The Best Repair Shop in Town

Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
Are you one of the lucky ones? Have you found a
repair shop in your area that's honest, efficient,
skillful and maybe even affordable?

If so, you gonna keep it all to yourself, or will
you help that shop prosper by letting us all in on
a good thing?

Please post the name of any shop you've had a
really positive experience with, and tell us why
exactly you thought it was so great. Locations
might help, since some of the people visiting this
topic may live nearby.

Remember, this topic is for positive feedback
only, if you don't mind indulging me. We all hear a
lot of whining and complaining about what's wrong
with the auto repair industry, but there's a lot of
good work going on, too, and I think this type of
balanced view is valuable.


  • bjmeyerbjmeyer Member Posts: 24
    near Tyson's Corner, Virginia (a suburb of Washington, DC).

    In spite of the name, they work on pretty much any Japanese cars, including badge engineered ones (like the Ford Probe). I've never been less than satisfied by the work they've done, and when it comes to Nissan's they really are experts. In many cases, they clearly know more than the dealer shops.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Hey, this is great...we could create a string of good repair shops cross-country and drive coast to coast with confidence. Okay, I'm plotting a line from DC to, still a lot of territory to fill in here...
  • C13C13 Member Posts: 390
    Where in Tyson's?

    I used to work at the dreaded Rosenthal. Not highly recommended.
  • C13C13 Member Posts: 390
    KPFK (L.A., Pacifica Network) used to have a great show called The Car Show. They published a list just like this and I went to one of the recommended places and I must say, I was bowled over. It was Japan Auto Parts, somewhere in downtown L.A. Couldn't tell you where.

    I had an appointment (I think for the 60K service), dropped the car off, went for a walk to kill some time, cuz I had no other ride. As I was walking out this team of Asian dudes descended on the car like some damn pit crew. They had promised to have it ready at say, 3PM. I came back say, 3 hrs early just cuz I had run out of ways to amuse myself, and it was done, cleaned, and the polite guy at the counter had my bill ready.

    I left L.A. soon after that, or they would have been my regular garage, even though they were way out of my way. I wonder if they're still there, if they're still great, and if The Car Show is still on. Sure beats the hell out of those Magliozzi Bros on NPR.
  • bjmeyerbjmeyer Member Posts: 24
    Glad to be of service. Now, I need to go by there and collect my referral fee .
  • richjeeprichjeep Member Posts: 1
    Haven't been there in a while, but Pitcock Automotive, Richardson, TX always treated me right. Can be be a little slow, but job was done well at a reasonable price. Have never had to take something back for a redo. That includes a timing belt on my 300ZX. Family owned. (Dad and sons)
  • BKaganBKagan Member Posts: 2
    SunRise garage. Lynn, MA. Excellent and still
    affordable service. Guy is real pro. Use to work
    for Opel rally team (other side of the pond )
    Loves Hondas, but takes care of practically every
    make and model. I have Honda, Ford and Nissan in
    the family and go there all the time for regular
    service and repear.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Now we're cookin'...we need to hear from the Northwest, South Dakota and Florida, and we'll have the basic perimeter pretty well covered...this is great info!
  • kkl1kkl1 Member Posts: 16
    I just moved to Portland, Oregon 6 months ago and am looking for a price-reasonable and very competent shop to attend to my Honda '98 Prelude for routine maintenance. Any recommendations out there? Thanks much for your attention to this.

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,350
    I really dont want to sound like an advertisment, but for pete's sake, take your 98 Prelude to a dealer. It is still under warranty. The dealer won't charge you any more than a good independant.

    There are also very competant independants out there and I don't mean to slight them. At least wait until your 'lude is out of warranty.
  • lweisslweiss Member Posts: 342
    Reston Automotive, on Sunset Hills Rd near Reston Parkway, Reston, VA. has been great. A Goodyear Service Store, but doesn't oversell, car is ready when promised or they give you a ride home (and pick up), and decent prices for routine maintenance. Not only that, I read an article that they do free maintenance for charitable organizations, like meals on wheels, etc.
  • rrackleyrrackley Member Posts: 3
    Recently, I purchased a 92 Q45 with new Viper Tires. First of all I have no idea who makes these tires. Anyway, I have a front end vibration that is getting worse even after I had the car aligned and balanced. Now it slightly pulls to the right and the wheel wants to move off center slightly to the right as speed increases. There is also a jumpy type of feathering on the inside edge of the front driver side tire. Anyone have any idea? I think the tie rods and bearings are ok. Many have told me that my tires are bad and simply replacing them will correct the problem. I just don't want to jump and make the purchase when they may not be the problem. Please e-mail me with any info at [email protected]
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    If you found that your tires are out of round, and that they're separating, new tires sound like your most likely solution. Have you tried rotating your tires front to rear, and seeing if the problem goes away?
  • royallenroyallen Member Posts: 227
    I've noted AAA does auto service ratings. Has anyone used this resource? I would think it would be good since it is a service to please the members.
  • jaschauerjaschauer Member Posts: 1
    I would like to recommend Newtown Car Care in Newtown Connecticut. This organization is fast, fairly priced, helpful, and honest. I very much appreciate their honesty and helpfulness to my daughter and son. Good people
  • div2div2 Member Posts: 2,580
    Kentucky Shops:
    Goins Automotive-@15 mi. south of Louisville. Good service, reasonable prices, real mechanics-not "parts replacers".

    Motorsports of Lexington-Top notch Independent BMW shop.

    Performance Specialties- Great BMW Independent in Louisville. Also works on Ferraris, Maseratis, And Lambos.

    The BMW Store-Cincinnati-The ONLY quality BMW Dealer service in KY; and it's in Ohio...
  • cpallencpallen Member Posts: 3
    From Seattle, WA....
    *Brakes for Less* on Highway 99 in Lynnwood. That's all they do, they do them well, and very inexpensively.
    *Bellevue Motor Sports* for VW and Nissan, especially suspension work.

    Everyone else, you just have to watch closely. Steer clear of Pignataro VW-Nissan in Everett.
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    Let's stick to the good repair shops for now.
  • jazzcatjazzcat Member Posts: 6
    Pre-Grid Enterprises in Fremont, CA. Dave is the proprietor, and he specializes in Toyota and Nissan only. He is very ethical and honest. I have been very pleased with his service. I found him by doing a shop history check with the BAR. He's been in operation for over 7 years, and has never had a complaint against him.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,153
    Harry's Automotive in Lindenwold NJ (outside of Philadelphia). Family owned (Dad and sons), been around a long time. They do a good job, and only recommend what is really needed.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • arjay1arjay1 Member Posts: 172
    Ruder Automotive in O'Fallon, Missouri on Highway K. I have been in there a couple of times for routine maintenance and for repairs. I had a leaking gas tank in a Suburban. I figured on an expensive repair and would not have questioned it. They new right away where they thought the leak was coming from and they were correct. They fixed it for very little cost. Family owned by father and sons and very honest so far.
  • giggles1giggles1 Member Posts: 1
    Any good ones in Nashua, NH?
  • venram1venram1 Member Posts: 4
    Any good ones in Austin, TX ?
  • robertrogersrobertrogers Member Posts: 2
    Cherni Automotive Repair Serve (C.A.R.S.) in Sheridan, Wyoming is run by an honest mechanic who will fix what needs fixing, and nothing more for a reasonable price. More than a few times my wife and I have gone to him after a dealership stated we needed a major repair (like a new clutch or starter) and he took care of the problem with an inexpensive repair (like adjusting the clutch rod, or replacing the starter points). He specializes in Toyotas, but works on all makes I think.
  • joshi2joshi2 Member Posts: 1
    Looking for an honest Toyota mechanic
    in RTP, NC area?
  • jazzcatjazzcat Member Posts: 6
    Pre-Grid has been in business for 22 years. My mistake.
  • erreerre Member Posts: 1
    Hey C13, what's the name of the garage in LA.
    Anyone know of any other good shops in the LA area.
  • hhilehhile Member Posts: 1
    There is an awesome guy in Cincinnati, Ohio, who works only on Hondas and Acuras. The shop is called Doug B. Autocare. He is reliable, flexible, honest and fair. He came to me highly recommended by several people so I will pass on the recommendation.
  • C13C13 Member Posts: 390
    It was Japan Auto Parts. Last time I was there was the early 80's. Somewhere downtown. That's all I remember.

    I got them from a list like this one, published by 'The Car Show' on KPFA. Look them up in the phone book if you're not a listener. Subscribe to the station for a pittance, listen to The Car Show if it's still on, and get their current list.

    Best of luck.
  • jerry16jerry16 Member Posts: 22
    Lucky's service center
    Located in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Family owned. Only recommend what is needed. They specialize in restoring old cars, but they do work on any vehicle, foriegn or domestic. Honest and fair...and if you look in their garage, you might see a 50 or 60 year old perfectly restored car.
  • buddhaseedbuddhaseed Member Posts: 26
    Anyone recommends a good Honda repair shop at San Diego area please?
  • shcst12shcst12 Member Posts: 34
    Does anyone here know any good body repair shop around Pittsburgh? My car's door lock got torned by some f&*king thief. And I need to know which body shop have good reputation around my town. Thank you
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    A word of caution from the language police...

    I can curse up a storm in real life, but as a conference host, it's probably my duty to wag my finger at you about your language.



    Keep it clean, everyone, or at least as clean as you'd hear it from Beavis & Butthead :).

    Hostly yours,
  • shcst12shcst12 Member Posts: 34
  • jzekasjzekas Member Posts: 1
    For Susanville, California (80 miles north of Reno, Nevada, on Hwy 395), I highly recommend Kurt's Works on Main Street...Mark, the owner is honest, dependable, explains what's wrong, shows you the worn part, and is accurate in his diagnosis...excellent!!!
  • THHTHH Member Posts: 1
    Charles Toyota, Rockville, MD has taken care of my Camry and my friend's 4 Runner and Lexus. We are extremely satisfied. When I first moved to MD, I went to White Flint Exxon for the mandatory inspection. They claimed to have found problems which they offered to repair for over $700. My friend told me about Charle's Toyota. They did everything for $140 and my car passed at another gas station.
  • jmolinskyjmolinsky Member Posts: 18
    I recommend Discount Tire and Auto on Aircraft Drive in Germantown, MD. I've used them for about 3 years now for three different cars and they've been both honest and efficient (as well as reasonably priced) in their work.
  • speedracerspeedracer Member Posts: 8
    Can anyone tell me of a good Toyota repair shop in the San Jose, CA area? Thanks
  • nick321nick321 Member Posts: 2
    We have always had great service from the "Made in Japan" folks....worked on my Toyota Celica, Toyota Pickup an old Toyota Celica we owned for a short time and their quotes always matched the end price -time in and out of the shop was fast and they never had to "redo" any work. Price was not the lowest but about average when we checked around. We were happy to pay a little higher than the lowest pricing in order to know they would fix the problem quickly and correctly.
  • amarmistryamarmistry Member Posts: 15
    Any good one in Northern NJ for Faord cars?
  • reBMWreBMW Member Posts: 26
    precision motorwerks on orangethorpe in anaheim california. mom and son, Greg Brown, owned and operated. good people. no bs. what they work on they fix. ha even 924's!
  • picantepicante Member Posts: 27
    For competent, honest car service, either:

    * Wayne's Garage

    * Sandpiper Import Service

    For good tire service (if you like what they carry):

    * Les Schwab Tire Center
  • brianinohbrianinoh Member Posts: 20
    Anyone know of a good Honda dealer in Cleveland, Ohio area?
  • trsrjstrsrjs Member Posts: 3
    To anyone living in NE Ohio, who would you recommend for good and honest auto care service? Thanks.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioMember Posts: 851
    There is a place on west 130'th, 2 miles North of I-480. I can't remember the name. It is on the East side of the street, parking is horrible, and every bay is always filled with cars. The proprietor is George. If you go, email me, it might be neat for him to find out how you were recommended.
  • acyinacyin Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone suggest an excellent auto body shop in the Orange County area of Southern California? Preferably specializing in Hondas.
  • coffeebizcoffeebiz Member Posts: 13
    Can anyone recommend a good repair shop in the Jacksonville, Fl area? I need a good place for transmission and brake problems and general tune-ups. Thanks.
  • tonewheeltonewheel Member Posts: 47's Macek's Auto Service on Merriam Drive. These guys have saved me literally thousands of dollars, compared to the dealer's and others recommended "fixes". It's so clean that you could eat off the garage floor, they cover (cover!) every car in the garage bays at night, and I have never had to bring a car back a second time for the same repair. Capable, qualified and honest people.
  • butch11butch11 Member Posts: 153
    Anybody know of a good repair show that works on imports-honda's specifically

  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioMember Posts: 851
    Butch, you might want to create your own topic in Maintenance and Repair, so you can pose your question to the most people. I hope someone from your area responds :)

    Community leader/Vans conference
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