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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • Tom,

    Like you my wife drives an 04 Murano. I am on my second transfer case and Nissan is stating they won't warranty the second transfer case because I didn't upgrade the AWD lock button on the console. Is this the "shift position indicator upgrade you're mentioning in your post? If so was your VIN to new or to old? Reason I ask is because I can't understand why the dealership didn't state this button HAD to be upgrade if Nissan is to cover the warranty. I am still on the phone with Nissan. I will post my conclusion. Not sure it will be any different than the rest who have posted. Thanks in advance for the help.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    anger and threats of legal action will go nowhere. You need to convince someone to extend you assistance they are not obligated to provide. You have to be persuasive and respectful and persistant. Good luck.
  • Yes I believe this shift position indicator is the AWD button everyone is referring to. Unfortunately my VIN is not included in this recall even though I am having the same issues I wasn't one of the lucky few. Actually when I looked the other day the nissan website wasn't even up to date. I had to go to NHSTA to find this recall. If this is NOT the same thing NO offer to replace this AWD button was extended to me. By not offered I mean they never even notified me or allowed me the option to upgrade even at my own expense.

    The service line at Nissan was terrible. It literally took an hour of complaining (politely at first) before they would even create a case file. The operator flat out lied to me telling me there was no one else that could help me at Nissan besides him. I had to get his name before he would enter me into the system. They are clearly trained to not answer the questions you ask. The disgusted sighs that came from the Nissan employee after each question I asked made the whole experience that much more enjoyable.
  • If anyone wants to write formal letters to Nissan I would be happy to put them all together into one physical file and mail it in to the CEO. If we got a significant amount of letters together explaining your/our experiences we might get our way...just let me know if anyone is interested in this and I will figure out a way to do it. If they won't help us I am thinking of writing to the better business bureau, newpapers and cable news shows. Even if I wind up paying for this I fully intend to make these guys miserable if they are going to leave their customers hanging. In this economic environment companies should do everything in their power to assist customers. There is plenty of new competition entering the market in the next few years.
  • All three had lags with harsh jerking. The dealers said either a sensor sweep for about a grand or a new TCM (transmission control ,module) about the same price. Yeah one dealer said a new CVT for about 5 grand. The fix was kind of permanent as in one case the duct came loose again and the same problem came back. Now some cases were much worse than others and some only did it a few times a day if at all for days at a time. Some said only when hot, others said only when cold. I read this fix on another blog posted by a Nissan Dealer. I have an 05 Murano with no problems along this line. No I;m not going to loosen a duct to see what happens, LOL.
  • In my opinion it doesn't matter if it happens once a week or all the time. Actually only once in a while may be even worse as it may happen when you least expect it for example during merging and boom you're dead. I'm sure many people here bought this vehicle for their wives and children thinking they had wisely invsted $30k plus to ensure their families safety. I just scares me that Nissan hasn't at least informed ALL 2003 owners whether they plan to cover the service or not. Some one is going to get killed because of this issue. Someone is sitting behind a desk somewhere and has made the decision that their customers life's are not worth the possible expense to fix this error. It is just frightening. Most companies do blog searches these days to see what people are saying about their products, especially a company as large as Nissan. They know about this.
  • Clearly Nissan knows about this since they are paying for the Nissan Altima ad that pops up on the right top corner of this very screen every time I read this string of responses.
  • So I heard back from Nissan Customer service today who told me thank goodness they caught the Air Intake recall or someone could have been hurt. But their response was that they don't feel they need to help on the Valve body which since Friday has now turned into a potentially whole new transmission. Keep in mind I brought this in to be serviced they DID NOT contact me.
  • Actually, my web browser is peppered with Nissan Murano ads :-)
  • I'm no mechanic but for sure that air intake problem can and will take out the CVT if it doesn't take out the owner first. Nissan's CVT can't be fixed either, only replaced. I'm just hoping the next generation CVT will be like the old Chrysler fluid coupling (lifetime or even longer)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The new cvt's as well as every new high tech transmission [6-7 speed] will likely be unfixable. Replacement only. Fewer will fail so no one will be trained to repair and no one will manufacture parts. Buy old school stuff like mercury marquis and with lo tech and millions on the road -- fixed at reasonable prices. Asian/domestics will be throw aways -- high end euro's can be fixed cause they are built to be fixed but still very expensive.
  • I have an 07 camry v6. I currently have 77,000 miles on the car. The transmission totally failed this weekend. I had no previous problems. Totally loved the car. On Friday it started acting up and by sat I couldn't even drive. Once in 3rd gear it shifts like crazy trying to find the gear. I took it to Toyota and they will not fix the car because I am 4000 miles over my warrenty. I contacted toyota Corp and they will not do anything. I found the service bulletin and stated that my car is in the effected vin period with the faulty transmission and still nothing. They want me to pay $6000 in parts alone. If anyone can please help me with advice on how to persue a claim I would really appreciate it. I bought the car used a year ago and just don't understand how they could put a car on the road that they knew had problems.

    This is not my message/car. This message was posted under toyota forum...just FYI...anyone who thinks that ALL engines should be last 100-200k must be living in a perfect world.

    Companies know that this thing won't be last forever, that's why they only give 60k miles warranty.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Maybe extended warranties aren't a bad idea afterall.
  • Well the 07 & 08 are the same. Might just be the BCM/ECU. $150 used and easy to install. The tranny is a bit more of a problem but I'd say $600 WOULD GET YOU A USED ONE AND ANOTHER $400 to slip it in.
  • So if I have a bad Air Intake it could be the cause of the CVT not working/causing the CVT to fail? How could I prove that or at least make case to present to Nissan/the dealership? I am not super mechanical so the more info you can provide the better...much appreciated.

    In regards to the other comment from another posting on a transmission lasting 100-200k miles yeah you're probably right some will make it some won't but my car hasn't even hit 60K and I think a lot of people are having the same issues.
  • So I am a pretty fair guy. The service manager offered today to try and see if Nissan corp would go 50/50 with me on the new $5300.00 all new CVT I need now. I'm not sure if he was just amusing me or what. He said it is a slim chance but he would try. If he makes it happen I will be the first to say I was wrong about Nissan. I can admit it when I'm wrong...we'll wait and see.
  • My Nissan dealer in Scottsdale had Nissan "split the cost" after I told them about this thread (about a year ago). I was having the car towed to a different Nissan dealership for a second opinion and they came through with that offer at the last minute. Don't know why they wouldn't do the same for you. Stay on 'em!
  • I have no idea of what Nissan's long term goal is but if that CVT goes out anytime after 100K on the car the car for the most part is totaled. There are some junk ones around but they get upwards of $1500 for them and that isn't installed.. I noticed the Versa offers all 3 types so I would go with the 4 speed auto. The Murano comes only with the CVT . I will say that it looks like the Nissan CVT is the best on the market but there are far better CVT's on the drawing board...
  • Took our Murano in for the new CVT transmission because both Nissan and an independent shop thought it was done. But as they started taking the vehicle apart pieces fell out of the catalytic converters and when they investigated further they found that the reason it had no response to the gas pedal was that the cats had blown apart and plugged the exhaust! This was covered by the emissions long term warranty and was no charge. I had a hard time believing it when they told me but we have the vehicle back and it runs like new. Went from a $7000 repair to zero! I'd like to recommend Creekside Nissan in Calgary to anyone who needs service. This is the second time they have fixed a problem for us that others couldn't.
  • Okay so the scoop is this. The repair Manager at my local Nissan dealer (Peters Nissan Nashua NH) asked for assistance from corporate on a 50/50 split and they denied me twice, no help period. The repair mgr offered to give me a decreased labor rate which after diagnostics still put the job at about $4,585.00. The manager was friendly and appeared to try and assist but the reality is I am still whacked with a significant bill. So make up your own mind about Nissan as a company those are the facts.

    I will say corporate (800-NISSAN1) first tried to blame me for not maintaining my vehicle and said since I had no proof I had maintained my car they could not help me. What they did not know is that I kept every single receipt for every piece of work that was done on the car. When I presented that to them they said too bad and then tried to tell me I hadn't changed the transmission fluid at 30k miles which is recomended for ALL Nissans. Apparently they should read their own manual because it says 30k miles and then in parenthesis it states on all cars EXCEPT for Nissan Murano's which don't need a change until 60k miles, per their owners manual. I am truly disapointed in this company. I have a young family and could have been a long time customer purchasing multiple cars over the years.

    If anyone has any further suggestions I'd love some ideas.

  • m0mzilla what dealership did you work with? I'd like to contact them and ask for their assistance or how they resolved this issue.
  • rol59rol59 Posts: 1
    The problem seems to be on all the Nissan C VT transmissions, I have a 2008 Altima and I have had 2 tranny's go bad, the worse part is that Nissan can not replace any of the interior parts and do not make them available.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Like fixing a vcr -- no parts so you have to replace the whole thing. most of the new high tech transmissions cvt or otherwise are likely to be the same. Essentially unrepairable. That's why I'm leasing for the forseeable future. No more keep them 100k miles for me.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    To follow up my last post, if those folks who bought murano's [like me] to keep for many years[not me] had bought hyundai sante fe's your tranny's would be covered for 10 years/100k miles. If I was going to buy a new car for the long haul -- Hyundai/Kia would be at the top of my list.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    If only Hyundai/Kia had any decent vehicles back in 2004 when I bought my Murano :-)

    Back in 2007, when I had to choose between trading my 2005 Accord or the 2004 Murano, the Murano was (and it still is) rattle free and bullet proof. The Accord, with 1/3 of the miles, had two rattles, being one in the gear linkage, more normal use wear and tear on leather and plastic surfaces, a loose speaker in the optional premium sound (EX-L V6) , a spotty whirring noise in the AC and a bumpy VTEC engagement at 4000 RPM. The choice was clear.

    The test sample for a Saturn Outlook we were considering at the time had an ill-fitting upper-dash compartment and a rattle coming from the speedometer. Sure, it was a test car, but still somewhat telling of what to expect.

    A friend of mine just told me about having to pay for $1400 on the AC repair of his 2006 Civic SI, which gave out at under 40K.

    So yes, now that Hyundai has a couple of models I rather like, I completely agree with you. Genesis coupe, the 2011 Sonata, 2010 Tucson, all come to mind.
  • Talk about moving the goal post. Way back in 1963 I had something like that happen to me from Chrysler. (moving the goal post) Never bought another Chrysler product again and I loved the first and only one I ever owned. I fixed the problem myself, got the part from the junk yard for $18.00 and one hour later I never had another problem with the car after that. Again the CVT is as good as any automatic on the road today, it's just that it can't be fixed, only replaced. Nissan builds great cars, no doubt about it. I have an old Max with 200K and still going strong. Gas, oil, brakes, and tires. Yeah a few batteries but nothing major.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I'm afraid that the future will prove that the term unfixable will apply to most if not all of the automatic transmissions being built now and in the forseeable future. Remember three on the tree? Maybe the wave of the future. ;)
  • Hey, I like the many of all have an 03 murano with the 3-4 second non responsive gas pedal into turbo jolt take off only to be stuck again at the next light mashing on my non responsive pedal only to almost get rear ended at the light change for not moving and then jolt onlt to almost rear end the person in front of me. Yes, aggrivation. My question is has any body tried changing the air flow meter ? I have been to my personal mechanic twice, he couldnt diagnos the problem (no lights on dash)but was leaning towards the air flow meter (sensor) and I have been to Niss dealer twice. The first time at the dealer the service guy said he knew my problem, my intake hoses were loose, we put them together and the car drove like new-for about 40 min. Than right back to "delay jolt mode". I called him, he let me know about the intake duct recall, I did that and still-same problem. Now im planning to go for a diagnostic with Niss this wknd, the service guy is calling his self doing me a favor to save me diagnostic fees saying hes sure its the AIR FLOW METER, my mechanic is concurring but im reading this forum with the references to valve body and new transmissions and so on and so forth to no avail so im thinking, am i going to be wasting time and money ? Has anyone tried the air flow meter ? Has anyone outh there with this car FIXED THE PROBLEM ? ? ?
  • Yes and it didn't work, now I have an extra air flow sensor sitting on a shelf in my garage. Someone told me the Nissan techs are paid on commission...has anyone else heard about this? Any truth behind it?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The problems re fixing murano cvt transmissions are not based within a plot by techs to earn money. They can't fix it because they can't be trained to fix the unfixable. As I've said before, nissan is ahead of the curve in building drive train components that can't be fixed. In 5-10 years every vehicle produced will be in that category. Can you imagine doing what used to be a simple valve job on one of these multi-valve high tech engines? Not gonna happen. My 03 jeep liberty is so common that short blocks and rebuilt transmissions are available so you can actually do major work at a reasonable cost. My 09 murano awd? Forgettaboutit.
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