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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • luvtoshopluvtoshop Posts: 2
    I am also getting poor mileage. I have gotten under 14 mpg doing only local driving although my first tank I got over 16. Love the car just wish it was better on gas.
  • luvtoshopluvtoshop Posts: 2
    I have been getting a high buzz during radio play that is consistent with pressure on the gas pedal. Has anyone else had problems with the radio? It has XM and the rear DVD player. Thanks.
  • Just bought my car three weeks ago and the tail gate thing started last night. The car has never been hit. Have they been able to fix it and is it part of a recall? Thanks.
  • auntdrauntdr Posts: 1
    I ordered my Acadia in April and received it in June. Two weeks ago, we stopped at a red light and when we tried to drive forward, the Acadia would only go about 5 miles per hour. We called OnStar and had them run a check and they said we needed to take it to the dealer. We took it to the dealer and they cleaned a valve they said was sticking. Yesterday, we were at a red light and the same thing happened. We pulled over and turned off the engine and restarted. Last night, again at a red light, the check engine light came on and the car would not move except at about 5 miles per hour. I am going to call the dealership Monday morning and take it back again. I love my Acadia other than this problem. :(
  • hschehsche Posts: 9
    Has anyone noticed a problem with the outside temperature monitor in the ACADIA (SLT-1)? Mine appears to read consistently 5 to 10 degrees higher than actual temperature.
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    Mine does that until I drive it around for a while. My guess is that the sensor is in the air intake vent for the HVAC system. If the car has been cooking in the sun or a garage for a while it will take some time to get it right.
  • vic49vic49 Posts: 5
    My Acadia SLT 2 would not start at all today after listening to my MP3 player in Aux jack for about 30 min. I had car off but key turned to proper position and nothing else on but radio. When I tried to start car it did not even click. Had to get roadside assistance to jumpstart it. Also sometimes my radio station info does not display on my HUD and my NAV system has had a read disc error message sometimes requiring me to reinsert disc. Someone else mentioned this problem on the check engine light forum. I have already had the transmission control module re programmed. seemed to help with sluggish shifting. Oh and I had the steering column TSB taken care of too.
    The other day it accelerated by itself on two different occasions while going down the highway at about 70 MPH. Just a short burst of speed and then back to normal. I also have had a little water come in after going through carwash, around my seatbelt where it is attached to column inside of car and down in foot well where you rest your left foot. Anyone else experiencing any of this? My dealer has no idea what is going on with battery or possible electrical system. He seems to think that the acceleration problem might be related to that also. I forgot to mention the leaks, so I will have to call them tomorrow. I love the car, but sure is a pain working out the kinks.
  • I waiting for delivery om my 08 Acadia Slt2. Should have it in two weeks. Gotta tell ya, reading these messages scares me. It seems that there are alot of problems with the car. I've been driving a Hyundai Santa Fe for 5 yrs with not a single problem but when I test drove many small to mid suv's the Acadia stood out because of the ride, size, looks and supposedly good gas mileage. Am I making a big mistake ?
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    I don't think so. People usually only hear negatives posted on forums like these. My car runs fine is not usually anything that grabs any attention. My car's engine exploded in a huge fireball on the freeway will get your attention.

    BTW: My Outlook (had it since Memoririal Day weekend) has run fine. It was great on a 1200 mile roadtrip over the 4th of July Week. No engine problems. Everything works fine.
  • 2saab2saab Posts: 14
    My Acadia SLT-1 arrived in late April. I don't have a large number of miles on it as it is driven mostly for pleasure but so far I have no real complaints and have had zero mechanical problems. Fit and finish as it arrived on the dealer’s lot was very good. On trips of 200 miles each way at 75 MPH I am now getting 24 to 25+ MPG. On the highway this is a wonderful vehicle to drive and comfortable for driver and passengers. The ride is good and it tracks well in high side winds or when passing trucks, better than you would expect for the large side area. The rear back up detector works well and is great to have – I highly recommend it due to the high rear glass.

    After driving a couple of hundred yards the first thing in the morning I do hear a mild clunk that sounds like it comes from the front brakes, suspension or drive line. It’s the only time it does it so I’ll assume it isn't a problem. For the person who experienced an acceleration when cruising at highway speeds, note if you might have hit the speed control resume/increase speed button on the steering wheel. It is a bit close to where your hand/fingers might be. I have hit it a few times by accident without realizing it at first.

    I will give another update in the future.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I think you'll be just fine with an '08. My '08 was delivered 7/7/07 and I've had no problems so far. It seems like most of the problems have been on the '07s with earlier build dates.
  • I picked up my new '08 SLT-1 last week and love it. While figuring out the radio display, however, I must have somehow changed the RDS display. It used to show both the artist AND the song title. Now, however, it only shows one or the other based on my choice.

    Any input on how to get this display back to where it was, i.e., showing both the artist and song title? FYI, I have the single CD and DVD 10-speaker Bose stereo without nav.

    Thanks all!
  • We bought a new SLT2 07 Acadia in Feb 07. Within 4 months, less than 10,000 miles, and 4 trips to the dealership our car had spent 14 days in the garage for repairs. We encountered the following repairs. Whole new computer, new power steering pump, new steering gear, repaired axle gasket leak and 4 or 5 recall repairs. Within this same timeframe the car started to rough idle on start up 3-4 days/week. It was in 3 times to repair the idle problem with no resolution. The problem cannot be found. A flight recorder was used to diagnose it - NOTHING! We were told other Acadias are doing the same thing and GMC does not know what is wrong or how to fix it. So we decided to trade it in on an 08 figuring it was easier than filing lemon law and we wanted to give GMC the benefit of the doubt - perhaps we got a vehicle that was released early and by 08 the issues would be worked out. We drive our new SLT2 08 home and within a day we have a similar/same idle problem. We are now being told it is a "design feature". Thanks, but no thanks, we did not buy this option. Had the sales person told us that 3-4 days a week when we started our car it would rough idle we would never have bought the car. (Funny....our Nissan does not have this feature). At this time we feel stuck with a substandard quality vehicle. The dealership has done all they can, we will give GMC a fair chance to respond. Buyers/owners BEWARE!
  • Do the Enclave and Saturn Outlook have the same problems? By reading the Enclave postings it seems that GM has had to add a third shift to keep up with demand for these vehicles. One wonders what this will do to quality control?
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 slt2 - my sensor is off also - am having it looked at next week. The service manager told me plus or minus ten degrees is the norm - that's not acceptable to me. Will post repair outcome.
  • We own a 2007 FWD Acadia. We noticed after a good rain that there were water drops under both interior far back panels near the back hatch. Also, the clunking noise when you first take off is heard daily in the front and the rear. Our radio also recently made a noise that sounded like something burned out in it then the volume went lower.

    I took the car in for service for these items. They told me that there was a bulletin for the water leak and it was actually the sun roof leaking. I was informed that the clunking in the front and rear was from the anti-lock brakes and that it's normal because the feature is actually turning on when I hear the sound. They told me that if I don't hear it, then it becomes a problem. They couldn't find a problem with the radio even though we have to put more bass in the radio now and turn the volume up higher.

    The water leak in the sunroof was fixed, but the headliner had to be removed. Not sure how happy I am that the headliner has been removed and reinstalled, but what can you do.
  • I had water drops under the interior rear back panels (near the back hatch door) after a good rain. I was told there was a bulletin out on this already and it was the sunroof leaking.
  • I have 07 GMAC Acadia, with only 4900 miles the Service Stability Traction Control light came on and once I stopped the vehicle would not move until I turned the engine off and restarted. It has been in the shop 28 days and I have filed Lemon Law since GM said they would not repurchase or replace since it will be fixed tomorrow. We'll See. How your experience with GM customer serv?
  • I never had to deal with GM Customer Service. I went through my dealer and they promptly fixed the problem. Good luck with your car.
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    GM acknowledges that they have a problem with the ambient temperature sensor. I had my car in for the same problem. The GM engineers are working on the problem - it seems to be the placement of the sensor. You need to take your vehicle to your dealer and let them know of your problem, then it will be on record with GM. When a fix is found, then they can notify you. This problem affects the Acadia, Outlook and Enclave. Your dealer can give you the service bulletin on this problem.
  • I fix leaks for a living. There is a tsb out on the acadia...also on the similar buick and saturn models. However I have seen two other problems. The rear movable sunroof drain tubes come loose from their connectors. Those are also the front drains for the rear stationary roof window. Also the urethene adhesive that glues in the rear stationary roof window can have a gap in it. the dealer must lower the headliner first and watertest the roof for at least 40 minutes. The vehicle should be parked at a 15 degree incline during the test.
  • This past week GM sent out a notice about soft ware update on enhancing transmission performance. For more information call GMC customer assistance center at
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Had the software update done last week and there was a noticeable improvement. One side effect, thermometre is stuck at 1 degree Celsius (and it is +14 outside). Back to the shop!
  • My wife purchase a loaded 2007 Acadia a few months ago and has consistant problems with the anti lock brakes, the traction control system, the stabilitrack and AWD systems. They all appear to be related. The local GMC delaer King GMC in Loveland CO has been really great even gave us a loaner car but has not been able to fix the continued problems. They have replaced just about every componet they can and it is still not corrected. They even tried calling for GM techniclal support (what a joke) they were absolutely no help to the dealer techs who are trying to figure this out.

    GM wonders and complains about not buying American vehicles well here is the answer. After reading all of the messages reagrding the Acadia I wonder why we ever thought to purchase this vehicle.

    On a more positive not the vehicle consistantly gets 21 - 22 mpg.
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Dealer informed me when I complained about the dashboard thermometre "freezing" at one temperature from time to time that he received a bulletin stating that GM has had enough complaints about this problem that they are attempting to redesign a replacement. Until they come up with something, my dealer was told not to try to fix it.
  • I've noticed when my wife sits in the passenger seat that about 20% of the time the passenger side airbag light does not trigger on. She weighs approximate 130 to 135lbs. When the service department was questioned about this - they said this was right around the trigger weight and gave me a handout on how to sit in the seat. This seems to be a high trigger point as I'm sure there are a lot of other adults below 130lbs. Also they said there was no way to activate it full time. Has anyone else had any experience with this problem?
  • My 07 Acadia is having a problem with water leaking in a couple of places: 1) on the front passenger side where the seat belt pulls thru & around the airbag emblem above & 2) on the front passenger side under the glove box on the right side (inside glove box is dry). Alot of water comes in!! Been to the dealer's twice now & they can't seem to locate the problem & it is scheduled to go into a body shop this week. Other than that I simply love this car!!! Great to drive & a great ride! I've received LOTS of compliments. None of the other problems I've seen posted here.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    This has been talked about at length on another Acadia forum. One problem was with the sun roof drain either not hooked up properly or plugged. Another was moisture coming through the firewall around the emergency brake cable...possibly from a leak around the cowling at the base of the windshield. Never had any problem but I don't have a sun roof and it never rains here.
  • Bought a 2007 Acadia in May, 07. At the very beginning, I had trouble with the transmission at 41 to 45 miles per hour. In trying to maintain a speed between these two figures. THE TRANSMISSION CHANGES IN AND OUT - IN AND OUT. IT WILL SUDENLY ACCLERATE also, THIS HAPPENS AT ABOUT 65 MILES PER HOUR. When I had about 2600 miles on the vehicle - I asked my friend to check the tire pressure. There was 28 lbs. in EACH TIRE. I called the dealership and informed them that the tire manufacter reccomende 35 lbs. in each tire. Took it back to the dealer and they put 34 lbs. in each tire. When I bought the vehicle and TEST DROVE IT WITH 28 LBS. IN EACH TIRE - IT rode real smooth on the road. When they put 34 lbs. in the tires - THE VEHICLE RIDES ROUGHER. Common sense tells you that low air pressure GIVES YOU A SMOOTHER RIDE. If I knew the vehicle rode rough when I test drove it - I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT. If you are planning on buying the Acadia - CHECK THE AIR PRESSURE BEFORE YOU TEST DRIVE THE VEHICLE. Very disappointed in the GAS MILEAGE. The BEST I have ever got was - 16.9 BOTH CITY AND ROAD. Very disappointed overall with the 07 Acadia.
  • Well I am a very disappointed owner of a 2008 Acadia. WE have only owned our Acadia for about 1 1/2 months and it is already in the shop. We were stopped at a red light and when we tried to go my husband had to push the pedal to the floor to even get the car to go. Once we made it to where we were going and turned the car off and turned it back on the car would not even move when you put it in drive. It would go in reverse, but not forward. It is currently still in the shop they are having to speak with the techs from Detroit to even figure out what is wrong with it. THey are thinking it is electrical. Has anyone else had this problem with there Acadia (2008)? I honestly don't feel safe putting my kids back into this same vechile.
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