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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    In January I leased a brand new acadia. I drove it a few days and noticed a strong gas odor coming in through the heating vents. I had the car in 4 times but either they can not recreate the smell or find anything wrong with the car. GM has not been any help. Now at 2000 miles the car is making me sick!!! Any suggestions?
  • goodmaj1goodmaj1 Posts: 13
    Let me guess - does it smell like natural gas? I had the same problem, took it to the dealer, and they told me it was normal and referred to it as the "new car" smell. I will say now that there's 3700 miles on the car and it's been on a 20 hour road trip that the smell has gone away.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    Yes a natural gas smell. GM has the car today and I'm hoping they can fix it. I guess you never found out what was the cause? It can't be healthy. I also smell it on the outside of the car. It does stop if the recirculate button in on. I'm at about 2500 miles. Thanks for the info.
  • chuckhoychuckhoy Posts: 420
    There are all sorts of chemicals that seep out of the car as it gets broken in. Plasticizers, glues, solvents, lubricaints, etc... all set and cure at different rates and there will be some still in the car for a while. Same goes for new houses. They reek of formaldehyde from the carpet for weeks. Is it good for you? No, but the only othe roption is to roll the windows down and let it bake in the sun for a week.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    Thanks for your response. I do understand there are many chemicals, etc. in new cars but, I was told (by GM) they would burn off by 1000 miles. I'm at about 2,500 maybe more. This is my sixth new car so I'm familiar with new car smells but not this. A reputable mechanic (not GM), who has been in the business for 20 years, test drove the car with me when the smell came up. He was alarmed. I have children and health issues and need to protect my family. It only happens when the car is at a stop light or standing still. The smell comes in then goes away. It smells like the propane smell when I turn on the BBQ. It comes in from the outside of the car. I would be happy to let it bake in the sun but it has been winter weather. As for the formaldehyde in carpets, I have hard wood floors!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    As for the formaldehyde in carpets, I have hard wood floors!

    But not in your Acadia (unless you got the Bamboo option, glued up with a formaldehyde free adhesive You might be onto a real luxury feature here. :shades: ).

    While the out-gassing will last a long time (probably a year or more), the obvious smell should dissipate within a few weeks.

    I guess I'd have the exhaust system and fuel lines checked for leaks. Maybe the AC is treated with an anti-mold coating and that's the smell? Since the smell is just coming from the vents, you'd think the dealer would be able to narrow it down some.
  • bobfishbobfish Posts: 48
    I had the transmission on my 2007 Acadia reflashed with the update for the shift points in November 2007.I don`t know about everyone else that has had it done but I still think the transmission shifts like crap. When going up any kind of grade it down shifts and up shifts several times,sometimes I think I should wear a neck brace to stop my neck from jerking back and forth.Other than that I have no complaints but that is more than annoying.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    Is "out-gassing" for a year or more acceptable on a new $40,000 car? This should not be acceptable by GM standards or by consumers. Looks like it's my tough luck. Love the Bamboo option! I think your onto something!
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    I had mine flashed back in October and it really made a positive difference. Just don't know how they ever got these out the door the way they originally shifted. At least on my AWD 07' it made a world of difference. Only 17K on it but absolutely no problems with it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Outgassing depends on the product. Particle board can outgas formaldehyde for the life of the product, for example. Which is ironic since I'm putting formaldehyde-free bamboo in my house on top of old particle board.

    People's sensitivities vary to all the glues, plastics, carpets and adhesives too, so what may be ok for the average consumer may send a few people to the doc.

    Back your problem with the propane smell in your vents, I'm wondering if there's mold in the AC/heating system? You could try spraying some bacterial killing spray in the vents and maybe that will help. Frigi-Fresh is the brand the dealers use (along with Frigi-Clean, which gets injected into the AC evaporator).

    You could also check to make sure your AC line is dripping when your Acadia is running and not accumulating moisture.
  • I had the same problem. Dealer forgot to put on the little "stinger" extension on the outside attenna.
  • I had the smae problem. It was in the under the floor rear storage compartment by the rear hatch.
  • ejaguarejaguar Posts: 2
    I got an early '07 AWD Acadia and have never been happier with a car. The dealer did reprogram the transmission which improved the high upshift greatly. I guess my only complain is the reluctance to down shify immediately from 6th gear on light throttle.
    One thing that would really help are paddle shifters on the steeing wheel like my wife's MINI.
    For a new model it's amazing.
  • lissaalissaa Posts: 12
    I have an '07 FWD Acadia (brown w/leather brick red interior) and I love mine also. I had the sunroof leak and the dealer fixed it promptly and the transmission update was done on mine also. I get good gas mileage and I'm happy with 'everything' that it offers. AND.. on top of that, it seems that everywhere I go, someone tells me what a beautiful car I have. I wouldn't trade mine for anything! :)
  • anjolecaanjoleca Posts: 2
    I had my Acadia for 1 1/2 weeks before the check engine light came one. It only had 400 miles on it. Onstar ran check and told me to take it in. Per the dealer there was play in the cam shaft....they had it for 25 days. Took exactly 3weeks just for the parts to come in. I got it back on a Friday, and as soon as I drove off, I noticed a hum in the engine that wasn't there before. I took it back and they kept it 2days and told me it was a noisy power steering pump and there was a recall on that. Of course the part was on back order. But it came in today. So I will be taking it back on Tues. for repair. They have had my new car longer than I have!!
    I also feel like it shifts weird. Seems like it goes to 2.2 on the rpm and double shifts. They checked it out and said it is seemless shifting and that it doesn't register as anything wrong. Guess I will have to live with that. Seems that I am not the only one this has happened to. GM still has bugs to work out on this car.
    But it is beautiful!! :cry:
  • dawnkdawnk Posts: 9
    Still problems with it. We will never by a gmc product ever again. They have the recorder put in the car again because it shut off while I was driving in a parking lot (without making turns) While driving on the highways it feels like the car slams in neutral and it feels like its stuck in that gear till finally it goes with a big blot back to give you whiplash and it feels like its going to shut off but my husband believes this special recording devices does something and prevents it from shutting off.
    I will be having it taken out soon to see if it will shut off without this device in the car. My brake pedal is squeaking crazy everything in the cars seems to squeaking. I did get the vibration in the brake pedal as well and the pedal went straight to the floor a few times.
    We are going for Toyoto or Hyundai for our next vehicles. I should of got the Toyoto Highlander its just that it looks so plain looking and the Acadia is a nice looking car. We are looking for a second vehicle a 2009 Toyoto Matrix at least this car will be good on gas. Constantly going to the gas station with the Acadia. Would like to trade this Acadia on the Toyoto Highlander but will have to suffer the loss of money.
  • I want to start off by saying how much I love the Acadia and how it fits my family's needs. But I have had so many problems with mine. I think it may be a lemon. I had the following electrical issues: Rear power lift gate, heated passenger front seat, front passenger door lock, passenger front window. Also, the sky scape window sun shade broke. I was told by the dealer that some Acadia's made it off the assembly line without being properly sealed in some key areas. I would encourage all Acadia owners to run a hose on the roof of the vehical to check fo leaks. My leak was down behind the glovebox leaking directly onto a fuse box which probably caused all my electrical problems.
  • vad1819vad1819 Posts: 309
    I have almost 5000 mile since november 2007. I didn't have any problems. I did update transmission. I'm getting about 17-18 mpg all city/traffic driving.
  • I had the same problem happen yesterday. We have had our acadia for 7 months and this is the first time this happened. All of sudden after a rain last night water started leaking from under the glove box. I was wondering what you did to fix yours? Our dealership says they havent heard of this problem.
  • I would bet that it has been leaking for a while now, just not enough for you to notice. I had mine about nine months before we left it in the rain long enough to notice it. There is a fuse box that gets wet when this happens. I had a lot of electrical problems with the vehical since it was new. I just got my Acadia back from the dealer on Friday with the new fuse box installed so I am keeping my eye on it. When I went to the dealer on Friday, they were pulling in 1 Acadia and 2 Enclaves for leaks. Have your dealer call Andy Klein Pontiac, Buick, GMC in Overland Park Kansas. They are very familiar with the problem.
    Good Luck
  • I was returning to the dealer to pick up my Acadia the other day after they "fixed" the leak, I had them replace the fusebox located behind the glove box where the leak was prominent. As I pulled into the service department, they (the dealer) was pulling in 1 acadia and 2 enclaves to fix leaks. These were off the lot. Not even purchased yet. GM knows whats going on here. They just don't want to fix a million leaks. This may have "major recall" or Class Action Lawsuit".
  • We experienced the same problem on 5 different occasions. Each time the dealer said it was fixed but it still kept leaking. Eventually we got them to order us a new car because ours was only 7 months old with 5,000 miles. Well within the guidlines of NY Lemon Law. I hope they fix yours right the first time and you don't have to go through what we did. By the way they said they never experienced the leaking problem before. I don't believe them.
  • you are not alone. i just bought the 08 acadia. on the first sunny day, i experienced horrible glare from chrome trim. my husband did not have the problem as he is taller than me and the glare hit him lower (i'm 5'3"). check with our salesperson at the dealership (he's a relative) and he told us there is a GMC bulletin to fix this problem. there is both a temporary fix (some type of tape or adhesive cover) followed by replacement parts as soon as they can get them in.

    i don't have any advice about the sunroof. i don't have one.
  • I just picked my Acadia up from the 3rd time for being in the shop for leaks and electrical issues (all related to the passenger front side, including all electrical functions of the door. Nothing worked). They replaced the fuse box assuring me that that would take care of the problem. IT DIDN'T!!! I took it back today and I got the Acadia to reproduce the problem in front of the service manager so they finally knew I wasn't crazy. They say they have it fixed. I will let you all know.
  • kateycukateycu Posts: 1
    The day I bought my acadia, 01/02/08, the check engine light came on while driving it home. I called the dealer and was told the gas cap wasn't tight. Yeah, right. Turns out the third service call and almost 30 days without my car, they are replacing a cylinder in the engine. Now they tear this engine apart and put it back together and I have a feeling it will never run the same. I have been in contact with GM customer assistance, but they have a book they follow. So I am making payments on a car that is sitting at the service department and I am not very happy about this. I do love this car, but am seriously thinking about switching away from GM products after this experience. :mad:
  • anjolecaanjoleca Posts: 2
    I had the same thing after 1 1/2 weeks. It was in the shop for a full month. They had to replace the head cam shafts. After I got it back, it was making a funny humming and whining noise. Took it back and they replaced the power steering pump....still did not fix....replaced power steering pump again....still did not fix...then was going to replace the rack and pinen steering this past Monday but received the wrong parts and then the process was halted by engineering and they felt like it was related back to the cam shaft problem. Today....they finally fixed my car. It was a cable that runs somewhere in the engine that had been damaged or moved or something when they did the orig. repair. I will get it back tomorrow.
    We had contacted the owners of the dealership and they have reimbursed our car payments that we have made, and they brought me a new Yukon off of their lot to drive until my car was figured out. If it did not get fixed this time, we were on our way to having them repurchase the car. It had already been approved. But....they seem to have fixed it. (we'll see)
    They have had my car way more than I have in the last two months. It has been in 6 times since we purchased it in Mid February. It has been a pain. Hopefully, when I get it back tomorrow....and it really will be fixed. I really love the car, but this is so exhausting and I don't think I will purchase a GM again either. However, our dealership has really taken care of us.
  • ralph26ralph26 Posts: 1
    I have owned this car for 7 months and have spent over 30 days at the dealer's service department. That's more than the 12 years that I owned Lexus combined. I actually never took a Lexus other than for regular maintenance. I had the water leak, the rear door not working, traction control, stabilitrak, the brake pedal sticking (21 days at the shop waiting for a part), cruise control, and the RPM's are usually all over the place while driving. The GM customer service department has NOT been very helpful either. Like others, I like the car's interior and exterior, the roominess and comfort but I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER GM AGAIN!
  • mghiottimghiotti Posts: 1
    My engine check light came on 1 week after I bought it in late February. From what I have found is this is a defective CAM Cap problem. This has been happening since summer 2007. My car was built in February 2008. Appears GM is letting these engines enter the market, then when the problem arises they fix it under warrenty. I don't know how thats legal. Its no wonder people are buying foreign cars and GM is losing its market share to toyota. I have bought GM for 40 years, and when I spoke to their regional rep, he didn't care. I can't believe this is the customer service you get when you buy a 30K plus car. This is my last GM car....
  • goodmaj1goodmaj1 Posts: 13
    Due to GM's policy on loaner cars, I finally found time to get the car into the shop for problems that have existed for months. In case you don't know, unless your car is going to be there overnight, GM's policy is that they won't give you a loaner. So, unless your dealer has a better policy, if you're planning to buy your Acadia as a family vehicle, be prepared for your family to either be stuck at home or at the dealership when you take it in for various warranty fixes. That's right, even though it's not your fault, when the car needs to be fixed for various defects, you get to be inconvenienced! Which is exactly why I'll never get a GM car decision I've made in five years was to lease.

    Anyway, I took it in for three specific problems. Two seem to be relatively common so for the benefit of others:

    - A few times we used remote start on the car when it was cold outside, say around 30 degrees. We'd get into the car after five minutes or so only to find the AC blasting and the thermometer reading 80+ degrees. After driving away the thermometer rapidly decreased but it would have been nice to get into a toasty car. Turns out this is a fault in the ambient temperature sensor and is pretty commonplace. It happened again last week in much warmer temperatures so it's an equal weather offender.

    - Recently, the screen on the nav/radio went completely black while driving. The sound still worked, but no screen. Dealer was going to order a new screen but it turned out this is a known problem with the programming of the device, GM called the dealer to reject the order. The screen itself isn't failing, rather the programming of the unit causes the screen to go black on occasion. GM supposedly is working on a programming fix. For us, after we restarted the car the screen came back.

    - DON'T TRUST YOUR GAS GAUGE WHEN IT GETS LOW. I posted earlier on this, but in a nutshell, we ran out of gas when the needle was slightly above E and the computer said we had 35 miles left. I realize that the computer is an estimate but the gauge isn't. This turned out to be a problem with the float/sensor in the tank itself.

    Only 30 more lease payments and then the GM experiment is over....
  • I bought my Acadia the 29th of Dec, 2007. We had a pretty bad winter in Idaho this year but I was very impressed with the way the Acadia performed in snow and ice. I still think the concept of this vehicle is great, but GM still has a lot of work to do to make it the car they advertise it to be.

    I really had no trouble until it hit 2000 miles. I am not sure if I did not notice the clunk before because of snow and ice or what. Everytime I start the car now, however, and begin to drive about 7-10 mph, a loud clunk appears to come from the rear of the vehicle, and sometimes, I feel it under the floorboard of the drivers side. I asked my husband to take it and see what he thought. He suggested that I take it into the dealer and have them take a look at it, At first, I got the standard ,"could not duplicate", which infuriates me, especially since it happens every time! I took a ride with the tech and then he miraculously heard it and felt it. The only thing my dealership could come up with was the ABS doing a self-check. It is a profound noise, but I can live with it if it truly is a characteristic of the Acadia.

    The other issue I had them check was the brake pedal making a loud sqeaking noise. They had the TSB on it and changed out the brake fluid, or so they said. It started sqeaking again after 2 days.

    Since then, the clunking sound seems to be louder, so I contacted other local dealerships for information. Many said they just haven't had problems with the Acadia. Some say they haven't had anyone return them to service for any reason. Some acknowledge the have had some vehicles in for the same issues I am experiencing. Last week, we had a pretty hard rain while I was parked in front of my office at work. When I went to leave at the end of the day, I noticed my drivers seat belt was all wet and muddy after I pulled it across my blouse. I checked the headliner and it was very wet along the drivers side of the car, dripping, in fact. I checked the floor in front and back and it was wet as well. I immediately drove to the dealership so they could see it for themselves. They saw it and scheduled me in Monday, April 28th. They kept my Acadia for 2 days. They took apart the headliner and the drain tube was apparently missing. I informed them I had read about this issue on Carspace and the laughed at me and told me that you can't believe everything you read on the internet! Anyway, I picked up my car yesterday and they supposedly fixed the problem with the sunroof leaking. I won't know for sure until I take it to the carwash or until it rains again. However, since they had to take apart the headliner and seatbelt pillar, now the seatbelt does't pull out very easily, not does it retract and now it doesn't adjust at all within the pillar like it did before. It is stationary. I can't adjust the seat belt height anymore. I don't know how it would perform if the vehicle were involved in an accident. One of the reasons I bought this car was because of the safety features. So now, it goes back and I am once again, without a vehicle.

    I haven't even brought up the issue with the vehicle smelling like gas ,especially when using the remote start. I thought I was flooding the engine or something.

    I did ask them to check for overheating, although the temp gauge stays on 210 all the time! They said they checked it with an infrared light and it wasn't overheating. Could not duplicate. Surprise! Sometimes, just driving in town for 8 miles will make the front of the car too hot to touch, but they could not duplicate this issue. I truly doesn't happen every time, but has done it enough for me to be concerned about taking this on a long haul trip. I have only had it out of town twice since I purchased it. And that was only going 60 miles one way. I have to wonder how this will perform going several hundred miles.

    What a disappointment this Acadia has turned out to be, as well as the people working to fix it. I am telling everyone I know to avoid GM altogether. My whole experience with these issues has been so frustrating. You would expect to get more for $44,000. I spoke to someone from GM customer service yesterday, (Chelsea), and basically her answer was, "have your dealership document the problems and find the answers and fix them and if they can't or won't....sorry about your luck!" Wow! I purchased the vehicle. I am going to pursue the lemon law in Idaho if I don't get some resolution quickly. Oh, and the other thing....I get anywhere from 8-14 mpg in town driving under identical conditions. I got 10 mpg at the last fill up and I figured it manually just in case my instrument panel was damaged by water. I have no faith in this vehicle. I want badly to love it like I did the first 3 months! It will probably have horrible trade in value. This is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my 51 years of life. Avoid the Acadia and all her sisters until such a time GM gets it right and offers help to all of us who are victims because they did not get it right the first time! Step up to the plate, GM!
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