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Acura TL 2009



  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    Although my initial overall impressions are disappointing, I'll reserve final judgment until I actually see the car, and after it's been compared against the competition.

    I'd like to see both the FWD and AWD compared against other cars, but I imagine that the comparisons will only involve the AWD version, at least for a while, since that's the one that's most changed. Since Acura expects the FWD version will account for about 75% of TL sales, it would be nice to also see comparisons of this version against 2WD versions of competing models.
  • chuckjrchuckjr Los Angeles Posts: 87
    I was at Acura picking up an MDX today and they said that they had a couple 09 TLs in the back but not avaiable to show or drive. The internet manager said release would be October some time.
  • I know there has been a lot of people that are disappointed with the new design including myself, i have a 2006 which is one of the best looking car on the streets today, i dont understand why they would send a car like this on the street its soo bad nothing flows.
    For sure i will not be getting the new one, i know its too early to say coz i havent seen the car but in my opinion when a car does catch me the first time i saw the picture its not good enough. :mad:

  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Has anyone received a 09 TL complete sales brochure??
  • bt06bt06 Posts: 32
    I sure haven't...I signed up for updates - mail and email when they first released the design...still nothing.

    I have to see and drive the vehicle before make final judgement, but some info from the company would be nice.

    On a side note while getting my recall work done on the TL, I had a new MDX....LOVED IT! If Acura could get off that blasted premium only gas I would buy one.
  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    Don't bother with the MDX, you'll regret the purchase. It is not like the Acura's of past - Take a look at the MDX forum and the plethora of problems. I had one and traded it on an 08 TL-S. Pretty sad for what could be a great SUV.
  • You can look up all the specs of the car on in the future vehicles tab.

    or go to this link

    Other than brochures, that's as close as you're getting for now. The upper management of the dealerships are in California as we speak test driving it for the first time. Sales will be doing the same in about 3 weeks and it will be released the following week.
  • As an owner of two Acuras, 05 TL and 06 RSX, I can say that i've been satisfied with both. However, I've been waiting for Acura to make a bold move so I can trade up my 06's a great little car but leaves me lacking for more power. Now I can trade it in for the new 09 TL SH AWD. I love the in your face grill and sharp lines. Now I can play with even more toys as I enjoy the 305hp and 273 lbs-ft of torque while the sophisticated SH AWD calculates the percentage of power/grip going to each wheel...c'mom folks, live a little, dare to be different. Life is short. Aren't you tired of all the same basic designs? I am. That's why come next month, i'll be playing with my new toy... :shades:
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "...c'mom folks, live a little, dare to be different. Life is short. Aren't you tired of all the same basic designs?"

    So...did you also buy the Pontiac Aztec? :P
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    I've had my 2001 MDX for 8 years now and 100,000 miles. It was literally the 34th MDX made - got it on the first day they came out after being on a 6 month waiting list. Over the 8 years I've owned the car, its been the 2nd most reliable car I've ever owned (my personal top prize goes to a 97 Nissan Maxima).

    On the flip side, my 2004 TL has been very disappointing in the quality department. Fortunately, at least for others, most TL owners have been very happy with their cars. I guess my TL was made on a "bad hair day".
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    "That's why come next month, i'll be playing with my new toy"

    hey, what you do in the privacy of your home is none of our business ;)

    Enjoy your stops at the gas station :) It's still fugly on the outside.
  • Anyone that works at an Acura store, like myself, will admit that there were a few 2004 TL's that weren't up to snuff. I guess you can chalk it up to being the first year of a complete makeover. gives the 2008 TL the nod for lowest cost of ownership for a car under $45,000, which, I think, says a lot. No car is perfect though. That's why we enjoy buying new ones!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • vaughn4vaughn4 Posts: 106
    Excellent point! Can you imagine all the potential issues with a totally re-done 09 TL? Acura is known for working out the kinks as "they go along". Buyer beware - wait a while, who knows they may change the disgusting grille. :cry:
  • First week of October for the base and middle to late December for SH-AWD.
  • No hope for the new grille. As usual, the more we're around it, the more we'll appreciate it.
  • mikey38mikey38 Posts: 141
    kinda like the more I hit my head against a wall, the less it hurts each time.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    If Honda haven't changed the grill on the CR-V, I wouldn't hold out much hope they would do anything to the TL. :cry:
  • They may consider changing if sales drop dramatically.
  • Sales won't drop dramatically. They have stopped making 2009 RL's in anticipation of the TL cutting heavily into its customer base.

    They have also stopped production on the 2009 MDX and 2009 RDX temporarily until current inventory of the 2008 models is greatly reduced.
  • go_mdx1go_mdx1 Posts: 135
    Interesting about how they cut production on the 2009 RL. My local dealer sold out of the first batch of 2009 RLs - wondered when the next batch would arrive.

    Honda/Acura's business model is very interesting in that they have introduced three new models (TSX, TL, an RL) all in the span of several months. Feast or famine in the sedan world at Acura. Of course, the RL is more of an "updated" model than the TL which really is a totally new model.
  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Posts: 4,600
    It seems to me that a fully optioned '09 (all new) Mazda 6 V6 will not only compete well with its Accord counterpart, but could serve as an alternative to the '09 FWD TL too. Okay, it may not have the brand cache', but for those who assign a higher value to function than status, and prefer the styling of the Mazda over the TL, the Mazda may be a better choice. That's especially true after factoring in price.
  • We really need to start doing some drug testing around here.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Why? :confuse: IMO, the Mazda6 looks better, hands down. I haven't seen the interior, but judging from past Mazdas, I would concede the TL likely has a better interior. But I think the 2 models can be cross-shopped. Acura doesn't really have much brand cache anyway. For the record, I think Honda/Acura has got its sights set on Toyota/Lexus for offering the most boring lineup amongst imports. I've been a life-long Honda fan, but I'm been really disappointed with the snoozer lineup of new models.
  • Previously, the 3rd. gen. TL outsold the Maxima. I believe the new Maxima will
    outsell the new TL AND it will cost less !!

    With slumping SUV sales and the new " Aztec-ish " TL, I think Acura is going to have a big sales problem.
  • Absolutely they will have a sales decline, i know myself i will not be getting one. I have an eye on the Infinity or the Lexus so far.
  • Though there's alot of drug testing needed around here the guy who mentioned the new Mazda 6 knows what he's talking about. I went straight from the Mazda dealership to the Acura dealership (what a difference that was, but more about the dealerships later in my post). The new Mazda 6 is not the tiny mid-size car of yesteryear. I've rented that small Mazda 626 back a few years ago and I will say that the leap this year is similar to the leap the Altima took back in 2001 as a 2002 model. It is now a grown and mature car, not to mention spacious and for $28,000 (the one in the showroom was this amount) it comes fully equipped and returns good gas mileage. I've never considered a Mazda 6 before but I admit its grown on me and is sweet. Now to get to the goods on the new TL. You will notice that they are showing up at dealerships and I test drove one today. Gorgeous car in person, arouses your soul (the Mazda 6 did not do this), very smooth rider and looks like a fully fledged luxury car. The grille is absolutely gorgeous (my fiance loved it) and I will say that you will find plenty of woman either looking at this car or driving it (not that that means anything). Now to the interesting part, I am a Maxima boy. I have an 02 and I frequently drive an 07 (my mother's car - no I am not a teenager, I am almost 30) and while I am a die-hard Maxi boy I have to give credit where credit is due. Because this TL has grown in size, provides adequate seating room I will be shopping the TL instead of 2009 Maxima this year which has decreased in size and doesn't have the good looks of the TL. What's interesting is that the medium packed Maxi I saw was 35,500 and this TL today was 35,500, so you do the math: a pretty new TL that is roomy and looks good or an okay new Maxima that is not roomy and looks decent. While I am a fan of fully-equipped cars I have not had a chance to see what the price will be on the fully optioned TL (not the SH-AWD model) but I do know the new Maxi is 38,500 and if the TL is within a slim difference of that it'sa no brainer which car to choose. TL wins all the way around.

    Now to the dealerships, the Acura dealership was completely hassle free and while it had customers it did not appear to be crowded. and the sales consultants were very professional and not intrusive. From what I've been told Acura dealership experiences are first rate and it simply was. At the Mazda dealership I felt like I was back at Nissan, in an outdated showroom with plenty of folks swarming around me and looking at econoboxes and mid size cars. There were tons of sales consultants who you could see would love to feast on you.
  • Lexus vehicles are nice. The Infinity will not stand up to the TL in many aspects.

    Lexus and Infiniti have seen a greater decline than Acura. Lexus has dropped the most, and I would personally prefer Lexus over Infiniti, if I had to choose, just from a quality standpoint as well .

    Someone does need to drive those vehicles. That may happen to be you. As far as a decline... I smile and watch.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    No offence, but if you're a fan of the '02 - '07 Maxima, then if you say you like the styling of the new TL, then I would have to take that with a grain of salt. Nothing personal, but recent vintage Maximas have shown some of the most ambiguous, and confused styling jobs. On the contrary, I thought the new Max is a step back in the right direction, both in terms of its styling and size. It's not great, but it's better.
  • Different tastes for different faces. While the 2007 Maxima might not be the prettiest car arond it does certainly represent Nissan doing something unique and not following the rest of the pack (my fiance has never liked 07). With the 2002 model I have to disagree and say it is still very much a beautiful car (its classic design has aged well, especially on the GLE trim) and many times has looked and still looks more expensive than it really is. Most would arguably say this was in fact the last nice Maxima. The 2009 Maxima though headed in the right direction does not inspire you because it does nothing different that the rest of the pack. It looks too Lexus ES350ish/Benzish towards the rear, too Magnumish in the front and boring in the rest of its design. On a whole it does not disappoint nor does it scream see me (not that that's a reason to buy a car). I will say that the TL is more maxima (a continuation of the 07's design) than the new 09 maxima is and it seems as if the TL was made (its added length) with the thought that the maxima was going to go bigger (bigger is always better right? well not really). That's why for me new TL is a no brainer. If anyone is in my area, Long Island, Island Acura (in Wantagh, NY right on 27 right off of Wantagh Pkwy) has an 09. Seems as if they are only one in the area to have one and many sales guys have not even seen it (makes me the first one I know of to test drive it my area). But boy oh boy, it looks a lot better in person and it screams take me home. Get out there and see one a dealer close to you and I'm sure you'll agree its a beautiful car, and even if it's not you'll agree that its still a value for the price.
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