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    thanks for the suggestions....It is hard to believe that not clicking the gas cap 3 times might be the culprit. However, I think it might be the gas I put into the car the other day since I purchased a lower octane than I normally buy. In any event, I will be calling the dealer tomorrow to book a check-up for my car.
    thx - maximagirl
  • rjbsabrjbsab Member Posts: 4
    Can someone tell me how to reset the check engine lite on a 97 Ford Explorer? Thanks
  • sadkiasadkia Member Posts: 1
    The check engine light just came on in my 1996 Kia Sephia. I've checked all fluids and belts; everything looks ok. Can anyone suggest something else to check? I know this sounds dumb, but I just can't afford repairs right now.
  • harrycharryc Member Posts: 1
    Can someone tell me how to reset the check engine
    lite on a 91 Jeep Cherokee?
  • grinnengrinnen Member Posts: 2
    To sadkia check the gas cap, After 25 years of driving I found I didn't know how to put a gas cap on. I have a 98 Nissan truck the light came on in it, the dealer told me this is an E.P.A. thing, no gas fumes can leave your tank. I thought he was making this up, but it is printed on the gas cap turn till it clicks. He also tells me this light checks about 100 other things but the gas cap is the problem most often.
  • clintonjohnclintonjohn Member Posts: 99
    I don't know about the other cars and trucks, but my reset switch is under a removable panel by the steering column. I freaked out the first time the light went on, but it seemed to come on at very specific mileage intervals. I'm not saying that this is the case for everyone, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that the light might come on to indicate a routine(read not necessary) check up. My feeling is that if your mileage hasn't suddenly dropped by 20mpg and smoke isn't pouring out the tailpipe, then if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    Service reminder is one reason for the light to come on, but some cars have a separate service light that comes on, independently of the check engine light.
  • mstan1mstan1 Member Posts: 9
    This weekend I filled up my 1999 Kia Sephia LS. Afterwards, I noticed the engine light come on.I
    checked the manual and it said that it has do with
    emissions or an improperly replaced gas cap. I
    checked the gas cap and the light remained on.After reading some postings here, I will try the cap again with 3 clicks! I called one Kia dealership and spoke to a service person and he told me somtimes the light comes on like that after a fill-up and the car make take 30-40 cold starts to reset the car's computer. I still made an appointment for Friday anyway,just in case this doesn't clear up. For the next several days, I plan to go out start the car,drive around the block and let it cool. Has anyone else had a problem like this? Is it true about this resetting of the computer? Is this something I have to worry about while driving the car ? Other than this, I have not had any problems.
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    We purchased a 1993 Jaguar VP 6cyl,with 33000 miles.It now has 43500 and we are getting a check engine light which the computer tells us we have"fuel failure 89". being miles from anywhere in west Texas, we called a dealership who told us to take out the #2 fuse and recycle the computer then just ignore it and drive to our detination.800 miles later the yellow light comes back on.We suspect it's the fuel filter but don't know where it's located any help would be appreciated...THANX.
  • luccilucci Member Posts: 1
    My wifes 92 Eclipse is retaining a "44" Code. Nothing else really involved but the Coil Pack and Power Transistor Module according to the book.

    Anyone else had this problem. The Car will miss after warm-up. The thing is... It won't do it at all in the winter time or when the engine is cold for the first few minutes. I have seen many coil packs fail but rarely in this way. (I know it is possible but I just was'nt familiar with imports..

    Anyone had this problem.. Thanks
  • mstan1mstan1 Member Posts: 9
    Well, it's been about 30 cold starts after the
    "check engine" light went on, and the computer did reset itself and the light's off.(just like the mechanic said)I filled up the car today and also made sure I turned the cap at least 3 clicks and no light. The car is running fine.I hope nothing occurs in the future. By the way, I noticed that alot of problems are posted for '98 Kia. Was there an improvement or change in '99?
  • preganpregan Member Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with my 1995 maxima,after
    fueling up with engine running @ a cheap fuel
    station.did u fix ur problem? im going to try
    fuel additive and better octave gasoline.
  • butch11butch11 Member Posts: 153
    Had a check engine light illuminate on 97 accord with 73K. Used a honda shop and Haynes manual to decode the light-it was check tranny. Replaced the tranny fluid (the owners manual says every 90K-was told by Honda mechanics to do it at 30K)and reset the light by pulling out #10 fuse and no problems.

    Anybody know where one can get the diagnostic module for a laptop.
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    I'm not sure that there's a direct interface for a laptop yet, is there?
  • khakiboykhakiboy Member Posts: 4
    The check engine light came on on my mom's 89 Voyager. Figured it was the 02 sensor so changed that. Forgot to tell the service guy to reset the light. Anyone know how to reset the light on an 89 Voyager/Caravan? Thanks!
  • rjbsabrjbsab Member Posts: 4
    I wrote re: "the check engine light" in my 97 explorer. Finally took it in and found out it was covered under warranty for 3 years, so they fixed it free of charge. I asked them if there was a way to reset the light on my own and I was told that they use a specific machine to do it. Just thought I would pass this along.
  • clintonjohnclintonjohn Member Posts: 99
    I'll bet that 'specific machine' is the mechanics index finger.
  • tac3tac3 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 grand am with about 96,000 miles on it. the engine service light comes on intermittently at idle. I have replaced the engine idle speed sensor and the E.C.M. to no avail. any suggestions what to do next?
  • cynthia83cynthia83 Member Posts: 7
    Hello All,

    I have a 99 Chevy Prizm, only had it one month, its got 800 miles and has been great, last night I started the car at a friend's house on my way home, it was night time, pretty cool for Texas, about 88 outside so no extreme temperatures...The car had only been sitting out there for about 20 minutes, and on the drive over there nothing happened, just when I started the car to come home if popped on and stayed on, I started the car in the driveway just an hour ago and as soon as it turned over the light was on. The engine runs fine, idles fine, accelerates fine, I filled it up 2 nights ago and I am sure that the gas cap is on fine, but after 2 days and it suddenly came on I can't understand why that would be a problem, and no one could have tampered with my gas cap while it was parked because my car has a remote fuel door release on the inside of the car. Someone please email me at [email protected] if you have ANY idea why this could be happening, I mean, c'mon this is a brand new car only had it a month and the check engine light is on?????
  • marc22marc22 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 95 Olds LSS with 85,000 miles. The check engine light comes on about once every 2 weeks. If I tunr the car off, then on again, the light goes out???

    The dealer just checked ou thte negine computer memeory and it shows no problems.

    I recently replaced the alternator (4th one) and the water pump.

    Any ideas?
  • minielliminielli Member Posts: 1
    I just got my 98 Chevy Blazer back from the car dealership today because my engine light went on. Found out I HAD A FAULTY GAS CAP which triggered the light. Thank God it was under warranty, because I would have been really angry to pay the $75 the dealership would have charged me to find out.
  • am14624am14624 Member Posts: 2
    Anyone know how to reset a 97 Mercury Sable check engine light?
  • wendysvwendysv Member Posts: 2
    I have a 95 Ford Windstar with a check engine light on since April 1999. I have an extended warranty which would not cover this because it's related to emissions. The mechanic says it's the OBD-2 system with 4 oxy sensors. He would start with replacing them one at a time for about $100 each. Then he said to just drive it until it's time for a somg check and then I must do the repair or I won't pass the smog check.

    Can I reset the check engine and get a smog check before the light comes back on or will it fail the check anyway? I am planning on trading this car in as soon as I can get a Honda Odyssey, however, that may not be before I have to renew my license.

    Can I reset the check engine light myself and should I try a new gas cap (the mechanic said they checked that out but that code did not come on).

  • katsohiskatsohis Member Posts: 83
    disconnect battery neg side for 1 minute and reconnect but light will come back on soon if there is still a problem in the system
  • wendysvwendysv Member Posts: 2
    Katsohis, Thanks for the help. It's now been disconnected for 12 hours and two driving trips and is off for the moment. I wonder if it will pass smog?
  • butch11butch11 Member Posts: 153
    The idiots at the smog check facility only look at their machines. You might pass the check-make certain the engine is at normal operating temperature and let it idle while waiting-do not shut it off-this will cause unburned gas to accumulate and can cause you to fail the test. If you have to replace the sensors-check at some aftermarket parts store like Pep Boys or someplace like that. Will bet the street price for those sensors is much less than $100 a pop. Buy yourself a copy of a Haynes repair manual that applies to your vehicle or check out one from the local library. Changing these things can be a snap. Good luck
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Member Posts: 420
    Thanks for the tip about getting rid of the "check engine" light. I have a 99 Honda Accord, and forgot to tighten the gas cap. I was driving and the light when on, and I completely got worried. I thought maybe the engine oil was low or the radiator was dry, and that it might be an emergency. When I finally figured out that it was just a loose gas cap, I tightened it. But the light would not go out! The jerks at the Honda dealership refused to re-set it, saying I had to set up an appointment 3 days in advance, and wait at least 2-3 hours while they re-set it. Honda warranty service is horrible! I took the tip of removing the negative battery lead for a minute, and the whole problem went away! No help from the Honda Dealer!
  • floridianfloridian Member Posts: 219
    mitchflorida, tell us what dealer that was so we can avoid them. Not in Ocala I hope.

    Floridian too.
  • clintonjohnclintonjohn Member Posts: 99
    i freaked first time my check engine light went on. over time, i realized that the light went on at pretty specific mileage intervals-36k(coincidentally when the warranty expired) 70k 100k etc. unless performance, gas mileage or anything else is dramatically wrong, i wouldn't worry about it. call the dealer and ask where the reset switch is located. mine is right under the dash and very easy to switch off.(geo tracker)
  • nnorthnnorth Member Posts: 4
    My 1995 Corolla wagon has been mechanically and otherwise perfect for 79K miles but at appx. 65K the "Brake" indicator light began coming on when:

    1) I shift from 2nd to 3rd (or 3rd to 4th)
    2) the outside temperature was colder than would be for the season

    After a mile or so, the light would go out. Of course I had the brakes checked right away (and checked all brake lights myself) but there are no problems. It goes off as it should when I release the parking brake and ironically, as I brake the car to a stop. It seems like it could just be a sensor problem and because all your posts are so similar, I decided to post here.

    I've ignored the problem for almost a year and now that it has become more consistent (staying on longer, coming on occasionally after going off) I'll probably let a dealer have a go at it. Still, its pattern of lighting upon a certain combination of acceleration and temperature, plus my verified-OK brakes makes me believe it's a faulty sensor that needs to be replaced, and nothing to do with the brake system.

    I would like to have more substantial evidence of that before going to the dealer - I'm very unimpressed with Toyota dealer service in Eastern MA and have instead gone to private mechanics with all four of my Toyotas. I just don't think my mechanic will be able to easily pinpoint this problem, but if I can suggest a solution, he will certainly try it. Any ideas?
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    By "sensor" I presume you mean your brake fluid sensor, located in the master cylinder, right? Your first step should be to check your brake fluid. If it's full, then you have other problems.

    Conference Host
  • willyfrankwillyfrank Member Posts: 1
    Having a "check engine light" problem w/ my 96 subaru legacy. It came on, the dealer replaced a spark plug. It came on again, he replaced wires. It keeps coming back, they keep guessing, I keep paying.(it was 100 miles out of warantee when the problem started) Now they say that the problem is the cylinder cover is defective: they want $700.00 for the part plus labor. I love subarus, but this is bleeding me dry, so I'm going to trade it in on a toyota. Anyone have any last minute suggestions on what else the problem may be? Any history of similar problems with subarus? Help!
  • vincapvincap Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97 Jetta GT with approximately 68k miles. Yesterday evening I started the car (it was around cold around 30F), it ran rough for a few minutes, the check engine light came on and after it warmed up it ran fine. This is the third time this has happened over the three years i have owned the car. Once i took it to the dealer and he said nothing was wrong. The second time it happened it stayed on for a week and then wnet out. I am in the process of selling the car and would like to now how to reset it. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the car because it is running fine. Has anybody had similar problems with the vw 4cyl and does anybody know how to reset it?
  • bill11770bill11770 Member Posts: 29
    just a thought, the oxygen sensor could be the culprit. When they changed the plug and wires, it could have made a difference in spark when burning the fuel to shut the light off.....
    I'm no mechanic, but you should be able to replace the O2 sensor yourself for less than 100 bucks.
  • djgoulddjgould Member Posts: 1
    VW used to have set mileages when the oxygen sensor would go on so you had to take it to the shop and get it serviced. They would check the emissions, etc and press a little button near the firewall on the driver's side under the hood. It was not deep at all in the engine. I'm not sure if this is still the case but good luck!
  • jsbutlerjsbutler Member Posts: 5
    I have an '87 Accord that the PGM FI light
    comes on about 10 minutes after starting
    and has stalled out a couple times. My
    mechanic couldn't fiqure it out and recommended
    taking it to a dealer, does anyone know if
    there is any diagnostic software out there
    for a computer to interface with the ECU.
    Or any other suggestions other than the dealer.
  • billie4billie4 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 93 Chevy S-10 pick-up with a 2.5L 4 cyl. engine and a manual 5 speed transmission and 105,000 miles. No air conditioning, power steering or power brakes. It's as basic as they come. The problem I am having is the "Service Engine Light" comes on intermittently. The E.C.M. throws a code indicating the M.A.T. sensor is bad. I have replaced this sensor and my mechanic suggested I also replace the M.A.P. sensor. After replacing both sensors the light still comes on and when checked throws the same code "25", the only code being thrown. After more diognostic testing my mechanic suggested the E.M.C. unit may be faulty, so I had him replace that. The problem still exists. The light comes on intemittently and when it does the engine runs rough with reduced power. I am also experiencing terrible gas milage. In my frustration I took the vehicle to my local Chevrolet dealer service department. I was told the same thing by them as I was by my mschanic. The M.A.T. sensor is bad. I again had it replaced. I drove the vehicle about three miles and the light again came back on. I took it back to the dealer and was told that they can't locate the problem and was sent away with an I'm sorry. I am frustrated that I have spent so much money for repairs, some of it going towards the same replaced part and the problem still exixts. I appreciate any help I can get at this point.

    Thank you
  • lucky20lucky20 Member Posts: 35
    This is getting to sound like a horror story. Code 25=MAT OR IAT (manifold or intake air temp.)This sensor can be tested with an ohm meter, & the circuit can be tested with a volt & ohm meter. Any mechanic who has a scan-tool should be able to read the function of this sensor with data stream information from the ECM.

    You need to find a good, reputable mechanic who is willing to diagnose the failure with out throwing parts at it.

    Some questions you may be asked to answer.
    Does the engine run poorly only when the light is on? Do you notice any black smoke coming from the tail pipe when the engine runs poorly? Has any other work been done in area of eng. or ECM location?(ign. wires, alarm inst., re-routing of wire harnesses, disturbed plugs. etc.)

    When I get this kind of problem in the shop, the first thing that I do is ask questions,(such as above). Then a visual inspection, looking for improperly routed wires, damaged wires & plugs & condition of all grounds. It is very important to check the easiest & cheapest to diagnose & fix components first. The ECM is the last item considered for replacement. I find, many times, that a bad ground or defective plug can cause what would seam to be a serious problem.

    Mitchell manuals supply excellent flow type diagnostic charts for all electronic engine controls. And they can be found in most any public library. All tests can be done with a volt-ohm meter. Although some tests are done more accurately with a lab-scope or oscilloscope.

    I have over simplified this process, but I hope this will give you some things to ask of a prospective repair person.
  • bnormannbnormann Member Posts: 335
    Thanks for your insight. It sounds like you run a tight shop.

    your host, Bruce
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    williefrank,they should not be replacing any parts without finding what trouble codes are store in the ECM(if the light came on,codes will be stored)You can retrieve the codes yourself.If you want the procedure,e-mail me.Billie4,code 25.Here is a flowchart and diagram for the code 25,with an digital ohm/voltmeter the sensors can be checked.Go to this page.
    My e-mail is [email protected] me know if you need more help.
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    Honda accord code retreival,the computer is located under the passenger or driver's seat,with the key on,there is a red light on the computer,it will blink the codes(blink,pause,blink,blink=code 12),with a 2 second pause between codes.If you need the codes list,let me know.Hope this helps.
  • jo77jo77 Member Posts: 1
    Help. I have a '93 Jeep Cherokee plain, small engine, etc. My Check Engine Light comes on intermittently. The codes are 11: Battery or computer recently connected and 41: Alternator Field control circuit open or shorted. The light has always gone off after about 15 miles when I stop and turn the engine off for a few minutes and then back on. Every time I go to the dealer he charges me at least $200 and he never seems to fix anything for good. Any ideas?
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    If know one can help you here,e-mail me and I will give you some sources to help you.Click on my name and it will show my e-mail.I would help you,but I am not that familiar with Jeeps system.
  • me64me64 Member Posts: 2
    The "check engine light" on my 2000 outback wagon has come on and will not go out. I checked the owner's manual and checked everything they said to look for. I called our dealership service department and they didn't seem to be concerned and said to bring it in when we were in town (100 miles away). Any advice.....
  • galina1galina1 Member Posts: 2
    My 1999 Honda Civic Hatchback has been in to the dealer twice for this problem. They don't seem too concerned and say it's from not putting the gas cap on tightly. I am very concerned because I just had another major problem where my oil light came on and I instantly lost all my oil! The dealer claims that was a faulty oil filter and that no damage was done to the engine. I am totally freaked out and can't seem to get any answers from these self serving weasels. This just happened today and I am in the process of formulating a plan of action. Any suggestions on how to proceed? I'VE ONLY MADE THREE PAYMENTS SO FAR!!!!!
  • dunn3dunn3 Member Posts: 29
    My check engine light went on; car seems to be running well. Temperature gauge seems to have gone out. It is not my gas cap or the type of gas. Any ideas on what may be wrong and how much it would cost to fix it? I only have 43k miles.. would this be convered by warranty regarding the OBD II sensors.
  • pactazpactaz Member Posts: 1
    Anybody know how to reset the "Maint Reqd" light that keeps coming on at different mileage intervals. I hate to run it into the shop to reset a nuisance warning. Gas Mileage is still good. Yep, it did go through it's 1st transmission at 87K. Getting it ready for sale and need reset the light.
  • phylpphylp Member Posts: 49
    So far, 2 "Check Engine" lights in one week. The Passat has 40K miles. Spark plugs were changed on the 30K service. Any Passat owners lurking out there who have been through this? All ideas are appreciated.
  • 0patience0patience Oregon CoastMember Posts: 1,712
    Some 95 and all 96 and up vehicles have OBD2 computer systems and require a scanner to retrieve the codes.If the vehicle is still under warranty,then the system should be covered,unless the light is on because of low colant,loose gas cap or some low fluid level.

    dunn3-If the temp guage is out,then more than likely the light coming on has to do with the coolant sensor.

    phylp-If the light is coming on,check fluid levels and fuel cap.If all are ok,there is a problem and the computer has picked up on it.

    pactaz-The maintenance required light can only be reset with a scanner.So unless you have a scanner capable of resetting it,you are stuv=ck going to a shop.
  • phylpphylp Member Posts: 49
    0patience, thanks for the tip.

    Eye-balled the fluids and they look ok. The car seems to be running fine. Will get back to the dealer in a couple of days for another check and resetting. If nothing pops up on the computer again, I'll ask the service tech to check out the battery, just in case it is that simple and in the future we'll be tightening the gas cap mighty tight. I have taken for granted just how important that tight cap is with these newer cars.
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