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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs

jseck2jseck2 Posts: 7
edited May 2014 in GMC
I bought my Acadia about 5 weeks ago and have a little over 2000 miles so far. I got a call last night from GMC Engineering asking about issues that I have had so far, whether they were annoying or otherwise. I've been reading the posts here and there seems to be some common issues, maybe we can all just list our gripes here and see if there are any widespread problems. The point is not to trash the vehicle, just see if our problems are isolated or common to all.

First, I am very happy overall with my Acadia. As an engineer, I had some concerns about buying a "new" model but I was in the market now, so I bought it. It still seems to meet my needs better than anything else out there. It's an SLE-1 with convenience, prefered & towing packages. It seems to be a fairly early production model because the window sticker is blank and there is a note about the pricing not being finalized. I believe it was delivered to the dealer in January, based on the state inspection sticker.

On delivery, I had the following problems-

1. Gas cap retainer was broken.
2. Headlight switch was loose (fell into dashboard).
3. There were still four outstanding "recalls"/TSB's- airbags, transmission programming, steering shaft lube, power seat wiring and rear door switch.
4. Problem with the keys and anti-theft system preventing it from starting.

All of these were fixed rather easily, though it took a few days because the dealership didn't have the programming for the recalls.

Since then I have noticed a few other minor things-

1. Transmission still shifts funny after reprogramming. The engine seems to lug a bit, it likes to run at 1200 rpm and is hesitant to downshift.
2. MPG overall is about 18. Seems a little low since at least half my driving is on the highway (low of 15.5, high of 23 mpg). I don't drive it particularly hard, so I was hoping to do a little better.
3. As others have pointed out- radio volume on FM is lower than on XM.
4. Noticed some condensation in the taillight lens the other morning. (fairly heavy fog that day).
5. There is a slight clunk from the front end when rolling from a stop.

I'll bring it in for the 5th one fairly soon.

How are yours doing?



  • jeffs10jeffs10 Posts: 1
    My Acadia has a very distinct hum when I am idling. Does anyone else hear this? I took it to my dealer and he said it was comparable to the Acadia on the lot. It is dissappointing because the overall road noise suppression is very good.
  • Jeff - No Hum for me, but plenty of other issues I'm dealing with. See "Acadia Check Engine Light" forum.
  • flkatflkat Posts: 1
    Please tell me someone is having this problem. I drove the Acadia today for the first time and LOVED IT!!! It has everything I am looking for. I am former Lexus driver and this SUV has me so impressed. However, driving it in the afternoon sun gives off terrible glare and reflection from the shine on the chrome trim around the A/C vents AND from the trim around the gear shifter. Also, you cant cover the dual sunroofs completely to sheild you from the sun. I live in Florida and the sun is intense. On a 2 hour trip my little one and I would both be sunburned! And its hard to find the SLT-2 without sunroofs! And the Glare! What do I do about the reflection on the Chrome??? Help! LOVE the Car but not the sun (so much :-) :confuse:
  • bowie_mdbowie_md Posts: 1
    I just bought my Acadia on 4/20/07. When driving up a hill, I've noticed that it takes the car a while to change out. The other day I also noticed that the low fuel message is being displayed, even though I had plenty of gas in the car. Overall, I like the Acadia and have no problems. Has anyone seen or had any issues with the low fuel gauge?
  • ppalonskyppalonsky Posts: 34
    I get the low fuel message when I have less than a quarter tank and the car sits on an incline in my driveway. It goes away as I drive it on level ground. Overall, other than the recall items, my Acadia has been trouble free.
  • sss2007sss2007 Posts: 1
    I purchased mine on 3/26/07 and I think the car is wonderful. The only thing I need to bring it back for is the temperature gauge. I didn't know about any recalls. I guess I'll have them addressed with my first oil change.
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,665
    John, I am thinking on buying an Acadia soon.

    You probably read this but here is a paragraph from Edmunds road test regarding downshift impressions:

    "In our road tests we found the Acadia to be quite an eye-opening drive. Handling is respectable, especially considering the vehicle's large size and hefty weight. The Acadia's V6 won't blow you away with its power, but peak torque comes on early and the vehicle moves with decent authority. We noted that the Acadia's transmission can occasionally be hesitant to downshift, blunting passing performance somewhat. But overall, our editors feel that the GMC Acadia represents a compelling combination of functionality, luxury and value."

  • jimbo31jimbo31 Posts: 1
    Have put on 1000 miles in a month. Average local and hwy 14.2 mpg.....really disappointing. Expected a little downer from AWD but this is far worse that projected and far worse than our Tahoe. Any similar experience?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    We rented a front-drive Outlook for the weekend. Mixed urban/suburban numbers were 17-18 mpg; pure highway [with just the two of us and the AC compressor off most of the time] was 21.5-23.0 mpg. For the weekend, our average was just short of 20.0 mpg, but with a light load and front-drive. This was an XR from Alamo in Portland OR - only options were the 19" wheels [with GY RS-A H-rated tires] and leather.

    Ours seemed tight and trouble-free, with the exception of a tendency to drift right at speed - needed some alignment help. Great ride and wonderful silence...but also the biggest car [especially in width] that I've ever worked with - our Mercedes S-class cars from the past seem positively svelte by comparison.
  • teri2teri2 Posts: 2
    Having a tough time parting with my 2000 suburban. After reading several comments about the downshifting issues and gas mileage not so sure Im ready to buy. Is there an new edition coming out with the transmission fix? Radio fix? Also has anyone heard of Chevy coming out with there version? Haven't seen any comments about towing. Appreciate any input.
  • 2saab2saab Posts: 14
    My SLT1 FWD Silver Acadia arrived at the dealer on 4/27 after being on order for only about 5 weeks. I have not had a chance to drive it much yet but so far I have found no problems. I am an engineer by training and rather picky about quality. I looked over the car in detail and could find no fit or finish issues, missing fasteners, noises etc. The transmission shift issue does not seem pronounced and is no big deal for me. I assume it came with the latest transmission software update. I did notice that the radio reception seemed a bit weak and noisy on an occasion and will keep an eye on that. I will provide an update after I get more miles and experience with it. Overall I really like it, but wish it looked a little less truck like.
  • teri2teri2 Posts: 2
    Thank you for the response!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    The mileage thread has been moved to the MPG discussion:

    lukesdaddy, "GMC Acadia Real World MPG" #1, 12 May 2007 5:47 am

    Please report on your Acadia mileage over there. Thanks!
  • FWIW, the shifting issue has a TSB issued and a dealer can fix it, and the gas gauge being off is going to require a software update that is in development.
  • farmertimfarmertim Posts: 2
    We test drove an acadia a couple of months ago, loved it and ordered one. We've had it for 2 weeks now, and this one seems to shift much differently than the one we test drove. Any tiny little hill makes the car downshift into 5th even at low speeds of 60-65. The other day driving into a 20 mph wind it wouldnt even shift into 6th. Ive read about people complaining about acadias not downshifting quick enough, but we seem to have the exact opposite problem and it cant be helping the gas mileage, as we are getting only about 19 highway. Can this shifting pattern be reprogrammed?
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    I am considering an Arcadia, but the posts for MPG are troubling. The MPG should definitely be better than a Tahoe!
    I currently have a BMW 740i (2000) and I get better combined #'s that what is being posted here and that is a bummer. I am getting 16.5 overall (city/hwy).
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Teri2, What mileage are you getting w/ your 2000 Suburban? I thought they were noted as gas hogs (like the car I currently own) and with gas prices rocketing out of sight, that can be a deciding factor. I may wait and look at the new toyota highlander (100% new design) hybrid which will get approx 28 combined if early test drives are accurate. It will seat 7 (same as current)
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    I bet there is a software issue re: shifting and I would call your dealer and have him contact the GMC regional rep if unresolved.
  • 2saab2saab Posts: 14
    I have a FWD (not AWD) and have seen 22+ MPG indicated from the on board MPG display for highway driving. Given that I only had 350 miles on it at that point I am willing to give it a chance to see how it improves over the next 1000 miles. At the first oil change I plan on going to a full synthetic oil which should help a bit.

    The AWD version will likely get at least 1 MPG less. Consider if you really need it.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "I currently have a BMW 740i (2000) and I get better combined #'s that what is being posted here and that is a bummer. I am getting 16.5 overall (city/hwy)."

    Let me see if I understand what you are saying. You are surprised that a 5000 lb SUV with a large frontal cross-section gets worse mileage than your 4300 lb sedan that has a much smaller frontal cross-section?

    That's just basic physics at work.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Chevy will have a version but probably not for another year.
  • tncarmantncarman Posts: 82
    I've noticed that when listening to the radio on FM, it continuesly fades in and out volume wise. has anyone else had this issue? It did happen after I went through a car-wash at a gas station, could that had just made it loose?
  • 2saab2saab Posts: 14
    Does the antenna look intact and soundly attached to the roof at the rear? I have noticed that the FM reception doesn't seem as good for distance stations as in my other GM cars.
  • Anyone notice or aware of a rattle/knocking that the dealer has identified as brake-related and, of course, "normal?" I've heard this from an Acadia and an Outlook owner.
  • acadia07acadia07 Posts: 2
    Well, I bought my acadia in April of 07 and did not have any major issues until this week. On Monday, I hit a dog ( I did not kill it) and about 1 hr. after doing so, my car would not start. An error messages saying: Engine power reduced, service stabilitrak, and something with the traction control. I got it started but it wouldn't allow me go over 15 mph. I finally got it to the dealership which took me 1 hr to go 20 miles. It is now Thursday, and they said they ordered a throttle and gasket. I read on the other forums that this is a BIG issue with the Yukons. I'll post when I get it back to let you know if it's fixed or not!
  • acadia07acadia07 Posts: 2
    Yes, its driving me crazy! They said its normal!!
  • I bought my wife an Acadia SLT-1 at the end of May. It's beautiful and drives well, BUT has already been in the shop 3 times for CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.

    The first time, they changed a hose, and we had it back the next day. The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT was back on in less than 48 hours.

    The second time, they kept it a week, and said it was the ECU that controls monitoring systems. This 'cure' lasted about a week.

    Then the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT returned with an additional very bad symptom - the car wouldn't move, but the engine would rev while in Drive. My wife was on a busy street but turned the vehicle off, and then restarted it. It then would engage in gear again. The Check Engine Light was still on, so she drove it straight to the dealer AGAIN. The dealer now says the tranny is shot (2-3-4 gears specifically) after 1100 miles on flat ground with no towing.

    We're both very angry, unhappy, and disappointed. This may end up being a lemon law claim before it's over. It'll be in the shop at least a week while they await parts (or a whole new tranny) from GMC.

    :mad: & :cry: & :lemon:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Rate your dealer service!

    Here's the link.
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    I bought a SLE-1 AWD on April 20, 2007. Two days later the speedometer stopped working. After a 2 month wait, dealer received the replacement module but couldn't program it. The 2nd module arrived a month later...also wouldn't work. GMC engineers contacted by dealer and a 3rd module sent (different model)and it is working. Love the space and design, miss the compass, get a lot of complements about the vehicle, highway mileage (10.1L/100km)is better than my 2001 Blazer.
  • I ordered my Acadia in Feb and recived it 8 weeks later due to ordering "White Diamond Tri-Coat" extra$ of course. Only 1700 miles on it sitting in traffic waiting to turn right the guy "not paying attention" runs right into my tailgate. 5 more weeks in the shop, and now the hatch opens on it's own. It's happened numerious times w/ and without the doors locked and the front panel switch on and off. I have now named the car "ghost rider". The car is in the shop once again for this reason and for the 4th time I'm in a rental car.
    Has anyone had this problem because the service department is telling me that there will be a recall soon to fix this issue.
  • luvtoshopluvtoshop Posts: 2
    I am also getting poor mileage. I have gotten under 14 mpg doing only local driving although my first tank I got over 16. Love the car just wish it was better on gas.
  • luvtoshopluvtoshop Posts: 2
    I have been getting a high buzz during radio play that is consistent with pressure on the gas pedal. Has anyone else had problems with the radio? It has XM and the rear DVD player. Thanks.
  • Just bought my car three weeks ago and the tail gate thing started last night. The car has never been hit. Have they been able to fix it and is it part of a recall? Thanks.
  • auntdrauntdr Posts: 1
    I ordered my Acadia in April and received it in June. Two weeks ago, we stopped at a red light and when we tried to drive forward, the Acadia would only go about 5 miles per hour. We called OnStar and had them run a check and they said we needed to take it to the dealer. We took it to the dealer and they cleaned a valve they said was sticking. Yesterday, we were at a red light and the same thing happened. We pulled over and turned off the engine and restarted. Last night, again at a red light, the check engine light came on and the car would not move except at about 5 miles per hour. I am going to call the dealership Monday morning and take it back again. I love my Acadia other than this problem. :(
  • hschehsche Posts: 9
    Has anyone noticed a problem with the outside temperature monitor in the ACADIA (SLT-1)? Mine appears to read consistently 5 to 10 degrees higher than actual temperature.
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    Mine does that until I drive it around for a while. My guess is that the sensor is in the air intake vent for the HVAC system. If the car has been cooking in the sun or a garage for a while it will take some time to get it right.
  • vic49vic49 Posts: 5
    My Acadia SLT 2 would not start at all today after listening to my MP3 player in Aux jack for about 30 min. I had car off but key turned to proper position and nothing else on but radio. When I tried to start car it did not even click. Had to get roadside assistance to jumpstart it. Also sometimes my radio station info does not display on my HUD and my NAV system has had a read disc error message sometimes requiring me to reinsert disc. Someone else mentioned this problem on the check engine light forum. I have already had the transmission control module re programmed. seemed to help with sluggish shifting. Oh and I had the steering column TSB taken care of too.
    The other day it accelerated by itself on two different occasions while going down the highway at about 70 MPH. Just a short burst of speed and then back to normal. I also have had a little water come in after going through carwash, around my seatbelt where it is attached to column inside of car and down in foot well where you rest your left foot. Anyone else experiencing any of this? My dealer has no idea what is going on with battery or possible electrical system. He seems to think that the acceleration problem might be related to that also. I forgot to mention the leaks, so I will have to call them tomorrow. I love the car, but sure is a pain working out the kinks.
  • I waiting for delivery om my 08 Acadia Slt2. Should have it in two weeks. Gotta tell ya, reading these messages scares me. It seems that there are alot of problems with the car. I've been driving a Hyundai Santa Fe for 5 yrs with not a single problem but when I test drove many small to mid suv's the Acadia stood out because of the ride, size, looks and supposedly good gas mileage. Am I making a big mistake ?
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    I don't think so. People usually only hear negatives posted on forums like these. My car runs fine is not usually anything that grabs any attention. My car's engine exploded in a huge fireball on the freeway will get your attention.

    BTW: My Outlook (had it since Memoririal Day weekend) has run fine. It was great on a 1200 mile roadtrip over the 4th of July Week. No engine problems. Everything works fine.
  • 2saab2saab Posts: 14
    My Acadia SLT-1 arrived in late April. I don't have a large number of miles on it as it is driven mostly for pleasure but so far I have no real complaints and have had zero mechanical problems. Fit and finish as it arrived on the dealer’s lot was very good. On trips of 200 miles each way at 75 MPH I am now getting 24 to 25+ MPG. On the highway this is a wonderful vehicle to drive and comfortable for driver and passengers. The ride is good and it tracks well in high side winds or when passing trucks, better than you would expect for the large side area. The rear back up detector works well and is great to have – I highly recommend it due to the high rear glass.

    After driving a couple of hundred yards the first thing in the morning I do hear a mild clunk that sounds like it comes from the front brakes, suspension or drive line. It’s the only time it does it so I’ll assume it isn't a problem. For the person who experienced an acceleration when cruising at highway speeds, note if you might have hit the speed control resume/increase speed button on the steering wheel. It is a bit close to where your hand/fingers might be. I have hit it a few times by accident without realizing it at first.

    I will give another update in the future.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I think you'll be just fine with an '08. My '08 was delivered 7/7/07 and I've had no problems so far. It seems like most of the problems have been on the '07s with earlier build dates.
  • I picked up my new '08 SLT-1 last week and love it. While figuring out the radio display, however, I must have somehow changed the RDS display. It used to show both the artist AND the song title. Now, however, it only shows one or the other based on my choice.

    Any input on how to get this display back to where it was, i.e., showing both the artist and song title? FYI, I have the single CD and DVD 10-speaker Bose stereo without nav.

    Thanks all!
  • We bought a new SLT2 07 Acadia in Feb 07. Within 4 months, less than 10,000 miles, and 4 trips to the dealership our car had spent 14 days in the garage for repairs. We encountered the following repairs. Whole new computer, new power steering pump, new steering gear, repaired axle gasket leak and 4 or 5 recall repairs. Within this same timeframe the car started to rough idle on start up 3-4 days/week. It was in 3 times to repair the idle problem with no resolution. The problem cannot be found. A flight recorder was used to diagnose it - NOTHING! We were told other Acadias are doing the same thing and GMC does not know what is wrong or how to fix it. So we decided to trade it in on an 08 figuring it was easier than filing lemon law and we wanted to give GMC the benefit of the doubt - perhaps we got a vehicle that was released early and by 08 the issues would be worked out. We drive our new SLT2 08 home and within a day we have a similar/same idle problem. We are now being told it is a "design feature". Thanks, but no thanks, we did not buy this option. Had the sales person told us that 3-4 days a week when we started our car it would rough idle we would never have bought the car. (Funny....our Nissan does not have this feature). At this time we feel stuck with a substandard quality vehicle. The dealership has done all they can, we will give GMC a fair chance to respond. Buyers/owners BEWARE!
  • Do the Enclave and Saturn Outlook have the same problems? By reading the Enclave postings it seems that GM has had to add a third shift to keep up with demand for these vehicles. One wonders what this will do to quality control?
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 slt2 - my sensor is off also - am having it looked at next week. The service manager told me plus or minus ten degrees is the norm - that's not acceptable to me. Will post repair outcome.
  • We own a 2007 FWD Acadia. We noticed after a good rain that there were water drops under both interior far back panels near the back hatch. Also, the clunking noise when you first take off is heard daily in the front and the rear. Our radio also recently made a noise that sounded like something burned out in it then the volume went lower.

    I took the car in for service for these items. They told me that there was a bulletin for the water leak and it was actually the sun roof leaking. I was informed that the clunking in the front and rear was from the anti-lock brakes and that it's normal because the feature is actually turning on when I hear the sound. They told me that if I don't hear it, then it becomes a problem. They couldn't find a problem with the radio even though we have to put more bass in the radio now and turn the volume up higher.

    The water leak in the sunroof was fixed, but the headliner had to be removed. Not sure how happy I am that the headliner has been removed and reinstalled, but what can you do.
  • I had water drops under the interior rear back panels (near the back hatch door) after a good rain. I was told there was a bulletin out on this already and it was the sunroof leaking.
  • I have 07 GMAC Acadia, with only 4900 miles the Service Stability Traction Control light came on and once I stopped the vehicle would not move until I turned the engine off and restarted. It has been in the shop 28 days and I have filed Lemon Law since GM said they would not repurchase or replace since it will be fixed tomorrow. We'll See. How your experience with GM customer serv?
  • I never had to deal with GM Customer Service. I went through my dealer and they promptly fixed the problem. Good luck with your car.
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    GM acknowledges that they have a problem with the ambient temperature sensor. I had my car in for the same problem. The GM engineers are working on the problem - it seems to be the placement of the sensor. You need to take your vehicle to your dealer and let them know of your problem, then it will be on record with GM. When a fix is found, then they can notify you. This problem affects the Acadia, Outlook and Enclave. Your dealer can give you the service bulletin on this problem.
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