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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • Yesterday and today,on starting, the panel went thru its check steps but after that the entire panel was dark. Restarting caused the problem to go away. Any body else seen this? This is a 2008 Acadia about a year old, 5,000 miles.
  • It's 3 times for the same thing, and also 30 days out of service meaning you have not been able to drive it because it was in the shop , it does not have to be 30 days in a row, just total of 30 days. It sounds like you have had enough problems for the dealer to be highly concerned about, but no they will keep stringing you along as much as they think you will accept. Make sure everytime
    you take it in they document the exact problem word from word, make sure the the dates are correct from the date you take it in to the actual day you pick it up.
    You need to call GMC customer service and start a complaint file, that way it is documented by them. :sick:
  • My 2008 Acadia also has this rough idle problem during initial start up after sitting over night. Is this really a bad gas issue?? Anthony008, is your 2007 Acadia still exhibiting this issue, or has it been resolved? Has anyone else seen this problem?
    Thanks for your help.
  • I have a 2007 and a couple of months ago (27000 miles) I had a rough idle after it sat over night. The roughness lasted for only about 10 -15 seconds and went into regular idle. I dropped it off at the dealer for an overnight start and they said they did not see this happen when they started it. I took it hope and the next morning I had the same problem.
    The problem then disappeared and has not happened since. Car runs fine. :confuse:
  • On Sept 8 I posted about my panel lights going dark.

    Turned out my grandson had 'dialed' the dash lights down to 'minimum'. LOL
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I had a computer monitor go "bad" like that one time. :shades:
  • Have an Acadia AWD that I bought in March 07 (currently has 31K miles). There is so much to like about the vehicle that it's frustrating to always have some issues that spoil the vibe. I have learned to live with the transmission issues (that I think have been well documented) - poor shifting, lack of power etc. since we first owned the vehicle. Have had several software upgrades for Transmission but saw very little (positive) change in performance.
    Have also experienced the occasional loss of power steering that some have mentioned - which I see as potentially very dangerous condition - the fact it only lasts a second or two is small comfort when you have 3 kids in the car and can't control the vehicle.
    Other issues have included the loss of battery power when sitting in parking lot listening to radio (which others have noted) and tendency for car to roll forward after stopping the engine (in park). Vehicle also does not retain position in gear at stop light or traffic light, but rolls back unless you keep your foot on brake (this is pretty weak for a car of this cost I think) - I'd understand that with stick shift where you have to 'hold' the car via pedals, but this is unacceptable at this level.
    Finally, my Acadia is currently at dealer having major work done to repair drive shaft. It's covered under warranty, but was significant cause for concern when I was driving in city yesterday. Car started shuddering uncontrollably at 20mph and when going above that felt like car was going to shake itself apart. Got towed and safely to dealer but yet another frustration to add to the list.
    Gas mileage stinks and is nowhere near what they pitch in ads etc. Its a big SUV so unless you are driving 60mph plus all the time you'll never get anywhere close to their specs.
    I love the look, the style, the interior, the spaciousness, but hate that its lacking in areas that are so critical to the ride and would allow me to recommend it to others.
    Hopefully they've figured things some things out since my purchase.
    Note: Seems standard practice for dealers to indicate problems as 'normal condition' for all the things that I repeatedly see here as issues for every owner - are you listening GM?
  • I have had my 08 Acadia FWD for 1 month -very disappointed with the MPG!! I am getting 11.5 to 12 MPG, dealer today said the computer showed 14.9. All of the driving I have done for the last tank was city driving. I am calculating manually and will continue to do so. If the odometer is jumping it should err on the side of better mileage but who knows how to prove that issue. I have a long way to go to invoke the lemon law and doubt I will get anywhere as GM is protected by the "mileage estimate" disclaimer. Does anyone know if a 25% variance in MPG is enough to invoke Lemon Law? I want to keep the vehicle, but want GM to pay me for the additional gas I need to buy over the life of the vehicle. Any ideas?
  • I was told it was a gas issue in SE La. At the time I was using Shell gas and then switched to another station that does not use ethanol and the problem went away. I have used Shell gas in other states and have had very slight issues. My problem started about April and I stopped using Shell gas. I have used BP, Exxon gas in Gulf Shores, Mobile and Birmingham with no issues. I believe GM was right that the gas contained to much alcohol and it took Shell to long to get the process straight. I will tell you Shell gas SUCKS....They are know for dumping bad -blended gas on the market.
  • I want to keep the vehicle, but want GM to pay me for the additional gas I need to buy over the life of the vehicle. Any ideas?
    Dear, your dream sounds too sweet to me.
  • Yes it is a dream but when will the manufacturers ever learn? In doing some research I learned that the Lemon Law is difficult to enforce for MPG reasons unless the mileage is off by 50%. Also, the service manager at my dealership said that GM recommends Regular Quiktrip gas as the best gas for optimum MPG. He said their formulation is the best. He asked for my manual mileage calculations which I am glad to provide.
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    However GM doesn't come up with the MPG numbers. The EPA does and it clearly specifies results may vary.

    From following the Honda Pilot message boards I've seen results vary widely and manytime comes down to location, driving style and conditions. CIty conditions can be very different and perhaps yours are worst case. 10 to 12mpg happens for the PIlot too.
  • Yes, the steering problem in wet weather is on the 2007 model.
  • I had the groaning sound on my 2007 and took it to the dealer. They checked the power steering fluid and it was full. However they found a service bulletin which states that the power steering fluid needs to be topped off above full. Have your dealer check for this bulletin. However I never had any loss of steering control. This is unacceptable and in my opinion you should insist the dealer replace the power steering pump under warranty.
  • cway77cway77 Posts: 8

    No problems yet but thats becuase I just picked up my 08 Acadia yesterday. When I got it home and started to get it situated found this long bundle of wires attached to a square electrical component on the end. Looks like this could deffinitly plug into something but wondering if anyone has a clue as to what?? It was just freely sitting in that compartment and not attached to anything. I couldn't find anything in the maual about this and am very curious. Any insight on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Did you order the trailering package? If you did, like I did, that is alternate wiring for a different kind of electrical hook up.
    That compartment is also where you Satelite/Radio Attentena is stored when it comes from the Factory. I found that out on the drive home from the dealer when I had lousy reception on the radio. I called the dealer and they said "whoops" we must have forgot to put that little antenna on. They told me where to find it (the compartment) and that is when I found the wiring harness you are talking about. :) No problem.
  • texicbtexicb Posts: 3
    Not sure if you're still checking this thread but I have the same leak problem w/ my 2007 Acadia SLT - I'm wondering if it's even worth the hassel of going through the dealership at this point From what I have researched and read from this forum, GMC is either unaware (or at least unconcerned) about the potenial severity of mixing water and electricity. Have you found a resolution for the reason or origin of the leak(s) you experienced? In mine, the water seems to be making entry from somewhere in the front portion of the roof, possibly the parallel seam moldings on either side of the roof or the roof rack anchors in the front. The water runs straight down into the interior door frame angling downwards towards the driver's side fuse panel and the passenger's side glove box and literally pours onto the floor mats. Please let me know what you have found out....
  • texicbtexicb Posts: 3
    Apparently, GMC is either unaware (or at least unconcerned) about the potenial severity of mixing water and electricity. My 2007 Acadia SLT has leaks in a yet undetermined origin in the roof. The water seems to be making entry from somewhere in the front portion of the roof, possibly the parallel seam moldings on either side of the roof or the roof rack anchors in the front. I'm confident it is not the sunroof. The water runs straight down into the interior door frame, soaking the the outer headliner and angles downward towards the driver's side fuse panel and the passenger's side glove box and literally pours onto the floor mats. Given the location of this vehicle's primary electrical circuit loads and fuse panel, this is a very dangerous place to have water present. I have read some other threads about the same type of leak(s) causing severe electrical problems which could (and will) cause a catastrophic electrical failure while driving. If anyone has any information regarding the origin and reolution for this leak situation, please respond and let me know.
  • I had water in the front passenger foot well on my new Acadia 08. The dealer said there was a factory recall fix which involved a drain tube of some kind. Since it has been installed, I have had no other leaks. I never had a wet headliner and that is terrible.
  • texicbtexicb Posts: 3
    I haven't heard anything about a factory recall - the recalls usually take a few years to pop up because the manufacturer (GMC) doesn't want to jump the gun. I have read many forums and blogs that mention the problem stemmed from the drain tubes/hoses which were not connected or connected improperly. CAN YOU PROVIDE THE INFORMATION YOU RECEIVED ON THE RECALL, MAYBE A RECALL # OR CODE. IF THERE IS A RECALL FOR THIS PROBLEM, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. You can contact me a [email protected]!
  • Let me just say - 1-800-lemonlaw. I will never make fun of that commercial again! They are WONDERFUL.
    I signed the final paperwork last week, dropped off my Acadia, and picked up my new car later that day.
  • I love our '07 Acadia -- but there are some issues that just can't seem to be resolved to our satisfaction. 1) gas mileage drop of about 5 mpg, both city & highway. 2) gas smell coming out of the vents. The dealer can't seem to find any problems -- they say all is good!!! Funny, though, that these 2 problems happened at the same time. Just a coincidence??? I just don't think so!! This can't be something "good". Now we're thinking about trading. I will truly miss this car, but can't see spending $$ on an extended warranty that may not cover things that have already been problems. I've seen several of the same problems also on the '08 models. I really wish GM could get this car put together!!!

    Thinking of looking at a Ford Edge. I know it's smaller & doesn't have all the fun toys/buttons of the Acadia.
  • This is my wife's 2008 Acadia with less than 9000 miles.
    This is the second time I've had it towed to the dealer, about 40 miles away. I did post a notice with the BBB , just as a backup. The first time the dealersaid there was a module problem and had to reset the computer. The first symptom, engine light , it wouldn't shut off. Ran rough and could not get any power, even flooring it. Then buzzing under the hood.
    This time did not notice any engine light. Ran rough, would not shut off, and the same buzzing under the hood. Next morning went to move it and the battery was dead. I love the looks and comfort of the car. But I've told GMC fix it, give me a new one , or give me my money back so I can buy a Lexus. Which my wife wanted in the first place but I really liked the looks of the Acadia. And buying our first American GMC.
    The people at GMC Response, were very nice, but want me to wait. They think they have fixed it.
    I wonder where my wife will be when it dies again.
  • I'd appreciate if anyone can tell me if they've had the same problems I'm having. Just brought my '08 into the shop after the 4th leaking problem (i know I should have gone after first time, but it's a 25 minute drive and the problem occurs only in rain). Anyway, heavy rains routinely find their way in -- apparently thru the sun roof seals I hear--- and the driver, front passenger and rear cargo all get wet. You also hear the trapped interior water rolling over your head. I've heard this is a common complaint. What I have not heard, is if anyone also gets electrical problems from the water. My emergency brake light --and the annoying chimes--- activate during rainstorms. So there I am, driving along with the right foot on the gas while I pump the emergency pedal to stop the lights and chimes. Also, about a month before I noticed the water problems, the DVP screen no longer showed video. Looks like the "broken window" effect you get on screens, which the dealer says must have come from the kids whacking the screen. Now I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.....and does anyone know if the broken window effect would result if wet wiring were really the cause of this malfunction? I'll be damned if I'm paying to replace a screen in a car with an overhead waterfall.
  • Make an appointment with the dealer NOW! Yes, the leak can cause electrical problems. I had my fuse block replaced three times. The water destroys the wiring. I had the same problem as you. Also, my overhead lights would not come on. The third time I had it replaced, they said they could not find a fuse block and sent an email to all the GM dealers in the country trying to locate one! 26 days later they were able to fix it. I continued to have transmission problems (felt like it stopped, would hesitate, the pick up as I was switching lanes). Called 1-800-lemonlaw and GM bought it back. When I tried to deal with them on my own, I got no where. Anyway, the lemon laws are different in each state. In mine, you had to have had the car in to get a problem fixed within the first 12,000 miles, then have it in three times or for a total of over 30 days. The attorney goes back to the mileage from the first time you took it in to determine how much they will buy it back for, if they agree to do that. I would start taking the car in now and take it in every time something is wrong. Keep your receipts of work done, even if they say they can't find anything. Good luck.
  • I had the problem but the factory recall reapir did fix it the first time.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks for the info. That's very helpful, especially since you experienced the problems with overhead lighting. I picked mine up last night so we'll see if the leaks stop. The dealer will not change his mind about my video screen yet, as he still claims it broke from being hit and that water would not have done that. So i"ll keep pushing on that and it will go back every single time there's a problem. It's a shame, because the car does handle nicely, but with only 10,000 miles, it's too early to be having troubles and I'll likely be moving away from what is a sharp car otherwise.
    Thanks again.
  • Noticed some wetness underneath on the passenger side at the 2nd oil change [08 SLT, ~6900 miles]. Had the dealer take a look when the Acadia was in for the wiper arm recall a couple weeks ago. They added some kind of dye to the oil and asked us to return in 2 weeks. Just got off the phone - the oil is coming for the timing cover. The fix will require pulling the engine! Ugh... What are the odds that the car will ever be the same again? I'm terrified that we'll come out of the dealer with more problems than just an oil leak. Any thoughts?
  • Hi,
    I struggled with the same problem before it was repaired. It is caused (believe it or not) by improperly routed drains from the sunroof. The water runs down the passesger side window post and shorts out the electrical system. It took 4 tries and 2 replaced fuse blocks to get it right (I think). We haven't had a severe rain since we repaired it the last time.
  • Okay, have a new issue. The other evening after shopping, I came home, pulled into the garage, put the car in "park", turned off the engine, removed the keys and exited the car. I was the only one in the vehicle. Then, I went around the front of the vehicle to the front passenger side and opened the door so I could remove some packages. When I opened the door, the alarm (bell), that tells you that you have left the keys in the car, dinged 3 times. I removed the packages and shut the door, then proceeded in front of the car, and it honked once, then, all of the doors locked. This is the second time this has happened in a week. I am glad I never leave the keys in the car! Anyone else had this issue or doesn anyone else have a fix? Please post. :lemon:
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