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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • Got my letter as well, called dealership, told me if I have issues at all, bring er in. Have a 2003 SL AWD Murano, no issues with the CVT so far. Love the Vehicle. No real issues yet at 53,000 miles. Is My CVT Different that a 2WD?
  • How did you know the Transfer case was cracked? :confuse:
  • kjs9kjs9 Posts: 3
    My mechanic knew it was something wrong with the transmission. And when I checked the warranty I knew the transmission was covered because I only have 54000 miles and the had it towed to dealer. They ordered the part but have not started working on it. So I am hoping for the best.
  • Well I have had quite a few pots here about the expense of the all new CVT transmission I had to purchase. I am submitting my claim for reimbursement. If I receive a check for reimbursement I will absolutely acknowledge it on this blog as Nissan stepping up to the plate. It would be nice to have this money before Christmas. Let's see what happens...
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    I was surprised to see Nissan extend the transmission warranty. It is a good thing...
  • I am truly going crazy with my 2003 Murano. Last March 2008 I brought my van in to my dealership for service. I didn't like the sound I was hearing when I accelerated and the technicians fixed the problem but said I needed a trans flush and refill which they performed for $180.00. This past May 2009 my regular mechanic was doing some minor work on the van and suggested my trans be flushed and refilled saying it was burnt. I thought it odd since I rarely drive the van but I told him buy the fluid from Nissan as its a special CVT fluid which he did. Work cost me $304.00. November 2, 2009 just weeks ago I got a recall notice and took my van in to be serviced for the recall. Got a call from the service dept claiming I needed a trans flush and refill. By this time, I was livid and told them I had it done in May. Service guy insisted it was dirty and had to be changed. Also said I had a cracked axle and was leaking trans fluid and it had been leaking for some time. I told him do what you need to do but I'll talk to you when I get there. Later he said maybe your reg guy didnt flush it all out and all other possible reasons. I came home and called the reg mechanic and asked if he flushed, drained and replaced and he said absolutely. What kind of crap is this?

    Now I get the letter abt the extended warranty and called the claims dept explaining my trans fluid was drained flushed and replaced 3 times in less than 2 years. Woman said bring it to the dealership and hv them do a diagnostic. I answered her with didn't they do that Nov 2 2009 when they said I needed the change? She suggested I still bring it again.

    I called the dealership this morning and the woman who answer got an earful of what I wrote above. She said give me your number and I'll get the person to call you back. So far no calls. This is getting out of hand. Even with my very limited knowledge of cars I certainly know 3 times in less than 2 years is a problem.

    I am going to hound them until they fix or replace the trans because all along I knew I felt something wrong with than van.

    Any comments?
  • Can anyone tell me if a Transfer Case leak should be covered under the new CVT extended warranty. I keep looking it up and it seems it is part of the transmission, but I'm not absolutely sure and I don't know if the Nissan dealership mechanic is giving me the run around by telling me they are two totally different things. :confuse:
  • Got my extended warranty info last week. Spent $3600 to fix my CVT May 2008, but the letter said Nissan would reimburse that money. Sent in the paperwork Friday... and got a call today that... oops... the part that broke really wasn't the CVT; therefore, no reimbursement. Any surprise?? Not really. I believe they are just trying to keep from doing a recall. And we have a broken drivers side seat as well. Estimated cost to repair: $900
  • Sounds like the Nissan Dealer didn't change the Tranny fluid the first time since it cost less than $200. (The fluid alone costs more than that). That could be the reason your regular mechanic noted that the fluid needed changing. Why the need for another fluid change (no it is not flushed, but just drained and refilled) is beyond me. I would have the dealership show me with the vehicle on the rack where the axle is cracked, and what the transmission fluid looks like when clean. Don't EVER take the dealership nor anyone else that works on your car/van/boat/truck/bike, etc., word unless you know them very well, and they have a reputation for honest work. I have been scammed by my Nissan Dealership more than once; one resulted in the Service Manager's job. The other times, I couldn't prove anything since I couldn't see exactly what they were doing. You can see fluid being removed from the Tranny. Keep watch on them. BTW, my 2003 Murano has 123,000 miles, and I am going to have the fluid changed for only the second time. No issues with the vehicle. I did learn that a loose battery cable can mimic several of the hesitation/jump ahead symptoms of a Transmission going south.
  • Went to dealer today. At 88,000 miles began having transmission "issues". Thought I had "great luck" when I got letter in mail - and took to dealer for diagnosis from the "experts". Their diagnosis... TRANSFER CASE and NOT included in the CVT warranty extension. Well, with the quote of $3800 for the fix... no mo MO. Traded it off on a new GM. Enough is enough.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I trust you disclosed the faulty transfer case. ;)
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    Am I reading this right....3 people in less than a month posting about transfer case? Don't know what that is for. Is it part of the trans? Related to the trans? Can a bad one cause the trans to go bad, but it isn't PART of the trans? Maybe the transfer case should be recalled....,maybe it's the CAUSE of all the bad trannys?

    I bit the bullet for just under $1000 for the 84 month warranty for my 2006. I have low miles and plan to keep until 72 months or more. Something that is covered is bound to go wrong, even if something else isn't covered. I got the gold preferred, so most stuff is covered except listed items. I like the excluded item list, it should be harder for them to screw me than the type that lists specifically what IS covered. I was worried about the display and hvac systems. I feel better having it, and believe it or not, even if I get denied down the line for something, until then I will still have a sense of security having it anyway. Hopefully the TRANSFER CASE isn't excluded, I'll have to go read that fine print!
  • Make that number four! My transfer case went bad last year at 80,000 miles. It was almost $3,500 to fix, and the only place in town other than the Nissan dealership that would fix it was a transmission shop. I was so upset after reading online that there appear to be hundreds of other people with the same issue. I contacted Nissan and they refused to help in any way. I was so excited when I got the letter about the extended warranty thinking finally they were doing the right thing. Then to find out they are trying to weasel out of covering it. I had totally forgotten about the whole thing and now I'm just ticked off again. They are doing themselves more harm than good with these letters.
  • Make that five! My transfer case went bad at $90,000+. The Nissan Dealership wanted to charge me $7500 for new transfer case and new tranny which they said could be damaged. they had my car for almost a week before I made up my mind. I was going to have it towed home til I could save up the money. when I told them that they said "OK that will be about $800". $300+ for flushing cvt and trans.fluids and $415 restocking fee for parts already ordered. I was flabbergasted! We agreed on $4000 w/o replacing transmission, which they said I was taking a chance. I had to come up with this money in 2 wks or they would start charging me storage fees. I had to beg ,borrow (but not steal) to come with the money. When I got the letter I was elated! I also thought that Nissan is stepping up to the plate. I've had 3 Nissan's, 200SX, Quest and now Murano. they were always dependable.Now I hope Nissan is.
  • I was afraid they would not cover the transfer case. I am going to submit a claim anyway, it's total crap. Nissan issued a technical service bulletin on the transfer case issue and when they replace the transfer case they now also include a switch (which was changed on the 2005 Murano). The transfer case issue appears to only be with the 2004 Muranos. A co-worker's husband just had to have his transfer case replaced at 45,000 miles. This should not happen. Total crap. If enough of us continue to complain and post complaints perhaps they will listen. It's such a shame I really liked the Murano. It appears the transfer case is not related to mileage but years so I'm guessing this will continue to occur.
  • I encourage you to voice this transfer case concern to the vice president of Nissan as I did via email. Unfortunately they did not help me but if enough people with the same problem let it be heard, Nissan just might change the warranty extension and reimburse for previous transfer case repairs.
    I researched the correlation between the transfer case and CVT and found the two are highly correlated and the average consumer would think the transfer case is categorized under the transmission group. The reason for denial from the vice president was because Nissan doesn’t have any maintenance records on the vehicle and it was out of warranty. Last time I checked the transfer case shouldn’t need maintence before 70,000 miles.

    What’s even more disturbing is the service bulletin Nissan issued below (NTB04129). It appears to be a design defect in the transfer case of the older models and the company resolved this issue beginning with the 2005 models. Below it states the parts that need to be replaced and once replaced the transfer case (AWD) is now upgraded and will operate like a 2005 model. Why is Nissan waiting until the transfer cases fail before they correct this flaw in the older models? In addition, they are putting the cost of this defect on the consumer stating it may have happen when using the all wheel drive on dry pavement.
    I agree the Nissan makes nice vehicle and my family is happy with the look of the Murano. However, if Nissan cannot take care of its customer they are going to lose them.

    • IF YOU CONFIRM: The AWD Transfer Case needs to be replaced because: The case is cracked, and/or Internal gears are damaged. NOTE: Damage, if it occurs, may have been caused by operating the AWD system in the LOCK mode on dry pavement. ACTIONS: 1. Replace the following: Transfer Case. AWD Lock Switch with the new one listed in the Parts Information. AWD Control Unit with the new one Listed in the Parts Information. NOTE: Refer to the ESM for component replacement information. 2. IMPORTANT: Attach pages 3 and 4 of this bulletin to the customer's copy of the repair order and make sure the customer is handed these pages. Pages 3 and 4 of this bulletin contain revised Owner Information for "USING ALL WHEEL DRIVE (AWD)". 3. Inform the customer that the installation of these new parts upgrades the operation of the AWD Lock Switch. The AWD Lock switch will now operate like a 2005 Murano. See this bulletin for further detail.
  • I have a 2003 Murano with 36k on it, and the transfer case just went last Friday.
    The dealer told me it would cost 3,300.0 to fix.I called Nissan consumer (800-nissan1) and received a case # on Friday Nov 13th..The 5 year warranty was up in July, and already had the CVT replaced in April of 08 which was under warranty.Built up a case with Nissan with the info from this site (Thank you to everyone) and also proceeded to tell them I have been a customer for 20 years with 7 Nissan vehicles ( Owned and leased )....Just received a call from the dealership that Nissan approved the work with no money out of my pocket......Nissan did the right thing by me, and I hope everyone else will be taken care of as well...Thanks for all the info on this site to help build my case, and I guess being one of their customers for 20 years helped me as well...
  • I am waiting for the phone call to tell me our transfer case failured on our 2003 Murano. The seal was replaced twice and still have the same leak and smell. Reading about all these failures here and another Murano owners group - it seems Nissan should have included the transfer case issues with the extended warranty. The common theme I hear in many posts is you report the smell from the leak and they tell you nothing is wrong and the damage continues to the parts that are leaking. We are on our second dealer and 4 visit to repair this problem. Makes you wish you would have dumped the vehicle a long time ago. Love the Murano but will never buy another one because the dealers seem unable to identify and repair the them when needed. Glad Nissan stepped up on the CVT. Hope relief is coming on the transfer case.
  • After two calls to the dealer Monday and Tuesday this week with promises from the secretary someone from the service dept would call me back after again complaining abt the trans fluid being replaced by the dealership 2 times in less than 2 years (if indeed it ever was), I called Nissan HQ in Tennessee and voiced my complaint to a representative there about the dealership. She took down ever bit of info including how much I paid for the so called drain and refill the two times, what my independent mechanic charged to do the same job in May this year - everything. She promised me someone would call me today and lo and behold someone did - a regional specialist.

    She went over my complaint and agreed with me 100% if the fluid was changed 3 times something is very wrong with the trans itself. She also agreed that the $168 and $180 charges Nissan stated on their invoice for a drain and fill doesnt seem right being the fluid cost is high. She is contacting the dealership tomorrow and getting to the bottom of this complaint.

    Said I may hv to take my Murano to a dealer for a diagnostic - not necessarily this dealer and they have to submit the results to her to determine what happens next.

    If I need a new trans, it will be covered with the new warranty.

    Let's see what happens now.
  • I have 2005 Nissan Murano and only 60,000 miles on it. I would like to know if the CVT in this model has the same problems as older models. Also a dealer has recommended replacing the CVT transmission fluid because of the hot weather in Phoenix but Nissan service schedule doesn't have the recommendation to replace it at 60,000 miles. HELP!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Since you have a 120k mile warranty on the trans and the book doesn't say to change the fluid -- save your money. When does it say to change the fluid?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ...sorry I disagree with Jayrider, yes he is right if the maintenance does not call for it, but in my opinion and due to many instances of CVT failures, the fact that you are almost 5 years old and most importantly to have the benefit of the doubt on your side, I would do it.
    Lets not forget that we always need the "dealer" on our side in all claims, that is the easy way to handle problems with Nissan in most your receipts always.

    I would do 2 cents and good luck
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    It might be insurance but I'm not sure I would say it was cheap insurance. I have an 03 jeep that has one year left on warranty. I've gone a bit beyond in service because it will be my financial responsibility soon. For warrantied parts I go by the book. The book says change trans fluid optional at 60k and 120k miles. If you plan to keep the vehicle that long I guess you could spring. I might wait til 100k. It will be warrantied no matter so choose as you see fit. My lease is up in 22 months and then it's adios.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    ..of course I agree if the Murano is leased....but if you own it a fluid change on the tranny should nopt that expensive,just my opinion,and by having it no one dealer or Nissan cab even begin to suggest negligense on the part of the owner..besides if a lawsuit follows always more is better than will show your willingness to "really" maintain your vehicles..
  • My 2003 Murano transmission was replaced in Sept of '06. I was driving home from a vacation in Maine and the problem occurred in stop and go traffic on the Mass Turnpike. Thankfully was able to get car, cat and two kayaks off the turnpike before being hit. Car towed 12 miles to closest Nissan dealer. Had to rent car to drive back to Ohio. My car was there from Sept 4 through Oct 1. Had to have friend fly back to pick up car and drive back to Cincinnati. The dealership was fabulous and babysat kayaks for almost a month! Nissan would do nothing to help. I was at 99,734 miles and the transmission cost $5949.47. I just submitted my paperwork for the reimbursement. If this is just a ploy I am going to be so angry. I had to have the power steering hose replaced recently and just had to have tie rod and tailpipe replaced. The repairs are adding up. I have loved the car and have had other Nissans but will think seriously about purchasing again. Will let you know the outcome. If it bucks and looses power, I'd say, don't wait. The stop and go traffic and heat appears to take it down everytime.
  • mrrr3mrrr3 Posts: 1
    So I just have one question regarding these transfer case it covered through the CVT program??
  • No it's not. I still encourage you to send your paperwork in for reimburement and make them call you to explain it's not covered as they did to me. I also encourage you to email the Vice President at and voice your concern of the extention not covering the transfer case.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    So, you had 99,000 miles 3 years ago and now you are complaining that repairs are adding many miles now? 150,000? (you seem to do at least 20k a year it seems like). Not to offend you, but if you have that kind of mileage don't you expect to do repairs such as tie rods and hoses??
  • My 2004 Murano SE CVT failed at 110000 km, and they replaced it under the extended warranty. Took the car home and the transfer case failed a couple of days later and was told it would cost $4000 and Nissan would not cover. How can both CVT & Transfer case fail? Was also told a couple of reasons that the transfer case could fail if the car was driven on dry pavement, or if towed and the car was in 4 wheel mode. Car has never been towed, but the first reason sounds stupid to me. Who hasn't driven the car in 4 wheel mode on a dry paved road? Every Murano SE out there is destined to fail. I'm trying too.
  • mdabamdaba Posts: 2
    In Aug I had to replace the transmission in my 2005 Murano. Of course at that time by CVT trans was an out of pocket expense. I did send Nissan all the paperwork they required. The repairs were done at an independent licensed repair shop and not at the Nissan dealer. Do you think that makes a difference for the refund?
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