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    Leasing I wish I financed this piece of junk... I will never ever recommend any gm products to anyone... They are the worst not to mention they say all their vehicles come with high tech computers that allow them to read any codes yeah right...
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    Do you have this concern due to the fact that you are hydroplaning? Do you experience this concern when it is dry and wet? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
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    I also have a power steering problem. My car had the recommended repair in the spring and about month ago it started making a rubbing noise when you turn the steering wheel. I was told that they have no idea how to fix this and are waiting for GM to give them guidance. Since I also have engine problems this has not been a huge concern but I still would like it repaired... but as others have said, the repair people don't seen to care.
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    Can you please e-mail me your complete contact information including a good number to reach you, VIN and current mileage, as well as involved dealer? I would like to look into this for you.
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    Here is my direct email address: [email protected]
    This happens only when is is a heavy rain and water puddles or collects on the road.
    This happens when I go through a puddle of water . I think that water is somehow splashing up on the power steering belt and the belt slips.
    When this happens you can not, repeat not, turn the wheel for 3-7 seconds.
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    I'm glad you can see that we(GM) are trying. It can be hard for us (GM) to reach all of its customers especially when they do not call customer service. Therefore I am here to try to help reach out to customers who do know where to turn. Please keep me updated and let me know if your concerns still go unresolved.
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    My husband has always been a loyal GM Consumer and in 2007 I saw the Acadia. Loved it! So my husband purchased my FIRST brand new vehicle a GM, of course. The vehicle leaked, then flooded , literally looked like a waterfall out of the vehicle (I have video) took it in to be serviced repeatedly. Techs could not find a problem, finally, problem resolved, drainage tubes in sunroof. So glad it was repaired BUT left with lots of problems. According to Fieher and GM my problems! The SMELL, the damages caused by maitenence staff each time it was taken back in to be serviced, again repaired but more care should have been shown so the vehicle wouldn't have to be serviced again! The rusted internals of the vehicle that go up as far as the carpet can be pulled back. Oh the smell, mentioned that did I! I have a son with Asthma and Allergies, mold and mildew top the list of allergen triggers. What if your kid was allergic to the car that his mom drives him to school in :sick: ! My hubby and I are not big complainers after a less than satisfying chat with an attorney and GM we are stuck with this vehicle. Still a pretty as long as you don't breath in! Hubby and I thought it's okay, still a safe vehicle, not leaking anymore, so we thought! Nov 24th, 2010 it leaks again in a totally different area (I have video) ! Called Fieher where it was purchased and was informed basically they are really too busy for my "More Problematic" Acadia...
    What do we do now, the underlying problems are only going to get worse and we are stuck with this rank and stanky vehicle. Feel so screwed over! Just an avergae family that whose hubby bought his wife her first new car and ended up with a big headache! What do we do now! Someone help us! :mad:
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    I would first suggest going to another GM dealership in your area if the existing one is not helping. Not always possible if you are in a small town. It's one thing if the dealers say it cannot be fixed. But when the dealer says they don't want to work on your problematic vehicle then that is customer service. Either talk with the Service Manager first and then try the General Manager. At that point I would go to another dealership.

    My .02.
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    The Problems with our Acadia We did have a sunroof leak that was coming down threw the pillars into the dash and then out from the emergency brake pedal. We think that it may have gotten into some of the electronics who knows. Our main problem was that while driving out of the blue the door locks would all of a sudden unlock and lock. That then turned into quick moments of the car losing power. That turned into the car eventually shutting down all together. I could be on the road or on top of a draw bridge with no where to pull over. The dealership could not find any codes for any of these things happening. They put a black box in my car. They took my car for their techs to drive and it happened to them. I had to have my car towed twice to the dealership because I got stranded. I told my dealership I felt the car was too dangerous for my family to drive in and the manager agreed since it happened to his techs as well. He contacted GM's rep for my area and talked about a Buy Back and explained about our situation. They wanted to try one other thing first and that was to have a tech flown in to try to fix it. He couldn't fix it. He did discover several grounds. We told them even if they could fix it that by now since they had my car so torn up that we didn't feel comfortable being back in it. It could end up having more problems. The Rep agreed and told us we could have a Buy Back deal. They didn't want to get sued. One thing that was on our side was that we were never rude when we went in to the dealership to discuss our car. We were firm and stuck to what we wanted and that made a difference. We also have a good dealership/service department, which is rare. I think too many places these days either take advantage or are too lazy to help their customers. We were lucky with that rep. Normally with Buy Backs we were told you have to pick whats on the lot. We wanted the same car we had and they didn't have it. He told the dealership to find it in any state. They couldn't so he let us order one. So we went from a 2009 to a 2011 and got to do some upgrades as well, of course we had to pay for the upgrades, but it has been totally worth it. As for the gas mileage thing. We are still breaking it in but it has improved. We are now getting 16-17mpg. I hope this helps some of you. I know reading some of the recent posts that they are some of you that have been experiencing similar things that I had with my old Acadia. Good luck.
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    My suggestion is to take your vehicle in to your dealer of choice. Since your concern is intermittent and occurs in rainy conditions, I would recommend taking it in on a rainy day and having a service technician ride with you so they can experience the concern.
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    My vehicle is still at the dealer after being there for a week. The field engineer looked over what the dealership has done to date regarding testing and they now want to come to my house to check for excessive radio frequencies/waves in my garage. I'm humoring them but I think this is got to be a new one. Even if there higher than normal readings why is 2010 Nissan Maxima not affected? Why would the Acadia be dead every morning? More importantly my wife works for a major wireless company and her office has the cities central switch tower on the roof. If anything it should die there all the time. It did once but I'm guessing that was a fluke.

    I hope after their wild goose chase tomorrow they finally agree that the vehicle is just buggy and we can start on the next phase of the process.
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    I have a 2010 acadia with over 30k miles and I have just noticed a rubbing sound that occurs when turning the steering wheel while not moving or at slow speeds. Is this a safety issue? Everything else seems ok.
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    I got the car back yesterday. Dealer is ordering specialized testing equipment to install on the vehicle and hopefully track down the issue. It could take weeks or months to get the equipment as there are limited quantities for the entire US.
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    If you feel this is a concern or a safety issue I would recommend speaking with your local dealer of choice to have the vehicle checked out.
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    Since day one, I have had a lagging acceleration issue on my 2007 Acadia. I have brought it to the dealer numerous times and they find nothing wrong with it. My friend has the exact same vehicle and his drives much more responsively with no acceleration or transmission issues. I am so tired of the dealer telling me that nothing is wrong when I drive this vehicle everyday and am as frustrated as ever. I know there is a warranty up to 100,000 miles on the tranny and I am just at 88,000 miles. I want the dealer to correct this problem before the 100,000 mark. Any suggestions? Yes, the vehicle was recalibrated and the gas mileage is horrible now. I need help and would like to be a satisfied GM customer. I already had a waterfall in my car due to the improper service of the sunroof drain recall. And, steering problems exist when I go through a deep puddle, so I try to avoid them. Great looking vehicle but would I buy again? I don't think so. Maybe my tune would change if the tranny shifts properly- I keep hoping for the best!
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    We purchased a 2007 Acadia in February of that year. There was a transmission software update installed in the fall of 2007 to repair a less than smooth shift with the car. Fast forward to 6/28/10 and that is where the trouble began. On that date with 52,637 miles on the car—3rd, 5th and reverse died. The car sat at the dealership waiting for parts and we finally picked it up on 7/19/10. We returned it the next day, since there was no AC. The dealer replaced the under dash blower fan and we were on our way. Our next incident happened on 8/23/10 the check brake light came on and the master cylinder had to be replaced to the tune of $574.11. In addition, the stability track light came on for the 2nd time and they finally figured out how to reset it. On 9/19/10, the transmission began to do the same thing as before with fluctuating RPM’s while at a cruising speed and difficulty shifting in the 40-50 mph range. Back to the dealership on 9/20/2010 and an input sensor was replaced. Next incident 10/8/2010 the entire transmission died and the tech decided to replace the valve body—again it sat for 13 days while we waited for parts. On 11/20/10 (33 days later and about 700 miles) the car transmission lost gears again and we had to be towed 60 miles back to our home. Tomorrow we will pick up the car –almost 4 weeks to the day after it was towed. Now GM is going to get involved. First offer was to get an all inclusive warranty for 2 years—I bet that costs them a lot. We refused and now they are talking about a trade-in —really weird— they will give us less than the Edmunds value for a trade-in plus 11% of the original MSRP, which brings it up to almost the same as the Edmunds value. On top of that they will knock off a grand total of $1,300 difference between MSRP and Invoice—to make a long story short—I get a new car for $17,500 on a car that I owe 2 payments on and I will have to start all over again. Can anyone tell me if they really got a buyback—I want cash, as I don’t feel comfortable getting another GM product.
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    Wish I would have checked this forum prior to buying my Acadia.
    Bought a 2009 SLT three weeks ago. 23K miles. Thankfully still under warranty.
    Ten days into ownership:
    1-Left rear tire pressure warning light comes on. Actual pressure is 33lbs. Warning says 22.
    2-Left front headlight went out.
    3-Check engine light came on. Its the seemingly famous stretched timing chain.
    So I took it in 4 days ago. Repairs are were finished in 3 days. Why GM has not solved this timing chain issue is beyond me.

    So I am on the way to pick it up when the dealer calls. Stabilitrac light is now on.

    A day later and it still is being worked on.

    Good Gawd. I've owned various Ford and Nissan products for the last 26 years. Never have I seen anything like this. Never a major repair to any of those products. But I thought I'd give GM a try.

    Well needless to say once I pay my sales tax and get title to the vehicle that I am not currently driving I am dropping this thing like a bad habit.

    Never, never EVER will I own another GM product.

    Next up? Ford or Nissan.
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    If you're looking to purchase one, keep on looking elsewhere!! I purchased mine because I liked the way it looked and drove/ and the ride. I have had nothing but problems with it and no help from GMC!! They are hard to deal with!! My sunroof started leaking first through the passengers side sun visor, then it poured on the drivers side panel at the bottom and thru the airbag plug. two days later we did receive a recall just before we called to complain. took it in said they fixed it, less than two wks later it was doing it again, this time worse than the first. soaked the carpet and the car started smelling like mildew. had to take another day off from work to take it to be checked out and then another day to have it fixed after much complaining. told them the airbag light was coming on and staying on and i thought it might be because of the leaking. they told me they had fixed the sunroof and that the airbag just needed to be serviced . ???? well it's almost 12 months later and the sunroof is leaking even worse than before, car is starting to smell and the service airbag light is back on again. called GMC again as this was posted on their computer before my warranty ever went out and i feel they need to fix it again. they don't seem to think so! when i come to a stop you can hear the water move in the overhead, sounds like it's around the dvd player, so i'm expecting it to stop working any time now. My front drivers seat has a noise in it when i move my seat back or forward. just a few months after having the car my front headlight passengers side goes out, but then later comes back on. heard it was over 200.00 to have a light changed as they have to remove the front bumper to replace a 6 dollar bulb. I have a clanking noise in the front end of my car like the shocks are back , but it's not the shocks. ??? sometimes when i push the button to close my remote back hatch it grinds like its not going to close, then i do it again and it will work. today was husband was dimming the lights after i had gotten out of the car and i could hear a loud clicking sound in the headlight that sometimes doesn't work. don't bother calling GMC , they aren't going to help !! They aren't going to back up their cars!! I'm going this wkend and try to find another car and believe me..... IT WILL NOT EVER BE A GMC AGAIN!! to many things gone wrong for a car that has 53000 miles on it and it all started at around 30,000. Makes me sad as I did really like this car.
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    obxdoodlebug ,
    I apologize for your experience. Can you please email me your case number from GMC Customer Service? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
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    Update to mine...

    Very pleased with the service from the dealer. They stayed on it until it was repaired. I've had it back five days now and hoping I've seen the last of the problems. Still love this SUV. Great ride, tons of room, above average mileage. A great concept but perhaps a little short on working out the bugs.

    Related note. A friend of mine has a customer with a 2008 Acadia. It has 41K on it. It's headed to the dealer after Christmas to have the timing chain replaced for being stretched.

    Still blows my mind that GM is not correcting this issue. I spoke with a GM service manager who stated he does not believe that the 2011 3.6VVT has any changes/updates regarding the timing chain issue. So that's 4 years and counting of a very well known problem.

    Considering this repair is covered under the 5/100 powertrain warranty they must be shelling out a lot of cash to service departments around the country. Perhaps GM has more slush money than we knew?!
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    Your clank in the front end sounds like the issue mine had. It was a pronounced pop especially at low speeds when turning. Even a very slight turn. The rack and pinion had a failed bushing causing it to slip/pop. Could very well be what is wrong with yours.
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    What all did they have to replace to fix the popping sound? Mine is doing the same thing. Thanks for any help.
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    Reading all these blogs, I can honestly say I had had every problem mentioned with my Acadia. Like most, I love driving my car, but the continuous problems will probably keep me from purchasing another one. Frist the battery went dead. No big deal dealer replaced. Second stabiltrak light on. This turned out to be the infamous timing chain. No problem they will fix under warranty, however gm doesn't have any available, so dealer says will give me a vehicle until they can get one. They provide me with a G6. HELLO I have an suv with 3 rows of seats for a reason. I have three small children, 2 who are in car seats and a midsize car is not going to cut it for any amount of time. Dealer rents me an acadia. They have ny vehicle for 4 weeks. During this time they also have to replace head gasket. I get it back. That night after driving about 40 miles, stailtrak light comes on again. I call in am and they say to bring in again. Get 5 miles from home and it breaks down. So I am stranded and they come to tow vehicle. They reset something and keep for few days, problem fixed, Then we get this little problem with the hydraulic tailgate. You park the vehicle, go into restaurant of mall and come out and tailgate is up. This will happen sporadically. Back tp the dealer, replace part at my expense. Next transmission starts slipping. Make appointment to take in next day. Breaks down, no reverse. Vehicle must be towed again. Transmission is replaced. I lease this vehicle and had every intention to purchase at the end of my lease. Each major problem I asked my dealer what they could do to get me out of my lease because I have no confidence in this vehicle. Asked to consider I have been without my vehicle for 6 weeks this year, but to mo avail. Very disappointed in vehicle and will not go back to dealer. I would love to purchase another Acadia in May when my lease is up, but I just don't think I have any confidence in GM and my dealer has done nothing to help me. Oh and did I mention that now I think the power steering pump is going. Can you say LEMON> Buy American - no way
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    2010 Acadia makes a whistling noise when speed is over 70 mph and outside air temp is warm. Doesn't occur after dark and during the winter. We thought it might be window seals, but dealer checked and no problem. Thinking it might be air conditioning, we turned it off, but still occured. It doesn't happen right away takes awhile before it starts. While not continuous, it does persist until speed or air temp drops. It seems to come from the front, but we've been unable to determine which side.
    Summer approaching, don't want to have to endure this again.
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    I pulled in at a gas station the other day, turned the vehicle off, and locked the doors. After returning about 10 minutes later the keyless remote would not work. I unlocked the door manually. I put the key in the ignition and turned the key but the vehicle would not start. Then realized that I could not remove the key either. The ignition would not turn to the off position. A mechanic soon stopped by and told me that he had seen Acadia's locking up if they sensed the battery being low. I disconnected the battery and reconnected it. I could then remove the key. Being a long way from home and not wanting to take any chances of getting the key locked up again I jumped the vehicle off and headed home. Two days later I have had no more problems, the car cranks fine by itself and I have not replaced the battery. Anyone know what might have been the problem?
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    I don't know if this is a cocern or not, but since other owners have had a similar problem, I thought GM would know whether this was a saftey issue or not.
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    Not an exact answer, but it sounds like a trim/guard/shield of some sort that changes shape/flexes when its warmed up and wind pushes on/past it changing the airflow and creating your noise.

    Try to figure out the general area, and then when the warm weather comes, apply some duct tape to areas and with trial and error, you'll find it. Good luck.
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    This may or may not help, but with our 2009 Acadia we noticed a slight whistling sound that would drive me crazy and I couldn't figure where it was coming from until one day when i had my sunroof open. It was the air passing under the horizontal roof rack cross beams. I don't know if you have them or not. Now on our 2011 Acadia we have the horizontal cross beams again (they come on the hit the road package, or some dealers install them on their own) and we have had no problems this time. We took them off the 2009 and never had anymore problems.
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    jmmoore1-I have posted on this board several times about our identical issues with our cars. The difference is I got my problem child taken care of and was trying in my posts to give others with the same problems some advice and ideas that worked. You have been going through this way too long. Everything you write in your posts about Onstar not seeing anything wrong on their end, the dealership not finding any codes well don't be surprised if the black box doesn't find anything either because it didn't find a single thing with my car. I don't understand why they are telling you it's going to take that long to get you a box. They brought one down from a neighboring dealership within 3 days. After installing the box and having that in my car over a few days and not finding anything a tech was flown in to work on it for a day and he actually found several grounds, but that was all he found. He couldn't figure out what was causing the loss of engine power and GM wasn't going to pay for him to stay for more then a day. After all of that from April 6-May8th they gave up and offered us two deals. One was for us to either take our car home and drive it and if it happens again bring it in and they will try to get some one else to keep working on it, or to buy it back from us and let us buy a new one. We told them that after they have been tearing my car apart (Feb-May) there was no way in the world we were ever driving it again. Let me just tell you that it was sitting in the lot with the entire inside torn to pieces. They didn't put it back together yet. You want a sight to make you sick, seeing your 5 mo old car torn to shreds and you only drove it for 2 out of those 5! Anyhow they gave us the deal we wanted. I don't know where you're located. I know you once said you're in the military like we are. This is not a safe situation for your family to be in. If you are in a state that has a lemon law you only have a short time period to claim. Keep record of everything. Who you talk to you and about what, time and date. In Va we don't have the lemon law so they were willing to deal instead of getting sued, but we have a great manager and area rep. That's why I ask where you are. Good luck.
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    My 2007 Acadia has 76000 road miles on it now, but I have had problems with it for the last 40000.
    First off I get 15 mpg on the average
    I have replaced both the right and left tie rod end in the front of the Acadia because it rattled, and now it is doing it again.
    I have had issues with my Acadia's transmission not switching gears on the highway and running 4.5 rpms
    My transmission slips every other trip on the highway.
    There has been a squeaking noise when I turn my steering wheel for the past year. Today, I found out that the steering gear needs to be replaced. ($800 to fix)

    I am sick of seeing Acadias in the repair shop. There is a serious problem with this vehicle.

    I have called GMC and they are working with me on all of my issues.
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    The rack and pinion assembly complete. Popping is now gone. 500 miles since the timing chain and rack replacement. I hold my breath and watch for the warning lights to all go out on startup. Pretty sad really. Hoping nothing else goes wrong.
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    need attorney also. My acadia 2008 transmission broke in the middle of highway 101 in San Jose CA. I am with my wife and my kids i call the onstar to help us.bottom line gmc gave us courtesy vehicle then after 01-05-2011 the check engine lights and the vehicle wiggle a little bit again we call the onstar
    for diagnostic they said it is the transmission,they said we need to go to the dealer as soon as possible and yes it is the transmission again we ask for courtesy vehicle but they said our car is driveble they will call us if the parts arrive
    My wife do not want to drive the vehicle until it is fix for safety but they want us to pay for the car rental i thought if it is warranty they will pay for the car rental. we planning to sue GMC for breach of contract
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    We have a 2008 Acadia. We bought it as we began renting a home in the OBX for a week each summer. It is on the 4x4 beach and we have to travel about 2 miles down a beach to get to the house. Recently, the check engine light came on. The dealer took about a week to diagnose the issue. A cyclinder is misfiring due to a build up of sand in it!

    They had a GM rep out, an engineer and now are saying they are denying our claim. The local rep who I finally spoke with today could not answer any of my questions. I want to know what exactly we did to void the warranty? I noted that nothing in the manual states the vehicle can not be used in the sand. In fact there is an entry that tells you how to get out of sand if stuck!

    GM is claiming that small microns of sand got into the cylinders, causing the problem. How is that my fault? I live in CT, only drive it once a year on the beach (and not hard, just back and forth to the home), so how could this be considered misuse of the vehicle?

    I also pointed out that I have serviced the vehicle at the same dealer since we bought it new. They have never once pointed out a build up of sand. I shared that they even do a safety check of all belts, hoses, filters, etc... and give you a report. Again, no issue of sand ever mentioned!

    The repair is to replace the engine to the tune of $8000! I am not going to get stuck with an $8000 bill. Something is not right with their explanation. I have insisted on speaking with someone hire up the ladder. I also want everything in writing, which at this point they are refusing to do!

    If you own an Acadia, take it out on the beach at your own risk! Funny thing is when we bought it specifically for the vacations to the beach, the salesman sold us on how the vehicle would meet our needs!

    The GMC reps have all been nice, but clearly not qualified to discuss my issues in detail with me. I get a lot of silence and unable to answer the questions I ask!
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    I have noticed the grinding in when I steer!! What next! Oh wait I will tell! The Acadia leaked AGAIN! Totally different place, took it to GMC dealer where we purchased it, same line of crap...My husband and I are stuck with this piece, aren't we?
  • ele_taeele_tae Member Posts: 3
    After reading many posts, it just angers me and breaks my heart at the same time. Looks like engine failure is next on the list...REALLY! Such a "pretty" vehicle, too bad it's a hot mess.
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    So we brought our car to the dealer again, and, once again, they tried giving it back to us wothout solving the problem. We refused to take it back because we don't feel it's safe, and we don't want to keep on bringing it in and taking it back without the problem being resolved. Per your recommendation, we suggested the code reader but they had no idea what I was talking about. We are going to give them your email address so maybe you can tell them what they need to do to help us. And thank you SO VERY much again. We look forward to having this problem resolved and finally enjoying our car.
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    Time to see a good lawyer and to launch a lawsuit. That will get GM's attention.
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    I actually got to take to a GM Rep that was higher up the food chain. He actually listened to me and felt that the sand diagnosis is premature considering that there was no sand in any other internal part of the vehicle. None in the oil, none in the airbox, none in the radiator, and some build up in the air filter, but nothing too serious. He thinks that the problem might be related to the over heating issues we have had since this summer. He is going to be present when they pull out the piston/cylinder and will be able to provide more details as to the actual cause of this engine failure.

    It was a relief to actually have some one who listened, reviewed the facts and not jump to conclusions based on the site of sand outside the engine!

    I am now hopeful that they will see the light and cover this as I have felt they should have all along. I should not have these type of issues based on taking it out on the beach a total of 3 times in 3 years!
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    I don't know much about engine issues but my catalytic converter disintegrated and the mechanics said it was like sand. Not sure if it could be pieces of your catalytic converter?
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    This is the exact same issue that I am having. I have a 2009 Acadia that started having issues with the Satellite Radio. It started having static occur on open roads with no obstructions. My clock on the radio doesn't keep time...and loses about 5 minutes per month. Now it would not start. The tow truck came attempted to jump start the car. The battery was reading appropriately. Still no luck getting it started. I opened the passenger front door and suddenly some power came on. It still would not start. Load it up take it to the dealership AGAIN... they tell me NOTHING is wrong. They cannot duplicate it. HELLO!!!! I was not late for work, have a tow truck come and pick it up for the fun of it!!!!!

    Please post if you find out what was wrong with it.
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    I own a 2007 Acadia with 58,000 miles on it. It has been in the shop a total of 51 days since I have owned it ( I purchased it used with 19,000 miles on it) My Acadia has had 9 service bulletins accomplished on it. The transmission failed at 42,000 miles. The water pump failed at 51,000 miles. Now at 58,000 the steering gear has failed ($1,200 not covered by GM warranty) The car continues to sound horrible when starting, it is leaking water aroung the dvd player and sunroof(this was supposed to be fixed during a sevice bulletin) and the liftgate operates intermittently. The best thing about the Acadia is that you sure look cool waiting for a tow truck. I now make sure my AAA membership is current and I have plenty of magazines to read before we head out for a family outing.
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    Did you do a carfax on it before you bought it? Sounds like it might have been a lemon that was resold. Course they are not suppose to do that but you know how that goes. :sick:
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    No Carfax but, Carfax is only as good as the information that is reported. Everything started happening at about 25,000 miles.
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    My 2010 Acadia has under 12,000 miles. This is the third time I have had it in the shop. First was a transmission coil that failed and the car had to be towed. Second time a catalyctic converter fell apart while driving. Car had to be towed and it ended up two converters that needed to be replaced.

    Well at least this time I got to the dealer without having to tow it but the problems are still concerning. The transmission sometimes slips. I could be going 40 miles an hour and press on the gas and the engine will rev really high but I won't go any faster. I have to let off the gas and try again. Sometimes it will respond sometimes it won't. It also sometimes is "jerky" in response when I press on the gas. Also, my car will seem to shimmy at various times. The steering wheel will sort of shake. It doesn't happen all the time or consistently at certain speeds. Finally, last time we brought the car in it was a quart low in oil. I didn't think such a new car would lose oil. They didn't seem to find a reason for it but now I am wondering if this is another issue yet to be determined.

    Dealer is doing diagnositic now but I was wondering if anyone had similar problems. Anyone have similar issues?
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    lala77 ,
    Please keep me updated on your progress at the dealer.
    GM Customer Service
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    I encourage everyone that has had a problem with their steering to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as well as GMC themselves in order to have proper documentation of this big problem.

    Although the FTC is merely a repository of complaints, if there is a trend they will investigate.

    Below I have attached my complaint to the FCT.

    On 8/24/2009 I purchased a 2007 Certified GMC Acadia for $ 27, 995 and 31,616 miles. It included a 12 month bumper to bumper warranty. On 3/30/2010 at 40, 895 miles it was taken in for repairs due to unusual noises while steering. Service bulletin #PIT4879A was performed as well as the replacement of the steering column. Time elapsed and on 11/26/2010 the vehicle was taken in for the same problem and some additional issues. However, at this time the dealership refused to repair the vehicle at their cost because it was no longer under warranty. I understand that it is not under warranty but there is clear connection with this repair and the previous misdiagnosis. At this time, they recommend replacing the rack and pinion which would cost approximately $ 1, 302.00 plus taxes. After hearing this information, I contacted GMC directly and filed complaint # 71-894216477. There the initial caller took my complaint and said that they would contact the dealer for details. A few days later I was referred to another claims specialist. He again was sympathetic and said that he thought that he could take care of this for me. However, after he asked for approval it was “denied by GMC Management because it was a second vehicle”. I bought this vehicle because it was a “certified vehicle” but only after approximately 51, 000 miles it has reoccurring problems that GMC is unwilling to assume responsibility on. I plead that repairs be preformed due to recurring issues for the same exact problem. Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


    Luis Castillo
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    I had purchased a 2007 Saturn Outlook (the sister vehicle of the Acadia and also made by GM). I had nothing but issues with it from the beginning (and I was the first owner). It started with leaks, lots of them that they tried time and again to repair. Then the power steering started to make a weird noise (which the service dept "could not hear" although my family and friends could hear it including my 72 yr old mother). Then the more serious saftey issues started when I was driving in the rain and turning my power steering would fail. Of course the dealer would "test" this by driving through a car wash (which of course you can not turn when you are in a car wash and you do not need power steering UNLESS you are turning). So this "test" was not adequate. The service department is "trained" to treat you like you ar stupid. You do not know what they are doing back there but they certainly are not looking out for you - they are just looking to get their paychecks while having GM breathing down their throats to not spend too much of their money on repairs. They pacify you and if you are not a squeaky wheel then you are not going to get the oil, instead you will have a $40,000.00 vehicle that is worth crap. GM never helped me. I tried, they delayed, delayed and delayed and finally when my one year anniversary of owning the piece of crap was coming I filed for Lemon Law. GM continued to delay/ignore and make phony negotiations only to raise my hopes of another vehicle and then switch my case to someone different and that person would let me know that what the prevoius person told me was wrong. So I filed for Arbitration under Massachusetts Lemon Law and little old me sat through a nasty arbitration with their corporate lawyer (I am a young woman of 37 who works a secretary). But I withstood them and told the truth and luckily the truth set me free. I won. They had to take back the vehicle and repay me for everything (minus the aggravation!). Now I am driving a new Honda Pilot and LOVE IT. Good luck everyone. I know I wish I read these forums before purchasing one of these pieces of crap.
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    I've had mine back from the timing chain replacement, rack and pinion replacement, tire sensor replacement for 32 days.

    Yesterday I laid the right rear captain chair down to haul something. The cover around the seat belt receptacle (the piece the surrounds the red button you push to release the seat belt) broke apart. When that happened it exposed a duel metal prong on the receptacle. These prongs punched through the leather seat, so I now have two nice holes in the seat.

    Today I left my house heading to the store. Began an incline on a 40mph speed limit road. Fastest the car would go was 25. Gave it more gas and the engine was screaming. RPMs to over 4000 and no increase in speed. So now I've arrived at the transmission slipping issue so many have written about.

    Bought it with just over 23K on it. Now have 25,400 and it's headed to the shop again. Unbelievable.

    I take back everything positive I said about this cluster f### of a vehicle in one my prior posts. After the next set of repairs this thing it history. I almost feel bad that I am going to trade it in knowing that some other poor sap will be shelling out $30K for a bucket of crap. I feel it's almost my duty to drive it off a cliff to save someone the hassle of what is to come. If I could afford to write off the cash I'd do exactly that. I wouldn't wish this product on anyone.

    Soon my first, and last, experience with a GM product will come to an end. What a nightmare.
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    Christina - GM Customer Service.

    The dealer called to say that they can't replicate the problems with the transmission or the shimmy. I told them when I dropped it off and again on the phone that the issues are intermittent and unpredictable. With the transmission this is a huge safety issue and unacceptable. Since others have posted similar transmission issues, is there something the dealer should be doing to remedy it even if they can't replicate the issue while driving? You must have some record of what is causing this issue and what needs to be done?
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