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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • PuderPuder Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Acadia and it rained last week. Water started coming out of the roof vent behind the passenger seat. Did you ever find out if there was a recall on this? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 112
    This a very widespread problem with the Acadia. Call your dealer and get an appointment to get it fixed.
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    my husband was going to work at 3:00 a.m he made a right turn and the left wheel broke away from the rivets. we thought the axel broke. i had it towed to the dealer and they said i must have hit something in the road. i was baffled at there attitude.i live in nyc and there are potholes everywhere. if this vehicle cant take a pothole it is a piece of [non-permissible content removed].the rim is bent a little and there fore we hit something now they wont fix it i have to call my insurance for them to fix it. i thought that was a safety issue but they dont there exact words were we havent heard of this happening before so its your problem to deal with.i really wanted to buy american and i love the look of the acadia but i think next time i'll go foreign american cars are garbage the workmanship is inferior.well i tried .if you hit a pothole and your wheel falls off thats a weak car.there was no other damage to the car.please tell me if this happened to anyone else.oh by the way my vehicle was leaking also it took 3 tries to finally fix
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    the rim is bent a little and there fore we hit something

    Not necessarily. The rim could just as well have been bent as a result of the wheel breaking off.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    thats how i fell i tried to state that at the dealership but they said the engineers would say it was my fault if they saw the 3 inch bend in the rim i called a lawyer and they said basically im stuck with the lease.right now i dont want the vehicle any more i have 1and a half years left on the lease.geico is supposed 2 come and look at the damage if they fix it i still dont feel safe in this acadia.this is the first time i leased a vehicle i'm wondering can i trade it in at another car company .you can stick a fork in me i'm done with GMC
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You may want to get a third party to make a determination on the cause of the bent rim. In the meantime, I suggest posting your lease question in GMC Acadia Lease Questions.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • The compass embedded in the rearview mirror of my 08 SLT (9,000 miles) went dark a few weeks ago and hasn't come back on. All other systems are working properly. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix? Do I have to take it to the dealership if I want it fixed? Thanks
  • skupieskupie Posts: 4
    Did u ever find out what was wrong?
    My 2007 acadia didn't start the other day-I guess there is a fuel sensor behind the left rear tire that was bad-my gauge read that i had 1/2 tank gas but i was really empty!
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    i got in touch with geico and the adjuster went to the dealer and it is 7,794.99 in damage can you believe this to not have had an actual collision this is crazy and to be a new vehicle.i'm very upset about this :cry: :( :mad:
  • I can tell you that this is no electrical problem. See, when you hit the doorlock button, probably b y accident (my wife does that all the time while stepping out), the chime will rign 3 times to let you know. This is a delayed lock feature. It will also honk the horn when your doors lock. Simmilar to you pressing the lock button on the remote twice in a row.

    I have had my accadia for months now, I keep learning stuff all the time. One thing I can add, the transmission does like to change from 6 gear to five especially when you have it on cruse control. I have learn to bring it down to the 5ft gear if I drive in a hilled area.

    But what a quiet and roomy ride this has. I used to love my Surburban for the ride and room,,, this acadia blows the ride away. Especialy in the wind.
  • I have a 2002 Surburban 4wd, and a 2008 Acadia 2WD, I used to prefer driving my Surburban over the Uplander I used to have. I can tell you this, the Acadia blows the Surburban away as far as Ride, Quietness, and GAs Millage.

    Drive in a 40miles per hour cross wind in your surburban , then drive the Acadia (No comparisson) it's an awsome unit.

    The power is great also. After driving my Acadia, the gong back to the Surburban, it seems the Surburban is sluggish... I mean, this Acadia has lots of power.

    If it could pull my 30foot travel trailor I would trade my Surburban for an AWD Acadia no questions asked.

  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    don't waste your time go foriegn
  • bobfishbobfish Posts: 48
    Sounds like a typical answer you would get from a yuppie!
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    sweetie i'm far from a yuppie i'm just a blue collar worker,a black woman whos angry my hard earned $$$ bought a vehicle thats a piece of [non-permissible content removed] and i'm trying to spread the word so no one else makes the same mistake.but good luck don't sy you weren't warned!!!!!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    We're getting a little off topic here. Whether to buy is not the issue. Problems and repairs are the issues both of which presume the car has already been purchased. Let's move on. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Unfortunately, chaos42 is right. My 08 Acadia, while serving my family well, is.....irritating. Dealer still can't fix my thermometer, when it's cold outside and you remote start the vehicle, the thermometer reads a much higher temp than outside, which causes the AC to kick on, which means you get into a nice cold car. Dealer still can't fix the creaking noise coming from my dashboard at all times. And, whenever I take my family vehicle, which is responsible for transporting my wife and two kids, into the dealer for warranty work I have to scream in order to get a loaner so my family isn't stranded. I give up. This was my first GM car and very likely my last. Couldn't be happier I leased since GM now has four (!) cars that are essentially identical...can you say "no resale value?"

    I sympathize with chaos42. These cars aren't cheap - mine stickered at $42K. Too bad for GM, the G8 is a great car for a great price but the thought of putting up with GM service totally turned me off. You'd expect for $42K to not only receive exceptional quality but also exceptional service, but at least for me that's not the case.
  • bobfishbobfish Posts: 48
    I`ve owned my 2007 Acadia for almost two years now only having the upgrade for the transmission shift points. In the time I have owned this crossover I have had O problems. Love the way it handles,rides and looks.I wish the gas mileage was better but for its size I don`t think it is that bad.My sister has a 2006 Honda Pilot it looks like a box on wheels rides like a lumber wagon and gets only 2 to 3 mpg over my Acadia.
  • I bought my Acadia on June 2007 and has been driving for 1.5 years now. Like bobfish, I only updated transmission once and haven't encountered any other problems yet.... I might be lucky, or maybe one day my Acadia will irretate me with a big issue, who knows, but just want to say, not every acadia owner has problem w/ it. It is my first American made and I think when I bought it, I thought I took a big chance, but the truth (to me) is, I wasted my time on worrying.
  • i'm so happy for you.i got my acadia back from the dealer 2 days ago and now the seat belt noise keeps going off even though the seat belt is on now we have to take it back so they could fix wasnt like that when we took it there.they have had my vehicle since 1/3/2009 i refuse to drive it but my husband says its fine i just have to snap out of the fear but i'm just not ready yet.i'm sure this is a minor problem but i'm annoyed :(
  • I have an 07 Outlook. I too have been having power steering issues and water leak issues. GM has attempted to repair the water leak issues (which they stated they have found mold as well). Now we are at a point where they are saying they "can not duplicate customer concern". Of course not, it is not pouring out in their testing station. They only have a hose on it and they aren't driving through puddles and losing power steering. I would love to hear from anyone who has had or are having these problems. We have started to pursue the lemon law and are about to send GM a letter demanding take back of the vehicle. Has anyone succeeded at this?
  • OMG i didn't know that the outlook was a part of GMC.i just really feel that they are getting bailout $$$ and the regular guy is getting the shaft.what does can not duplicate customer concern mean.i leased my 07 acadia and basically they say i can not get out of it that it would ruin my credit and i dont want that.everyone i know that has an acadia has a problem.i was told the :lemon: law dosent apply to leases.i want out so bad i can taste it
  • I continue to have a problem with power steering in the rain. The service guy says he has ordered a shield that will alleviate the problem. I will let you know if it works. They successfully corrected the water leak issues. I also have a problem with the battery going dead if I listen to the radio for any period of time while the vehicle is not running. They can't duplicate my concern about this. Unfortunate since I paid for a tailgating package.
  • ntellyntelly Posts: 10
    When I brought my 07 in for the steering issue, they did change the belt and they ordered the shields for the wheel wells and I think they are changing the power steering hose. It sounds like it whines all the time. It is so annoying. I am bringing it in Tuesday AGAIN. And I swear I only get 10-11 miles per gallon/gas. Can you believe it - when it says you get 19-20. That is bull.
  • Sorry to hear about the problems lately. Just a note-----my 2008 (16 months old, about 7k miles) Acadia has been flawless except for the missing pig tail antenna at delivery. Mileage in town (average speed about 20mph) is 16+. Highway is 23-26, depending on wind direction.
  • Thank goodness; I'm not losing my mind! This is not my worse problem by far with my 2007 Acadia. Several times now my girls will start the movie and only the background music plays and not the words that are being spoken in the movie. Sometimes it takes several 'restarts' to get it to work properly. I didn't know anyone else was having this problem. My worse problem right now is what I witnessed coming home from driving my daughters and 5 other young girls to school this morning: water coming out of the overhead lights whenever I turned!! The 3 girls in the far back seats had a steady stream of water coming down on their school clothes and they were trying to catch the water in each of their hands! The middle lights dripped (quickly), but, imagine my further surprise that by the time I drove the 1 1/2 mile home, MY lights began to drip water onto my stereo area! I have been reading ALL the posts and I've seen a lot about water coming in the door area (I'll be going out to check that when I'm done here). I ran a paper towel around the inside rubber seal of the front & back sunroofs and found no water; so I don't know how the water is getting into the lights. You can actually see the water sitting in the lights. Another 2 problems haves been occurring, but, I've kind of put them in the back of my head; however, now I'm very concerned. Not always, but, when I start the car, be it remote or not, there is a 10-15 second delay of a grinding sound. It sounds kind of like the ignition being turned over again while the car is already running. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? The other issue pertains to the transmission; again, not always, but sometimes the transmission will 'jump' and switch gears when traveling at a steady speed. Is this the same problem everyone has been talking about on these posts? I have to agree about the MPG not being what they advertise. We are an active duty military family that relies STRONGLY on our one vehicle. We have owned the Acadia since June 2007 and the last 6 months, these weird things have been happening. I LOVE our car, but after reading these posts I'm becoming weary. :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:

    I forgot one more of those 'back in my head' problems: when using the heated water on the windshield, water doesn't always come out; the wipers just move. Now I know I received a recall notice about the heated water system and I will most definitly have it taken care of.
  • I bought my 2009 Acadia on Jan.2, 2009 and had a couple of issues. I first noticed a small slice in the rear leather seat (not a big issue... but none the less, should not be there on a new car). I also didn't have dome lights when I entered the car. Since they had installed a remote start after the car had arrived at the dealership, I thought maybe the wiring was crossed or something. They ended up correcting the dome light issue... and repairing the leather seat. When I saw the repair job, I insisted on a new seat cover since the repair was done poorly. In addition, whoever did the repair, sprayed something that darkened the leather and the armrest. As if that weren't enough, whatever chemical they were using caused a discoloration in the 3rd row seat where they would be sitting (probably from a rag they rested on the seat). All this didn't cause me as much stress as having to find my brand new car completely dead a few days ago. I had them tow it to the dealership and found that the battery couldn't hold a charge. I then realized that I had seen signs of what was to come just days before when I would start my car and have a brief lull. Their explanation was that though it was a new car, the battery may have been fairly old. I know that warranty covers all these hiccups but the loss of time, aggravation, and having to clean up someone else's mess when you get your car back leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And the best part... I cannot open my windows fully because of this massive whooshing/pulsing sound that can burst my ear drums. I'm very disappointed that I'll have to live with this for the life of the car. They keep telling me that because of the design of the vehicle, I will get this vibrating painful feeling if I open the windows. So beware if you're the type that likes to drive with windows down. This car will not be for you.
    Don't get me wrong... it's a beautiful car, very roomy, and fun to drive... but when you start off with little mishaps, you wonder if more are to come. I'll have to wait and see how well the dealership will take care of the leather seat situation... and while I'm there next, I'll suggest that their mechanics not only cover the interior where they sit and work, but to remove parts out of the car once they're finished with the repair. My interior is light grey leather and carpet. They left black smudges on my seats and floor (since the battery is located in the floor board behind the passenger seat). I had to get carpet cleaner and I still couldn't get the gunk off. I'll make sure I point it out to the dealership and have them detail it. I have 2 kids and never had this much staining going on.
    I hope I won't have to update this blog any time soon... but one never knows!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    massive whooshing/pulsing sound that can burst my ear drums

    That is an issue common to many makes and models and is certainly not specific to the Acadia or even to GM. The irony is that it is a result of streamlining the vehicle to optimize fuel consumption. Streamlining reduces wind resistance but, combined with large surface area windows, leads to intense and rapid pulsation of air pressure in the cabin when windows are open.

    And regarding the battery problem, that is not specific to Acadia or GM either. It's just the nature of "scheduling," which is not always perfect, along with trying to keep production costs down.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • If you have a sun roof, that is where the water is coming from.
  • I have a 2008 Acadia (I got it 5 months ago brand new), it has about 4,000 miles on it. We have already had to replace the driver and passenger windows,they think there was a defect in the moldings causing 8 inch scratches on the windows. The winshield had a leak, water would pour in the top of the windshield, and now we have a leak coming in an soaking the passenger floor. We do not have a sunroof, so I don't know what the problem is. Also, each time it goes in for service, it comes back in worse shape! The first time they were replacing the driver window, we picked it up in the evening when the service dept. was closed, the window they said they replaced was inoperable, they scratched the car under the window they "fixed" and left a screw out of the door panel on the seat of my car, and I was sitting on it! The next time it went in, they broke the cap off of my airbag, and threw it on the seat of my car, and never mentioned it to me! I have been in touch with everyone at the dealershi....service advisor, service manager, owner of the dealership, as well as GM. I have documented everything, even the time we spent travelling to and from the dealership each time (total of 10 hours), time spent on the phone with all of these people etc. This does not fall under the lemon law in New York (has to be the same issue 4 times) but I would think there would be some action I could take. GM says they are willing to compensate me, but I am not sure what they are thinking, and I told them I am not yet ready to be compensated...until the new leaking issue is resolved. I also just received all of the info for Lemon LAw from the Attorney Generals office, it doesn't fall under Lemon Law yet, but there is a complaint form I can fill out.
    I bought a new car so I would have reliability, and so far 2 out of the 5 months I have owned the Acadia, it has been in and out of the shop! Does anyone know of any other steps I should take to ensure proper compensation? At this point should I contact a lawyer? It is sad that you spend so much on a vehicle, and the quality sucks! I love the vehicle, but these manufacturer problems are a huge issue, and GM is sure to go under if they don't take better care of their customers. I wonder if their quality control is lacking due to all of the money problems they are having! Either way, they are sure to lose business if they don't fix these issues! I was told by the service advisor these are all "fixable" issues, and at least these are not mechanical issues! I don't care what the issues are, they should not be happening, and I should not have to drive around in a brand new car that has already been fixed this many times and had soaking wet carpet! It also makes you wonder if there have been this many problems already, what am I looking at down the road?
    I have now told them I will no longer drop the car off, they are picking it up from my house, and leaving me a rental car (at their expense). I refuse to waste any more time driving to the dealership!
  • wt3lwt3l Posts: 1
    A friend of mine works for a GM dealership and told me the Acadia's especially the ones with 2 sunroof have a major problem from the factory!!! Seems there is a hose that connects to both sunroofs and this hose drains the water away. BUT!!! MANY MANY Acadia's left the factory with the connecting hose uncoupled! Thus it will leak.

    Anyone have this problem???
    How long will it take to fix this connection??? Please e-mail me @ [email protected] I'm not able to be here very often.
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