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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • We recently had to have the seal replaced on our transmission in our 2003 Murano. We didn't have any problems with the transmission just noticed an odor that shouldn't be there. It was covered under the extended warranty. So far so good. However we had many visits to the dealer to take care of a leak in the transfer case. Those were on us. We were just happy they didn't have to replace the transfer case.

    Good luck. Great cars but not worth the stress and aggrevation.
  • Well, it's at the dealer now. I rented a car and left the Murano there for them to figure it out. I'll post what they find out.

    Funny thing is that I couldn't find any more leaking when I pulled into the dealer but there was certainly a lot on my garage floor this AM.
  • I get asked a lot by non-Murano owners if I like my Murano. I say yes and no. When I first purchased the vehicle, I loved it. The ride was awsome, the pick-up smooth, no noises or rattles. I've owned my 2009 Murano for one year and six days. I hear rattles, the pick-up has really backed off, when I put the car in reverse and then switch to drive it hesitates and coasts backwards ever so slightly which makes me wonder each time if I'm going to hit whatever is behind me, my tires are terrible in snow and rain with barely 25K on the odometer, and rain sensing wipers are still my least favorite feature. Weirdly the Maxima did it right. When driving my mom's 2009 Maxima, the sensor knows when I want it to wipe at a speed consistent with the actual amount of rain hitting my windshield. And probably the biggest complaint is Nissan as a company. I owned and Audi prior to this vehicle and had nothing but electrical problems. Audi of course says "well, that's the way it is (aka sucks to be you)". I loved the car; the way it drove, the way it handled, it was just pure fun to drive and it looked damn good, too. BUT knowing how expensive that little car was in the end (every headlight, tail light, turnsignal was replaced at least 3 or 4 times; the windshield wiper motor was replaced twice; both front window--passenger and driver--regulators were replaced; the windshield wiper arm brackets corroded three times; on Memorial Day at 10:30 pm I broke down on the Ohio turnpike because the fuel pump went; and the best was the driver's side sunviser "broke"--it wouldn't stay in the up position so that was a sweet $326 to get fixed---this all happened in just the four years I owned the vehicle) .... I decided to buy a Nissan because my in-laws, my mother, and husband had always driven Nissan's so I thought, okay, this time I'm going to actually relax with the car and have a break from repairs. NOT SO. I took the car in for a simple oil change and low and behold there was service request out for the TPMS. They replaced all four sensors and for the first time the damn TPMS light stayed on continuously. Didn't matter if it was 12 degrees out or 50 degrees. I told the dealer who said it was a nail (it wasn't), then it was just because it's cold out. I said nope, something else is going on here. I drive 3 hours and the light never goes off? You'd think the tires would be warm by then and the light would go off. Nope. They still said it's because of the cold weather. I had the car to the garage four times for this. Called Nissan USA and I was "lucky" enough to be assigned and "advisor" that didn't sound old enough to have HER drivers license. No offense to women (I'm one), but when I ask to talk to to someone technical, don't give me an 18 year old girl unless she's worked on cars personnally. So of course this "bright" girl also said it was because it was cold out. This past weekend, my HUSBAND took the car for an oil change, tire rotation and asked for the TPMS to be checked again and what do you know!!!! One of the sensors was bad, they replaced it and so far so good. ERRR. No I would not buy another Nissan simply becuase NISSAN isn't like Toyota (not that I'd buy a Toyota) and stand up and say "we screwed up. let's fix this for you".
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited February 2010
    I just saw your post today.

    It is sad the we (Nissan customers) have to find solace and assistance on this forum.

    I posted a new message announcing that I have sold my Murano. I regret not doing it sooner.

    I plan to stay on this forum educating others and leading a revolution against Nissan. Since the NTSB and consumer agencies are not hearing the call it is time to take up action against Nissan.

    My bet is that they will be next on the spot light.

    I have recently been contacted about some pretty scary stories about injuries and accidents tied to the CVT problems. Things like the accelerating on its own and crashing. Injuring people. Etc.

    Keeping the heat on Nissan!
  • PLEASE read all of my posts on the Murano.

    Also, I have two neighbors who purchased 2009 Muranos and are already having issues with acceleration and the CVT.

    I sold my Murano back to the damn dealer. They wanted me to trade it for a new one. I said, "you gotta be frickin' joking."

    Buy an Acura or a Toyota - I did!
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited February 2010
    BTW, I found this email address.

    [email protected] - VP of customer service in TN.

    I am sending off the list of complaints and costly repairs. Maybe I'll get some action.

    Keep in touch if you find another avenue to get Nissan to fess up.

  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    here is the proof that Nissan and Infiniti are one of the worst in the auto industry for dealership and corporate customer service!

    if you guys email or write letters to Nissan make sure you either include this link or print it out and send it in with your letter and strongly recommend that Nissan and Infiniti improve their customer service!
  • This is excellent.

  • bhurnbhurn Posts: 3
    edited February 2010
    My 2003 Murano AWD with 70k miles on it completely died two weeks ago. Froze up and came to a complete stop about a block away from my house. A month after I got the extended warrenty.

    It took them two weeks to fix it (they've never once called with any updates, all phone call innitiated by me) and today they said it still won't start because the engine is shot. All this after a very recent oil change only 1k miles ago.

    So what was covered is now estimated around $7k. They told me they will call corporate to see if they can get it covered and will take another 4 days to get back to me.

    Is it possible that a transmission failure destroyed the engine?

    I wasn't experiencing any engine stalls and I've kept that car as clean as possible. I'm considering having it towed somewhere else, just on principle.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well I'm not sure but Nissan just extended the powertrain coverage to 10yrs/120k miles! if Nissan decides to be a jerk about it I'd sue them! the main reason they extended the warranty coverage was because of a lot people, like yourself who are having major troubles with the 1 Gen CVT transmission in the Murano! that was Nissan's first major attempt with the CVT and there were bound to be problems until they got all the kinks out and unfortunately you and others were at the reciprocating end of it!
  • bhurnbhurn Posts: 3
    Just to update:

    The dealer did an about face this afternoon and said they'd cover everything. They're charging me $0 for what they say is about $10k worth of work. I am very surprised.

    I only had to make one call to the supervisor at the dealership. We'll see how it rides in about a week.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited March 2010
    Glad to hear that Nissan is taking care of your situation unlike many of the rest of us.

    To answer your question, yes, a "froze" or siezed transmission can damage an engine.

    The engine, which is generating inertia, has to go somewhere. If the CVT locks up and the link between the CVT and the engine doesn't fail then it is quite possible to twist (i.e. put in shear) the crank shaft. This would cascade into a number of internal faliures.

    Your lucky to be getting a new engine. Others are out their driving on potentially compromised engines that have had similar failures in their CVT's.
  • mzjennmzjenn Posts: 2
    I have the same problem with my 2004 murano with 106,000 miles how long have u had your warranty? I've only had mine a week now and has had the car a week, wowwww right? they probaly wont cover mine.
  • mzjennmzjenn Posts: 2
    How long have u had your extended warranty because I have the same exact problem as you, it started as a thump like a flat tire and then it got really loud like a thump as I accelerated I thought the motor was about to fall out.Problem is I just bought the 04 murano I've had it 4 days and bought it as is but purchased the warranty I dont think there going to cover the issues being that I just bought the car. Whats your thought on this ? And how long have you had your warranty before this happened?
  • bhurnbhurn Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    My warranty had expired but received an extended warranty from Nissan - out of the blue, really. I think in December.

    I talked to a mechanic that had done the diagnostic on the transmission before I had to have it towed into the Nissan dealership. The only thing he found in his tests were transmission specific.

    He thinks the dealership forgot to replace the fluids before they cranked the engine which caused the failur, and thus prompted them to replace the engine on their own. Luckily I had a previous diagnostic from a seperate facility.

    I can't suggest anything more than bringing your car in for a diagnostic check and getting some sort of estimate. But I'd go to a trusted mechanic that isn't a Nissan dealership first.

    And then contact Nissan directly to see what is covered on your warrante.

    Isn't there some legal grace period, like 30 days or something, when you buy a car. Even if it's used?
  • bpbaileybpbailey Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    if you haven't heard nissan is supposedly reimbursing CVT repairs and they have extended the warranty to 120,000 miles. my car went in this summer for and the said they had to replace the computer which cost me over $1500 dollars.

    you can download a reimbursement form at :mad:
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118

    I have already done so. The warranty states Nissan will pay for repairs all through the new extended warranty period. In my case though, they are denying.

    We are in the middle of a battle over this.
  • Does any one know if the problems with the transmission reported in the 2004 Murano would cause the transfer case to need to be replaced. Our Murano died on the highway today after a high whining and clunking noise like something was being run over. The dealer is saying that they need to call corporate to see if the transfer case is covered under the new extended transmission warranty. Are the two connected and wouldn't they be directly affected by the other one? They said that there was no fluid in the transfer case (the car is religiously serviced every 3000 miles and was serviced one week ago)...we have no fluids in the driveway, no burning, no warning lights. As an aside, 3 months ago we needed to have new wheel barring put in and the entire exhaust system rotted out and needed a $2000 repair. Started out loving this car (this is our 6th and last Nissan!) and now am furious with continued problems and how NISSAN seems to blame the owner, the salt air, or any other excuse it can come up with!! Any help with how the transfer CASE and TRANSMISSION affect each other would help!
  • chillincapecodchillincapecod Posts: 7
    edited March 2010
    I hope that is not the answer we get.....our car died today and they are saying it's the transfer case and they have to call corporate Monday to see if they will cover it. There is no way we are paying $4500 to replace it.....that is insane since it appears this is a common problem and one NISSAN should take care of! My 6th and LAST NISSAN! Their customer service is the worst!!! Blame everyone & everything but themselves!!!
  • Well, what I have to tell you guys is that the transfer case is not originally covered in this extension, which is BS. it IS PART of the transmission and should be covered as well. I've read elsewhere that among other things the transfer case is too small for the size and weight of the Murano and that's why it breaks just like that.

    In my case and others I've read about, Nissan has "courteously" extended the coverage to the transfer case, what is politely saying that it should have been covered but since it doesnt fail all the time, they will do it only if you complain.

    So go ahead and complain, you might get it refunded...
  • Thanks for that information! We will be fighting this big time! When our exhaust failed and we needed a full new system, they blamed that on the salt air of Cape Cod. Guess all beach and snow communities should not buy a Nissan! That was over $2000 and the manager said to take it up with corporate...thanks for nothing!
    Anxiously waiting to hear from them on Monday....
    Will post how this ends! Thanks again!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Just to help you out further man and this is for any other Murano owner going through hell with Nissan right now, print out this link below and take it with you to the dealer and if sending any material to Nissan by mail, make sure you send this along with it and make sure they know that they need to severely improve their customer service because not only are they below the industry avg, they are near the bottom of the industry for customer service and satisfaction.

    All the best to You and Hopefully Nissan Will Take Responsibility as They Should!!
  • Printed out and have it in our "arsenal"...I have already decided that I am not paying for this repair so I am in this for the long haul!

    Thanks for your help!
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118

    I had exhaust problems also. Mine was caused by an oil leak that contaminated the CAT converter. The converter failed; fouled the O2 sensors; the ceramics in the CAT crumbled plugging the exhaust pipe; this led to the exhaust manifold cracking because of excess back pressure.

    Priceless? No $1500 and not covered by any warranty of course. The dealer told me the same thing.

    Anyone buying a Nissan product at this point is a "FOOL"!

    My opinion only.
  • Now they say that they will honor the extended warranty, but if they go thru the converter which they need to to get to the transfer case & transmission and it is cracked...we will need to pay $1900 for THAT. I have gotten in touch with corporate and put in a claim that I expect it all to be fixed because it is all interconnected...We had to put in an entire exhaust system one year ago for $2000 but they said it didn't include the catalytic converter brackets which are broken. I also used the JD Power 2010 survey showing that they are at the bottom of the pack and that I understand why. I'm still fighting...
    There is a form I copied off the Nissan website for Nissan CVT Customer Satisfaction Reimbursement Request....maybe if you make a huge stink and talk about how they are all interconnected you could get that money back?? Worth a try! I'm going to try for the exhaust system on a 5 year old car when this is settled!
    Last Nissan for us! Good luck!
  • igmigm Posts: 3
    I agree.

    Nissan Corporate Customer Service has to be the worse I have encountered thus far in my past 20yrs. of new car ownership. Extremely disappointing.

    Phone staff members & managers were not technically knowledgeable & relied on information passed on by the dealerships (whom I disagreed with & thus initiated my call to Corporate).

    Yes - Nissan Dealership & Coprorate Customer Service seemed very quick to blame the Customer (even AFTER I had just corrected them on items from my 05-Maintenance Manual that they misstated during our conversation).
  • Automotive News had an article in it recently regarding Nissan's efforts to maintain it's customer basis and "do what it takes to satisfy" their customers. I guess someone forgot to tell their customer service representative.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    Don't wait too long on the exhaust issue. There is a Federal law that warrants the life of a catalytic converter (~96K miles I think). If you have a cat that is problematic like the one I had Nissan should replace the rest of the system.
  • I am now looking at my THIRD transfer case. Can you provide me with the source of the information you have about the transfer case being underdesigned for the transmission? Please respond to me at work. My work email is [email protected] thanks for your help! Good luck.

    Andy Shafer
  • I have just learned that my 2004 needs its THIRD new transfer case. The first two were replaced under warranty, 40,000 miles ago. No more warranty so Nissan says tough luck. I am considering hiring class action counsel to file a lawsuit in federal court in Washington State. If we do it, we will seek national class action status to bring Nissan to its knees.

    Stay tuned to this site for developments
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