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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • mediawizmediawiz Posts: 2
    My 03 Murano has a recurring problem with hesitation. It only seems to hesitate after the car has been running for at least 30 mins, and on only seems to happen in warm weather.

    Anyone know what the cause is, or how I might fix it?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Great post -- hope it works for anyone with a similar problem. A good start before replacing the transmission.
  • bigeasy51bigeasy51 Posts: 7
    Hey krpaplham & jayrider,
    Thanks so much for the input from both of you...jayrider is right - sometimes the frustration with a company just makes you want to lash out! And boy do I feel like lashing! Especially since our saleperson in 2003 used the CVT as a selling point because it was a "sealed system and never needed servicing!"
    I'm definitely going to go the route of a "flush and clean" before doing a full replacement. Seems I remember another forum respondent indicate there was an additive that Nissan was mixing into their trans fluid that helped clean and stabilize the trans. krpaplham - Do you remember the name of the actual "sensor" in the CVT that gets dirty?
    Thanks again folks - I'll keep the forum posted on developments!
  • Bigeasy51,

    I had Nissan flush my tranny with my scheduled service and it did not help my vehicle. The delayed acceleration problem came back in about 2-3 months. I took it back to Nissan and they changed my throttle bottle chamber. Again, after a while, the problem came back. I hope you will have better luck than me.

    I've also posted a recall notice from NHTSA for the Muranos for an engine stall issue. Is this issue the same issue as the "delayed acceleration" that some of us are experiencing? It's unclear from the description of the recall, BUT, anything is better than nothing from Nissan. The company was suppose to start notifying owners on July 6th. I have yet to hear from them about my Murano.

    I'd recommend that you, and anyone else out there with the same problems, file a complaint at the NHTSA website. The more complaints we get, the better chance we have of Nissan doing something about their negligence.

    Usedmurano (and never Nissan again)
  • jerad77jerad77 Posts: 2
    I noticed the transmission was not responding as it did for the past few months. Accelerating from a full stop, the engine RPM would climb to 2500-3000 just to get to a normal city driving speed. Normally it would stay around 1500 to get what you want unless you really pushed it for more. A day later the service light came on and I took it into Autozone to have them run the code. It came up with a code of P0840. According to the online repair manual on their site it is the tranny fluid pressure solenoid circuit-A. I believe he also said that I have a second code of P0845 which is the B solenoid. The repair manual says it can be anything from the solenoid failing or the Transmission Control Module (TCM). I am crossing my fingers in hopes that any of these parts can be changed individually and not the whole tranny just for a tiny part. The symptoms of stop-and-go driving that I see in most of the forum postings could be related to these parts. The solenoids control the pressure to the pulleys in the tranny to adjust the torque you want. I will keep this updated in hopes we can find a definite solution as well as a cheaper one.
  • agajagaj Posts: 1
    jerad77 I am having the same problem just got the code P0840 today. A few months ago I had the hesitation problem and did a fluid change and flush. it was working great and now the hesitation has come back and now I have the P0840 code. Did you ever find the tranny fluid pressure solenoid circuit-A and how to install it? I called many dealers and they want me to bring the Murano in and will not help me. Please help I was going to trade my Murano in Dec but would like to fix it before then. thanks!
  • jerad77jerad77 Posts: 2
    I did send it into the dealer to have them take care of it. The problem that was found is the solenoid wasn't working properly. Unfortunately the only way to replace the solenoid is to replace the whole valve body inside the tranny. I would recommend that a Nissan dealer take care of it since they should know what they are doing. It is running well now but it burnt $1600 out of my pocket.
  • jauerjauer Posts: 1
    I've been happy with my '03 Murano but in thelast month experienced accelration problems from a direct stop once the car had warmed up. Foot to the floor, no movement for about 10 seconds and then the RPM's would begin to rev above 1100 RPM and suddenly thecar would move. Engine runs fine once engaged.

    It needed a State inspection so I asked the tech to check the codes- his response- TRANMISSON ERRORS

    Took it to my mechanic for a second opinion - his readings identified TRANSMISSON CODES

    Took it to Nissan- they told me it was the ECM module (about $1400) and because of this, error codes were leading it to transmission codes. Picked up the car on Friday- by Saturday the same lack of acceleration existed.

    Took it back to Nissan- there claim this time? Throttle Valve body ($1800+)
    Searched the web to see that I am not the only one having similar problems..........

    Printed the information and sent it to Nissan asking how they could just make assumptions to repairing THEIR vehicles, and that throwing money at "could be" problems was not a resolve.

    Their response? A quote for $6556.00 to replace the transmisson.

    To all reading I say be careful, and wise...........
  • lmsmanplmsmanp Posts: 3
    I just experienced my second transmission failure. They seem to last about 130,000 miles.I beliieve that our useage (80% 75mph with cruse) has something to do with it. The snowmobile mechanic in me says that the constant belt position wears a grove in the driven pully, the belt hangs up, the driving pully won't engage, and engine rpm is limited by the engine control module.

    Nissan knows about this and has refused to offer any compensation. If they do see their engineering falure and decide to make good please let me know.
    the car is going tor the scrap yard, and I'm never going to a Nisan dealer!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    They should refund your money for the wrong part installed in your murano. Have them put the old one back in -- hope you saved it. They misdiagnosed big time. The total trans replacement is about 50% of the cars worth. Get it running and trade it in -- good luck.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    I own a 2004 Murano with 40K miles, haven't noticed anything close. From the other reports, it seems I would be 30K miles from the failure zone, though I wonder if this problem is exclusive to 03 and early 04 models?

    Of course, the newer models are likely to have less miles on them, but I suspect Nissan must have at some point fixed whatever the problem is, otherwise they would not be expanding CVT to its passenger-car line-up.

    Even if people believe they are crooks, most crooks, specially the more dishonest ones, are not that stupid.
  • I cleaned the intake (aircleaner box and butterfly valve), and that didn't seem to help. I tried changing the mass air flow sensor, and the problem didn't happen for a few days. It has only happened a couple of times since (over a few weeks), and now doesn't seem as bad. Problem is not completly gone though. Thinking this might be some combination of error codes in the system.

    I have not seen anything that struck me as a transmission related symptom, but perhaps there is a bad sensor there too.

    Still open to suggestions.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    How many miles did you have on it when the problem started?
  • lmsmanplmsmanp Posts: 3
    125,000 when it developed a sligfht surge a highway speeds, about a thousand later when it started to fail to engage after a stop, another thousand to total failure. 270,000 slight serge, 271,000 now and I quit driving it.
  • Many of you have written to me concerning my "03 Murano CVT problems - and I have read all your emails, but didn't want to respond until there was a definitive solution. Now I have a solution.
    ----- First a summary, 6 months ago with approx. 88.5 K miles I started experiencing a 4-6 second hesitation when stepping on the accelerator in bumper-to-bumper traffic after the car was warmed up. There was never any problem when the car was first started, and if you could drive without stopping and going everything was fine. Once in rush hour traffic however you were in a dangerous situation because the lurch forward once the car engaged could easily throw you into the cars ahead of you!
    ----- After going to my mechanic a number of times and getting a "computer code" of P1778 CVT Stepper Motor failure I started writting and calling the Customer Service Group of Nissan North America. The first two customer service reps I spoke with (a month each-numerous conversations) were polite, but in the end said that "Nissan was not in a position at this time to offer me any assistance." This pretty much made me crazy since my family had purchased 3 new Nissan vehicles during the previous 10 years and even though my Murano's "extended warranty" time period of 60 months had expired the milage portion hadn't! And at 89,000 miles I thought Nissan should at least bear responsibility for the 100,000 miles the extended warranty specified. So when the 2 customer service reps. said "no" I wrote directly to Carlos Ghosn CEO of Nissan North America and sent the letters to his offices in Tennessee, and in Japan. In my letter to the Chairman I wondered why a company as successful as Nissan would run the risk of alienating a long-time customer without even trying to reach an agreeable accomodation
    ----- Luckily for me a Nissan Vice President and an Executuve Specialist from Corporate Headquarters read my letter and recognized that "customer satisfaction" for a "dedicated Nissan family" meant honoring the remaining milage portion of the extended warranty. This past week, Lynne's Nissan in Stanhope NJ replaced the CVT transmission in my Murano!! Nissan "provided/paid for" the new transmission and a beautiful Altima loaner car for two days - and I paid for the labor costs and the CVT trans fluid. Driving the Murano again is wonderful and the car performs like new. (I'll keep my fingers crossed!)
    ----- To close, I guess my suggestion to anyone having a problem with a manufacturer, is you have to stick with it and find the person who can say "yes" to your request or problem. I believe you should always propose what you believe to be a fair & equitable solution - give the company something to "save face" with. Finally, I also believe I got lucky in that a Vice President and an Executive Specialist understood the point of my letter and said, "Let's help this guy."
    ----- Thanks to all of you who wrote to me with questions, I'll always be a loyal Edmunds follower!
  • There is still a problem for most owners. I suspect that you were helped only because you had an "extended warranty" and therefore the legal obligation of Nissan was very clear.

    The problem is that the CVT Transmission is intrinsically defective and Nissan should be acknowledging this by fixing the problem whether you are under warranty or not. Easily, the most frustrating element of this problem is Nissan´s continued refusal to acknowledge that there is anything wrong, let alone their obligation to make it right.
  • WOW ! I dont know whether to smile or cry after reading all the posting about the nissan murano problems (tranny, accleration problems, recalls, customer service etc.etc)

    I just found a beautiful preowned 2004 Nissan Murano (excellent condition) I was going to finalize a purchase on tommorrow right after work. ( due to the dealer closing soon on Saturday ) My husband and I test drove the vehicle and we loved everything about it ( they are only asking $18,500 with apprx 49xxx miles on it ) GOOD DEAL ! SO WE THOUGHT
    we thought that was a great deal until I decided to do more research on this vehicle and nissan company as a whole ( this would be our first nissan purchase )

    I am so SHOCKED right now Im at a lost for words. Does anyone have anything good or positive to say about the Nissan Murano ?

    ( Please note I havent had the opportunity to read ALL POST )
    and this is my first time ever sending a post ( so be gentle :)
    however, It seems as if this vehicle is a WOLF in sheeps clothing ( for lack of better reference ) but you get my point.

    I guess we will lean back towards the Lexus RX330 or
    another midsize SUV for a family vehicle ...

    one last point I recently had a Horribly bad experience as a BMW owner so I recognize the emotions of frustration to angry to disbelief ( spending so much money and effort into finding a reliable car is not easy ) I recently sold my BMW took a lost, but the headaches are over ( that another post all together )

    any car buying suggestions would be wonderful ... for a family of 3 1/2
    ( one on the way :)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you can afford 19k for a used car, I would seriously look at new cars in the 25k range. Your payments will be the same for 3 years -- just two more years to pay after that. That 04 murano still has issues. Best buy would be the vw routan -- 9-10k off sticker -- read reviews and test drive. The base model can be had for about 20k -- free maintenance for 3 years. Have seen a few 09 subaru tribeca's discounted into the mid-20's new. The forester is also a player. The outback is all new. Can be pricy loaded but if you can handle cloth seats -- pretty reasonable. Honda crv exl-awd- new about 25k. Other models much less. If you are not concerned about resale than saturn has lots of choices. You can always get service at gm dealers. The astra/ vue wagons might be worth a look. The new chevy equinox may be a player. I sat in a nissan versa in the dealership and was very impressed -- lots of room -- didn't drive it but would give it close look.[check out prices paid thread--loaded with abs-17-18k otd]
    Bottom line -- 19k for used makes no sense in this market -- especially a 50k mile 6 year old murano. The rogue is smaller and lots cheaper -- still roomy enough. Too many new choices -- used cars are overpriced across the board now.
  • light9light9 Posts: 5
    I was planning on buying a used Murano in 2008. I looked at '04 thru '06's. After reading on Edmonds about all the problems people had/are having with Nissan (products and customer service) I decided not to buy a Murano. I really loved the vehicle; but in the end, you should be able to depend on your vehicle for safe transportation. After reading everything, I concluded that I can't depend on Murano. I bought a brand new '08 Highlander. I am very happy with it; EXCELLENT. I hope someone at Nissan will realize that Product reliability and customer satisfaction are very important for a company to survive; especially in these days of "informed customer".
    I do agree with jayrider - it doesn't make sense to pay $19K for a used '04 with about 50K miles. You have better choices out there.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    18K for a 2004 Murano is no good deal at all, CVT or no CVT issues. Back in 2007, I was considering trading loaded SL 2004, then with 28K miles, to a Mazda and a Nissan dealer. They both offered $15K on it, and that was two years ago. I don't think I could get more than $11-12 on it today.

    In short, anything more than $14K does not sound like a great deal.

    With all the postings here, I think I would not buy one used and maybe would have sprung up for extended warranty, don't know.

    What I do know is that I don't plan on trading for a new car anytime soon. For one I have not experienced the problem. Number 2, at that level of luxury, power, and roominess, it would have to be a $30K purchase, where I would lose at least $12K in depreciation within 3 years.
  • thank you all for the good information ... after doing a little more research on the 04' Nissan Murano and its pricing ( 18'500 is not such a great deal as we first assumed :cry: ) .. we are definitly glad we have decided to wait and continue to shop around ...

    I have enjoyed reading your post and opinons( not happy about all the trumoil with this vehicle, However if nothing else this forum and posting will help someone ( AS IT HAS DONE FOR US ) and hopefully it will send a strong message to NISSAN !
  • nsudd1nsudd1 Posts: 6
    I too have experienced transmission problems. I have a 2003 Nissan Murano with 71,000 miles on it. I was told by Nissan that the transmission needed to be replaced in May. Since then I have read numerous complaints about the CVT transmission in this car. I have also contacted Nissan U.S.A, and was told they would not repair my car. I have also notified my State Attorney's Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA). b>FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD A TRANSMISSION PROBLEM WITH THE 2003 NISSAN MURANO PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT WITH NHTSA. THE MORE COMPLAINTS THE BETTER. HOPEFULLY WE CAN FORCE NHTSA TO FINALLY INVESTIGATE OUR CLAIMS, AND NISSAN WILL BE FORCED TO RECALL THEIR DEFECTIVE PART.

    Also If there is anyone who knows a Lawyer willing to file a class action suit I am all for it! Nissan needs to be held responsible for this!!!!!!
  • Question:
    I recently bought a 2003 MO, then later found out the 03' CVT was a lemon. I never would have bought it if I had discovered this ahead of time. I called Nissan North America & had them tell me all warranty & recall work that had been done on it. Low & behold, the CVT failed @ 27,000mi in Feb 07' (low mileage for a 4 y/o vehicle) & was changed. I now have 46,000miles on the replacement CVT. I called the Nissan parts dept @ the dealership that changed it & had them tell me the Part# of the new CVT. It is a different Part# & ends in "RE", that's right, you guessed it "Remanufactured".

    I've read hundreds of posts but have not read 2 very important questions;

    1) Has anyone had a SECOND replacement CVT
    2) Does anyone know if Nissan upgraded the
    components that were failing prematurely and
    put them in the REMANNED CVT's? (I've
    read of several components failing, pressure
    solenoids A&B, valve bodies, etc).

    I'm trying to make an informed decision whether to keep it & hope the "Remanned CVT" is new & improved or unload this thing soon..

    Thanks all for sharing your knowledge on this forum!..
  • My transmission in my 03 went out around 45,000. and yes I got a re for a replacement. I have around 54 right now but am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. If I didn't owe more then it was worth I would unload this as fast as I can. I just spent over 2 thousand fixing other things wrong with the car. I have had this car since 04
  • We own an '04 Murano and have put 85000 miles on it with no problem----did buy it used with about 30k on the odo. Runs great on REGULAR octane gas, in the mountains and on the plains with good fuel mileage (wife gets consistantly 23 mpg around town). Excellent acceleration, once you learn to 'downshift' if you want immediate power for passing. Fun to drive, but some road noise that requires attention. We had driven several other SUV's and crossovers but kept comming back to the Murano----despite what I call UGLY (Darth Vader front end)----some people don't think so. I just joined this thing today to let you know that the Murano is as good as anything you can buy, and more fun to drive than most.

    Has a Lexus 300, and was going to buy a 330 until I discovered that it had the same problems that the 300 had-----bad turning radius (turn a tight circle before you buy one), no range on a tank of fuel (can't drive a week on a tank), wind noise, front strut hammering noise on bumps, uncomfortable seats, falling sun visors, and lately found out that all 300/330's have a common transmission problem that is expensive to repait (friend of ours bought one and learned the hard way). I had gotten rid of our Lexus because it was such a pain in the A## before the tranny gave out.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Your posting shows how unfortunate it is that the vast majority of the people here didn't get a good answer from Nissan. The Muranos are the first Nissans to use the CVT paired with a large V6. is "the source" for this kind of exchange and I see people already spreading their dissatisfaction directly on the "Customer review" sections for the car.

    Nissan will be really stupid to let the complaints of what is now 100+ people to define the image of the nearly 500.000 CVT-equipped vehicles it plans to sell on US and abroad every year.

    The reality is that, statistically, the number of reported incidents per number of 03-04-05 models out there (200.000+) is dismal. Nissan should fork $1 million dollars to end this mess instead of risking its multi-billion dollar reputation and business.

    I am keeping my 04 Murano (41K on it,) but if it happens to me, there will be a website, a facebook account, a twitter account, photos of the bill, links to the forums, copies of the letters sent to Nissan, you name it, and all available to whoever wants to hear about it.

    Nissan will be lucky to lose only 100x the amount it will cost me.
  • nsudd1nsudd1 Posts: 6
    Hello Everyone!

    I have been doing a lot of research as to how I can get Nissan to recall their defective CVT. As I have stated earlier, I encourage everyone to flood the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration with complaints. You just need to go to their website and file a safety complaint on-line. Also I have come across a recall campaign document that states that we can petition the NHTSA to open and investigation. As it stands, they are currently just collecting data on our complaints.

    I am willing to start this petition. please e-mail me at: if any one is interested. I will forward you a petition that I have written for you to add your name and some form of contact information to it.
  • 1) Has anyone had a SECOND replacement CVT
    2) Does anyone know if Nissan upgraded the
    components that were failing prematurely and
    put them in the REMANNED CVT's? (I've
    read of several components failing, pressure
    solenoids A&B, valve bodies, etc).
  • mozomozo Posts: 1
    My 2006 murano CVT fails to shift to the forth gear after replacing the battery. Before that everything was just fine no problems at all, suddenly after battery replacement transmission fail to shift. Dealer said the whole transmission must be replaced which it costs more than $7666.

    But i'm replacing it with a used one ($2500) and I'll get rid of the car, never back to it again.

    A friend called me last week wants to buy a 09 murano I told him to run away from it because of ....etc. unless if he has what it takes.
  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    I should have done more research before buying my 03' Murano. I bought it with 101,000 miles & thought I got a good deal for a reliable Nissan SUV. This is BS!! My car is doing the same thing everyone here is describing. After about 40 minutes driving I get the lagging issue where I step on the gas pedal after a complete stop and nothing happens, then all of sudden after 5 seconds the car accelerates dangerously! It will continue to do this until I re-start the car. Now I know why the previous owner traded in this car.

    There's gotta be an easier fix to this than replacing the whole damn transmission. Is there a defective temperature sensor that can be replaced or something? I wonder if the people having this problem are the ones that never replaced the CVT transmission fluid. I don't think the previous owners ever replaced the CVT fluid on my Murano. I should have bought Toyota or Honda or maybe domestic would have been better. Nissan, you have lost a customer for life. I will never buy Nissan ever again. :lemon:
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