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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • bobmc3bobmc3 Posts: 8
    He is pretty honest guy, and would be happy to let me drive his wife's car if I asked him. But I would still be interested to know if this is "normal" for this car? And if so, I will continue to brake and wait before trying to accellerate. I would think others would have noticed this and I would have seen much more activity about it. I have only seen a few messages on this site with similar problem. Is it something you think can be serviced or fixed? Thanks
  • I've read in many places, including these forums, that the Santa Fe has SERIOUS transmission problems. The biggest complaint appears to be that the transmission "slips" between 1st and 2nd. What's troubling is that many drivers don't notice this until they've owned the car for a week. And by that point, the 'slipping' is unbearable, but it's also too late to choose a different car.

    Excuse my naivete, but my question is whether this occurs with the automatic transmission, or with the 5-speed. I don't really understand how a 5-speed could have all these transmission problems. But I only drive 5-speed manual transmissions. So, frankly, I could care less if all these transmission complaints are referring to the automatic.

    I'm hoping to make a buying decision soon. So please reply to cjd at sportsmogul dot com.


  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I'm not aware of the problem you described. FWIW, I have a 2007 Limited AWD with automatic and the transmission has been flawless.
  • bobmc3bobmc3 Posts: 8
    Well, I finally took our SantaFe back to the dealer as the delay was getting to be 4-5 seconds. The service dept. said that is not normal, no matter what a salesperson may have told you. I was told it is a transmission problem. He also said it was not very commo9n on these cars and that he had only replaced 6 transmissions over the years. They called Hyundai and were told to order and put in a new "computer" for the transmission first. If this didn't work, then the transmission will be replaced. Fortunately I have the extended warranty coverage as the factory warranty is done! My car goes in tonight and they are providing us with a loaner car at their expense. So far so good....we'll see! I can't speak to the conclusion that these cars have a transmission problem, as every thing I have read seems to be a very good and reliable car, and certainly new purchases for original owners have a wonderful warranty! May be that's why you don't find too many of these on the used car lots to purchase...people hang on to them.
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    Sorry to hear your troubles....

    I have a 2007 Santa Fe Limited which does not have the 1-2 gear issue, and has been pretty much problem free.

    And your right i'm seeing alot of newer Santa Fe on the road and they have become very popular. I see several everyday.......I ran a search on AT and there are only 6 used limiteds for sale in a 100 mile radius of my home, and I live in a fairly populous area (4-5+ million).
  • tdtemplintdtemplin Posts: 1
    My wife's 2007 Santa Fe Limited with about 21K miles had a similar problem crop up recently.

    Suddenly the SUV jerks forward. The Check Engine Light comes on. If you slide from Drive to Manual, it stays in 3rd gear and refuses to shift down or up.

    We came up with a workaround to use until we could get to the dealer: pull over and park, turn the car off, wait about 5 seconds, and restart the car. Slide the transmission to Drive then Manual. If it says "1" you are good-to-go until the next occurance. If it says "3", turn the car off and try again.

    Now at the dealer, so far they have replaced the "transmission harness" but that did not solve the problem (it reoccured that night after getting the car back). Now they are replacing a computer of some sort. We'll see how that goes.

    I am also requesting they install the "Retrofit Dome Light Kit" (as explained by Hyundai USA) so the map lights will light when the door opens. The tech had never heard of it (seems like by now all the dealers should know about it) but was going to talk to his boss.
  • bel15bel15 Posts: 1
    Hi I have a sante fe 2003 model. I took my car to a hyundai dealer and they were supposed to fit a transmission filter to my car that they supplied to me. They pulled apart my car only to find that I did not have a filter to replace. Of course I was charged for them to do this, but my question is, Why did they not no that my car did not have a filter to replace? All that needed to be done was to change the oil and I paid $180 to change oil, when my husband could have done it. I feel that they did not have a very good knowledge on their own product. Please explain! :surprise:
  • Can you tell me how my 2007 Santa Fe went into neutral without keys in the ignition?? Today our son went into it to get change for the snowcone man, he believes he may have hit the gear shift but he is 6 and he is not sure. Anyway, we live on a steep hill and the car went down the hill and across the street. Needless to say we are very upset and shook up, but thankful that our son is perfectly okay. My husband says it is not possible, and should not be possible for this to have happened, but I cannot find any other explanation.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    but he is 6

    Who parked the vehicle?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    I'm so glad the no-one was injured. Was the parking brake on ? - I can't see how it moved if the parking brake was applied. Was it parked on the steep hill, or on a level driveway?

    I thought there was a safety feature on the transmission where it locked the gear lever and the wheels into place when the lever was placed in "P". Only then could the keys be removed. After re-starting,you have to then step on the foot brake to release the lock on the gear lever before it can be placed into gear.

    The only other possible explanation may be that it was left in neutral.

    Or that somehow the locking mechanism on the gear lever failed, or was broken by applied force.

    Or, the foot brake was applied and the gear lever was manually moved into neutral allowing the car to move.

    But, if the parking brake was applied, then it should have prevented it moving anyway. Hmmm.
  • I thought it might be possible that the car was accidentally left in neutral, but if it is in neutral the key would not come out and I was the last person driving the car and did not have any problem getting the key from the ignition.

    The car was on a flat area of our driveway when it apparently started to move, but the driveway quickly becomes very steep. He apparently put on the emergency brake as it was going down the steep driveway. He also turned the wheel and someone told me that he should not have had been able to do that either. I tried to get it to go from Park to Neutral today and I could not....however on further, gentle questioning he said he pulled with all of his might because he wanted to see what would happen....but I pulled pretty hard too. I am floored as to why this happened and am going to have the gear system checked completely.

    Thanks for your reply, any information is so appreciated. More than anything right now, I want to find out why this happened and if there is anything more needed to be done to prevent it from reoccurring....other than never letting them go into the car alone again.
  • I parked the car in the morning. I had no problems getting the key from the ignition which apparently I would have had if I accidentally left it in Park.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    From the 2008 Santa Fe owner's manual...

    If you cannot move the shift lever from the
    "P" (Park) position to any other position
    with the brake pedal fully depressed and
    the ignition key in the "ON" position, remove
    the cap on the console and with a
    thin object such as a flat-head screwdriver,
    push the shift lock release button down.
    Then, with the brake pedal depressed,
    move the shift lever to the desired position,
    and then the shift lock release button will
    automatically return to its original position
    after shifting from the "P" (Park) position.
    Then, reinstall the cap.
    If you need to use the shift lock release, it
    could mean your car is developing a problem.
    Have the car checked by your Hyundai

    Check to see if the cap is still in place on the shift lock cover. It should be right above the P indicator on the shift console. It is possible your son stuck something in there or maybe the shift lock was broken or damaged when he pulled on it.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Posts: 167
    I agree - it is possible to break the shiftlock pins that prevent the gear lever being moved, with enough force. It's also possible to break the steering wheel lock, too. But, I would imagine you would have to have a very determined and strong kid to do it .."pulling with all their might".

    It was not disclosed whether the vehicle moved in a straight line backwards as that would determine if the child was able to move the steering wheel, or just tried to. Moving a steering wheel without the power steering on is very difficult to do, anyway.

    The dealer inspection may throw some light on it. But I bet from now on the parking brake will be applied every time the car is parked so close to a steep driveway.
  • Yes, we will ALWAYS put the parking brake on from now on....and so will our neighbors with steep driveways...definitely a wake up call.

    My son did move the wheel and did turn the car (which was a good thing in this situation, putting him in the path of least possible harm). I don't know how difficult it was for him to do so, I just know that he did.

    I was told to have it checked out and will definetly do so ASAP. Neither my husband or myself can get it to move to neutral ourselves.

    I thought it might be that I parked it and left it in neutral, but the key would not release if I did that. Also thought possible that it was not fully in Park, but then it would have to slip down two slots to neutral.

    I wish I had answers, especially since I don't want this to every occur again.

    I do thank you for your replies.
  • Just came back from dealership, after explaining what happened, they went into my car to show me how it is not possible, however they were able to pull it down into neutral. They believe that my son broke whatever is underneath to prevent that, but still not sure that is the case. They ordered new parts, but I would like to see the old one.

  • My 2003 Santa Fe (automatic 7.6 V6) with 42,500 miles, that was having the slippage problems, turned out to be the transmission. Glad we had the extended coverage, as they first replaced a computer which governs the auto transmission. This did not correct the problem, so the company replaced the transmission. My out of pocket was $100. The car is working just fine now! It would have been a different story if I hadn't purchased the extended warranty on this used car though.
    We still enjoy the car, and wow, the new 2008 model has everything I would have changed on the 2003 model. Nice changes and then some! I'm checking into selling this one and maybe leasing a new 2008 model. I would think a used car with a "new" computer and transmission would be a selling plus!
  • I bought my 2008 Santa Fe in the middle on this May. Now it has 1650miles. It was great until yesterday (September 20). When I started, turned the transmission to “D”, pressed the gas pedal. Then I can feel the car was shaking. Apparently the transmission was working not smoothly. It used to work very smoothly until yesterday. After the first incident, I tried the “R” and it also had the same problem. The problem usually happens when I start the car and sometimes at the stop sign after a full stop.

    Then I try something in the uphill (but it has a very small grade): drive to a position in the uphill, stop and park it. Then switch to “D” again, the car CANNOT stop and start retrogress :mad: . At this time, I push the gas pedal harder, then the car begins move forward with shaking.

    I am thinking it is the transmission problem, but not sure if it is the same as what is being discussed here.

    This is a brand new car and I did not drive it a lot. I do not do oil change or any maintenance yet.

    Thank you very much for your input!
  • Went to my nearest dealer this morning and they said there IS a problem in the transmission:
    No codes in system - internal mechanical concern - low pressure at idle possible pump failure in trans.

    But they refused to work on it and advice me to bring it to the dealer where I purchased it. So I drove to the dealer where I bought and still waiting for their test.

    That is bad, it only has 1600 miles. :mad:
  • The dealer where I purchased found that the transmission has problem and needs to be replaced. :mad: Wow, it is a brand new car!!

    Should I just accept the replacement? Or can I do anything else? It is a brand new car with only 1650miles!!!
  • bebbobebbo Posts: 1
    Hi any advice on this one would be greatly appreciated,

    We have a 2001 Santa Fe which keeps jumping from second gear into third and then will not go any higher or lower until you turn the engine of and then restart when it jumps from 2nd to 3rd it goes with a thump,will be taking it to a hyundai dealer asap but just wondered if anyone has had this also

    Many Thanks
  • I have a 2003 Santa Fe with the V6 and this morning the check engine light came on and the transmission would only engage in 3rd gear forward, however it would still go into reverse rather hard. I could not shift the transmission down with the select shift so I parked it.

    I checked the fluid and it was low and dirty so I am hoping a good transmission service will take care of it and the check engine light. Does that sound like a reasonable solution or can I expect the worse and a huge transmission repair bill? Again the vehicle was driven a very short distance back home so hopefully no further internal damage occured.

    It is my fault for not checking an keeping up on fluids so lessoned learned, usually that does not occur. Thank you for your feedback and input.
  • Did you check the fluid while it was hot? If not you might try that
  • al12al12 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem did you find out what happened to your transmission?
  • alli14alli14 Posts: 2
    I just Bought a 2008 Santa FE GLS on September 25th. Unfortunatelt I live 8 hours away from the nearest Dealership, so I has hoping to get a good reliable vehicle. This is our thied vehicle, I also have a 07 Chev Silverado and a 2005 Subaru wrx STI. Anyways yesterday morning, i was running a little late, and it was maybe -2 degrees out. So I figured i would just start my santy and let it warm up while I was sitting in for a couple of Mins. Then I put my foot on the breake and moved the shifter to reverse, and I sat there again for a min, and tried I kept my foot on the gas and then it jerked backward a little. So I put it in Drive and...NOTHING....So I was fumeing mad, had my Spouse on the Phone and was ready to drive it back to where is came from. I hung up my cell...and then it went in and outt of gear just fine!! and itt has been fine ver since....So I called the deaership and asked if maybe there was some sort of temperature sensor for the transmission or somethin, and they said no...So now I am worried, Ilive IN the NWT and we have snpw already, we bought it so we can park our 50,000 car for the winter...Anyways I am pissed and waiting to hear fomr my salesperson... I wanta Brand new one!!!!
  • alli14alli14 Posts: 2
    No not yet, I was a little nasty with the chick on the phone so I fugure I'll have to keep calling until I can talk to someone about it! The funny thing is this morning we got a big dump of snow and it is a little cooler out, and I was running late so I did the same thing, and no problems....I may just stick it out and if it happens again Then I will for sure drive the 8 hours to give it back! Dont get me wrong, until yesterday morning I was sooo in LOve with my Santa I am just a little bit uneasy!!
  • timortimor Posts: 1
    Just bought a second hand vehicle (Hyundai Santa Fe 2004) last week whilst working here in East Timor. The problem I am facing is that the automatic transmission of the vehicle is constantly on the 3 gear when I start the vehicle and when it runs. The gear never changes, and when I change into reverse it shakes violently. I need advice on what I should do in trying to fix the problem; as it seems that all the workshops here do not know what is wrong with the vehicle and cannot help me identify the problem.
  • Have 2001 Santa Fe with 94,000 miles on it. Was driving along other night and felt like i was hit from behind because of the hard jerk and then check engine light came on. Had code checked and came up P1529 TCM Mil on request. Scair solenoid circuit malfunction. Any ideas what caused this
  • Hi, any update on your Santa Fe? I have a '08 Limited with 3800 miles and just started experiencing the same problem. My wife is freaked out b/c it's our first (and probably only) Hyundai. Can they really fix the car by replacing the transmission? Thanks.
  • took to dealer and had the input shaft speed sensor replaced , which is covered by warranty
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