Honda CR-V Rear Differential Problem?



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    Please forgive my ignorance about this. Is this rear differential problem on AWD only or also on FWD?

    I am considering buying a FWD CR-V.

    Any info is appreciated.
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    "Please forgive my ignorance about this. Is this rear differential problem on AWD only or also on FWD?

    I am considering buying a FWD CR-V.

    Any info is appreciated."

    It only affects the AWD CRV. No problems with the FWD CRV.
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    Maybe I'm just being a 'girl', but I have experienced the problem with the noise. Went to a tire store who told me what the problem was, went to my dealer, had it corrected and paid $62 - they said they flushed it three times. Noise went away. I have a 2003 CRV, my second, and other than oil changes, and new tires it has been a maintenance free car. I bought it when it was just over 2 years old with about 12,000 miles and it now has 46,000 and it is a great car. I just don't see why this is such a huge problem. It's fixable, and really didn't cost that much. Unless some horrible thing happens, I'll stay with my CRV and will probably purchase another. No one guarantees their cars will be without any problems. If you can find one - buy it and good luck.
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    I heard clunking when I was up to 45mph and found the left right axle had dislodged from the differential housing.

    Is it left or right? lol :confuse: Not that it makes any difference.


    You shouldn't have paid for the axle, it was probably covered under the extended warranty. It helps when consumers know what their rights are, and know the terms of their coverage, otherwise they are at the mercy of the service writer.
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    Why do you feel comfortable paying for a defect; it may not be the only time you run into this problem?

    Yes it is a terrible concern if your car locks up on the highway, like mine did?!

    There is a history to these threads on this site, you can always go back to review the old posts and get a feel for what's going on :lemon:
  • courtney89courtney89 Member Posts: 12
    No, obviously, no one wants to pay for a defect. And, I'm sorry your car locked up on the highway. But, I have read all the pages of this topic. You will find that I posted several weeks ago. But, having read all the posts it looks like if you had paid attention to the noises that seem to start when having this problem, getting the car checked out, maybe it wouldn't have locked up - but that just my thought.

    My thought is, if all cars were made completely perfect from the beginning there would be no need for repair shops, service departments at dealers, mechanics, etc. Nothings perfect, there's not a car out there that isn't going to have some kind of problem - defect, faulty weld, wiring, etc.

    It's just not worth it to me to get all bent out of shape about a car- now if your child has cancer or your spouse has heart trouble or you lose your job unexpectedly, or your house is flooded, burned or robbed - you got problems. :):):)
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    I had the same problem on my 2007 CRV the dealer "fixed" the problem. Now I have burnt rubber smell, I'm afraid I have a leak in the rear main now. So much for Honda Quality
  • judylinkjudylink Member Posts: 33
    You must be in the car industry.
    1. My car locked up with NO warning. It was about 1 month old. No sound was made previous to the accident! I am quite aware of what the grinding sound is like. My car was brand new and that should NOT have happened.

    2. I've had two flushes and polished brushings in my second differential, no the problem with Honda is not fixed and is a serious problem, for YEARS! Why is that OK with you, because all cars have problems? Why do they have to have problems, to support the repair shops. Which came first?

    3. I have a nephew with leukemia, my mom has cancer, and my dad can't walk

    4. My husband just lost part of his hand

    5.It's worth it to me to stay alive and not get killed by a defective car.

    6. You might not benefit from this particular forum, you are not contributing positively to this cause, you are wasting our time, please find another way to spend yours because the people here do not believe or appreciate your "stories."

    Bye-bye Courtney89 :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
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    I purchased a new 2007 4WD EX in December of 2006. After one week of ownership, I noticed a grinding sound everytime I made a sharp turn. I brought the car back to the dealership and the rear differential was exchanged for a new one. I now have 16,000 miles and it still makes the same noise. The dealership also tells me the differential fluid has to be changed every 7,500 miles at a cost of $60.00. There seems to be a development/engineering problem with this part. I also find it hard to believe that this fluid is breaking down in such a short period of time since the CR-V is only driven on the street and never tows anything. Any additional thoughts on this subject would be appreciated.
  • courtney89courtney89 Member Posts: 12
    I did not realize you could respond only if you agreed with certain people on this particular forum. I do not in any way shape or form work for any car company, any repair shop, anything that has anything to do with cars. I drive a 2003 CRV, it is my second CRV and have owned several Hondas since my first Honda in the 70's. I will probably buy another one in a couple of years. The last car I bought that wasn't a Honda was a new ford mini-van that had an ignition problem - it wouldn't shut off - fortunately I traded it in on a Honda before it caught fire which was the usual outcome for these ignition problems. I apologize if I was impertinent to you and your problems. I agree, a new car should not have those problems, if it were me I would get rid of it. I understand family issues as my husband recently died of a massive coronary while out of state - my car just isn't my focus right now. You don't have to believe that, but it is true. Good luck to you and your family.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    The dealership also tells me the differential fluid has to be changed every 7,500 miles at a cost of $60.00.

    First, RTFM!!!!

    Second, show the dealership what the manual says about the rear differential fluid replacements.

    Third, since manual says one thing and the dealer says another, demand they do the fluid changes under warranty.

    Problem solved.

    P.S. Insist that they use the more expensive DPFII instead of the DPF.
  • rrbhokiesrrbhokies Member Posts: 108
    I have a 2007 CRV with just over 15K miles on it. It's still under the 3/36 warranty and it's less than a year old.

    About a month ago, started hearing a noise when turning the steering wheel hard to the left or right when entering or exiting parking spaces. Is this the rear differential problem that's being discussed here?

    If so, do you think they'll cover it under warranty?
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Yes, there's a TSB on the problem. The dealer will perform the TSB service. My experience is similar to yours. I took my CR-V in two weeks ago. So far, the sound is gone, but others have reported it returning.

    There seems to be two bodies of thought here: 1) the rear differential requires more service than the owner's manual says. Get used to it. 2) Honda should have corrected this old design defect long ago and is on the hook to pay for fluid changes forever.
  • gibbergibber Member Posts: 41
    There is a TSB, but you may have to argue about it. I took my 2005 in for this(at 37700 miles, extended by the odometer lawsuit), and the dealer charged me $90 for the fluid replacement(admitting they changed it in their 30K service package), and claimed they talked to Honda who refused to pay for it. Later I see the TSB, and call the dealer back. They didn't really acknowledge the TSB, just said its a maintenance item. I pointed out that the TSB specifically addressed the problem, and says "the normal warranty applies", which I assume means they pay for it. The manager wouldn't discuss it, I asked for someone else to talk to, and he hung up. I called Honda, which opened a case regarding it. It seems to me that the car, the fluid, or the manual is defective. Does the magnuson-moss act apply to this situation?
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    I was replying to a question specific to the 2007 CR-V, which has it's own TSB (07-021) covering early production units. I know nothing about 2005 model issues or TSBs. There are comments about them somewhere on this or other message boards, though. But if you know the TSB number, I'd think that would end the issue.

    Can you change Honda dealers? With every brand, there are good dealers and there are bad ones. And the bad ones are stinkers. Good luck.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    Does the magnuson-moss act apply to this situation?

    It would only apply if the dealer refused warranty coverage on the differential because you put in a new radio, or something, IMHO.

    A lot of this going back and forth could have been avoided if the Owner knew what the Owner's Manual stated and presented that to the dealer before the service has been performed. If the dealer argued against the Owner's Manual suggestion, then under the act, it should have been performed for free. I doubt it works that way "post factum."

    Take it as a lesson learned and in the future know your manual from cover to cover so that you can sucessfully argue with the service advisors. They know that people don't read, or don't retain the information from the manual, and can twist the "facts" whichever way they want to suit their business needs.

    I bet you that the dealer submitted claim to Honda for warranty work on your differential, ON TOP of charging you $90!
  • gibbergibber Member Posts: 41
    I did point out when I took it in that the owner's manual showed a worst case(severe) 60K mile fluid change, but I counted on the dealer doing the right thing, which was my mistake. Even calling later, quoting the 07-024 TSB(applies to all 2002-2007 CR-V with awd), they still didn't cooperate, saying they had talked to the DSM(?). I don't believe anything they say,probably they didn't talk to anyone, or charged me and Honda as you suggested.
  • tkaytkay Member Posts: 99
    I have a 07 CR-V and when driving down a bumpy dirt road (this is the only way to get home) it sounds like suspension rattles . My wife has a 05 CR-V and driving down the same road her CR-V seems tight and solid!!..This is not OK, I am ready to take it in for 15K service.Does anyone have any ideas?
  • kiwi10kiwi10 Member Posts: 2
    Purchased the new CRV December 2006 having owned each of the previous two models. Absolutely love the vehicle but also experienced that strange noise in the rear diff. Honda obviously knew all about it and immediately replaced the oil at 20,000kms. No charge the car being in warranty of course.
  • bshaversbshavers Member Posts: 2
    I've just had mine fixed for the second time on my 2007 CRV by Honda. I was told that this is a known problem by Honda, that it is due to the differential fluid 'breaking down' and needing to be replaced every 10-12K miles. It is covered under warranty until the warranty runs out. Then, there will be tens of thousands of owners of 07 and 08 (affected years) that will be needing to cover the cost of replacement and repair every 10-12K miles. That is about once or twice a year.

    I've writing to Honda personally to ask for a new car :)

    At least I'm asking that they change out my rear diff or I'd gladly join a class action against them as they know they created a defective part that can potentially lock up as you are driving at freeway speeds with your family :sick:
  • bshaversbshavers Member Posts: 2
    Update to today's Honda rear diff issue. The service department of the Renton (WA) Honda dealership said that the fluid is covered by warranty until the warranty runs out. Honda of America said that they never heard of any issues with the rear diff and therefore, no assistance or answering of any questions. Honda of Vancouver (WA) says that Honda sent out a notice that the rear diff's have a defective part in some CRVs and that they should be replaced under warranty when you bring in your CRV for repair.

    End result: there is a problem, Honda of America denies it, some dealers are unaware, and some dealers are aware. So, call around to find one that knows what they are talking about. Don't let them talk you into just changing the fluid to last another 10K miles.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    Then, there will be tens of thousands of owners of 07 and 08 (affected years) that will be needing to cover the cost of replacement and repair every 10-12K miles. That is about once or twice a year.


    At least I'm asking that they change out my rear diff or I'd gladly join a class action against them as they know they created a defective part that can potentially lock up as you are driving at freeway speeds with your family

    While you are at it, sue them for requiring you to change the engine oil, filters, brake and power steering fluids, brakes and tires.

    Oh, wait, it is called wear and tear. Since when a differential fluid a lifetime item?

    You can extend the differential change intervals by using more expensive DPFII.

    Good luck with the law suit. Just remember not to put a hot cup of coffee in between your legs. That laws suit won't fly again.
  • gregoryt1gregoryt1 Member Posts: 1
    Dude, chill out. I think the problem is that Honda knows of the problem but refuses to acknowledge the defect. I've never heard of changing the fluid every 10,000 miles on any of the cars I've had in my life or any make or model, nor anyone I know. I have an 04 CRV that has never made the noise described in this thread, so wouldn't all CRV's be the same?

    If I bought a new 07 CRV and had that noise problem once or twice a year, I wouldn't be happy about it either.
  • jillanjillan Member Posts: 8
    I talked to Honda America and they definitely know about the problem and acknowledge the two service orders. My take is that if an owner and/or the owners service department knows to change out the fluid more frequently, the problem may never arise. If the problem DOES occur, a triple flush may take care of it (least expensive solution). If that doesn't take care of it, the service order provides for the replacement of the rear differential. In that way, they are handling the issue. In my opinion, it seems a bit wimpy, but I'm not entirely informed on the issue, so...

    I was shopping for a 2008 and considering a 4WD. I ended up buying a 2WD partly to avoid having to deal with this issue, partly because I live in an area with no snow and 2WD gets slightly better gas mileage. While doing my research, I called Honda America to ask if the problem was addressed in the 2008 models. The person I was speaking to put me on hold for quite a while to talk to the appropriate persons in the technical department. He said the fix for the 2008 model was that they developed an upgraded fluid that resists rust of the rear differential when moisture gets into the system. He admitted that the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak. He said that in their tests, it's been shown to work, but that they realize until the cars get a year or two old, they won't know how well it works in the real world. He actually told me the name of the fluid, but I'm sorry I didn't write it down.
    I would assume the service departments are using this new fluid on all years.
  • dslgdslg Member Posts: 3
    My CR-V was making noise when I was turning. The service manager said I needed to have the fluid changed and it would be $118. I only had 25,000 miles but he said it was not covered under warranty. Thanks to this message board I saw the TSB and printed it out. I asked about this bulletin and they said that they didn't show this bulletin in their computer so it probably wasn't from Honda but to bring a copy in. After they saw it they checked with the big boss and he said to go ahead and cover it under warranty. They said that they must have misplace their bulletin on this problem. I am probably going to trade it in for a 2008 2WD CR-V.
  • hondanut67hondanut67 Member Posts: 3
    I had a 2000 CR-V that we loved, great in snow, good gas mileage, unassuming and most importantly, the only Japanese SUV with a manual tranny. It got totaled (faired excellent in high speed crash), and were turned off by newer model CRVs after my sisters 2003 lost a differential. Truthfully, this is a maintenance concern more than a real problem and reputable repair shops ( I am fortunate to have a Honda specialty shop near me) will charge you the $18 for the Dual Pump Fluid and the cost of an oil change ($52 total - NOT $120) Just keep an ear out for the tell tale noise and everything is OK. Yes, we are going to buy a 2003 or 2004 CR-V EX w/ 5 spd to replace our 2000.
  • jcl741jcl741 Member Posts: 1
    I took my 06 crv, with 43,000 to honda for the differential noise, they wanted $234 to change the fluid. I told him (service manager) to shove it, and showed them the tech bulletin on changing the fluid. Then they said they would call am honda and get authorization for honda to pay. They did the job for $0, so now I'm after the 07-021 tech bulletin for replacement of the rear differential clutch assembly. I'm also contacting several lemon law attorneys to start a class action law suit against honda for their poor design rear differential.
  • judylinkjudylink Member Posts: 33
    Good job. Keep us posted on joining the suit...
  • tkaytkay Member Posts: 99
    Where can I print out that TSB on the diff. problem??? I find it hard to believe Honda does not get behind this problem. They did have a good reputation
  • hondanut67hondanut67 Member Posts: 3
    If this is your first diff fluid change on this vehicle the talk of legal action is a little strong. The real problem here is a thinking that oil changes and windshield washer fluid should be the only upkeep. Most CRV owners are probably new to ALL wheel drive. This differs from 4WD in the way the rear wheels apply power to the road. These vehicles are higher maintainence than 2WD versions and give a better/ safer ride than true 4WD. These are tradeoffs that must be weighed and decided by each individual. Honda may be to blame for not being upfront with customers and their service departments may be ignorant as this is not your typical front wheel driver that they have become accustomed to, but to shirk responsibility of proper upkeep as an owner and suing a manufacturer for upkeep that is still less than the average for a vehicle seems irresponsible. We were doing changes every 20-25,000 miles but the intervals got longer as more miles were put on the car. We were always listening for the telltale rub and taking it in at the next oil change. People pay big bucks for Mercedes that need diapers to catch oil drips, at least we paid a reasonable amount for our vehicles that need a little more care than a typical front wheel drive car.
  • tkaytkay Member Posts: 99
    Agree that maintenance is owner resposibility.However if there are reported problems th at Honda is sliding under the muffler then they have some culpability.If the manual states every 60K a change should be made then that when it should be.
  • judylinkjudylink Member Posts: 33
    There is a huge potential safety factor involved with the diff. It shouldn't be taken lightly, like an oil change. So far, most of the people report on this site have only needed to change the fluid and have caught it in time. The locking up on the highway is always a possibility, one is too many when it happens to you. The changing of the fluid should be routine. This still, since the inception of the CRV has not been revealed to the customer. Something is wrong with this picture.
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "The locking up on the highway is always a possibility, one is too many when it happens to you."

    Well, lots of things are possible. Maybe the cars will start spontaneously driving on two wheels. Or they could launch into space, or catch fire (oops, that one did happen).

    Seriously, I have not heard of any incidents of the transmission locking up on the highway with AWD CR-V.
  • zwanzwan Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Honda CRV and it only has 2700 miles on it.

    So far, I have had the rear brake pads and rotors replaced already. Today, I was told the rear differential is broken and needed to be replaced. In addition, I was suggested to replace the battery as well. What a car!
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    >>>I have a 2002 Honda CRV and it only has 2700 miles on it.

    As in 2,700 miles? . . . . after 6 years? That's 38 miles per month! Is this an example of "use it or lose it"?

    Seriously, Honda ought to take care of the differential (whether 2700 or 27,000 miles). After 6 years, you're due for a new battery. Good luck.
  • judylinkjudylink Member Posts: 33
    "Seriously" That's why I mentioned the locking up on the highway, because that's what happened to me, with two friends in the back seat. I described the scenario on this site a while ago-anyone can search it and find it. This is no joking matter. Those that are belittling this issue should find another thread that pertains to them. This thread is for helpful and supportive info-not criticisms.
  • hondanut67hondanut67 Member Posts: 3
    The fact this happened to you is horrible, but the vein of the last 200 posts is to tell people there are warning signs to be aware of. These are the same as brakes or bearings squealing, neither of which are safe in total failure. There are not whole threads related to vehicles that eat through brakes (as my Mazda 323- every 12K) and asking for recalls. The fact is the purpose here is to educate drivers. My sister had diff failure and after quizzing her admitted she ignored the grinding. The same conclusion would have been experienced with ignoring the brakes or the sound of pinging that comes from the valves that finally demands an overhaul. There is no gas and go car, if that is what you want, stick to front wheel drive were owner upkeep issues aren't blamed on everyone else. Sorry to be so blunt, but maybe what this world really needs is a little more accountability.
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "Those that are belittling this issue should find another thread that pertains to them. This thread is for helpful and supportive info-not criticisms."

    I stand by my post, and I think I will enjoy my right to continue watching this (and other) CR-V forums. I am wondering why you think this does not pertain to me?

    I would be interested in the details of your "lock up event".
  • rich505rich505 Member Posts: 33
    One problem with so little miles on any vehicle, especially 4WD, is that the gear assemblies (as well as engine parts with their oil lube) in the differentials, transmission, transfer case, etc., are not completely covered in lubricating fluid. Many vehicles, if so equipped, generally have a drain plug at the bottom and the fill plug at or above the middle line.

    If you don't drive the vehicle often then the lube drains off of the exposed gears/hardware and combined with moisture can cause corrosion. Toyota recommended in the Tacoma Owners Manual that 4WD models be driven for at least one mile once a month in 4WD mode during the summer or when ever the 4WD system wasn't engaged frequently to keep all the parts moist and happy..
  • plebsackplebsack Member Posts: 1
    I have recently bought a 1999 CR-V. Love it for the gas mileage. It get far better than my durango. I have two problems that need to be addressed. First, does anyone know of any modifications or aftermarket springs available for a stiffer ride and a larger load capacity. It will not hold three bicycles and some weekend gear without squating. Second, when i make a sharp turn (left or right) there is a groan/vibration which seems to be coming for the rear differential. Any info on these issues would be great. Thanks
  • judylinkjudylink Member Posts: 33
    You're at the right site for differential problem issues. Read some of the old posts. It's definately a serious :sick: problem that needs to be addressed with Honda. the grinding sound on a turn is the symptom. You'll more than likely just need a diff. fluid flush, new fluid and the brushings polished/burnished. Honda is aware of the problem, don't let them tell you otherwise. They should also pay for the fix unless you find it in the manufacturer's recommended maintainance schedule.
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "They should also pay for the fix unless you find it in the manufacturer's recommended maintainance schedule. "

    Pay for the fix on a 9 year old car?
  • tedtcbtedtcb Member Posts: 39

    Seems to me, --and I’ve posted my fair share on this thread concerning my own 06 rear diff problems-- that Honda has really dodged the “responsibility bullet” on this rear diff issue. To be fair, there are no real horror stories --that one highway lockup was an anomaly--but there is a systemic problem with the all-wheel versions of all three generations of the CRV.
    From the shoddy recommendations in the service manual to the ad-hoc manner in which dealers either admit Honda’s culpability and change the Dual pump fluid at no charge or try to worm their way out of performing the service for free, the entire affair is decidedly Un-Honda. (and I’ve owned only Hondas since 1977)
    Why there has not been an all out recall --Honda slides by on the safety issue not being there- why the TSB’s are swept under the rug as it were, those questions are ones that need to be addressed, but it seems that no one in the automotive press (not even Consumer Reports) has never mentioned the reoccurring rear diff issue.
    Other message boards/websites do address the problem ferential.html
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    If they should recall anything, they should recall the Owner's Manual for listing the wrong mileage intervals.

    Maybe Honda should fire the marketing person with no engineering background who suggested the manual listed intervals without consulting with engineers.
  • tedtcbtedtcb Member Posts: 39
    It’s tool late and too easy to peg this on the “copywriter” who wrote the manual. It’s not a marketing problem --marketing did not manufacture the old Dual Pump fluid-- they may have exasperated the flaw in Honda’s entire rear diff technology, but Honda simply needs to stop equivocating and start amending its PR and warranty to reflect reality
  • buyergirlbuyergirl Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same problems too - I have an appt. to drop my CRV off at Honda tomorrow morning....I'll let you know what they have to say and what they plan on charging me.
  • michigancrvmichigancrv Member Posts: 1
    Thanks to reading the posts on this forum, we saved ourselves some $ at the dealership. We took our 06 CRV in for a checkup at 40k miles because it was exhibiting the same tight-turn-vibration (not noisy grinding, just vibration on tight turns, like 4wd is engaged). Before the service mgr even saw the vehicle, he said "rear differential", which prompted me to do some research here before we dropped off the vehicle. Anyway, initially he said $75 to flush, but after discussing with him what I learned on this forum and that most dealerships were doing the fix for free (he said really Honda, not the dealership, is the one that absorbs the costs), he said that they would not charge us and in fact do a full blown rear diff. multi-flush, beyond what we would have gotten for $75. The reason for giving this to us was: a) we were at 40k miles, and even under severe conditions, the manual doesn't call for a rear diff. flush until 60k miles, and b) we were educated on the subject matter. He explained that the same problem exists on the 07's, but the check engine light is programmed to monitor driving conditions/habits (starts/stops, etc.) and flash a check engine light sooner if actual driving conditions warrant checking the rear diff. sooner!!! Seems like a jury-rigged way of dealing with the problem, but.... He still said that we should get the rear diff. flushed every 30k, which won't be free. Anyway, goes to show that it's good to be an informed consumer. Overall, oterwise, we're very happy with our CRV.
  • hondaloonhondaloon Member Posts: 8
    Have just written to Honda re. diff vibrations. Bought car in March 06 however 05 biuld. After 10,000kms/8mnths noticed the vibrations but waited a while till it became unbearable then had my dealer replace the diff oil under warranty. Another 24 months on the problem has returned and car goes back to dealer tomorrow for the 2nd diff flush under warranty. Next time howwever it won't be free. Noted the concern of water entering the diff via the breather tube. This seems like a design problem however I'm not a mechanic so what would I know about these things. Have been a Honda fan for years and have an 03 Euro which is going great. Now not so sure about this SUV however I must say that it's been very reliable although a little thirsty around town. Not sure wether to keep it or not after I have the diff oil replaced and go for something less complicated. Would like to hear what others owners have to say on this issue.
  • tedtcbtedtcb Member Posts: 39
    Hey Hondaloon
    Seems like your dealer is doing the best that they can considering Honda's rear diff design is the real culprit here.
    My 06 is also the thirstiest Honda I've ever driven I'd say 25 is the absolute best MPG I've ever tallied, but on the average it's in the lower 20's.
    I do like the CRV , though I would not buy another, a bit too Civicy for me.
    As for the rear diff fluid, after my moan and groan at 30 and the dealer replaced the fluid and burnished the clutch (no charge) I had my mechanic do another fluid change at 40K (just to be on the safe side) He charged me $85 and followed Honda's exact TSB instructions.
    Please post Honda's reply to your letter
  • judylinkjudylink Member Posts: 33
    Congrats on doing your homework!
    You wrote:
    "...... a check engine light sooner if actual driving conditions warrant checking the rear diff. sooner!!! "

    I'm not sure if I understand how driving conditions plus the check engine light plus the rear diff are tied together. Can anyone explain that?
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