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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • Hey fedup.. had that issue also. Started smelling gas as well but it is very cold here when the gas smell was present. Problem went away for most part after the timing chain and gear was replaced. I guess so the GM dealer said that the gears were broken and the chain was skipping. It didn't make sense to me but that was the reason they gave. It did after wards rev very high for a few secs then calm down. I just threw my hands up when they said that was normal. Soon after that it never started again because all the electrical was shot. And yes they said it never did it for them as well. Don't get another GM!!. Heck we bought a used LR3 and am loving life again. It even has a v8 and gets better millage than my Acadia did. :D
  • hdonahuehdonahue Posts: 2
    I had posted before about my car just dying. Well while it was with the dealership, GM issued a recall about a valve in the engine (I can't remember exactly what it was), but it was supposed to fix this issue. Anyway, the dealership performed the recall and my car was running fairly smoothly for about a month. On Tuesday, it first hesitated on me and then it finally did die at a light. I called OnStar to run a diagnostic, but nothing showed up. His suggestion that it could be bad gas or something like that, which would mean I could never fill-up my tank again because I don't frequent just one gas station. The diagnostic guy also told me to just go ahead and drive it and if it happens again, then contact the dealership. I really do love everything else about my car, but I HATE this. It's just not safe. Fortunately, it hasn't happened with my kids in the car, just me, but even still I don't feel real safe driving it. I just want it fixed!
  • nmydstnmydst Posts: 30
    As some of you may remember I've been going through a Buy Back with GM since May because our 2009 Acadia we bought in Nov 2010 would die while driving for no reason. The process pretty much has been fine. The only part of it that has been a pain is finding us the same vehicle we owned before and we couldn't so GM agreed to let us order a 2011. The car arrived at the dealership last week. We sign papers next week and get to bring it home. I'm praying that this car won't be like the last or worse. I know that no car is perfect, but I'm so over this process and all the problems and just want a reliable car that I spent alot of money on. That is what all of us want. I will let you all know if there is any problems with the 2011. Take care! :shades:
  • ktriektrie Posts: 15
    Congratulations, you are probably the only Acadia owner who was fortunate enough to get GM to take back their biggest problem child. Unfortunately, you are getting another. Hopefully, they have figured out the problems for 2011 but I have serious doubts. I would love to get rid of mine but not even car thieves are interested in this thing.
  • LOL! Sad, but true. Thieves don't want them! :) Pretty bad when the black market rejects vehicles, huh?! We were all taken for a "ride" by GM. Loving my new Murano and so glad to be rid of the Acadia!
  • ruyanruyan Posts: 1
    For all those with a leaking Sun Roof on their Acadia's I had this problem and GM put to short of drainage tubes in to let the water flow out the back. I had mine replaced and this problem has been eliminated GM has a recall on this issue As for all the other recalls and issues when GM says let the best car win they could not have meant this unit. I have had nothing but problems from the first day I bought it..
    Now if anyone else is experiencing th brake light and traction contol light coming on please let me know. I had the front air conditioning fan model go out now GMC is guessing the models for the brake system and traction control are bad. From what I am reading the electrical system in the Acadia was invented before Edison. My water pump went out at 57,000 miles, air conditioning line replaced in the first week plus all the recalls since 2007 have made up my mind never to buy GM again.
  • ehow07ehow07 Posts: 2
    I bought a used 2007 GMC Acadia AWD SLT2 in May of this year. Since that time, it has been back for repairs 3 times, with another one scheduled for next week. First, 2 weeks after we bought it, the compressor in the A/C went, while on a 7 hour drive with a 3 year old and an infant. Got that fixed. About 3 weeks ago, water started coming in through the 3rd row dome light and seatbelts in the 3rd row. Got that fixed. While driving the car the next day, it started to overheat, while I had the kids in the car with me. Had to get it towed to the dealer...water pump shot. Got that fixed. It rained again yesterday and guess what...water started coming in again. Going back to the dealer next week. I asked them about the short tubes last time and they told me it was because a tube was clogged, so they unclogged it. Well, that clearly did not fix it. Is there a way to find out of recall work was done on your car? I would like to check and see if the tubes were ever replaced in the sunroof. I was so excited to get the car, i have wanted one for a while. I honestly hate it now and hate driving it. I just want to get rid of it and get something else. I hate driving with my kids because i feel like something is going to break. Every time I hear any noise, i get a pit in my stomach. Luckily, we bought it certified, so all repairs have been covered. i am nervous about when the warranty is up, how much is this car going to cost me? I think I might keep it until the warranty is up, and then trade it in for a foreign car. We looked at this and the honda pilot...i really wish I went with the pilot! So disappointed in GM!!!!
  • I bought my acadia 10/31 as new!! after 27mon, my disappointing experience started. Diagnostic light keep on showing on DIC (Jan/10) dealer started to find the problems, after doing repairs etc., same issues keeps on repeating with other issues like transmission getting hot. They change transmission, radiator, torque converter, thermostat sytem, etc..etc. mileage from 21hiway went down to 17 due this issues and i was then become famous customer of the dealer due numerous repairs which took from Jan to Jun( almost 6mon). And todate, am quite happy got no issues. My bad experience is that i have to stop driving in hiway w/my family(not safe) sometimes at nite due DIC diagnostic signal that transmission is HOT!!!, i am driving from 65 to 80m/hr (normal) for 130m distance. Mileage back to normal. But due this kind of experience, i have my Lemon on process BUYBACK having my pull refund for 33mons payment soon!!! WOW!!!! Now, i am schedule to get 2011 SLT 1, after all the kind of experience. Is it coz, i found the car generally safe to drive, with manly stye & looks, space etc. Mostly, I WANT TO HELP OUR ECONOMY BUYING AMERICAN CAR!!!! :) :mad: :blush: :lemon:
  • mewwoodmewwood Posts: 9
    I have posted before. Brake booster replaced, Left Pinion replaced, A/C not working properly. Guess What? The transmission just went out. Car in the shop for 2 eeks and 3 days. Reason for the delay parts deferred. I will never buy GMC again.

    My car is a lemon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Mewwood,
    Does the dealership have an idea when the parts will be in? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • HELLO!!!! pls POST if you guys have updates on ACADIA 2011!! I want to upgrade
    my 2008 SLT 1 TO 2011!!! I cant decide..need any information PLEASE..PLEASE..
  • nmydstnmydst Posts: 30
    anakleon75 I just went through a buyback with GM and got rid of my 2009 and got a 2011 instead. I've only had it for 1 week so far. I'm not sure what info you're looking for. They have changed a few things on the 2011. Nothing big just to stream line it more. One of my biggest pet peeves was the big headrests in the third row and now they are really low I can see over them no problem. Take your time making your decision. So far I love my car, but I'm only 200 miles into it. We special ordered our SLT :) 1 since we wanted the white diamond, second row console, towing package, upgraded wheels and hit the road package that has the running boards, cross roof rails and molded mud flaps. It drives nice, but I'm not used to the back up camera yet. Let me know if there is anything specific you need to know about. Good Luck!
  • hi nmydst, Thanks!! Am schedule hopefully end of August to surrender to dealer my
    2008STL1,(BUYBACK) although they have fixed my concern and i am still consider to have 2011 carbon black Metlic AWD.Whats new on wheels?? Am asking my dealer to give me a loyalty & other terms of discount. Do you think its possible?? well, just looking for a good deal too! I've enjoyed also my 2008 for 27mons till i have issue which started on Jan/2010. Anyway, enjoy your rides. Good luck too!!
  • alexk4alexk4 Posts: 27
    You must not have had any major issues with your '08 if you're now buying an '11. I'm in lemon law litigation with my '08 and as we speak its in the shop again. I'm having problems with the radio now and the dealership said it may not be under warranty anymore. I told them I'll live with the radio in its current state because I will not pay for a radio to be replaced when I have 8 months left on my lease. Its also in

    I wouldn't buy another Acadia let alone a GM product even they offered it to me for FREE! I wish you luck because my saying is, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks!" :lemon:
  • I purchased this vehicle used from a reputable GM dealership in Feb 10. The vehicle had 43K when purchased. Was told it was a local trade. After test drive, I told sales representative that it seemed that the transmission was sluggish and power steering was making some noise. I was assured that they would look at and I went ahead with purchase. I actually purchased 2 vehicles from them the same day, Cadillac CTS. The Acadia was in the shop for approximately a week while the service department diagnoised the problem. Nothing found with transmission but they "flashed computer" anyway and the power steering according to service manager was to be "bled" as requested by GM since it possibly had air in system. After driving for several hundred miles, transmission started slipping in second and third gears and would not upshift when accelerated. I notified dealership, they took vehicle in again, said no problem found. The next week the power steering started making noise again and the steering wheel would not turn smoothly or freely and transmission was still slipping. I contacted dealer again, went into shop and GM replace power steering pump and flushed power steering system. As far as transmission, GM found it necessary to reprogram transmission control module per bulletin # 08-07-30-022A. I picked vehicle up from dealer and informed them that I was about to take a 1800 mile vacation with this vehicle and I was assured that all issues were resolved. As my family and I left Virginia to Florida for vacation in the middle of the night (it was cooler and no traffic), the transmission started to shift in and out of gears while traveling down interstate with cruise control set. The engine RPMs would go from around 1800 jump to over 3000 back to 1800 then as high as 4000 RPMs while traveling at highway speeds! No ryme or reason! I pulled over checked fluid, all was fine. I contacted local GM dealer in Florida, they stated it was a huge problem with these transmissions and GM was aware of the issues and "flashing" computer was only a temporary fix if it fixed it at all. The Florida dealer thought that it would not leave me on side of road but did not recommend me to travel at night with family in case there was a problem. We had to stay extra day so we could travel by day. I video recorded the engine rpms, speed and cruise set to show selling dealer when I returned. After service manager saw video with salesperson, service manager stated "what do you want me to do about it". It shocked me and the salesperson! Salesperson drove vehicle and noticed that something was shifting incorrectly. They took vehicle back into shop and again said that they could not find anything wrong. My wife and kids took vehicle to go to store and came close to being hit broadside because the vehicle would not get out of its on way! Vehicle has been parked in my garage for a week since that issue. After contacting dealer again, they installed a box hooked to ecm under dash and sat in cupholder that was supoose to take 50 pics of vehicles signals when these instances happened. I was to push a red button when it happen so that it would record. I personally drove vehicle myself Friday 8/13/10 and transmission immediately started slamming in and out of gear and slipping horribly. It was so bad it jerked my neck several times and "barked" the tires. I had salesperson meet me and she drove vehicle with me and could not believe how unsafe this vehicle was. We recorded the incident on the "box". The salesperson notified the service manager, told him exactly what it was doing and it was unsafe. Checked the fluid and it was full but very dark and burnt. We parked it back into my garage until Sunday and dealer brought me a vehicle to drive. On Monday, service department could not detect any of the violent shifting but said box noted a slight torque problem. On Tuesday, GM Rep advised to pull valve body and also spoke with salesperson personally on the actions of vehicle from Friday. On Wednesday, Service pulled valve body and informed GM rep that #2 and #3 solinoids were scorched(I think that that was the ones) and that there was "debris" in the transmission. On Thursday, GM rep instructed service to disassemble transmission to find out what is wrong. In speaking with service manager, I questioned how long it would take to install new transmission since debis was in transmission, lines and trans cooler. Service manager stated GM will not put in new transmission unless costs to repair require it. I was told not to look for my vehicle back for at least a week or longer! I want out of this vehicle, it has put my family and me in dangerous situations along with the salesperson who will testify to dangerous actions of this vehicle . It has been in shop more that we can enjoy it and my family is scared to death and fear for there life when in vehicle. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF....I found out that I am the 3 was not a original local trade but purchased at auction up North, sold to a local woman from selling dealer I purchased from, she kept for less that 10K miles within 7 months! Then sold to me and I have only put around 5,000 miles on it and near 800 miles of that was taking back and forth to selling dealer which is 90 miles round trip! Supposily, I cannot talk with the GM rep to discuss options....I NEED A DEPENDABLE VEHICLE NOW FOR MY FAMILY! I paid alot of money for this vehicle that is a death trap! Anyone know how to get to GM internally vs Customer Care? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • Oh no!!! what a bad experience you & family got from ur 2008/SLT 1 AWD..I do have bad time also w/my 2008 SLT 1 awd. Driving it before w/28k for 27mons, issues started, diagnostic keep on showing on DIC for 3 - 4times, dealer made a LOT OF REPAIRS, change parts, torque converter, radiator, DIC shows transmission is HOT, dealers tech cant find why?? same along with GMC engineers
    though they personally check out my car in dealer shop. I was then famous with the dealer due numerous job on my car from Janaury to 2nd week of June. They did their own road test. GM replace transmission, radiator and finally the thermostat system which they found out the reason why i have this issues. To date, i dont have any issues, back again to road w/o problems but am afraid in future so,I 've asked assistance from LEMON, give them my folders of maintenance request and todate, and am lucky due GM OFFERD ME A BUYBACK!! I will surrender my car to dealer this 30Aug getting big amount of refund which was computed in a legal way. Though i have that kind of experience, i enjoyed my ride and i am planning to get an upgraded 2011 SLT 1 /AWD. Hoping that i wont have same experience. thanks for sharing GOOD LUCK!!!!
  • nmydstnmydst Posts: 30
    When we did our Buyback the deal we did no incentives or discounts could be used that were going on. Have you spoken with a GM rep about the conditions of the Buyback? Ours was basically a MSRP to MSRP swap and upgrades or price difference we had to make up ourselves. We were lucky since we paid way below MSRP on our first car. Taxes and all that stuff is taken care of by them. I know sometimes you are charged for a usage fee on your old car for the mileage, but we were not. The extended warranty, GAP insurance and protection package was taken care of by them also. After all is said and done going from the 2009 to the 2011 cost less then $1000 and that was the upgrade in the 20 inch wheels and the second row console. Everything else was exactly the same as my other vehicle which GM agreed to pay (running boards etc.) Good luck!
  • nmydstnmydst Posts: 30
    Familyvalues I was in a similiar situation with our car. It was not safe to drive. It would lose power and die while driving which put my family in some dangerous situations. I'm frustrated just reading your story, because my dealership also put a box in my car to record, but they kept my car and had one of their techs drive my car around for a few days. It was not my job to do the recording as it shouldn't have been your job. I also don't understand why you can't speak to the GM rep. I also live in Virginia. The GM rep that we worked with was very helpful. He came to the dealership to meet with us and agreed on a Buy Back and throughout the process I spoke with him several times. I'd like to pass this info onto you with out having to post it on the internet. Not sure how though.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    Would you please use paragraphs when typing something of this length. Very difficult to read. Thanks
  • carl_ndeltacarl_ndelta Posts: 4
    edited August 2010
    There is a fix for this issue.

    It pertains to a propane or natural gas like odour coming through the fresh air dash vents - enabling recirculating air nullifies the issue but does not address the root cause. The odour originates comes from the vent on the transfer case (the mid car unit, not front or rear) on AWD vehicles.

    A vent kit provides for a tube to run from the transfer case to the fuel filler cap.

    GM USA, the vent kit pn is 01CDZ110.

    GM Canada, the vent kit pn is 19256170.

    I've just had this installed under warranty on my 2010 Traverse AWD. It was about a 6 hour job requiring drive shafts, exhaust pipes, and more to be disassembled. Seems like it is working.

    This kit applies to all GM vehicles of this family - Acadia, Enclave, and Traverse. As I have not seen complaints of this odour on the Enclave forums, I'd bet that the vent kit is installed at the factory on that vehicle.

    Thank you to the original poster of the USA part number per this Edmunds thread...!keywords=allin%3Amsgtex- t%20limit%3A.f108d4c%20odor#MSG14

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    I have a 2008 Acadia. Today, the front A/C fan stopped working. The rear fan still works and cold air comes out, but I'm getting nothing from the front. The A/C unit starts up and runs but nothing comes out the front. Also, I noticed that the two fans at the radiator, of which I believe one is for the AC and the other is for the radiator, didn't start up even though it's a hot day. Needless to say, the next trip for the car is straight to the dealer so it doesn't overheat, but anyone have any suggestions as to what's wrong?
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    I have a 2007 GMC Acadia and after reading a couple posts I am feeling I made a mistake. A few months after owning the vehicle my power steering pump went out, a few months later more issues with the power steering. The dealership kept telling me there is air in my lines. It been awhile now since I had any issues, but now I am experancing this whining noise everyone is talking about. I only hear it when at slows speeds turning left or right and it gets louder the longer you drive. I am taking it in this week I was wondering if the dealerships know how to fix it.

    Today the power lift gate went out it opens ok but closes about a 1/3 of the way stops and makes a louds clicking noise like something is stuck.

    I have no warranty and wondering if GMC is covering any of these issues that so many people are having.
  • Yes!! Gm rep(dealer), were completely inform about my 2008 buyback. $1500 rebates + other GM courtesy discounts and they are working for my loyalty discount since i am upgrading my 2008 to 2011. My bumper warranty is complete for 36000 and due to issues i 've experience + the unexpected issues to come on 2008 model i
    rather changed paying the 2011 from my lemon refund. It will be on invoice price and i got information thru edmund. I hope i 've got the right deal as i did checked to different GM dealers and they offered me same except some dealers which i feel
    am not comfortable to deal. Though i have issues on my 2008 but it did not totally put me down and todate am safely driving it, returning it to dealer on 30Aug and will drive out from their showroom the new 2011 AWD/SLT 1. Thanks for sharing!! GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY YOUR RIDES!!1
  • Yes, i dont have major issues!!!!, though i have but it did not makes me totally down w/my 2008 SLT AWD. I believe that it is GM tech not able to diagnose correctly
    my complaint and to date i am enjoying my rides w/my family...etc. GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY UR RIDE TOO!!.
  • I also have an Acadia 2007, and have had similar problems with my vehicle. I have read the same complaints about maybe " I got the lemon", well it seems like there are alot of "lemons" out there. We just brought our Acadia in the shop today to replace the power steering pump, so we thought. They ended up not replacing the pump, because it would have been the third pump they would have replaced, so they instead suspect air in system, so they bled the lines and installed a rubber hose on steering gear transfer lines. They said to try it out, and if we hear it again to bring it in again. Lets hope it works because we are tired of the whinning noise.
  • Got the vehicle in March 2007 as a new release. Had minor issues such as lumbar breaking, driver seat rocking which were repaired. Lumbar broke again and repaired again. Seat rock is back. Just recently, we had the transmission rebuilt and the engine pulled for the timing chain replacement. The transmission would not up shift and rpms were stuck between 3 and 4 thousand. The dealer rebuilt the transmission, test drove it then got a service light for the timing chain. We got it back and the driver side speakers quit working. New speakers installed by the dealer, now ok. My wife just csalled me and on the way to the store, her cruise control turned on and the car accelerated. The steering wheel button was turned off when it happened, because my wife does not use the cruise. Doesn't make me feel too safe. I had contacted GM customer service prior to this cruise issue and they were very proud of how they have stood by their warranty. I told them my issue wasn't with their service, but with a vehicle that had so many major issues, all at once. Now I have to bring to dealer about the cruise turning on and the car speeding up, with the cruise turned off. Our lease expires in March and GM may not be a choice for me.....
  • Experiencing similar leaking problems inside our car. We have been to the dealer 3 times and are getting involved with GMC. Looking for some people who have been able to succeed in the buy back program and to see how they were successful. We were hoping to sell a $34000 car but who will buy a car that leaks. We are looking for precedent lawsuits that we may attach to our letter to GMC, Attorney General, Credit Union, and Insurance company. Any information on where the lawsuits took place and with which court distict so that I may find the accurate complaint.

  • Have you tried a different dealership? I have had a lot of experience with incompetent service personnel from one dealer and had completely different experience from other ones.
  • hi! jwmoon24,, i've same issues back on 11/2007 but they've fixed it very well(recall) and did not leak from then up to Aug/31/2010, but i do have my buyback thru Lemon due some minor issues which actually not put me down its probably dealership did not have the right diagnose, reasons for me to bring this things to lemon and i got it for two months. They paid me my 33months including sales tax & etc. As per my lemon, i've really good deal on my refund. Since, my acadia 2008
    SLT 1 AWD did not really pu down my expectation,Now, i took new acadia 2011 SLT/AWD,
    well, i hope i will not have any, since all the issues from model 2007 - 2010 were all modified. So far, i have 1500 mi and got no issues. GOODLUCK!!
  • Well here I go again. My last post was telling you that my car would jug upon starting and the gauges would go over and back and over and back and eventually would not start and had to have it towed twice. GM is now involved and the service department is telling me that since replacing the fuel pump, they can not find anything else wrong. I don't know what lemon law or buyback means, could you please inform me so that I can inform GM I want the car bought back. It is such a shame to spend so much(paid cash for an "08 SLT Acadia) and do not have a dependable car. What do I need to know?
  • Radtechmama,

    Have you saved your service receipts? If not, go back to the dealership and request copies. Google lemon lawyers in your state. I am in Jersey and our laws state you had to have the problem for the first time within the first year time period and had the same problem at least two times afterwards. You then have grounds to sue. I know other states are different. Once you start litigation, you can expect the suit to take at least one year. Buybacks, I'm told are hard to come by with GM, but if you start a lawsuit then they know you're serious. Also, the lemon lawyers don't charge you a fee, they are paid directly by GM. That's another bonus because you pay nothing out of pocket. Confirm this because as I've said all states are different. Is it an option to sell the car and purchase something else--foreign, of course. Good luck and don't give up!
  • radtechmama!! Am here in California and my Lemon advocate managed to have my
    buybuck from GM and paid me back my 33mons + sales tax. Have your complete job order receipt from your dealership at least it should be most current but not more than 1 year. Contact your Lemon from your state and they will evaluate your complain as per your receipt to find out if there is any ground to file claims and if ever, they will advise you if you can have a buyback, meaning GM has to pay you back from your first monthlyu payment up to current, in my case they charged me for the usaged/mileage which was computed according to law and they even settled my car loan to the lender, GM paid the Lemon. I do appreciate the assistance of the lemon advocate from my state, it took me almost 2 months to wait and i am happy that i've got my 33 months payments or refund from GM. GOODLUCK!!!!
  • Can you help me??

    I have a 2008 Acadia SLT. We live in a house with a driveway that has a slight incline. When the 2008 Acadia has a 1/4 a tank of gas or less and parked in the driveway, the 2008 Acadia with not start at times. I contacted GM customer service, case# 71-857155012, and was told that the design of the fuel tank is "working as designed" and there's nothing GM will do for my problem. He also stated the best thing for us to do was to keep the vehicle at a 1/2 a tank at all times. I asked what him the following questions: What if we stopped at a red light on a hill with 1/4 tank of gas; What if we parked the on a hill and could not roll back to level ground because another vehicle was parked behind us; What if we took the boat to the lake, backed the boat down the boat ramp with 1/4 tank of gas and the 2008 Acadia will not start back up? His said GM was not going to help me.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello Skinner4,
    I did send you an e-mail. Please let me know if you didn't receive it. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • crose10crose10 Posts: 3
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    I took my 2008 GMC Acadia to the dealer to replace the front right light, they said they had to put it on the lift to change the bulb. They proceeded to lift the car and then they tell me my water pump just gave out! I have 44k miles only on this car and have had no symptoms, no noise , overheating, leaks. I am covered under warranty but am concerned that either this is the start of problems or they are just telling me this in hopes that I wasn't covered under warranty -- I am not mechanical and wouldn't know how to check what they are telling me. This has been a huge inconvenience they are telling me that they have to order the part and I am only covered under warranty for 5 days of rental -- I need a car to get to work. I have only had the car for a year (bought it certified pre-owned) and am wondering if I should trade this in for a honda pilot -- which seems to have a much better track record. Any advice would be appreciated. Oh did I mention that I have already had to replace the front brakes -- which the dealer also told me that they cut the rotors -- are they supposed to do that at 44K miles????
  • 44k miles for a water pump isn't too far off; a little early, but I wouldn't worry about it if it is covered. Bearings do go bad or can be installed improperly. The latter causes the former. Next time ask why they are putting it on a lift to replace a light, but maybe they heard something, or found a cooling system code.

    All vehicles require some maintenance, even if they are good. It is a rarity not to need service, occasionally. Honda Pilots get slightly worse gas mileage and aren't devoid of problems, either. You will never find a vehicle that everyone is happy with. Replacing front brakes (which take 70% of the vehicle load during braking) is not bad at that mileage, either. They typically only last around 30k miles. They most likely took a skin cut on the rotors, just to get rid of any grooves that might have been put in the rotor surface (caused by not replacing them soon enough). It is normal, too. Sometimes, if you drag the brakes a lot it can warp the rotors, also. Turning the rotors (on a lathe) can be used for minor warping issues, but usually just to trim the surface to eliminate grooves.

    Use the brakes lightly (put them on earlier) as much as possible for the first 500 miles and you can increase the life of the rotors and pads. It takes time to wear grooves (small grooves are required for good braking) in the rotors and pads. Someday you may need a replacement rotor when the thickness has been turned down too much, but only when it is at the minimum specification for thickness set by the manufacturer for safety and cooling.

    Nothing in your visit sounds bad, except the part where they started working on your vehicle without having a water pump in stock. That is the dealer's problem, so make the service manager pay for their own mistake and either rush the part in shipping or compensate your rental vehicle (or get a loaner car from the dealer).
  • Crose10,

    If you bought certified pre-owned, wouldn't they cover the brakes? or did they pay for that? I'm sure since this was pre-owned, the first owner got rid of this car for a reason. If you can, I would trade it immediately! Run to the Honda dealership!

    Speaking from experience!
  • To everyone having major problems with their Acadias, look up lemon lawyers in your state. Each state has different laws. I was in litigation for approximately one year and just settled with GM. (I would not settle when they offered me a few thousand dollars and wouldn't take back the lemon so I stuck with it to the point where I was scheduled for arbitration--I thought what the heck--bring it on! I have nothing to lose at this point!) GM postponed the arbitration and the next week I had my offer. They worked up a formula of how much I'd already paid for the lease minus the miles I put on the car. After all was said and done and the money from the attorney was paid out, I walked away just under five figures and they took the car back which was what I've really wanted all along. I had eight months left on my lease. I had an '08 which had water leaks from the sunroof after having the car for 6 mos. and from there other things started going wrong. Two weeks before I got rid of the car, they put a new radio in since mine was mysteriously not changing stations. The latest problem I had that my dealership could not find, was a loud noise coming from the back of the car. I had it in several times, and they couldn't find out anything but as I was driving it to the dealership to return it, it was still making the same noise. I can't even count the times I've had the car in for service, the time I lost from work, carpooling my kids around, and the frustration of fighting to get a rental car from the dealership. I will miss the car for the roominess, but that's about it. I bought an '11 Hyundai Genesis and you bet I did my research before buying that car! No walking into a showroom blindly anymore! Good luck to everyone! I was told by my dealership that GM seems more receptive lately to working out deals with their customers so keep fighting!
  • When they put the car on the lift to change the light bulb they said the water pump "just went" and showed me the water coming from the car. They told me that I couldn't drive it until they replaced it but said that they had to order the water pump because they didn't have any in stock. I just think it seems odd that a water pump would just go without any signs -- no leaks, I would receive my Onstar vehicle diagnostic report and everything was fine. I am just concerned -- is this the start of a ton of trips to the repair shop? I got rid of my Ford Explorer (at 100k miles) because of that same reason, I don't really have time for a car that is in the shop more than home.
  • After reading these post I have a question. I have a 2008 Acadia I purchased new with 45,000 miles now. I just heard the Power steering pump whine. Now should I take it to a GM dealer and let him replace it for $700 or another post said $950 or take it to my local garage and have it replaced? Any advice is appreciated and also is it worth the time to have the recall done on the windshield washer heater?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    A power steering unit will whine when it's low on fluid. I'd check that first.

    Not much to changing a unit out. I'd have a trustworthy mechanic check it first and see if it needs changing..
  • I have 83,000 miles on my 2007 Acadia and have been following this forum for some time.
    Your issue has come up many times before. Most of the dealers know that the first thing to do when this issue comes up is to Bleed the lines to get rid of any air in the lines.
    This is the simpliest thing to check first. If this does not fix the probelm than you can discuss more expensive alternates.
  • I have had my 2011 Acadia (SLT 2 AWD) for about a month now. I average 9.6 MPG. The BEST MPG I have seen with the car is 14MPG with 200+ interstate miles with cruise control on. This is no where near their advertised 16/23. Already had it into the shop and the dealer insists that there is nothing wrong with the car. I have read serveral places that there was some sort of transmission programming on older models. Dealer claims to be knowledgeable about the repair and says that my car has the lastest of everything. Anyone had a similiar experience? Is there a fix?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    There is usually a period of low mileage when the vehicle is new. The mileage should get better between 5 and 10K miles.
  • Is this specific to thd Acadia or GMC? I have owned 3 new vehicles and I have never gotten more 1-2MPG off sticker before even when they were brand new.
  • duijiduiji Posts: 17
    I owned one for about 24k miles and my gas mileage seemed to get worse? I'm not sure why but I do know that they updated some software or something in the transmission, after that I noticed a mile or 2 off where I was prior. I had worse problems to deal with than gas mileage, I was just happy to drive it when everything worked as it should.
  • Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I've had an issue with my 2008 Acadia. When I start it up sometimes the dash readout says "SERVICE AIRBAG" and the airbag warning indicator is on. Other times it says nothing at all and no airbag warning indicator. What I've also come to notice is that when the "SERVICE AIRBAG" warning is on, the passenger side headlight will not be lit, either in daytime running mode or at night. It's very strange. If I don't get the airbag warning, the headlight functions as it is supposed to. I'm guessing there must be some sort of electrical short. I was hoping for some feedback before I take it in to the dealer. I don't want to be taken advantage of by them, like them telling me I need to replace the headlight, etc. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.
  • Well now that the GM dealer has had my car since Saturday fixing my blown water pump (no leaks, no noise, no engine overheating -- no symptoms). All of a sudden today they call me and tell me they have replaced the water pump but NOW the Power steering fluid is leaking! Again, I have never seen anything on the ground or have heard any noise or had trouble steering. This is all covered by the warranty but I have been so inconvenienced by this, I am very frustrated. It all seems a bit suspect to me as well. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks
  • I previously owned a 2009 SLT-1 FWD Acadia for 9 months and had 4300 miles on it before doing a buy back with GM. I got between 14-16MPG depending on how much in town or highway driving I was doing. I live in a pretty big city to where you drive in town and highway about equal. I've had my 2011 SLT-1 FWD Acadia for 2 months now and have only got 16MPG once and my average is 14MPG. It may have something to do with the newness of the cars still or perhaps that you are driving an AWD. Or maybe these cars just get that bad of gas mileage. It's not like they are Hybrid vehicles....
  • Same here!! owned before SLT/1 AWD 2008 drove it for 33mons and i've got 18 - 20m per gal hiway and i do have a buyback. Got 2011/SLT 1 driving it for a month now and i got 18 - 20m per gal @55 to 70mph hiway & 12 - 14m city. I am still on break in hoping that no early issue on this model. Will post if any changes on mileage. GOODLUCK..HAVE A SAFE DRIVE.
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