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  • I totally understand your pain. The dealership we bought our Acadia from wasn't able to fix even the easiest things. I don't think they wanted to. :mad: We took it to a dealership about 20 miles away after talking to that service manager about all of our problems with our 2008 Acadia SLT-1. He really wanted to help us out. :) We had the noisy takeoff, odor coming through vents, leaking sunroof; all the most common complaints heard on this board. The odor turned out to be a coolant leak at thermostat housing. They said they replaced a compression fitting and the thermostat housing. Ours smelled of gas when using the remote start also. They stated they also reflashed the PCM (whatever that is) with updated software for long engine crank that would produce more hydrocarbons. (I am writing exactly what is in the report they provided me after they fixed sooooooooooo many problems. If you want to contact Erickson Pontiac- GMC in Rexburg, Idaho; these guys know their stuff!! It is too bad the Acadia is having so many problems from the factory because it is such a good looking auto. The size is perfect and the whole concept is so great for so many families. But, you have to be able to use it! Darn it, GM. Get it right because I would like to give another one a try when I get ready to trade. :cry:
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    I have one of the first Acadia's out purchased in February 2007. I have had a lot of the problems already listed but most recently, yours, for the second time. My car has hestiated when it comes time to pass since the day I bought it. The dealer says they can find no problem. I had that thing where you pull up to a stop and your car will not go any faster than 15 mph and it had to go into the shop for two weeks. Last summer, my front end started making those horrible noises and when I took it in they couldn't find anything at first but after I paid for two diagnostics, they said I needed new struts at a cost of $1300. Now it's a little less than a year later and the noises in the front end are starting again. For a nice looking car, it has been nothing but trouble.
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    Anyone have any problems with the gauges? While driving on the freeway @ 65mph, my speedometer was stuck @ 120! In fact, all the gauges were completly wrong. The fuel gauge went straight down pointing to my feet! We called on star but the diagnostics found nothing wrong. We took it in to be fixed and they had to order all new gauging system. When I got it back, they weren't even the original gauges. Cheap looking crome colored gauges were installed instead of all red. Called dealership to have original acadia parts but was told this is what they changed to! Help, how do I go about getting the original gauges back? :sick:
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    My 2007 Acadia has been back to the dealer three times for the rear skylight leak. I had water pouring out all over the car - even up front where the roof post meets the dash. Now I have terrible rattling sounds because they had to take down the headliner to fix the leak. Two dealers could not fix the problem. Now I'm having the power steering issue in the rain that has been written about in other posts. The lease can't end soon enough.
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    Does anyone know if GM has a solution to the problem of losing power steering when it is raining? My 2007 just developed this problem.
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    I have not been able to resolve the power steering issue. The dealer installed guards/shields as directed by a manufacturer bulletin. This may help some, but if you drive through any amount of standing water the steering goes away completely and the belt squeals for a period of time. The dealer acts if it is no big deal. I don't think they know of any way to correct.
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    For all you people that have said you have a smell like natural gas or propane, etc.
    Is your vehicle AWD or FWD?

    help track down a source.
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    Did you own a FWD or AWD vehicle?
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    FWD here. The dealership found the source of the fuel smell in my 2007 model. A valve in the emissions canister was locked in the open position and the canister was full of gasoline. They thought this was a fluke, or that I had over topped when filling up with gas (I did not). Anyway they replaced the canister and I have not had a problem since. I really like my car and am glad they fixed it!
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    We have a 2008 with 14K miles, at about 6K miles I started to notice drips in the driveway and on the garage floor - assumed it was from a 'messy' oil change. Last weekend I crawled underneath to find Trans Fluid sprayed all over the place and hanging like rain drops off of all of the Transmission bolts and Crossmembers. My wife brought it to the dealer and now they have our car for a few days now to replace the Transmission Seal - I guess I was lucky to find some drops in my driveway, but I'm worried how low my Trans Fluid was and if there is any internal damage? My wife said that she could start to 'feel' it downshifting when coming up to a stop.

    Anybody else have this issue and have any recommendations?
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    we just had our 08 in for the 4th time for leaks...they tried all the tube issues and even tried to adjust the front doors...Huh...??? they replaced the front sunroof glass saying that the "glass was too small for the hole"...they have no clue...basically the roof is designed to leak and they are trying to find a way to get the water out of the car and not leak onto the people inside...GM won't take any responsibility for it...we now have a moldy smell in the car and they are trying to mask it...they won't replace the carpet or pad and they now say everything is OK...lemon law here we can't tell me GM doesn't have a ton of these Acadias around that they can replace the leaky ones with...we have met a lot of people with Buicks, Saturns and Acadias with no sunroofs and they have no leaks so that is definately where the problem is...
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    Yes, I have this problem. It developed about a year after I purchased the vehicle. The dealer has installed shields around the power steering area. It helps going down the street but if you splash through a puddle the guards do not solve the problem. I don't believe GM is going to do anything else to help with the issue. They are ignoring me. It is a design flaw and they don't have a fix and do not intend to replace the vehicle. Otherwise I love the car. It drives great. However, I don't think I will ever purchase another GM product.
  • I really thought my leaking troubles were over, but we have had a phenomenal amount of rain in our area in the last month and guess what? Other then when my Acadia is at work with me, it sits in the garage. However, yesterday, I discovered new water marks on 2 different places on my headliner yesterday. So, it wasn't fixed. I am getting that natural gas or propane smell again coming through the ventilation system. All of the issues I thought were resolved have now resurfaced. These cars with sunroofs are nothing but lemons. I have a Carbon Black 2008 SLT-1 with 13,??? miles on it now. This is so beyond ridiculous. We paid a lot for these vehicles are all we got are problems from a financially distraught company that won't take responsibility for the problems. I, too have spoken to other owners who don't have the sunroof. They aren't plagued with water issues. However, another thing we all have in common, I do believe is the lumbar support in the drivers side chair does not work. One gal I know said hers has been replaced twice and it still doesn't work. She bought a more inexpensive model in '07 (SLE @ $31,000) and said she is just accepting the problem. I paid $40,275 plus tax, ($2000) and another $2000 for an extended warranty! I went to trade it on a Nissan Murano and all I was offered was $27,000 at the time, with only 9000 miles on it. What a slap for less than one year of ownership! The reason I was given is because GM is in such bad financial condition. At this point I am almost willing to take the loss. Why should GM get by with this. It is corporate thievery at it's best. I bought this car thinking I was involved in an honest arms length transaction. What a joke. If you are looking at one of these, and choose a foreign model. Don't look back! They know engineering. American engineering is slack and no one will take responsibility. It is like taking 15,000 one dollar bills and driving down the street tossing each of these dollars out the window never to be seen again. I am furious. :mad: I will be checking with a lemon law attorney now. :lemon:
  • Mine is an AWD. And it does smell like natural gas and/or propane! It's back for me, unfortunately! :mad:
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    I also had problems with my new 2008 acadia. The propane smell that came thru the vents was one of my complaints. I no longer have to deal with it because I went to arbitration and won. It was not a big deal. Just keep all your records and follow your states lemon laws. Good Luck.
  • Okay, so I told my hubby the other day that my car sounds like it is whining; he didn't notice. Anyhow, yesterday my friend and I had to do a 100 point turn (a little exageration going on), and I asked my friend if she noticed the whining sound or am I imagining it. She said, "I don't think it's whining! It's groaning!" So I'm not nuts. I know most of you have stated that you've experienced power steering issues when it's raining; however, we've had no rain for months. Am I about to experience a possible disaster or is this a fluke? Is anyone, has anyone experienced what I am? In regards to my previous problems, all has been fixed and A-okay. SO FAR.
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    Great that you got it fixed up and thanks for the reply.
  • It would be great, but now that I am using the AC is back in full force. Can't stand the smell. I have to use the recirculating feature to be able to stand having it on. Also, this past month, we have seen record breaking rainfall in our area, so guess what else is back? :mad: You're right, leaking from the sunroof and a headliner with lots of water marks to prove it! I hate this car. I am so done. I will pursue the lemon law and if I don't get is foreign for me from here on out. Not dealing with American engineering any more. Sorry, the the foreigners just have a leg up and they know how to build a car. Think they would train some American engineers on quality? :(
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    i also contacted a lemon lawyer and submitted all my paperwork and they offered nothing so now they are going back to the drawing board with a different lawyer so we are waiting to see what happens. i'm afraid to drive mine after my left wheel fell off it has never been the the wheel shakes after 60mph i just want them to take this car back. how long did it take for your response from them? are they going to buy the vehicle back?
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    I heard from the District Specialist from GM the next day after I called and all she could say was..."no" "no" "no" or " I'll have to check"...she was no help...I'm still dealing with her 2 weeks later but I also sent a"nice" letter to the President of GM, Troy A. Clarke and my dealership's owner saying that they have 1 chance to do the right thing or I have all the Lemon Law paperwork filled out and ready to go... The Attorny said to definetly file a claim but once you do you have to keep the car til it's settled...and still may have to keep it then...I'm so fed up I don't know if I want to wait that long...I would rather spend a couple of thousand $'s and buy something else than to deal with these people...GM really screwed up on this Acadia and just won't admit it...
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    Not sure how the arbitration process goes in each state, but I filed with my paperwork with the Attorney Generals Office, not GM. I never used an attorney. I had to pay a total of $250. They scheduled a hearing at a convenient location. MY husband and I went and explained to the arbitrator the problems we were having. GM sent a lawyer and expert mechanic. But the law is on our side. If you are having problems and have taken the proper steps to rectify the situation (follow your states lemon laws) you can win. I had to take my car in 4 times, keep all paperwork and receipts, if GM could not fix the proble, I had a case. It had tried deal with GM but they were no help. Contact the Attorney Generals Office, Arbitration Program.
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    I had the same problem with mine. I took it in and they topped off the power steering fluid and it solved the problem. There is a service bulletin for this issue, but the number isn't on my invoice.
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    I have an 09 Acadia SLT1. I noticed that on inclines, that are not too steep, the truck seems to roll back like it has a manual transmission or the truck is in neutral. Is this normal or should I get this looked at?
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    I am sooo done with GM...the "district specialist" that I have been dealing with for 3 weeks lied to me about who she was...I found out yesterday that GM outsources it's warranty and coustomer service to a company in Argentina...What the hell...??? they won't tell me who the company is either...these are the people you get when you call the phone #'s in the warraanty books...ask them when you call...GM has alot of nerve asking for our money and sending it to Argentina...maybe Obama can fix this...??? Good Luck...My dealer has agreed to "help" but says any buyback must come from GM and with the problems they are having it would be a long drawn out deal...I'm at the point of taking the Acadia to a Lexus dealer and buying a real product...NEVER AGAIN GM...NEVER...
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    it is normal for a 5,000 lbs vehicle.
  • I think we all need to get together and file a class action lawsuit. Everyone I know that has a sunroof has had leaking issues. Some say they still love their vehicle, but they are unhappy with the leaking. GM owes us all a lot of money. I was so disgusted last Fall that I went to a Nissan dealership and asked what they would give me on a trade. Paid $44,000 9 months prior (new) and they offered me $25,000. Wow, what a bath! I couldn't afford to lose that much money, but really I have. They told me they could find a 2008 Acadia on the internet (9000 miles) for $25,000 on any site. They said GM's Bankruptcy and other problems have made these cars very undesireable. They are right. You can get a 2008 for $25,000. Maybe that is why they are sending this little coupon for more off on a new one. But who would want another one and lose another ton of money? :mad:
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    Seventeen more lease payments to go before I rid myself of this mistake. Never again GM. Just the other day the outside temp showed 116 degrees....when it was 80. They have a residual of like $28K for 36K miles on my 2008 SLT-2. It'll probably be worth half that in November 2010. Anyone tried the Ford Flex? Thinking about that, maybe a used XC90 or GL450.
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    I seem to be the only one here with a good story!! Bought our SLT2 a month ago, and I noticed creaking over medium road imperfections. I isolated it to where the plastic underneath the instrument cowl is screwed into the cowl itself. The dealer installed some foam between, and the problem is completely gone, makes the vehicle seem so much more solid.

    So far, no other problems.
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    Sorry to hear about so many problems. Glad I didn't get the sunroofs...
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    Our Acadia shuts off whenever and where ever it feels like it. It has turned off on the Interstate going 65 mpl and sitting at the grocery store. It is currently at the dealer and they can find nothing wrong with the electrical. They want to keep it for the next few days to see if they can figure out the problem. This is clearly a safety issue -- losing power at 65 mpl or on making a turn is scary. I have had to put my car in neutral and let it roll to the side of the road on more than one occasion. Eventually, the car recovers and turns on, but we have no faith in the car because it locks up at random times. I have teenage drivers and they are no longer allowed to drive the Acadia -- this is ridiculous . We have an old 1993 Mini-van that handles better than our 07 Acadia!
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    Yes, I have had this happen to me, and had it fixed right away. They had to replace on of the struts that holds the hatch up. This is very dangerous, as even when I pushed against the hatch, it wouldn't respond and stop, because it was in powered mode. Scary. I'm reasonably strong and could barely get the thing to stop from squashing me. Within just a couple days, it would fail altogether when the door got to the top, and just dead drop closed. Would crush a kid if he happened to be near the door, so I got it fixed w/in a week.
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    I too had leaks in the garage, my husband thought it was condensation, then I broke down half way up a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness for old Onstar. Only problem was even though I told them where I was, they still told the two truck drive I was 30 minutes from my actual location, and I was in a spot with no cell service. Dealership had my car for 8 days, they fixed something in the transmission, but never gave me an invoice so I still don't know what. Now just three weeks later my 2008 Acadia with 32,000 miles overheated and the door chime wont shut off even with no key in the ignition. Just watched it get loaded onto a tow truck for the third time in the two years I have had it. Th first time was some chip issue just after I got it.

    I also have the FWD, and just spent $800.00 on off road tires because it wont make it up the smallest of dirt hills and does not go through any amount of snow or mud without getting stuck. This is not like a FWD Honda, and tires did not help.

    I have had full size 4WD SUV's for years and thought this mid sized car might be a nice change. The gas mileage is only slightly better and my kids hate sitting in it. I already mentioned the traction issues. This is not an SUV, and this is the last GMC I will ever own. I'm sure I'm going to take a huge hit from looking at all of your comments posted here, but when they finished with it this time, I am getting a used Sequoia.
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    Our Acadia was purchased new in May 2007. A year later I couldn't believe the catastrophic failures the vehicle had. Our history now includes a transmission rebuild, 4 transmission leak repairs, a failed batter, a failed air conditioner part that caused water to drain inside the car in pint size quantities, a failed water pump, and the last straw was that the engine just had to be removed for another major failure. All of the service has been through GMC dealers and warranted, but I have no confidence in the vehicle for my family to drive it. I tried to get help trading it from GM, but once they had my money that didn't care. This was a fully loaded $42,000 vehicle that has spent 8 weeks in the shop with the engine , transmission, water pump, AC system, and battery all having major failures. It is my problem now. I shouldn’t have to trade in a 2 year old car. It looks like that is going to cost me $10,000 out of pocket to trade it.

    I would be extremely careful before looking at the GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse, Saturn Outlook, or Buick Enclave they are all the same vehicle.
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    i too just came from the dealer trying to rid myself of this mess and they want you to but a new vehicle to get you out of a lease.i don't want a 60 month payment especially from them i just said i will have to deal with this for now 13 more payments left thank god!!! the lemon lawyer that i have said gmc denied my clain for the 2nd time now we are going to court to see if that will help.the dealer asked me what kind of vehicle do you want and i said a toyota corolla and he looked at me like i was crazy.i just don't want to have a large payment i want to buy my home next year and this acadia is a thorn in my side.the dealer wanted $5,000 to get rid of the acadia i told him no my $$$ is going toward my house.forget it :lemon:
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    16 more payments for me and then it's no more, never again. I can't wait until my lease ends and the inevitable prodding by GM to get me to buy the car. They've got the residual on my 2008 at around 28K, it'll be lucky to be worth half that in November 2010.
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    I've had my 2008 Acadia for 23 months now and it's been in the dealership on 3 occassions regarding a very disturbing grinding noise that appears when turning left and applying the brakes. It seems to happen when traveling under 35 mph on a slight decline road and softly applying brakes during a left turn. It doesn't seem to happen all the time so the dealership says they can't diagnose the problems if they can't hear it. Any one figured out what this is yet? The noise is kind of scary and makes you think the wheel is going to fall off. HELP!
  • chaos42chaos42 Posts: 23
    sweety thats what happened to husband was making a right turn and the left wheel fell off and they tried to blame it on us. the rivets came loose from the tire i'm not completly sure how to explain it but after everything was said and done it was $7759.00 worth of damage.after they so called fixed it after having it for30 days it has not been right since.when we go over 60 mph the stirring wheel shakes.tell them to check by the wheels if your wheel falls off please post it because they said there was no record of this happening before so thats why GM didn' pay for it i had to go through my insurance.they didn't even supply us with a rental car. right now i have to go to court with these fools they know the vehicle is unsafe but they will deny,deny,deny i don't trust the dealership at all watch them!!! :mad:
  • I bought my Acadia 6 weeks ago and it's been in the shop twice already with a 3rd scheduled for next week. It's missing and jerking around whenever it feels like it. Just the other day my wife is on a 3 hr trip and it starts doing this and the check engine light came on. She took it to the local dealership and they told her that it misfired and so they just reset the code and told her to take it back to our dealer so they could look into it.

    Has anyone else heard of this type of problem?
  • I purchased a 2007 acadia fully loaded. In Feb of this year (09) the stabili track sensor came on and the engine began making noise. I was able to drive the car into the dealer ship although under reduced power. The long and short is that GMC customer service has determined that I have abused the car by not having the last oil change record and that the car was run without oil. They will not honor the warranty and I am having the BBB take them to arbitration. I really was excited about this car when it first came out. I purchased to new cars in 07, one was a Lincoln and the other is this acadia. I wish I had bought two Lincoln's. Any one with similar problems I would love to hear your story. :sick:
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    hey sorry to hear of your troubles but welcome to the i'm pissed off club.I also called the BBB and i called a lawyer and i'm going through the same crap with them.if you look at my previous posts you will see my left wheel fell off :sick: :sick: and in a nut shell they had it for 30 days and my front end has been a mess ever since.$7759 worth of damage and we didn't hit anything also the leaking that took them 3 tries to finally fix 13 more payments and they can have it back thank god i revenge is i tell anyone who will listen not to buy this car :lemon:
  • Just a quick comment on the ford. I purchased two new cars in 07. One was the Acadia, (that now sits as 5000 pound paper weight) the other was the Lincoln MKZ. I almost bought the MKX, which is the cross over. it was to small for me but my wife loves her MKZ. It has never given us one bit of trouble. It is still to small for me but it is very comfortable for the family.
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    I know exactly what you mean! I loved the Acadia - was just a perfect car - size, power, options, but it's turned out to be a complete failure. We didn't have all the problems I've seen listed here, but we were really afraid how the car would hold up long term. We really do like the Ford Edge, but it is smaller. If GM would get itself straighten out, the Acadia could be awesome! Maybe some day......
  • Problems to date with my 08 Acadia:
    *Too many water leaks to count
    *Getting about 10 mpg
    *Dashboard has come apart in three places after being replaced twice
    *Drivers seat has come apart from seat base
    *Ambient temp reads 118 degrees most days
    *XM radio goes to preview channel at startup
    *Drivers side mirror will not hold its position
    *Third row seatbelt will not snap into holder
  • I have the same problem with my 08. It shuts off when I am going about 68 miles an hours in cuise control. I have had it to the dealere 3 time for that issue and they say they cannot
    find anything wrong. The car has been in the shop at total of 38 days. The ignition had to be replace early on and the check engine light has been a recuring problem. any one else
    have the stalling problem? Any Transmission problems? I agree with mikekris, this is a real safety issue.
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    I have a 2007 acadia with 30,000 miles. I am now afraid to dive this car. Twice, the feul sensor has gone out. Which means that I was driving down a busy highway and all of a sudden I am going about 20 MPH. THis was most dangerous the other day when I was crossing a busy intersection and was almost hit when the car just wouldnt cross the street. The dealership has now had the car for 11 days and while they had it the air conditioning went out for the sencond time. I have had 2 DVD players, the driver and passenger seat wouldnt lock in place. The back hatch feel on my little girl. The power steering fluid ran out, the lumbar on the drivers seat blew out and many many other issues. My neighbors think I get a new car each month because I have to drive a rental for at least 10 days each trip to the dealership.. What rights do we have? The dealership says as long as it is under warrenty that they will fix any problem. Well, what happens when the next speed sensor goes out and I have a wreck and my children are injured? Who can I call for help?
  • Was your steering problem under wet conditions ever corrected?
  • hi there i have a 07 acadia and since we bought it we have had nothing but all started with the rear tail gate opening on its own while driving down the hiway,and not locking this was a really nice option when you have kids.second problem we had was the sun roof leaked like faucete witch recked the hole roof and the carpet flooring becuase of the mold it created.third problem was the time belt which we had changed for the third time.this vehicle has spent a total of sixty days in the shop getting repairs.its to the point now that gm tells us if the timeing belt blows one more time they r replacing our vehicle.i just dont like this vehicle anymore and just today the roof started leaking again awsome. so in the end not a very reliable family vehicle.
  • I have a 2007 that was one of the last to come off the line in that model year. I have had zero problems except one.
    When I went to have the oil changed at 52000 miles, the GMC dealer noticed that I had a transmission oil leak and I was down quite a bit on the fluid. The concern for owners is that this leak is by the torque converter and the leak only happens at speed, meaning you will not find a drip in the driveway so I was totally unaware of the problem. I was fortunate that I am religious about changing the oil since the next trip that week would have done my transmission in. The seals were replaced under warranty. If you are at 50K miles, and low on transmission fluid, this is what is going on and the Dealers are aware of this problem
  • Problems to date:

    -Axel Seals @ 20,000km
    -A/C drain keeps plugging resulting in water flowing around in vents
    -Power Windows died
    -Front fan died, likely due to the water/condensation running around in there
    -Getting set (waiting for part) for GM to take the engine out for the third time in 57,000kms. This time is the cam chain/timing chain issue. Other time were for various sensors.
    -Check engine light comes on every 5 days or so.

    Long story short, piece of garbage. Thank God it's a lease. 7 more months and they can have it back. I pity the poor guy/gal that they sell it to used.
  • kerrie1kerrie1 Posts: 7
    So, It has been 21 days now and my 2007 Acadia is still at the dealership. THey did call 2 days ago and said they needed the rental car back. Even though my car wasnt fixed and they were waiting on2 parts. I told them no, because It was a safety issue and I was scared to drive my car. The service guy offered to drive it home tosee how safe it was. On his way home, the AC went out for the second time and the gears were all messed up. So he calls the next day and says we will be keeping your car a little longer. The gears skip first and go to second which means for me that when I need to accelerate quickly, I cant because I am in second gear when I start which is what caused me to take the car in initially when I almost had a wreck crossing an intersection. The service manager called and admitted that we had more than the average number of service calls and most were not just nickle and dime things but in 4 months our warrenty is out and in 2 years we will have it paid . We can call better business bureu and in 6 months GMC could buy the car back but we would have to pay 3 cents for every 30,000 miles that we have driven. He couldnt believe that we are just waiting till now to start complaining. I quess I shouldnt have given them the benifit of the doubt? Our other options are $2400 dollars toward a new car. That means 5 more years of payments or keep the clunker and go into debt when the warrenty is over in 4 months. I wish I never bought this car. I am soooo stressed .
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