GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



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    My 08 has power steering pump noise leaks....Did your service mgr. tell you this is covered under warranty? I was under the impression that after 36000 miles this is out of warranty. I wander where the air comes from in the pump all of the sudden to need bleeding off?????Also do you have to take to a GMC dealer or will any GM dealer that will service it if we are still under warranty?????
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    My wife and I purchased our brand new Acadia after my year-long deployment to Iraq. It was an expensive purchase but, considering that we had a brand new baby (my wife gave birth to our daughter while I was deployed), we believed that the money was being well spent. We wanted to purchase a quality vehicle to ensure safety of our baby. However, we soon found out that this vehicle was not very safe. A couple of months after the purchase, the vehicle died in the middle of a highway and refused to restart (thankfully our 1-year old daughter was not in the car at the time). The dealer initially told us that there was a problem with a cylinder but, after replacing it, the car was still not working. In the end, and after a couple of weeks driving in a tiny compact car (the dealership rep claimed that he could not anything comparable to Acadia the entire two weeks they had a car), they had to replace the entire engine.

    We thought we had a fresh start after this repair. However, the vehicle continues to stall while driving. Thankully, after I pull over to the shoulder, I am able to restart it. Sometimes, instead of stalling, it spontaneously changes gears, unlocks and locks the doors, and then appears to go back to normal (all while driving). I told the dealership that the vehicle was not safe but, since they could not replicate the problem, they gave it back to me. Oh, and BTW, after testing it for several days, I picked up the vehicle after hours and, when I was half-way home I realized that the gasoline level was below 'Empty' line. Thankfully I managed to safely get to the gas station. Couldn't they at least put some fuel as a courtesy to the customer?. Anyway, the big issue is that we have an expensive vehicle that is not safe. What should we do?
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    My wife and I leased this new in early July of this year. I haven't had any major complaints as of yet, but there are a few things that are bothering me:

    1. The steering wheel "creaks" when I make turns. I don't think this should ever happen, especially when I have a little more than 3K miles on the vehicle. Should I be concerned? I was planning on having the dealer take a look at it when I brought it in for an oil change.

    2. The fabric on the ceiling of the vehicle is pulling away from the trim piece at the driver side door. It just looks "cheap." I don't know how this can be fixed, but I will bring it up.

    3. It sounds like my brake pads are starting to squeak and/or rub unevenly on the rotors on the vehicle's right side (not sure if it's the front, rear, or both wheels). I do not expect to replace my brakes until at least 15-20K miles.

    4. Another minor issue, but it bothers me because it shouldn't happen: the door lock trim for the passenger door is pulling away from the door (when the vehicle unlocks). This should be an easy fix when I take the vehicle in, but it is another fit & finish item that never happened with my last vehicle.

    This is the first American vehicle I ever purchased. I had leased an Acura TL before this and never had any issues with it. I had a used Toyota Avalon prior to the Acura and beat it to the ground, with only minor issues to worry about (adding 65K miles to it in less than three years). I hope I'm wrong about the things I'm seeing with the vehicle, but I am beginning to worry about the American vehicle.

    I'm most worried about the potential brakes issue as well as the steering wheel. Should I be?
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    After almost three years and 41000 miles, it's time to say good bye to our Acadia as our lease is up. My final thoughts as I continue to read posts about various problems:

    The Good:

    - Very, very functional. Truly, the minivan for people who don't want to own a minivan
    - Great 3rd row
    - Plenty of cupholders, particularly for the kids
    - 2nd row seats move fore/aft a little
    - Good cargo space
    - AWD is fantastic in the snow
    - Solid, not spectacular, nav/radio touchscreen
    - Nice residual value on the lease (good for me, bad for GM). They'll take a bath on this one.

    The So-So:

    - Seat heaters take forever to heat up and heat unevenly
    - AC works very hard and is loud when it's warm
    - Tires were shot after 40K miles. Would've liked to have gotten to 50K.

    The Bad:

    - GMC service. This is a family vehicle. It's inconceivable that the dealer expects, for warranty service, that you leave the car there with no alternate transportation. Never, never again GM.
    - Temperature sensor was never right. If the car was driven for awhile and then parked in the sun, the temperature sensor actually went up. There were plenty of times we got in the car and the sensor read 126 (yes, 126). Even better, when it was cold the sensor stayed warm. So, when I used remote start to heat up the car when it was cold, when I got into the car the AC was blowing even though it was 20 degrees out because the thermometer read 61. It was snowing yet the gauge said 61 - I even took a picture. The dealer never got it right.
    - Blower motor crapped out at 40K miles for no reason whatsoever.
    - The recall over the heated washer fluid feature. A really, really nice feature that apparently had problems. GM's answer? We don't know how to fix it so we're just going to turn it off and give you $100 (yes, really).

    And so, we bring the GM experiment to a close. Never again.
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    jmmoore1 we are also in the service but with 2 children and want a safe and reliable vehicle. We had the SAME problem. Please go back and read all my posts and see what I wrote was our issues, what the dealer said and did and how we got GM do buy back our vehicle. I am now driving a new car that so far (knock on wood) has had no major issues. I hope this somewhat helps you. Good luck.
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    I have had so many problems with my 2009 Acadia. It started back in January of 2010 when i put my car in park, turned the car off, got out of the car and it was STILL RUNNING! How is that possible??? Car is still running when i have it in park, turned off, and keys in hand. I took it to the dealership where they had no clue what was happening. It took the dealership over a week to get "it fixed". Since then i have been back 3 more times due to water leaking. Water was leaking from the back dome lights in June of 2010. Went in and got it fixed. A week later water was coming out of the sun roof. I got the sun roof replaced.......during this whole month of June different warning lights were coming up on the dash board, such as "service airbag" "check engine". All of this was due to water getting into the electrical system.
    Now it is October and i just had a MAJOR problem come up again! 2 days ago water was coming from the front passenger area, near the glove box. We drove the car yesterday and parked in the garage. Later we heard noise in our garage and went was running. THIS IS SCARY!!! If we did not go and check on the noise, who knows what could of happend. Carbon monoxide poisoning!!!! We have a little girl whos room is right next to the gagrage, not to mention that she goes into the garage to play since we have toys in there. This is a real problem!!! I expect that my car should be turned off when i put it in park, turn it off, and have the keys in my hand. The car should NOT be running. So after we saw that it was running, we pulled it out of the garage and let it run until it killed the battery. We jump started it this morning and took it to the dealership once again.
    Something needs to be done about this situation. Someone is going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning due to this water leaking situation that causes the acadia not to turn off.
    I live in an area where it rains 75 percent of the i park it outside knowing that it will just leak again....or do i park it inside wondering if its going to run all night and kill us in our sleep? This is can you create a vehicle that is supposed to be safe for your whole family but in reality could kill you because it has been made so poorly and there has been no recall.
    Please respond if anyone has has this problem......i am currently taking the Lemon Law.
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    Thank you for posting this. My husband and I are taking the Lemon Law route. Our acadia has had so many problems, the leaking is just the scratch on the surface. We have had it in the shops multiple times this year, but for the second time, our car wouldnt shut off. I mean, put it in park...take the keys out of the ignition....and it is STILL RUNNING. Last night we heard noise from the garage, we went in and the car was still running! If we did not check on the noise we could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Our daughters room is right next to the garage and she goes and plays in there because we have a play area with toys for her. This problem could kill someone. We need to get the word out. Its not just inconvenience of water leaking or mildew smell......this is deadly. A car not being able to turn off and having the fumes build up in a small space can kill. We pulled the car out of the garage and let it run until it killed the battery. We had to jump start it this morning and took it to the dealership. It is in there again.
    Something needs to happen, like a major recall. Someone is going to get killed.
    Thank you for your post, and yes....we have contacted our lawyers and are going the Lemon Law route.
    We are fighting
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    Thanks for posting this issue!! I'll keep monitoring my 2011/SLT 1 AWD. Am driving it now for 2months w/1800mi and am still not having issue. Hopefully i wont have this early period since dealership explain to me that all issues from 2007 to 2010 were all modified and they dont expect issues on 2011 acadia. We'll if i do have, for sure it will be on the record for Lemon. Good luck!!!!
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    Had my power steering pump replaced today. Had to purchase from the GM dealer and my local mechanic which is 20 year GM certified mechanic installed it for me in his shop. After installing the new one it also "whined". He had to pull a vacuume on the pump and bleed it and it works fine. It took 3 hours of labor and $182.00 for the pump. After 45000 miles and this is my only problem except for the windshield fluid switch is not too bad. I am not going to bad mouth GM except I never recieved a recall notice on the defective switch. Am I the only NUTT that pays $299 a year for Onstar and I forgot how much for XM radio? Might just purchase a Garmin and turn the FM up real loud or use my IPOD and keep about $500 a year in my pocket.
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    I no longer have an Acadia but I do have a Silverado with OnStar and XM radio. Renewed OnStar in July for 15 months for $149 + tax and they threw in some minutes. XM was $15.93 for 5 months the last time I renewed.
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    I am scared after reading your post. First my transmission coil went out at 4K miles Last week at 8K miles, my car broke down again. It is still in the shop and they just called saying it is the catalytic converter too. Did they figure out what the issue was with your car? I would like to tell the dealer now to check other things if there is a trend of issues following the same pattern.

    Any advice would be appreciated. This is my primary car that we use for our children and I am worried about our safety if it keeps breaking down/shutting down.


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    Oh. I forgot to post my year. I have a 2010 Acadia. BTW - They replaced the catalytic converter and the engine is still misfiring. So, they are still diagnosing the issue.

    So, first transmission coill out at 4K miles
    Second, catalytic converter
    And now undiagnosed misfiring on the engine

    Any ideas anyone?
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    Your dealer concerns me. A misfire would trigger a code that would enable the tech to trace back to an area that caused it. Replacing a cat wouldn't solve a misfire. So I wonder what led them to believe that it would.

    You stated that they replaced a transmission coil. Never heard of that either. Is that what they wrote on the service order?

    I don't doubt that your Acadia is having issues. I'm just wondering if the dealer is competent enough to work on it.
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    Thank you for responding. When I brought the car in for the issue at 4K miles they said spark plug wasn't sealed properly causing the misfire and then when they repaired the car it was coded as a replacement of a transmission coil. I hated that dealer so this time when my Acadia died I had it towed to a different dealer.

    They first found a catalytic converter fell apart inside the car and was pushed out of the exhaust. They replaced it but the engine was still "misfiring" they said. Today they called and said a second catalytic converter is not operating properly. So, they are going to replace it tomorrow and do the diagnostics again to see if that solves the problem.

    I am also worried what damage to other parts of the car happens if the catalytic converter just falls to pieces while the car is driving.

    Another person had posted on this forum having issues both with a transmission coil being replaced, then he had problems with a catalytic converter. Eventually it led to a replacement of the engine. So I am fearful this might not be the end of the mechanical troubles for me.
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    Catalytic converters are designed and built to last the life of the vehicle. Premature failure of the converter can be contributed by excessive pollutants created by the vehicle. To have two cats fail in this short a period of time is almost impossible. Did the dealer say what contributed to the failures? Make sure that the dealer documents what conditions caused the failure.
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    Thank you. He said the first one was manufacturing defect. The second was damaged by pieces from the first one falling apart. I don't have much confidence the car is beyond its mechanical problems but I guess I just have to have faith this will fix the issue.
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    I have a 2009 GMC Acadia SLT1. Since buying the Acadia I have had the following issues:
    1.Heated Seats not working
    2. Engine light on. (Wire missing from engine)
    3. Engine light on. (Dealership claimed dirty oil. Oil life was on 57%)
    4. Engine light on (Dealership had to replace timing chain. 16,000miles)
    5. ABS lights on and car braking thumping like it was on ice. Nice sunny dry day 80 degrees.
    6. ABS lights come back on before getting to corner after dealership fixed.
    7. Steering Wheel whining noise
    8. Decrease in Power after they replaced timing chain
    9. Recall on the heated windshield. No replacement you will lose this feature.
    10. Gas mileage is 14-16 mpg on highway mileage.
    GM only wants to give a $100 service coupon for all the headaches. Going thru lemon law arbitration now. :mad:
    Don't buy the Acadia!! Save yourselves some headaches.
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    We leased our Acadia 2 months ago and find that some days it fails to start. We have brought it in for a diagnosis and GMC says nothing is wrong.
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    Did you get the $100 in lieu of the heated washer fluid?
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    Yes, got got thr $100.
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    I lease a 2007 gmc Acadia! It is a beautiful car with wonderful features but I have had so many problems since the day we got the car! I have never had the speaker on my on star work so that service was worthless! The speakers in the car have never worked correctly! My sunroof leaked! I bought the car to have a safe vehicle for my small children and myself! I have ended up on the side of the road with both my children 3 times! I have had a to replace the water pump and now the power steering pump is leaking! My latest problem is my engine light is on and my car won't switch gears! I have to throw in low and use the +/- button to drive! I called the dealer and they told me it would be a week to even look at it and they can not give me a loaner! How will I get to work? To school? Pick up my kids? I have left the dealer in tears on several occasions! Not to mention that we bought the car at one dealer and now they have lost their gmc dealership so we r now dealing with a new dealer! I went to discuss my problems and options with one sales man and he told me to go home and appreciate the fact that I can afford a car like this and worry about things like health and jobs????? Where does he get off! I am so fed up! The warranty is up and will most likely not cover the latest problems! All I want is for GMC to take the car back and terminate my lease 8 months early! I want out now! All they want to do is stick me in another GMC! I do not want another GMC at all! Help! Any one have any ideas!
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    What a headache this vehicle has been. 37 days in the shop, gone through 2 fuse boxes, 5 water leaks found, and 1 leak that they cannot find. I just picked it up from the shop today.....they said they cannot find the leak. So now im just waiting for the next big rain storm to come.....water will leak into my car again, it will get to the fuse box, and then my car will not turn off when i put it in park and take out the keys.
    So do i a). park it outside knowing that it will leak and damage the fuse box or b.) park it inside the garage and die of carbon monoxide poisoning?
    Warning for everyone who has leaking problems.........make sure your acadia is turned off. Mine will run when it is put in park and key are out of the ignition. This can kill you if it is parked in your attached garage.
    This need to be a class action suit. Im serious people.......this car will kill sooner or later.....sure glad it wasnt me 3 weeks ago when i went out to my garage and my car was running. My 2 year old room is right next to the garage. That was the last straw.....and now im speaking out.
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    There is a noise comming out from the front wheels after crossing the jumps. Initially it was observed with bigger jumps but now its getting increased.

    Please help or at least tell me if its critical to be fixed soon or can be fixed a bit later because I have to travel around 2000KM starting in few days.

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    You did not say of you had FWD or AWD
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    We have had ours almost 2 years and still have the random battery drain issue. In the last 35 days it has been at the dealer for 15+ days. I even have a case with GM about the issue and they don't see to care if it ever gets fixed. They said to keep having it towed to the dealer until they can duplicate the issue. Seeing as how I cannot even duplicate the issue this can go on forever.

    I am done with all GM vehicles. I have owned 6 among several Nissans, Fords and Infinite vehicles. I have only had issues with 2. Both GMC. Avoid all GM vehicles. They just want your money and will give you crappy customer service. Yes I'm bitter but when you pay $45K for a vehicle is it to much to want it to start?

    All they have to do is the right thing and buy back the vehicle. They know that some vehicles will just have problems. It is part of the assembly line process. Not everything is flawless.
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    Please e-mail me with your case number and user name. I would like to look into this further.
    GM Customer Service
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    What have you done to initiate the buyback process? If you have a service advisor who you always visit when your vehicle is in for warranty work, he will be instrumental in assisting your buyback effort.
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    I have not done anything about the buy back process yet, researching and obtaining my options for now. I have just mentioned it to my case assigned rep as the option if they cannot duplicate the issue again with the vehicle in the shop. I will also inquire with the dealership too as to what influence they have as I'm sure they don't want to see me every 4 - 8 weeks complaining of the same issue. I know the dealer is doing everything they can to resolve the issue but when dealing a possible random electric short or faulty ground it is like a needle in a haystack.

    I did get the extended warranty on the vehicle but not with the intention of using continuously on a issue that the dealer cannot duplicate. I have always hated bringing my vehicle to any dealership regarding an issue, even on something as small as rattle, and the technician putting cannot duplicate the issue.
  • jefferdy1jefferdy1 Member Posts: 9

    I have sent an e-mail to your profile e-mail and included my vehicle VIN number. I will try to remember and follow-up tomorrow with the case number if you cannot locate it via the VIN. The e-mail also includes my cell phone to discuss.
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    Well it all started one day when i walked into the dealership to purchase this car... HUGE MISTAKE. My car has been nothing but a danger to my family and I... My car has been in and out of dealerships for many problems and is currently sitting in the dealership while the tech's there all scratch their heads wondering how to fix my vehicle...Nobody could tell me whats wrong nor do they know how to interpet the codes its reading out so basically they are working on my car blind... let me explain i was driving on the highway going about 65 mph when all of a sudden the car starting beeping and lighting up with messages service traction control, service stabilitytrak but the best one was engine power reduced this means that when driving at the rate of 65 the engine feels its heating up and causes the engine to turn its power off to the speed of 10mph yeah scary right not to mention the breaks had locked... when called onstar to find out what was happening they told me to pull over yeah that wouldve been good if i wasnt on a road that had no i had cars speeding around me to try and avoid me where the one almost hit me from behind because lets face it nobody is expecting for someone to be driving in a 65 doing 10... so last step went into dealership and once again they dont have answers of why this is happening but yet they keep trying to change parts and isnt working... They tell me to take the car home anyway and lets see if it continues... yeah thats easy for them to say its not there lifes that are in DANGER... Has anyone ever had this issues please help...
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    These cars are rated for 16 city/23 highway. Getting a whopping grand total of 14MPG avg when doing more than half freeway driving is APALLING. I have owned multiple new vehicles (4WD, or AWD SUVs) from other manufacturers - Jeep, Ford, and Toyota, and have ALWAYS gotten either spot on sticker stated mileage or at most 1-2 MPG off from day 1 though the time they were sold (one at 14 years, 1 at 11 years, and one at 7 year old). The fact that GMC and the Acadia in particular can't deliver the same thing says there is a problem with the car that the rating agency needs to take a serious, and long hard look at it. And GMC needs to fix it. Had I been told this vehicle was rated for 10/11 MPG city (what I am getting 2700 miles now) and 14 freeway I would have NEVER, EVER bought this car.
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    First off if you only have 2700 miles on the odometer your engine is still breaking in. You have to wait until 7500 or more before the engine is really broken in with everything seated properly. I regularly get 16 - 17 MPG driving around town. On highway trips I get maybe 19 or 20. Then again I have 4 people in the car, luggage and driving 75 MPH.

    When you get the 14MPG what is your average speed? That will help you better determine why your mileage is so low. It doesn't take much time sitting in stop and go traffic, cold weather, etc to bring your mileage down in a heartbeat.

    Other items to think about are:
    1. Is your tire pressure set a factory recommendations or higher for best performance?
    2. Do you drive all gas and brakes? Every drive with a light throttle or coasting when coming up to lights?
    3. When you get on the highway and set the cruise on say 60 or 65 and then reset the instant mileage what does it show if maintain that speed for say 15 or 20 miles?
    4. Do you have the vehicle loaded with a bunch of extra crap that is like driving around with a full loaded vehicle of people?
    5. What is your typical drive like? Lots of hills, avg speed

    Finally, are you going by the onboard computer or calculating manually?
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    I apologize you are experiencing these problems. Can you please e-mail me with your VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, complete contact information including a good number to reach you, and a summary of your experience/concerns (including those codes if you have them). I want to look into this further for you.
    GM Customer Service
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    We continue to experience a similar problem with our 2010 ACADIA. While going full speed on the highway, the car dramatically slows down, unlocks and locks the doors (all by itself), and eventually (after 15 seconds) goes back to normal. When we tell the dealership about the problem, they look at us like we have to heads. OnStar never detects anything and the dealership cannot reproduce the problem so I guess we are stuck with the car until something bad happens. We are VERY disappointed and disgruntled with GMC...
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    I am new to this forum and would like some advice. I purchased my 2009 Acadia 07/09, but it was built in 08. When it had 7500 miles I changed the oil even though I still had 52% oil life left (because I read that it might help with bad gas mileage). About one month later (11/09) I started to hear a random knocking noise when I started the car but the dealership was unable to duplicate. In March 2010 I took the vehicle in again with the same complaint plus the drivers seat leather had to be replaced, part of the trim near the radio had to be replaced and my power steering was making a rubbing noise so that had to be repaired (they put in a new part). At that time they suggested that I get my oil changed because I had 15000 miles and even though my OLM said 48% I agreed. The engine noise continued off and on and in August (after driving from Oklahoma to Washington DC and having to add a total of 2 quarts of oil) it started always occurring with a cold start. I took it in and was again advised to change my oil (22000 miles OLM 56%), I did change the oil though it made no difference with the noise. I finally took it to a new dealership and the timing chain was replaced a few weeks ago. However, they suggested that I no longer use the OLM and get my oil changed every 3000 miles "to clear excessive engine sludge".... the power steering is also not working correctly again and they were unable to repair until the get advice from a GM rep (because the other repair did not last). I am fed up, this was a $45000 car that was supposed to be low maintenance and I planned on keeping it long term. Now I don't know what to do, should I expect continued problems? Should I get rid of it?
  • becky78becky78 Member Posts: 3
    What kind of problems did you have with your 2009?
  • jefferdy1jefferdy1 Member Posts: 9
    Seeing as how the dealer does not put Synthetic oil I would never rely on the OLM for the oil changes. If you waited until it got close to 25% like they want you would be going 10 - 12k before an oil change. You are just look for problems.

    I always do the oil change at 3K - 3750 and the OLM is around 88%. That neglect on proper maintenance could be causing your problems and not a bad vehicle. At least your problem is reproducable so when you bring it in the dealer cannot deny it does not exist. My issue is a different story.
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    I no longer use the OLM and get my oil changed every 3000 miles "to clear excessive engine sludge"

    If there is sludge in your motor, 3000 miles OCI will not clear it. The only solution at that point would be to replace the motor. If there is sludge and the "knock" is from the lower part of the motor the main bearings have been damaged and the engine will have to be replaced. Course you are under warranty so the dealer may be trying to stall the inevitable repair.

    If you have an independent mechanic, one who you can trust, have them check for sludge. You don't want to be without warranty should you need to replace the motor.
  • jefferdy1jefferdy1 Member Posts: 9
    Well my vehicle is dead once again today after having it back for a week and half. The dealer disabled the OnStar module hoping that was the culprit, apparently not. Already spoke with my GM Service Rep and she is going to see about doing a collateral trade with her managers given the continued issue with the vehicle.

    Christina, I sent you an e-mail about this asking a few questions. Please answer when you get a chance.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Have you requested a service technician to ride with you to see if the problem occurs? I would also recommend asking if they could put a code reader in your vehicle for when the problem occurs. I would definitely recommend looking into these options at your dealer. Please keep me updated on your progress.
    GM Customer Service
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    Has anyone had a headlight lens "bubble" from the heat generated from the headlight bulb? Mine has and no I did not replace them with the blue ones!
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Actually HID burns cooler than halogens.

    Mine's leaked but no bubble.
  • jmmoore1jmmoore1 Member Posts: 4
    The problem occurs sporadically--sometimes a few times a week, and then not for a week or two. Therefore, riding along with a technician would most likely be ineffective. I will inquire about the code reader. Thank you for your attention. It's refreshing to see that GM has this kind of outreach to the customers--the dealership has not been responsive to our concerns.
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    According to this reference HID runs over 4000°K; while Tungsten-Halogen runs around 3000°K. And, technically, they don't burn (oxidize) else they'd be depleted in seconds. :)

    tidester, host
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    replying to: obyone (Nov 28, 2010 12:00 pm)
    According to this reference HID runs over 4000&degK; while Tungsten-Halogen runs around 3000°K. And, technically, they don't burn (oxidize) else they'd be depleted in seconds.

    That is not their "heat" temperature. It is their colour temperature.

    4000K is a bluer white than 3000K. 3000K is fairly yellow.

    For photo work, I calibrate my LCD monitor to either 5000K or 6500K. 6500K is supposed to be most like the color of natural sunlight.

    Those really "blue" HID headlamps.... their color temperature is likely somewhere around 8000K to 10000K.

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    Actually, I thought you might have meant thermal temperature - after - I wrote my previous note!

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    I have read many posts on this blog about momentary loss of power steering. I know that it happens in heavy rain and it happens when you turn the wheel in a certain direction.
    It happens to me and it scares that heck out of me. Since we all agree on that this phenomenon exists, does anyone know if GM has put out a fix for this either officially of by way of quiet recall?
  • nmatosnmatos Member Posts: 5
    Lol that's a joke to actually think that GM would care about their consumers... All I hear when my car goes in for service for either stalling, mechanical function lose as well as engine reducing power is if we can't duplicate it we can't fix it... So they continue to give you a safety hazard to drive... I no longer rely on them I have taken matters into my own hands.... My car has been in and out over 5 times and I'm done dealing with this non-sense as well as the incompetent mechanics... Your best bet is contact an attorney for breech of warranty they can not keep giving you back a vehicle that clearly has a safety issue... There are laws out there to protect consumers....
  • vgirl1204vgirl1204 Member Posts: 2
    u sound just like me!!! my car has had all of those probs and then some! the worse car i have ever owned! at leasted u r just leasing it! i still dont know what i am going to do :( gl to u!!!
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    There are two recalls. One for the heated washer fluid and one for the A/T cable.

    Of the 178 TSBs out there are two that relates to the power steering pump. One details pump diagnostics and the other pump whine noise. None relates to loss of steering. Pump failure will leave you with steering just not power assisted.
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