2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    We ordered our white diamond CXL FW on September 7 and my dealer told us today that the production was completed Nov. 9th and it will get here (Lakeland, FL) next week. Just can't wait till it get's here... :blush: Our's will be probably one of the last white diamond they will be made. We saw one last week in Tampa and it looked SO Nice!
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    I ordered my white diamond enclave 2 weeks ago.. Good for you! my wait will be a much longer because of the holidays and I am o.k. with that since I am on the North East N.Y. I will wait so it does not have to go through the dead of winter.
    But why do you think yours is the last white diamond????
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    Well, White Diamond is going away, and I had thought they actually closed the order banks more than a few weeks ago--not sure how you were able to still order it. Right now they're just building out the last remaining units ordered in WDT, then stopping, and will start in January with the new replacement color--Platinum Ice.

    Both are pearl whites, but the main difference is while White Diamond had a light gold base and looked a bit gold/yellow at times, the Platinum Ice has a silver base and it is whiter.

    But right now, with the lack of them, and only the remaining ones in the system being built...White Diamond models are in even shorter supply than the Enclave in general, and even not being discounted as much as others in some areas.
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    First off, no dealer in MN-WI are offering near sticker. Most are only willing to take about $1000 off. I've been working with 4 dealers in the MN-WI area and only one would sell to me for Supplier pricing(500-1000 over) + any incentives at the time of purchase. They had one in stock, but I didn't like the color. They offered to order one for me, so I did. Same pricing. This dealer is a mom and pop shop in a small town. Big time dealers in the St. Paul\Minneapolis area, wouldn't come close to the offer. In fact, one them had the car I wanted and the mom\pop shop tried to acquire it for me. They told them dealers are charging other dealers $2-3K over to get one. Also, no dealership I worked with, nor have heard of in any forum, have mentioned a $250 test drive rebate. I've test drove Enclaves at four dealers. And why the hell would they give you a conquest rebate for a GM SUV. BS.
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    Good luck! I have found that it is not the dealership that is the problem; it is GM. We ordered our Enclave on Sept 12th and on Nov 16th they told us that will be building our car between Dec 12th and 17th. That's right, 14 weeks between accepting our order (and our money) they will build it; not deliver it, build it. We are told we would be lucky if we get it this year. Any wonder as to why GM sales are down in 2007? UNBELIEVEABLE. GM refused to even discuss any proposed schedules or delivery dates until it was placed into production schedules. What a painful eperience since my company car goes away this week... My wife, who was the primary reason we even waited this long is now wanting to look at other cars. Regardless of the outcome; we stick it out for the Enclave or not, i will never buy another GM again. We are going back to Lexus...
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    Wow, 700.00/Month! It is a nice SUV/Crossover... however if Detroit wants to make in-roads vs. Honda, Toyota ect, they need to offer better deals. MSN auto review only gave it a 7 out of 10,
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    Def. a risky plan re: keeping inventories low. It is NOT what the Japanese typically do with cars/Suvs here. One example is the Toyota Highlander. A new model for 2008, yet they made enough so people would not have to wait. I think GM's mangement is lacking in common sense.
  • mevandemevande Member Posts: 190
    Charging 'They told them dealers are charging other dealers $2-3K over to get one"" Will be the downfall of GM. We don't need idiot dealers out there.
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    We ordered our Enclave 2 days before GM went on strike.However,this didn't slow down our delivery. We waited about 6 weeks.Just picked it up Nov 20th.Well worth the wait! Our dealer,Rooster Bush in Lenoir, NC,bent over backwards to assist us.Although there were no rebates(we didn't do trade-in),we were pleased with the price we paid.We have the Cocoa Metallic color which is beautiful.I was disappointed with the lack of inventory every where we checked.The dealers around here are ordering loaded models.We did not want all the options, so decided to order a more basic model.This can save you a lot of money if you are not into rear cameras,sun roofs, etc.May I suggest going to the Buick website and building your own Enclave?Take your print out to the dealer and work with your salesperson to get the best pricing.We also found that the smaller town dealers are easier to work with.Some areas have all kinds of taxes, so you might save if you shop around.We live in a 5 state border area so we had plenty of options.We are well pleased with our new "baby".
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    I AM JELOUS!!! But HAPPY for you!!! Happy Holidays with your new baby...
    I did the same, I am in the Long Island,Hamptons area and was dissapointed with the same... If you did find one it was loaded.. We opted to order it..and only went with the cxl awd with ent system #2 in white tricoat.... It will take me longer because here are the holidays and my order just went in on Nov2.. So I have to wait till poss mid Jan... Enjoy yours in good health and happiness to all!!!!! ;)
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    Ordered mine on 20 August. Delivered on 21 November. Ken Fowler Buick in Ukiah CA was good. Good price, helpful salesman, careful delivery, explaining and answering questions, and insuring that all systems were go. Salesman found a problem that was fixed while we were doing our paper work.
    I will have to change my name from Honda Ford to Buick Ford :)
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    Good for you but 3mths??? Now I am nervous because I ordered mine Nov 2 and I figure that since it is the holiday season I should see it around January... but now I think it will be longer... Yikes... Congrats to you... Mille
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    From what I have read on the other forums, it makes a great deal of difference what part of the country you are in as to delivery times. I am in rural north CA and we seem to be the slowest part of the country. Regardless, it will be worh it all ---
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    Congratulations and best of luck with your new "baby". I too went on line and built my own. Then I went to about 10 area dealers. Like all stores, some were more helpful and friendlier than others. Like you, I didn't want, or need, all the bells and whistles. I ordered (on June 18th) a red CXL with basic radio, Driver Convenience and Luxury Packages, and Cargo cover & Net (I wouldn't order these again, not for $90...I'd buy aftermarket for a lot less). We took delivery September 18th (about 13 weeks) and the dealer, Cunningham Motors in Queens, NY, couldn't have been better. I got the Conquest Rebate (my youngest son has a Mercury), and they gave me an additional $500 off. I'm happy.
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    Ordered mine July 18. The salesman's latest story is that I have a "build date" of DECEMBER 17! :mad: I hope Buick isn't treating others so poorly!

    When I ordered it, the salesman said I should be able to get it sooner by ordering through them, because they're one of the largest dealers... :) Now he says the reason others got their earlier is that they are a lot smaller and they ordered fewer Enclaves. :confuse: His dealership promotes itself as a premium service dealership. Yet he won't tell me anything other than the supposed "build date" and the "fact" that there is no vin number until it's built.

    We'd planned to take our new Enclave on a driving vacation for Thanksgiving. We now hope to do so for Christmas... though the chances seem slim and my salesman is being cagier every time I talk with him. He seems annoyed that I would continue to ask for status.

    I'd be ok with all this (not happy, but ok) if our salesman would at least be responsive. If only we could get a couple proactive reports that there is no news... even that would help me comfort my impatient wife (it'll be her car). But he seems too busy to bother with customers like me who have placed orders.

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    I'm really sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with your order. No, I don't work for GM, or any dealer, or even the auto industry, but...after 40+ years in the retail market I'll give you the same advice I've always given: There's plenty of other "stores" to shop at. If you (or I) were getting lousy service (and that's what you're getting) from this dealership, hey, go somewhere else. I know this sounds sarcastic, but I really mean it. The salesperson and dealership are making a good buck on your sale, and they cannot keep the front door open if they don't provide service...with a capital "S". I'm sure that you have read some of the messages here and on other sites. It's time to take the bull by the horns...tomorrow, go to the dealership and talk to the owner, or at the least, the General Manager. Demand to see the order and where you stand on the delivery date. This is not GM's fault...it's a lousy salesperson (and all industries have lousy employees) who thinks he's Numero Uno! If you're not getting any kind of service now (except bad service), what will you do when, and if, you have a problem later? There's plenty of dealers and salespeople who will just about jump through hoops for you business. Don't let some wise guy try and boss you around. If you can't get an honest answer, call another dealer, find the car that you want, then tell him where he can park the car he hasn't delivered to you. Good luck in your quest.
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    oh my GOD that is forever for me... Now I am nervous because I traveled all over Long Island where I am from (near the Hamptons) and I finally ordered it from a friend of mine in the Bronx because of all this nonsense ... 13wks is like forever... But from what I hear it is worth the wait right??? :surprise:
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    Regarding the White Diamond Tricoat.........it is true that the production of this color is ending.

    I called around and investigated and found out why. The second layer of the tricoat, contains what seems to be metallic. However, if it were metallic, they'd continue making it. They wanted a much more elegant reflectant than a standard metallic, so they found a harvesting fish in the Pacific ocean that they use the scales from. I know this sounds crazy but it's true. They take the scales, dry them out and pulverize them and put them into the paint as the reflectant.

    Supposedly the availability of this fish is very limited and GM has already gone through it's allotment of the fish (and scales) so the production of this paint is no longer continued.

    By the way, regarding purchasing this car. I looked everywhere with no luck.

    however, I found one a dealership in a really rural area who could get my exact preferance shipped in, and they did. I asked for it Friday and it should be in THIS FRIDAY!

    My suggestion? Call everyone! DEFINATELY WORK WITH SMALLER, RURAL DEALERS!!!!!

    I got a fully loaded CXL FWD, White Diamond Tricoat, simply by calling a rural dealer, putting $1,000 down and will have it Friday.
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    And we thought it was just us! We ordered ours on Sept 12th and found our "build" date is to be between Dec 12th - 17th. Buick/GM have been 100% deplorable to work with on this, refusing to assist or provide any information to us or our salesman. I generally vote with my feet but since this is going to be my wife's car I left that decision to her. I loose my company car on Nov 30th (just got the call today) so we have few weeks of being a single car family or just rent a car for a week or so until I take vacation the last of Dec. From what I have read on the internet, nothing from GM, vehicle build dates are determined by the type of vehicle you ordered and the priority of the dealership/city/state. We ordered a CXL/driver confidence package/DVD enter(#2 package)/sunroof/19" tires/towing/platnium metalic. I think the sunroof might have caused a delay. oh well, I am very sorry to hear of your Run-around. The only other difference is that our sales guy is pretty good about it; he isn't happy either since he isn't selling cars thus not getting his commission... :(
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    I'm feeling pretty much trapped. We put $500 down on the Enclave when we ordered it, and I'd let that go in a millisecond if I could get another one from someone else. But the option combination we want (everything except the sunroof) are unusual. And my wife only likes it in Platinum. Though very frustrated with the delay, we're concerned that if we order an Enclave fresh from someone else, the delay will be even longer.

    We're so upset that we're looking at the Mercedes GL. Don't like the looks of the Outlook or Acadia... And we want a legitimate 7-passenger car, so the MDX and others are out of the question. The Audi Q-7 won't work because the rear seats have no headroom or legroom (we're a tall family). Argh. :mad:

    Anyone out there have suggestions?
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    We have also put $500 down on a red jewel Enclave in mid-September at a small-town dealer. We ordered without the sunroof as well. Our dealer notified us last week that an enclave had been delivered to them but it was gold and had a sunroof. He offered it to us instead, but we just didn't like the different options. He even offered to look around for a trade at other dealers, but he didn't find much.

    I looked around on the internet and found one in the midwest similar to what we had ordered. I asked for a quote and the dealer priced it out over $4000 more than our small town deal. He said that most dealers in the midwest are now selling them over MSRP!! We really need the vehicle VIN# by the end of the year for a tax write-off, but we are going to wait. There really isn't much you can do but wait, even our dealer is frustrated. GM's selling tactics are going to backfire on them if they don't get their act straightened out. I won't cancel my order on the Enclave, but I know I will think twice about ever ordering from them again.
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    Sorry to hear about your delay but if you ordered it and put a deposit on it .. than thats what should have come in... he or she sounds like they were trying to unload that on you to make his :( numbers by end of month.. I too tried all other cars MKX/Edge.. etc.. But I NEED THAT 3rd ROW.. I have a Navigator and looking to crossover but the Enclave won my heart.. I have prepared myself for a Jan or Feb delivery because I orderd mine Nov 2... Your situation is unfortunate and frustrating...Good Luck on your search...
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    Maybe someone can enlighten me on GM's build process :confuse: . My dealership called and said that our car was on the production schedule for Dec 12th - Dec 17th. :shades: Ok, now from what he said yesterday was, the 12th date is the date the parts are put inplace and subassemblies are completed. He went on to say that the car will begin assembly on the 17th and hopefully built the week of Dec 17-21. :sick: Then he has no idea how long it will take to ship the car once completed from plant to Houston. Does anyone understand this process better? I understand he doesn't want to build my expectations up that i would possible get this car in under 4 months since we ordered it in the beginning of Sept 07.... arg.
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    Don't feel so bad.. It is frustrating!!!. But you waited this long hang in there...I orderd mine Nov2 and now was just told that because of the color I chose, white tri coat that it will now be "PICKED UP FOR PRODUCTION" week of Jan 17.. That's if there is not another delay because of the color... My dealer tells me as soon as it's picked up for "production" it takes 2 wks to build and another week or 2 for shipment.
    So hang in there because mid to end of Jan you should have it... (from what they tell me... ) Mine, I speculate mid Feb .. But you know I am on the east coast and so snow storms... salted roads accidents on icy slippery roads, maybe its better they take their time so I wan enjoy it early spring... Good luck and Happy Holidays...
    Millie :)
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    I ordered a tri-coat Enclave on 9/15, got a 12/3 scheduled build date in early November, received a build confirmation on 12/11 and was told vehicle was being loaded on the train this week for shipment to the Northeast - which should take about 1 week. I expect to learn the scheduled arrival date next week - expected to be sometime the week of 12/17 or 12/24. I understand that the plant shuts down for the holidays starting next week (12/17).
    Sorry, but I don't know the exact date of manufacture or the exact process from scheduled production to delivery. But, from this timeline, it seems as though they ship about one week after build (I'm sure logistics/inventory queues/etc determine this time) and that it takes between one and two weeks for the vehicle to reach the dealer (I'm sure this depends on train routing, scheduling, stops, and ground logistics following shipment unloading at your regional train depot).
    Good luck,
  • first300mfirst300m Member Posts: 8
    I'm the guy who ordered July 17 and finally got a tentative build date December 17. Hoping they are not going on vacation starting the 17th!! Has anyone out there been waiting longer :confuse: ?

    Really, it seeems inexcusable to have people who got in line months after me, getting their Enclaves earlier. This may make many of you feel better about your relative treatment. Mine is not an unusal color or option... Any ideas why this is happening?

    Going to the dealer tomorrow to inquire in person. Feel they've been disregarding my requests. What a poor
    way to run a company!

  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    I am just guessing but it probably has to do with the size of your dealer or the number of Enclave orders they had already taken. My understanding is that dealers are given allocations based on many factors such as number of vehicles sold. It is possible that the dealer took the order knowing that they were not going to have an allocation for quite some time. I think the issue lies with your dealer not being up-front with you, not GM.
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    I hear the frustration out there and I share in that same frustration :( and Zman3 is correct; much of this is with the dealerships. But GM still carries much of the blame. These dealerships are basically "agents" for GM since you cannot buy a car directly from GM; if GM cares about the end user they need to make some changes soon. My dealership is a large Buick dealership in Houston, TX and is also frustrated with this Enclave mess; he showed me the orders. But my question still goes unanswered; what is the build process and timeframes for delivery :confuse: . I was given a "timeframe" of Dec 12-17 for my build; the GM status showed my build actually starting on Dec 12th. What does that really mean?? My sales man says that what he sees is not what GM tells him. Will I see this car this year?? Will it be late January?? Trust me, my salesman wants to give me an answer (we talk daily) but GM will not tell him anything. So, how is it this a dealer issue? I am staying with the Enclave because they have the best car in the area I need; crossover with 3rd row seats. This will be the last car I buy with that need (kids will be older). 15 weeks and counting...
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I understand your frustration in ordering and waiting, but I dont't think the answer is as easy as we think. First, it's true that the dealer is aa "agent" of GM, but they are as much an agent as "Best Buy" is an agent of Sony. True, you could go to another retailer and buy a Sony (and you have to go to a Buick dealer to buy a Buick), but all dealerships are indepentantly owned, and as such some are more truthful than others. As for the build time...I ordered my Enclave on 6/18, and it was delivered to me on 9/18 (13 weeks to the day). My son ordered the identical car to mine (except he ordered Cocoa, mine was Red) on 6/18 and his car was delivered in 7 weeks. Same dealer, same price. Yes, even the dealer was shocked. He's not a large dealer (by New York City standards) but he is honest. He told us both upfront to expect a wait time of from 12 to 16 weeks, and regrettably, maybe a little longer. So, we expected a long wait. But...and it's a big but...it is worth the wait. No other car on the road compares to the Enclave, at any price!
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    I feel so much better after reading your post so I will try to be patient and wait. I too have children, 2 as a matter of fact. 6&11 the older one loves this car and we are coming down from a Navigator. My intentions are the same keep it for 8-10 yrs.
    by then I will be ready for an electric car !!! I feel really bad for ekuanimal because it just does not sound right. His situation. My dealer has already told me that production date is week of Jan 17th. I ordered mine Nov 2 and my color is White Tricoat so it is an unusual color and I anticipate delays. But since you said the wait is worth it.. I will try to be patient.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL !!!!! Millie ;)
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    We are all in agreement on the communication part of my question and the "reason" for the differences in delivery are not totally clear... I was also confused on the two dates I was given; Build between Dec 12-17. Well, we got word on Tuesday (Dec 18) that our car was loaded and shipped on a train on Monday (Dec 17). So, I believe the process initiated on the 12th and completed on the 17th; but no one could say that was a fact. The salesman said that it "should" be here in 1-2 weeks.. but with the holidays he could not be sure. I am hoping we get delivery before the end of the year but who knows? My biggest issue was that i turned in my company car on Dec 1st; when we ordered the car in early September we were told of a 8-10 week wait not 16+.. We will make due since we waited. Now I want to see if there are any Buick deals (money back, etc) available right now... Anyone have any information on that? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    Try going to buick.com/enclave or gm.com. Then go to "deals" and your state, but I don't think there is anything available on Enclaves. Enjoy the holidays...and hopefully by now, your new Enclave.
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    imlooking to buy an buick enclave.the dealer told me that if i have a cupon for gmc employer i can get a big discount.anybody knows what she is talking about and how i can get my hands on one.?thank you !
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    I just searched Buick.com's inventory near my zip code, found a White Diamond TriCoat in a CXL with Entertainment Package #4, Luxury Package, 7 passenger seating (captian's chairs 2nd row), and the Driver Confidence Package, walked in and bought the car for $1000 UNDER sticker. END OF YEAR is here people. Why special order? Suggest you search hard on Buick for the car you want!
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Well under sticker. But how much over invoice.????. That's when you know the deal is really good. Also, that may have worked for you but some people such as myself did not want all the bells and whistles. I did not want a console and I only wanted ent pkg #2 so for me, why pay for something I do not need. I am fine with special ordering. Works for me.. Good luck with yours and enjoy your new year in your New car.... Milli ;)
  • tencjeddtencjedd Member Posts: 44
    $2k over invoice. ($3k MSRP Invoice Spread on $45,xxx sticker). My research and haggling showed the best price on an immediate delivery car was $1500 under sticker (~+$1000 over invoice). Best deals to be had are on totally stripped CX versions. White Diamond and Red Jewel colored cars are few and far between and are commanding "premiums" versus other colors, with White Opal benefiting despite being a non-premium color.

    I agree on no 2nd row console with the 7 passenger seating (which is configuration we bought). Makes 3rd row access as easy as mini van.

    Dealers in NY TriState area generally have at most 3 cars available, so if you can wait, that's great.

    Mazda CX9 handled much better, but the Buick's interior was hands above as well as styling edge to Buick. Mazda's 0% financing for 36 months was also attractive, but in the end the Enclave was worth the premium.
  • catdecidecatdecide Member Posts: 3
    :) Just bought a red Enclave. Got supplier discount because it was year-end and the Dealer needed to make his numbers in order to get money back from Buick. Dealer would not deal on the White Diamond Enclaves - had two on the lot.
    (Greater Cleveland area)

    Drove the Mazda and didn't like the lack of room in the front seats. Loved
    being able to manual shift, if I wanted, but the console was too big, or
    the seats too small.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I hate to break your heart but my white tricoat I orderd is $875- over inv and I ordered it like you with out the center 2nd row console for easier access to thrird row. Ent #2 and a cxl. You got lucky. I still have to wait so your driving it now I may not see it till end of Jan even Feb. Order to be bulit Jan 17week. So I say, you did not do bad... Congrats.... Millie ;)
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    P.S. I am dealing in the NYC area as well although I am from Long Island. I had to travel to the Boroughs to get it through an aquaintance.... Millie :D
  • tencjeddtencjedd Member Posts: 44
    My heart is not broken. $875 over invoice for a special order is different than $2k over invoice for a car bought and delivered the same day. Your car will be delivered sometime in February, depending on transport time to the dealer. Enclave availability is increasing slowly but surely, and as such the car's ability to hold its price versus sticker will continue to decline. 3 months ago you couldn't get an Enclave within 100 miles of where I Iive without paying sticker price (and that's if you could find a dealer who didn't have a waiting list). The two dealers closest to me can't keep them in stock.

    So far so good. My only observations so far are the car is slightly underpowered and the transmission shifting patterns need the (elsewhere mentioned in these forums) software upgrade.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Yes, I know that's why I said you did not do so bad taking these things into consideration. Also, since I am in the east coast, I will wait till feb or more because I am not going through the wear and tear of winter/ salted roads snow sleet etc.. So I guess you did well and as far as I am concerned so did I ... All the best... ;)
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    Well, our car that we ordered on Sept 12th, built on Dec 12th, loaded on the train on Dec 17th made it to Houston, Tx and was delivered to the dealership last night (too late to pick up). We got a very good price on the Enclave; that was one reason we were willing to wait. To close on my loan we had to do it by the end of December but ran into an issue at the dealership; loosing my rate to a full point higher one. The sales and finance managers quickly fixed the issue and worked out my rate to my advantage getting me an excellent rate. Since the car will not be ready for us to pick up until Jan 2, 2008 (prep and window tinting) we signed the deay on Dec 31, 2007 saving the dealership taxes; they inturn worked with us more and provided a loaner car since we were down to a one SUV family with two kids. West Point Buick in Houston did come through and the salesman was nice to work with so all in all they did the best they could... I still have an issue with GM about their build scheduling/allocation process, but I guess the street will take that into account when valuing their stock and not making their revenue numbers while many of us are not able to buy their product... Seems like a broken process but I am not in the automotive verticle...

    We also did not get the 2nd row center console, from what we see on the web page it doesn't offset the advantage of easy 3rd row access... but it can always be added later.

    Happy New Year!
  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    We also did not get the 2nd row center console, from what we see on the web page it doesn't offset the advantage of easy 3rd row access... but it can always be added later.

    The word on the street is that if the second row console ever becomes available it will not be able to be retro fitted to older vehicles. Lambda dedicated forums seem to think the necessary mounting features on the floor pan are not present in vehicles without the option. But since the option is not even available yet, who truly knows.
  • jgantjgant Member Posts: 10
    I am in the market to purchase a new SUV and am seriously considering the 2008 Buick Enclave. My friends just purchased one and they are raving about it. I've not yet tested the Enclave. I'm also considering the new 2008 Toyota Highlander, Limited. Any advice on a comparison of these or others? Thanks.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I was also considering the Toyota but the Enclave it a beautiful car with lots of options standard and rides beautifully. I ordered mine and expect it around february.
    I needed a comfortable third row and Enclave fir the bill..Toyota is reliable and more fuel efficient and the Enclave is new and yet to prove itself but everyone is raving so good luck.... Milli ;)
  • tencjeddtencjedd Member Posts: 44
    The Highlander and Enclave may not be a fair comparison. The Highlander is clearly a mid-size SUV, while the Enclave is a FULL SIZE Crossover (as my wife puts it - it's like cross breeding a full size SUV with a minivan). We traded a Toyota Sequioa for the Enclave.

    In the 4.5 years we owned our Toyota, I was less than impressed with Toyota's "legendary" quality. It was no better than my current VW Touareg or previous Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it was a far cry from two prior Hondas. So with that aside, Buick's 100k power train warranty takes a lot of fear out of owning an American built car.

    As for the interior, the Enclave is a true 7-8 passenger vehicle, the Highlander is really a 5 passenger vehicle, with an optional 3rd row that an adult can't fit into. The Buick's 3rd row provides 4 more inches of legroom and 6 more inches of hip room.

    The Buick's CXL package and finishing are hands down better than anything you will find in the Highlander.

    The Highlander is likely to handle a little better given its smaller dimensions. In fact, that maybe the key point for consideration - dimensions. The Buick is just shy of 4 inches longer, 4 inches wider, and 3 inches taller. That translates to significantly larger passenger and cargo dimensions. If you plan on using the 3rd row often,I suggest you look hard at what that leaves for cargo space. The Toyota won't carry 7 passengers and a full load of groceries.

    We bought the 7 passenger configuration in the Enclave which provides EASY access to the third row. While we are only a family of 4, we regularly are carrying a full load to/from my son's baseball and basketball games. The second row captain's chairs make the difference between a good interior and a great interior.

    I was surprised that Highlander's 600 pound lighter curbweight only translates into 1mpg better figures (both city and highway). Similarly powered, the means the Highlander is sure to drive a little peppier than the Enclave which feels a little underpowered with the V6 given its beefier weight.

    I suggest you sit in both cars (all the rows), and consider your true needs. If you plan on carrying more than 5 people regularly, the Buick is likely to win hands down. I never would have imagined myself buying a Buick, but its a great car.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Thanks for this over view.... validated my decision on my Enclave purchase.... Well done... I too would never imagine buying a Buick... I am coming down from a Navigator and have 2 kids so I really needed the 3rd row. Also I sneak back there on long trips with them so I wanted to be comfortable. I know it's not going to be like my Navigator but the Buick fit the bill and made it easier to step down to a more practical yet beautiful vehicle.... Buick.... Who knew???? Millie :blush:
  • dianejdianej Member Posts: 10
    The Fresno CA dealer, Kitahara, seems to always have 2-4 Enclaves at the front of their lot. Jim, the fleet guy, was willing to deal with us. We ended up buying from Carriage Motors in Temecula for $500 over invoice on October 10, because they had the red one I was looking for and I wanted to avoid the ordering wait I have read about. The Bay Area dealers seemed MSRP -and-up only when we did our shopping.

    Good luck. I heartily endorse this vehicle.
  • dinad0524dinad0524 Member Posts: 4
    Help....I received a call today that my Enclave that I ordered on 9/22 is in. I am suppose to pick it up this week. I was reviewing all the incentives with the sales person who WROTE in my contract $1000 off for the conquest in Sept. Anyway I received a call back saying they can not give me the $1000 off for the conquest only $500 because that is what they are offering for the conquest now. I will also receive the $500 cash back that started Jan 3rd. Can anyone tell me if they wrote it in my contract $1000 off for the conquest if they have to honor that? I am expecting $1500 off in total not $1000 - they said they have to go by current promotions - which I understand, but again I thought a contract is a contract? ANY ADVISE PLEASE...not sure how to handle this one!
  • winedogswinedogs Member Posts: 102
    Read the fine print of your contract. Years ago, I thought I had a valid contract to purchase a Sienna when they were first revamped. The dealer added an additional $1000 in fees after I had the contract. I thought the same thing as you, that my contract was binding. But in the fine print the contract said not valid unless signed by the sales manager. Mine was signed by the internet rep. I walked from the deal. I figured it would cost me more in legal fees to try to fight it.
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