2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    White Tricoat Blk leather interior was my choice and ooohhh yes lLexus owners do a "DOUBLE TAKE" when I drive by and I just smile because..(singing as I drive by )..... I paid less than you!! Millie :P
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    I hope that the wait for my Enclave isn't as long as some of the posts I have read. I don't think that I have ever been so excited about a purchase that I won't even get to use. (It's for my wife... Dark Crimson Metallic - I think that it is a unique color, in the sunlight it looks Dark Cherry; at night it looks Black). Just happy for her/us to get out of an old Venture Van. Was going to surprise her and swap car out for her at work when it came in, but got mixed reviews from friends/family on plan.. also she was asking to many money questions lately and started to think I was up to something... So asked her color choices and she said dark. I fell in love with the Enclave after first test driving Acadia, Outlook, and MX-9. Enclave is by far the best looking (also i like the fact that i rarely see one on the road; all the others must have had good years selling in NH becasue thats all I see (mostly Acadia's).. and Enclave handled better then then others except MX-9 (small for us with the 2-3-2 setup)... Anyway, my question stands; Ordered on 4/1/08, what do you think is a reasonable timetable for delivery? (Dealer said varies, but 6 - 8 wks leaning towards the 8wks.) Hope it is soon, can't wait.
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    Just purchased the CXL FWD, using the GM Military Discount. What a hassle...but stayed firm and bought it for a couple dollars over invoice. Specifically, invoice = 36,444 cost = 36,536. Went to the Buick website and used the "Build It" link and it searched the surrounding area for the most closely matched vehicle. One dealer pretty much refused to sell me the vehicle stating that the vehicle that came up in the search was already sold. I asked them to find another one in the area and they did, but the next day they said that was sold. I asked for the dealer's info, since deals fall through sometimes, and they refuse to give it to me. That when I knew something was shady. I did another search and found another dealer that again closely matched and when through some haggling with them. They didn't want to give me the military discount either. I then said that this is a corporate discount and they were the second dealer refusing to give it to me since the vehicle is somewhat of a hot seller and that I was going to notify GM about this practice. To make a already long story short I got $2500 off the MSRP and an additional $500 for a military rebate. Glad that's over with...I hope! I just hope that other military personnel aren't going through this. :mad:
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    I believe there are some other money discounts available now to buyers for April. The $500 conquest rebate (instant) if you drive another brand already other than GM and if you have a GM vehicle registered at the same address as you live or are putting on the new cars contract, you get I believe an additional $1,000 off the vehicle. The sad part about what they did to you is that the dealer doesn't eat the rebates they gave you...GM subsidizes it. The discount the dealer takes off the selling price itself is what they give up. Check out this website and see if the discounts I mentioned to you apply: www.autodollars.com
    Hope it's not too late if there is more money for you available and either way, enjoy your new SUV.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Ordered my White tricoat cxl on Nov 9... picked it up Feb 13.. so yes estimate 8-12 wks if not sooner. I had the holidays to contend with so you may be better off. I love the car it is stunning however I am reading a lot of horror stories about it like rusting under the carriage. Mine is showing such a thing and it has been in the garage with little exposure to rugh weather. Also check engine light sensor problems it goes on and on look at "Buick owners give us your report" section. It is heartbreaking because I am really enjoying this car and all the starses I get but I hope I do not regret this... Millie. :surprise:
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    You may keep it in the garage but where do you live? Are you up north with salt on the roads? I am in Florida...don't have to worry about salt but hope I don't have the rust problem that you have. I just went to the dealer today...left it there yesterday overnite to get the stainless steel shiny metal strips installed on the window pillar posts between the front and rear side windows...loods amazing on my Carbon Black vehicle. I also saw a white Enclave at the dealer with it installed and looked great too. I also picked up a rear cargo net and cargo area floormat. Just like you, I am so far loving this Enclave...of course, tomorrow is only two weeks that I have had the vehicle.
  • fireflyslkfireflyslk Member Posts: 6
    This is my second week driving my White Tri Coat Enclave. Loving every minute of it. Where did you get the chrome strips found them on line and they were stainless steel., Sounds really cool. We ordered a cargo tray that fits against the third seat GM approved accessory by Husky. Looks good. Mileage is improving and everyone is still looking at my vehicle. Having lots of fun. I have the grey interior (originally ordered cashmere) and it looks great. I saw what i thought was rust on my inner wheels after it rained and because it was left outside. I drove it and it disappeared. Kind of strange.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Bondguy... Yes I live in Long Island but we had no snow. I picked it up Feb and these Rust signs should still not show so soon.. I thought the same thing but it is April and your telling me 2 mths of no harsh weather would cause this??? I think not... Also the check engine light goes on... thenn it dosent.. I am loving this car but I just hope I do not regret this .. Yours sounds great... Check out the "Buick Enclave owners give us your report " section... I get the chills....Millie :surprise:
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    Hey Millie,
    Got the stainless steel shiny strips installed on Friday. Coldn't wait to pick it up that day. Here's a link of what they look like. Let me know if you like them and I'll tell you where to get them:

    http://picasaweb.google.com/tdwin2000/BuickEnclave/photo?authkey=ga0OkcQQvMs#s51- 88483772473530802
  • tencjeddtencjedd Member Posts: 44
    Union workers go on strike at GM plant near Lansing: reports

    10:37a ET April 17, 2008 (MarketWatch)

    SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- General Motors Corp. employees represented by the United Auto Workers union have walked off the job at a plant in Delta Township, Mich., according to media reports Thursday. The walk off comes just after a contract dispute deadline, the reports said. The GM plant makes the Buick Enclave, Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia crossover vehicles.
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    please be more specific when talking about this vehicle. I'm compareing vehicles and this is one that I really like. Please post the money numbers you paid for the vehicle :confuse: thanks.
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    I have had my Enclave for 4 weeks and 800 miles. Check engine light came on for 2 days and then went out. Week later same thing. Took to dealer and they said there is a recall on one of the engine heads!!! Of course they promptly repaired it but don't ignore that light. Love the car. Snowbird from Az. Phoenix area is awash in Enclaves. They had a PGA event in Feb. and they supplied all players with an Enclave. Maybe that is why they were so scarce. Liberty Buick has over 100 in stock after starting with 160+. Bought mine withe 13 miles. Paid less than invoice. They had a $1200. holdback under invoice and they gave me $600. off that.
  • medema7medema7 Member Posts: 19
    Do you mean you paid $1800 under invoice?
    Was it the CXL model and with what options?
    Can you give us the details?


    P.S. Are you unhappy that GM does not offer Bluetooth on the Enclave?
    How do others feel?
  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    P.S. Are you unhappy that GM does not offer Bluetooth on the Enclave?
    How do others feel?

    Wait till the 09's come out. They have bluetooth.
  • mwingemwinge Member Posts: 6
    No I paid $600.00 below invoice. According to Edmunds "what are others paying" this price was about $1400.00 below the norm. Again, Liberty Bucik in Phoenix has over 100 Enclaves in stock. Check them out on their internet site.

    Just drove from Phoenix to Mpls. What a great ride. Smooth and quiet. After 2 Jeep G.C. I had forgotten what a good ride was.

    Sorry, I have no need for bluetooth and didn't even know it wasn't available
  • john178john178 Member Posts: 48
    My wife and I purchased a FWD CXL Mocha color Enclave that we have had for 2 months now. The ride and comfort rival the Cadillac DTS that I drive. GM not only did this one right- they hit a homerun. I wish the MPG would be better, but what do you expect with the size of the crossover. The overall quality has been quite impressive- the interior quality is a major step up for GM vans. The power liftgate and a place where my wife can put her purse between the front seats are her favorite things- I absolutely love everything about this vehicle. Here's hoping GM doesn't decide to discontinue making these like other vehicles they have discontinued- the Pontiac Bonneville was one of my favorite cars that no longer is in the lineup.
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    looking to purchase a 2008 enclave, GM seems to be offering only $750 cash back on these CUV... where are the good deals, and will GM be offering larger incentives?? thanks.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    Possibly more incentives...we will not know until they change them. I looked and the Acadia, Outlook & Enclave all have 2.9% and $750 cash back. Acadia and Outlook have option of $1250 without the low interest, but Enclave only shows $750 either way. Might check your local dealers and see if there are more Acadias and Outlooks on the lots than Enclaves. If Enclaves are in shorter supply, that could explain the difference. If the Enclaves are moving off the lots pretty fast GM will not feel the need to add extra incentives.
  • auto12auto12 Member Posts: 4
    I've been shopping around for the Enclave; waiting for better incentives also. Today I received a call from a dealer in Phoenix (I was on business there a few weeks ago and stopped by to check pricing). The sales rep said that starting Wednesday, Aug. 20, the Enclave would be available at "GM Employee" pricing. When I asked what that meant in dollars, he said probably another $2K to $4K below previous deals. Said that other current rebates would still be in effect. Guess we'll see soon.
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    anyone getting call backs from dealers as to current pricing??? some are saying $6k-7K off MSRP, i heard one guy got $9000 off on a CXL.

    anyone else with info on pricing, since it is the end of model year with '09s arriving
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    these idiots at GM have decided to INCREASE financing rates to 6.9% from the previous 2.9%, when they introduced the "employee discount program"!!!! what a crock of crap!!!

    so there really isn't going too be a savings here people.. they drop the price about 10% but make it all up with the financing... do u see the gimick GM is pulling, and they wonder why people distrust dealerships!!!

    i'd rather go over to BMW or Acura, at least they're price drop didn't include a jacked up financial interest rate.. they're still offering 2.9% on their cars/trucks!!
  • tourguidetourguide Member Posts: 190
    So you're upset with GM for trying to make money? OK

    I have an idea - take the lower price and then - *whispers* get your OWN financing. Just a thought.

    You should probably buy a BMW or Acura - I'm certain they aren't making up that great interest rate somewhere else - no really, they're not. :)
  • auto12auto12 Member Posts: 4
    It's my understanding that the "Employee Prices" are set by GM. You can go to the Buick website and search inventories (Locate Vehicle), then click the "View Your Employee Price" link for a specific vehicle to see the price. All the dealers I've talked to the last few days quote that price, and that price only.

    I was a little ticked about the increase in finance rate, too. The difference between the 2.9 and 6.9 rates on a 60 month loan equates to about a $3,000 price difference when figuring monthly payments.

    If they still offered the 2.9% I'd have bought one this week. Now I'm not sure; depends on how low a rate I can find. I don't know of any banks that will go below 5.5 %. Most are in the 6s and above.

    Guess I'll wait a little longer and see what they do. If Hyundai increases their incentives on the Veracruz, that may be my answer. I like the looks of the Enclave better, but was amazed at how the Veracruz drove. Lightyears ahead of the Santa Fe. Really does give the Lexus RX a run for it's money. In looks, styling, and feel.
  • citivascitivas Member Posts: 144
    I'm not sure I understand the employee pricing. Isn't it just a gimmick? Before the employee pricing, people were negotiating thousands off off these cars, and getting special financing. Now the dealers are quoting employee pricing, which seems no better and in some cases materially worse than the best offers you could get before, and the financing is worse. How is this an incentive? Are people able to use employee pricing as a new base to negotiate thousands below? If not, it seems more harmful than helpful.

    The pricing I've seen on this forum seems to suggest that they aren't being very competitive with pricing versus their competition right now. You can get similarly equipped Toyota's, Honda's, Acura's and Mazda's for example for closer to $10K below MSRP for top-trim, fully-loaded models. You can get the CX-9 for about $31-32K on a model equipped at $42.5K retail, and get 0-1.9% financing. Even Honda is selling brand new model year 2009 Pilot Touring models with nav and all the options for about $33-34K, plus special 1.9% financing at the same time. Similarly, Ford offered me $10K off a top of the line new Flex.

    And the idea that to do any more means GM is losing money on these is laughable. Dealers actual "dead" cost is many thousands below dealer invoices. They have plenty of wiggle room.
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    if you goto the buick.com website and search your local inventory, there will be an icon for "employee pricing".. and yes that's suppose to be the "SPECIAL" deal which includes a $1500 rebate.... now some dealers are just quoting this price, but i've had other dealers quote me a price about $3000 grand BELOW that price... just depends on the $tealership your dealing with.

    i'm like you, i would have bought this week had they kept the 2.9% financing in place.... but no way in heck am i gonna fall for the bait-and-switch of this GIMMICK that GM is throwing out here with this "employee pricing" crap!!! if they want to play this game i'll buy the MDX or MB ML!!!

    are you listening GM??!!!!! :mad:
  • nami13nami13 Member Posts: 4
    My dh and I are considering a buick enclave 09 CXL and the price on it after what is being called the employee discount is $36000 + tax. I like the car and from what I gathered when I test drove it, I like the way it handles. I am a little less than impressed in the effort involved in getting into the 3rd row seat - its not something we need to do right now anyway. For those of you who have had the enclave for a while now how is the sliding the middle row seats, working out?
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    didn't the CXL u drove have the 2 captain chairs in the back (middle set)?? you should be able to just get to the 3rd row by going inbetween the two captain chairs, unless ur looking at the bench seat for the the rear.
  • mzilismzilis Member Posts: 3
    Probably my best American car Dealership experience ever. My wife and I test drove a Yukon Denali first and then the Enclave. While the Yukon is a great truck, the Enclave really impressed me. I had originally test driven a lower level Acadia when they first came out about 18 months ago. This was my first time in an Enclave. I took the employee pricing plus the $1500 rebate and had pre-arranged my own financing so I knew what rate I qualified for. The dealer matched my best financing rate so I gave them the loan. Sticker price was $47,060. I paid $40,300 after getting the employee price and $1500 rebate.

    My Enclave CXL has the following options: Entertainment #4, 19" Wheels, Power Sunroof, Luxury Package, Driver Confidence Package, Trailering, Carbon Black Metallic Paint, Cargo Net & Cargo Shade.

    My dealer is Woody GMC Buick in Elgin IL. Not only the best buying experience I've ever had (I've purchased 12 cars in the last 20 years - all American) but even the delivery portion was exceptional with a thorough introduction and explanation of my cars features.

    I put a couple hundred miles on the car this weekend and I'm very pleased with the car. Even the transmission "lag" that I've read so much about isn't a concern. The only time I notice anything is when I'm in overdrive at highway speed and I go up a significant grade. It's a little slow to downshift unless I depress the gas pedal.

    On a related note - I understand the disappointment some folks have expressed at the lack of low financing rates while the Employee Pricing is going on. I think it's wrong to say this is "bait and switch". Ultimately GM can only subsidize so much of the incentive whether through financing or below invoice pricing. If you wait until September when the '09s arrive on the lots you may get an even better deal - but the lack of inventory may make it harder to find a car with all the options you want (and without the options you don't).

  • catdaddy25catdaddy25 Member Posts: 26
    I went with my Mother-In-Law and she purchased a 2009 Enclave loaded out. She wanted a 2008 but could not get the color she wanted. The salesman told her he would let her have basically employee pricing on an 09 if she liked it. It stickered for more than $44000 and they let her have it for $39000. I thought that was a pretty good deal.
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    i know buick name plate demographs is usually those in their mid50s-60s, but who are the enclave buyers?? are they still that age group or is it the 30-40yr old couples?

    anybody with knowledge on buick demographs?? :confuse:
  • ashylarryashylarry Member Posts: 3
    You cannot get a loaded Mazda CX9 for 31k *and* get the 1.9% financing. The cheap finance rate is only available if you forego a $4k factory-to-dealer rebate.

    I don't have a problem with employee pricing. It just bakes into the pricing what people are getting already and frankly moves the starting point for negotiations lower even. I'll bet there are plenty of dealers who will significantly undercut the price on the GM website -- they still have to move the metal. The higher finance rates don't bother me much either -- if you have access to a credit union, go there -- I have been quoted rates on 60 mo. loans in the 4.25-4.5% range, with 4.15% an offer as well.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Well I purchased an Enclave and I am a New Yorker and Hamptonite..... age 43
    chic, and stylish mom of 2 and I was drawn to the Enclave over a Lexus....
    I did think at first that Buick was a seniors car but not the Enclave!!!
    ;) Milli
  • jimr1998jimr1998 Member Posts: 2
    ... on an Enclave today for $500 under the employee price. The ink is still drying on the contract!

    2008 CXL AWD w/ Sunroof, DVD, and Convenience Packages and Black Metallic Paint
    MSRP: $42,085.00
    Employee Price: $37,897.78
    Less $1,500 incentive and $500 discount for buying off the lot = $35,897
    Add 6% PA tax + $150 tags = $38,200.15 OTD

    Purchased at O'Reilly Pontiac-Buick-GMC in Newtown Square, PA (suburban Philadelphia).

    We came in looking for a CXL FWD w/ no DVD so we ended up spending more than we wanted. But all things considered I think we got a good deal and the dealership experience was very pleasant. Zero pressure and they really took their time with us.

    I never thought I'd be a Buick owner. I totally never expected the wife to sit in it and say "OMG, this is so much nicer than the Volvo!" (xc90)

    If you're on the fence, give Buick a try. It will surprise you.

    (From a demographic standpoint, we're early 30's with our first child on the way)
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    sounds like a nice deal... i think my wife would rather have the NAV vs. the DVD/entertainment

    i'm still waiting for the APR to come down from the crazy 6.9% they're currently offering .
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    We were debating the same thing last year when we ordered ours... DVD system vs NAV. We chose the DVD system and basically got all the other options. after driving it for a while we are happy with our decision since ON Star is included in the car. My friends did the same thing and bought a portable Garman and agree it was the best since we can take it with us on trips when we fly. I think one of our favorite options includes the remote start; we used it all summer to cool the car down before getting into it; the kis appreciated it too.. best of luck to all of you; we have really enjoyed our Enclave and never thought we would be Buick owners also!
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    what happens now the GM's Employee pricing is done.. will be finally see 0% or 2.9% financing??? if so, i'll finally buy, but if GM is going to screw around i'm going with acura or toyota. at least they're giving you BELOW invoice pricing AND cheap financing!!

    are you listening GM??!!! :mad:
  • auto12auto12 Member Posts: 4
    Looks like Employee Pricing is extended to the end of September. BUT, the additional cash off is reduced from $1500 to $1000. Financing still at 6.9%. Other manufacturer's definitely have better deals...
  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    But it now also includes 2009 Enclave's, which I am sure will make some people happy.
  • xiaoruixiaorui Member Posts: 5
    I am planning to buy an enclave next Monday. I just don't know what APR I can get at the dealer. My credit score is 827 in premium plus grade. Should I open a local credit union account and apply for their 5.5% APR? Thanks.
  • enxagaenxaga Member Posts: 30
    I like the enclave CX 09 anybody have a great price on this vehicle? :confuse:
  • jimr1998jimr1998 Member Posts: 2
    In the Philadelphia area, 4.74% at the dealership through one of their lenders. 725+ credit required. This was a 1/2 point better than my CU.
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    actually $1000 cash is ONLY on 2008 model!!! which freckn' sucks if u ask me or others!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry:
  • caraddict2caraddict2 Member Posts: 24
    GM employee pricing on Buick Enclave though end of sept
  • enxagaenxaga Member Posts: 30
    anybody have a great price on a 09 CX enclave? I would like to compare this vehicle to the honda pilot
  • tourguidetourguide Member Posts: 190
    ONLY on 2008 model!!! which freckn' sucks if u ask me or others!!!

    So don't buy.

    If you're looking for a freebee, you won't find it on the Enclave. GM is selling a LOT of these and they don't need to incentivize them to death in order to move them. Sales of these vehicles rose 60% last month as compared to the same month last year.

    Good luck trying to grind out a deal.
  • tourguidetourguide Member Posts: 190
    anybody have a great price on a 09 CX enclave?

    From everthing I have heard, people are paying anywhere from slightly over invoice ($100-$300) to under invoice with incentives when they have negotiated a good price - lots of people are able to get this. Your mileage may vary of course. This equates to around ~$41.5-42K for a well optioned 09. If you need fewer features and no leather it will be less. There are a few websites that list invoice cost so if you google them you should find one. That way you can option it the way you want it.

    The Pilot is going to be cheaper. Fewer features, more trucklike, doesn't seem to be as popular, especially among those without the need to tow anything large.
  • roughyearroughyear Member Posts: 52
    please.... "Sales of these vehicles rose 60% last month as compared to the same month last year." that's because they were just rolling off the assembly line, and most people didn't get their enclaves til early 2008 regardless!!!

    and to tell people that they have to pay $40,000+ for an enclave is absolutely silly....!!! i've gotten price quotes $500 BELOW the employee pricing on both 2008 and 2009 models... it's the darn interest rate that has me sitting on the fence.
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I really don't see why you can't understand what's going on here. The Enclave is SELLING without incentives or low interest rates from GM. If you want a great automobile, then buy an Enclave. If you want a "great deal", then buy a Toyota or Honda or whatever. Obviously, in order to move these overstocks, the manufacturers must give "deals" on these overpriced hulks. If you can't negotiate a good price on a great car, don't blame GM...just look in the mirror and stop complaining! Lots of us have bought this car and are very happy with the deal and price!
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    I agree with Kcorey, GM is in business to make money. They reported huge losses so they need to make that up somewhere. Supply and demand is what it is all about. Incentives are for moving product that is not selling. We waited 18 weeks for our Enclave and continue to be very happy with it; we use to drive Lexus. Incentives (including loan rates) are made generated by GM; negotiations are with the dealer; do not confuse them! We went to three dealers in Houston before we made a deal on ordering the SAME car. One Dealership laughed at me (really, he did) when i told him i wasn't going to pay MSRP on an Enclave. He told me I was right, I would have to pay MORE. I got it for about $200 over invoice.. not bad for a car in such high demand and low availability. BTW, we are seeing more and more on the road.. :)
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    All you have to do is go to BUICK.COM, locate a dealer in your area, search their stock and find one equipped like you want. You can display the Window Sticker that shows all the equipment.

    Sorry, I went to buick.com and their locate only shows 2007 & 2008 models. I then went to my local dealer sunriseatwolfchase.com and was able to locate all their Enclaves. Of of the first ones up is a CXL, MSRP $44,535, employee price $39,961. No rebate on these like the 2008 models, don't know if you can get a lower price than this, but this would be a starting point to see if you are in the ballpark. The only 2009 showing are CXL, 2008 show CX models starting at around $31K employee price.

    I was leaning toward the Enclave and found a Saturn Outlook with a little better equipment for a decent price.
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