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Dodge Dakota Stalling and Dying Problems

pappycpappyc Posts: 3
edited July 2015 in Dodge
I have a 1999 Dodge Dakota V6 automatic, 4 x 4.
It stalls when engagning to reverse but only when the engine is cold. It is ok after driving 10 miles or so.

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  • ive recently put a differant pcm on my truck all the numbers matched from the old to the new one. when i tried to start it it did not want to start it seemed not to have spark i even made sure to reset the brain bye taken the battery off on the +side of the battery it still does the same thing ive checked the fuses under the dashboard and under the hood ive almost have lost enterrestin it can someone please give some addvise.
  • I ran out of gas . I filled the truck up now it won't stay running
  • snarlsnarl Posts: 1
    1999 dakota 318 stalls when put in reverse cant figure it out works fine in drive now that i replaced the rotor and cap !
  • sdelsdel Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Dakota 4x4, 3.9L automatic that stalls when put in reverse. It's ok when it's cold but if I drive about 5 miles and need to reverse it will stall. Works fine in drive. Also, when truck is warm it will not idle. Any comments would be appreciated.
  • 02 dakota starts with ease then sometimes idles down and stalls in park. starts again with ease. Any info on this one guys?
  • about 48,000 miles and when on the highway with the slightest incline the truck seems to have no power, loses speed, and gears down to 3rd gear. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  • 2000 318cid 4X4 158k miles. Not idling. Also when foot is removed form accelerator when in gear (or not) truck stalls. Accelerates smooth and strong. This does not occur all the time. Truck is driven daily in the Chicago suburban area. When gently pressing the accelerator the engine does idle, however, it vasilates from about 1000 rpm to 600rpm with pedal held steady. Fuel delivery problem? Fuel quality problem? Computer related issue? (God I hope not!) HELP??

    Thanks in Advance.
  • todaytoday Posts: 2
    Hi , I have a 90' dodge dakota 4 cyl. pickup. going 50 miles an hour and just stops running. No spark plug fire. No spark from coil center line. Distributor coupler disconnect - cross lines 2 an 3 and no spark from coil. Coil is good. check for open in lines 2 and 3, good to comp. Negative line from computer to coil is positive charge 12 volt when ignition is on, no charge on the positive line to the coil. When ignition is turned on a charge of voltage is measured in meter at distributor coupler line number 1 orange- then goes away.
    Why no spark?
    Why positive charge on negative line to Coil?
    Why does charge on line 1 go away?
    Coil good.
    Lines clear.
    Battery good 12 volt.
    Fuel pump good with fuel.
    Today Montgomery in the woods
  • will start right up in the mornings but dies several times takes afew minutesto start back then it runs great the rest of the day tried starting fluid when it dies so i dont believe it is a fuel problem.itonly does it when the motor is cold just cant figure it out.
  • dennis39dennis39 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me here.
    I have recently replaced the crank sensor in my 98 dakota (156,000km) and everything ran fine for a week or so. Then it began to misfire while approaching normal operating temp (around 3 minutes down the road). It misfires, lurches, and sputters while only allowing 30km/hr speed. This goes on for 10-15minutes and then rights itself.
    I've replaced all plugs, plug wires, and the distributer. If I park it and it cools down for 5 minutes, the same thing happens. A different mechanic has suggested spraying the ignition coil with water to find out if that's the weak link... Any other suggestions?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Did this problem start suddenly, or did it slowly progress to this point?

    May I assume that when the problem occurred you replaced ignition components and the problem still persists in the same way?

    Have you replaced the distributor cap and rotor?

  • chip16chip16 Posts: 1
    :confuse: Sometimes you can drive 2 miles sometimes 20 feet. cold hot doesn't matter it just seems to lose all ignition but indicator lights stay on. turn off the key for 10 seconds and it fires back up. I can leave the truck idling in the drive for an hour no problem in park or with the brake set in gear. I have replaced the coil, Oxygen sensor and tried puting a wedge in the auto shut off relay
  • paco161paco161 Posts: 5
    Hi all,
    I have a 2000 Dodge Dakota that lately has been randomly dying on me. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is and I currently don't have the money to have a shop fix it so I'm trying to figure this out myself. The problem is that completely at random the truck will just shut down. I was told originally that the issue is a computer problem and that when this happens the odometer should read "no bus", but it does not and never has. The truck also just quietly dies. It doesn't stall or jerk or anything. It just...dies. No fuss, no nothing. I try to crank it again and it doesn't crank back up immediately. However, when this happens, all the electronics work just fine. The radio, windows, gears shift, odometer works, and the starter turns over, but the engine doesn't start. The thing is that I've never had to have it towed because I can wait about 10-15 minutes and the thing starts right back up again. I apologize for the long post, but I really need this figured out. Thanks for all the help.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Two things come immediately to mind.

    I have recently seen a bad Ignition Switch on an older RAM that was causing the same symptoms.

    Another possibility is intermittent Automatic Shutdown Relay or a stalling fuel pump.

  • paco161paco161 Posts: 5
  • a while back my truck started to stall out when let foot of gas pedal but then it quit acting up and ran fine but until tuesday 08/12/08 the problem started back up again but now when it stalls out or getting ready to stall out radio dash lights and headlights dim out also check gages lite comes on then goes out but gages work fine have not been able to detect the problem so if any one has an idea for me please let me know thanks
  • wlblackwlblack Posts: 6
    I've got a 2001 Dakota 3.9L that's doing the exact same thing. Did you ever figure out what was causing that to happen?

  • Truck is tuned up, changed IAC motor, had decarbon done. Stalls always when cold in reverse sometimes it does stall in drive, but not as often. Aside from the stalling it runs great. Had solenoid that controls TCC changed and that did not help. This problem is driving me crazy. Had a mechanic freind change the O2 sensors to solve another problem (cat efficiency codes). When he brought the truck back he said there is a leak at tranny shifter seal and kick down band adjuster and it stalls in reverse. Before he did the work on the truck it would stall in reverse once in a while. Don't know if he disturbed something while working under there, but now it's all the time when engine is cold. HELP!!
  • To add to my post. The stalling in reverse stops doing it after the temperature gauge is pointing to the half way mark. In other words once it's up to running temperature it runs fine. I am really out of ideas. When I took the truck into the dealers to have the tranny leak fixed I asked them to address the stalling problem. They said it did not do it for them, but when I drove out of their parking lot it stalled in reverse on me and I don't live far away from them so it's not like the engine had time to cool down. They just did not know what the problem was.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Have you been able to pull a fault code out of the computer?

  • That's the strange thing. I not getting codes!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926

    How are the shifts: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4?

    Is there any indication of a harsh engagement from neutral to drive or reverse?

    At the moment I cannot think of an engine management component or common principal that could cause this symptom only in reverse. My initial thinking is this could be a transmission problem.

    A locked up converter would cause stalling in drive as well. However, at drive away one usually starts at launch and continues to some road speed. In reverse, one usually launches then quickly reduces speed. This type of scenario could be masking a problem that exists in forward motion, too.

    A hanging converter clutch or band might cause this symptom that only seems to manifest itself in reverse. I think a broken planetary gearset could also give you this problem. You have a 42RE transmission. Converter clutch and sticky shift solenoids are a couple of the more common component problems, broken bands and/or planetary gears very, very rarely.

    Just as an aside, what is the transmission history on this vehicle? Has it ever been repaired or rebuilt? Have you performed routine transmission maiontenance? How many miles on this truck?

  • I thought tranny also. Lately it's been stalling in drive more often. I took it into Meineke on Dundas St here in London. Steve that works there is a good touble shooter and he found a bad crankshaft sensor. So it does not stall anymore. Thanks for all the great ideas guys. This is a helpfull forum!
  • If the truck stalls in drive, even once in a while, it could be your crankshaft sensor. My truck stalled always in reverse, but sometimes in drive. Which made me focus only on the stalling in reverse. As time went on it stalled in drive more often and that's when we changed the focus and solved the problem.

    Good luck
    Dan C
  • Two nights ago my 93 Dakota 4X4 with a v6 started running roughly, then died and wouldn't start. I checked the fuel line test port and no gas came out. Also, I heard no sound from the fuel pump when turning the key to the on position. I dropped the tank and pulled the fuel pump out. Then, with the pump outside of the tank, I hooked the electrical plug back up to the pump and turned the key to "on". This time, the pump kicked on, and in fact the car started (just on what gas was left in the pump). Not certain what the exact problem was, I put everything back together and drove around town for a few hours, when the same problem occurred. Should I conclude that the pump is bad? I've had fuel pumps go on other cars in the past, but they did not die intermittently like this.

    Thanks for any advice.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    My sister had a Buick Regal with an intermittent fuel pump. It took over a year for the dealer to solve the problem, too.

    My first suspicion is you have an intermittent electrical connection, especially on a vehicle that old. Another problem could be an intermittent ASD or fuel pump relay.

    Good luck,
  • Thanks for the advice. This morning it died and I tried switching relays around with no luck, then checked the wiring from the PDC to the firewall but found no breaks. I bit the bullet and spent $200 on a new fuel pump, put that in and the truck runs fine now -- knock on wood.

    Thanks again.
  • I drove home, about 25 miles, the truck killed and wouldn't start. After about an hour, it cranked and ran about 5 miles and killed again. I checked for codes but displays none. What can this be? Help!!
  • My 2000 Dodge Dakota, 120k miles, won't idle after starting up -- it just stalls completely. However, if I keep it revved and throw it into either reverse or drive before it stalls, it runs fine and will start again with the idle working properly. If I leave it overnight then it will do the same again. Any ideas on what's causing this?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926

    Weak or dirty Idle Speed Motor

    Dirty/sticking PCV valve

    Vacuum leak (Evaporative hoses are a common problem)

    Best regards,
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