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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • lat05lat05 Posts: 3
    I own a 2008 Acadia AWD and also experienced poor mileage initially but now that the engine is broken in and I've owned it for a while (22000 miles on it) I'm averaging 18-20 mpg.
  • lat05lat05 Posts: 3
    Yes, I had that same thing happen to me just 2 weeks ago. I literally had the key in my hand out of the ignition and the engine was still running. They replaced the ignition switch and I haven't had a problem since.
  • lat05lat05 Posts: 3
    I too have experienced the dreaded leaky sunroof as have MANY other Acadia owners. I just got it back last night from the dealer-- this was the 4th attempt to solve the leaking issue. They discovered the leak was coming from the stationery sunroof in the back of the car even though the water always leaked down the passenger side on the floor, through the grab bar, sun visor and dome lights. I had an indoor sprinkler in my car. We had heavy rain today and so far no leaks. However, i am still contacting GM and the BBB about this car and all it's problems. We Acadia owners have all paid too much for a vehicle which clearly has serious design flaws that could potentially ruin the electrical system! Has anyone tried the Buyback program? If so, what is involved?
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    yes i have had that problem. after my front left wheel fell off and they had my vehicle for a month the struts were cracked and the stabilizer bar needed to be replaced and they fixed the stabilizer bar when the wheel fell off and had to do it again i'm so tired of going to the the steering wheel shakes when you drive. i leased so when i complain they just say bring it in.i'm in the process of trying to get them to buy this mess back.GM is of no help i had to get a lawyer.GM offered to pay one month car note and pay the onstar for one year for my troubles i never responded i just called a lemon lawyer :lemon:
  • snwelshsnwelsh Posts: 1
    i have a 2008 acadia that had this problem - and i actually did not notice.
    I had it in the shop having a leaky transmission fixed (you name the problem, this car has had it!). When they were finished with it and the service manager drove it around to me, she noticed the popping. She turned around and took it back to the technician.
    The steering column was replaced - twice. It does not pop and click anymore.
  • manufan1manufan1 Posts: 26
    I believe I had this problem for the first year. It happened only when driving slow and made turns. I brought it to dealership and a mechanic tested it with me and he said it is because of the new thread of the tires and they couldn't do anything.... One and a half year passed, that sound gone, I haven't heard it for long time.
  • jwalsh9100jwalsh9100 Posts: 1
    My 2007 GMC Acadia suddenly has an intermittent buzzing on the AM radio. Anything I can do? Is my GMC dealer set up to fix this or should I go to a car audio shop? I have 55,000 miles so it's out of warranty.

  • sbh3sbh3 Posts: 2
    Did you ever find out about the fuel smells coming from the vents. Going through the same thing with same response from the dealers.
  • safety9285safety9285 Posts: 88
    I have a 2007. No issues. One problem that just came up with ~50K miles.
    The dealer noticed a Transmission Oil Leak when they were doing a regular oil change. When they went to fix it they said it had something to do with the seal on the torque converter. Anyway, they fixed it as a power train warranty item at no charge. No problems since then. They did say they have seen this problem on a few of the older Acadia's like mine.
    The real scary thing about this problem is that you will not find a a leak on the driveway. The leak happens at highway speeds and mostly disappates into the air. What they noticed was that the underside of the car had a film on it. When they checked the stick I was over a quart of transmission fluild low and no spot on the drive way. Other week or another trip and I would have lost the transmission. :sick:
  • coltsfancoltsfan Posts: 13
    I did not get anything resolved from the dealer. They couldn't seem to notice the same smell we were!!! ( Imagine that!!) We hated to do it ---- but we traded the Acadia. Broke my heart to do it, but we were getting really close to having to buy an extended warranty to get thing fixed which should have been covered &/or fixed under the original warranty. Couldn't see spending $$ for an extended warranty & then more $$ for the deductibles on the repairs. Maybe, if GM survives & can get thing corrected on the Acadia, we'll look into maybe buying another one, but I'd have to be completely satisfied that all -- & I mean all -- the issues had been resolved!! I really miss that car, it was wonderful to drive!!
  • I totally understand your pain. The dealership we bought our Acadia from wasn't able to fix even the easiest things. I don't think they wanted to. :mad: We took it to a dealership about 20 miles away after talking to that service manager about all of our problems with our 2008 Acadia SLT-1. He really wanted to help us out. :) We had the noisy takeoff, odor coming through vents, leaking sunroof; all the most common complaints heard on this board. The odor turned out to be a coolant leak at thermostat housing. They said they replaced a compression fitting and the thermostat housing. Ours smelled of gas when using the remote start also. They stated they also reflashed the PCM (whatever that is) with updated software for long engine crank that would produce more hydrocarbons. (I am writing exactly what is in the report they provided me after they fixed sooooooooooo many problems. If you want to contact Erickson Pontiac- GMC in Rexburg, Idaho; these guys know their stuff!! It is too bad the Acadia is having so many problems from the factory because it is such a good looking auto. The size is perfect and the whole concept is so great for so many families. But, you have to be able to use it! Darn it, GM. Get it right because I would like to give another one a try when I get ready to trade. :cry:
  • mnkathimnkathi Posts: 1
    I have one of the first Acadia's out purchased in February 2007. I have had a lot of the problems already listed but most recently, yours, for the second time. My car has hestiated when it comes time to pass since the day I bought it. The dealer says they can find no problem. I had that thing where you pull up to a stop and your car will not go any faster than 15 mph and it had to go into the shop for two weeks. Last summer, my front end started making those horrible noises and when I took it in they couldn't find anything at first but after I paid for two diagnostics, they said I needed new struts at a cost of $1300. Now it's a little less than a year later and the noises in the front end are starting again. For a nice looking car, it has been nothing but trouble.
  • nicurcpnicurcp Posts: 1
    Anyone have any problems with the gauges? While driving on the freeway @ 65mph, my speedometer was stuck @ 120! In fact, all the gauges were completly wrong. The fuel gauge went straight down pointing to my feet! We called on star but the diagnostics found nothing wrong. We took it in to be fixed and they had to order all new gauging system. When I got it back, they weren't even the original gauges. Cheap looking crome colored gauges were installed instead of all red. Called dealership to have original acadia parts but was told this is what they changed to! Help, how do I go about getting the original gauges back? :sick:
  • markjdelmarkjdel Posts: 2
    My 2007 Acadia has been back to the dealer three times for the rear skylight leak. I had water pouring out all over the car - even up front where the roof post meets the dash. Now I have terrible rattling sounds because they had to take down the headliner to fix the leak. Two dealers could not fix the problem. Now I'm having the power steering issue in the rain that has been written about in other posts. The lease can't end soon enough.
  • markjdelmarkjdel Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if GM has a solution to the problem of losing power steering when it is raining? My 2007 just developed this problem.
  • rbellcparbellcpa Posts: 9
    I have not been able to resolve the power steering issue. The dealer installed guards/shields as directed by a manufacturer bulletin. This may help some, but if you drive through any amount of standing water the steering goes away completely and the belt squeals for a period of time. The dealer acts if it is no big deal. I don't think they know of any way to correct.
  • bfamilybfamily Posts: 15
    For all you people that have said you have a smell like natural gas or propane, etc.
    Is your vehicle AWD or FWD?

    help track down a source.
  • bfamilybfamily Posts: 15
    Did you own a FWD or AWD vehicle?
  • sbh3sbh3 Posts: 2
    FWD here. The dealership found the source of the fuel smell in my 2007 model. A valve in the emissions canister was locked in the open position and the canister was full of gasoline. They thought this was a fluke, or that I had over topped when filling up with gas (I did not). Anyway they replaced the canister and I have not had a problem since. I really like my car and am glad they fixed it!
  • ilyooperilyooper Posts: 1
    We have a 2008 with 14K miles, at about 6K miles I started to notice drips in the driveway and on the garage floor - assumed it was from a 'messy' oil change. Last weekend I crawled underneath to find Trans Fluid sprayed all over the place and hanging like rain drops off of all of the Transmission bolts and Crossmembers. My wife brought it to the dealer and now they have our car for a few days now to replace the Transmission Seal - I guess I was lucky to find some drops in my driveway, but I'm worried how low my Trans Fluid was and if there is any internal damage? My wife said that she could start to 'feel' it downshifting when coming up to a stop.

    Anybody else have this issue and have any recommendations?
  • 1delgado1delgado Posts: 3
    we just had our 08 in for the 4th time for leaks...they tried all the tube issues and even tried to adjust the front doors...Huh...??? they replaced the front sunroof glass saying that the "glass was too small for the hole"...they have no clue...basically the roof is designed to leak and they are trying to find a way to get the water out of the car and not leak onto the people inside...GM won't take any responsibility for it...we now have a moldy smell in the car and they are trying to mask it...they won't replace the carpet or pad and they now say everything is OK...lemon law here we can't tell me GM doesn't have a ton of these Acadias around that they can replace the leaky ones with...we have met a lot of people with Buicks, Saturns and Acadias with no sunroofs and they have no leaks so that is definately where the problem is...
  • rbellcparbellcpa Posts: 9
    Yes, I have this problem. It developed about a year after I purchased the vehicle. The dealer has installed shields around the power steering area. It helps going down the street but if you splash through a puddle the guards do not solve the problem. I don't believe GM is going to do anything else to help with the issue. They are ignoring me. It is a design flaw and they don't have a fix and do not intend to replace the vehicle. Otherwise I love the car. It drives great. However, I don't think I will ever purchase another GM product.
  • I really thought my leaking troubles were over, but we have had a phenomenal amount of rain in our area in the last month and guess what? Other then when my Acadia is at work with me, it sits in the garage. However, yesterday, I discovered new water marks on 2 different places on my headliner yesterday. So, it wasn't fixed. I am getting that natural gas or propane smell again coming through the ventilation system. All of the issues I thought were resolved have now resurfaced. These cars with sunroofs are nothing but lemons. I have a Carbon Black 2008 SLT-1 with 13,??? miles on it now. This is so beyond ridiculous. We paid a lot for these vehicles are all we got are problems from a financially distraught company that won't take responsibility for the problems. I, too have spoken to other owners who don't have the sunroof. They aren't plagued with water issues. However, another thing we all have in common, I do believe is the lumbar support in the drivers side chair does not work. One gal I know said hers has been replaced twice and it still doesn't work. She bought a more inexpensive model in '07 (SLE @ $31,000) and said she is just accepting the problem. I paid $40,275 plus tax, ($2000) and another $2000 for an extended warranty! I went to trade it on a Nissan Murano and all I was offered was $27,000 at the time, with only 9000 miles on it. What a slap for less than one year of ownership! The reason I was given is because GM is in such bad financial condition. At this point I am almost willing to take the loss. Why should GM get by with this. It is corporate thievery at it's best. I bought this car thinking I was involved in an honest arms length transaction. What a joke. If you are looking at one of these, and choose a foreign model. Don't look back! They know engineering. American engineering is slack and no one will take responsibility. It is like taking 15,000 one dollar bills and driving down the street tossing each of these dollars out the window never to be seen again. I am furious. :mad: I will be checking with a lemon law attorney now. :lemon:
  • Mine is an AWD. And it does smell like natural gas and/or propane! It's back for me, unfortunately! :mad:
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    I also had problems with my new 2008 acadia. The propane smell that came thru the vents was one of my complaints. I no longer have to deal with it because I went to arbitration and won. It was not a big deal. Just keep all your records and follow your states lemon laws. Good Luck.
  • Okay, so I told my hubby the other day that my car sounds like it is whining; he didn't notice. Anyhow, yesterday my friend and I had to do a 100 point turn (a little exageration going on), and I asked my friend if she noticed the whining sound or am I imagining it. She said, "I don't think it's whining! It's groaning!" So I'm not nuts. I know most of you have stated that you've experienced power steering issues when it's raining; however, we've had no rain for months. Am I about to experience a possible disaster or is this a fluke? Is anyone, has anyone experienced what I am? In regards to my previous problems, all has been fixed and A-okay. SO FAR.
  • bfamilybfamily Posts: 15
    Great that you got it fixed up and thanks for the reply.
  • It would be great, but now that I am using the AC is back in full force. Can't stand the smell. I have to use the recirculating feature to be able to stand having it on. Also, this past month, we have seen record breaking rainfall in our area, so guess what else is back? :mad: You're right, leaking from the sunroof and a headliner with lots of water marks to prove it! I hate this car. I am so done. I will pursue the lemon law and if I don't get is foreign for me from here on out. Not dealing with American engineering any more. Sorry, the the foreigners just have a leg up and they know how to build a car. Think they would train some American engineers on quality? :(
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    i also contacted a lemon lawyer and submitted all my paperwork and they offered nothing so now they are going back to the drawing board with a different lawyer so we are waiting to see what happens. i'm afraid to drive mine after my left wheel fell off it has never been the the wheel shakes after 60mph i just want them to take this car back. how long did it take for your response from them? are they going to buy the vehicle back?
  • 1delgado1delgado Posts: 3
    I heard from the District Specialist from GM the next day after I called and all she could say was..."no" "no" "no" or " I'll have to check"...she was no help...I'm still dealing with her 2 weeks later but I also sent a"nice" letter to the President of GM, Troy A. Clarke and my dealership's owner saying that they have 1 chance to do the right thing or I have all the Lemon Law paperwork filled out and ready to go... The Attorny said to definetly file a claim but once you do you have to keep the car til it's settled...and still may have to keep it then...I'm so fed up I don't know if I want to wait that long...I would rather spend a couple of thousand $'s and buy something else than to deal with these people...GM really screwed up on this Acadia and just won't admit it...
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