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Land Rover LR2 Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Yeah, I know it's not a Freelander, I was kind of alluding to the fact that it supposedly "replaced" the Freelander, which would lead one to believe that it is an "economical" entry level car, and clearly it is not. However, if it was for sale at 29,000, as the poster claims, then I would dare say, it actually is "economical". But you and I both know no LR dealer in his right mind is going to sell a loaded SE to anyone for 29,000. Why? Because he doesn't have to, there are just too many people who will gladly pay 39,950. besides, a dealer would sell it to himslef and then sell it on the weekend to his brother in law and make a tidy profit. When was the last time you heard of a dealer who wasn't interested in maximum profits? When was the last time hell froze over?
  • Well if you think about what was optional on the freelander or just plain not available vs what is standard on the LR2 then the pricing makes sense. A loaded freelander in 2005 had a MSRP of a little over 30,000 but didn't even include power seats.

    It didn't have park distance control either and the sun roof was tiny. Even if you ignore all the other improvements the LR2 brough a 5,000 dollar price increase over a two and a half year time span isn't so out of the ordinary.
  • I just checked the dealer's website and they have an advertisement for a Loaner with 5K miles for $27900. If you are getting a brand new one for $29000...its a great deal. May be i can fly into jersey, buy and drive it back home to TX. Good Luck!
  • Wondering if there are any white HSE's out there, know there is no whistler white in HSE...
    Can you find one without the tech, & cold pack., with only lighting & sirius satellite or would that have to be ordered?
    How much will they come off MSRP? I know they say they sell for sticker price...
    Noticed on Edmunds it is still not updated, you can only look up one style, the SE is the only one available, they still have not put HSE invoice price, etc....
  • manupmanup Posts: 24
    I contacted Edmunds a few days ago regarding updating the info for the HSE model and was advised via E-mail that it will be available on the site 12/06/07. Perhaps Lrguy44 or British Rover can assist you with you're other question regarding obtaining a lower than MSRP price?
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    Heard from Land Rover direct today that the SE is a phase out, not to return. HSE's only from now on. Get a deal on the lot with an SE now or it's back to super high lease prices on the HSE.
  • 08lr308lr3 Posts: 76
    my dealer said the SE is staying, they are only ramping up HSE production right now - both trims to stay - just like you can get an SE and HSE LR3.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    I have to agree with Muddy on this 08LR3...

    Why would a company from a business standpoint sell an SE version and an HSE version with so little difference? We are talking about little things that were fixed on the SE that they now call a HSE. I seriously doubt they keep producing a SE version as is.

    A more likely scenario (again, no facts or anything to back this up) is that they change the SE/HSE version next year to be a little more different different from a engine/transmission standpoint and they start selling from there.

    $10 bucks says they offer a engine with a little more Horsepower by way of a supercharger or turbo or something in the new 09' HSE.. but then again... no facts tu support any of this. Just makes more business sense.

    There is a reason they are giving deals on the SE versions and not the HSE version currently (having just got a new and improved HSE.. first Loaded Stornoway Grey in Seattle area). They are definately trying to get rid of the SE's... Would a dealer state that though... no way. Mine didn't.
  • muddyymuddyy Posts: 60
    That's what they were saying, but it's not the case now. My dealer said it was staying, now he's saying it's definitely not coming back. Current lease deals on remaining SE's will not apply in anyway to HSE.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    No SE - No change to drive train on HSE. The HSE was done partly in response to owner comments on needing a rear spoiler, center console, and to break Bluetooth and Sirius Radio a a separate option outside the TEC package. Now is the time to buy a SE with the factory support - but not that many are left and most of them are service loaners.
  • verdugoverdugo Posts: 2,284
    "not that many are left and most of them are service loaners."

    Local LR dealer in Sacramento has 12 SEs left.
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    I have 4 new and 6 service loaners left. It makes it hard to satisfy equipment and color choices.
  • I have one new SE and most of our service loaners are sold before they come out of service.

    I don't have any service loaners available for sale right now and two of the five loaners currently in use are sold.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    So here's a funny story... a good one though...

    So we knew what we wnated and put money down to hold a storoway grey with ebony and all packages that came in yesterday. We were told we can;t get the X-price on it as it was an HSE and they just came out (kinda made sense). Then two days ago, right before the car is to be delivered, we get an email from the dealer with an add for a special offer for residents in our area... 1% over invoice that starts today and ends in a few days (end of the month sale, maybe).

    I called and verified that we can take advantage of it.

    So now, we are going in tonight to pick up the car with racks, rear mat, flaps installed for about 3k or so less than we thought yesterday...

    In the add, they are selling LR2 demos for 5k off and LR3 demos for 10k off.

    Seattle Land Rover... Anyone interested and live in Snoho, take a look... I think that this deal is only good for local residents though... that wierd "rule" about buying in your area.
  • I'm close to purchasing an LR2 HSE and am researching to see if I can find a better price. It's fully loaded and the dealer is offering 1k off and 4.9% financing. Based off your experience do I have room to negotiate or is this a fair deal?

  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    In my neck of the woods that is a good deal.
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    Would you mind posting all the exact details on your deal; fees, extras & total price on the HSE? Racks, what? a luggage rack?
    1% over invoice, good for you, Don't think they will ever have any deal like that in Texas. I am thinking about a white HSE, but don't know what luck I will have on getting a good deal here, maybe I should just wait a while, til after the 1st of the year?? Thank you.
  • I'm PISSED. Not that I expect the salesguy to be totally forthcoming, but I"m sitting there for 1/2 hour with the SRE booklet in my hands and we're looking at the SEs and he passing as I leave....that "Oh, the SREs have a spoiler and, uh, matching side trim for like $80 bucks more a month"....Not having a clue at the time, and now having done my research, I feel the SEs will absolutely be phased out and the SRE is a product correction. I don't think I'm getting this car after reviews I've read and I quote on the Volvo XC90 SUV for only $50 more a month....
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    The differences between the SE and the HSE (not SRE) are cosmetic to bring the car more upscale. The drivetrain, safety features etc. are the same in both cars. The SE is phased out (no more production) but is priced to be an excellent value. We are still selling many more SEs than HSEs because of the price point.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    Just got it last night...

    2008 Land Rover LR2 HSE - Stornoway Grey with Ebony
    All three packages (lighting, Tech, and Cold-limate)

    MSRP was 41,400

    Car price was
    38,625 + taxes (WA taxes are 8.9%, I think), Destination ($625)
    4.9% financing through Land Rover Capital

    They are having a awesome deal on LR2s right now 9as well as LR3s and non-supercharged range rovers (sport or not) and jaguars (1% over invoice on all) for the next few days. you have to be a resident in the area though, I think.

    Accesories were extra on top of that price... Ski Rack, Rear compartment mat, mudflaps, 3M chip protection, and resist-all were all our add ons.

    We are leaving on a trip over the mountains today so we are pumped to see what she can do...

    I would definately recommend Seattle Land Rover (in lynnwood). Good people.

    Although they didn't let my wife keep the bow that was on it when we got there. She was a little upset about that. :)
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36

    Thanks for posting the details.
    I have been thinking about the LR2 for quite a while. Just worried about reliability & living 5 hour (round trip) from closest dealer.
    Don't think I can get that good of a deal here.

    Please keep posting about your experience with your new HSE.

    I would have wanted the bow too!
    Have a safe trip.
    Thanks, Janie
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    Well another selling point fo rus is that we literally drive by the dealership every day. It is less than a mile away.

    They actually told us we can stop in and have the car washed whenever... not sure they thought about that comment before saying it.

    The only issue we have had thus far (~12 miles in) is that the new ski racks whistle when you drive the car. I will be removing them before our trip. Not sure how to fix it though... any ideas?
  • Yeah I had the roof rails and crossbars put on my lr2 hse and have noticed some wind noise. I haven't put on the ski racks, but can imagine a fair amount more noise. I doubt there's a way to fix it unless Thule comes out with a front wind deflector. If its not too difficult I'll probably just remove the crossbars inbetween snow trips. Do you if the crossbars are easy to remove?
  • 1st time owner, upgrading form a Jeep. Just paid for my new 2008 LR2 on Friday ... BRAND NEW ... Tambora flame metallic with 11 miles on odometer.

    MSRP: 34,700
    (no options)

    Tax: $1447
    Doc Fees: $250
    Total out the door: $ $30,637

    Anyone want to buy a 2000 Jeep cherokee with low miles? :)

    Very happy with this car, excatly what I wanted.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Hey, that looks like a great deal! Congrats.
  • yed19yed19 Posts: 15
    So I think I may have a solution for the whistling...

    When we got the car there were these rubber things that came with the car and I wasn;t sure what they were. I figured it out though... They go in the track of the cross bar where the ski rack attachments slide into. I am not sure if you can cut them and place the pieces to fit into the track with the ski rack brackets or what but I may try to do that in the near future (when we evenatually go up skiing.

    The rover had an awesome road test going through the recent feet of snow in the passes this last weekend. The tires never slipped once! Had the snow setting on just incase as we were driving over snow and ice for the majority of the 4 hour trip.

    we got about 19.3 MPG... I wonder if any of that had to do with the snow...
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    LR2 HSE lighting & Sirius tech or CC ..... quoted $36,200.??
    Want to buy, but want best price I can get, should I be patient & wait til after 1st of year at least?
    Not as good as some people who got one for 1% over invoice...
    What do you all think?
  • lrguy44lrguy44 Posts: 2,197
    As far as we know, there will be no incentives 1st qtr. Deals are on SEs
  • jax10jax10 Posts: 36
    On HSE: one dealer says MSRP, but another comes down $1800 off MSRP??
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