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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Even when standing in front of the vehicle the remote start wasn't working. Lights would flash to lock doors and theagain when the start button was pressed but only a "click" start up. Yesterday remote started working again, but weather had warmed up to -15 C degrees. I will try the all wheel drive experiment the next time I see an incline...I may have to drive an hour to get to one (pretty flat here).
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    Just in case you forgot: To get the remote start to workyou have to lock the doors (even if they are already locked) then HOLD the remote start button down for about 2 seconds. Just tapping it won't do it.
  • I've had my Acadia for 6 months and put 3500 miles on it. I love it, but the transmission had been a problem unitil I brought it back to the dealership for the first maintenance & software updates..... I drove 5 miles local road to home after it was done and the improvment was SO NOTICEABLE! The gears changed quietly, smoothly just at the time I wanted it happen... like when I was driving my Camry....My wife is the type of hit the road and go driver and has no idea what transmission is but she drove it last weekend for shopping and told me she felt the big difference happened to acadia and the change was positive... If you have problem w/ acadia's transmission and haven't tried the software updates yet, I highly recommend you to do now.
  • I just bought my 2008 Acadia 4 weeks ago. Right afterwards, I noticed an annoying vibration in the gas pedal when it is shifting gears. It vibrates under my foot nearly all the time... which is uncomfortable and distracting. But this is nothing compared to the shocking thing that happened last night:

    Yesterday evening (12/15), I found that the gas gauge was not reading properly
    (it was reading almost empty a few hours after I had put a quarter tank of gas in it.)
    I added another 12 gallons at the gas station.

    When I pulled out of the gas station, and was down the block,
    the car SUDDENLY lost all power: the lights on the dashboard went dark
    and the car rapidly decelerated.
    Then the lights flickered back on and then went out again and came back on.

    When they were flickering, the car was slowing down and there was nothing I could do.
    I was crossing the road into the grocery store parking lot against oncoming traffic.

    Luckily, there was no one behind me. If there had been a car behind me when I was suddenly slowing down, they might have smashed into me.

    I was shocked by this.. I went into the store to get the groceries, then went home.

    Now, I feel that I just paid alot of money for a new car (down payment and financing),
    and I may have bought a lemon... I can't trust it ...

    I am taking it into the dealership tomorrow... Between the vibration and the
    electrical failure, I feel really cheated: I not only lost my old car in the recent
    car accident (someone ran a red light and broadsided and flipped over my SUV),
    but I can't yet enjoy this new vehicle because of this disappointing and frightening behaviour.

    Any advice from fellow Acadian owners ? A number of people have told me
    that new cars often have problems and need adjustments when people first buy them. Have any of you had this experience of the electrical system suddenly
    failing and having the car be powerless ?
    What recourse do I have to get rid of this car and get a new one if this
    one is defective ?

    (The credit union, who gave me my car loan, has the title until it's paid off..)

    I really love the Acadia styling and features. It's a beautiful car with wonderful
    cargo space, comfortable seats and a snazzy look. I was so happy to have
    found this model and really wanted to buy one.. but I am so shocked by this
    failure of the systems, I feel betrayed ..

    I appreciate any information about what the problem might be so that I can advise
    the mechanics what to look at.

    Thanks for all your help and advice, everyone.

  • Rocket, don't be so quick to write it off as a lemon. People design and help assemble these vehicles, so there will always be a problem here and there.

    Just weeks after I got mine it needed some software updates to the PCM (powertrain/engine computer) and TCM (transmission). I also had noticed unusual shifting patterns prior to these updates, but it is much smoother now. When anything goes wrong like losing power, etc. you should hit the onstar button right away and have them run a diagnostics report -- you will want this documentation to give to your dealer if "nothing shows up" once you get it into the shop. There will likely be some fault codes they can give you.

    I've had a couple of electrical problems also -- unexplainable. Once, the driver seat started sliding forward. I thought I was going to break my leg as it moved up so far my knee was getting pressed into the dash, and my gut was headed for the steering wheel. Dummy me, I was so shocked at what was going on it wasn't until just the last second that I thought to reach down and move the control for the seat to move "back". (I'm an experienced GM driver, I did NOT accidentally hit the "driver # 2 settings" button -- I didn't do anything to make this occur, it just spontaneously starting sliding forward. And, the "driver #2 setting" wasn't set to that position anyway). This has never occurred again.

    A second weird incident was when the driver seat reclined -- all the way. This was also spontaneous, just after I had gotten in the car and started it. The solution: I just pressed the button to "unrecline" and the seatback came back up. This also never occurred again.

    I have a feeling there's either a software problem or a wiring harness that has a short-circuit (or two) in it, related to the driver's seat. I'm taking it back in soon to have the AWD-not-working-properly-in-reverse problem diagnosed. I had to put off my trip to the shop last week for that due to weather.

    Keep us posted on what you find as a solution to your problems! :)
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    I found one and very important thing, tried to use "Top Tier" gasoline. I was reading a lot differenret forums about this, such BMW, VW, Toyota, Honda a lot people had problems with fuel gauge and car runing rough.
  • I am having a similar experience and getting no satisfaction on a solution from GM after chasing through the hierarchy for two months. My significant other weighs between 98 and 105#. Sometimes the passenger side airbag sensor will activate the system, but most of the time, not. We've tried changing her sitting position several ways as well as having her press against the roof as hard as she could - still no "On" light. A 130# passenger produces the same result, but the system activates with higher certainty. A 150# passenger has failed to activate the system as well. Given the reasonable expectation that purchasing a vehicle equipped with air bags will protect loved ones in the front seat, I find GM's explanations absurd. By any reasonable person's definition of inconsistent and unreliable preformance, this experience is a dead-on match! Please let me know if you are able to arrive at a solution. This is a potentially dangerous position for Acadia owners. All the "if", "sometimes" and maybe statements I've been offered as explanations sound suspiciously like obfuscation.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    When I make right hand turns my Acadia does the same as your did loses all power (but can happen once a month not on a daily basis) but when I get it back to the side of the road it will restart. It has happened to my first car as well I am on my second Acadia and it has the same problem as well they put all the new software updates in it and it got worse so brought it back again they put a recording device in the car and wouldn't you know it the stupid car didn't do it the whole while the device was in my car. The problem is still not resolved and I don't feel safe driving my kids in that car.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    don't buy an acadia yet to many problems not resolved. Take it from me I have had two now after a month I had to get a replacement one now my replacement one is worse then the Acadia I had before. Hopefully they will get these kinks out with the next few years. I should of got a Hyundai they have great reviews nowadays.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    The same happened to my first Acadia the day I bought it I drove it home after 25 minutes of owning it Check Engine Light came on and the car wouldn't move Not Impressed I had my doubts of buying another GMC they were always junk before I went to Jeep and back in a GMC trouble again I thought with the warranty they must of improved the vehicles its the only car I like in the league but they need Toyoto to put an engine in it. It was an output or input valve that had to be replaced in my car and after a week or so the car starting shutting off making rights. Brought it back to dealership my family could of been killed driving this car and they allowed us to have a replacement vehicle not this Acadia is doing the same thing and it doesn't show up on the diagnostic machine so they are unable to fix it so any day I am driving it could be the day the car shuts off and my family can die.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    Yes you are making a mistake. Get out of it now before you regret your decision. I am the one who has had two Acadias and after one month of owning them things start to happen. I want my money back and they are making it difficult saying thats what warranty is for so they want me to drive this car playing russian roulette with my kids lives. We don't know when its going to shut off while we are pulling out on a highway I am so scared to drive this car I am in tears so upset that GMC would allow me to take this car when its unpredictable and they can't find the problem. Stick to Hyundai I was hoping I could get my money back from this piece of junk and get the Hyundai Sante Fe or the new Veracruz unfortunatley the Acadia has nice styling and more room then any of the other crossovers thats why we chose this car. I looked on the computer for people with complaints and couldn't find any when I purchased this car now I know all these problems I would stay away from it.
    Take care
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    Let me know how you make out I suggested getting a lawyer to at least in the states you have lemon law unlike here in Canada. I am very disappointed with my car and want my money back especially when we took a replacement Acadia in hopes the first one was a lemon now that one shuts off for no reason when driving it endangering our lives.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    Does your car shut off for no reason while driving it? When mine makes right turns it shut off but it can happen once a month or once in two months one time it did it twice within 10 minutes and they can't find out what the problem is and I have 3 kids I am scared to death driving this car one we had been lucky the very times it had done it no one was driving behind me or we would of got hit.
  • Dear All,
    Thank you SO much for your posts! I was considering a 2008 Acadia until I read these. I am also considering a Honda Ridgeline....Any thoughts?
    Thanks! :confuse:
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    When you look in forums with "Problems and Repairs" in the title you are going to encounter a large percentage of posts from people with... well... ummmm... problems and repairs. I'm sure that if you look in forums for any make and model of vehicle that have "Problems and Repairs" in the title you will encounter the same.

    I have had my Outlook for a few monts now and have encountered none of the problems being posted in here. My only compliant is that it does not get the mpg I expected or hoped for ont he highway. I was hoping for about 25 or so and I get 22 or so. Not a big beef.
  • Well, I took the car back to the dealership... they said the reason
    the car lost all power was because " the positive cable was not connected well
    to the fuse block" (it was loose).
    They were able to duplicate the problem (i.e. suddenly losing power and the dashboard going dark).

    They tightened the cable and checked all other electrical connections; they
    said they think it's fixed and that I should not have that problem again...

    Are they right ? Who knows ? I hope so... Someone else on this forum said that their Acadia shuts down unexpectedly like mine did and they could have been
    hit from behind.... I worry about that, too... it is not a safe situation...
    ...But have your mechanics check the cables to the fuse block...
    (at first, my mechanic didn't think it was that, because the clock stayed on and
    was correct... but later he figured it out...)

    I still have that annoying problem of the gas pedal vibrating under my foot
    almost constantly... (does anybody else on this forum experience this ?)
    The dealership said this can't be fixed or adjusted, it is just
    a characteristic of the car... however, I don't believe this as another Acadia that
    I test-drove did not have this problem... its gas pedal was tighter and more
    confortable and it did not vibrate all the time...

    Thanks for your replies... they were helpful....

  • I have the same viabration problem which started right after the computer upgrade for the transmission.
  • I have the vibration problem on.
  • Tighted down the attenna. I had the same problem.
  • You right
    All GMC have problem.I bought one with problem

  • When I opened the back hatch in my 2007 Acadia to put some Christmas presents in, it extended all the way up, I leaned in with bags in hand and right as I was under it, it fell about 1 1/2 - 2 feet down banging me on the head. Then it must have reset itself because it started to close on me!
    Hoping the wind had caught it, it was very windy that day, I tried it again with the remote (this time standing a safe distance away) and it did it again and has done so ever since. I plan on taking it in after the beginning of the year to have it repaired.
    Has anyone else ever had this problem?
  • Did you get the update? How is your gas mileage now? My hwy has decreased to about 17mpg. Just wondering what you are getting. I have a 2007 Acadia FWD SLT2. I am not getting 22/mpg as before the update. I haven't called the dealer back yet and have put a 1000 miles on since the update.
  • My 2007 Acadia's back hatch just started making a loud "clunking" sound & jerking into place when it gets completely opened. It appears to be the gears on the support post (driver's side). The mechanic had lubed it & it was okay for a couple of days, but then it has started making that noise again. Will be calling the dealership again today!!
  • A couple of things before I get back to the title. I have a end of the year 2007. A couple of months ago I received a letter from GM saying they had a computer upgrade that would enhance the performance of the transmission on the FWD SLT2 Acadia. I went in and had it done and immediately went on a two hour trip on business. The upgrade helped the shifting and I noticed and improvement right away. However, the upgrade wacked out the in Dash computer screen and the Mileage and Trip meter was wrong. I was registering less miles that I was actually traveling which wacked out the instant MPG readout and odometer. I took it back to the dealer that same day and when they called GM, GM said they were flooded with calls about the same thing. The dealer told me that GM would have a fix ASAP. I went in the Dealer the next day and GM had a software fix that put everything back to normal except that the odometer is still about 300 miles less than it should be. The dealer said that there is another computer on board that keeps the true mileage and that GM is working on a fix that would have the Dash board computer get the real mileage from the other computer. Until that time, I am still about 300 miles under what my true mileage should be.
    Back to the vibration. Soon after I notice an annoying vibration on the gas peddle that really becomes noticeable when I go past 1500 RPM and over ~42 mph. what concerns me is that the gas peddle is not connected to any linkage to the engine so there must be some serious vibration coming from underneath. I took is to the dealer 2 week ago and they said it was "normal" . I drove it another 2 weeks and decide to call GM and unloaded on them. They called my dealer and I am set up to go back in January 2 and leave it. GM nor the dealer claim to have a fix but I just wanted to alert everyone that the VIBRATION IS NOT NORMAL BECAUSE YOUR ACCELERATOR PEDDLE IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE ENGINE. If anyone has figured out what is causing this, let me know. If my dealer figures this out I will post it.
  • ddoanddoan Posts: 3
    I bought a 2007 Acadia in July 2007. Since my purchase it has been in the shop for a water leak from the sunroof. The first time it was determined that the drain tube from the sunroof to the outside of the vehicle had never been hooked up. A month later when my car passenger side floorboard flooded for the 2nd time, I was informed that there had been a memo put out on how to attach the drain tube, which my dealership had done incorrectly. Instead of them notifing me of the memo they waited until my car flooded the second time. I am very dismayed that I had not been notified of the possibility of a second episode of flooding. They say it is fixed now, but I am upset that they didn't replace my carpet, my glove compartment molded and now my car smells like mold and mildew. This is the only new car I will probably own and I believe it should be "NEW" for longer than 6 months. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my dealership to address my issues?
  • Thanks for posting this !

    If you look at my 2 posts, #102 and #114,
    you will see that I mentioned this exact problem of the gas pedal vibrating
    under my foot nearly all the time while driving... you are experiencing the
    same problem ! I did what you did.. took it back to the dealership..
    at first, the mechanic said he could feel the vibration in the pedal,
    but he drove another Acadia on the lot and said it did the same thing..
    he said there is no adjustment he could make, it is "normal" and just a
    characteristic of the car..

    But, the gas pedal is not connected to the engine, so why
    is it vibrating ?

    I had test-driven a few other Acadias before buying and I hadn't noticed this
    vibration... it was only after I purchased the vehicle (that they got from another
    dealership) that I noticed it... I agree, I don't think it is "normal". The gas pedal
    is obviously loose and possibly rattling around ...

    When they were fixing the electrical problem, they gave me a Tahoe to drive
    as a rental... its gas pedal was tight, with very little vibration...
    I plan to drive some of their other Acadias when I am next in the dealership
    to see if they are all this way... we shouldn't have to put up with this inconsistent manufacture...
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    Yes me again, After testing the car with a recording device in it for a month and nothing happens they took it out of my car last week and of course today it did it again to my husband. He was pulling out of the video store onto the highway luckily we know not to put our trust in this car considering the many times it shut off turning right and guess what it did it again this is 7th time I believe since July when we got this replacement vehicle. You call on star and it says nothings wrong. Why is it shutting off I just want this to be figured out.
    Please anyone else with this problem please email me.
  • 2 mild clunking sounds coming from front end always happens when starting off cold...seems to be related to brake systems waking up....have an '08 Acadia SLT 2 and it should be normal.
  • About losing power suddenly, here is another possibility:

    When the mechanic was test-driving my car to check out the
    vibration problem, he noticed that my key in the ignition had a heavy
    keychain full of other keys hanging on it... he said "you really shouldn't
    let the ignition key have this weight dangling off of it.. if the ignition key
    is pulled (such as when you are making a turn), the key can lose contact
    inside the ignition slightly and then the car thinks the key is not in
    the ignition and so the power goes out... you should drive your car with
    ONLY the car keys in the ignition and take your other keys off of the
    keychain while driving..."

    Others have stated that this sounds correct.

    Now, I drove my Blazer with a heavy key chain for 15 years and never
    had this problem... however, cars are almost totally electronic now and
    so possibly this can be a source of electrical and power problems.

    So, are you driving your Acadia with the car key on a heavy key chain ??
    Maybe your "shutting off" problem is as simple as that... try driving it
    with only the car keys in the ignition and let us know what happens... thanx..

    (Anybody else have any info on this ignition-key idea ?)

  • Or maybe the service guy is full of it! my wife has a 07 MDX and if you see her key chain you would pass out! when I jump in her suv to move it the keys smack me in my knees and she got the mdx a year ago. I think GM is still way behind and when something goes wrong they just say anything that comes to there mind at the time!! I really like the look of the new Enclave but I would be to scare to buy it because of GM past...I would wait till they have some kind of good track record for a few years.
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