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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • Get out of that car. I have a 2007 Acaida, bought new, waited 6 weeks for it. It leaked everywhere inside about two weeks ago, rain shorted out my radio. I have spent $1,000 to fix both problems and my Acaida is back at the dealer with more problems!!
  • nettesuenettesue Posts: 1
    My acadia has shut down while driving three times. I have called GMC about it and they have been great dealing with me on the phone. They have suggested I take my car in for inspection and investigation as to why. Unfortunately it's a phantom thing. There is no trace of what has happened. You'd think the computer would show something. Nothing.

    When we first took my car in for investigation, they put a "Flight Recorder" in my car. What this does is, it records all the information the car gives while driving. If in case it shut down, then it would record it. Unfortunately, it didn't shut down. This made me feel like an idiot.

    While driving on the freeway (highway) to the airport my car shut down and steering was tough and I had to pull on the side of the highway. Mind you I have two little kids in the back and thankfully the car starts up again after I'm able to safely park it.

    If I were to pull out into the street and my car decides to stall and another car or Semi truck comes along, we'd probably be hit pretty bad or be killed. THIS IS A BIG ISSUE. If by chance we get into an accident caused by this stall there is NOTHING that shows it was the cars stalling. My car is also a 2008 and I've only had it for 3 years. The dealership and GMC have been great on the phone and in person to deal with, BUT the problem still lies there and I'm hoping something happens to fix it or possibly change everything in the car. Otherwise I'll have to get another car that I can't afford and I've almost paid off my car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Have your concerns been addressed and resolved?
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I'm sorry to hear about the concerns you're having with your Acadia. Please feel free to message me your VIN, mileage, involved dealer and contact information so I can look into this further for you.

    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I can understand your frustrations, but I am glad to here that you are working with your local dealership to resolve the issue. Please feel free to keep me informed on any new developments with the fix. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • I am now a proud owner of a Honda Pilot...I sent my lemon of a 2009 GMC Acadia on to be fixed and resold... I AM DONE WITH GMC.

    I had dealt with this issue over 2 months...with no resolution.

    1st visit: check engine light on - first dealer said, "oh...false call" and cleared the notification.
    2nd visit: check engine light on - 2nd dealer said, "oh...don't know what this light is about...must call is a loaner car for the weekend.." Come back on Monday to tell me that it is a timing chain issue...but they were not certified to deal with it. Informed that when light comes on again - take it to dealer #3.
    3rd visit: less than one week later - check engine light on again: Dealer 3 says, "GMC requires fuel injection service fist...then wait until check engine light comes on again...then we can fix the REAL timing chain problem."
    4th visit: 2 weeks later - check engine light on again. Dealer 3 works on it for 3 days - pulls engine and replaces 3 timing chains. Pick it up.
    5th visit: Less than 2 1/2 miles from the dealer - the check engine light comes on again. Take it back immediately. Informed that it was just a false sensor. Adjusted.

    Engine stalled on the way out from 5th visit. Ugh.
    Day after 5th visit - check engine light is on again. Same day - traded car in for a Honda Pilot.

    2 days - happy with Honda Pilot. Receive letter from GMC.
    "Oh...btw...we have some timing chain issues that appear to be caused by certain driving conditions and going too long between oil bring your vehicle in and we will 1) modify the sensor (that you have a problem with your timing chain to not come on any more); and 2) tell your vehicle to change your oil more often."

    I never went longer than 5,000 miles between oil changes. Used the recommended synthetic blend oil. I rode mostly highway miles - flat. Never towed with the vehicle. Seriously...WHAT driving conditions. GMC - you have a problem with this engine. Fess up and fix it already!!!

    Buyer beware.
  • lctexaslctexas Posts: 1
    I have a 2010 Acadia and have been experiencing problems with the engine over-heating. I live in Houston and that means heat and traffic. What we have found is that, when driving in rush hour traffic during warm months (which is most months in Houston), the engine temp starts to rise until reaching 3/4 on the gauge (I believe that's 235 degrees). At that point, the cooling component of the air conditioner stops but the fan keeps blowing. Once the engine returns closer to normal (210 degrees), the air conditioning restarts.

    The service personnel have been long on politeness but short on solutions. This is kind of a deal breaker in Houston as you arrive at your destination drenched in sweat. Has anyone experience similar problems?
  • :confuse: I have a 2007 FWD Acadia. I had the Transmission oil changed at ~50K miles. My transmission just failed at 93,000 miles and had it towed to the dealer. It flat out fell apart and was in pieces when the dealer took it apart.
    Although GMC replaced this under warranty, this is the first transmission I have had in a car I have used for businees since 1974 that has failed. I think the next think to go is the steering wheel pump as it is whining very loudly. I know that the power steering has been an issue from the very beginning an it is a shame that GMC has not offered a Warranty fix. The dealer says that there is nothing he can do about the whining and I have to just wait until it fails and have is replaced at my cost.
    I am looking at new vehicles and looking at a 2011 or waiting until 2012 Acadia's come out scares me. I like everthing about the vehicle but I just get the sense that GMC does not want to spead R&D money to make it a better vehicle.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    All dealer repairs under warranty enter a central database for tracking. If there is a significant number of related issues a fix will be worked on and a TSB issued. Whether your issues reach national proportions or not determines whether GM will work on a fix.

    The dealer has the option of replacing your pump whether it be goodwill in trying to keep your future business. As to whether GM will warrant the part that is another question. Do you use the dealer service department for maintenance such as changing oil, rotating tires, etc.? If not, I wouldn't expect much help from them.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Manufacturers also keep track of specific dealer's warranty claims. Too many claims and the dealer could be reprimanded. Years ago I had a brand new Dodge Caravan. When I declerated coming off the highway, the transmission made a loud whining noise. I complained to the dealer and I got nowhere with my usual service advisor. One day, I bring the van in for an oil change and I'm dealing with a new service advisor and mention the transmission. He says let's take it for a ride. We drive it on the highway, hear the noise and he says the transfer gears need to be replaced. I got the vehicle fixed under warranty because of him. Next time I'm in for service, I'm looking for him to thank him and I find out that he had been fired. Turns out he was putting through too many claims. On the one hand, I felt bad about it because he may have lost his job because of my claim. On the other hand, I just couldn't take hearing that whining noise anymore.
  • This has happened to me numerous of times. I own a 2007 Acadia which was my dream care and now my dream is deferred. I too took it in to be serviced and it was placed on a computer to determine the cause and to no avail everything checked out fine. Another issue that I have is when it rains the steering becomes rough and I have to muscle it to keep it on the road. I am becoming fearful to drive it int he rain that I try to avoid it unless I truly have too.

    This bothers me so bad that I am looking to unload it and get something else as this can be dangerous while on the road.

    The Acadia was my dream care and I am a single mom with only one child and still decided to go big with the eight passenger seat and higg gas cost because I simply adored this vehicle. The honeymoon is now over.

    If you have found the cause or a resolution please post it for me...

    Unhappy GMC Acadia owner..... :mad:
  • rocket_08rocket_08 Posts: 10
    Hi simplylovely74,

    My 2008 Acadia did the same thing that yours does, shutting off
    while driving... Please read my posts in this forum, #114 and #715
    for more info.

    My mechanic found that it was a "loose positive cable
    into the fuse block". Once they fixed that, I have had no problems with
    my Acadia (knock wood)... Now it rides like a dream..

    Please ask your mechanic to look into that, it may solve your problem

  • Rain: When you are turning a certain way, water may splash up on the belts and they slip. You will momentarily loose power steering. Welcome to the club.
  • cwolf75cwolf75 Posts: 6
    There was a recall on this back in 2007. On some of the first models they did not have the splash sheilds installed. My wife and I had this fixed under the recall and have not had this problem since. YOu may want to look into that.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Have you spoke with customer assistance? What is your VIN?
    GM Customer Service
  • VN 1GKER33767J166585
    I have not talked with a GM person. I have worked only with my dealer, Summers Motors in Marietta, Ohio.

    You can respond directly to [email protected] if you want to pursue this outside of the forum.

    Thanks for showing an interest.
    Dale Selan
  • No one has touched this car except the dealer and only on mechanic at the dealer.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Can you please email me directly with your Edmunds user name, complete contact information, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealer?
    GM Customer Service
  • I own a 2007 Acadia. Nothing but problems. Most recently - starting in December 2010, transmission was replaced, twice, after having to have it towed to the dealership. The service dept told me it was the worst transmission they ever saw It was in pieces when it was towed in. They also had to replace the timing chains and cam shafts as well. It was there for a month. I picked it up in January 2011, and have had it back at the dealership once a month. January - water pump broke, replaced. February - Intake manifold valve replaced. March - steering rack replaced. And each time its there, I tell them the transmission is still not right. It is at the dealership again as I type this. Nothing but problems. Cant get ANYWHERE with GM. I call the 800 number and get someone in the Phillipines who barely speaks english. I think 1-800 Lemon law is my next call.
  • It sounds like we are driving the SAME car! Last year I had transmission problems like crazy!! I was out a car for about a total of 6 weeks. they would "fix" the problem, I would break down and then have to have it towed again. Towed it 3 times before they told me they had to replace the transmission. I was in contact with GM in Michigan, they agreed to have the dealership pay 1 month car payment, never saw that money and I have no energy to deal with the idiots there anymore. My service adviser told me that the Acadia was a very poorly put together vehicle, which is a shame since it's comfy and nice looking. I will NEVER buy another GMC or American made car for that matter. Good luck!
  • Did you buy the car new?
    I have a 2007 I bought new and the transmission went out 2 weeks ago (in pieces) and GM fixed it under warranty since I had only 93,000 miles and less then 5 years.
  • skippywizzerskippywizzer Posts: 6
    edited April 2011
    I have owned 8 GM vehicles since 1975. Number 9 was a brand new 2008 Acadia and I am becoming very disappointed in the quality of this vehicle. Had recall on the washer fluid heater and it was disabled. Yes, I was "reimbursed". In Jan. 2011 I took it to the dealer for a scheduled oil change and rotation. I asked them to check the power steering fluid because it was whining. They discovered a known issue with the pump AND both boots on the rack and pinion had split. The replaced both items under warranty. Last Sunday I'm idling, my Stabilitrak light comes on and with a message on the DIC. I noticed an immediate miss in the engine. The next day, my engine light comes on. I take it to the dealer and he calls me back telling me there is a miss in the #6 cylinder but will need another day to pinpoint. Today he calls to tell me they are replacing the right side cylinder head due to either a valve or valve spring failure. Not sure which. This vehicle has only 33,000 miles on it. Has always been serviced by the dealer at the appropriate time. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the critical components on this vehicle. A warranty is nice, but it does not convince me that I have bought a quality American made product that cost me $40K. My bumper to bumper runs out in 3000 miles and that really bothers me. Another major issue and I will have to really consider my loyalty to GM products. I do have to give the dealer a pat on the back. They have been good to me. But take notice GM, I'm on the bubble.
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    My check engine light came on about 4 months ago and I called Onstar and they said there was nothing major and to just have the dealer look at it during the next oil change it was probably something to do with a fuel sensor in the filter..then I also have been getting a message saying Service battery charging system while I am driving and my lights turn very dim, for about 3 months off and on, so in January the whole car shut down and I had to have it towed. The service dept. told me that snow knocked my belt off. At that time they also changed my oil and rotated my tires..
    Then just last week the same thing happened again so I just had my car checked yesterday at a different dealer than the one in January and numerous times they came out saying the computer was not getting a code for that problem at all and they could not figure it out.
    Then the last time out to me they state that the "Timing chains need replaced and it will cost me 2,859.00 because I am just out of warranty by 2,000 miles.. REALLY??? The dealer that did the work in January and ONstar did not feel it was important to fix it 4 -6 months ago when it would have been under warranty?? Plus the fact the labor is just as much as the parts does not make me a happy customer at all!!!

    I really like my Acadia but putting almost 3,000 into is not something I want to do especially after reading about others having the same problem with this model of Acadia. I am thinking I will just trade it in on a FORD Explorer.. I really feel that GMC knows there has problems with these timing chains for some time and have just been quite about it and expect all of us to pay for the mistakes.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I would like to set up a case with GM Customer Assistance. Could you please send me your VIN, current mileage, full name, address and best contact number for our records sent to me in an email?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I apologize for the issues you are having with your vehicle. I have documented your concerns and will be passing them along. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact GM Customer Assistance directly.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    What e-mail would you like me to send my info to??? Also will they work quickly with me on this issue as timing is an important factor here.

    Rachel Bahnsen
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 159,677
    If you click on gmcustsvc name, it will take you to their profile, which includes their e-mail address.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Can someone tell me how I would proceed with a Lemon Claim in California? I purchased a 2007 GMC Acadia in Feb 2007 with only 47 miles on it. I was reassured that this car will last me for at least 300K miles.....Well, I am at 85K miles, 15K miles away from my Power Train warranty expiring and I have had my car in at the dealership for over 2 months off and on since April 2010. It all started last year when it went in and out of the shop because of transmission issues - ultimately resulting in a NEW transmission. That process took over 6 weeks. on April 4, 2011 I took it in for my 90K "maintenance" a little early. When the mechanic got in there he noticed a major oil leak in the engine. They kept the car for 1 week. I picked the car up yesterday, drove it home (10 miles away) when the care was turned off and parked for only 1/2 hour, I went to go somewhere and it would not start!!! HOW FRUSTRATING!! My concern is that as soon as my warranty expires I will be stuck with all of the invoices for repairs I will need to make! My car is paid off and I really can't afford another car payment. The 2007 GMC Acadia is a piece of crap and I am extremely disappointed that GMC robbed me of my money! I need to take further measures. I have gotten NO WHERE when calling their corporate offices. Last year when the transmission was going crazy, I was told that I would be receiving a check for at least 1 month of car payment....NEVER SAW THAT MONEY!! My time is valuable and GMC does not seem to give a crap as long as they get their money!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustration. When you spoke with Customer Assistance did they set up a case for you? If so, what it your case number?

    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    What is your case number? I would like to look into this further for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • We bought our 2010 Acadia on Feb 4 2011 and it had 50,000 miles on it. I had driven it out of town to an event and was idling while waiting to turn. All of a sudden a horrid smell of power steering fluid consumed us. When I went to turn the power steering went out. When taken to the dealership they told me that since we've had hard rains that water may have caused the truck to stall out. (We hadn't had rain that day) or that an "air bubble" caused the delay reaction and smell. Then, not even 2 weeks later the check engine light came on. So, we take it back to the dealer and they perform a diagnostics test that takes an hour and cost $52 to say it's the O2 sensor. For the part and diagnostics was about $220. We order the part, put it on, reset the light, and lo and behold the light comes back on. ~Finally~ with the help of google because I can't figure out why the remote start won't, says that if the engine light is on that for safety reasons the remote start won't work and to push the OnStar button to run a diagnostics test for FREE. OnStar told me more than the dealership did. They said it was the O2 sensor by the alternator, which is the one we changed. He said that it may be a faulty O2 sensor. The truck has since died on me while idling and shifts hard while going up a steep elevation. Now my silly trunk lid won't close all the closes half way and then opens right back up! Nothing is in the way! I don't understand, then when it opens it makes a horrid and loud screeching noise! I don't think WD40 could fix this problem. It only does it when it feels like it!
    So now I'm stuck with a vehicle causing me MORE problems than the Envoy that I had before with 130,000 miles on it! So much for wanting a new"er" vehicle. If I would have read these forums BEFORE purchasing I would have found something else.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. What is your case number? I would like to look into this further for you.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    We can understand and apologize for your frustrations. Have you spoken to Customer Assistance regarding this concern? We would like to look into this further for you. Please feel free to contact us by email with more information including your name, address, phone number, VIN and current mileage. Thank you in advance.

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    Thank you for setting up a case number for me, but bottom line is that it did not help one bit.
    I am stuck paying for 2800.00 worth of repairs hoping it will fix the problem, but as stated by the dealership the codes in the history show an electrical problem and now they are showing a Cam sensor problem associated with the timing chains..although my service battery system light came on again Monday as I drove to work with the lights turning dimmer and dimmer as I drove at 4 am.
    MAKES NO SENSE TO ME that GM will not stand behind their vehicle especially when more than one of us are having problems after 100,000 miles so they have forced me to make the decision to never buy another GM car since they will not stand behind it after 100,000 miles.
    Again thank you for your time but your district specialist and field team are a BIG JOKE and want to help no one and just suck money out of me, so I will be trading this vehicle in on a new FORD EXPLORER!!!!
    Rachel Bahnsen
  • vgravesvgraves Posts: 1
    Sorry you are having so many problems with your Acadia, but join the crowd. I bought a 2008 Acadia in Oct 2007 and in the past couple of months i have had it at the shop 5 times for the same issues the transmission. Either it was jerking, shifting gears too fast, idling while driving in a high gear or when getting on the highway speed die down. Believe me you have just seen the beginning of trouble for this vehicle. I hope you the best but this vehicle is caused more problems than what it is worth. Good luck to you.
  • atowneratowner Posts: 3
    Transmission died 4 times in 6 months with only 54,000 miles. Told me it was fixed or they would be glad to trade my 2007 in for a 2011 Acadia. Needless to say, I am DONE with GM. . Decided to get rid of my piece of junk!!! Love my new 2011 Ford Explorer. Go for it!!
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    Thanks that's the plan... Too bad for GM like I said if they can not stand behind their vehicle after 100,000 miles I dont want this money pit or another one....
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I wanted to let you know that we are researching your case. Someone may not be able to get back to you until after the holiday weekend. Have a great weekend!

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • mewwoodmewwood Posts: 9
    I have a 2008 Acadia. This car has been in the shop 4 so many issues including Rack and Pinion twice, faulty a/c/ Brake booster pump, the list goes on an on. I am currently waiting on customer service to tell me that they will cover the current rack and pinion issuies. The car has been in the shop twice previously for this issue. I took it in this week to Sherwood Pontiac GMC and they said GM won't do anything because the car has over 100K miles, nothwithstanding that they replace the rack and pinion 13 months ago. I have notified the NHTS folks about their steering issues. GM has lost me as a customer. I just bought Ford Stock
    and I will buy a Ford product and support that purchase.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Since you are involved with customer service, could you please send me your case number? I would like to look further into the situation.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    You stated your vehicle has been in the shop 5 times for the same issues. Has the transmission problem been taken care of?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2007 GMC Acadia. I love this car! This has been a good vehicle experience overall but of late there has been a strange issue. For a while my 50k car has had a bit of a whine in the steering. I took it to get the oil changed at the dealer and mentioned it and they checked and filled fluids and it seemed to go away. Lately though, both me and my wife while driving the car had the steering completely lock up pulling out of our alley. Very dangerous. It's always in the same position, car is cold, coming over a bump out of the alley onto the main road. There seems to be many steering related problems here with these cars. Any thoughts? There also seems to be a monitor here with GM. I'm planning on getting my car in maybe Tuesday to be checked out. After many years of mot having any GM's, my wife and I have bought 4 in the past 4 years. Should I be concerned?
  • I wish I'd found this Forum before I made my purchase. After being a Ford owner for 17 years (with no complaints) I bought a GMC 2011 Acadia on 04/12/11 and less than two weeks later the power steering quit. Wasn't even quite sure what happened and it was Easter Sunday so I couldn't call the dealership. Tried calling OnStar and they said the diagnostics report showed nothing. Needless to say I am very displeased and leery about this vehicle - right out of the gate something fairly significant occurs? I was making a left hand turn when it quit and was extremely fortunate there was no oncoming traffic. It is being brought back to the dealership today.
  • rbahnsenrbahnsen Posts: 29
    Thank you for the reply... Well here is another one to add to my case..
    As I was driving in the rain Saturday morning with my children and grand daughter in my Acadia, besides the usual sound of squeaking belts which I had the dealer look at a long time ago and told me there was nothing wrong with the belts.
    I went to follow the curve and my steering locked up for about 3-5 seconds almost causing me to go off the road into the ditch... NOT A HAPPY PERSON was I... I was actually scared to even drive it after that but was on the highway and didn't want to stop on the side of the road with the kids.
    Things keep getting worse and worse with this vehicle, everytime I start it now, it sounds like it doesnt want too.
    Please tell me GMC is this all related to the timing chains?? If so and I do fix this vehicle speinding $2800.00 are you going to promise me it will run like it did when I first got my Acadia??? Just wondering since the district rep told me the old codes stored in my car where electrical problems, but now they are not.

    Thanks for your time
    Rachel Bahnsen
  • I had the same exact steering problems with my 07 Acadia: infrequent whining noises, stiff wheel etc. I took it in about 4 times and got no answer (couldn't re-create it, added power steering fluid etc). Then came the day it locked up, with loud squeaking belt noises. I went ballastic with the dealership, after 2 hours of driving 2 miles an hour on the backroads of Atlanta, got it to the dealership. They said they thought GM had found the problem: because of all the rain, water was getting up the wheel wells onto the steering column. They installed wheel well covers. Two weeks later it happened again; same situation, pulling into rush hour traffic.
    It stayed at the dealership for two weeks, us and them in a Mexican standoff. The time period had lapsed for the lemon law and this was a lease. They said it would probably take a year to settle and by then the lease would be up, and I would still have no car that was drivable, and as GM had not identified this as a recall, it would not be easy to win. This was also when GM bankrupted.
    So, we bit the bullet, broke the lease and bought a Terrain. I love it. Had it two years and have had no problems at all. Pretty good for first year model. Have been reading these posts since giving back my Acadia. Doesn't look like much has changes
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 7,841
    So, we bit the bullet, broke the lease and bought a Terrain.

    So did GM assist you financially with breaking the lease? Most of their leases were through GMAC. The cost of breaking a lease is usually the cost to pay the lease over it's normal term.
  • Vox. I have a 2008 with 33K miles. In January I had the power steering pump and the rack and pinion replaced. There is a Service bulletin on the pump. Mine was low on fluid as well. It had been whining and when I took it in for an oil change I asked them to check it. They found a leak at the pump and both boots on the rack and pinion had split open. I'd ask them about the TSB out on the pump.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    I apologize for the issues you are having. I did look over the case and seen that you did mention this to the agent. Everything has been documented. I will keep an eye on the status of the case as well.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • lala77lala77 Posts: 9

    I have had repeated problems with my Acadia 2010. Every 4000 miles it breaks down.

    Right around 4000 miles the car engine started misfiring. Had power issues so had to have it towed. Transmission coil replaced.

    8000 miles. Car jerks and dies in the road after making really loud engine noises. Had it towed. Two catalytic converters replaced. One disintegrated in the car. Supposedly these things last 100,000 miles???

    12000 miles transmission slipping. Car revs really high but no power. They told me the slipping was due to computer. Reprogrammed comptuer.

    16000 miles car completely loses power. Had to floor it to keep moving at speed on the highway. After turned car off and back on it worked OK for me to get to the dealer but the engine light was on. Also air bag light had been on intermittently and now is on all the time. Dealer is looking at it now but I have a feeling whatever fix they have it won't work.

    Tell the guys at the dealer that I have a lemon. They say if you want to buy a new car today we can trade it in. Yeah thanks. I have to lose money to get rid of your hunk of junk. They said I probably wouldn't have a case for a lemon law. Isn't your car losing power four different times qualify as a safety hazard?

    Anyone have the lemon law work for them?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It's easy enough to have a lemon lawyer (or more likely, their intake paralegal) review your situation and give you an opinion. Probably free too.

    Lemon laws can be pretty strict about how you can qualify, but you may have a failure of warranty claim if you don't meet the lemon law requirements.
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