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    Yes you are making a mistake. Get out of it now before you regret your decision. I am the one who has had two Acadias and after one month of owning them things start to happen. I want my money back and they are making it difficult saying thats what warranty is for so they want me to drive this car playing russian roulette with my kids lives. We don't know when its going to shut off while we are pulling out on a highway I am so scared to drive this car I am in tears so upset that GMC would allow me to take this car when its unpredictable and they can't find the problem. Stick to Hyundai I was hoping I could get my money back from this piece of junk and get the Hyundai Sante Fe or the new Veracruz unfortunatley the Acadia has nice styling and more room then any of the other crossovers thats why we chose this car. I looked on the computer for people with complaints and couldn't find any when I purchased this car now I know all these problems I would stay away from it.
    Take care
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    Let me know how you make out I suggested getting a lawyer to at least in the states you have lemon law unlike here in Canada. I am very disappointed with my car and want my money back especially when we took a replacement Acadia in hopes the first one was a lemon now that one shuts off for no reason when driving it endangering our lives.
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    Does your car shut off for no reason while driving it? When mine makes right turns it shut off but it can happen once a month or once in two months one time it did it twice within 10 minutes and they can't find out what the problem is and I have 3 kids I am scared to death driving this car one we had been lucky the very times it had done it no one was driving behind me or we would of got hit.
  • Dear All,
    Thank you SO much for your posts! I was considering a 2008 Acadia until I read these. I am also considering a Honda Ridgeline....Any thoughts?
    Thanks! :confuse:
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    When you look in forums with "Problems and Repairs" in the title you are going to encounter a large percentage of posts from people with... well... ummmm... problems and repairs. I'm sure that if you look in forums for any make and model of vehicle that have "Problems and Repairs" in the title you will encounter the same.

    I have had my Outlook for a few monts now and have encountered none of the problems being posted in here. My only compliant is that it does not get the mpg I expected or hoped for ont he highway. I was hoping for about 25 or so and I get 22 or so. Not a big beef.
  • Well, I took the car back to the dealership... they said the reason
    the car lost all power was because " the positive cable was not connected well
    to the fuse block" (it was loose).
    They were able to duplicate the problem (i.e. suddenly losing power and the dashboard going dark).

    They tightened the cable and checked all other electrical connections; they
    said they think it's fixed and that I should not have that problem again...

    Are they right ? Who knows ? I hope so... Someone else on this forum said that their Acadia shuts down unexpectedly like mine did and they could have been
    hit from behind.... I worry about that, too... it is not a safe situation...
    ...But have your mechanics check the cables to the fuse block...
    (at first, my mechanic didn't think it was that, because the clock stayed on and
    was correct... but later he figured it out...)

    I still have that annoying problem of the gas pedal vibrating under my foot
    almost constantly... (does anybody else on this forum experience this ?)
    The dealership said this can't be fixed or adjusted, it is just
    a characteristic of the car... however, I don't believe this as another Acadia that
    I test-drove did not have this problem... its gas pedal was tighter and more
    confortable and it did not vibrate all the time...

    Thanks for your replies... they were helpful....

  • I have the same viabration problem which started right after the computer upgrade for the transmission.
  • I have the vibration problem on.
  • Tighted down the attenna. I had the same problem.
  • You right
    All GMC have problem.I bought one with problem

  • When I opened the back hatch in my 2007 Acadia to put some Christmas presents in, it extended all the way up, I leaned in with bags in hand and right as I was under it, it fell about 1 1/2 - 2 feet down banging me on the head. Then it must have reset itself because it started to close on me!
    Hoping the wind had caught it, it was very windy that day, I tried it again with the remote (this time standing a safe distance away) and it did it again and has done so ever since. I plan on taking it in after the beginning of the year to have it repaired.
    Has anyone else ever had this problem?
  • Did you get the update? How is your gas mileage now? My hwy has decreased to about 17mpg. Just wondering what you are getting. I have a 2007 Acadia FWD SLT2. I am not getting 22/mpg as before the update. I haven't called the dealer back yet and have put a 1000 miles on since the update.
  • My 2007 Acadia's back hatch just started making a loud "clunking" sound & jerking into place when it gets completely opened. It appears to be the gears on the support post (driver's side). The mechanic had lubed it & it was okay for a couple of days, but then it has started making that noise again. Will be calling the dealership again today!!
  • A couple of things before I get back to the title. I have a end of the year 2007. A couple of months ago I received a letter from GM saying they had a computer upgrade that would enhance the performance of the transmission on the FWD SLT2 Acadia. I went in and had it done and immediately went on a two hour trip on business. The upgrade helped the shifting and I noticed and improvement right away. However, the upgrade wacked out the in Dash computer screen and the Mileage and Trip meter was wrong. I was registering less miles that I was actually traveling which wacked out the instant MPG readout and odometer. I took it back to the dealer that same day and when they called GM, GM said they were flooded with calls about the same thing. The dealer told me that GM would have a fix ASAP. I went in the Dealer the next day and GM had a software fix that put everything back to normal except that the odometer is still about 300 miles less than it should be. The dealer said that there is another computer on board that keeps the true mileage and that GM is working on a fix that would have the Dash board computer get the real mileage from the other computer. Until that time, I am still about 300 miles under what my true mileage should be.
    Back to the vibration. Soon after I notice an annoying vibration on the gas peddle that really becomes noticeable when I go past 1500 RPM and over ~42 mph. what concerns me is that the gas peddle is not connected to any linkage to the engine so there must be some serious vibration coming from underneath. I took is to the dealer 2 week ago and they said it was "normal" . I drove it another 2 weeks and decide to call GM and unloaded on them. They called my dealer and I am set up to go back in January 2 and leave it. GM nor the dealer claim to have a fix but I just wanted to alert everyone that the VIBRATION IS NOT NORMAL BECAUSE YOUR ACCELERATOR PEDDLE IS NOT CONNECTED TO THE ENGINE. If anyone has figured out what is causing this, let me know. If my dealer figures this out I will post it.
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    I bought a 2007 Acadia in July 2007. Since my purchase it has been in the shop for a water leak from the sunroof. The first time it was determined that the drain tube from the sunroof to the outside of the vehicle had never been hooked up. A month later when my car passenger side floorboard flooded for the 2nd time, I was informed that there had been a memo put out on how to attach the drain tube, which my dealership had done incorrectly. Instead of them notifing me of the memo they waited until my car flooded the second time. I am very dismayed that I had not been notified of the possibility of a second episode of flooding. They say it is fixed now, but I am upset that they didn't replace my carpet, my glove compartment molded and now my car smells like mold and mildew. This is the only new car I will probably own and I believe it should be "NEW" for longer than 6 months. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you have any suggestions on how I can get my dealership to address my issues?
  • Thanks for posting this !

    If you look at my 2 posts, #102 and #114,
    you will see that I mentioned this exact problem of the gas pedal vibrating
    under my foot nearly all the time while driving... you are experiencing the
    same problem ! I did what you did.. took it back to the dealership..
    at first, the mechanic said he could feel the vibration in the pedal,
    but he drove another Acadia on the lot and said it did the same thing..
    he said there is no adjustment he could make, it is "normal" and just a
    characteristic of the car..

    But, the gas pedal is not connected to the engine, so why
    is it vibrating ?

    I had test-driven a few other Acadias before buying and I hadn't noticed this
    vibration... it was only after I purchased the vehicle (that they got from another
    dealership) that I noticed it... I agree, I don't think it is "normal". The gas pedal
    is obviously loose and possibly rattling around ...

    When they were fixing the electrical problem, they gave me a Tahoe to drive
    as a rental... its gas pedal was tight, with very little vibration...
    I plan to drive some of their other Acadias when I am next in the dealership
    to see if they are all this way... we shouldn't have to put up with this inconsistent manufacture...
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    Yes me again, After testing the car with a recording device in it for a month and nothing happens they took it out of my car last week and of course today it did it again to my husband. He was pulling out of the video store onto the highway luckily we know not to put our trust in this car considering the many times it shut off turning right and guess what it did it again this is 7th time I believe since July when we got this replacement vehicle. You call on star and it says nothings wrong. Why is it shutting off I just want this to be figured out.
    Please anyone else with this problem please email me.
  • 2 mild clunking sounds coming from front end always happens when starting off cold...seems to be related to brake systems waking up....have an '08 Acadia SLT 2 and it should be normal.
  • About losing power suddenly, here is another possibility:

    When the mechanic was test-driving my car to check out the
    vibration problem, he noticed that my key in the ignition had a heavy
    keychain full of other keys hanging on it... he said "you really shouldn't
    let the ignition key have this weight dangling off of it.. if the ignition key
    is pulled (such as when you are making a turn), the key can lose contact
    inside the ignition slightly and then the car thinks the key is not in
    the ignition and so the power goes out... you should drive your car with
    ONLY the car keys in the ignition and take your other keys off of the
    keychain while driving..."

    Others have stated that this sounds correct.

    Now, I drove my Blazer with a heavy key chain for 15 years and never
    had this problem... however, cars are almost totally electronic now and
    so possibly this can be a source of electrical and power problems.

    So, are you driving your Acadia with the car key on a heavy key chain ??
    Maybe your "shutting off" problem is as simple as that... try driving it
    with only the car keys in the ignition and let us know what happens... thanx..

    (Anybody else have any info on this ignition-key idea ?)

  • Or maybe the service guy is full of it! my wife has a 07 MDX and if you see her key chain you would pass out! when I jump in her suv to move it the keys smack me in my knees and she got the mdx a year ago. I think GM is still way behind and when something goes wrong they just say anything that comes to there mind at the time!! I really like the look of the new Enclave but I would be to scare to buy it because of GM past...I would wait till they have some kind of good track record for a few years.
  • The heavy key chain thing is a &#%! I just purchased a 2008 slt1 acadia on Dec. 17th 07 and already have a problem with my car shutting off! On Christmas eve my wife and I were on our way to pick up her parents. On the way there the engine light went on. I called on star and was informed that there was an electrical problem that has something to do with a signal from the computer to the fuel system and then to the engine. I was told I could continue driving this vehicle for 7 days! Well on Christmas day (the next day) I started my car with the remote with no problems and after about 3-5 minutes I started loading the car with gifts and my in-laws and to my surprise the car had shut off! I tried starting the car with the key and it would not start! I had to have the car towed to the nearest dealership on the 26th. They told my that there are 4 sensors on the crank shaft and all they had to do was swap the sensors around. I received the car on the 27th and was pretty upset with my experience...after spending 40k+ on a vehicle I don't expect these things to happen so soon! I called the dealer where I purchased the car from and set an appointment with one of the so call shot callers. On saturday the 29th on my way to see this person the car engine light went on again! I called on star and they informed me of the same problem! I notified the dealer of this problem and they told me that all they could do is give me a rental and will have there mechanics take a look at this. I can't wait to hear what there solution to this problem is! From my understanding, one more of the same problem falls under the no lemon law. Does anyone know if this is accurate?
  • My 2007 Acadia also had a leaking problem: water would come in from the front passenger side thru where the shoulder seat belt is & also on the front passenger side under/beside the glove box (inside glove box stayed dry). Alot of water would come in - enough to soak the floor & the passenger front seat. I ended up calling GM directly & they "worked with" my dealership to get the problem solved. There was a drain hose which was not connected (as in never was connected!!) for the rear sun roof. They had to drop the headliner completely to fix it!! But there is no more problem now & it looks as good as new!!

    GM was great to work with & very easy to talk to. They do care about their customers!! You can find the phone # is the owner's manual.
  • Based on experience, I believe that you need at least 4 recurring issues of the same type to qualify for the lemon law, unless the problem concerns a safety issue. If it was a safety concern, lemon law qualification would depend on severity of condition, and your condition seems to qualify for a lemon law claim.
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    I'm starting my research now on my next daily driver vehicle.

    I like what I'm seeing option-wise with the Acadia SLT. I wish it had a light blue or bright yellow color-wise but I can work with what GMC has offered.

    I was always told never buy a new model its first year. It looks like the second year of the Acadia also has some serious problems.

    I appreciate all of the feedback here as I would never get this type of information from a dealership. Keep the problem reports coming.
  • The closest color to light blue from GMC for Acadia would be blue gold metallic, w/c looks cool.

    I ordered a red '08 SLT 2 with all options except AWD and 19 inchers (FWD was quicker and 18 inchers rode smoother during test drives). Really like the HUD / camera. No problems found in this forum were experienced thus far, and the Acadia beats other XUVs on looks, space and cornering. The driving feel is solid and tight, and I drove mostly German cars which I got rid of due to several reliability issues.

    Good luck on your search....
  • Please advise your dealership that this pedal vibration problem is not a characteristic of the gas pedal has been smooth under all kinds of driving. Hope you get his resolved....if not, this should be escalated to GM Customer Service.
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    Just bought a 2008 SLE and today I found the driver side the floor between the 1st and 2nd rows is kind of soft and possibly hollow. This part of the floor is covered by a carpet like materia and all other part of the floor is hard plastic. So when I step on this part, I feel the floor is soft. Does your Acadia also have this soft floor?
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    This is Dawn from, BC Canada again my car was in the garage again and a week later the car shut off again turning right the electrical went out. Now they think it could be an ignition/electrical problem, Our mechanic is trying to locate other garages that have dealt with Acadias doing the same thing.
    Could you tell me what GM dealer you have been taking your car to? Maybe it could help both of us out to figure out what is going on with our cars.
    [email protected]
  • There is a compartment under the floor that holds the battery.
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    The battery compartment is behind the passager seat and actually the cover is kind of hard. What I am concerned about is the floor behind the driver seat. The carpet floor/cover is too soft and I don't know if I can damage anything under it by stepping on it.
  • We purchased our AWD Acadia SLT in Oct. it was used with supposedly 11,950 miles on it... and were told it had a tech bulletin to install updated bolt in the drive line. We said OK and purchased it but, had to sign a waiver to drive it that day. Then we were told that the parts had been ordered and would be in a couple of days. After we took delivery of the car we went on a trip, which was about three hundred and fifty miles round trip. On our way back home I noticed that the odometer only registered about fifty some miles (for about every four or five miles traveled it would register only one mile). I checked the other trip odometer features and they said the same, all the readings were way off. When we got home I called the dealer that we purchased it form and told the service consultant of this which he said he has never heard of any thing like that, He also said that the parts for the update were in, along with other miscellaneous items that had been ordered I took the car back into the dealer about two weeks later for the necessary repairs, They did put me into a courtesy rental car which I had to pay for the insurance for which was $11.90 a day. They said they would need the car for possibly a couple of days. I called the dealer after the weekend and they informed me that they had to order a new or a rebuilt IPC ( instrument cluster) after the IPC was installed they then informed me that their was a problem with the SRS air bag deployment system and had a code in the computer so they that they needed to order a sensor. This was about ten days after the car was originally brought to the dealer for the original problems. I was unaware until just the other day that there had been a recall for the airbag sensor not having a problem with the air bag deployment system at the time. After about another three of four more days the dealer said that they would not receive the sensor for possibly two to three weeks. They finally finished the repairs after twenty eight days and three hundred and thirty three dollars for insurance paid out by us. Then right before Christmas we were driving 65 miles to our relatives and 1/2 way there the dash went black and was stuck at the positions on the speedometer and tack and the door locks and back hatch would not work either We called onstar and were told to take it in. Now this was Christmas Eve and we went to an out of town dealer and they said it had a fuse problem and to drive home and to take it in to our dealer, We called the original dealer, which is out of town for us, and they told us we could take it to our local dealer. It went in the day after Christmas and they are continuing to work on the problem. I was a Gm tech for 20 years until the mid 90's and now work for private gov. agency in a related field, so I know some issues are time consuming to resolve.

    My issues now are: 1. The dealer never told us of the airbag recall, which is a major safety issue and 2. The mileage issue do we know for sure the correct mileage and 3. The amount of time it has been in the shop for electrical problems that as of yet have not been resolved...!!!

    I will be hesitant to let my wife go on the freeway out of town when we get the car back. And can we have a passenger in the car and the airbag be safe and operating properly.

  • I just have gotten my Acadua out of the shop where it has been for 28 days. I too have had problems with the transmission sluggishness. The one I had test driven was great, there were no issues that I could see or feel when driving so I special ordered mine in July 07 and it was delivered the end of August. Less than 5000 miles and I was having issues with the stabilitrak light coming on along with all the bells. Had it towed once because Onstar and GMC said it didn't need to be driven, the second time I just kept driving it and the lights and everything went off while I was talking with Onstar, the third time by the time Onstar came on the line the lights and bells stopped. By this time I was over it. I took it back to the dealership where they called GMC and started trying to resolve my problem. Unfortunately they gave me a substandard vehicle for me to drive while mine was in the shop so I have not been happy for 28 days. They completely tore my engine down and supposedly had to wait for a replacement for sensors that they think had been the issue. I have my vehicle back and it does change gears better now than it did when new. But I still have my doubts if it will live up to my expectations.
    Your issue with the clunking noise is the same in mine. After reading the manual and talking with the mechanics this supposedly is the stabilitrak coming on. Something that I wish wasn't on the car at all.
    I hope to have better luck, but again I must say I am not happy!

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    I purchased a 2007 Acadia in July '07. I have had it in the shop twice for the leaking sunroof problem. Have had water standing in my passenger side floor board. 1st time it was repaired, they said drain had not been hooked up, 2nd time said it wasn't repaired right the first time. Now am fighting to have carpet replaced. Can't tell me that having all that water standing has helped the carpet any. After the 1st episode my glove box was full of mold. Now they're telling me it's up to the dealer to decide if carpet smells moldy. Otherwise I love my car!!
  • I decided to search the internet for the "leaking water problem" I am having with my 2007 Acadia. I stumbled across this thread, which will probably be a great asset to me. My Acadia was in the GMC dealer a couple weeks ago (just after we bought it) when we noticed that the rain was soaking our new vehicle. It was at the dealer for 4 days until I decided to pick it up unrepaired because the Holidays were approaching and I didn't want my car there sitting doing nothing over the Holiday.. Plus, it doesn't rain much here in So Cal, so I figured I would be fine during that time. Keep in mind that there were TWO other Acadias in the service for the exact same problem, so I was very concerned
    The rain returned this past Friday and we noticed that the passenger floorboard was soaking wet again. Of course, I had plans on bringing the Acadia to the dealer on Monday, however, it was driven into the GMC dealer (for the 2nd time) on Saturday afternoon after after I was driving on the Freeway and all the electrical went haywire on me. The gages shut off, then back on, then back off again as it there was an electrical short. Then, the radio went off, the door locks didn't work, On-Star didn't work, NOTHING worked. Then the lights in the dash came back on, but the gages weren't working. I was afraid that the airbags wouldn't work either if it came to that. At this time, I am under the impression that the electrical problem is coming fom the water leak. It's at the dealer now. The seem to have no idea where it is leaking from. I live in La Habra, CA. There is a dealer in Whittier that says that one other Acadia in there belonged to someone and it was an aftermarket sunroof that was leaking. I have a hard time beliveing that someone would buy an Acadia and have an aftermarket sunroof installed. The Other Acadia is still there beacuse it hasn't been sold yet. Now that I find this thread, I will be looking into the sunroof possibility. I would really like to speak to the owner of the Acadia that started this thread. If you are willing to talk, please contact me at [email protected]
  • My Acadia is in the service dept for the second time for the same exact problem. Is the problem with your Acadia fixed? If so, what exactly was done to repair the problem? Also, what dealership found and fxed the problem? My dealership can't seem to figure out what the heck is leaking.
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    I am not the originator of this thread, but I remember what the fix was. It seems that GM (factory and dealer) has a hard time getting the drainage tube installed properly. It tends to get pinched and possibly punctured and then you get water in the car.

    I would insist that the dealer replace your carpet as well as repair the sunroof. If the car gets wet and the windows are rolled up, it is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once you get that growing in there you won't ever get the fungus or smell out of the car without replacing the carpet. It will also be heck on your allergies and respritory system. If the dealer refuses to replace the carpet, tell them to see your lawyer.
  • I had 2 small water leaks, in the same spot on opposite sides. Driver and passenger side right about at the arm rest. The dealer adjusted the doors and that took car of it.
  • Our 2007 Acadia, which we ordered from our local dealership, was leaking water on the passenger side where the front seat belt comes thru the door & also on the lower part of the front passenger door directly to the side of the glove box. The glove box stayed dry inside, but the carpet did get soaked. The dealership took the Acadia to a body shop & they diagnosed the problem, but did not want to fix it since it involved dropping the headliner. A drain hose from the real sunroof was not connected. The dealership dropped the headliner & connected the hose & we've not had any more leaks!! Hopefully this will stay fixed?!?! Hope this helps!
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    I have reading another forum, so found good point how to improve the trans shifting from one member.
    So he stated:
    "When in L, use the +/- button to change gear number in DIC to 5. This ends up causing all the hesitation and shifting issues. When I limit the Acadia to 5th gear, it drives fantastic. If I go onto the highway I kick the gear limit up to "6" for the fuel economy."
    "Depending on your top speed, you can also put the 'L' setting to 4th gear and just have a 4 speed automatic or to 3rd gear and have a 3 speed auto. (Like you do with setting it to '5' and having a 5 speed automatic).
    The only negative to using 'L' is that the smart downshifting is disabled. So if you are coming down a long steep grade you would need to manually shift down if using an 'L' setting. When in 'D', the computer detects that you are riding the brakes and will automatically shift the transmission down to help hold the car back."

    So, I think its pretty cool future.
  • I just took delivery of 2008 Acadia. I am having the same problem with the Passenger side air bag. I took it back to the dealer (North Brunswick, NJ) . They are insisting that there is no problem with the sensors but it depends on how people sit on. I am very dissapointed, I don't know what is the next step is. My wife don't want to take this vehicle out if someone has to sit in the front passenger seat.

    Is there is any solution for this problem with the air bag?
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    I just received my SLT1-2008. when setting the radio onto a station, it plays for a minute and then stops playing and start an automatic search that does not stop at any station and continues for couple of minutes before it stops on the station which i chose at the begginning plays it for a minute and then go to the non-stop search for another couple of minutes and go on again and again. Thus, i am not able to listen to any station for more than a minute???
    I am not sure if i did something wrong while learning the features of the radio, but would appreciate any help if anyone had this same problem.
  • Sounds like a bad antenna connection (just needs to be re-seated in the back of the radio) or the radio receiver may be bad. Have you taken it back to the dealer?
  • tsrourtsrour Posts: 2
    I guess you got it right as the dealer said the same and as mentioned it is a small problem. Thanks for the advice.
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    I have a 2008 Acadia SLT-2 which from day 1 has had a clicking sound coming from the wheels (same volume and sound of rocks stuck in the tire grooves but upon careful inspection, there are none).

    Anyone else have this? I'll be taking it back to the dealer for troubleshooting, but I want to know if this is just common to the car or not.

  • It could be ABS turned on. - if it is, it should happen after your car is turned on, and the speed gets at about 10 miles. - It happens only once when it is running.
  • jdscijdsci Posts: 5
    Sounds like it isn't normal, so I will just take it in and have them check it out.
  • I had a problem with my ipod not playing through AUX. jack. Not being a big techie it took me a month to figure out that there was nothing wrong with the Acadia or the patch cord, my ipod was a piece of junk. Took it back to Target for new one and works great. Also found out while trying to solve problem that GM is coming out with a product called Personal Audio Link (PAL), it installs behind the dash somehow and you snap ipod in glovebox which allows you use radio controls and charge ipod. Retail price looks like $159.
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    Recently had the new fuel sensor installed and it seems to have corrected the fuel guage and remote start problems.
  • I bought a 2008 slt-1, I have had it maybe a month. The mpg isn't as good as they said it was suppose to be, hoping the more it is broke in the better it is. The seats are terrible, the headrests push your head forward. My husband hates the Acadia, the seats are very uncomfortable, he wouldn't take a long trip in it. We had a Suburban, and he wishes we had that back. He said if he could have test drove it a hundred miles he wouldn't have bought it. Just driving around town you dont get a real feel for it. I drive 150 to 200 miles a day in it, and when I get home my neck is killing me, and the seats are to hard. They should have put the Suburban seats in it. For me the handling of it is great. We haven't had any other problems with it so far. Great for driving in town, I have been driving a 3/4 4x4 crew cab diesel pickup. I like my truck, but wanted something smaller. My husband is thinking of trading it in on a BMW , Lexus, Toyota, he hates it that much.
  • I have a 2007 SLT FWD and the front tires lose traction easliy in wet or dry conditions going up hill or relatively quick flat starts at 3-4 rpms. Anyone have this problem?
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