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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission

moromoro Posts: 5
I had my 2003 Nissan Murano go int LIMP MODE. The dealer replaced the CVT unit twice. The first replacement transmission lasted one week.Both were rebuilt transmissions. Have Nissan changed the design of the CVT in the newer models? Why does Niassn not admit they have a problem with the design of their CVT and recall the Murano to replace thses CVT units with something dependable?Should we start a class action lawsuit before our Warranty expires. There is a major problem with this vehicle. Only 60,000 miles on it. HELP


  • hpgatorhpgator Posts: 39
    From what I understand they have tweaked it here and there with each new revision... I do know that the 2007 model doesn't suffer from the lag issues that 2006 owners talk about.
  • dream33dream33 Posts: 1
    Our 04 Murano's CVT failed last week at 30K. Pedal to the metal and it would barely move, then suddenly took off. The dealer is replacing it under warranty but it seems to me that an automatic transmission should last longer than 3 years/30K miles. Fortunately our lease ends in two weeks. No more Nissans for me until they start using conventional transmissions.
  • usedmuranousedmurano Posts: 7
    I just bought a used Murano last week and I think I have the same problem. I press the gas pedal and the car doesn't move until the RPM is over 1000 and then it just kinda surges forward a bit. I didn't notice it during the test drive and it just showed up after being stuck in traffic in LA for about 2 hrs. I'm a little disappointed, a little mad, a little confused, and everything else!

    Can you please let me know how your experience was with the dealer? When you described the problem, did they know exactly what the problem was? How long did it take to replace the transmission? Please let me know!

    I'm currently visiting my parents (6 hrs away from LA) and not sure if I want to drive back or not in this thing.
  • dream33 and usedmurano,
    I know what your problem is! I had a 2003 Murano and drove it for 100,000 miles. For the last 10,000 miles, I would step on the gas after being in stop and go traffic and nothing would happen for a few seconds. Then, it would suddenly go. I found out that if you restart the car, you have instant power again. This problem would happen infrequently, but always when I had been driving the car for a while or while I was in stopped traffic for 10-15 minutes.

    Wanna know the problem? It is NOT the CVT. It is a pressure sensor located either on the CVT or inside the CVT. They said that the sensor itself is not all that expensive. But, the labor is intense! They could replace the sensor for $3000, but they knew it would not last. They said the only real fix is a new transmission ($5200!). So, I traded the car for a new one. I called Nissan Consumer Affairs to complain, but I got nowhere. My guess is that anyone with a 2003 Murano (and possibly later models) could experience this problem. I was the first person to reach 100,000 miles. I can imagine a class action suit if this starts happening to enough people.

    At first I swore I would never buy another Murano because I was mad. But, after I looked at all the vehicles out there and test drove a few, I came back to the Murano. I just love it's drive. I am sure that they have this issue resolved by now.

    Keep in mind that it is NOT the CVT that is a problem. It is the pressure sensor. It is like having to replace your engine because the oil filter is dirty. I love the CVT and bought another Murano because of it.
  • Does the CVT hold initial speed on a downgrade without braking, or pick up speed as with a conventional tranny and require a shift to low range to conserve the pads? thanks
  • jacijaci Posts: 1
    My 2003 Murano is now clocking 133,000 miles. I notice a problem within the last 20,000 miles whenever I get stuck in stop and go traffic. I would step on the gas and nothing would happen for a few seconds and suddenly it takes off. I had to slam on my break to prevent smacking into the car in front. This problem continues throughout the stop and go traffic ordeal. My dealer informed me that he is not aware of this problem and suggested a transmission service. This problem has continued but always after driving the car for a while or when I get stuck in traffic for about 10 minutes. Is Nissan aware of this problem or waiting for a fatality before acting?. This is a safety issue.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Sounds sort of like a dirty throttle body to me - my Quest will do that now and then. Sort of a sticky accelerator when you pull away from a red light.

    This post may ring a bell:

    susan15, "Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair" #1180, 19 Mar 2006 12:29 pm
  • warelfwarelf Posts: 2

    My 03 Murano began to have the exact same problem you your experiencing. If this problem is not solved for both of us maybe we can see if there are more poeple with the same problem and file a claim to Nissan not as indivuduals but as a group, that way they have to address the problem instead of continue to ignore the issue.
  • warelfwarelf Posts: 2
    2003 NISSAN MURANO Recall ID from NHTSA: 03V123000
    Auto Recall Date: 20030331
    Estimated Vehicles Affected: 128
    2003 NISSAN MURANO Defect Summary:
    Defect Consequence:
  • Jaci and others,

    This is EXACTLY the problem that I had!!!! Please see my response a few replies up. Bottom line is that it is a pressure sensor that is going bad. The ONLY solution is to replace the transmission to the tune of $5200.00. That is why I traded my car for a new one. In my opinion, this will evolve into a class action suit against Nissan. I have already called the consumer affairs line when this happened to me to get them to help me. But, they would not.

    Please inform your technician that it is a pressure sensor! He should be able to pull up the error codes that are stored on your car memory. From there, he can call Nissan technicians and find out that it is the pressure sensor going bad.

    I hope this helps!!
  • Warelf,

    As I stated to Jaci, I had the exact same problem! It is a pressure sensor that is going bad. It is a serious design flaw on Nissan's part. I was one of the first to experience this. I called Nissan affairs and they would do nothing. I told them that is it just a matter of time before other people hit the "bell curve" of this part and starting having the same problems.

    Please read my entire reponse a couple of replies up. I do imagine a class action suit for this. There is no reason that people should have to replace the entire transmission due to a faulty pressure sensor.

    This is most definitely a safety issue!! I knew it was only a matter of time before I tried to pull out into traffic only to have the car not go.
  • jetty2k6jetty2k6 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 2003 Murano. When I got to a stopping point, if I tried to resume driving, the car will not move or accelerate. I've called Nissan's consumer center and I am still waiting for a better response. I think we should continue to call them and get their attention to this issue. It is a safety problem, you can get hit through that. If Nissan doesn't pay attention, we might consider a class action against them.
  • Add me to the list. Almost didn't get back from the Bay area last night. Bumper to bumper traffic, 10 to 15 seconds delay when pressing on the accelerator pedal. Bill
  • balanceokbalanceok Posts: 11
    Add me to the list. It happens on my 2003 Murano only when driving in warm weather or after a lot of stop and go traffic. When I took it into the dealer, they acted as though they didn't know what it was, but thought it could be fixed for $1500.

    This is a major accident waiting to happen.

    I'm open to suggestions, because otherwise I have loved my Murano.
  • balanceokbalanceok Posts: 11
    As a follow-up to my earlier post, I called the Nissan Customer Service line and spoke to a rep. He took the information and said I would be contacted by a Regional specialist within 24 hours.

    I would expect we will get a better response on this if everyone else with the problem makes the same type of call. In my opinion, this is definitely a safety issue. I'm hopeful that Nissan will step up to the plate.

    I'll let you know. . . .
  • moromoro Posts: 5
    I am still waiting for Nissan to admit to a defect in the 2003 Murano Transmission.I have been told by Nissan Canada Warranty that I will be riembursed for almost 11 thousand Canadian dollars that I paid in Florida up to May 3rd-2007. It is now July 9th and the "paperwork" is still being processed. I spoke to Ron Rego today at Vero US 1 Nissan-Hyundai and was assured a refund would be under way shortly. I asked what dollar figure was going to be issued but he was not aware of the amount. The dealer will rebill Nissan Warranty for the work done. Will keep you posted. Thanks for all your input. They do have a problem but are unwilling to admit it yet.
  • markaumarkau Posts: 6
    Reading through this post just makes me mad. I have had my 2004 Murano in the shop multiple times since I bought it 1-1/2 years ago (including a month long visit for a transmission rebuild, so they said). I bought it used with 8k miles on it, what a great deal I thought I got. My friend Mary at the local Nissan dealership claims she can't do anything about my latest problem. The car randomly becomes unresponsive at acceleration, but it coasts, bringing me into intersections and highways. I've had it in several times, but they just cant duplicate the problem. Sucks... They have my car for days on end and the extended warrantee doesnt provide a rental car if there are no parts on order. Try making arrangements to drive 60 miles each way to work... I just dont know what to do.
  • I have the same problem. On hot days in stop and go traffic the throttle will start having a lag of about 3 seconds before the engine kicks in. I first reported this to Nissan 1 year ago. They could not fix/find the problem. My car is a 2003 Murano with $50K miles. The problem started around 40K miles.

  • markaumarkau Posts: 6
    From what I've read in these posts, it seems that Nissan knows what the problem is... The situation seriously concerns me, because I've actually coasted into oncoming traffic and can't accelerate. The problem with mine is not fixable without turning the car off and back on though (their suggestion). I have no idea what to do. I would lose so much money if I were to trade it in now.
  • To all of you reading this post with this acceleration problem, please understand that Nissan dealers won't necessarily know what the problem is. And, it is hard for them to duplicate it when they drive it because you must be in stop and go traffic for a while before it happens.

    That is where you can help. There are two things that you can do. If they tell you they don't know what it is, you tell them the following: 1. Tell them to check the computer fault codes on your car. I wish I knew what my error codes were so I can tell you. I will see if I can get them from my dealer and post them on my next reply. My dealer not could not duplicate the problem, so they did not know what it was. But, they called Nissan. Nissan told them to check the computer codes. With that, Nissan was able to tell them the problem from the codes that were stored. 2. Tell them that you have read about this problem and it is a pressure sensor!!! Again, the computer fault code will tell that it is the pressure sensor. But, by telling them, at least it will help them narrow in on the problem.

    Nissan Consumer Affairs told me that this was a "normal wearing part". While that may be true, the real problem is how they designed the car so that in order to replace this relatively inexpensive part, you have to rebuild or replace the transmission. It is like saying you need a new engine because your oil filter is dirty. I strongly believe this problem was fixed in the newer models. But, Nissan won't admit this problem, at least not yet. I was one of the first. But, by now, they are aware of this issue so I do foresee a class action suit potentially. Keep pressing the issue. DO NOT GIVE UP!

    I will post my diagnostic codes within a few days.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I strongly believe this problem was fixed in the newer models.

    What makes you so sure?I have a 07 SL AWD and I hope they have fixed that problem.
  • I have exactly the same problem with my 2003 Murano. I first discovered a year ago and had taken in to the dealer 3 or 4 times and they could not duplicate the problem. Finally, today, they're able to experience the same problem. Must be because of the hot weather today. They're replacing a new transmission for me since my car is under extended warranty.
    Problem started around 55K miles.

    Please use this thread to show your dealer. Sounds like a manufacturers defect.
  • murano2003,
    Great news that they are replacing yours! And yes, I do believe it is a manufacturer's defect.

    To answer you, Mike1111, I don't have a schematic of the later cars to show you how they fixed the problem. However, I can tell you that when I encountered this problem, I asked my local Nissan mechanic a bunch of questions. I commented that this seems like a design problem. He stated that they have changed the design in "later" models and suggested that I call Nissan Consumer Affairs to complain, which is what I did. This mechanic was somewhat familiar with the problem, which is why he said not to replace the pressure sensor by itself, but to replace the whole transmission. He said replacing just the part would require major labor and would only serve as a "bandaid" to the tune of $3000.

    The bottom line is that I don't have anything in writing or concrete proof that they changed the design. I am going off what a knowledgeable mechanic told me. I did end up buying a new 2007. I would not have done that if I thought they had not changed the design. I also know that there will be plenty of people before me with this problem if they had not changed the design!

    From what I suspect, this is a big flaw in the 2003. Nissan is not willing to admit it yet in a recall. Otherwise, they would be replacing transmissions left and right in 2003 cars. I think they are handling each case on its own from the consumer affairs hoping that this problem stays under the radar.
  • markaumarkau Posts: 6
    The problem is not specific to the 2003 model, mine is a 2004 and I'm having the same issues.

    Thank you everyone for the information you've provided thusfar. The amunition will be good the next time I have to bring my car back into the shop.

    In regard to Nissan Consumer Affairs, they have been of no help at all. The rep handling my claim (Myia) is like a robot with her "I'm sorry, but Nissan is not at liberty.....). It's been a bad year and a half with this car; I've become very good at stearing people away from buying (stopped at least 4 sales based on my experiences) Nissans and can promise that I will never again make this mistake.
  • Hey guys...we had this SAME problem with our 03 Murano. We noticed it around 78k miles. We took it to the dealership and they said it would cost $1700 to fix it. We had a good transmission shop look at it and they verified the problem and the cost.

    It turns out that it is the transmission valve body that goes bad. ~$900 for the part and the rest in labor and odds and ends.

    If anyone heards about Nissan doing on here...

    My Murano is out of warranty so of course we ate the $1700. Does anyone think I have a shot fighting it out with Nissan to get the money back?

    Thanks in advance.
  • balanceokbalanceok Posts: 11
    As posted earlier, I called Nissan Customer Service on this and of course they act as though this is a new and unusual problem.

    I did receive a call back this week from them stating that they had been in contact with my local dealer and that they were trying to work something out with him. She said I should expect a call from them within a few days.

    Nothing so far, but I'll keep you informed.

    I'm wondering what I should do as well, as my warranty just expired and I've been dealing with the problem on and off for about a year. I'd never noticed the problem as you all have mentioned until I've driven in stop and go traffic and on hot days. I figured it was due to the fuel injectors being dirty or old spark plugs.

    But for me to find out that this is a common problem in these makes, makes me feel like I was taken. I dont want to have to fork out another $6000 for a car valued at $13K.

    And with my extended warranty being out for 3 months, I'm afraid I will be unable to get an extended warranty because of the lapse in time.

    Any suggestions? I dont want to pull out in the middle of an intersection and my car stall and I get plummited by an 18 wheeler because my vehicle does not perform due to bad design.

  • dallaspeeps,

    The best thing you can do is to call Nissan Consumer Affairs 800-NISSAN1. Tell them that you are aware that many are having this problem. Refer them to this forum so they understand that you are not alone so that they cannot tell you that no one is having this problem.

    Even though your car is out of warranty, they may still help you. They never helped me at all, but I guess it is because I had 99,000 miles on mine. If you are willing to pay a portion, tell them that you don't mind paying some, but that $6000 is unfair.

    Ultimately, you are at their mercy. If it weren't for the fact that I loved my Murano, I would not have bought another one due to their hard core attitude. My solution was to trade mine in on a 2007 model. If they are not willing to help you, I definitely would not spend $6K to fix it. I would take that money and apply it towards a used 2005 or 2006 before I would fix it.

    Just my thoughts.....
  • Following my earlier post, 2003 murano with the same problem, I have found a Technical Service Bulletin issued by Nissan on how to fix this problem. So, they obviously know about it. TSB: AT05-009a Classification and NTB05-084a Reference. My local Nissan dealer is working on this and maybe he can put some pressure on Nissan, hoping .. Bill
  • Compubill and tommyguy10.. this is great.. I have spoken with the Nissan Dealership and plan on taking the car in while I'm on Vacation since I wont need my vehicle this week.

    I told the local service center that I've been speaking with some owners with the same issue and they insist that I take it in and let them drive it to duplicate the issue (driving on a hot day and stop and go traffic).

    I plan to take it on this Friday and want to know what I should take to them to help them pinpoint the problem because as the days are going by my vehicle is loosing torque each day.. I almost hate to drive the car is so slow to respond to the pedal.

    I will tell them about the TSb: AT05-009a classification and NTB5-084a and hope that they dont try to diagnose the issue as something else to rackup a big bill for me.

    I'll keep you all posted!
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