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    Agreed, we bought our Acadia new in March of 2007 and to this day we haven`t had any problems what so ever.The only thing we had done was a reprogram of the transmission shift pattern. If you have had good luck with your Acadia maybe a new thread could be started to share your good experiences.I can`t believe there is only two of us. :confuse:
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    I agree that there are probably many people that do not have problems with their Acadia's and would be the first to back up the car. Truth be told, I have had problems with my 2010 Acadia since mile 835. The fuel tank and pump can not hold gas with under a 1/4 of a tank of fuel. I live on a slightly inclined hill and it has been at the dealers for 1 and 1/2 weeks now. They have tried two new fuel valves and an updated pump and nothing has worked. They called the designers and they too mentioned I would have this problem and have since sent an updated fuel tank and pump system. The service manager told me he was almost 100% sure that this would not fix the problem. GM has been called in and they have a guy looking at it and even he can't fix it. They have also tried the same situation on a brand new Acadia that was wheeled in 2 weeks ago. They told me they would call back on Monday and its now Wednesday. I was to have my car back 8 days ago and its now 13 days. If this is such a great car why are so many people having problems with it. One things for sure if this is not fixed then I better be able to get out of the car with NO strings attached and get by trade-in value and down payment back so i can get something else...that's $3100 total. :sick:
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    There's a whole bunch of happy Acadia owners over at - along with some unhappy ones too of course.
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    I have written many times this past Sunday, my 07 Acadia's transmission went...36,200 miles on it! Can't wait to see how long this will take to fix.
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    I have a 2007 Acadia that has made a terrible whining noise since I bought it. The local dealership said that they did not hear anything. So I have been putting up with this noise for nearly 3 years. Yesterday I drove from Tyler to Terrell and back; when I turned on my road I had no transmission (58000 miles). I coasted partway then had to let it roll into a neighbors driveway. I called the dealership today they gave me a towing service number and they have towed it into the dealership. I have not yet heard from them. I am not liking the posts that I have read on here. But now I have some proof that I am not crazy for hearing a noise. Will see if the transmission problem matches any of these. :cry:
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    We are looking to purchase a 2010 Acadia SLT AWD and I was interested to learn if any the current Acadia owners have had an experience driving it on a beach. We live in New England and have beach access and while most of the beach is hardback, there are section of loose sand

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    Sorry Loach if you think my post was a "blanket statement"...but I figured since I was in a forum for Acadia Problems and Repairs...people would be looking for issues that others are experiencing with their Acadias....I was just stating fact..and would not be advising of my problems..if I were in a forum for Satisfied Acadia drivers. Perhaps your car is diamond in the ruff...and I think that's great...But if your looking for "Problems and Repairs" for the Acadia...this is the place...
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    Quote from tt6:

    Every Acadia on the road has a problem!

    This is the very definition of a blanket statement. And it is far from a "fact" as you assert. Nobody is saying you shouldn't air your grievances here, but when you make a broad-brush statement like that, expect to be challenged on it.
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    We have an acadia and have had a tremendous number of problems with it. I can't urge you strongly enough to buy a different car. Sun rook leaks, power steering box went, new steering column, and now the entire electrical is going (because they can't fix the sunroof leak - it's been in the shop 4 times for this issue). It is a legit piece of garbage.
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    On January 28, 2010, we took our 2010 Acadia into the dealership for a problem that shouldn't exist in any vehicle. When under a 1/4 tank of fuel and sitting on an incline our fuel pump leaks out too much fuel. The dealership has been working GM both locally and through Detroit Corporate Office. They are now testing a brand new, totally redesigned fuel pump from Bosch, the original designers. GM told me this was a problem that Bosch had known about and thought it might happen. I was also told through GM that this would be a problem they would have to fix in the new models rolling out of the plants since October of last year. I have to admit once I complained on the internet on their Facebook account and other sites run by Gm they contacted me asap (6 different people actually). The claim it will be fixed on Monday, one month later. Yes, they have had the car for 4 straight weeks. I complained about not having my car for a full month and they promised to repay me for this month and throw in a 2-yr smart plan for servicing my Acadia. this is all good and everything but the GM rep told me that he and others weren't 100% sure if this would fix the problem. So I guess I will know more on Monday... :mad: :mad:
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    My 2009 Acadia has the same problem. The dam door can probably kill you if it happens to hit you in the right spot on the head. I'm bringing it in this Friday.
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    Perspective, lets do this to put it into perspective. If your estimate of 300 vehicles holds true which we all know are only people that found this messageboard and signed up for an account. Even then at 300 vehicles at $30,000 - $40,000 each is equal to $9,000,000.00 to $12,000,000.00 that the 300 people on this post cannot afford to lose. I myself have one of these problem ridden vehicles and have tried to work it out with the dealer with no luck and now I am pursuing the GM rep option before hiring an attorney. People complain about a $200.00 operating system not performing correctly, what about a $35,000.00 vehicle. This is ridiculous, my 2007 Acadia SLT2 AWD has been in for maintenance 9% of the time I have owned it with a variety of issues.
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    We own a 2009 SLT-1 that we purchased in November. I noticed some water in my drivers floor board under the emergency break. I took it to the dealer and they said they dropped the header and sealed 2 holes in the back sunroof. It has yet to rain for me to see if it's fixed. When i picked it up I noticed dirty hand prints left on the header and the service manager himself cleaned it for me and then gave me the entire bottle of cleaner. The other day while driving around town my door locks went crazy. This has happened 3 other times, but then a few days ago while driving over a draw bridge with 4 lanes of traffic my door locks went crazy and then the car lost power. I tried my best to steer it to the side of the road since the steering wheel was locked up. Where the car ended up was not the safest place on the highway since it was an entrance ramp and I had my son in the back. I let it sit for a few minutes and started it back up. It was fine except it felt like it was dragging and didn't have the same oomph. My husband met me and we drove it to the dealership. They've had my car for 6 days now and have been in contact with GM and another dealership that has dealt with this issue before. Supposedly it has something to do with the fuse box and GM is making me a new one but it will take 2-4 weeks for it to be made and get to the dealership. I am currently in a crappy rental, but my dealership has upgraded me to a new car that I pick up later today. They have also worked with GM to pay my next months car payment if they have my car over 2 weeks. The service manager admitted to me that even though the car is somewhat drive able, if I don't feel comfortable in it, they want to do all they can and that he would not put his fiance and child in it so he agrees with me about not putting my family in it. We'll see what happens. I'm so disappointed! I've been wanting this car for years and it took awhile for them to find me a 2009 because of the cash for clunkers deal they had in the fall. They found 2 2009 and the first one ended up being a demo and my dealership did not feel comfortable buying it for me. The second one they found in Ohio and I'm in Virginia. It was the exact color inside and out that I've been wanting and with everything in it and some extras that I wanted. We were so excited! I love my car. It's fun to drive and has been very handy, but at this moment I'm missing my Grand Prix GTP that we traded in, even though that car was starting to have problems too. I feel like I traded one set of problems for another. I will keep you all updated on this problem we're having. :(
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    Just turned 50,000 on my Acadia. No sunroof so that has not been an issue. Of course, after the warranty ran out, I began having little issues. Lumbar support lever broke, DVD player plays, but the screen is blank..and guess what, GM dealer have no clue what to do...they are mechanics...not electronics trained. I have just had the check airbag sensor fixes for the 4th time. Then, in the very hot days, on a long trip, the AC just shuts down. If we take a break for lunch and return to the road, it starts working again...very frustrating and does not show up on the diagnostic. Add to that, I have a whine in the power steering pump...been there for over 4 months...only really noticable when slow sppeds and turning into driveway or into garage etc. Very loud. No steering problems but since the recall announced this morning...I am going to wait it out...I bet this problem will prove to be more wide spread that initially announced.
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    Please reread my post. I said it appears there were roughly 300 individual users here, many with multiple posts. I took 10 times that amount to make up for other people experiencing these issues as well as people who didn't create an account. Even with that many cars the total was only 1.55% of all vehicles sold through 2009.

    If the cost of each vehicle was 500 million dollars apiece that would not change my premise. I was discussing numbers of cars with problems versus numbers of cars sold, which has nothing to do with the cost of the crossover.

    The correct analogy would be to say 193505 operating systems are sold and 1.55% of them have damaged installation disks.
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    I've broken my lumbar support twice. That's the only thing I can think of which I feel was designed cheaply in the vehicle. I've found though that it isn't something I need unless I'm driving for a long time (over 2 hours). I've decided if I ever get it repaired I'll keep it off unless I'm driving for several hours, and if I do I won't stretch really hard until I get out of the car (which is how I broke it the second time).

    I'm an electrical engineer; if your DVD player screen is blank that sounds like a connection issue. I would have them see if any wires / cable assemblies for the screen are loose or pulled out. When I moved into the house I currently have, a kitchen radio was left which worked but the screen was blank. I opened the top off and found the flex cable for the screen had been pulled out, so no connection was getting made from the LCD to the electronics. It's just a thought.
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    I have an 08 acadia, and i have been have been having the whining noice in my steering, intill all power in the steering went, service said they will replace the part, but they also mentioned something about a system flush? they said that it has alot of dirt sticking to the walls, and that it will cost 425.00 to clean it out, or my steering won't work even after the part??? Is this true, or are they just trying to rip me off?
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    I bought an 2007 Acadia SLT and thought that GM had finally gotten it right. Now, 3 years later I am not so sure. My problems with the Acadia are as follows:

    1) Almost immediately the Nav. system would lock-up and just stay on the same screen for 30 seconds or more. They finally replaced it (with a used unit) after trying several "updates" that didn't work. The replacement unit still contained the previous owners personal information such as their home address, etc. You'd think that someone would have cleared the memory before putting it into another vehicle. Plus, you can't do anything with the nav. system if the car is moving more than 3 mph. I can understand the safety aspect of limiting this, but typically I have a passenger who can enter the info.. If you buy one, save the money and buy an aftermarket Nav system that you can actually use. Plus, you can move it from one car to another and you'll save about $1K bucks.

    2) The sunroof has had leak issues. I took it in 4 or 5 times to a GM dealer to have the sunroof leak fixed. They couldn't figure it out the first 3 times, but they finally determined that the drain lines had either become plugged or fell off, so the water was basicallly draining down the A pillars and causing who knows how much additional damage to the wiring / electronics.

    3) Head lamp replacement is utter stupidity given the fact that you can't replace them yourself. Well I guess you could if you don't mind removing the bumper / fascia and/or the wheel well to replace a head lamp. Your other option is to pay the dealer $100 for a single head lamp replacement. The other problem is this vehicle seems to burn up a lot of hadlamps (I've had to replace 5 or 6 in the last 3 years). I have serious issues with the engineering when they can't design a vehicle in which the owner can replace the head lamp themselves. In fact, I would have probably bought another vehicle if I had known this when I purchased it.

    4) The latest problem is the power steering pump which seems to be a very common problem for these vehicles as well. Mine is starting to whine and additional fluid doesn't help. Based on the postings that I have read here and on the internet, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't issue a recall.

    5) The windshield seems very prone to stone chips and cracks. I have driven many different vehicles for 30 years and never had a single stone chip or windshield crack. After driving this vehicle for 3 years, I have 4 chips / cracks. Could it be just bad luck? I'm not sure, but given the other problems with this vehicle, I suspect the windshield is inferior too.

    6) Last, the rear seat design is really stupid. There are large slot-like openings in the floor where the seats slide. The slots are wide enough to attract every piece of food, dirt, paper, or other garbage that falls on the floor, but they are too narrow for a vacuuum cleaner to get into. Thus, you have these troughs filled with crap and they look terrible too.

    My next vehicle will be an Acura MDX. It might cost a little more upfront, but their quality is proven and I won't have to deal with all of these problems.
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    Just a quick FYI, my sister in-law has had two Acura MDX's and the first had to have a new transmission the second needed a whole new engine. She still has it and hates it. When the MDX's first came out my husband and I ordered one, however we decided to get something a bit cheaper instead and ended up getting a 2001 Grand Prix GTP. We just traded it in, in Nov for the Acadia. We had problems with that car as well, but I did enjoy driving it when it was behaving. I believe no matter what car anyone buys there is always going to be issues whether they are small ones or big ones. Let's take Toyota for example, they're forgien and have problems. You don't know what you're getting when you buy any car. One car might be fine and the next one not. I wish you luck in your future car purchase, maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones!
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    HI Nadcle, I can't comment on whether they are trying to rip you off, but I have a few posts in here, if you search for vancoman, you will see what I have posted in terms of trying to get the noise fixed (and it has been working well for the last several months). You may have read them already if you were searching "noisy power steering" or words like that to see if others were having the same problem, which is what I did when I got fed up with the noise. Hopefully that may provide some guidance. Thanks.
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    I bought an Acadia from Sherwood Pontiac GMC. After 2 years and 70K miles, I can say I would never own another GMC product. The A/C has shown a proclivity for shutting down in the dead of summer on a long road trip. The blower quits and only hot air comes from the vents. Been in twice for this repair.

    If that is not enough, I took it into the shop yesterday and they tell me the rack and pinion is shot and needs replaced. Mind you the car is only two years old. The dealeer says GMC will supply only the part and I have to pay the labor $600.

    Also the brake booster is shot, part defective. GMC will pay the part I pay the labor $300.

    By the time I get out of Sherwood I will have bought a new car. How dissapointing for a $40K purchase. If anyone wants a reason to buy Honda or Acura drive a GMC Acadia.
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    Power Steering issues here as well. My wife's 2007 Acadia has had this power steering problem for a few months now and I never really took notice to it till the other day. Since she transports my two small kids everywhere I am a little concerned. We have around 43,000 miles on it so I decided to take it to the dealer thinking we had a 5 year 100 thousand mile warranty on it... which I later found out was only on the power train (that hurt).


    vancoman: I read your posting on what your dealer did (removing the air) and I wanted to know what part they were going to replace that caused it? Could you post who your dealer is as well? I live in Visalia, CA and my dealer is Giant Chevrolet.
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    I can't find the work order for when they did the work, but I spoke to the dealer and they said they replaced the "power steering rack" or also known as the "steering gear". It did actually work fine for a number of weeks after they pushed the air out of the system until the part was replaced and they said the part needed to be replaced as that was what was causing the air to leak into the system and it would have happened again eventually if the part was not replaced. Knock on wood, it appears to still be working fine. I know a lot of people on here have lots of complaints about the car, but the noisy steering is the only problem we have had, and other than that the car is awesomem and we have about 75,000 km on it. The dealer is Barnes Wheaton in Surrey, B.C. the one on 120th Street (not King George Highway), as there are 2 in Surrey. If you google it you will find them.
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    Great, thanks. Any idea what you paid to have the "power steering rack" replaced? The dealer wants to charge me $1283.48 for the replacement but I think that is a little bit excessive. I found another website forum that many other owners were having the same problem. Some GMC mechanic chimed in on the conversation as well.

    Thanks for the information!
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    make congress recalled all Acadia and Outlook. Steering problem can be deadly and water leaking problem can lead to a live or dead situation.
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    Anyone know whether a 2007 Acadia with 22K miles would be covered for repair of a grease leak from the front axle? Thanks!
  • duijiduiji Member Posts: 17
    It should I have a 2007 and a boot in the front had a hole in it and was leaking grease @ 34,000 miles and they replace it under warranty. My vehicle has had numerous problems and other than typical worn breaks the warranty has covered all of it. I am very scared now that it is out of warranty although most of my problems have been powertrain which has 100k warranty.
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    Acadia is front wheel drive. I would say your leak is part of the 100000 mile/5 year Power Train Warranty.
    You should get this as a freebe :)
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    I feel your pain. I too purchased a 2008 Acadia in August 2008. I had it for 2 months and the service engine light came on. It was in and out of the shop for 3 months ( the last time, staying in the shop for 31 days). After finally getting the car back, I drove it for 2 more months and then the engine just shut down on me and my 3 daughters in 16 degree snowy weather at 7:00 in the evening. We were more than an hour from friends or family. The dealership took wonderful care of us, towing us a top of the line vehicle from their lot, bought my "lemon" back from me and put me into a brand new '09 Acadia. They even dropped my interest rate from 6.25% to the promotional 1.9%. But, eventhough this '09 has given me no trouble, my service engine light came on yesterday! My gut was wrenching as I took it into the dealership this morning to find out 8 hrs later, they have called in Engineers who said parts that will take "a wk or so to get in" needed to be ordered! SAME EXACT SENARIO AS THE '08! Since the engine light has been on, my car has NO power and bogs down on the interstate! I just about got ran over with my 3 small children in the car! I don't want the car anymore...but Im giving them a chance to fix it once again,since it is a different car than the lemon I gave back. This has got to be a common problem with the Acadias, since Im on my second car with the same problems!!!!
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    I've had the same problem with my '09 that we bought in November that has only 3400 miles on it. My dealership has been great and what they have proclaimed the problem to be after speaking to GM and another dealership who has dealt with this is (quoting from my paperwork)Found the IPC Fuse Block Connector to not be connected all the way. Connector measured 10 millimeters when connected, it is supposed to measure no more then 9 millimeters. Replaced Fuse Block per Bulletin #PIT4386E. Instrument panel wiring harness junction block replaced. At first they said that GM would have to make me one and it could take 2-4 weeks to receive it, but they searched 2 days straight and got me a new one from some other dealership out of town. I've had my car for over a week with no problems, UNTIL today when I accidently cut a corner too close and my right side tires went over it. My check engine light came on and it seemed like my car lost power for an instant and my gas mileage etc. got reset. After that nothing happened again. I'm praying it was a fluke, but if it happens again I'll be bringing it back to them. Hope this helps!
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    GM has agreed to repurchase my car as well, but told me I would have to pay for usage and dead equity in my car. I am going to give the chevy traverse a try, been dealing with the dealership for about 3 weeks now. I think GM cover my dead equity and most of my usage, but the car dealership is trying to charge me a ridicolous interest rate and trying to get me to put over 3,000 dollars down. I refused, then they went down a 1,000 on the down payment and 4 points down on the interest, I still refused. I know my credit is not what it was when I purchased my Acadia, but it hasn't dropped that far down to be charged 10 and 13 percent interest. I think they are trying to take advantage, because they think I am desperate to get out of the car.
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    Yes, yes, this is the same problem I had when I first got my 2008 Acadia in
    Nov 2007. PLEASE READ my posts in this forum, # 102, 114, 188, and 491.
    My Acadia stopped in the middle of traffic.. these posts tell what happened.

    I had a great dealership at the time which found the Fuse Block problem
    which was that the "positive cable into the fuse block" was loose and not connected
    properly, identical to your Acadia problem. It looks like it is common to other
    Acadias, too. So everyone that has had a engine shutoff problem: it could be this
    fuse block connection !

    Ask your mechanic to fix this. This was fixed on my Acadia back in Dec 2007
    and the problem has not happened again....(knock wood). My Acadia has been
    fine ever since... as a result, I do enjoy the car now alot.... even the "vibrating pedal"
    problem went away and now the car is nearly flawless...

    One odd thing that happened recently occurred because my tires
    were WAY under-inflated (30 psi); so my Stabilitrak was giving me all kinds of error messages when I started the car.
    I read the car handbook which explained this, then I inflated the tires to
    the proper 35 psi and have had no problems since...
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    Ok I don't have the problem with the power steering but I also have a 2008 Acadia which I am having transmission problems with. My wife got stuck with my son thank GOD it was close to the dealer which had it for a week, they replaced the WAVE plate & housing **problem was the car was in drive but WOULD NOT GO. The car drove well for the week so we decided to take it on our trip to Arizona, can u say PROBLEM. Got it out here to get transmission hot, idle engine message, same occurence car dying in drive would not go but once the car cooled down and in the hands of the dealer of course no problem found. I am going to drive back to LA like a snail, let's see what the LA dealer has to say as it seems to be a problem they are trying to keep under wraps. I am not going to take this lightly they need to get it right.
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    Well this past weekend proved to be too much for the acadia,with all the rain my 07 acadia was so called fixed over a year ago.Well went out to the car only to find it soaked in all the same places that were supposed to be repaired.Then my husband goes to work and when he goes to come home for lunch it wont start the lights on the dash board says check engine and vehicle hot.He got a boost and now at 4 am I'm getting ready to go to work it won't move.Now we have to get it towed to the dealer.When we take off in the car we can hear all the excess water in the vehicle we just don't know where it is.Oh i forgot water has set up shop in my right side headlight and it's not leaving thats been there for months it's like i refuse to make repairs i'm pissed i hope they don't ask me to pay for this i bet it's because of the water and thats their issue :sick: :lemon:
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    I have an a/c problem. The a/c just stops working on hot days. The mechanic said I was lucky it didn't leak in the car. Ask if you actually have an a/c problem....
  • mewwoodmewwood Member Posts: 9
    I just went thru the same thing. They said my rack and pinion was shot and my power sterring needed a flush
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    We own a 2007 Acadia, bought new in April 07. It is only the second US car I've owned (after a series of European and Japanese makes) and it has proven absolutely bullet proof in almost 60K miles of pretty hard usage. In fact, I don't recognize any of the issues raised by others in this forum. (No, I'm not in any way affiliated with GM or the car industry.) It has proven much more reliable and durable than either my Nissan Pathfinder or Volvo XC90, also bought new.

    It has never let us down, drives very well, and is phenomenal in the snow (tough winters up here in NH.) I wouldn't hesitate to get another or recommend to anyone else in the market for a very capable and dependable crossover.

    Just thought I'd add my two cents....
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    hello im now going on my 4th pump in my acadia , 2007 and i have 82k on it.thank god he had me driving because its not a loss of power but a loss of steering.i was driving on i84 ,it was raining and there was a right turn on the highway when the steering went out completely and i almost crashed into the wall. the other time i was driving my wife to the hospital to get blood taken were i had to go upto the hospital and make a right turn when i almost went into the hospital. please do not drive this car because it is extremly dangerous......
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    My wife and I purchased a New 2009 GMC Acadia in Jan of '09. I too was very impressed with the overall performance and looks of the vehilce. Finally something I could buy that was American. My parents owned one for several month and were very pleased as well.

    The snow handelling was great this year especially with the record breaking snow fall in the DC/B-more area. Love the size and features. No sunroof since I have heard some issues with that before we bought the car. With only 19k miles I am having some large problems.

    1. An ingnition coil failed making the car undrivable. Towed to dealer and 2 Days to repair

    2. Three months later the check engin light comes on. The catalytic converter fialed. 3 Days to repair

    3. One day later the light comes back on. The cam-shaft actuators failed. 12 days to reapair. ( full engine out of car repair )

    I just got the car back today. Due to my work schedule I could not pick it up during sevice ours. I got half way home when I heard noise coming from the engine. It makes a high pitched winding noise when in 1st gear. I have no I idea what it could be. I will be making another trip to the dealership.

    I really do like the Acadia but knowing what I know now I would have probably gone with the Larger Mazda Crossover CX-9.
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    Glad to see you haven't had any problems. There are thousands of Acadias produced and bought and you OBVIOUSLY got the pick of the litter. This is my second Acadia the first was taken back "by the dealers request" not my request and determined a "lemon". My '09 has been in the shop for 13 days now...with no updates from the dealership. I am glad to know that there are a few Acadias out there worth buying!! It is a nice car as long as you are not having any problems!!
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    Well, this was our '08 almost word for word! Since my last post, my 2nd Acadia (the first was determined a lemon and bought back at the dealers request, not mine) has been in the shop now for 13 days with no updates WHATSOEVER! Im not sure what we are going to do, as many problems as we have had, I really do hate to trade it, but I just can't risk continuing to drive this one or buying another! Good luck with your Acadia, keep us posted!
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    Me again,

    I have been on and off the phone with GM and the dealership all week. With no luck. All they could tell me was to bring it back in and they will try again.

    My parents have a friend,SHOCKER!, who had her Acadia replaced as well. It seems to be the trend with this vehicle. She used a lemon law attorney to handle her case. I called the number and am now in the process of fighting it. I was advised to take the car back in to get more information on what was wrong. I am now getting the run around from the dealership. They are telling me the remote start was not working because the tailgate was not completely shut. I spend and shut it several times this week and it refused to work properly. They also told me my battery was dead and replaced that. They could not tell me why a one year old battery died and said the found no battery drain. As far as the noise in first gear, " That just seems to be the nature of the beast" OMG im going to flip out. I am getting my car back today and letting the attorney deal with it.

    I WILL get rid of this car as soon as I can. I like it a lot , but if it is going to leave me stranded then its not doing its job and thats what I paid $35k for. I can only imagine my wife and 3 mo. old child getting stuck on the high way in this abomination. NO WAY NO HOW can I keep this thing.

    I would recommend finding youself another ride as well. It is no coincidence anymore, these are just bad cars. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
  • kerrie1kerrie1 Member Posts: 7
    I dont know how I got so lucky to have GM buy my 2007 Acadia back. I dealt with no attornys and my car was past the point where the lemon law would take care of it. I truely believe they must have known this car was unsafe. The longest mine was in the shop was 60 days and that was for a problem when I pushed the gas to cross a busy intersection it would not go and I almost got hit. The same thing happend to the service repair guy when he drove it home. I think this was my saving grace. Hope you giys find the help you need.
  • toms9toms9 Member Posts: 2
    :mad: here is an Acadia with 82000 miles and very well taken care of. These are some of the problems I have had. Replace propeller shaft to transfer case bolts, reprogram the tcm/ecm. Replaced the bcm. Rear defroster inop, r/front pass. seat module, steering humming noise, POWER STEERING PUMP (2) RACK and PINION UNIT (2), lift gate release, a/c hoses replaced, replaced both f/r wheel well liner, wiper arm replace, POWER STEERING PUMP (3), REPLACE TRANSMISSION (3 weeks they had the car) input speed sensor, r/f strut leaked out, the stabilizer link, the IMT valve and now the STEERING PUMP is shot for the 4th time and don't know if the rack-n-pinion is shot now for the 3rd time. For those looking to buy this car, please don't. It's very dangerous and has a lot of repairs. If you are thinking of buying an Acadia, DON’T. You will be sorry with the problems you have when you get up in mileage. :lemon:
  • ivan86ivan86 Member Posts: 4
    In response to your remote start not working...Is your engine light currently on??? I was told (on my last Acadia,the lemon) that if your engine light is on then remote start will absolutely not work due to safety reasons. Eventhough the remote start does not work with the hatch closed, I have a hard time believing that is the reason for it not working now!

    As for me, I got my Acadia back Thursday...after 14 days in the shop they did tell me that they had to take the engine completely out...pretty sad over haul for a brand new car :( I am surprised the dealership is giving you such a hard time. Last year, my dealership just told me they didn't expect me to drive the '08 ever again and they would put me right into an '09. It had surpassed the lemon law standards in my state (30 cumulative days in the shop or 4 repair attempts). I do not have a leg to stand on at this point with my '09. We are only 14 days in the shop with 1 repair attempt. They also told me that whatever was actually wrong with my vehicle they had never seen before. For my inconvenience, they did not charge me for my tire rotation or oil change, they filled up my tank and extended my 3yr-36000 mile Bumper to Bumper warranty to 5yr-100,000 miles for free. I inquired about adding it on and paying for it myself, but my dealership took on the cost themselves. At this point, I am satisfied. I was just really scared to be out on the road with my 3 girls and something happen that would end up costing thousands of dollars to fix. Now that my entire car is covered for 100,000 miles (bumper to bumper & powertrain), I feel more comfortable. I can only hope your dealership will step forward and do the same for you. Just so you know, on my '08, they got me into the '09 immediately, However, GM took about a month to complete the paperwork. So I drove the '09 for a month before it was actually "mine". I hope this information helps you! Good luck and let us know what happens!
  • brown2428brown2428 Member Posts: 9
    edited March 2010
    Did they treat it like a trade and did you have to put any money down?
  • mddcmikemddcmike Member Posts: 6
    I am glad to hear that your dealer took care of you with the extended warranty. You have every right to be worried about driving this vehicle. I am convinced that my parents Acadia will go soon too. There is a design flaw in these vehicles. Research in these forums other vehicles you where thinking about before the Acadia and you will not find as many nightmare stories, especially since this car has only been around for 3 yrs.

    The remote start is the least of my worries now. As of last night the car shut down on I 95 during a rain storm. :lemon: My wife, child, and I where stranded on a narrow shoulder for 1.5 hours until a tow truck was available. It was a Sunday and nothing was open. We where traveling at about 75mph when the engine Rev'd to 7000 and then it turned of. We where almost hit by a tractor trailer and another SUV. The car was towed to the nearest dealer, which was an hour from my house. I just got a call back now and they cant fix it so they are going to give it to the original dealer who worked on the car. My wife had to take the day off work and we still dont have a rental yet. It was a Sunday and the only way to get a rental was to use my insurance. NO WAY am I going to wait to be re-embursed. That would take month.

    I forwarded all the info to my attorney and they are taking care of it. As is said I just want my money back at this point. :mad: From all the horror stories I have read there is no way I feel comforterable getting another one. I have done searches for other vehicles in Edmunds forums and can not find others with as bad a track record as this Acadia. I am going with the Ford Expedition. Its a little more but seems to be a solid SUV.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello mddcmike,
    I am from GMC Customer Assistance. I apologize that you have had concerns with your Acadia. Do you currently have a case with GM? If so, do you have a case number? Has the vehicle been towed to the original dealership yet? What is the VIN of the vehicle? Thank you,
    Mariah GMC Customer Assistance
  • robinshepherdrobinshepherd Member Posts: 3
    I too am having similar problems with my 2007 GMC Acadia leaking. They have tried 4 times to fix it and it continues to leak. I have to carry booster cables with me because if it rains my truck has to be boosted to start.I too have had the gauges quit working or malfunction during a rain storm. I have even seen it say engine hot when the engine was perfectly fine. The electical system definitely is involved with the leaking problem My radio controls and cruise control on the steering wheel quit working recently and this morning I had the scare of my life. My gas peddle stuck on a 2 lane highway with a coal truck right in front of me. I hit my brakes, tried to manually pull it up, and then (thank God) I put it in neutral. Finally it quit doing that after I veered off the road. Then when I got on the four lane it did the same thing only this time I noticed the cruise control light on. I put it in neutral and coasted down the hill, I watched the gas peddle go down on its own as if set by cruise control. The cruise nor any other button on my steering wheel hasn't worked in weeks. I stopped at a garage that regularly boosts my vehicle for me and they told me what I already expected. The water leak has interfered with the electrical system. I am scared to drive this evening to pick up my children from school. I have contacted my dealership and GMC and hopefully they will do something this time.
  • robinshepherdrobinshepherd Member Posts: 3
    I have been carrying booster cables with me for 6 months. Every time it rains my vehicle won't start and some kind of error message shows in the display. My check engine light also comes on.When it drys out it goes back to normal. Oh and sometimes when its raining and I turn off the key the motor continues to run. What do you think about that. 2007 Acadia $44,000
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