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Chevy Equinox Stereo, iPod, CD, Bluetooth, Sat, AUX, USB, DVD



  • I am having the same problem. Worked fine for the past 7 months with two different phones. I deleted the two devices and added them again and no-go on either of them. When I go to make a call, the bluetooth bimbo says, "calling...using (phone name)" and then, NOTHING HAPPENS.
    I think the system is having a brain fart, and I don't know how to reset it.

    Side note: Both phones work with the bluetooth in our Malibu just fine, so I know it has nothing to do with the phones.
  • akarellaakarella Posts: 2
    listening to music on the hard drive. Shut off the vehicle. Next start, instead of continuing where it left off it goes to satellite radio,click back on HDD and it starts on songs already played instead of where it left off. Antone else have this problem? Solution?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Have you spoke with your dealer? If not, I would recommend doing so.
    GM Customer Service
  • akarellaakarella Posts: 2
    Dealer re-programed the radio. working fine now.
  • Has anyone had trouble getting the USB to work at all?? The bluetooth recognizes my iPhone 4 with no problems but no matter what I do, or how many different cords, accessories, devises I try, I cannot get my car to play any of my music devices or my iPhone 4. It's driving me crazy!! When you all use your USB does the computer system automatically recognize that a device is plugged in or am I missing a step somewhere??

  • Just purchased a new 2012 base Equinox and notice it only has 3mm plug for auxiliary input. What would it take to be able to use a USB connection? Beyond the new jack in the center console, is the radio able to accept this use? Could it be as simple as getting a new jack and the radio woudl accept the plug configuration? And if I haven't asked enough, is there any place that details removal of the center console and radio?

    Thanks in advance to all responses.
  • The first problem I had was with the time display, the time shown was approx 10 to 15 mins more than the current time. I would set the time and after awhile the time was 10 to 15 mins fast. I took to the dealer and they updated the software and it cleared the problem. After that I am having a problem with the HDD FAV presets. When I add items to the playlist FAV it works ok for a day or two then the Playlist FAV resets and I loose all the songs I saved. The same thing happens with the Albums FAV, the Artist FAV and the Genres FAV. The radio presets are working ok. I took it back to the dealer and they tried another software upgrade, problem still there. I went back to the dealer and they replaced the radio, that didn't fix the problem.. Has anyone seen this problem and maybe a fix for it?
  • I have an 08 Equinox and want to know if it's possible to buy a model factory stereo that DOES have bluetooth and install it into my car so I can have bluetooth. Not sold on ONSTAR and think it's a waste.
  • Anyone knows what pioneer stereo is compatible with the audio of chevy equinox 2006?
  • I bought a 2012 Equinox. It has the USB plug for my 30GB iPod. I've been able to use it for a few days...I can control it through the it. However, the past two days, I plugged it in, and was listening to podcasts on a playlist for 10 minutes or so, and it just stops mid-podcast. The stereo screen is frozen, and my iPod says it's now safe to disconnect. I don't know what could have caused this. There's no problem with the iPod, as I use it all day at work.

    Any ideas? Software refresh at the dealer?

    As a side note, the bluetooth work great with my BlackBerry.

    Thanks in advance!
  • kantillkantill Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    Had the EQ for week now. Still getting use to everything. We have 3 diff smartphones-all are recognize by the Bluetooth and paired up fine. Phone book occasionally shows up for my husbands iphone4g- phone book pops right up for my daughters LG vortex......but the most important phone-mine-HTCThunderbolt-no phone book at all. I seen on the GM website that my phone is not check marked for this feature, but was not a feature for the iPhone and my daughters phone wasn't even, so much for the website. My question...anyone have a Verizon thunderbolt able to use phone book feature?
  • We recently purchased a brand new 2012 Equinox LS. The minute we drove it home we could smell a burning/hot smell...we assumed it was just because it was brand new. However, after a longer drive one day we brought the car back and it smelled really awful. We checked the oil and it didn't register...we put carboard underneath and oil was pouring out. We took it to our local garage and they had it a week, replacing the rear main seal and galley plugs. So after 1000 miles the engine and transmission had to be taken out to fix this problem. Now a week later, we will be returning back to the shop because it is still leaking. We've spoken with GM about what is happening and they aren't a lot of help. Is anyone having this problem?? Did your garage know how to fix it??
  • We just purchased a used 2011 Equinox 1LT from a dealer. The sales person was totally clueless. How can I tell if I have the standard radio or the premium? I can see a microphone in the ceiling over the drivers seat and there are phone controls on the steering wheel. When I go to the phone on the menu is says "not available". Am I looking for a bad fuse or does this thing not have bluetooth? It does have a USB connection in the console which works great. I really need bluetooth however so if it is not included (what extras actually come with 1LT?) I need to find a way to add it. Is there a place to punch in the VIN and find out what was actually installed on this vehicle?
  • yoshkcyoshkc Posts: 1
    I have a 2012, but i assume you will have the same set up, you have to go to the bluetooth menu first and pair your device. (which if its a current gen android device you will have to DECLINE the phone book integration on the phone pop up or it will continuously connect and disconnect)
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    I would be happy to check into the features on your vehicle if you wanted to get me the last 8 digits of your VIN (my email address in my profile is fine). Just let me know which features you're interested in knowing about when you get in touch.

    GM Customer Service
  • eeg622eeg622 Posts: 1

    I have the same issue with my 2011 LT. I have the speaker in the ceiling and the bluetooth button on the steering wheel, but when I go to the driver information center to activate it, it says Not Available. Any suggestions/info would be greatly appreciated!
  • ukon33ukon33 Posts: 1
    Did you ever get any feedback on your problem? I'm having the same issue and it is very frustrating! The only way I can control my ipod is to use the 3.5mm line in plug and then use the menus on the ipod itself. Not cool!

  • The thing in the ceiling over the driver's head is the noise sensor location for the I-4 sound-deadening feedback - there's an identical one over the rear seat in the center. The bluetooth / OnStar microphone is in the top console, driver's side, next to the light switch.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    I'm sorry that your post was missed! My initial question is have you already gone through the pairing process? I've included the steps below. What type of phone are you using?

    GM Customer Service

    Pairing a Phone
    1. Press the CONFIG button.
    2. Select Phone Settings.
    3. Select Bluetooth.
    4. Select Pair Device (Phone).
    A four‐digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) appears on the display.
    5. Start the pairing process on the cell phone that will be paired to the vehicle. Reference the cell phone manufacturers user guide for information on this process. Locate the device named “Your Vehicle” in the list on the cell phone and follow the instructions on the cell phone to enter the PIN provided by the system.
    6. The system prompts for a name for the phone and confirms the name provided. This name is used to indicate which phone is connected.
    7. The system responds with “ has been successfully paired” after the pairing process is complete.
    8. Repeat Steps 1 through 7 to pair additional phones.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry you're having difficulty with your vehicle's infotainment system. Have you had any luck in getting this figured out since your post? If you decide to get this checked into, please let us know.

    GM Customer Service
  • kottosonkottoson Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I just puchased a used 2010 LTZ a couple of weeks ago and love the connectivity (bluetooth, Aux port, USB).

    I believe the bluetooth connection is for phone operation only. I did not have any problem pairing my phone to the system. Streaming music via blutooth from Pandora, Slacker, etc. is not possible.

    If you want to stream music, connect a device to the Aux port. I have confirmed that this works with a Verizon Motorola Bionic (Android) phone. When connecting the Aux port to the speaker port on the phone, music is streamed through the stereo whether from the music player or from streaming radio like Pandora or Slacker. I did not try to skip songs using the steering wheel controls but I don't think that works since the Aux plug only has connections for stereo (audio) output and not an extra connection for phone control. There may be Aux cables out there that have this extra 'control' ring in the plug but the one I used didn't.

    As for the USB connection. When used with my phone, the USB connects to my external SD card where all my music is and behaves like a hard drive. The music player on the phone is not used because the stereo is in control of the music. Seeing that, I have simply purchased a Sundisk USB flash drive which I loaded with all my music from my computer and plugged that into the port. It is always plugged in and returns to the song last being played when I turn the car on.

    An idiosyncrasy when the radio has a USB device connected is that it has no 'memory'. Every time the vehicle is turned off, the only thing that is remembered is the last song it was playing. Every time the vehicle is started, the radio has to 're-index' (scan) the USB device and recatalog all the music. For example, this takes about 1 minute for the 3GB of music I have on my USB flash drive. During that time, skipping to the next or previous track is not possible. Once the radio has re-indexed the USB device, the steering wheel controls work to play the next or previous song. This also means if you selected a particular genre or artist, these selections are 'forgotten' when the vehicle is turned off. This is also true of the shuffle function if it was turned on. The next time the car is started, it returns to the default setting of 'shuffle: off'. With shuffle off, the radio plays tracks in alphabetical order according to their titles regardless of genre or artist.

    By the way, does anyone out there know if the radio can be reprogrammed to remember the USB settings (catalog, genre, shuffle, etc) if the USB device is the same as it was when the vehicle was turned off?

    I hope this helps some of you and is purely based on my experiences so far.
  • mdp123mdp123 Posts: 4

    I have a 2011 Equinox LTZ with the entertainment package (HDD, etc). Our Equi seems to have a pervasive glitch that has been very difficult for the dealership to fix. By design when playing music from the HDD, when the car is turned off and then back on, it will resume where it left off. We periodically have the music start playing with the very first song in the "All songs" list. Usually this is something that starts with 01- song name. However normally it will stay in album mode, or what ever the mod and song it was last on. Additionally, at random intervals the stored "Favorites" will all be wiped out. While this is not a critical feature of the car it is annoying nonetheless. We have had the car at the dealership 3 times over this and they have replaced/swapped out the entire entertainment/radio/HDD unit. The latest time GM HQ instructed them to put in a slightly different model but still one for that year Equinox. This seems to have slowed down the instances of this happening but it is still happening. Has anybody else seen this occurring or have any advice. There possible could be a firmware or chip issue since this problem has been consistent across 3 different units. I suspect there is a short or some type of glitch that causes the unit to return to a default state (all song mode and start with the top/ whip out memory settings) Ironically when the favorites all disappear the saved RADIO stations are not lost. I would love some advice. I have a suspicion this goes on FAR more than GM is aware but most people probably dont realize it is doing this and think somebody else maybe have just change songs.

    Thanks in advance. Michael
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Michael,

    We're sorry that your efforts with the dealership have not resolved the concern you're having with your radio. If you would like for us to further document this through Customer Assistance and see if there are any avenues open that have not yet been explored, please email us at (include your name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Hello Sarah,

    Yes I would very much love some help. The Dealership has searched through all bulletins and has not found anything of help to them. As an additional question are the HD systems designed to always play songs in alphabetical order? this is different than how the songs rip but no matter what we do they stay that way with no other sort option. Since I have posted this we have had the unit reset itself randomly going back to "all song mode" about 5 times, with no clear cause.

    I will write to the email with the info you suggested. Thanks.
  • megnav86megnav86 Posts: 1
    I have a 2012 Chevy equinox and have also been having issues with my USB port. Starting in the middle of March, my USB port no longer recognize the music on my iPhone 4S. The iPhone will connect and sometimes show the song that should be playing but no music actually plays. When I select the artist or song menu, it tells me that the music is indexing. The am able to use the iPhone in a 2012 GMC terrain and can use the controls just fine. I took the vehicle to the dealership today and had them run a diagnostic test. They stated everything was running correctly. They suggested I try running the phone in airplane mode when playing music. This did not work. What else can I do. I have not had this car a year and I know it's not the phone since it previously worked in the car. Thanks for the help. Megan
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi Megan,

    I'm sorry that you've been having trouble with your USB port on your vehicle. I know that can be frustrating, especially since you've tried it on another vehicle and it connected without a problem. Have you tried contacting the GM Infotainment department? They may be able to walk you through getting this issue resolved. I've provided their contact information below.

    (855) 428-3669

    Best Wishes

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • janet63janet63 Posts: 2
    I have been having the very same issue with my iPhone 4S and 2012 Equinox. I know it's the Nox because it does the same things to my husband's iPhone. I paid good money for this vehicle, & I pay good money for my music. I have a two hour round trip commute to work five days a week. It would be nice if GM would get this fixed. I took their buyout five years ago, and it appears that they are determined to keep making the same mistakes..

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi Janet

    Have you had an opportunity to take your 12' Equinox into a GM dealership for diagnosis. I will also be contacting our Infotainment department to speak with them about this issue. Would you mind emailing me your full name, address, VIN and mileage to ATTN: Amber. Once I've spoken to our Infotainment division I will contact you with their response. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • janet63janet63 Posts: 2
    Hello, Amber,

    Yes, I asked the dealership to take a look at it when they changed the oil a couple of weeks ago. They said it was the iPhone because the Nox's software was up to date. Well, so is the iPhone. In the meantime, I had an idea. Last night when I got home I turned off the stereo (which I don't normally do) & disconnected the battery. I also turned off the iPhone for a while. I turned the iPhone back on before I went to bed. When I started the Nox this morning, everything was fine. I will be in touch if it goes out on me again in the near future.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    Great to hear that your connection is working fine now! Hopefully everything operates properly from here on out. Keep me updated!

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
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