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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • I fix leaks for a living. There is a tsb out on the acadia...also on the similar buick and saturn models. However I have seen two other problems. The rear movable sunroof drain tubes come loose from their connectors. Those are also the front drains for the rear stationary roof window. Also the urethene adhesive that glues in the rear stationary roof window can have a gap in it. the dealer must lower the headliner first and watertest the roof for at least 40 minutes. The vehicle should be parked at a 15 degree incline during the test.
  • This past week GM sent out a notice about soft ware update on enhancing transmission performance. For more information call GMC customer assistance center at
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Had the software update done last week and there was a noticeable improvement. One side effect, thermometre is stuck at 1 degree Celsius (and it is +14 outside). Back to the shop!
  • My wife purchase a loaded 2007 Acadia a few months ago and has consistant problems with the anti lock brakes, the traction control system, the stabilitrack and AWD systems. They all appear to be related. The local GMC delaer King GMC in Loveland CO has been really great even gave us a loaner car but has not been able to fix the continued problems. They have replaced just about every componet they can and it is still not corrected. They even tried calling for GM techniclal support (what a joke) they were absolutely no help to the dealer techs who are trying to figure this out.

    GM wonders and complains about not buying American vehicles well here is the answer. After reading all of the messages reagrding the Acadia I wonder why we ever thought to purchase this vehicle.

    On a more positive not the vehicle consistantly gets 21 - 22 mpg.
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Dealer informed me when I complained about the dashboard thermometre "freezing" at one temperature from time to time that he received a bulletin stating that GM has had enough complaints about this problem that they are attempting to redesign a replacement. Until they come up with something, my dealer was told not to try to fix it.
  • I've noticed when my wife sits in the passenger seat that about 20% of the time the passenger side airbag light does not trigger on. She weighs approximate 130 to 135lbs. When the service department was questioned about this - they said this was right around the trigger weight and gave me a handout on how to sit in the seat. This seems to be a high trigger point as I'm sure there are a lot of other adults below 130lbs. Also they said there was no way to activate it full time. Has anyone else had any experience with this problem?
  • My 07 Acadia is having a problem with water leaking in a couple of places: 1) on the front passenger side where the seat belt pulls thru & around the airbag emblem above & 2) on the front passenger side under the glove box on the right side (inside glove box is dry). Alot of water comes in!! Been to the dealer's twice now & they can't seem to locate the problem & it is scheduled to go into a body shop this week. Other than that I simply love this car!!! Great to drive & a great ride! I've received LOTS of compliments. None of the other problems I've seen posted here.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    This has been talked about at length on another Acadia forum. One problem was with the sun roof drain either not hooked up properly or plugged. Another was moisture coming through the firewall around the emergency brake cable...possibly from a leak around the cowling at the base of the windshield. Never had any problem but I don't have a sun roof and it never rains here.
  • Bought a 2007 Acadia in May, 07. At the very beginning, I had trouble with the transmission at 41 to 45 miles per hour. In trying to maintain a speed between these two figures. THE TRANSMISSION CHANGES IN AND OUT - IN AND OUT. IT WILL SUDENLY ACCLERATE also, THIS HAPPENS AT ABOUT 65 MILES PER HOUR. When I had about 2600 miles on the vehicle - I asked my friend to check the tire pressure. There was 28 lbs. in EACH TIRE. I called the dealership and informed them that the tire manufacter reccomende 35 lbs. in each tire. Took it back to the dealer and they put 34 lbs. in each tire. When I bought the vehicle and TEST DROVE IT WITH 28 LBS. IN EACH TIRE - IT rode real smooth on the road. When they put 34 lbs. in the tires - THE VEHICLE RIDES ROUGHER. Common sense tells you that low air pressure GIVES YOU A SMOOTHER RIDE. If I knew the vehicle rode rough when I test drove it - I WOULD NOT HAVE BOUGHT IT. If you are planning on buying the Acadia - CHECK THE AIR PRESSURE BEFORE YOU TEST DRIVE THE VEHICLE. Very disappointed in the GAS MILEAGE. The BEST I have ever got was - 16.9 BOTH CITY AND ROAD. Very disappointed overall with the 07 Acadia.
  • Well I am a very disappointed owner of a 2008 Acadia. WE have only owned our Acadia for about 1 1/2 months and it is already in the shop. We were stopped at a red light and when we tried to go my husband had to push the pedal to the floor to even get the car to go. Once we made it to where we were going and turned the car off and turned it back on the car would not even move when you put it in drive. It would go in reverse, but not forward. It is currently still in the shop they are having to speak with the techs from Detroit to even figure out what is wrong with it. THey are thinking it is electrical. Has anyone else had this problem with there Acadia (2008)? I honestly don't feel safe putting my kids back into this same vechile.
  • Are these recalls on the 2007 or the 2008 Acadia?
  • Well the dealer finally what appears to be the problem with the anti lock brakes stability control ect on my wifes Acadia.

    Those numb nuts in the manufacturing plant routed the wiring past a sharp rivet which pierced the wiring harness and caused it to short out. The tech repaired the shot and rerouted the wiring.

    Hope this fixes the problem and helps others with a similar issue.

    Still considering getting rid of this problematic thing and writing a letter to GMC's engineering group.
  • I am very displeased with this vehicle and with Gm..Here it is October and I bought the vehicle with 50 miles on it and I have less than 4000 on it now and my power steering pump is leaking fluid like it is going out of style..The Acadia is parked under my carport and has been since the weekend before October 15th. I have been waiting on a Power Steering pump now for going on 2 weeks..I talked with Gm directly and basically was told that I am going to have to wait for them to get the power steering pump in to the GM factory and then to the Dealership where I bought the vehicle from..Said they have a certain amount that is being shipped an so many people are needing one..So in the meantime I have to ride my family of 5 around in a 4 door car with 2 in car seats and one 6 year old in the middle of the 2 car seats and pray that I don't have a wreck and kill the 6 yr old pinned in between 2 car seats..Told GM I needed a loaner vehicle because the power steering fluid was ruining the undercarriage of my brand new vehicle. And that was the reason I wasn't driving it..After the dealership and GM told me YOU can drive it It won't hurt anything..SURE it won't hurt anything JUST the resell value when I go to sell this piece and the buyer asks me Hey what is all that oil under the undercarriage of your 4000 mile new vehicle.?? So the Acadia needless to say hasn't been driven in 2 weeks...ALSO Have any of you did this software upgrade for this Acadia. The one dealing with the transmission?? I read where they said it will effect the gas mileage for the first couple of weeks..My question is what is gonna happen in 2 weeks that will make my gas mileage go back to normal??? I ain't fallin for that one..Sounds like a bunch of poo poo to me>..Let me know if it helps or hurts to get the upgraded tranny software...Thanks for letting me rant and rave...
  • Well now the AC doesn't work and the outside temp sensor is frozen at 37 degrees and it is in the mid 70's here in Colorado.

    Not sure if this has anything to do with the short in the wiring harness and the fact that they failed to rehook up the AC or what.

    Have read other posts about the outside temp sensor.

    It's anyone guess as to what is going to happen next.
  • I just wanted to let everyone know that I just had to have my whole Transmission replaced in my 2008 Acadia and it only has 2900 miles on it. And the service department is still not really sure if that will fix the problem.
  • Looks like our 2008 has a major transmission issue as well. My wife heard a loud bang when shifting into drive, then the car, which has 3,500 miles on it, wouldn't budge. Had it towed to the local dealer on 10-17-07. Ten days later, and they still haven't figured out the cause. Can they go any slower???
  • Hello everyone,

    I just bought a GMC Acadia here in Texas and was thinking about years of non-problematic driving but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've had the car less than 2 weeks and less than 1000 miles, and the anti-lock brake system started engaging at very slow speeds in parking lots for no reason. Also the a/c wouldn't stop pushing out cold air and I had it up to 88 and a/c off, what the ....? I had to turn the air off and then auto to get it to work.

    Now I'm worried that the transmission or something else might give out from reading here. What are my rights people? Can I 100% turn this car in and get my money back? I do NOT want a problem car!!! I'm use to driving Acura, Honda, and Lexus with no problems. I only bought this because my wife liked it. I'm going to bring the car in next Monday. I would like to give it back, do I need a lawyer? because I am NOT taking this car. I also used a trade in, what a mess!

    Also the car never had much get up and go but I notice more now that it doesn't have the pony up to really move. I can see the problem that others talked about catching up with me. I think they mated the engine to the trans very poorly and that's just great.

    I want to go back the comfort of the best auto makers in the world forget going anywhere else again. Listen to me folks, this is not normal, cars should not have any problems from drive off, if it does it's junk. I don't care if it's a 100k Mercedes or what. We don't pay alot of money for troubles less than 5k miles. This is fraud!

    Please help! What can I do?
  • I felt the exact same way. I told them I wanted a new car or my money back and was told that my name was on the title it was now my car. We have checked into the Lemon Laws here in TN and the car has to break down three times without them being able to fix it. Supposedly the are trying to say that maybe it was just a bad batch of cars or something. We have even talked with the GM Company and the owner of the dealership that we bought the car at. So if you figure out what we could do please let me know. I'm so scared driving around in that car with my kids in it. I don't even like to have to pull out of somewhere I'm afraid that it is just going to stop again.
  • Yeah they could not ever find out what was actually wrong with my transmission that is why they just put in a brand new one. They are sending it back to GM to have it analyzed to find out what was wrong with it. THe Regional manager over the service center came down and could not figure out what was wrong with it so good luck.
  • Hello Again, On my 2007 SLT 1 Acadia.
    I have already complained about my problems earlier. Still very, very, dissapointed in the gas mileage.Still only getting about 16.9 on average - BOTH CITY AND ROAD COMBINED.
    They advertised on the sticker window - 18 city - 26 road.
    I don't know where they tested the vehicle to come up with that mileage or how they done it ??? Seems to me that they are putting out some FALSE ADVERTISEMENT?
    My advise to anybody - IF YOU WANT A SIMULAR VEHICLE - CHECK OUT THE 2008 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LIMITED.They built it bigger this year. I'm trying to trade this Acadia for one.
  • My 2007 Acadia was leaking water inside on the front passenger side where the seat belt pulls thru & on the floor under the glove bos. The dealership says they have found the source of the leak (on the 4th try). A drain hose was not connected -- as in never was connected -- near the rear sunroof. They think they have it fixed now, they had to drop the headliner (that worries me) along with the DVD system, air vents (worries me, too!). Should get the car back sometime today, so we'll see. Other than the leaking issue, I've not had any other problems with the Acadia -- really love the car!!
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    I'm sure the 1 mpg difference between the city rating and what you are getting is reason enough to lose thousands of dollars to get rid of it. I drive mine a 75% city 25% highway split and get about 17-19 mpg on average. When I took it on a long highway trip with it filled to the gills, I still got 24-25 mpg.

    BTW: Did you happen to notice the size of the vehicle before you got it? Did you happen to notice that it was about the size of a minivan? Did you expect to get 30 mpg in a 7 passenger non-hybrid vehicle? If so, you need to wake up. I'm sure with the increased size of the Toyota, mpg will suffer. It is the nature of things. Bigger and heavier things get worse mpg than smaller and lighter unless you throw hybrid in the mix.
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    Reason #257 why I don't like sunroofs.
  • Got the Acadia back on 11/1/07 after more than 2 weeks in the shop. The diagnosis was a broken transmission gear...actual pieces of metal that broke free and jammed up the transmission...on a nearly new car??? hmmmmmmm

    Anyway, also had the trans flash performed and I've got to say the car shifts much more smoothly and the noticable downshifting/trying to find the right gear when accelerating from a 40-60mph cruising spped is gone...keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    . . . nothing worse than a brand new vehicle that's a pain. . . .but all things considered, this thread is relatively small on serious complaints. I'd love to see GM return to making at least it's share of the best cars in the world. We all need to pull for our American auto makers. It appears GM and Ford have gotten the message and are making serious efforts. I hope this Acadia is a world beater, and in spite of the complaints, I'm considering one.
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    When the topic of the thread is "problems and complaints" that is what I would expect to get a lot of. Every auto maker makes some lemons. Every one. I have an 07 Outlook and so far my biggest complaint is that the outside temp sensor does not work as well as I would hope. In the grand scheme of things, it is a petty complaint.
  • why don't they just take one off another car that's what they with my 07 AWD. The power steering pump is bad. You need to call the GM number in the back of the book and you will get a rental car. My Acadia stayed 28 days and we had a rental... Good luck, Goodbye GM I am going to trade it before I get stranded on the side of the road in nowhere land.
  • I had the same problem in the first week after purchasing my 08 Acadia back in August. I was parked in a parking space and when I put the car in reverse it was like the transmission wouln'dt respond at all. I then put it in drive since I had rolled partway out of the space, it wouln'dt go forward either. I finally let it roll out of the space (it was on an incline) so I could get it out of the 10 min. only parking, after several attempts to rty to get in drive gear it lunged forward and died. I was able to restart but needed it towed to the dealship, who initially told me that the car ran fine. Later they called to say it was a computer problem with the transmission, the same problem they are addressing in the recall.
    Now, besides other small problems, I'm still having the same issue that others on the board are have with the vehical shifting. Getting unto a freeway is always an experience, most cases when you push on the excelerator the car slows down, push the pedal harder and it will eventually kick in and accelerate.
    This is my first American car in 15 years, I'm beginning to wonder if I made the right decision.
    Total days in the shop since purchase, 8, mpg. 14.5. Most of that was waiting for the nav. system to be installed
  • stagestage Posts: 12
    I have a 2008 SLT2 AWD Acadia - the service stabilitrack and traction control warning light keeps on coming on. I have had it serviced two times and the dealer only clears the code for the warning. They cannot find a solution yet. Has anyone else experienced this problem and was a solution found? Thanks for the info.
  • Had the same problem. With the Stabilitrack light and warning message coming on.

    Took the dealrship two full weeks to locate the problem.

    The numb nuts at the factory that assembled the vehicle routed the cabling for the wheel sensor that sends messages to the computer that regulates the stabilitrack programming for the vehicle over a sharp part of the chassis under the right rear seat causing a short so that eeverytime the cable moved the message and warning lights came on.

    The dealship technician re-routed the cable and added some shrink wrap tubing over the cabilig to protect it.

    The dealership in trying to locate the problem had practically rebuilt the entire braking system before they found the problem.

    So much for GM's great quality control.

    These problems on the Acadia's must be costng them a bloody fortune.

    No wonder they are billions in the whole.

  • stagestage Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info - will keep it, if it turns on again.
  • Very unfortunate..

    I understand your frustration - but here's my honest understanding - (and I am not an attorney) is that there is a very high bar for your car to be declared a lemon - so even if you hire a top $ attorney - you may end up spending more money that way.. You are better off living with it for some time - and trading it in for another vehicle..

    Look at these links - &

    I was planning on buying the 2008 Acadia and after reading your post, it is giving me a serious pause..
  • I bought a 2008 Acadia 10 days ago, yep - that's 10 days, and it broke down. The car would barely move in drive or reverse and the stability control system light is flashing as well. After a tow, the dealer has no idea what is wrong with the transmission or the stability control. I saw in a previous post where it mention the wires needed rerouting, I will suggest that. I am regretting this buy already. I chose between the 4Runner and the Acadia. I should have gotten the 4Runner. I had a GMC Sierra for 13 years. It gave me transmission issues at the 11 year mark. I should have learned from that one.

    GM - I am VERY disappointed! :mad:
  • You are giving bad infor on this one!!! I had a 2005 Pathfinder new after 1000 miles the fan belt pop I took it in to Nissan and they fixed it with another fan belt, well it pop again after 3500 miles and they fixed it again with another fan belt, well at 8500 miles it pop again I called 1800 my lemon in Philly showed them the 3 paper works for the 3 fan belts from Nissan and they took my case for free!!!! they called Nissan and Nissan offered to take the suv give me a loaner and give me $1,000 for my time till they fix the suv I told my lawyer I didn't want that I want my money back! so we went to court 3 day before court the belt pop again now we are at 13000 miles when the judge seen the 3 paper works for the fan belt he looked suprize but when I pulled out the 4th one we knew we won!! they had to give me all my money back for every payment even the down payment all I had to pay for was for 1000 miles I think it was about $900 I took that 5,000 and got a new MDX problem

    P.S. When I sent back the Patherfinder it had 15,800 miles on it!! just think if they would have took it back at the 1000 mile
  • I have a 08 SLT Acadia and the stabilitrack and traction control just went off yesterday afternoon and this morning while I was backing out of the garage but after a few minutes of driving the warning went away. Was going to take it to the dealer but I guess I'll wait till it comes back on. I've had a lemon (different make) before and hope that it doesn't get to that with this one.
  • Winter has arrived and I'm now getting to check out the AWD of my 2008 Acadia. After a 3" snow I though I would try it out on a driveway.

    My test: Stop on an incline, then resume up the incline.

    Results: Going forward, the all wheel drive worked as expected. As a wheel began to slip, other wheels began turning and I was able to drive up the incline just fine, slow and steady.

    Driving in reverse gear produced a different result. The right rear wheel would spin and the vehicle would not move. At about 3500rpm one or both of the front wheels kicked in, but the left rear still did not, causing the rear of the vehicle to begin sliding to the left, but still no movement up the incline.

    By the time the front wheels kicked in, the engine RPM was so high and the back right wheel was spinning so fast that any wheel turning was simply going too fast to get a grip. (My guess is that the front right wheel must have gotten some type of grip to cause the rear to slide to the left?) I never made it up the driveway while in reverse gear. We tried this test several times. Me thinks the TCM needs an adjustment.

    The service guys at my GMC dealer know of no tech bulletins out on this. I have it scheduled for service on 12/11/2007 -- I'll let you know the response I get.
  • My 2008 Acadia did this as well and required a re-flash of both the TCM and PCM. Pretty much everything is controlled by software these days.

    I called OnStar when the StabiliTrak and Traction Control messages came up in the DIC and asked them to run a diagnostic check. They said the codes they see are: 1) My ABS is not functioning, 2) the StabiliTrak is not functioning, and 3) there is a high-priority need for the PCM to be serviced within 24hrs. It's always a good idea to call OnStar (if you have it) to get the codes documented -- in case they mysteriously go away before you get it back to the dealer.

    After the 1st service, the error messages were resolved but the odometer began registering only 1/3 of the miles I was driving. I noticed this because my avg. MPG dropped to about 4.5. Took a while to figure out that the mileage was not accruing properly. Another trip to the dealer and a PCM update fixed that problem.
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    it's cool if you have car in lease. Think 12 k per year, you can 36 k per year, after 3 years lease returm them with 100K on car, but odometer reads 36k.
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Now that -30C weather has arrived I was so pleased I had the remote start on my 2007 Acadia, then for 2 days recently it stopped working. Dealer informed me that GM already was aware that because of the Candian difference in gas mixtures (we have up to 10% ethanol) the fuel sensor notes "moisture" in the fuel so won't start, and thgat the gas guage reads errors too. When I looked at the guage my full tank read 1/2 full. GM is in process of rectifying the sensor to stand Canadian winters. On the other hand, I drove 1300 kms through 2 bad snowstorms in the last 4 weeks and traction was great, as was mileage.
  • My remote start also intermittently works. I can often see the lights flash when I press the LOCK button, but then pressing the start button results in "nothing". Sometimes I have to try several times. I wish I knew what is used for the antenna -- possibly I could park the thing a certain way so to get the best shot at it receiving the signal.

    Since you are in cold weather -- try this for me. Park on a snow-covered incline, headed down. Then put the vehicle into reverse and try to back up. I have found that one rear wheel spins, and the others don't, until I get to about 3500rpm, then the other wheels kick in. By this time, the one wheel is spinning so fast it has no traction at all. Does your Acadia do this?

    Then, try parking on the same incline, this time headed up. The AWD seems to work fine in this situation.
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    Even when standing in front of the vehicle the remote start wasn't working. Lights would flash to lock doors and theagain when the start button was pressed but only a "click" start up. Yesterday remote started working again, but weather had warmed up to -15 C degrees. I will try the all wheel drive experiment the next time I see an incline...I may have to drive an hour to get to one (pretty flat here).
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    Just in case you forgot: To get the remote start to workyou have to lock the doors (even if they are already locked) then HOLD the remote start button down for about 2 seconds. Just tapping it won't do it.
  • I've had my Acadia for 6 months and put 3500 miles on it. I love it, but the transmission had been a problem unitil I brought it back to the dealership for the first maintenance & software updates..... I drove 5 miles local road to home after it was done and the improvment was SO NOTICEABLE! The gears changed quietly, smoothly just at the time I wanted it happen... like when I was driving my Camry....My wife is the type of hit the road and go driver and has no idea what transmission is but she drove it last weekend for shopping and told me she felt the big difference happened to acadia and the change was positive... If you have problem w/ acadia's transmission and haven't tried the software updates yet, I highly recommend you to do now.
  • I just bought my 2008 Acadia 4 weeks ago. Right afterwards, I noticed an annoying vibration in the gas pedal when it is shifting gears. It vibrates under my foot nearly all the time... which is uncomfortable and distracting. But this is nothing compared to the shocking thing that happened last night:

    Yesterday evening (12/15), I found that the gas gauge was not reading properly
    (it was reading almost empty a few hours after I had put a quarter tank of gas in it.)
    I added another 12 gallons at the gas station.

    When I pulled out of the gas station, and was down the block,
    the car SUDDENLY lost all power: the lights on the dashboard went dark
    and the car rapidly decelerated.
    Then the lights flickered back on and then went out again and came back on.

    When they were flickering, the car was slowing down and there was nothing I could do.
    I was crossing the road into the grocery store parking lot against oncoming traffic.

    Luckily, there was no one behind me. If there had been a car behind me when I was suddenly slowing down, they might have smashed into me.

    I was shocked by this.. I went into the store to get the groceries, then went home.

    Now, I feel that I just paid alot of money for a new car (down payment and financing),
    and I may have bought a lemon... I can't trust it ...

    I am taking it into the dealership tomorrow... Between the vibration and the
    electrical failure, I feel really cheated: I not only lost my old car in the recent
    car accident (someone ran a red light and broadsided and flipped over my SUV),
    but I can't yet enjoy this new vehicle because of this disappointing and frightening behaviour.

    Any advice from fellow Acadian owners ? A number of people have told me
    that new cars often have problems and need adjustments when people first buy them. Have any of you had this experience of the electrical system suddenly
    failing and having the car be powerless ?
    What recourse do I have to get rid of this car and get a new one if this
    one is defective ?

    (The credit union, who gave me my car loan, has the title until it's paid off..)

    I really love the Acadia styling and features. It's a beautiful car with wonderful
    cargo space, comfortable seats and a snazzy look. I was so happy to have
    found this model and really wanted to buy one.. but I am so shocked by this
    failure of the systems, I feel betrayed ..

    I appreciate any information about what the problem might be so that I can advise
    the mechanics what to look at.

    Thanks for all your help and advice, everyone.

  • Rocket, don't be so quick to write it off as a lemon. People design and help assemble these vehicles, so there will always be a problem here and there.

    Just weeks after I got mine it needed some software updates to the PCM (powertrain/engine computer) and TCM (transmission). I also had noticed unusual shifting patterns prior to these updates, but it is much smoother now. When anything goes wrong like losing power, etc. you should hit the onstar button right away and have them run a diagnostics report -- you will want this documentation to give to your dealer if "nothing shows up" once you get it into the shop. There will likely be some fault codes they can give you.

    I've had a couple of electrical problems also -- unexplainable. Once, the driver seat started sliding forward. I thought I was going to break my leg as it moved up so far my knee was getting pressed into the dash, and my gut was headed for the steering wheel. Dummy me, I was so shocked at what was going on it wasn't until just the last second that I thought to reach down and move the control for the seat to move "back". (I'm an experienced GM driver, I did NOT accidentally hit the "driver # 2 settings" button -- I didn't do anything to make this occur, it just spontaneously starting sliding forward. And, the "driver #2 setting" wasn't set to that position anyway). This has never occurred again.

    A second weird incident was when the driver seat reclined -- all the way. This was also spontaneous, just after I had gotten in the car and started it. The solution: I just pressed the button to "unrecline" and the seatback came back up. This also never occurred again.

    I have a feeling there's either a software problem or a wiring harness that has a short-circuit (or two) in it, related to the driver's seat. I'm taking it back in soon to have the AWD-not-working-properly-in-reverse problem diagnosed. I had to put off my trip to the shop last week for that due to weather.

    Keep us posted on what you find as a solution to your problems! :)
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    I found one and very important thing, tried to use "Top Tier" gasoline. I was reading a lot differenret forums about this, such BMW, VW, Toyota, Honda a lot people had problems with fuel gauge and car runing rough.
  • I am having a similar experience and getting no satisfaction on a solution from GM after chasing through the hierarchy for two months. My significant other weighs between 98 and 105#. Sometimes the passenger side airbag sensor will activate the system, but most of the time, not. We've tried changing her sitting position several ways as well as having her press against the roof as hard as she could - still no "On" light. A 130# passenger produces the same result, but the system activates with higher certainty. A 150# passenger has failed to activate the system as well. Given the reasonable expectation that purchasing a vehicle equipped with air bags will protect loved ones in the front seat, I find GM's explanations absurd. By any reasonable person's definition of inconsistent and unreliable preformance, this experience is a dead-on match! Please let me know if you are able to arrive at a solution. This is a potentially dangerous position for Acadia owners. All the "if", "sometimes" and maybe statements I've been offered as explanations sound suspiciously like obfuscation.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    When I make right hand turns my Acadia does the same as your did loses all power (but can happen once a month not on a daily basis) but when I get it back to the side of the road it will restart. It has happened to my first car as well I am on my second Acadia and it has the same problem as well they put all the new software updates in it and it got worse so brought it back again they put a recording device in the car and wouldn't you know it the stupid car didn't do it the whole while the device was in my car. The problem is still not resolved and I don't feel safe driving my kids in that car.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    don't buy an acadia yet to many problems not resolved. Take it from me I have had two now after a month I had to get a replacement one now my replacement one is worse then the Acadia I had before. Hopefully they will get these kinks out with the next few years. I should of got a Hyundai they have great reviews nowadays.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    The same happened to my first Acadia the day I bought it I drove it home after 25 minutes of owning it Check Engine Light came on and the car wouldn't move Not Impressed I had my doubts of buying another GMC they were always junk before I went to Jeep and back in a GMC trouble again I thought with the warranty they must of improved the vehicles its the only car I like in the league but they need Toyoto to put an engine in it. It was an output or input valve that had to be replaced in my car and after a week or so the car starting shutting off making rights. Brought it back to dealership my family could of been killed driving this car and they allowed us to have a replacement vehicle not this Acadia is doing the same thing and it doesn't show up on the diagnostic machine so they are unable to fix it so any day I am driving it could be the day the car shuts off and my family can die.
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