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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • kjmyerskjmyers Posts: 2
    I read some other posts online about similar clicking vehicles in general, not just GMC.

    Since the noise only occurs in wet conditions, one theory is that the sound is coming from the exhaust system. Metal parts expand when they get hot, and water could be causing these same parts to rapidly cool and contract. Could it be that this sound isn't coming from the engine at all? Perhaps I have a leak in the exhaust system and the when it rains, the issue is exposed?

    Another suggestion above is the serpentine belt. Perhaps, but why would this only make noise when it's wet outside.

    Thanks for your input!
  • killer11killer11 Posts: 1
    We had the something happen with our 2009 Acadia. Come to find out when we had the break fluid changed they should have gotten the air out of the lines but didn't. They told us we needed a new pump as well. I didn't believe them and told them there was no way that was the cause because it was fine until they changed the fluid. An hour later he got all the air out of the lines and the car drove perfect. Just something for you to look into.....good luck.
  • ohagohag Posts: 1
    Just a heads up...I've got a 2012 Acadia SLT-2 with 12K miles on it. I've always thought the power lift gate seemed to open too rough - it would reach it's apex with a loud clunk. I figured this was normal operation. Well, last week while closing, the hydraulic arm on the liftgate snapped off the motor with a loud bang. I always search online forums before contacting the dealer with issues and I found that power liftgate issues with 2012 model Acadias are not uncommon and the loud clunk is NOT normal operation.

    The dealer gave me a loaner while my Acadia was being repaired BUT they attempted to fix by just replacing the arm and not the control module for the lift gate motor. Now I have to wait another week for that part to be ordered and make a 3rd visit to the dealer for this one issue.

    Just a heads up to other 2012 Acadia owners...if you think your power liftgate is opening too roughly, it probably is - given the issues I found online re: the liftgate, I would expect a recall on the control module by the end of 2013.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    The problem described in message 2026 is caused by the lifter assist cylinders failing. Kind of like a garage door opener can open the garage as long as the springs are working but once they break the garage door opener will not do the job. This is a warranty matter.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    By the way, this happened to my 2011. The dealers are aware of this matter. They should have fixed the lifters the first time. The clunk is cause by the lifter arm having to do to much and slipping due to the lifrer assist cylinders failing. Those are the pair of cylinders attached to each side of the lift gate.
  • badcar7badcar7 Posts: 3
    I have my 08 Acadia in the shop right now for the water leak....I was wondering if anyone out there knows what the steering problem is? My steering wheel started squeaking a few months back and it has always had that groaning noise when making a slow turn, usually to the right, in fact it sounds like the car is going to crack. I did mention the groaning noise when turning, the last time I had it there to fix the wiper issue, but dealer said they couldn't re-produce the the time I was still under warranty....not anymore. I only found out about both of these issues after reading this forum, which I happened to look up when they told me about my "water" problem. If these problems aren't fixed this time (because you guessed it dealer said they hear no noise in either place, the squeaky rubbing steering wheel OR the groaning popping sound when turning)....I'm surprised because they know we are out of warranty....but anyway, my big concern is will my steering eventually go out if it isn't fixed?
  • txacadiaownertxacadiaowner Posts: 5
    edited May 2013
    I own an Acadia 2007 with 60,000 miles and have had lots of repairs to this vehicle since owning it. The most recent repair in question is to the driving lights. I have the same melted connection that most of you have or will have. The dealer quoted me $1900 to replace both sides. After some push back they offered me a 60/40 split. My half would be $830 dollars to fix two light bulbs. This is ridiculous service. There is no way that I should have to pay to replace the wiring in a 5-6 year old car that is a potential fire hazard. What concerns me more is that they tried to tell me it was a take it or leave it offer... today only special. I have had lots of the other problems with this car as well. Bad seal in the sunroof that leaked, bushing in the front and in the steering column, master cylinder replaced, water pump replaced, front struts replaced due to leaking oil. I will never own another GMC. This potential fire hazard has me furious. I don't have the money to replace this so I guess I'll drive it lke it is and hope the car doesn't catch fire.
  • khankerkhanker Posts: 9
    I had a 2008 Acadia for 2 1/2 years and had every one of the problems you listed... Leaky sunroof, replaced master cylinder, steering column replaced twice etc etc. the final straw was when it just died with no warning in the middle of an intersection with my 2 little kids in the car. Terrifying! We reluctantly negotiated a small trade in incentive with gmc customer service just to get out of the Acadia and traded it in for a Yukon. Night and day... Not one problem in 3 years. We didn't initially want such a big car but I have to day I love it now and the Yukons are so much sturdier and more reliable. All I can say is cut your losses and get out of it. I cannot believe that with everyone having the SAME problems in these practically new cars that the Acadia is still on the market. They are horrible!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I am sorry you are experiencing this concern. I would like to look further into your situation. Can you please email me your full name, address, mileage, phone number, and name of the GM Certified Dealership you are working with at [email protected] attention Erica Tiffany. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Erica Tiffany
    GMC Customer Service
  • bigbiz187bigbiz187 Posts: 5
    You should contact GM customer service, they put out a recall for that issue. I received a letter from GM and took it in to the dealer, they fixed it for free.
  • badcar7badcar7 Posts: 3
    I just paid 300.00 for a busted headlamp among other things.....Is there a recall on this or not?
  • lefty54lefty54 Posts: 4
    It appears GM has a whole team of customer service reps monitoring these boards. There must be lots of them because they are on every single GM problems thread.

    Apparently they are well trained in saying "We are sorry you are having this problem."
  • I'm glad they are on here monitoring this site. They have some serious issues that need addressing. I hope they wise up and figure out that empowering the dealerships to resolve these issues would save them millions in bad PR. This is a very cool car inside and meets lots of families needs but the technical side of this car needs some attention.
  • tiretekmantiretekman Posts: 6
    I agree that it's a positive move that they monitor the boards, and I'm sure they have their reasons why they do. My experience has been very negative, they just delayed the inevitable.........that they were not going to do anything. I agree that it's a very cool car, but the poorest quality and workmanship that I've experienced in 45 years of car ownership. Two years of ownership cost me $11,000 in repairs and depreciation. I cut my losses today, no more GM vehicles in my family's future.
  • tiretekmantiretekman Posts: 6
    GM Customer Service got their final pound of flesh from me, I had to pay a $100 diagnosis charge so they could officially' tell me my problems were normal wear and tear......and they would do nothing to help me with my problems.
    - $1200 to replace the condensor core (?)...had to pull the entire dash
    - $800 to replace the coils
    - wanted $1900 to fix the steering
    - trade-in value is pitiful, as the industry understands these are a POS...took a beating on trade-in
    Absolutely the worst automobile I have ever owned (in 45 years!)
    BUYERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sparisisparisi Posts: 6
    Congradulations to break free of the hold, I completely agree that monitoring blogs is what all companies do these days. The plastic responses is what they are and I have not even recieved a final response to my issues with my truck from 2 Weeks ago. I even made a stink on here and called GMC direct that morning of my problem. Along with my postedYouTube video of my ordeal . I think we all need to take pictures or video of what happens to our cars, becuase its einevitable you won't get the code or problem to reproduce when your at service.
  • tiretekmantiretekman Posts: 6
    All I've seen them accomplish (of any value) is finding dealers or informing people of recalls. People with serious issues are left holding the bag (as I have observed on this blog).
    I actually understand that they can't address all the poor workmanship/quality issues, as they appear out of control.....the cost would be prohibitive. It's no wonder they were broke, and shame on me for trying to do the right thing by promoting 'Made in America'.
  • amybeineamybeine Posts: 5
    Left my 2008 Acadia outside for the first time in the 2 years I've owned it, and learned of the Acadia leak curse. Had water pouring in from where the visors attach, below glove compartment, from airbag signs & more. Carpets in the front floorboard were completely saturated. Immediately moved my car into the garage with the windows rolled down to let it air out. First thing Monday morning, I had an appointment scheduled through Mary in GM Customer Service with my local dealership. My appointment was at 1, leave a little early to stop by the Post Office, pull into parking spot and my car WON'T TURN OFF! Ignition was off and key was out and it was still running. Went directly to dealership, where I was told my IP fuse block was fried because it was soaked with water, my stationary glass was leaking and my sunroof drain pipes were not working. As of 7 a.m. Wednesday, my 3rd day without a car, I still have not heard as to whether or not GM is going to cover repairs. Hoping when Beatrice, my District Specialist with GM, comes in this morning at 8 a.m., I will get a good news call. If not, this will be my last GM vehicle. Our last 5 vehicles have been GM, and it will be a sad day!
  • tiretekmantiretekman Posts: 6
    Please post the results of your repair resolution.......thanks
  • amybeineamybeine Posts: 5
    Spoke with Beatrice, and that was her exact phrase - Not so optimistic. Even though the parts and issues are the same as those vehicles that are covered under the recall, she is "not so optimistic" about GM's ability to assist with my repairs. Should have an answer as to whether I will be ditching GM or being a loyal customer for life by this afternoon.
  • amybeineamybeine Posts: 5
    Was just informed that GM has offered to cover 40% of the repairs, leaving me out $720 still! Simply not acceptable. Calling around regarding trading it in, will definitely not be for another GM vehicle.
  • amybeineamybeine Posts: 5
    Told GM that the 40% was not acceptable. They came back with 50/50, still leaving me holding approximately $600 repair bill for something that they knew about. I am planning to pick up my car and take straight to Ford dealership and just take any lose they give me for issues. Waiting now for dealership to pick me up so I can get my car. Very sad that GM has fallen to this level. While I am getting rid of my problem, I will not let this issue go and will continue to complain and try to keep others informed about their issues. GM installed parts that they later found to be faulty, and then only included certain VIN's in the recall, knowing that other Acadia's had the same faulty parts installed leaving these owners out of luck. :lemon:
  • megawatts74megawatts74 Posts: 29
    I traded mine in a couple months ago and couldn't be happier. It's a 2007 we bought in 08 with 8000 miles on it. Tranny went out on it in November 2012 with 67000 miles (long story, documented on here several times under transmission thread.) But I got $16,500 for it and that is with a cracked windshield and a hyper extended door (thanks to my son hitting it with our truck as my wife opened door in driveway). Anyway, bought a South Korean brand vehicle made in Georgia, USA. I am a union working man but am tired of settling for junk and premium prices just to be patriotic. I served in the military and tired of being taken advantage of. This vehicle comes with a 10 year warranty... brand new and loaded with every single option for less than what I paid for the base model Acadia for. This vehicle runs 10 times better than the GM vehicle with more power. It's a little smaller but worth it. I have two friends who went this route and convinced me that I will have a higher quality, safer vehicle with a fantastic warranty to back it up. So far they are right!! Get rid of these junky GM vehicles and get rid of your nightmares at the same time!!!
  • amybeineamybeine Posts: 5
    Upon being told that I should reconsider and work with my district specialist because I was given "a very generous offer", I couldn't agree more! Waiting for dealership to pick me up now so I can get my car & go trade it in.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    We hope that the repairs you were having done on your Acadia last week have gone well. If you would like for us to document anything further for you, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] (include your name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah (Assisting Amber)
    GM Customer Care
  • bdiggitybdiggity Posts: 1
    My 1st week w/ 08 Acadia off to bad start. Probably shouldnt have traded in MB ML but wanted the extra room & i liked the Acadia features better than GL class, not to mention purchase, insurance, property tax costs more appealing than MB.

    Within 1 week the check engine light came on. Dealer says throttle body & connector needs replaced. $560. Also i put in a dvd just to see how the font/rear entertainment system works, now dvd is stuck & wont eject. Dealer wants $1200 to replace head unit.

    I may be giving the GL's another look sooner than later at this rate.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Can't tell from your post whether you've had the Acadia for one week or since 2008. So are we talking used car?
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    I had an issue with the transmission on my Acadia. I was out of the 100K warranty on the power train so after paying $4000 for a new transmission, I was told by the tech who replaced mine that there is a issue with the "wave plate" in this new style transmission that it can just blow apart and leave you stranded on the side of the road. GM has not done anything on this known issue.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    I had to replace my transmission after 110K and was told by the tech that worked on my vehicle that there is a known issue with these new transmissions that the wave plate can just blow apart and leave you stranded on the side of the road. After a long ordeal with the GM Customer service I was told that my transmission was past the 100K mile limit. GM has a known issue with the transmission on this vehicle and still only stands behind the 100k that comes standard.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    I just had to replace the valve stems in my Acadia because they were leaking. The problem (as I was told by the tire guy) is that with ones prior to 2010 the transmitter is built onto the stem and thus must be replaced with the valve stem. The multiplies the cost of replacing a valve stem by 12.
  • Not according to GM they haven't. Still battling with them.
  • Well. That did little to help. They came back with the same "take it or leave" offer of $800 to fix something that is clearly a factory issue. Why do we have to pay $800 for something that was not mentioned in any topic in the service manual. Uggh
  • 13denali13denali Posts: 1
    Bought a 2013 Denali with white diamond paint. Have multiple areas where there are paint defects. GMC reps are of no help, but I guess when it's not there money they don't care. They told the dealer to re-paint the areas, however the paint shop has already told me that the paint is next to impossible to match exactly. Beware when buying a new vehicle from GM.
  • misc23misc23 Posts: 22
    GM should be ashamed of this vehicle. DO NOT BUY A GMC ACADIA!!!
  • 3rdact3rdact Posts: 1
    Less then two weeks ago I purchased a 2012 Acadia SLT with 20,800 miles from Bob Pion GMC. I have been back to the dealer twice in one day for different issues. They are saying they have to clean the fuel injectors and that this is a maintenance item for 30,000 miles but are surprised it has to be done so early. I am thinking about making them take this vehicle back and getting something else. I have not purchased an American car in a long time and this experience reminds me why that is. How can a SUV with 20,800 miles have engine issues with carbon in fuel injectors. I am very disappointed with this experience. This is a pre-owned GMC certified SUV. It feels like they dropped the ball with this one. The salesman had so much talk about the car being like new and certified so they make sure there are no issues for a while if we by the car and now he does not even speak when I now have to go back for service and acts like he does not see me. On top of that even with my 0 deductible full warranty if I came back at 30,000 miles it would cost me $120 to have injectors cleaned and that would not be covered as it is a maintenance item like breaks. Now that does not even sound right to have this type of service so early in vehicle life. I like the car but not the issues. If GMC can't make this right they will never see my business again. You should not have to question if you can trust a vehicle with just 20,800 miles on it. I am not looking for them to do the easy fix so I have to come back and pay for same service in 10k or 15k miles. The GM of dealer said the right things on the phone but we will have to see once they repair vehicle. I will post an update on my experience once I have a resolution. I heard good things about the dealership before purchasing. That is why I suffered the salesman I had, so I have to give benefit of doubt before condemning the dealer and all of GMC.
  • bobfishbobfish Posts: 48
    Have owned two Acadias and love them,no problems what so ever.I highly recommend buying a GMC Acadia.I will likely be buying a new one next year.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi 3rdact,

    Please keep us updated on the status of your Acadia. If you need any further assistance with this issue do not hesitate to contact us.


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • You need to go to Vegas becuse you are one lucky guy.
  • sparisisparisi Posts: 6
    Its nice to be told by a concern valet person today that my steering has a problem. I laughed because I had a person who drives all kinds of cars, tell me that the steering wheel doesn't turn and locks up. He asked me if I new I had an issue, and I told him that GM knows all about it and the steering problems. (Right Amber?). I still have notheard from GM about my issues like they said they would do a few weeks ago.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi sparisi,

    I apologize that you hadn't been contacted concerning your steering concerns. I can immediately look into this for you. What is the last 8 digits of your VIN? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi bobfish,

    Thank you for the compliment! We are very happy to hear that you love your Acadia:-)

    Crystal L
    GM Customer Care
  • 61flako61flako Posts: 1
    I had the same situation last week the same warning lights loos power ,had acadie at GM for repair and I spend once $540 and second time $320 and I had to fix by my self .The problem is in throttle body only!. I bought new part for $266 and takes 5 min. to replace . At the GM they were using sensor cleaner ,Its was working for few days .They never admit they do not know whats the problem and talked to me like money making costumer.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hi 61flako,

    I can certainly understand your concern with unexpected repairs. I would like to research this for you. Can you private message me your full name, address, phone number, Vehicle Identification number, and approximate mileage on your vehicle please? My email address is [email protected] "Attn Crystal" in the subject header please.

    Best Regards,
    Crystal L
    GM Customer Care
  • scottpar28scottpar28 Posts: 6
    last 8 is AJ110765. there should be a file on your system about my complaints.
  • Do not keep it, if you can get them to take the car back and get another model do so. We have a 2008 Acadia and have had numerous problems with it, from transmission replacement, to replacing the radiator hoses, to the window relays not working, electrical problem with the seats, recall of the headlights and the annoying chrome on the console that if the sun hits it right blinds you. Be for warned the acadia nice concept but a dangerous SUV in my opinion. If you think I am a angry, disgruntled customer please read all of the Acadia postings...
  • ariknycariknyc Posts: 28
    After reading the issues in this forum I have decided not buy a 2013 Acadia. I don't know who the person at gm is that decided they would follow up each post with a ridiculous response like "We're sorry to hear that you are having these with your Acadia. If we can check into anything further for you, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).

    This shows a total disregard for the customer. If the customers were taken care of they would have logged onto the forum and posted updates to rave about how the problems were resolved. Since that is not evident, this diminishes the value of a gmc product and warranty. I will skip on this car as well as the Buick and Chevy versions.

    My name is Arik, I'm a US citizen living in Bergen County Nj and I will choose another option. I want to thank all those owners that took the time to post on this forum. You saved me thousands of dollars and hours of problems. My heart goes out to all of you. God bless you all and God bless America.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    It gets a little frustrating when I see posts and complaints about cars that are 6 or 7 years old with most of them from people who are the second or third owner. A 2006 Acadia could be over 7 years old now.
    Many complaints don’t even mention the year.
    I had a 2007 and drove it for 98,000 miles. It had a couple of minor issues that were covered under warranty.
    Every complaint I see is legitimate such as the sun roof leaks, electrical, headlight sockets, steering etc. but from what I can see, these are known old problems on old cars.
    It is too bad that most people find these forum only after they have had a problem.
    I traded in my 2007 for a 2011 Acadia Denali. Love it. I have a buddy who got rid of an Envoy and got a 2012 Denali Acadia. Loves it.
    This vehicle drives great, is very quiet and comfortable, looks good, hauls a bunch of kids and is very reliable.
    If you have a new car with a bunch of problems, then GM deserves any grief you can give them but to hold their feet to the fire over an old used car make not sense.
  • susancpasusancpa Posts: 7
    Hi Reality Check,
    I have owned GM cards for the last 30 years, ever since I was 17 years old. My 2010 Acadia had 6 unscheduled visits to the repair shop in the first 2 1/2 years of ownership and I purchased it brand new. Two cylinder misfires, water pump, numerous steering issues including replacing the ball bearings at 46K miles (they were rattling so loudly that my passengers were complaining) and finally both ends of the power steering rack leaking ps fluid at 62K miles when it was out of warranty. That was a $1,300 repair. I usually purchase a car new and drive it 7-8 years and 120K+ miles. None of them have ever needed a complete new power steering rack, especially at 30 months old. In addition, the front headlights kept burning out and the GM design is so poor that my husband cannot change them (you have to go in through the wheel well) so each time it required a trip to the dealership and $90 in labor to replace a $3 bulb. I did love the look of the car but by the time I traded it for a new Ford Edge at 3 years old I hated it. I'm glad you are not having the same problems as many of us.
  • I understand your point but my 2007 was not a 'typical wear & tear' issue. My problem was with a known faulty wave plate within the transmission. I expect a6yr old car to preform. Not all young families can afford brand new. I gladly dealt with 'normal' issues & took it all with a grain of salt. This particular issue is not acceptable & it sounds as if you were one of the lucky ones. There were no 2006 Acadias by the way. I also believe the sunroof looking was a problem from the time they were brand new & were a recall - not an 'older car issue'. Just thought Id enlighten your 'opinion' with a few facts.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    The Acadia went on sale in the United States in December 2006 as a 2007 model. I bought mine in May 2007.
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