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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • They did ask this questions so I hate to say I believe they are going to state because it wasn't done at a Authorized dealership they are not going to cover it. I recommend going to your closest dealership and getting an estimate and at least request Nissan to refund you the difference if it is less or at least refund you what it would have costed at the Nissan Dealer. Not saying it's going to work but it's worth a shot. Also find out if the independent licensed repair shop used genuine Nissan Parts. This may also determine if you will be refund. How many miles were on the 05 Murano when the CVT needed to be replaced? It's sad but I really enjoy driving the Murano and I think it's a sharp looking vehicle. I also thought the kinks were worked out on the CVT after the 04 model which is what I have. Except my transfer case went out in my murano, which isn't covered under the extended warranty or refund just issued by Nissan.
  • mdabamdaba Posts: 2
    The licensed repair shop was $1500 less on the repair than the Nissan dealer. This is why I chose to use this shop. The trans went our at 84000 miles. The used transmission that was put in my vehicle was also under warranty the ticket I sent in to Nissan for refund had the Vin of the used transmission. Do you think that would make a difference? Plus since the trans that is in my murano now is used and was replaced. Does that mean that until I reach 120k this trans is under warranty too? I agree with you on a Murano, I enjoy driving mine and I like the style but I was very upset with the repair cost of this transmission.
  • so if the transfer case is repaired how long will it last? Should i fix it and then just get rid of it? The car is nice otherwise. A new transmission and a new transfer case at only 70000 miles sounds like it is just the beginning of a whole bunch of problems? Once these things are fixed is the car going to last or is there other problems coming? Does anyone know of any other probs?
  • I had 2-3 times in the past during hot weather when the car simply won't move at stop and go, when I hit the gas pedal hard, it would jerks forward dangerously, but I cannot reproduce it now when the weather is cold..

    I have 117k miles on my 2003 murano, can I get Nissan to replace the transmission before it's out of warranty?
  • Michaelscai,

    Based on the extended warranty of 100,000 or 10 years (whichever comes first) I believe your Murano is out of warranty already. Have your local dealer confirm this. With my situation I found Nissan relies on the dealer's recommendation and diagnostic. If you can talk with your local dealer and get them to deem the transmission faulty Nissan will replace it if it's still under warranty.
  • The warranty extension is to 120,000 miles or ten years. Your car is still under warranty under the extension. Also, you don't have to be able to reproduce the problem for Nissan. If it's done it in the past, it will show up when Nissan does the computer diagnostic on it. That's what happened with mine. Just had a new CVT put in last week. My car has 102,000 miles on it.
  • I don't think its the cvt transmission. It sounds like the transfer case is going. if it is grabbing or hesitating when either just stopping or just starting to move. It would feel like something is causing a brake to grab. (hate to say it but its not covered by extended warranty.
  • Actually it sounds like you have a bad throttle position sensor. It has been a very common problem on the Muranos. I had the exact same thing occur to me on my '05 and it would only happen when it was hot. If you think about when it happened to you I would bet that you will probably remember when you stepped on the gas the engine didn't even rev up but then as you pressed harder on the gas suddenly the engine revs way up (because you have now pressed the gas peddle half way to the floor and the TPS suddenly starts to register) causing the car to jerk forward. If it was the transfer case or the CVT then the engine would have reved up in response to you pressing the gas pedal down.
  • I'm coming to this late. The Nissan letter started me on a quest to discover why they would do such a thing. I actually had no idea CVTs were dying. In fact, I bought a 2009 Murano because we are quite satisfied with my wife's 2008 Altima. I also just purchased a new Rogue for my company.
    All that said, my wife and I are low mileage people. When I got my Murano, I traded in a 5 year old CRV with 29k miles.
    I know and understand what Nissan is doing now. But, I'm wondering..... since I also purchased an extended warranty on the Murano from Nissan when I closed the deal... wouldn't the (pro-rated) cost of transmission repair have been calculated into that price, and would it behoove me (and others) to pursue a partial refund?
  • did you have to pay a diagnostics fee for nissan dealer to diagnostic it?

    can their computer find the problem with CVT even when the check engine light is not on and no reproducible symptom?

    Also, does anyone know what's the cost of repairing the TPS for an out of warranty murano?

  • I paid the diagnostic fee but that was because I took it to the dealer to have the problem diagnosed before the warranty extension. I think it cost $125. I am sure that if you brought the car in now and it turned out to be the CVT and it was covered under the warranty, they would not charge you for that. As for whether their computer can find the problem even when the check engine light is on, my understanding is that the computer is able to detect the problem having occurred in the past (it throws a certain code when the problem occurs which gets recorded in your car's computer and gets read when they run the diagnostic). The problem I was having with my car only occurred when the car was in drive (not idling in park) and when I would get in slow speed stop and go traffic for a certain period of time. It was worse when the weather was hot. I don't think that they were able to reproduce that when I took the car in to Nissan, but they saw it when they did the computer diagnostic. I am not a mechanic, so I can't say so with 100% certainty, but this is what I think occurred.
  • Sorry I don't know the cost. My TPS went at 30,000 miles so it was fully covered under warranty.
  • There's a new TSB out that any Nissan that has/had a CVT and had to have the transmission replaced/repaired can be reimbursed even if you don't own the vehicle anymore. My mom has an '09 Maxima and she got the letter in the mail, I have an '09 Murano and NO LETTER (ERRRR!!!) but I went to Nissan's website and found the info and printed it out for my records. I asked my dealer about it and why I didn't get the letter and they said "maybe not all models are included" WHAT?! They don't know? I'm SOOOOOO disappointed in my Nissan Dealer (and Nissan North America could care less! I complained four times now on their service & nothing! They even flat out lied to me (like I'm stupid!) about my back trunk release breaking).
  • Well.....okay...I said I would comment if Nissan actually stepped up and reimbursed me because it's the right thing to do. Well they did, not only did they reimburse me for the new CVT I had to purchase but they also reimbursed me for all the associated "diagnostic fees". They did the right thing.

    TO NISSAN CORP (we know you keep tabs on this blog since you posted the extended warranty here):
    Nissan I congratulate you on doing this. All I ask is that perhaps you look into your customer service line and how they treat customers that call in with complaints and/or concerns. I was treated absolutely horribly, in a demeaning and condescending manner which is completely unacceptable. I will probably give Nissan a second chance....but guys...train those customer service reps to be respectful, please. Never should a representative of a company tell a customer that there is no one else you can talk to, that they are the final person and they won't give you to anyone else and that if you send in a letter they will make sure it gets rejected and goes no further. I am talking about the regional rep for the NH area...not cool. If someone ever working under me spoke to one of my customers like that they would be out the door immediately with the door hitting them in the [non-permissible content removed].

    But at the end of the day thank you for stepping up. My family will have a much better Christmas this year and we can continue to use our Nissan for family transportation.
  • I sent a message to Mr Martin at Nissan and two days later a woman called saying she was the representative for my area and that as a gesture of courtesy on their part, they would pay my costs with the complete gear train that was replaced when the transmission was rebuilt. For those of you who don't know, the gear train is the transfer case gears that sit next to the transmission itself and transfer movement to the rear wheels on the AWD Muranos.

    I was more than happy. $900 will make me a less disturbed Nissan client and certainly improve my x-mas. I had already received a check for $2,266 for the CVT part of the work (they had deducted only the part that referred to the gear train).

    My advice is to write them and complain. they might end up extending this "courtesy" to all owners, who knows???
  • Rob,

    I'm glad to see Nissan Step up for you! I too was forwarded when I emailed Mr. Martin. However, the gentelman who called back did nothing for me. It sounds like Nissan covered some parts of the Transfer Case? If it's not to much trouble can you send me the parts that were covered? Also, you said the transmission was rebuilt? Did the transfer case get replaced at the same time?

    I had the entire transfer case replaced but nothing with the transfer case. In my opinion the transfer case should fall under the umbralla of the transmission since the work with one another. My email is Thanks in advance.
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    My email is ...

    Let's keep the discussion here so everyone will benefit. :)

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  • Well nothing much to add except that someone contacted me from Nissan and said they would pay. I think they are considering the transfer case problems on a case by case basis.
  • Congrats on Nissan (finally) stepping up! I called Nissan at least a half dozen times about my TPMS--my dealer replaced the nuts in response to the latest recall, but my light now comes on, off, blinks, pretty much does what it wants in any type of weather (from 20 degrees to 50 degrees) and the air pressure in my tires is at the correct PSI. SO, what do I do to get someone to fix it? My Nissan North America rep sounds like she's an 18 year old high school student that just got her license yesterday--no clue about cars and even says "well, I'm not a technician, but I think maybe...." I bought a Nissan (trading in my Audi) because I thought it would be a better car with better customer service, but....NO. Now what?
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    They probably didn't reset the sensors. That procedure should be described in the User's Manual.
  • twl1twl1 Posts: 1
    Wow, can't believe how many Murano owners have the same problem. Wish I would have known this before buying mine 11 months ago. Mine just went yesterday, 5 months after the power train warranty ran out. I contacted Nissan and they said 'too bad, so sad" and they won't do a darn thing about it. My cost will be $3700 for 112,000 km's. I'm royally ticked off at Nissan for the fact this is happening to a lot of Murano owners and they should do a recall and cover this for all owners. This is ridiculous that we have to cover faulty transfer cases. I'm getting a newer version put in for a constant AWD that is in the Murano's after 2004 that is suppose to be better. I like my Murano but Nissan needs to face this one for all.
  • I hate to say welcome to this club, but welcome to our club. Your frustration is felt by all of us. Like I told the others on this forum. Email The VP and voice your concerns at: Some people have had luck others like myself have not. However, an email won't hurt anything and perheps Nissan will get the picture that it's not the dry pavement or user fault for all of these transfer cases going out.
  • About your tire pressure. I had the same issue and the dealer told me to inflate the tires to over 35 psi and it went away. Apparently original equipment tires were rated at 35 to 40 psi. A bit unusual but it worked for me.
  • igmigm Posts: 3
    Very disturbing & dissapointing to find out many new car buyers are experiencing serious CVT Transmission & Transfer Case damages. I'm looking to the BBB & Internet forums for help!

    My Transfer Case components fractured at 72k mi. Tom Naquin Service, w/ no investigation, concluded it was my fault for not changing the oil. I disagreed & complained to Naquin & Nissan Consumer Affairs: 1) My '05-Manual does NOT even require oil change under Schedules 1&2 - confirmed by Kings Nissan. 2) A Naquin Tech mentioned running AWD on dry pavement is another potential cause. 3) A loose wire caused the SES & AWD light to stay-ON & vehicle would not run more than 20mph at 70k mi. (felt like trans/powertrain restricted).

    After Naquin replaced my Case, now the engine rpm/trans will not shift/change gear mode at full-throttle (again, like powertrain restricted). So I requested Nissan to cover this REPLACEMENT part through my 75k mi. EXTENDED warranty & they refused. Nissan just lost a repeat new car buyer - IGM.
  • Thanks. I just took it to a different dealer, they inflated the pressure from 34 psi to 36 psi and reset all of the sensors. Light is still on-never goes off. Does this happen to you whenever it's cold out? Light comes on and doesn't go off? I park in a garage--it's not heated but the car doesn't sit outdoors and as soon as I start the car the light comes on. I thought that in extreme temps it may come on briefly and then go off, not come on, stay on for the 35 mile ride to work, etc.
  • Don't know what to say as mine went off soon as we increased the pressure. It started as the temperature dropped outside to -20 and the psi to 30. But the temp just went down and again and all is good. No lights or warnings. And our car is in the same situation as yours. Unheated garage.
  • sgoyalsgoyal Posts: 24
    Actually, I found online that Nissan doubles warranty on cvts to 10yrs/120000 miles (power train warranty).. You might check with Customer Service rs-120-000-miles/
  • well in one of my earlier message I had ask if the signs to the tranny problems look like this ??? after driving on the hwy then coming to a stop traffic jam when I try to move again the car did not react to the gas pedal ( I thought maybe I got the floor mat struck under the pedal ) I kept trying then it lurch forward... this happen twice in the last 6 months . I never really gave it any thought but with the notice and Since I have 112000 on my 03 MO when I took it in for my regular oil change and explain to the service dept what I had notice. They said they would check it out . When I pick it up they said nothing show up on the computer, Would this problem show up on their readout ???

    I wonder if the tranny does go out after the 120,000 will this be consider having it on record ?? or any one have any other thoughts on how to approached the issue?
  • Sounds like the air duct issue that I've had. It's happened twice since I've had the car - and both times the AAA Tow Truck drivers know how to fix it "because it's always the problem with these models." It happened to me again a couple of weeks ago on my drive home at night. So scary! I was turning in an intersection and my car wouldn't react to my gas pedal. It hesitated, then lurched before finally catching up to speed. It's a miracle that I didn't get in an accident. I had it towed to the dealership (again) and mentioned the air duct recall that I'd received. My response from the service manager was hilar: "The recall is for the rear air duct and most of the problems we see are the front - so that part's not covered." Um, ok. So the problem that you see the most is not what's recalled?? Anyway, they simply changed my oil and tightened it (again.) Nothing is really wrong - it's just a defect that they're not aknowledging yet. Hope that's the case with your car as well. Good luck!
  • I have a 2004 Murano that has 73,000 miles. Of course I didn't buy the extended warranty.... my family has bought over ten Nissans and never had a problem. Last week we thought the transmission was done, which I thought was ridiculous, but at least Nissan has extended the warranty. That was not the case..... I found out it was the transfer case and oh yeah that will be $3500 or something like that. Are you kidding me!!!! $3500 of work for a car that has 73,000 miles. I too will be letting Nissan know how I feel today! Let me know if anyone has made any progress on this! :mad:
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