fe "banging" problem needs to go to and report this problem so we can force a recall. I reported my Odyssey brake problem last year and now there is a recall. I realize it seems goofy to trust the government with anything, but these guys seem to enjoy sticking it to the automakers!!!
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    edited July 2010
    I have the 2010 Santa Fe banging problem - started about a month after we bought it (February 2010) only happens about 1 per week - dealer claimed they never heard of it before - looked at me like I was some sort of crazy fool. I described it as --

    It feels like someone bumped into me from behind - the first few times it happened wife & I actually looked out of the back window expecting to see the car that had rammed us.

    I really figured the car was going into gear or something - mine is the AWD model - I thought maybe it was sending some power to the rear wheels.

    For about a week every time my wife would leave home & start the Santa Fe I would look under the vehicle - then one day it happened as I was looking under.

    The engine starts - then the vehicle shakes to the point the muffler bangs into the rear of the frame - that is what makes it feel like something hitting the back end.

    Have just started to notice a strange feeling - normally would only happen when we were leaving home - and slowly turning the corner on our street - when the transmission shifts from 1-2 it was like the road was a washboard.

    Today it did the same thing coming home on a 2-3 shift.

    I called Hyundai customer service after my dealer could find nothing wrong - they offer no help - the old - If it does not register a code on the computer or unless the dealer can duplicate the problem - we will not do anything.

    Per Hyundai customer service I am the only person in the world with these problems.

    Maybe several of us should get together - set a time & date to all call into Hyundai customer service at about the same time. :mad:
  • geragera Posts: 13
    You are not alone. This problem has been ongoing since the '01 Santa Fe models. No, it does not show up on the codes in the computer. You have to be persistent and pressure them into doing something about it. I really think that everyone needs to get together on these transmission problems and contact the head honcho at Hyundai. You're describing that jerking problem. It's the transmission. Some of these dealers don't want to acknowledge the problem, even though it exists. I had 3 transmissions put in my Santa Fe in '01. After the 3rd one, I didn't have a lick of problems with it until it hit 162,000 miles. Then I had to have the transmission rebuilt and we are back to the same old problems. Of course, it's not under warranty any more. We were religious about having service done every 3,000 miles at the dealer. I believe there was something about the warranty being voided if you didn't have service completed at the dealer, but I don't quite remember for sure, so make sure you do that. Good luck. You just have to keep bugging those dealers.
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    The banging problem you describe sounds like a previous problem I experienced.. Also the messages I have been reading on this site lately, concerning tranny problems & not being able to get help from hyundai warranty, are correct. The attitude (or policy) by hyundai ( in today's world )is to put a "spin" on any tranny warranty problems, to get out of a repair under the warranty. To make a long story short, I have a 2003, santa fe & recently went thru a tranny problem under warranty, ( different then the problem you have listed above) that took me a year to resolve and only was repaired, after I e-mailed the CEO of hyundai. Any way the problem you mention (banging) sounds like the same problem I had on my 2003 santa fe, back in 2006. At that time it was corrected with out any hassel, under a hyundai TSB # 04-40-007. You might ask the service dept to look up this TSB and see if it is the same problem, you are having. Good luck
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I will give TSB 04-40-007 a shot - but think they will claim since the 2010 model has a different engine & transmission it does not apply.

    Just for fun called Hyundai customer service - they will do nothing -

    We really like the 2010 Santa Fe - planned on buying my daughter a 2011 Tuscon as a graduation present - but will put that on hold - no reason to buy from a company with no after sale support.
  • I also have a 2010 santa fe that bangs when you start it and clunk when in drive and now is reving and then a loud bang. I took it to the dealer and it did not do this there of course so they installed a flight recorder which plugs into the car computor to the left of the steering wheel and it has a event button to press when the cars clunks. The information was then sent to the hyundai engineer and he could see I have a faulty transmission. my car was built 12/09. They told me they will be putting in a refurbished trannie, seems like it should be a new one so this makes me very unhappy. overall I wish I did not buy this car. For all the people who have taken their cars to the dealer and they have said they cant reproduce the problem DEMAND A FLIGHT RECORDER BE INSTALLED!!!!
  • eldinnsreldinnsr Posts: 1
    i am also facing the same.
    when i click on start the car bangs
    hyundai has to fix it up....
  • slydryslydry Posts: 4
    I'm in Canada, purchased my 2010 Santa Fe AWD in May and mine is also missing gear at around 20 Miles/hours when engine is cold. It acts as in neutral and suddenly, a tranmission bang occurs when getting into gear. The bang seems to be comming from the rear.
  • rplatnerrplatner Posts: 7
    I posted several months ago - the similar story of having harsh bang going from 1st - 2nd ....when car was cold. This occurred within the first few weeks of ownership. It happened 2-3 times a week initially. Dealer told me he had never heard of this (of course!) and to let car warm up for 5 min. I made several observations: this banging only occurred if the car is idling fairly high (1200-1500 rpm) typical of very cold fresh start. As the idle speed drops below does not bang. The other thing was this only happened if I did not apply the accelerator. In other words....when i pull out of my driveway in the morning, and COAST downhill.... BANG......but if i pull out and press the gas pedal, it shifts fine. For a few weeks I used the work around of utilizing the shifttronic "pseudo" manual trans...switching myself from 1st to 2nd. This worked well without any banging. After reading lots on this forum, and elsewhere - one concept mentioned is that the cars computer learns how you drive and certain settings in the transmission are adjusted (and learned). Some people reported having their computer reset - flashed? ...clearing bad learning perhaps....and that this fixed problem. IN any case, after several months, my banging problem has just about totally gone away - without any special interventions. I suspect the computer learned to do the right thing. I also suspect those of you that have had 3 transmissions replaced are either having a significantly different problem or you're quest for a permanent and immediate fix of the problem is leading you to more trouble than you might have had if you just waited it out a bit. (like having a stomach ache and getting your appendix removed right away)
    My main reason for not going into the dealer screaming was that except for that first moment of a cold day, the car drove perfectly the remainder of the day - Hopefully some of this might help you - 1. let car warm up in am so that idle speed is dropping 2. if you cant wait long enough to warm up and need to jet out of your driveway - use either the shiftronic manual to go from 1- 2 smoothly, and press the gas pedal..dont coast. and 3. wait a bit...see if your cars tranny computer learns how do this better...mine did. (in a perfect world, should we have to do these special things to a new car...definitely not....but after several months I am pretty happy with my car and how it drives.....) Good luck
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    edited July 2010
    My bang when starting problem only happens 1 or 2 times a week -

    I figured I would try starting the car in neutral for a while - just to see if NOT having it in park would solve the bang - not that I always want to put it in "N" but - just to see if it mattered.

    Well to my SURPRISE the first time I started it in "N" it made the BANG

    Second time BANG - third time BANG

    I have now figured out that if I drive the vehicle a few miles - then park it for 15 minutes - and start it in "N" I get the BANG every time.

    Not sure why - but if anyone is having a problem showing the dealer what the problem is - try starting it in "N" (with foot on brake).

    Back in march when I first had the dealer look at it - I ask about a FLIGHT RECORDER - said he had never heard of it - so I ask Hyundai customer service about it - they have never heard of it either - I had this done with an Acura TL problem - I figured maybe Hyundai did not support this devise.

    Thanks for the info -
  • slydryslydry Posts: 4
    What rplatner is describing is the exact same problem i am eperiencing.
    I went to the dealer la week and they have reseted the computer but this week, still having the same problem. As stated by rplatner, it only occurs when idling fairly high (1200-1500 rpm) and when accelereator is released and pressed again at around 20 mph.

    I have another apointement with the dealer tomorrow. Let's see what they come up with this time.
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    Did you try the TSB?
  • jefarrjefarr Posts: 1
    I whish that I had checked this forum before last week. I had a 2004 and less than 5 years into the warranty, I started to hear the banging sound. The dealer said no diagnostics showed any problem. At least twice a year, I kept bringing it back. I use the car for commuting and visiting family across East coast, and so last week it now has 115000, and the car slips into reverse for no reason. Took back up to Wright dealer in Pittsburgh, PA and they also said they could hear it. They reported to regional Hyandai who essentially said: "over warranty. Your problem" It became a BIG problem as on the road after asking us to get it off the service property in 24 hours, the transmission blew itself apart and siezed. It was on a narrow blind curve hill where someone could have wrecked into us. The car couldn't move forward or back. We had to push in neutral up on the cliff-side while it ground the whole way.
    If your car is making this banging noise, HAVE THEM REPLACE ITHE TRANSMISSION.
    What is wrong with Hyundai? They essentially said - go wreck, not our problem, you bought the car. Dealer no help in advocating either. They just want to move more new cars.
  • dhimdhimdhimdhim Posts: 3
    edited January 2010
    I have had exact same problem with my 2010 Santa Fe FWD Sport 3.5. I took it to the dealer the first time at 5000KM they reset the transmission and was told that the transmission needs to relearn how I drive and it will fix the problem. At 10000Km took it again as the problem went away and came back. This time as I drove out of a Multi level parking the car would jerk forward(shifting) when I slowed down. Took it back to the dealer and they have told me that the PCM will need to be replaced. I understand that is the main computer and there is now an upgraded version to fix the problem. I am told that as soon as the part arrives they will call me to bring the car in. I picked up my car on December 22, 2009

    I previously owned a 2006 Santa Fe All wheel drive GLS and never had a single issue with that car.

    The dealer I purchased the car from is very helpful and I know they will resolve this problem soon. I am sure Hyundai is aware of this issue and they are working on the fix as this.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    I ask Hyundai customer service about the TBS -

    After going around and around and around - I finally put it like this.

    If you had a TBS that was exactly the same as the problem I am describing you would not apply it to my vehicle?

    They answered YES - unless the dealer can duplicate the problem no work will be done to your vehicle.
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    it seems you have a good repore with your dealer. they say it is the computer, so give it a try. also might want to let the dealer know about the TSB, explaining it seems like the same problem you are having.
  • I'm also in Canada. I purchased my Santa Fe in June and immediately the banging happened intermittently when starting the vehicle. I reported the issue at the 6,000 km check-up. My dealership has advised me that I am number 9 at their business to have this situation. Hyundai Canada is aware of the problem but extremely slow to fix it. Hyundai advised the dealership to top up the transmission fluid, reset a computer component & then have the owner drive the vehicle after the reset for more than 300 km. I have complied and the banging is getting worse. I now am to return to the dealership for ---- . Bottom line is the vehicles are 'bad' and require new transmissions BUT Hyundai obviously does not want to recall their problems & fix it.
  • I too purchased a 2010 Santa Fe after owning a 2004 with zero issues never once did it give me a problem and was very safe for my family, so we decided to get another one. After purchasing in December 2009 took delivery but seemed they forgot my hitch package, sent back to the dealer and they installed a 2009 hitch package on the 2010 as there was not one for the 2010 - seems odd but no worries worked out fine. then we started feeling a jerk in the vehicle when we were going very slow about 20-40 km, thought it was nothing continued to get worse, sent to the dealer, they couldn't replicate the issue, told them to keep it for the week until they could find it, they ended up replacing the transmission after two weeks - big hassle on our end - we did get a rental vehicle in the meantime paid by Hyundai - but even this was inconvenient - a brand new 2010 vehicle that need a new transmission? bad taste already - so picked it up all fixed drove like a jem - then month later same thing started happening again - back to the dealer - at this point I am very frustrated - they take it back and tell me it has something to do with the setting of the gear shifts time lapse in between shifts - so they adjust it - also adjusted the computer in it - can't remember what it is called - get the vehicle back again after a month same noise and it tends to wan to jolt forward when I have my foot on the break as well as jolt between gear shifts and not to mention it revs when my foot is on the break and when I need to pick up speed there is a lull between the rpm's go up but the vehicle goes no faster - don't get it - why after having made reliable vehicles in the past is this model such a problem - and the dealer apparently has never heard of this before - what a crock I printed off all the blogs form this page and gave it to the Service Manager -and I do feel that contacting Hyundai Canada is useless - the reason for them not recalling this vehicle is probably because they don't have a fix yet!
  • I have loved my 08 Santa Fe...until until about the last month of so. Have approx. 25k miles on the car. There had been no issues until a computer sensor had to be replaced, after the car had stalled while driving on the freeway around town. After that service, there was a growing humming noise under the car. Noise contined to get louder until I took the car in to have it looked at. Because they couldn't replicate the noise..they told me to take the car home. On the way home, the noise came back and was quite noticeable. I took the Santa Fe immediately back to the service center. The Service Mgr at the the time and techs working that day investigated and determined the car would need a new transmission!!!!. The car was left at the dealer for 5 days. Then I get a call from a different service mgr stating they could find nothing wrong with the car!!!??? After a rather heated discussion, I took the car home as they would not do anything. Since that time (approx a week ago), I am now noticing a clunking sound when I shift the car from drive into reverse. (Never had that issue previously.) I am waiting to hear from a regional mgr as I am totally unhappy with the service I received. I loved my Hyundai....but this recent issue has left me very flat in continuing to own a Santa Fe.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    edited September 2010
    We planned to buy a Tucson for my daughter - but decided to buy Jetta instead -

    Not so much because of the banging problem - every car company will have a few problems - but because of the crappy way we have been treated by Hyundai -

    I hate being lied to -

    We still like the Santa Fe - I talked to a manager at Hyundai - reading between the lines - he sort of said Hyundai is working on a fix - but like so many car companies doesn't want to admit they have a problem.
  • With a cold engine in the morning, my 2010 Hyundai Sante Fe vehicle transmission shifts with a lound "bang" around 10mph. This is sporadic. Also at start up, the vehicle while sitting in park, does the same thing when started, though not as forceful at when driving. I now have 4800 miles, and this has been happening every 2 or 3 weeks minimum. I used to think little of it until it has begun repeating even after the dealer "reset" the software. I also notice now there are several auto websites very aware of the problem. here is one: I am scheduled to leave the car this week, and they are not acknowledging a problem unless they can duplicate it. I feel this is an unsafe condition to operate the vehicle in, and that it will only get worse. I will file a lemon law claim after 2 more attempts to fix this extremely obvious problem.
  • I have had the same problem with my Sante Fe and I live in WI and bought mine 60 miles away in MN. This happened two weeks ago and they told me to watch it and let them know if it happens again. But for now to turn it all off then turn it back on...then it worked again.
    The same thing happened one week later and so I brought it in. They couldn't find anything wrong with it because I pulled over right away and turned it off and turned it back on too quickly so that the computer didn't "catch" the problem.
    When it happened again this morning, I drove it directly to Hyundai without turning it off and had them hook their machines up to it. They found out that there is a "memo" that was just sent out about the transmissions. They are having to replace my transmission and they are now on back-order until mid-October. I just bought the Sante Fe a few months ago and have 5200 miles on it.
  • I purchased new Sante Fe last spring. At 13,500 miles it started to leak oil. I took the vehicle to the dealership on August 16th and as of today still do not have the vehicle back. After replacing the oil pan to stop the leak, the "Engine" light went on and the dealership could not figure out how to correct the problem. They had to have Hyundai Engineers come in to recommend multiple part replacements in an attempt to correct this. The latest attempt is to replace the CAM phaser? I have contacted the Hyundai Regional office and have created a case number. Regional contact says the problem will be fixed but at this point I am thinking "Lemon". The service techs have told me there is another vehicle on the lot with the same probelm.
  • I purchased a 2010 Sante Fe in July and have experienced the clunking sound intermittently only during a cold start before putting it in gear. Of course the Hyundai dealer won't do anything until they have replicated the sound. They state that they have no idea what the sound is, even though I have stated to them .."isn't there some history behind this sound and the Sante Fe?" Any suggestions on the approach I should take?
  • I just dropped off my santa fe today after they already replaced the transmission in the winter, Hyundai has sent a bulletin to Hyundai dealers/service techs that it has nothing to do with the transmission but the computer that controls the gears shifts, that it is not timed correctly, so when you have the intermidant shift change between gears the transmission feels like it is slow at chaging gears automatically, ask your dealer to check the new bulletin,I am getting a new computer put in today as the quick fix they did last time resetting the time between gear shifts did not work. Hope this helps because I was without my vehicle for a week when they replaced my transmission and turns out it wasn't the problem, get them to check the computer modual before they change the transmission because the samne problem came back after they changed the tranny.
  • Go to if you are in Canada and take a look at it, if you have followed the steps they require you may be eligable for this and its free - not too many people are aware of this site and help in regards to LEMON vehicles, but we do not have the Lemon law in Canada, this is like the same thing.

    The CANADIAN MOTOR VEHICLE ARBITRATION PLAN is a program where disputes between consumers and vehicle manufacturers about alleged manufacturing defects or implementation of the manufacturers' new vehicle warranty can be put before a neutral third party (arbitrator) for resolution.
  • I agree with message #224 - if you read thru these 224 messages, one will find a handful of people who have had transmissions replaced. Many of those had the transmission replace multiple times!! it doesnt seem like any of these people got a successful end result. - I strongly believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with the "transmission" - but more likely the computer control over the transmission. In my case, if I allow the car to warm us such that the idle rpm drops below 1000 rpm....the car drives perfectly. If i hurry out of the garage with the engine cold and the rpm at 1500....I get the disturbing BANG. In any case, I am not about to let any Hyundai dealer replace my transmission and cause more problems. What I am waiting for is someone to post that their dealer fixed the computer issue successfully - (either by replacing the computer or reset). Best of luck everybody. in the meantime - i suggest 1. let your car warm up. 2. use the "pseudo manual" triptronic shifting from 1 - 2 if you can't wait for car to warm up. 3. one day someone is going to post that the dealers officially acknowledge the problem and have a relatively simple fix (WE HOPE)...that does not involve replacing the tranny.
  • According to a Hyundai mechanic who is a member at the (click on 2007-2010 hyundai santa fe) the problem has been identified as originating from a factory defect in the assembly of the transmission: There is insufficient clearance between the clutch packs (1st-2nd and 2nd to 3rd) so the shifting is "too tight" between 1st-2nd and 2nd to 3rd and also from park to reverse. There is "no fix" as of yet. They are simply "reflashing" the tcm and the ecm and then replacing the transmission with another DEFECTIVE unit. Supposedly, he attended a training session with Hyundai and they are suggesting they be driven 4-6000 miles in hope that friction will eventually create enough clearance for a seamless-smooth shift in these problematic gears. I would think that "friction" would result in metal flaking into the trans. fluid and result in complete failure (IMO). Suggest you read the Hyundai forums. There are many with the same tranny problems, including myself. Hopefully (doubtful!?) they will eventually release a RECALL and install defect free transmissions (that were supposedly corrected at the factory with the 2nd run productions.) We were all unfortunate to purchase the 1st run production 2010 santa fe's (my production date was 19 Apr 09). I will not let the dealer waste my time with all the NONFIXES.
  • I had the PCM replaced on my 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe here in Canada, Its been over a month now and all the problems seem to have gone at the present time. I have now driven 4000K after he PCM was replaced and apart from a banging sound I get for approximately 10 seconds when I start the car in the morning there are no more issues and the car drives and shifts really well. I am going to speak to the dealer when I take the car in for service. My transmission was never replaced but reset the first time at 4000K and it did not work.
    Only concern I have is what kind of damage has the transmission sustained as a result of 10-12 K driving. May be some experts will provide an opinion.
  • Is the 10 second noise more of a "thumping noise"? If so, it is probably the ABS doing a self-adjustment after start-up (usually after a few hours of non start-up). At least that's what I was told-makes sense. If it's a metallic sound-then probably the tranny, however, I never heard of the the tranny making a noise for a 10 second duration.
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