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Hyundai Santa Fe Transmission Problems



  • 2007 Santa Fe 6cyl 20k miles

    Sent the wife to the dealer today to check out a faint noise I noticed coming from the engine compartment. I thought it was a pin hole exhaust leak maybe. The noise did resemble a faint ticking which I was hoping was more of a "puffing" of exhaust. I remember hearing at some point that ticking is bad.

    She just called and they're replacing the transmission! Oh boy. They're covering it and providing a loaner but I'm still worried about the major surgery on it and it running right when we get it back.

    Its not my primary vehicle but I didn't notice any issues traversing gears last time I drove it (but also I can barely change the oil so I'm not the best judge of automotive issues).

    Do the symptoms our car had fit with a tranny replacement?
  • My 2005 Santa Fe with 75000 km(45000 miles) recently started having some intermittent problems when going down fairly steep inclines. I live in the Andes in Ecuador and while driving on the Pan Americana to Quito on two separate trips the vehicle has sudden gone from 4th gear to 2nd gear while traveling downhill. It seems to bypass 3rd gear. After the 1st isssue, I had the transmission drained, cleaned and the fluid replace, but yesterday it happened again on the way to Quito. It works fine if you manually shift, and there are no other problems with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • geragera Posts: 13
    I have a '01 Santa Fe. The first year I bought it, I went through 3 transmissions. After that, everything worked fine, no problems until last week. I have always kept car well maintained. Most people think it's a lot newer. Anyway, at 162,000 miles, while I was out of state of course, I went up a steep driveway, something clanged and after I got it parked, noticed the leaking fluid that followed me. Thought I'd double check to see how the car was doing and that's when I realized I had major problems. Car is currently with a mechanic out of state. He has completely rebuilt the transmission, 3x now. Works fine in higher gears, not in lower gears.

    I would tell you that you will probably get a new transmission from the dealer. Usually the best way to go on that since you are under warranty. They should give you a free rental car to drive until yours is repaired. Mine is no longer under warranty. If anyone can help me help the mechanic figure out why it won't work in the lower gears, I'm all ears.
  • srz948srz948 Posts: 68
    2008 Santa Fe LTD AWD. 20K miles. My wife called on the way to work this morning with the same problem. Loss of power, ESC light on, AWD icon flashing &CHECK ENGINE light on. She shut off the car and the ESC switch to off. Restarted and the ESC OFF light is on as well as theCHECK ENGINE light. The car seems to run ok though. Any answers before I call the dealer. I like knowing what I'm talking about when I go in. Thanks.
  • scott190scott190 Posts: 1
    I kid you not, my wife just called and she's stranded up the street with the same problem. Her will start but it won't move. Same Santa Fe model and year.
  • kriscoakriscoa Posts: 3
    I just hung up with the Hyundai person that called me from Sept of last year. She never returned my call so I called her. Her basic response to me was to take the car to my dealership. She said they Hyundai issues technical service bulletins on known issues and that they would know if this is a known problem with the car. She, of course, reminded me to call roadside assistance if I break down again. I am heading to FL again at the end of this month. The same trip I took when this all happened (for the third time) last year. I will keep this post updated. I can tell you that everytime it happened to me, they replaced sensors and they were not all the same sensors.
  • daniel56daniel56 Posts: 1
    My 2010 Santa Fe , [2 weeks old , 800 miles ] I have had 3 incidents where there is a very big bang under the car , , always at low speed , sounds like someone hit the car with a sledgehammer, took it into the dealer , got it back , they could not duplicate the problem , not good , must be a better way of analysis on this problem ?
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    I have a 2003, hyundai santa fe, 4cyl, 2.7, front wheel drive. I have a slight "jerk", as I apply the gas, goinging from park to drive. The vehicle starts to move and a second or so later, "jerks" then continues to proceed fine. A number of service advisers, could not find a reason, for this problem (computer not giving any codes) I had one service provider, say it is a motor mount problem and could cost upwards of $900 dollars, depending on the number of mounts, to be replaced. Has anybody experienced this problem? I am not convinced, it is a motor mount problem.
  • jgmurjgmur Posts: 1
    I have 2010 Santa Fe. It has 6500 miles. The transmission has "slipped" four times since it has 5000 miles. This has happened when I am slowing down at low speed, usually below 25 MPH. I took my foot off the gas (not braking), then the engine accelerates, transmission "slips" not engaged, and then the transmission engages and slams into gear. This last happened tonight. When the transmission engaged this last time it was like we were re-ended by another car. It threw our heads back against the headrest. I just took this to the car dealer last week for the same problem. They looked for error codes, nothing was recorded. I will return to the car dealer tomorrow. This transmission definetly has a serious problem.
  • pdm5021pdm5021 Posts: 1
    I have 1200 miles on my 2010 Santa FE Limited and am experiencing the transmission "Banging" problem too. It happened, for the second time, yesterday and I went straight to the dealer. No error codes and a test drive proved no help. Slowing down at slow speeds, and both times it happened in the morning within the first 5 minutes of operation. Definitely feels like being rear ended. It is either transition from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd gear.
  • geragera Posts: 13
    Nothing ever seems to show up on their stuff. If you have a good dealer, they will put the car in their shop and give you a loaner until they find the problem. I thought that all the problems with the transmissions were over after the 2001 (and the 3 transmissions they put in that year). It's a great car if they'd just get that problem straightened out. And, it always occurs in 2nd and 3rd gears. Always slow start first thing in the morning. You almost have to wait for it to "warm" up first. Just my 2cents worth. I've had mine since they came out in 01.
  • exq987exq987 Posts: 6
    I am considering buying a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe SE FWD. I have been reading this thread and am concerned about the transmission. Are there really a lot of problems with it? Would you recommend buying the Santa Fe? Are these isolated cases? Any assistance is appreciated. :)
  • kriscoakriscoa Posts: 3
    exq987, while each time my issues showed the chassis of the car indicating transmission difficulty, my local service person assured me that it was a different sensor and NOT the same problem every time. I love my car. I would buy it all over again.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    I have an 08 SF Ltd AWD and have had NO transmission problems, FWIW. ;)
  • glucoseglucose Posts: 10
    I read on another forum that appparently the hyundai santa fe 2010 and Sonata 2011 there is a transmission service bulletin for the technicians. will try to find the website for you. by the way my 2010 santa Fe AWD does the same thing, it feels as though the car shakes briefly.
  • glucoseglucose Posts: 10
    I read on another forum that appparently the hyundai santa fe 2010 and Sonata 2011 there is a transmission service bulletin for the technicians. will try to find the website for you. by the way my 2010 santa Fe AWD does the same thing, it feels as though the car shakes briefly.
  • exq987exq987 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the replies... I feel good about purchasing the car.. Hopefully I will have the Phantom Black Metallic next week. (Hopefully it will be in stock) :D
  • rplatnerrplatner Posts: 7
    I have same problem others have listed. cold morning start - I pull out of my driveway, coast down hill...and jerks into 2nd gear. the rest of the day, it drives perfectly. Dealer suggested I let car warm up for "5 minutes"....that seems ridiculous to me.
    I have noticed the following: when I start car in morning, it is idling at about 1500 rpm. (throughout the day, the idle is around 500- 600 rpm).
    It seems this fast idle is what is making car jerk into 2nd. Other than letting the car warm up, another work around has been to use the shiftronic transmission..and manually go from 1st to 2nd.

    Anybody have a dealer/service dept come up with actual fix?
  • urbookieurbookie Posts: 1
    :cry: I took delivery of 2010 Santa Fe Limited FWD April 27th. At time of delivery the malfunction warning light was on, but being unfamiliar with that, figured it was supposed to be on because it was on at the time of delivery. On May 7th, when studying the owner's manual, I realized I had a problem. In less than 2 weeks of ownership and with only 285 miles, the transmission had to be replaced. The dealer took it in for repairs on May 10th and completed the work on the 14th. I have not picked up the vehicle because I am shocked and angry and I want nothing less than a full refund because I was sold a car that was "DEAD ON ARRIVAL". I regret that I passed up looking at Toyota because of their problems and substituted, what is for me, a far worse problem with Hyundai. Thanks to all of you willing to write your helpful comments here. I am especially grateful to learn that we are not the only ones with the lurching problem. I have a medical problem with my neck and I cannot have any jerking motions. Some of you said it feels like being rear ended and you heads were thrown back against the headrests. This is truly a reason for me to avoid this vehicle. :mad:
  • syrup1syrup1 Posts: 5
    I have an 04 with 3.5 V6 AWD 78K miles. wife was driving to work and had a big jerk like she was rear-ended. vehicle went into 3rd gear and stayed there. she called. I told her to turn of key and restart. she drove 1 mile and did it again. I told her to turn off ignition, off/on at least 10 times real fast to reset computer. She did this and it ran ok for bout 50 miles and did it again. Local trans guys said 5 gear was out and computer places it in 3rd gear "limp mode" so it can be drivin but not fast. Had towed to dealer 75 miles away, my expense. dealer said I had to show where i had serviced the tranny and changed the oil EVERY 30K miles to validate warranty. :mad: I told them I do NOT meet severe use standards, I dont drive over 100mph, no dusty roads, no towing, no mountains, no stop/go traffic, no off road. Wife drives to work 15 miles each way on paved road. They said it gets hot and cold in missouri and therefor requires severe maint schedule. i said that is not stated like that in the manual. If that was the case it would never be used on routine maint schedule because it is either hot OR cold every where in US. So why have a regular maint schedule. What do you guys think about that? They dont want to replace it, can you believe it. Dean Team hyundai in Ballwin MO, where I bought it. :lemon: How do I get the tranny fixed, I have 10yr 100K warranty on drivetrain?
  • syrup1syrup1 Posts: 5
    **WARNING** Read about Hyundai warranty BEFORE U buy.
    I was told by Central Regional manager of customer warranties located in Texas-Jim Giese, as well as local manager from Dean Team Hyundai, as well as customer complaint department for Hyundai motors this: :confuse:

    They do NOT know of a state in US that would allow a vehicle to fall under "REGULAR" scheduled Maint services. This is what eliminates every state in US, it is either too hot, too cold, or humid, or changes from hot to cold you MUST use Severe duty schedule, on top of towing, dusty conditions, high speeds 100+mph, use in mountains, frequent stop & go traffic, as well as long periods of idling.
    In conclusion, noone in US meets Hyundai's WORLD famous 10yr 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. They do not tell you this. When you bring your car in, thinking you have done ALL your regular maint, they pull this card out and deny you the repair. They will not accept walmart/plaza tire service receipts as having all your fluids checked (I tried, sorry no chance) or any other "oil change place".
    I was told that the fluid goes bad in the transmission in 30K miles and needs to be changed, but they do not tell you this. I asked why dont you just make everyone use the severe duty schdule and not print the regular one, and was not given a response.

    I was told by District parts manager in Stlouis area that would offer me a one time offer of a free transmission if I agreed to have ALL the Severe maint schedule services done to my car, they said it would cost $1800. Take it leave it. :mad:

    In closing, they will not honor their warranty AS STATED in your manual. This is where they make their $$$ on you, by denying warranty coverage.
    I will NEVER BUY another Hyundai again, plain and simple. :lemon:
  • mapram1mapram1 Posts: 10
    May I ask.....what company you had purchased the extended warranty from? It sounds like you were pleased with the company and the coverage. Granted, I'm asking almost two years after your post but, I'm curious (and desperate).

  • syrup1syrup1 Posts: 5
    District manager agreed to give me the transmission if I had the timing belt replaced. At a cost of $700+!!!. :sick: They did give me a rental car for the week. I did look at the new car warranty for 2010 and 2011 and it has changed but it is not the same as mine, they should honor the way my warranty was written in my 2004 manual. This should be a warning to all, keep your manual and your warranty from your car.
  • iv6teciv6tec Posts: 14
    The Hyundai dealers in Canada are trained to refuse warranty work as well, based on the same argument, i.e. there is no province or area within Canada where the regular service schedule applies.
  • angelamckangelamck Posts: 1
    On May 14th/10 my 8 year old son was sitting up front on his booster with his seat belt on, and he able to put the gear shift from Park into Drive without a key in the ignition or foot on the brake, while my husband was just in the process of placing our 3 year old in his car seat when the car started to roll down our steep street and crashed over a retaining wall. Since we've had independent mechanics, inspectors, and three hyundai reps come and check it out. All involved could duplicate the problem. Our autobody shop mechanics also witnessed the three Hyundai representatives duplicate the problem, AND YET, in writing to us they said they couldn't. I do not trust Hyundai and they have not yet responded since their denial. I just want everyone to try out their shifters and make sure this is not a defect your car has - as we were lucky our children were not killed.
  • chrisbradchrisbrad Posts: 2
    I just got a call from my wife - this same thing just happened to her 2007 Santa Fe.

    She was halfway inside the back seat of the car vacuuming it. Two kids (3 and 5) were each sitting separately in a front seat as they love to pretend to drive and we believed this to be safe (the keys were outside the car on our front porch). The car started rolling backwards! Thank God our driveway incline is not too severe and my wife was able to make her way to the driver seat and get her foot on the brake and get the situation under control.

    Our Santa Fe has only a bit over 20k miles but recently had its transmission replaced (see link).

    Needless to say we also will never again trust that this is safe.
  • prsantafeprsantafe Posts: 1
    My 2010 Santa Fe makes a very bad sound when starting , like a big Knock . Feels like if the car wants to start driving at the same time it turns on , but the parking brake stops it , told the problem at the dealer but cant find the reason . Anyone with the same probem?
  • geragera Posts: 13
    have them check the transmission. That's how mine first started. The dealer couldn't find the problem back in '01 either, but after it started bucking, they knew for sure.
  • saltcrawsaltcraw Posts: 1
    My 2010 Santa Fe also tries to go into reverse at times when started--Second time in dealer, they heard lound knock but said they cannot find prob--will be returning for third visit this week--also have problems with engine miss in second gear or third gear when driven slow--dealer says they cannot duplicate so this time will take service mgr for ride and if I have to, will spend all day there so they can feel starting problem
  • geragera Posts: 13
    You need to demand from the dealer that they do something about your car. The 2nd and 3rd gear miss is also stemming from transmission problems. One day you'll be on a trip and you will have some major problems. Since mine was rebuilt, I just cannot trust it for long drives any more. Of course, I had 3 new transmissions the first year ('01). Was just rebuilt (while on vacation in another state) at 162,000 miles. We have always kept the car up to date on all services, etc., every 3,000 miles, etc. Good luck. The dealers don't want to hear about your problems once you buy the car and drive off. Only one dealer that was great with us. Reliable Hyundai in Springfield, MO.
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