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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • looks like im not the only one with problems with this vehicle.right now we r getting all of our repair paper work together and sending it to the better business beure.hopefully i can get out of this vehicle before it costs me a pile more bad its such a nice unit.
  • I purchased a new 2008 Acadia last year for my wife. We had several issues with it since.
    1. Water leaks both by the rear antenna and also the main Sunroof.
    2. Replaced the main computer twice.
    3. Replaced struts in the front.
    4. Replaced bracket for wheal housing on front driver side.
    5. Had and still have traction control issues, had the vehicle in the shop several times issue still not resolved.
    6. Air Bags have been and will have to be serviced again.
    7. Rear hatch opens up on command but abruptly starts closing making this a serious issue is you do not catch it on time.
    I am taking my vehicle back in this week to my local GM dealer to try and get these issues resolved. If I had to do this again I would not purchase an Acadia.
  • I'm having the problem with running thru a puddle , and my power steering stops working . I've seen others having this problem , any resolution yet ?
  • I bought in august of 07 and have had leaking issue ever since. I took in 8 different times and they could never pin point the leak. Call GM and the had me take it to a different dealer to fix the problem. That was 10 weeks ago and they still have my car. Tomorrow we have an appointment with a lawyer. I don't know what else to do. They dealership where they are working on it said that the 2008 with dual sunroofs has 3 holes that are not sealed and that is where the water is coming in. So from the day that this car came off the assemble line it has leaked. When owned by GM, Dealership I purchased it from and Myself. In my area it has rained and snowed 150 times, not including the times i have washed and times it rain or snowed when I was in it out of times. Water has leak inside my vehicle probably over 200 times. no wonder I have had so many problems with this car. Why Does GM not see what I see?
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    because all that GM seeing is "RED"... :sick:
  • My 07 Acadia has mold from the leaks. I opened a case with GM and the GM rep dismissed it because he found an old snack size can of tuna under the seat. He said the smell was from this. The smell is mold. I think it is from the sunroof problems. There mold in the a/c system and the smell comes from the doors. The big issue is that I have been sick. No energy, weight gain, swollen glands, coughing. I'm being poisoned by this car. I have tons of doctor bills because we could not figure out what was wrong. The dealership, Freeman in Grapevine Texas, has tried so hard to fix the problem. They have had the car 3 times. GM got a ton of money and they are not being responsible for their screwed up cars. I will have to pay the price to get rid of the car. I had a lease and it's not up for 2 more years. GM should be responsible for this. Don't buy an Acadia!!!
  • jbawoljbawol Posts: 1
    My 2009 Acadia AWD has an odor similar to natural gas. Have taken it to dealer
    three times and they act like I'M crazy. Any suggestions?
  • Purchased a 2007 AWD Acadia in Sept 07. Currently has 21K miles. It has spent more time in the shop than my 99 Chrysler LHS with 186K miles ever did. To be fair the good first:
    1. AWD works great, We live in snow country and have never been stuck. Plows right through.
    2. Styling.
    3. Seats are very comfortable, especially lumbar support.
    4. Tons of storage space with rear and middle seats folded down.
    5. Leg room in middle quad seats and rear bench seat.

    1. Came with high beams only working. Took three trips to dealer to get fixed. For two month opposing drivers hated my guts.
    2. Sunroof leak. Three trips to get fixed.
    3. Transmission TSB/reset.
    4. As mentioned, glare from chrome A/C bezels.
    5. Windshield wiper recall.
    6. Averages 15.5 to 16.7 MPG combined driving compared to 21.5 MPH in LHS. Will bet 22 MPG on a freeway trip at 70 MPH. Goes down 2MPH for every increase of 5 MPH in speed.
    7. Engine is barely adequate in horsepower. Really needs a 4 L. Trans has to downshift for the slightest uphill grades. Rumor has it that a new "Denali" version with come with a 4 L. Struggles to tow my 16 foot aluminum boat, especially on grades.
    6. Rattles, especially one under dash, when in drive, stopped with foot on brake. Very annoying when stopped for red lights. Dealer can't duplicate, naturally. I have a one ton truck that has a suspension that will sake the fillings out of your teeth. Yet it has not rattles. Go figure.
    7. Rattle on passenger side in front or rear door when going over 35 MPH on semi rough roads/pavements. Dealer can't duplicate. (Did I mention I can't stand rattles!)
    8. #1 complaint. Noisy power steering. Been back to dealer twice to bleed system per TSB and howl always come back. Getting ready to take it back a third time. Very noticeable when making slow speed turns and accelerating from stop to 15 MPH. EXTREMELY ANONYING.
    Our neighbor also had a 2007 and their power steering went out three separate times. I mean it completely quit where they had to be towed. They also had the issue where the car intermittently wouldn't accelerate and the car would lock itself, once with the keys in the ignition. After the P/S went out the third time they traded it in for a Honda Pilot.
    9. Suspension is very stiff for a Crossover. More like a SUV or truck than an car/crossover.
    I hate this car. Would not recommend it to anyone. I'd get rid of it in heartbeat but it's paid for and I'd take a bath on buying a new car. I prefer driving my 1 ton truck this car. Fortunately, it's my wifes car and I only have to drive it occasionally. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Thanks to mygm rep and the bbb. Gm is buying back my 2007 acadia lemon and giving me an msrp by back trade in. My car has been in the dealership 60 days and theey still have not fixed the transmision problem thank you bbb and my gm rep
  • bfamilybfamily Posts: 15
    Some of the AWD Acadia, Outlook, Traverse and Enclaves have an issue with the seals under the hood, between the cabin air intake and the engine compartment. There aren't many cars out there that have this problem so most dealers don't know about it.

    There's a service fix that installs a hose to the AWD PTU to move the venting valve out of the engine compartment. The oil used in the PTU gets stinky when it heats up and that most likely is what you're noticing as a natural gas type smell.
  • gbshergbsher Posts: 2
    I purchased one of the earliest Acadias (April 2007)--the top of the line version with all the features--AWD, etc. Truck was great for about 8 months, and then I had one of the software updates applied, and it changed something about the transmission in a significant way. I could tell immediately upon picking up the vehicle. All the same things people have said on this forum--car can't find right gear to be in, sluggish up the slightest hills, terrible gas mileage, poor acceleration, all of it. Well, 2 weeks and 3 days ago, at 37,800 miles--THE END. Tranmission crapped out with my whole family in the car. Had the car towed to the dealer and I've been waiting all this time for a replacement transmission. With all the GM company issues, their parts suppliers aren't making parts, so I've been told there are literally no replacement transmissions to be had. And so I wait. While I hate paying for a vehicle I'm not getting to drive, I'm almost glad that the tranny finally died, because now I have hope that this will actually finally fix the problem. I was thinking of trading the Acadia for a Yukon, but now I'm fearful that all GM cars will suffer this issue with parts availability. Regardless, I can't wait to get rid of this car. I wish they'd drive it off a cliff.
  • I waited on my2007 Acadia for 64 days the transmission part finally came in this week and I got it back although I didn't want it any more I reccomend you call
    and get a gm rep and call the bbb we finally got justice
  • We use this extra storage space for packs of gum, a pen & a notepad which comes in very handy when needed. My friend also has an Acadia and she uses this space to store her sunglasses (she has a habit of sitting on them).
  • We have the same problem. Dealer installed some "splash guards" with no resolution. Seems to happen right after car is started and then goes through puddle. What has your dealer said?
  • I bought my '07 SLE Acadia in the summer of 2007, with AWD, reverse sensor and remote start, XM-radio... NO sunroof. We only drive it in off days, so for almost 2 and a half years, put only 13,000 miles on it... I read this forum periodically, scared by the postings here, but just want to say my Acadia has been problems free since I had it, and keep my finger crossed it doesn't quit on me one day.

    I do maintenance every six months, and had the transmission software updates once. I went to the dealer for the wiper change (due to facory recall) once but they did not have the parts, so I had to drive back with only motor oil changed. I will have the wiper changed before winter comes, and will confirm they have the part before I go next time.

    Overall, I love my Acadia even more than the first day I bought it. I has been working great for my family.
  • I have one of the first model Acadia's (Feb 2007). I initially had several problems with the audio/sound system. Problems with the driver chair slipping. But this weekend the transmission locked up on me while on the interstate. Scared me to death.

    I can't believe I paid almost 35k for a vehicle that has had so many problems. I am so dissappointed. Not so much that this car has been a nightmare, but more so that my local GM dealer gives me the run around every time I do have something wrong. Waiting now to see what will happen....
  • Hello, I had my 07 Acadia in for a severe water leak last fall and they had to replace the drain tubes running the length of the roof with longer ones. This summer, the check engine light came on and I needed a new catalytic converter and timing belt. A few weeks later the leak came back and they had to fix the roof rack to stop the leak. We love our Acadia but it only has 18,000 miles on it and it has had significant problems. I just wonder what the future holds. Prior to the 07 Acadia we had a 04 Chevy Trailblazer Ext that had severe engine problems and only 36,000 miles on it when we turned it in off lease. It had a problem where the engine would just completely die (once in a busy intersection where I had to coast into a McDonalds). Prior to these two vehicles we had a 2000 Toyota 4Runner that only had a CD player replaced, other than that it was a dream to own. I want to buy American as my father retired from GM, but I also need our family car to be reliable. My 2000 Saturn LE is very reliable, but Saturn was canned by GM.
  • I have had issues with my power steering from the beginning. I took it in and they said nothing was wrong. It doenst lock up, but has this awful humming noise!! it's gotten louder and louder. Other issues, are air bag light keeps coming on, my brakes are failing. They arnt rubbing or sqeaking, but when you press on the brake it just goes down to the floor, like they went out and then i have to pump the brake.!! Cant think of anything else but i am sure more things will come up!
  • Dealer has ordered a belt to change which is step 2 after replacing splash guards. Will post results.
  • I just purchased an 09 Acadia AWD, and we immediatly noticed the very strong intoxicating natural gas smell that comes from the car - highly intermittant. I saw your notes in here, and asked my dealer to perform the "service fix" that you mention above related to the venting valve.

    The service rep at the dealer promptly called me back and let me know that he searched up and down via GM, and cannot find any Service Bulletin published (directly from GM) about this condition.

    Do you have any spefic GM Service Bulleting # that I can give them to reference so they can perform this repair?

  • Ask your dealer to call the GM technical help line. I don't think there is a published service bulletin out there; might be an internal one (maybe because there are so few cases?). The Tech line should be able to help you.
  • Have anyone had any problems with their acadia shutting of in the middle of traffic.
    I have a 2008 Acadia that I purchased in October of 2007, currently have 21800 miles.
    When I first started having this problem I had 19000 miles, that is before the car dealership started driving it around, trying to find the problem. It's stopped on me on the freeway and busy roads. I just so thankful that no one ran into me.
    The dealership keeping telling me they can't fix the problem if it doesn't duplicate for them, so they keep sending it back home to me and a few days later it stops again.
    I also have had the stability tracking problem too. I have sent my paperwork to BBB Lemon Law, because I am scarred to drive my car and I think they should replace it.
  • We had the same thing happen and the dealership had to keep the car for 8 weeks. They drove it everyday -- even gave it to one of there servicemen to drive back and forth to work. Finally, it happened to them - 3 times. They could not fix it. Even had diagnostics running when it shut off -- it gave them no answers. Eventually, we were able to get out of our lease and the dealership returned the car to GMC -- the dealership said they didn't want to be part of the paper trail if GMC resold it and someone died in an accident. It is very scary and there should be a recall of this GMC. Our car did the same thing and at speeds of 65 - 70 on the highway. Very Dangerous! Good Luck. It took us about 6 months to return the car and have GMC take it back....but they did take it back and they are very aware the problem exists.
  • I am so glad someone had this happen to them. They trying to make me think it's my imigination. I filed the lemon law through the BBB and I've already sent all my papers. GM want me to drive my vehicle, in traffic to another car dealership in another town, which happens to be the dealership I purchased the car from. I told them to have it towed and they told me it would be out of my pocket. I don't thnk so! My car has been service over 4 to 5 times at a dealership in my town and they can't get it to duplicate. I keep trying to tell them it doesn't do it everyday, it's random. Thank you so much for replying.
  • I had this same scary problem when I first bought my 2008 Acadia
    in Nov 2007. See my earlier posts #102 and #188.

    My dealership had excellent mechanics who found out that the
    stopping in traffic was from
    a "loose positive cable into the fuse block".
    They repaired it at that time; This problem has not
    recurred in the last 2 years, luckily... (knock wood)..

    Have your dealership check this: they had told me the loose
    connection originated from the factory production. Once they fixed the connection into the fuse block, I have had no loss of power again... Good luck !

  • My 2008 Acadia Leaked down the A pillars from the front sunroof. This got my front carpets soaked, but also soaked the noise barrier between the passenger and engine. This is a big sponge made of material like a tempura bed with rubber backing facing the passenger compartment. My husband is a corrosition engineer, he was there when they took the car apart and insisted it not be put back together until this and the headliner were compleatly dry and the carpet replaced. He used a moisture detector to probe the noise barrier. This may be where people are getting the moldy smell if it is not dried out. Also the L/H Fuse Box was affected with corrosion and had to be replaced. Which means it was leaking a little all the time.

    There are two sunroofs and two different leaking problems to fix. Get a print out from the service dept to show how these work.
    1.At the front sunroof there is a drainage tray all around it and the drain tubes go down the A pillar, at the bottom of the tubes is a screen (or cross shaped thing) to stop debris.This needs to be removed so it will not clog and stop the drainage of water that gets in the trays around the sunroof.( The service department said this was a stupid design in the first place)
    2. At the back sunroof the drain tubes go down the C pillar. This is where they had a service bulletin that at the top of both sides is a short section of tube which was to short and comes unplugged and needs to have longer tubes to replace. But this back sunroof is fixed and does not open.The service dept said, why have a drainage tray around it in the first place. So they simple silled of the back sunroof, so it does not drain at all.
    3. If it leaks at the B pillar ( where your seatbelts are) it is coming from over flow into the headliner from the two other problems. There are no drain tubes to this area.
    4. Also some people complain that the car has a hesitation when trying to speed up. There is a service bulletin (which we don't get, they go to the dealers service dept) for a re-program to the vehicle to shorten the hesitation,which will decrease your fuel mileage by 2mpg, but at least it goes when I takeoff now.

    I live in Washington and it has been raining ever since I got the repairs. No leaks so far.
    I hope this helps some of you with your problems.
  • So glad to find this forum. Since day 1, my steering has made funny whining noise when you turn it, and the service dept always said some lame thing like cannot replicate the problem, or they did some lame fix like added steering fluid. I live in Atlanta, and we have had severe flooding since Sept. Twice the steering has locked up on me, and I almost wrecked. On the second try, I was so scared, I panicked and told them to keep the car as it was constantly raining, and it was a safety hazard. Since it was a lease, I had to break the lease, pay the remainder of it, and bought a new car. We keep asking what could be done to offset the fact the car was not fixable. this website confirms there is an issue, and now i have gotten a letter from GM saying they won't settle my acct (I overpaid payments) until the car is sold. SOLD TO what? It isn't driveable. The steering noises happened with the first year, but the locking up didn't occur until this monsoon/500 year flood. ANY advice? Just going to start contacting everyone I can. I was not ready to buy a new car, and don't think I should have to do as the dealer said "if you fight this, it will take a year to settle and that is all you have left". This is not right... :mad:
  • We have an 08 Acadia, and the power steering has been making awful moaning groaning noises for about 6 months now. We generally notice it when turning slowly in parking lots, left or right, and generally only when the car is warmed up a bit. It is very annoying, and you can almost feel it a bit in the steering column. It just does not sound right. I had it in the shop (GMC) once and the bled the power steering which did not help. I just got it back again from another shop (another GMC dealer) and the work order referred to Bulletin #PIT4879A - and they said the cause "Moan due to pipe vibration - Install hoses as per Doc. 2368186" and the repair was "Perform repair as per doc 2368186 Loctite and Clamp hoses to P/S PRess Lines". I was told it was fixed, but after five minutes away from the shop it was clear there was no improvement at all. Has anyone actually had any luck fixing this problem? I saw a few references in the posts to topping up the power steering fluid to above full?? Has anyone had any luck fixing this problem? We have had no other problems with the car and are very happy with it, other than the noisy steering problem. THanks.
  • ntellyntelly Posts: 10
    Mine did that too and they changed the steering box I was doing it for a long time. I have one of the first 07's and have had all kinds of things changed and fixed. Right now it's the rods that hold up the'll come slamming down on you..dangerous with kids! And it is also scheduled to have the outside temp thingy is always wrong. I had just gotten it back from having a clunking noise fixed...can't even remember off the top of my head what they changed for that. I've had a laundry list of things but I do have all the papers so I do know what has been changed. I do love my car despite everything.
  • Had this same problem water leaking heavily, on my 2008 SLT both from the back skylight and the front A pillars. Both were fixed and the mechanics stated it was from the drains being clogged. After this happened the car would not start one morning and when I finally got it started, it would not turn off even without the key in the ignition. Drove to the dealership and they said it was a fuse box "short"probably from the water intrusion.... Entire fuse box was replaced because they could not find the exact short in the box. Have had other issues with the car, steering box replaced, whine in the steering wheel when turning but I still like the car and I can get 25 plus mpg if I drive conservitavely on the highway.
  • I have a 2007 Acadia and in the past 3 months, I have been experiencing problems with the power steering as well. Like you vancoman, it was most noticeable when turning slowly and turning the wheel to the left or right. I took it to a GM dealer (Carrollton, TX) and I was told it needed a steering gear, sometimes known as a "rack and pinion" (I think!). That part has been on backorder for at least 2 months with no word on when the part will come in. Out of frustration, I took it to another GM dealer (McKinney, TX) who stated it needed a new power steering pump. They replaced it and so far, the noise is gone. I am still on the waiting list for a new steering gear but I am not sure if this will still be necessary. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the problem will not recur. An extended warranty doesn't really matter if the parts aren't available!!!
  • I have one of the first 2007 (may) Acadia. I was in Medford, Oregon last week for a family emergency and since I knew that I would be there for some time, I took my car into Dollar GMC and told them my problem with the sound from the power steering. They told me that it sounds like it has air in the steering system - and sure enough, they simply 'pushed' the air out of the system and that was it. No more noise at all!!

    Now, my father-in-law also has one of the first Acadia's; different model though. I just found out that his was making the same noise and he took it in to be checked and they told him that the whole steering system needed to be replaced. I think he got taken!!

    So, before these service stations tell you that you need to have all kinds of replacements for the power steering, simply as them if they can 'push' or 'flush' the air out of the power steering, before they take out the whole system. The lead mechanic at Dolloar GMC told me that he's had about 8 Acadia's come in with the same problem and they flushed out the air and they've not been back with any problems. Good luck.
  • goldiepa and hailee babe, thanks for the posts. As it turns out, I just took my car in as well a few days ago, and my GMC dealer also said air was getting into the system, so they bled the system, got rid of the air, and knock on wood, it appears to be working fine now (what are relief as the car was simply no fun to drive with the steering noise). However, they did say they identified a problem that was causing the air to get into the system, and am waiting for a part (I am not sure what part). They have kept the work order open for now, pending the arrival of the part, and then will discuss with GMC who will pay for it, as we are past our bumper to bumper warranty, but still have the powertrain warranty. At the end of the day, I just want it fixed, as we love the car and have had no other problems. Once I get the final resolution and see what part they install, I will provide an update, and hopefully, it may provide some guidance to everyone else who is having hte same problem, as it appears to be somewhat common
  • Thank you both very much for the tip. If the noise comes back, I will certainly take it back and recommend they push the air through!
  • Thanks for your input. Personally, with so many Acadia owners having this same problem, GMC should be the one that picks up the tab!! I got lucky from the place I went to, because, like you, I am past my bumper to bumper warranty. I am very interested to see what part they've ordered.
  • I have had this happen to me three times in the past four months. The first time, they replaced my entire computer system. Then, this last time, they reset my system saying nothing was wrong with it. Can someone tell me how to do the lemon law paperwork and where i can get it from???
  • My emergency brake will not engage in cold weather (under 31 degrees F). I press on the pedal and it does not stay at the floor position. It simply lifts back up to it's top position. The dealership says that the e-brake cable, in the cold weather may freeze underneath the vehicle potentially not allowing the cable to move freely and causing the engage to not engage.

    Has anyone had this issue? If so what have you done to remedy it.

    Thanks, Jim
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    In 40+ years of driving in North Dakota I know enough not to use the emergency brake in the winter. Only damn fools and pilgrims will do it and then only once.
  • Purchsed our 2007 Acadia during Memorial Day holiday. Love the look and drive, but...... $80.00 to replace a burned out headlight. I spent two hours trying to figure out how to get the bulb out before I was so pissed off I took it to a dealership. Always had a noise in the steering, day 1 on. GM thought I was nuts.... Now it is hard to steer left or right, loud noise coming from engine compartment.... Waiting to see what the dealership is going to tell me. Had the timing belts replaced, three of them at 60K miles. While I do rack-up almost 31K / year, if I am conservative with my driving, I get 23 MPG.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    Timing belts??? :confuse:
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    so one day I called this number (1-800-462-8782) and asked if GM has found a solution for the infamous water leak problems on the Acadia for their upcoming 2010 and 2011 model and guess what I got...
    "we're not aware of such problem..." :sick:
  • You can go online and file lemon law through the BBB.
    I started all my filing online.
  • There arethree timing belts / chains which the original ones appear to stretch until the vehicles acts very irracgical; downshifting, not shifting up when it should, etc...

    They, GMC, dropped the motor out the bottom and replaced all three. Repairs lasted 4 days until I go the vehicle back.

    When the replaced the moonroof gasket, I now have a rattling noise I can not find what is rattling.
  • Sorry,
    the emergency barke in my Honda civic works in any weather, cold or hot, and never freezes. It gets cold in canada too and never once has the brake frozen. its a design problem on american cars.
  • We bought a 2008 Acadia in July 2008 and were very happy until 6 weeks ago. We were on the highway and all the malfunction indicator lights started coming on Traction Control, ABS, Stablitrak, Service Engine then enginer power reduced and finally engine powering down at which point the engine shut itself off and we were able to cruise to the breakdown lane. Ten minutes later the car was able to start back up with only the check engine light on and that went out 2 days later. The same thing happened again this past weekend, but the dealer is unable to figure out the problem. Any ideas, feels like we're playing Russian Roulette driving this car.
  • was it raining? we had an 07 Saturn Outlook which we fought GM through the lemon law process and won. It leaked inside, lights in dash and glove compartment flashed on/off, and we also lost power steering . . . all while it was raining.
  • Thanks for the response-It is happening in snow and rain, but no lights flashing and you don't lose power steering.
  • If you have a sun roof , it is leaking and shorting out the electrical.
  • cabmabcabmab Posts: 3
    I bought my GMC Acadia in April, 2007 and I love the vehicle but I have had one problem after another with it, including leakage, a dozen tire issues, leakage of tire air, steering column and fluid, sway bar, brakes including rotors and just recently my transmission.
    On 12/5/09 my transmission went on my Acadia and I had it towed to the local dealer who is now 45 minutes away from me, other local dealer closed. To this date, now 5 weeks later I still do not have my car and they cannot tell me when they can get a transmission for it. I am in touch with GMC directly and now they are not returning my calls. I am past the lemon law so now I have to go through mediation through the Attorney General's office. I am beside myself and do now know what to do from here. The local dealer has been fabulous but he doesn't know what to do either. 5 weeks for a transmission, has anyone ever heard of such a thing?//
  • Wow, that is terrible. We love our dealership (which is still open) and loved our Acadia too. They had my car in twice for the steering locking up, and they tried the few lame service report "suggestions", but could not give a firm comfortable promise that it was fixed. Since no steering in the rain is a hands down safety issue, we had no choice but to "TURN" the car in, basically breaking the lease. GM sent us money back in an unintelligle letter (the explanation of the breakdown of the refuns is beyond me). Last week they sent another note and said they sent too much and wanted 1/3 back. This is so crazy. We are also past the lemon law time. I am going to send letters to everyone I can, but don't have much faith we will every get anything done about it. :confuse:
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