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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • You might want to see if the antennae is still there. My wife and her sister both got new 08 acadias. The first time they took there car to a car wash the antennae broke off. First my sister in laws car, then my wife's car, at different times and at different car washes. I informed gmc. The dealer I went to said that it is not a warranty issue. He said that the car wash should replace it????? The dealer did replace both of them for us though.
  • I had the same experience and then some! The clunk was 95% resolved by a "update" at the dealer. As you know, it's the ABS system check, but sometimes mine would still occur while driving. That problem was addressed pretty simply.
    My biggest complaint is how it accelerates! It's the worst, I test drove a couple of Acadia's and didn't notice this issue, ordered a car, signed the lease, and got this car that "clunked", and could not find a steady speed (or gear) due it's constant shifting and down shifting. At 20-25 MPH it's seems to be in third gear already, never really taching the engine enough, so it results in a very sluggish, unsteady speed. It is a constant struggle to get the car to safe steady speed.
  • I feel your pain. It's unfortunate that were are going through the exact same issue, but it makes me feel like I'm not crazy after listening to your same complaints!
    I have an '08 Acadia. Test drove a couple of them liked it, ordered and leased it, and now I live with a car that I hate to drive. I got it Oct. '07 and have put 3100 miles on it because I hate driving it. It does not respond accurately to your pedal demands. It does own thing which proves to be dangerous at times. Because of the "variable" transmission is attempting to be more fuel efficent and lower emmissions, which I'm all for, it constantly struggles with where it should be.
    I agree, as you accelerate, your expecting the motor to tach, then shift. It shifts before you gain speed which has a sluggish response on the motor, then you accelerate futher to "make up" some speed, then the damn thing surges, while the tachometer is bouncing all over the map. I've taken it in to the dealer 4 times, and have had a open dialogue with GM about this and as they all report the car is "performing as designed". So, they are telling me they can't do anything for me.
    I can't believe I'm paying good money for a car that respond properly.
    I live in San Francisco, with the hills in this city, the car responds horribly. I shouldn't have to think about how or when to make this car respond safely.
    Yesterday, I had a very strange thing happen which was very scarry. Driving on a freeway which has moderate hills, I took my foot off the pedal and the car actucally surged for a second all on its own. I could feel and hear the motor do this. I was on the phone first thing in the AM to the lease dealer who arranged for me to get the car, and I am now looking into legal action.
    I'm a nurse and I have a strong ability to detect when something is wrong, and there is something definetly wrong with this car and it needs to go back. I'm glad others are so happy with their cars, doesn't mean we should be stuck with ones that don't function properly, more to the point, mine is unsafe.
  • ndelndel Posts: 12
    I have a 08 Acadia that I purchased in Jan. with the same shifting problems. When accelerating the car does not respond appropriately. It hesitates and surges. The engine seems to be woking too hard. It can be dangerous at times. The dealer told me it was just the way the car runs. I've also have problems with engine smells. I'm thinking it's all connected? This car has been a headache (literally).
  • stuckonmestuckonme Posts: 9
    It's unfortunate that after having this problem with the 07 Acadia that they did not have the sense to change of fix the problem for the 08 model. The funniest thing about it, the dealer told me that my situation was rare and they had no other complaints, after speaking with GM they said the same thing. I guess they don't think I would have the sense to explore the internet and research to see if anyone else had the same problem. I have read over 100 compliants of transmission problems , what part of rare is that ??? ( LOL ) I am so stressed out trying to figure out how to deal with GM and pretend I like my Acadia.
  • glynetteglynette Posts: 3
    drove a rental Cadillac and the headrests did the same thing. Very uncomfortable.
  • That's so funny how you stated that you "want to pretend you like your car"! BECAUSE I DID THE SAME THING! I would get into and think...OK, I like this's a pretty car. etc.....Then, in about 2 miles as the car is search for gears and speed, I'm suddenly swearing again.
    After taking to the dealer last week, they keep the car for 2 days, said nothing was wrong with usual. About the exact same time I was referred to a Consumers Law Firm by my lease broker who does not refer lightly, and I forwarded all my documentation from all the visits to the dealer. The firm called back saying that "yes" I have a case.
    I took the car to yet another dealer the very next day, which is located far from my home, thinking a different dealer may observe something different. Where as my local dealer said at pick up that no recent "updates" were available for acceleration at this time, so none were installed. The more distant dealer said that there were recent updates about 3 months ago specifically for acceleration, which completely contridicted what I was told by the previous dealer. So, it was interesting to witness the different service practices between the two dealers. Lets see how the car does when I get it back. But I have already put the legal wheel in motion. It is nothing I wanted to pursue, but GMC does not want to break the lease, I even said I wasn't interested in getting all my money back, just the deposit, and let me out of the lease. I have had the car 9 months and I only have 3100 miles on it because I never drive it. I have had it at the dealer 7 times in 9 month.
  • manufan1manufan1 Posts: 26
    I bouhgt my '07 Acadia in June last year....What you said here was exactly what happened to my Acadia until I brouhgt it back to dealer for the first maintenance and at he same time I had them done the computer software updates....The updates did work, it made the transmission work like normal.
  • hawkeye15hawkeye15 Posts: 9
    For all of you with shifting issues, the TSB #08-07-022 eliminated all hesitation and funny driving characteristics that may be bothering some of you. It didn't become available until the second week of May 2008, so some of you that just checked on updates, and were told you were current may not have had this one. It came with a warning about a possible decrease in mpg of 0-2 mpg. It holds the lower gears and won't shift into the higher gears as quickly. It also makes the downshift to 5th at higher gears less abrupt. I am completely satisfied and have seen NO mpg decrease. I get about 14 mpg with short in town trips and 21-22 at 76mph with an awd Enclave. I'd be interested to hear if those of you still experiencing problems have had this update.
  • hawkeye15hawkeye15 Posts: 9
    Sorry, the TSB is #08-07-30-022.
  • stuckonmestuckonme Posts: 9
    I have had 3 updates, the last was on 5-21-08 and it drove ok for about a day, and went right back to slipping and being sluggish. It could me something else that the update did not cover. Never the less the dealer says nothing is wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • stuckonmestuckonme Posts: 9
    I have had to put the legal wheel in motion too !!! I have had enough of the lies and
    GM customer service making it out to be like it's my fault. I am done talking to them cause they are not doing anything to solve my problem. :lemon: :sick:
  • hawkeye15hawkeye15 Posts: 9
    Did they give you a copy of the document which lists all of the shift points? My dealer gave it to me. Can you drive at 40-42 mph and stay in 3rd gear? If it shifts to 4th before 43mph, the newest flash did not take. I'd check the TSB# to see that it matches. The early shift before 43 mph would prove that the flash didn't take. It's possible that the tech isn't following the correct procedures. If it continues to not "take", then you deserve a different vehicle. Good luck.
  • hawkeye15hawkeye15 Posts: 9
    Sorry, but in the above post I said it should stay in 3rd at 40-42 mph, but I should have said 4th. It should not shift into 5th until 43 mph. If it does, then your flash for TSB 08-07-30-022 did not get downloaded. I could cruise between 31-42 mph all day long and it will stay in 4th gear. It won't shift to 5th until it hits the magic 43 mph-not even using the manual shifting in "L". Go ahead and print my message and take it to the service manager so he can hear from someone with the update and how it should operate. It should not shift into 6th until 56 mph.
  • did you ever get the radio issue solved?
    I just got my Acadia in March 2008 and I've been having problems with the radio. It pops, cackles and then the volume goes way down. The sunroof "grinds" when it closes and I lost all my phone minutes. Onstar said I used them, but I didn't. They then said maybe it is a hardware issue and gave me back all of my minutes and then some. The favorites for the radio also went from 6 "sets" to 3.
    I took it into the dealership and explained about the problems. When I picked it up, they explained that they downloaded/updated some newer software for both the radio and OnStar and that they moved the deflector for the sunroof..."all fixed" they said. Nope!
    Four days later, I smell electrical wires burning while I'm backing out of my drive way. Can't figure out what was "wrong" but the radio still pops, sunroof still grinds, and for a short time, it seemed like the rear assist thingy wasn't beeping.
    Took it back in the next business day, and of course they can't find anything wrong with it. The service guy even tells me that "theorically they shouldn't be doing anything since they can't find anything wrong with it, but we will replace your radio." How nice of them! Ha, I dont think the radio is the problem and I didn't care for the "theorically" like I'm making this up!
    My husband was just out with it and said that he braked, hit a bump, and the radio did its popping thing again! So ticked, anyone else have these issues?
  • stuckonmestuckonme Posts: 9
    Thanks, I will check with the dealer to see what was the number of the last download hopefully it matches what you have , if not then they lied again !!!!!
    But what if it does match and my Acadia is still driving the same way, then to me that means there is still problem .... :cry:
  • rbellcparbellcpa Posts: 9
    My 2008 Acadia is about 1 year old with 22,000. From the beginning the battery dies when listening to the radio for 30 minutes. This is really odd because it has a tailgating packing. Radio controls in the lift gate. I took it back to the dealer once and they replace the battery to no avail. Have you had any luck correcting the battery problem.

    Otherwise, I love the vehicle.
  • We've been happy with our early '07 Acadia with 14k miles and have had no major problems. We had the driver seat rocking problem, had the 300 lb person ride the seat back and forth, over many visits, to short term success. Eventually the dealer convinced GM to authorize replacing the entire hardware system connecting the seat to the floor (the dealer offered they were quizzed whether the movement constituted a "serious" issue). This has solved the problem. We have the squeaky brake pedal, and had the service bulletin repair to no success (this is minor at most). Lastly, we have a stubborn rattle in the driver-side front door. The door panel has been off and a missing retaining clip installed, to no success. The rattle is slight and intermittent, depending upon temperature (heat) and road conditions (light, sharp bumps) -- minor, too, but oh so annoying. Other than this, we've been very pleased.
  • ddoanddoan Posts: 3
    I had this problem shortly after buying my Acadia. Took it in where I was told there was a drain from the sunroof that had not been attached. They repaired it and in a few weeks had the same problem. Took it back again, where they say they had received a memo on how to properly install the drain. Then had to have carpet replaced due to all the water. Now I have what they are calling body seam cracks where water is leaking in. I'm trying for a buyback due to all the problems.
  • Hello,
    I have been reading everyone's posts and have come to the conclusion that we are mostly in the same boat. I am also having the shifting issues with the Acadia. I have owned mine since April of 08 and I am not happy at all with it. It is in the shop right now as we speak getting a reprogram to the chip for the transmission issues. Three weeks after buying the transmission sensor went out completely and stranded me and me kids, having to be towed in to the shop-pittyful. I have also had some issues with the rear lift gate making some squeaking noise, the inside molding on the rear doors scrubbing together, a rattle in the left dash, a paint defect, and lastly the plate around the gearshipt bubbling. I am trying fighting to get a replacement Acadia because I just think maybe this one is just a lemon. Gmc is giving me the run around as well as the dealer. Any comments or suggestions-im at a loss (literally).
  • stuckonmestuckonme Posts: 9
    Well after getting the run around from GMC and 3 dealers I had enough, I have seeked legal action unfortunately it led to that. Every dealer I went to covered up the fact that there is a problem. No matter what they tell you remember they work together and will tell you anything they think you will accept. Keep pushing them
    and if they try and back you in to a fence seek yourself a lemon law lawyer.
  • heatonrxheatonrx Posts: 2
    My 2008 SLT has been in for roof leaks for the 5th time. The first four times they fixed the drain tubes and changed out the head liner. This week they had a regional engineer come out and said it needed a sunroof module. They will have it for at least a week, last time it was 21 days because of ordering the head liner. If it's not fixed this time I want a buy back. What did you do to initiate the buy back? I have been dealing with a GMC rep that calls me twice a week to check on the situation and they have promised me at least 2 months of payments back.
  • stuckonmestuckonme Posts: 9
    You need to seek a lemon law lawyer, technically after a vehicle has been in the shop 3 times for the same thing, they will review your case. I think that is the only way to get them to buy back vehicle. GM will call and call just to check in with you, but they have no answers to your problem. :lemon:
  • GMC will not be eager to do a buy back. They will offer you incentives at first. We were well within the guidelines of the NY Lemon Law so we threatened to take the matter to arbitration where we were going to request a full refund. Dealers do not like to give refunds. It puts a black mark on them. Needless to say they agreed to buy back the vehicle and replace it at no cost. However the whole process takes a lot of time. Its been 3 months and we are still driving the same leaky vehicle(which the service guy gauranteed wouldn't leak again, but of course it still leaks) We are supposed to pick up the new car tomorrow. If you decide to go this route. They can do what's called a substitution of the title. The loan agency substitutes the new vin number and you continue your payments from where you left off. GMC buys back the vehilcle. Its a lot of paper work between them, the loan agency, and your insurance co. You don't have to do too much, but the whole process seems to take very long. In our case it took longer because we ordered a new vehicle to be built to replace the leaky one. I don't think you'll have this problem because they are no longer making 08 models. Hope this is helpful. I know how you feel.
  • jasonx16jasonx16 Posts: 1
    hi evr1,im new here,bt i can sense that most of us has complaints with our acadia..
    mine just started this afternoon,it made a loud clunking noise followed by a loud squeaking sound,like a metal rubbing with each other or sounding like a worn out belt,i only had my acadia for like 8 months and i only have around 3900miles on it,i mean three thousand and nine hundred miles happend when i made a stop and put it in park..the sound was so noisy that you hear like some1 was grinding metal continuously,i looked at the car temp coz it might be overheating and the temp was ok,i imediately turned the engine of...after a few minutes started it again,drove it and it was gone,i wonder what that loud noise was?
  • mrsgagsmrsgags Posts: 1
    I also have a sunroof in my Acadia, I seem to be having the same water problem. Howeveer they do not say it is coming from the sunroof. The car is fully loaded, with water coming from the front airbags, tv, and roof light fixtures. I had the car for a little over a year and the problem started only once I had it about 7 or 8 months. It has been in the shop twice for this problem and is going back in today. Other than this major problem I love the veihicle. I too seem to be getting the run around from the dealer, and gmc. Was anyone able to get anywhere with a buy back. GMC told me this problem has never been reported so there is nothing they would do because it was not mechanical. Not sure what to do?
  • tmcgheetmcghee Posts: 1
    My wife was also recently stranded due to a transmission chip problem. She and my son also had the pleasure of riding in the wrecker back to the dealership. We are still waiting for the transmission to be reprogrammed. We have experienced noises in the dash. The steering shaft has been replaced. I noticed how sluggish the transmission shifted early on, but thought it was possibly normal for a 6-speed. Man, we really liked the vehicle, but after the transmission problems and reading all these complaints, I'm not sure we made a wise purchase. I am very disappointed...I expected more from a GMC product. We're getting a VW plant here in the next couple of years. I guess I'll look into buying a new VW - if our Acadia can make it that long.
  • i have a fully loaded 2008 acadia with 34000 miles. we love the vehicle. transmission can be a little "busy" a times but certainly has not represented a problem for us. we now have experienced one seemingly minor electrical problem. after driving in the rain for an extended period, the brake light suddenly comes on, the park assist flashes that it is off and most significantlythe brake warning chime comes on and continues anytime the car is moving. this first happened in may while traveling; car fixed itself overnight as it dried off. happened again in june and my local dealer thought they knew the problem; a corroded switch on the rear liftgate! seemd improbable but it did appear to fix the problem. now nearly eight weeks later it has happened again. any thoughts folks? only happens after extended period in the rain.

    i think gm has designed a wonderful car but one little unsolved annoyance can damage their reputation!
  • Wow, I see so many of the same problems here. The good thing is that we all love the style, the look, and the room the Acadia has to offer. GM had a great concept, but the execution sucks! The dealership deny that anyone else is having problems. When you call GM, they deny there have been any reported problems and refer you back to the dealer who can't fix your car. It is just a vicious circle! It is just yours, they say! Come on!! Really!

    First of all, we were all wooed into thinking this was SOME kind of wonderful SUV offering us 16 city and 20 hwy mpg. When that did not happen, they recently changed the verbage in the advertising as follows:
    16 city, 20 hwy FWD model only!

    This newly designed 6 cylinder, 6 speed motor was really supposed to deliver! Then, we have all the bells and whistles...I must admit the only reason I did not buy a Toyota Sequoia was because it did not offer Onstar! How wrong was that thinking??? The reason these GM's need Onstar is because they aren't reliable enough to go out of town without some type of issue! You just don't feel confident unless you have someone a phone call away along the journey because you have come to expect problems! How much confidence is $45,000 supposed to buy?

    All these leaking issues lead to all the electrical problems. Does anyone else know where their fuse box in located?? How about right under your hood! Right where water drains. Oh, I have had the leaky sunroof and after quite an ordeal, it seems to be fixed. But now, all of my interior lights have been strobing! I have a 70's disco party Acadia! When I enter or exit the vehicle, the interior lights come on and they strobe! Even when you lift the vanity mirror on the visor, strobe lights appear! Today, however, I checked the mirror on the drivers side visor and they did not work at all. The car goes back in the shop on Friday. I called the service writer who is well acquainted with our Acadia and us by now. Heck, I may ask him to dance at my daughter's wedding!! Anyhow, he thought maybe it is the alternator, or the battery or something electrical somewhere, but they will check it out at the dealership and see if they can fix it. I now have 5200 miles on my 2008 Acadia purchased Dec. 29, 2007. I just don't dare get that far away from home in this vehicle! I know the electrical system is screwy. We have a high pitched squeal eminating from the engine compartment somewhere after you turn off the engine. The only way it will stop is when you remove the key! Sometimes it is there when you are driving down the street. It sounds like metal on metal, but I think it is something electrical. Our outside temperature gauge is also faulty. When it is 100 out, it will read as low as 78. Turn the engine off and on again, and then it might raise to the 90's. I just don't use that feature anymore since it is not realiable.

    I think I will check into the Idaho lemon law this week. There just isn't anyway I am going to get help from this dealership in getting another Acadia without legal action. Kind of sad. The owner runs out the back door when he sees me coming! I actually observed this first hand! On another occassion, I request to visit with him about this car. He wouldn't pick up his page. I have left phone messages and none have been returned. What do you do? GM, are you listening, are you watching? I am not asking for money back, I would just like a reliable vehicle and I will gladly accept a 2009 Acadia or Enclave. This is so disappointing!
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Do you have a sunroof spitfiremike? If so, water may be leaking into your headliner, draining down the A pillars into your dash and wreaking havoc with your electrical system. Sunroof leaks are unfortunately not uncommon in the Acadia. Check for dampness under your brake pedal, etc.
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