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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I'm not able to be here very often.

    It takes just seconds to check in while taking it to email deprives everyone else of valuable information and tends to defeat the purpose of a Forum. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • There have been posts on the Acadia forum since the Acadia came out talking about leaks around the front doors (fix is to adjust door hinges) and the sunroofs. I have a 2007 without sunroofs (don’t like them) and had the door leaks but was easily fixed. I have a friend with an identical Acadia (right down to the big tires and color) except he got the sun roofs. First big rain the roofs leaked. It was so bad they had to pull the seats and replace the carpet.
    So to answer your question, the leaking sunroof is a common problem.
  • I drove off the lot in my brand new '07 only to be back at the dealership 3 days later. nothing electronic working. I didn't have my car for about 4 days till they could figure out what was wrong. Guess what? Its back in the dealership and they can't figure out whats wrong again! I am so frustrated beyond words. Last American car I'll ever spend my money on again!
  • The shield wont help. They have replaced this on mine and it still happens. I have been caught with my 3 daughters in the car with me and trying to turn in my driveway from a very busy road and got stuck in the road with no steering. Luckily there were no cars coming. I am furious because I am now scared to drive my $30,000 vehicle in the rain!!!
  • Anyone having steering issues, report GMC!! This is an ongoing problem and I am sick of driving a $30000 plus vehicle that when it rains I have no power steering!!

    Dear Ms. Harper:

    I am writing you in regards to your complaint against General Motors Corporation.

    The BBB’s Auto Line Division handles complaints that allege manufacturer defects on automobiles. We are forwarding your complaint to BBB Auto Line for processing:

    BBB Auto Line

    Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc.

    4200 Wilson Boulevard Suite 200

    Arlington, VA 22203


    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (800) 955-5100

    Any inquiries regarding the status of your complaint should be directed to Auto Line. Please allow Auto Line 45-60 days for processing of your complaint
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    While I am generally very pleased with my 2007 Acadia (OK, it took 3 batteries to finally get one that held the charge at -40C) I wish to share a recent problem. I was driving in town at 30 kph when I heard a loud bang and grinding noise under my Acadia. I stopped and looked under my vehicle thinking an ice chunk might have wedged in a wheelwell, but saw nothing. When I started up again, the engine ran well but I heard a slight grinding noise. As I was only 2 blocks from my dealership I drove there slowly and parked to ask for a mechanic's opinion. We looked under the vehicle and saw that the front end drive shaft had detached from the axel and was hanging down to the ground. It caused a bit of a stir among the mechanics!! They think that somehow the bolts holding the drive shaft to the axel flange (?) worked (or were) loose and at some point the torque snapped all 6 bolts off. A replacement drive shaft was ordered from the USA 10 days ago. I am still waiting. Lesson learned here: when you have an oil change, tell the mechanic to check these bolts to make sure they are tight.
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    after many years of automoblie designing and engineering, we're seeing problems of leaky sunroofs and windows? wow... maybe GM should do us all a fav and just fold it up. no more loan from the government... no more headache.
  • Now, they have replaced the power steering pump and the belt and tensioner. Guess what, IT IS STILL HAPPENING!! No power steering in the rain!!! Now they are trying a last ditch effort replacing the gear that hooks to the axle that goes up into the column. GM is now contacting me about trying to settle this matter because I have contacted the Better Business Bureau. The only thing i will accept is take the piece of junk back!!!!!!! If anyone else is having this problem, please contact me
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    this sounds very sinilar to what happened to my vehicle my left wheel came the dealership they make you think you did something they want you to second guess yourself,but there product is garbage.they don't want to pay.i had to call my insurance for something that was not my fault 7,795.00 worth of not my fault im so glad i leased.when i go to turn it in they better not even think of asking me if i want to buy this junk. :mad:
  • 5gems5gems Posts: 1
    I checked out the lemon law today. Go online and you can check it. It said it does apply to leases, but it has to be withing the first two years or 18000 miles, whichever comes first. It gives you the entire process of filing.
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    thanks i called the BBB and immediately GMC called so they said the lemon law does also apply to leases and they would look into it. Now the car has a knocking from the front end area and it is pulling to the left side thats the side that the tire fell off. i want out of this lease i'm paying 618.45 a month for this and its not fair. i'm afraid to drive the car alone.i'm scared something will happen and i cant live like this. :mad: :lemon: i have 25k miles and i make 2 years 6/09 i hope that wont be a problem
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    :sick: i don't know what else to say about this 2007 the stabilizer bar needs to be replaced and the shocks are cracked in the inside and are leaking.once again i have to take time off work to take it over to the dealership.when the left wheel fell off they were supposed to notice these things.on the work order a stabilizer bar was replaced in january and it needs to be fixed again.i had it out with GMC they offered to pay one month car note and a year of free ONSTAR.what do i need with that.the car is a piece of crap.i told the lady i will get back to her,and everytime she calls i dont answer.i called a lawyer they say i have a lemon.i will keep you guys posted
  • enquirerenquirer Posts: 1
    I'm an owner of an Acadia SLT AWD 2009. I bought it in December 2008, come January 2009, central lock won't open nor close. I got it checked and the authorized dealer said the SENSOR needed to be changed. So they did. 24 hours later, same problem. Is anyone having this problem? Any suggestions?
  • I have had my Acadia for about 18 months and for the most part...I love it. However, I have recently had a couple of issues that I can't seem to get fixed. There have been 5 or 6 occaisions when I will turn the car off and remove the keys, but the car continues to run. It runs for about 30 seconds and then begins to cough and sputter until it finally chokes itself out. Of course I took it to the dealership as soon as it happened, but they "couldn't reproduce the problem" so they say there isn't anything to fix. I've also experienced a problem with the heater. The drivers side was blowing freezing cold air even with the temperature set on 90 degrees. The passenger side and back were blowing hot. The dealership's solution was to turn the car off and restart it. While this did fix the problem (after 3 or 4 tries) it is not convenient to pull over on the side of the highway to restart your $35,000 car so you don't get hypothermia driving to work. As I said, I really love my car but these nuisance problems that I can't seem to get fixed are driving me crazy.
    On another note, I have the dual sunroofs and have not experienced any leaking (knock on wood). Maybe I got lucky on that topic... :)
    Has anyone else experienced the "possessed" car running after you turn it off? I'm hoping maybe someone else's dealership has been able to locate the problem.
  • lotharslothars Posts: 1
    We have a 2008 Acadia with 2 sunroofs and the leaking in this vehicle is unbelievable. When in rains (or when it snows and then melts) water will drip in so bad that the carpet on the drivers side is absolutely soaked. The dealership tried to fix the sunroof, but it made it worse. Now we have leaking in the rear coming through the dome light. It also leaks from the handle you grab to help enter the vehicle. So far no satisfaction from the dealer, though it has been in for service at least a half dozen times. We've also had power steering problems and electronic problems. At $47,000, no doubt the worst vehicle I have ever owned.
  • ntellyntelly Posts: 10
    I have an 07 and mine leaked too the same exact as yours. First it was the front then I had the dome light thing too. The dealer had to hook up the drain tubes; they weren't hooked up from the manufacturing. It did solve it but I also had to have the tv screen replaced. It went black; I am assuming from water. Haven't had a water problem since but I have had other problems. I do like the car despite all of the things I have to bring it back for. Right now my tail hatch won't stay open all the time. I have already brought it there once for that and now it has to go again but I don't feel like dropping it off until I have something else. I also too right now have a sound from the front end. I want my husband to check it out before I call them so I have a heads up on what it is. (He is a mechanic; but he pays for bumper to bumper so he doesn't have to fix my car; no time LOL) I have had the steering problems in the rain; but they fixed that. They also had to put shields in the wheel wells for that too. I've had all the recalls on the windshield wiper stuff, transmission, and air bag recall. I think there is more things that I have brought it back for but can't think of them now. Someone hit me 7 mos after I had it too so that didn't help. Never been in an accident before I was so mad to give up the car again.
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    all i can say to everyone keep all of your receipts so if you need to sue they cant say anything because you have proof,and what transmission recall??? i haven't heard of that one as yet
  • ntellyntelly Posts: 10
    I think they may have had to re-program the computer so it shifts at a different point than what it was. Makes me wonder if that is why I have bad fuel mileage now; not sure if it was better before they did that. That was one of the first recalls so it was awhile ago. Maybe it was only the 07's. It had a slow leak too. My husband noticed it had been leaking almost right away. Unreal.
  • I went to a GMC dealer to test-drive a new Acadia. The first car's battery was dead, so we tried another new Acadia. Same problem: dead battery. The sales person said someone must have left the lights on. I am going to try again today but is this something I should be concerned about? Two dead batteries on two brand new Acadias???
  • thepasthepas Posts: 11
    I had the dealer replace the battery in my 2007 Acadia twice before I got one that could last during a cold winter. The story I heard was that there was a poor batch of batteries used by GM and these were only replaced as needed.
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
  • mckrobmckrob Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my '07 Acadia right now... I turn off the inglition, remove the key and the engine continues to run. It first happened night before last. It ran for a little wile, then quit. I locked up the car and went in for the night. The next morning, It wouldn't start and I couldn't get the key out of the ignition.. no power at all. I called the dealer and they said to try jumping it. Waiting for a friend to arrive with jumper cables, I noticed a strange clicking noise under the hood. I called the dealer back and they said to just have it towed. The tow truck arrived and the guy said to put it in neutral. Of course, the shift lever was locked in park. He said that since it is all-wheel drive, he would have to drag it, wheels locked, up the ramp. I said absolutely not, as doing this would likely break something else. :mad: He connected jumper cables and it started right up, as if there was never a problem. At that point, I was now out $40 to the towing company. I drove it to the dealer and they found nothing wrong. The same thing happened tonight. The car is dead again, and I have appointments first thing in the morning. This is extreamely irritating, and I have about had it with tis vehicle. This is not the only problem. The sun roof leaked, and they "fixed" it under the recall program. Now, after heavy recent rain, it is leaking worse than before, and in more places than before. I am wondering if the leak is causing a short in the electrical system somehow. I have also had problems with clunky noises, whining noises when idling, when turning the steering wheel, and tryng to maintain a consistant speed on the highway. You have terrible visibility out the rear window when backing up, because the window is high up. The chrome around the front AC vents blinds me when the sun hits it in the rhight place, My warranty is expired, and I have four more years to pay it off. Full of complaints, aren't I?
  • amyfloamyflo Posts: 2
    I too have a horrible steering problem with my 2007 Acadia in the rain and it is a safety concern. We had heavy rain yesterday and on my way out of the parking lot the battery lost power, the whining started and I had no power in my turn. I almost ended up in an accident, which is unacceptable. Then, the whining continued to get louder, the battery power dropped, the check engine light came on and then I smelt burnt rubber. I was scared for my safety driving home. This is over the 3rd time this has happened and the 3rd time I will be taking it back in. No, they did not find the problem and could not re-create it. They just replaced the battery because it wouldn’t turn over. I also have the double sunroof and had leakage in the front but they fixed that. I do love my Acadia but this particular steering problem has me concerned for my family and friends safety. We shall see what the dealership says again. I am so glad there is a forum; I am not the only one.
  • amyfloamyflo Posts: 2
    Yes, I too am having this problem. I just posted a message #396 stating my problem. I just contact GM and they will be following up with the dealership technician tomorrow. I was not about to drive it today, it is suppose to rain. I will be dropping the vehicle off for service tomorrow. I should not be scared to drive my vehicle in the rain. Please let me know what happens.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Why were you out $40 to the towing company? That should be covered under roadside assistance which should run for 5 years/100,000 miles. Just curious.

  • mckrobmckrob Posts: 2
    Thanks, I will look into the roadside assistance. I didn't enjoy paying the money up front, considering.
  • My 2007 Acadia has popping/clicking/whining sounds when I am steering slowly in the parking lots, etc. I have had it in shop numerous times but nothing has helped. Has anyone had this problem and gotten it fixed????
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Yes, I had the same problem and the shop diagnosed as a mismachined bearing in the steering column. They replaced the steering column and problem was solved.
  • aircooled1aircooled1 Posts: 2
    I have a 07 GMC Acadia with just over 70,000 Kilometers.... recently, the front end has become unsafe when travelling on uneven or bumpy roads. The entire front end feels like is floating and detached from the vehicle. You feel every bump through the sloppy steering rack and its getting worse. Over the phone to a GM Service Tech, they say that it needs new front struts at a cost of $1000 parts and labour. Any other owners have the same issues and response from GM? At 70,000 Kilometers or 43,000 Miles driving mostly on paved roads, it shouldn't need new struts
  • I was finally able to get a diagnosis for the car that won't die. The dealership had to replace an ignition sensor of some kind. They said the computer wasn't getting the signal that the ignition had been turned off. This is what was causing the car to continue to run after it was turned off. The problem seems to be resolved for now. I will try to find out the exact name of the sensor so if you encounter this problem again and the dealership can't re-create it, you'll know what to tell them. For the moment, I think I'm complaint free (knock on wood!)! :D
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