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Leather Seat Maintenance



  • omar2omar2 Posts: 12
    Mr Shiftright,
    I've tried Pep Boys, Kragun and Orchard Supply Hardware. Do you know who sells it in Nor Cal?
  • I checked the bottle. It's called Leather Lotion. Works fine for me.
  • omar2omar2 Posts: 12
    At a Jag dealer following a poster's suggestion. Jag parts guy said I'd find it at most dealers.
  • Anyone know how to remove ball point ink from a light tan leather? Don't ask how it happened.
  • You may apply the "baby oil" to the leather seats in your car. It's better.

  • gizen_iu Do you mean this will help remove the ink? Thanks.
  • geo1geo1 Posts: 1

    I have been using 'Lexol' for years on all my leather goods (Car seats, shoes, belts, jackets etc.) and I have found it to be simply wonderful.
    Apply it with your bare hands and work it in well.
    It really does nourish the leather. Try it for yourself.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,500
    I think (it's been my experience anyway) that Lexol is okay for brand new leather but in my own case I have never found it very effective for renewing older skins...whereas Hide Food brings them back very nicely. Lexol is very watery and you waste a lot, I think, in application (a sinister plot?), whereas the cream can be worked in for a while. It's like massaging those five cows that died for your complete leather interior (I looked that one up, it's true).

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  • Or to look at it another way to provide the main ingredient for your Big Mac. Use of the hides is just efficient use of all of the cow.
  • I saw this asked (sort of) before but didn't see any suggs. What would be the best way to protect leather seats from a child safety seat? Would like to prevent "dents" in padding as well if poss. Any ideas?
  • larrys1larrys1 Posts: 15
    Those seats generally stay tightly in place, unmoved for long periods of time. Without protection they will cause irreparable damage to your seats. I know from experience on my 10-year old Sable. I recently took delivery of a '99 Windstar with leather seats. I simply went to the local craft store and purchased 1" thick padding to place under the seats (I have 3 child seats). In addition, I placed a small blanket over the padding, mostly for appearance since the padding was bright green and the interior is tan. But the blanket also adds another layer of protection. This has worked well so far.
  • gusgus Posts: 254
    Would seat on occasion allow the leather to "bounce" back into place? Would that prolong the life of the seat, or would the same damage still occur over the long run.
  • larrys1larrys1 Posts: 15
    Not sure what you're referring to about the leather bouncing back into place prolonging seat life. But I can say it was a rude awakening when I saw the leather under the car seats, which after several months of constant pressure appears to be stretched. Fortunately this happened on an older used car whose leather seats were already suffering from ten years of obvious abuse from the previous owner. So far the foam padding has worked well in my new van.
  • wagner4wagner4 Posts: 3
    Can the above mentioned leather products be used on leather furniture. I have a couch, love seat, and chair that are black. Got them at the local Kaufmans department store. The furniture cushions stick to each other and the arms of the chair. Makes a funny noise when sitting on them. Also, dont wear anything white and sit down - or you will have some black marks on your clothes.

    Help, Help - I have had to buy all new furniture for the living room. NOW all the leather is in the basement. I would like to fix this.

    Any suggestions ---- Thanks
  • I'm looking at purchasing a used car with leather seats (91 Bonneville SSE). Car seems good enough, but the seats are in pretty bad shape. Any idea on what it would cost to re-cover them? What about in (ugh) vinyl? Any suggestions?
  • brucekobruceko Posts: 1
    Any suggestoins to remove a ballpoint pen ink mark from leather seats?
  • mugwump2mugwump2 Posts: 33
    Just went through this on a light tan seat back. Alcohol will remove SOME but not all.
    Try methanol, wood or denatured not isopropyl/rubbing. If you find something better, let me know pls. I'm having the car detailed next week and will see that they can do.
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I read in another topic that a product called Multi7 will remove ballpoint ink from leather. Don't know where you can get it, though.
  • madams2madams2 Posts: 8
    Has Anybody used Zaino's leather products. I hear their waxes are great, but I haven't heard anything about their leather treatments
  • wijuwiju Posts: 1
    Hello everyone,

    I have a '97 Integra with stock leather seats. My question is: Does anybody own a similar car/similar leather seats and how do you take care of the seats? Any special maintenance stuff that you put in?

  • mugwump2mugwump2 Posts: 33
    I use the two part Lexol treatment but only because I have had excellent luck with it from new. Hide Food is good for restoring old leather and the Zymol stuff is also reasonable. Never kept a leather seated car more than 5 years but twice a year Lexol kept it like new. My very subjective 2¢
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    I had a 1985 T-bird Turbo coupe with leather seats that went thru 2 kids. Only conditioned the leather 2 or 3 times. Had the car 10 years and when I sold it the seats looked almost new! Must have been a good grade leather then, and a good color(dark gray). Have a 92 Bonneville (light gray) and the driver seat is showing the dark lines. Just bought a 99 Silverado with light gray leather and will look for hide food. Want this truck to last. GM claims that the new leather they are buying is 10 times better than the leather they were putting in last years truck?

    I checked around for getting leather installed and could have had it done on my extended cab Silverado for $900.
  • dbockdbock Posts: 5
    I jsut bought a new Acura TL with leather seats. I believe that only part of the seat is actuall leather and the other part is vinyl. I am concerned about using a leather product on the seat. Do I have to be sure to only put the stuff on the leather? Or is it ok to get a product such as Lexol on the vinyl too? Any response would be great!
  • vivonavivona Posts: 410
    I had the same problem and asked Lexol.

    According to Lexol, their leather cleaner can be used on vinyl or leather, but their leather conditioner should only be used on leather. Lexol makes a good vinyl protectant called Vinylex.

    It is hard to tell which parts are vinyl and which parts are leather. I found that if I pushed my finger into the fabric and there were fine creases surrounding the place I was poking, it was leather. The vinyl does not crease the same. It's a slight difference, but was enough to tell. In my car, and most others, it is only the actual top surface you sit on and the back surface you lean on that is leather. All other surfaces are matching vinyl.

    Lexol said to ask my dealer, but I have found that dealers usually don't really know much about their cars. They may tell you something, but it stands a good chance of being wrong.
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Naugahyde is a trademark name for vinyl-treated fabric. It's in the dictionary, too. I grew up in Connecticut, a few towns away from Naugatuck. There was a chemical plant there; I think it was a Uniroyal facility. They developed the process for treating fabric with vinyl, and they found that the material had many applications in which leather had previously been used. Hence, the name Naugahyde. Regards.
  • mugwump2mugwump2 Posts: 33
    I'm old enough to remember when they butchered Naulga's for it.
  • I've got some coming in the mail and I'll let you know how it is.

    -- Dale
  • shcst12shcst12 Posts: 34
    Anyone tried Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Cleaner & Conditioner?? How is it? Any comments areappreciated. Does Infiniti use good quality leather (I owned G20)?
  • lancehlanceh Posts: 9
    After reading numerous accolades for the Leatherique line of products which, to my knowledge, is only available mail-order, I obtained some. They have a web-site at I must concur that this is the best stuff I have ever used. It does an amazing job and leaves no oily residue. Highly recommended! And, no, I have nothing to do with the company whatsoever aside from being a new and very happy customer.
  • larrys1larrys1 Posts: 15
    I am concerned with protecting my investment in leather interior, and recognize this feature did not come cheaply. But don't you think that Leatherique is a tad costly? It would cost more than $50 to purchase 16oz bottles of oil and cleaner. Is it really that good to justify such an expense, when there are other products that clean and condition for only a fraction of that?
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