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    Did you ever solve the leaking problem under the glove box? I also love my Acadia and haven't had the problems posted but I got the "glove box" leak today.
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    Sorry, I missed the page where you answered my question before I asked it.
    I will have them check that sunroof drain.
  • We did get our leaking problem fixed: it was an un-connected drain hose from the rear sunroof. Apparantly the water would come in thru the rear sunroof & then run down the channel along the roof line to the front end & end up coming in around the glove box. Our gove box did not get wet inside - the water only came in around the outside of the glove box near the door. The dealership/mechanic had to drop the whole headliner to re-connect the hose & we've not had any more leaking issues.

    We also had a part replaced on the rear hatch on the support post on the driver's side. The dealership said they had a bulletin on this -- when the hatch was opened it would settle into place with a loud clunking noise & a jerk.

    We also love our Acadia & haven't had the problems shown here. Hope this helps!!
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    kchef76, the problem you describe sounds like correct behavior for FWD. you can probably mitigate the tractionloss if you swap to a softer/performance tire, but those will wear faster and will reduce mpg.
    by 3-4 rpms do you mean 3000 to 4000? um, are you brake-torquing it trying to do some sort of dragstrip launch? ! ;)
  • Elias, Right 3000-4000 rpms. No hot roding here. In fact, I was on a freewar on-ramp this morning, the road was a bit slick and I was doing about 45-50mph and then I punched it and the wheels spun big time. Still normal? I guess I never have had a car do that. Thanks for the response.
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    Punching it such that you get up to 4000 RPM at 45 to 50 MPH is going to generate a lot of torque. Normally at 45 MPH you would be in 5th or 6th gear and the RPM is probably around 1300. This transmission downshifts rather abruptly so you are quickly putting a lot of power to the wheels. With anything other than dry pavement I would not be surprised that you get significant wheel spin. Take it easy - your car will live longer, and so will you.
  • First off let me say this in NOT a cold start problem. We have had our Acadia almost a year now and 2 weeks after purchase it started this problem. We could go out in the morning or after driving 400 miles, try to start it and it is dead, clicking sound or nothing at all, it has done it all. It has also died to the point that the remote entry wouldn't work, radio clock reset the whole nine yards. each time I need a jump after the jump it runs fine, no excessive driving required or battery charge needed. Could shut the car right off after the jump and it then it restarts just fine. I have had it in to the dealership and called onstar each time, and there is no recorded problem all sys. check come back normal. I even had the GM rep look at help there. Battery has been replaced and it STILL does it. There is no memory codes in the computer...and no one is able to duplicate the problem so each time I bring it in to the dealer it is "fine". now I have it back and I am forced to drive it till dies again and then have it towed into the dealership. Hopefully it is convienant to me and my busy schedule and with small children I am nervous. I am currently in touch with BBB and the lemon law since i have had it in about 4 times for this same problem and no one seems to know what is wrong. I have never had the right turn stalling problem but I do get error messages about the traction control and stabilitrak needing service but then the computer never records these error messages either and the dealer can't fix what they don't know is wrong. also the nav. screen will go blank and the radio will shut off every once in a while when I start it and I need to shut off the car and restart it then it will turn back on...weird. My only answer to all this is that my acadia has multiple personality disorder...does anyone else have a "sybill" car??? :confuse: :lemon: :mad:
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    you are most welcome, kchef ! ya, on wet ramp, it's more likely/normal to see traction-loss like that...
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    8 weeks ago I had a no start problem (remote and ignition not functioning) that the dealer attributed to a faulty fuel sensor that misread when temperature dropped below -30C. They replaced the fuel sensor with a "new" version in December and it seemed to be working well until the end of January. In spite of block heater plugged in all night, ignition problem returned...just wouldn't start. Mind you it was
    -51C windchill. Tow truck finally arrived 2 days later (I had tried starting once daily with no success, even though lights were bright, etc.) and I decided to try a start as it arrived (weather had warmed up to -20C). It started! I now believe the "battery saver" activates at some low temp level and prevents starting to save the battery. Since the battery is located under the floor in the back seat area, an electric battery blanket can't be used to keep the battery warm. I may have to try an interior car warmer solution, or build a garage! In addition, after the no start up problem, my Feb On Star report indicated my "oil life reading" had mysteriously improved from 40% oil life left to 100% left. I have decided to get an oil change this week and have it reset so I can trust it.
  • My FWD Acadia w/ the 18 inchers has had no traction problems, no matter what the situation. Might want to try punching/merging it in the same or a similar location under safer conditions (i.e. not so slick). If you still experience traction loss in the manner described, it might be time to get the traction control system checked.
  • This sounds like a ground problem. If the dash is not grunded good, many weird things can happen. Years and years ago had a grounding problem that when I put the turn signals on, the dash lights would flash. Plus many other weird electrical things. The mechanic added an extra grund for the dash and never seen the problem again.
  • Sounds like you might need alternator. I would go back the dealer and force them with law suit to replace the alternator.
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    The gauge on our 2008 Acadia has stuck on 35 deg on three seperate occasions even though the outside temperature was in the mid 60's. Today when this occurred the driver display warned of icy conditions and it was 67 degrees outside.
    We had it in to the dealer 3 days ago and they supposedly re-calibrated the sensor but when pressed about it today on the phone the service advisor said that it registered normal when they went to address the problem and thought it was fixed.
    It does seem to correct itself but only after driving for longer than 15 minutes at a time.
    We also have had the stabilitrac warning addressed by others in this forum and called onstar in each case. The 3rd time onstar gave us information (they said they couldn't give us a code) to give the dealer so that they could call onstar and ask for specific information related to the problem. The dealer called and all they could do was start a case number and told us to bring it in immediately if it happens again.
    Otherwise, my wife I I are very satisfied with the performance of the Acadia although I'll have to agree that the gas mileage claim is exagerated.
  • Yes, my 2008 Acadia does the same thing: it can be 55 degrees when I leave work
    in the evening, and the temperature gauge continues to read 75.

    After I drive for 5-10 minutes, the temp starts to creep down but
    one can never be sure what the actual temperature outside is....

    Or it will read 85 when it is really cold ! I know that it is in the 40's and
    the car mocks me by reading 85 on the dash...
    I wish it worked better... it's a nice feature to have in an automobile..

  • Thanks for your response...we have never had that problem, as far as I can tell the temp control works fine. Good luck figuring out what's wrong. We too love our Acadia we just wished that there were'nt so many problems with them.
  • Dear Friend:

    I thought I was set to buy a 2008 Acadia SLT2 loaded with:

    - AWD
    - Loaded Options (or as close as we can get): Dual Sunroof, HID headlamps, Head-Up display, touch screen navigation w/ rear camera, entertainment system, Trailer Package

    I think I'm hearing you say loud and clear, "DON'T DO IT." GM products are still JUNK. What has happened with your situation?
    - even for 2008 you believe all the tech issues are still not fixed?
    - what vehicle is your target auto now?

  • Are you saying that 2009 might be the year? Have you identified any other strong hopefuls for the current 2008 yr? What do you think about the Buick Enclave?

  • bought the acadia slt1 2008 with 500 miles on it.
    hood sensor was acting up as we drove off the lot.
    At home, the remote start did not work, alarm went off in driveway, theft attempted showed on the display in the morning.

    Took it back and dealer assured us that the sensor needed reset and gave us a buick for the night. Next day, turns out it was a hood latch problem and dealer implied that explains all of the problems. One more night in somebody elses car.

    I've seen some real problem cars noted in this forum. I assume that most happy people don't post but am concerned I am getting a troublesome car.

    Any advice would be appreciated, and the more the better. THANKS!
  • My SLT 1 has been flawless except for the pigtail missing on the XM antenna. Currently have 2,000+ miles at 4 months old. Still loving it.
  • Well we had our 08 Acadia for one week and had to take it to the dealership because the check engine light was on. We never did hear from the service dept so I finally called them a couple of days later just to be told they had already ordered a new engine for it. I was told the camshaft had to much play in it and they could not get the new head for the engine for 6 weeks so they were just going to put in a whole new engine with the updates already done to the camshaft. I am not stupid, I know very well that after 30 days the lemon law kicks in therefore they knew they had to find a faster solutions than 6 weeks waiting for parts, however, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth after spending 45k plus taxes and extended warranty for this vehicle just a week before, who wants to drive a buick car when you need an AWD where you live? GM refused to give us another new Acadia and when we picked up the vehicle when they were done putting the engine in the service dept would not give me paperwork proving it was a brand new engine instead of a rebuilt engine, I can't help but wonder what will happen when we go to trade it in 3 years down the road, that does show up on carfax and we will have to disclose it.
  • Hi,

    Yes, the sun roof leak is an issue and I was also told that the problem was faulty drainage tube installation. I had the leak on the passenger side flow and then through the light fixes in the third row (my kids were having fun, but not me…). I have it in the shop for the third time (every time we had substantial rain). I do like the car though.

    On another note: my transmission was uneven and sluggish at times, but the recent SW (software) fix (they sent letters to us) really improved it and I recommend it.

  • I've had my 2008 SLT-2 for three months. Three issues have arisen:

    - Temperature gauge sometimes acts very odd. A couple of times this winter I got into the vehicle when it was like 30 degrees outside after I started it via remote. I came out to the car later, and the AC was blasting because the temperature gauge was in the 80s. After I started driving away, the gauge dropped rapidly down to the "correct" temperature. Has only happened twice.

    - Check engine came on after two months. Problem was a faulty sensor (can't remember which one).

    - Just this weekend, was driving in rural Indiana. Gas gauge was slightly above E and the computer said I had about 35 miles left. Vehicle suddenly just died at 75 MPH. Pulled over, contacted Onstar, they couldn't help but called a tow truck. Best part was that when I asked how I was going to get back home, they said I SHOULD GET A HOTEL AND WAIT FOR THE CAR TO GET FIXED!!!! UNREAL!!!! Don't they realize that families buy this car? I had my wife and two kids with me and they just expected us to get a hotel room in the middle of nowhere? Why wouldn't they help provide a rental car? Don't get me started.....anyway, back to the problem, got the car towed and when they put it up on the truck the driver accidentally tried to start almost turned over so he thought maybe we should put some gas in even though the gauge and computer said there was enough. I put a gallon of gas in and sure enough it turned over just fine. So, don't believe the gas gauge when it gets really low. I'm contacting the dealer this week to see what they suggest to resolve the problem, perhaps the gas gauge needs to be re-calibrated.
  • My original post was #91.

    My Acadia was in the shop for 2 weeks. A new transmission was ordered off the line. The mechanics have no idea what was wrong with the original transmission. Apparently, it was supposed to make its way to some lab in CA. Now there is a popping noise in the driver's side front wheel well when I make a left turn. The tap to signal three times isn't working. I talked to the dealer and to GM about taking this piece of crap back in light that the transmission didn't even make it to 1000 miles. I was even willing to accept a new Acadia. Both kept blaming the problems on the other. I got no where and got my POS back. I HATE THIS CAR! I just keep hoping it will break down again with a transmission issue and be in the shop another couple of weeks so I can lemon law it. When and if I go to trade it in, I am sure it will show it had a new transmission. I am so disappointed with how GM handled this situation. My Acadia is a big fat :lemon: . The joy of owning a new car is ruined for me. I plan to buy foreign the next time.
  • you've had worse luck than I did, mine stayed in the shop 29 days they replaced sensors, timing chain, power steering pump and other things. I still had lights coming on randomly and GM would not do anything for me. I took to arbitration and lost because law requires 30 days in shop, they took the parts off another car on the lot to keep this from happening. My windshield got chipped and I took it to be replaces and there aren't any, tires or belts not in stock either. I just traded today for a Mercedes R350 took a beating but so long GM we had owned seven prior high end GMCs Good Luck and get and attorney you can not beat GM alone
  • I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems with GM. I just recently called the BBB and m filing a lemon law process through them...they seem very organized. Good luck, I know how it feels to drive a car that you can't trust. :lemon:
  • Wow 29 days Vs 30 what a joke...sorry you had to eat some $$$. I am now filing a case through the BBB and their auto line. Enjoy you new car. :lemon:
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    We have the GMC Yukon and what a joke. We have had electrical issues, a transmission that burned up and a navigation system that just stops working. See our site :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    Don't be fooled by arbitration and their absurd awards. Who pays for it? GMC! :lemon:
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    This is just a follow-up to my first post (#102) from Dec 2007.

    At that time, the power went out on my Acadia as I described in my earlier post,
    and the dealership found that the problem was a "loose positive cable
    into the fuse block". They repaired this and this problem has not
    happened again... happily.... (knock wood, of course)..

    The other problem I had was an annoying vibration in the gas pedal at
    certain speeds. This problem has actually diminished quite a bit.
    (Either that, or I just don't notice it any more.) The salesman explained
    it this way: he said that, when the car is brand new, all the parts are very tight.
    As you drive it, they loosen up and create "wear patterns". That is,
    the parts get some play in them and so they don't pick up vibration as much.

    I then recalled what he had told me when I first got the car: He had said
    that "you shouldn't judge your car for the first 5000 miles you put on it
    (unless it's a Jaguar, in which case you shouldn't judge it for the first 20,000 miles..)"

    Now that the Acadia performance is improving, I feel somewhat better about it.
    I still feel cautious driving it, but recently, it has been a more enjoyable ride...


  • I read your post online. I'm about to bring my 08' Acadia in for the 5th time for the same water leak problem. The third time we brought it in there was a short caused by the water leak which affected the blower and heating system. It rained hard after we brought it home. It leaked again. Brought it back for a fourth time and they said it was the left over water. No leak!. Yeah right. It just rained for two days. Front passenger side is soaked. Let's see what they say this time. They will tell us their water leak specialist will come and take a look at it. By the way the sunroof we have is not aftermarket. This is absurd. How could they knowingly sell a product with this kind of defect. I should have listened to my friends when they said, "Don't buy American"! Check out your states lemon law. You may be entitled to some type compensation if the problem reoccurs.
  • I already have and are in the process of lemon law replacement and the BBB. Good luck with your leak. I have heard multiple people with the same problem. I think it is attributed to new carline and working out many kinks. I love to support our American economy and hope to think that it is not the American products just bad luck on car chioce. After all, cars are manmade and people DO make mistakes. American or not:confuse:
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    In January I leased a brand new acadia. I drove it a few days and noticed a strong gas odor coming in through the heating vents. I had the car in 4 times but either they can not recreate the smell or find anything wrong with the car. GM has not been any help. Now at 2000 miles the car is making me sick!!! Any suggestions?
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    Let me guess - does it smell like natural gas? I had the same problem, took it to the dealer, and they told me it was normal and referred to it as the "new car" smell. I will say now that there's 3700 miles on the car and it's been on a 20 hour road trip that the smell has gone away.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    Yes a natural gas smell. GM has the car today and I'm hoping they can fix it. I guess you never found out what was the cause? It can't be healthy. I also smell it on the outside of the car. It does stop if the recirculate button in on. I'm at about 2500 miles. Thanks for the info.
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    There are all sorts of chemicals that seep out of the car as it gets broken in. Plasticizers, glues, solvents, lubricaints, etc... all set and cure at different rates and there will be some still in the car for a while. Same goes for new houses. They reek of formaldehyde from the carpet for weeks. Is it good for you? No, but the only othe roption is to roll the windows down and let it bake in the sun for a week.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    Thanks for your response. I do understand there are many chemicals, etc. in new cars but, I was told (by GM) they would burn off by 1000 miles. I'm at about 2,500 maybe more. This is my sixth new car so I'm familiar with new car smells but not this. A reputable mechanic (not GM), who has been in the business for 20 years, test drove the car with me when the smell came up. He was alarmed. I have children and health issues and need to protect my family. It only happens when the car is at a stop light or standing still. The smell comes in then goes away. It smells like the propane smell when I turn on the BBQ. It comes in from the outside of the car. I would be happy to let it bake in the sun but it has been winter weather. As for the formaldehyde in carpets, I have hard wood floors!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    As for the formaldehyde in carpets, I have hard wood floors!

    But not in your Acadia (unless you got the Bamboo option, glued up with a formaldehyde free adhesive You might be onto a real luxury feature here. :shades: ).

    While the out-gassing will last a long time (probably a year or more), the obvious smell should dissipate within a few weeks.

    I guess I'd have the exhaust system and fuel lines checked for leaks. Maybe the AC is treated with an anti-mold coating and that's the smell? Since the smell is just coming from the vents, you'd think the dealer would be able to narrow it down some.
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    I had the transmission on my 2007 Acadia reflashed with the update for the shift points in November 2007.I don`t know about everyone else that has had it done but I still think the transmission shifts like crap. When going up any kind of grade it down shifts and up shifts several times,sometimes I think I should wear a neck brace to stop my neck from jerking back and forth.Other than that I have no complaints but that is more than annoying.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    Is "out-gassing" for a year or more acceptable on a new $40,000 car? This should not be acceptable by GM standards or by consumers. Looks like it's my tough luck. Love the Bamboo option! I think your onto something!
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    I had mine flashed back in October and it really made a positive difference. Just don't know how they ever got these out the door the way they originally shifted. At least on my AWD 07' it made a world of difference. Only 17K on it but absolutely no problems with it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Outgassing depends on the product. Particle board can outgas formaldehyde for the life of the product, for example. Which is ironic since I'm putting formaldehyde-free bamboo in my house on top of old particle board.

    People's sensitivities vary to all the glues, plastics, carpets and adhesives too, so what may be ok for the average consumer may send a few people to the doc.

    Back your problem with the propane smell in your vents, I'm wondering if there's mold in the AC/heating system? You could try spraying some bacterial killing spray in the vents and maybe that will help. Frigi-Fresh is the brand the dealers use (along with Frigi-Clean, which gets injected into the AC evaporator).

    You could also check to make sure your AC line is dripping when your Acadia is running and not accumulating moisture.
  • I had the same problem. Dealer forgot to put on the little "stinger" extension on the outside attenna.
  • I had the smae problem. It was in the under the floor rear storage compartment by the rear hatch.
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    I got an early '07 AWD Acadia and have never been happier with a car. The dealer did reprogram the transmission which improved the high upshift greatly. I guess my only complain is the reluctance to down shify immediately from 6th gear on light throttle.
    One thing that would really help are paddle shifters on the steeing wheel like my wife's MINI.
    For a new model it's amazing.
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    I have an '07 FWD Acadia (brown w/leather brick red interior) and I love mine also. I had the sunroof leak and the dealer fixed it promptly and the transmission update was done on mine also. I get good gas mileage and I'm happy with 'everything' that it offers. AND.. on top of that, it seems that everywhere I go, someone tells me what a beautiful car I have. I wouldn't trade mine for anything! :)
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    I had my Acadia for 1 1/2 weeks before the check engine light came one. It only had 400 miles on it. Onstar ran check and told me to take it in. Per the dealer there was play in the cam shaft....they had it for 25 days. Took exactly 3weeks just for the parts to come in. I got it back on a Friday, and as soon as I drove off, I noticed a hum in the engine that wasn't there before. I took it back and they kept it 2days and told me it was a noisy power steering pump and there was a recall on that. Of course the part was on back order. But it came in today. So I will be taking it back on Tues. for repair. They have had my new car longer than I have!!
    I also feel like it shifts weird. Seems like it goes to 2.2 on the rpm and double shifts. They checked it out and said it is seemless shifting and that it doesn't register as anything wrong. Guess I will have to live with that. Seems that I am not the only one this has happened to. GM still has bugs to work out on this car.
    But it is beautiful!! :cry:
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    Still problems with it. We will never by a gmc product ever again. They have the recorder put in the car again because it shut off while I was driving in a parking lot (without making turns) While driving on the highways it feels like the car slams in neutral and it feels like its stuck in that gear till finally it goes with a big blot back to give you whiplash and it feels like its going to shut off but my husband believes this special recording devices does something and prevents it from shutting off.
    I will be having it taken out soon to see if it will shut off without this device in the car. My brake pedal is squeaking crazy everything in the cars seems to squeaking. I did get the vibration in the brake pedal as well and the pedal went straight to the floor a few times.
    We are going for Toyoto or Hyundai for our next vehicles. I should of got the Toyoto Highlander its just that it looks so plain looking and the Acadia is a nice looking car. We are looking for a second vehicle a 2009 Toyoto Matrix at least this car will be good on gas. Constantly going to the gas station with the Acadia. Would like to trade this Acadia on the Toyoto Highlander but will have to suffer the loss of money.
  • I want to start off by saying how much I love the Acadia and how it fits my family's needs. But I have had so many problems with mine. I think it may be a lemon. I had the following electrical issues: Rear power lift gate, heated passenger front seat, front passenger door lock, passenger front window. Also, the sky scape window sun shade broke. I was told by the dealer that some Acadia's made it off the assembly line without being properly sealed in some key areas. I would encourage all Acadia owners to run a hose on the roof of the vehical to check fo leaks. My leak was down behind the glovebox leaking directly onto a fuse box which probably caused all my electrical problems.
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    I have almost 5000 mile since november 2007. I didn't have any problems. I did update transmission. I'm getting about 17-18 mpg all city/traffic driving.
  • I had the same problem happen yesterday. We have had our acadia for 7 months and this is the first time this happened. All of sudden after a rain last night water started leaking from under the glove box. I was wondering what you did to fix yours? Our dealership says they havent heard of this problem.
  • I would bet that it has been leaking for a while now, just not enough for you to notice. I had mine about nine months before we left it in the rain long enough to notice it. There is a fuse box that gets wet when this happens. I had a lot of electrical problems with the vehical since it was new. I just got my Acadia back from the dealer on Friday with the new fuse box installed so I am keeping my eye on it. When I went to the dealer on Friday, they were pulling in 1 Acadia and 2 Enclaves for leaks. Have your dealer call Andy Klein Pontiac, Buick, GMC in Overland Park Kansas. They are very familiar with the problem.
    Good Luck
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