2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • budibudi Member Posts: 41
    2008 is the first model year for the Enclave. It is unlikely that somebody paid below invoice on this popular car. Do you mean below MSRP?
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    I paid $100 below invoice. I had the offer at two dealerships. I ordered it on June 15 and it arrived Aug 28th.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Please post your deal in terms of $ below invoice price.

    Current Board Leader:

    08 Enclave $100 below invoice price.

    Keep posting your good deals.
  • medema7medema7 Member Posts: 19
    Do any of you have actual numbers with regard to a CXL purchase? For example, I am trying to purchase A CXL for 400 dollars over invoice, however I calculated that to be
    $40,465 before tax, rebate and License fee. Options include dual sunroof, Lux. Pkg., white diamond tricoat, confidence
    pack. Ent. pack #4 and 8 pass. seating on a CXL AWD model. The dealer came up with $41,855 which is a difference of $1390 more than my invoice figure of $40,465. (includes $95.00 service fee by the dealer and $400 over invoice.)
    The dealer said the difference may be advertising but he was not sure? I find it irritating that they cannot pinpoint the $1390 difference, however, I will not pay $1800
    over invoice.
    To the dealer's credit, he said he would honor the conquest rebate regardless if GM was offering it or not at delivery. Personally speaking GM should honor rebates for it's customers whether or not they are waiting 8 to 10 weeks for delivery but unfortunately most dealers will not do it. This GM policy on rebates may come back to haunt them . What about the loyal GM buyers over the past several years who don't qualify for the Conquest? I guess they are out a $1000.00
    Now to make matters worse GM is on a nationwide strike.
    I feel sorry for all of the buyers who will now have to wait
    much longer for their Enclaves to be built. GM may be building a great crossover in the Enclave but how much longer will customers have to put up with all of the crazy GM antics in order to get one?????
  • hondafordhondaford Member Posts: 51
    Concur on the rebate matter. I am awaiting a CXL FWD with option 3 but otherwise the same as yours. My dealer agreed to an invoice + deal as well, but the difference in theirs and edmunds invoice was 968, the advertising assessment. The advertising is a % so yours should not be that much higher than mine. Where the rest of yours is coming from ????????????
  • cowczarcowczar Member Posts: 4
    Just ordered my diamond white, ebony interior, FWD 7 pass CXL. I also put on the dual sunroof, trailer pkg, driver confidence as well as lux pkg. Lastly we added the 19" chrome wheels. Price paid was $38,102 before anything (I hope I did well). I don't know if conquest will be available when it's delivered, plus I've heard that many loyal GM buyers (like me) are upset by not getting the same discount as a non loyal GM buyer. Only bummer...12 weeks until I see my white diamond beauty.
  • medema7medema7 Member Posts: 19
    I don't know. As I stated earlier they ( the sales manager
    at Buick) cannot pinpoint what exactly the $1390 represents.
    "It may be this or that" is not the type of salesmanship a customer can be too happy about.
    I will be searching for other dealers and will search the Madison & Milwaukee WI areas next. ( I live in N.E. Wisconsin)
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    I have been following this site for a while and finally decided to buy the Enclave south of the border because the price is about 20K cheaper on the AWD CXL despite our dollar now harboring parity. But to my suprise, the dealer advised me that they are not allowed to sell to Canadians or stand to loose their franchise. GM want to force Canadians to buy the car in Canada and pay a huge jacked-up price by blackmailing American dealerships. We are being GOUGED BIG TIME HERE in Canada by not only GM but all automakers. It made me sick!

    I wonder if Edmund's site can help us Canadians in this regard.

    Buy the way, I found out at NAATA that many car companies were charged and penalized in millions for doing the same thing in Europe on cross-border purchases. Toyota is the only one that settled the case.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    What makes up the difference in the price? Is it the MSRP? Taxes? additional required equipment? or something else.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    The price difference got nothing to do with taxes. We pay the Canadian taxes once the car reaches Canada. Also, this car is exempted from the 6.1 duty at the border because of NAFTA. The base price of the CXL AWD in U.S. is about 33K while in Canada is approx 53K. The price difference were almost the same when Canadian dollar was 60 cents to U.S. But the automakers never adjusted that now that our dollar higher than U.S. We should be paying less. I spoke with a custom broker here who will bring the car in Canada for me for a $250 fee but I have to cover the Canadian tax. I rather pay tax on 33K than 52K. We pay 14% tax here in Ontario, just imagine the savings! This is the reason why GM and other automakers are basically blackmailing the American dealers not to sell to Canadians. The automakers were charged with antitrust doing the same activity in Europe.--source NAATA. Why can't our politicians enforces our antitrust law?
  • bobelewbobelew Member Posts: 17
    I am shocked to hear of your predicament. I live in Seattle and they just had an article on the news about our neighbors to the north coming down here to purchase new cars. The dealers in Blaine Wa. and Bellingham Wa. are selling a lot of cars to the Canadians. I have not heard anything about the dealers not being allowed to sell to Canadians. I must admit that the tv news article was general and didn't name any specific brands, but the impression was that The Canadians were saving a bundle, and until the Canadian dealerships can get the cost of their vehicles restructured from the factories, the rush to American dealers is going to continue.
    Did you try just one dealer, or several? It might be worth checking out. I would be interested in hearing what you find out, or if anyone else is expieriencing the same thing.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    Who gets to keep the difference in the price, GM or the Dealer? Either way it sounds like the customer is getting ripped off big time!!!!!!
    As for enforcing anti trust laws, remember the government gets taxes on a percent of the total price. When the selling price is higher the politicians have more to spend.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    You are absolutely right my friend, our government collects 14% here and much higher in other province. A major reason for looking the other way.

    By the way, I tried many dealers in the Niagara area ( I prefer dealers closer to our border )and basically, everyone gave me the same answer. You can try any dealer in your area and pretend that you are Canadian and you will likely have similar response. I have also asked my wife's cousin in Florida ( just for curiousity ) to check around and he got the same answer when he said that he is a Canadian. Whatever happened to NAFTA?

    This is the worse of its kind and the automakers are doing an 'in your face' price fixing blatantly with no fear of reprisal from both our governments. How the heck can we trust our leaders? Have they sold out to the automakers?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Of course General Motors (Buick) does have the right to price their vehicles differently in each country. I'm sure both their cost of doing business and competitive factors enter into the equation. It's not like they don't want to sell cars. I wonder what you would pay in say, England or France?
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    They absolutely have the right to price their vehicles but they don't have the right to abuse it. 25% price difference is mind bogling. When our dollar was 60 cents againts the US, this price differential was justified and we never complain. Our problem here is they never adjusted their price now that our dollar is higher than greenbuck. There is no justification to this except price gouging. They want to force us to buy here in Canada by putting roadblocks. Blackmailing US dealer is plain dirty and not honoring warranty on the car that they made is worse than a slap in the face of all Canadians. Free trade means free trade. I don't know of anything sold in US were Canadians are restricted to buy except some of this cars.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    First you say they have a right to price their product, then you go on to use terms like "price gauging" and "blackmailing". Again, they would have the right to charge $500,000 if they wanted, but of course they wouldn't sell any if they did. If how they've actually priced the vehicle in Canada results in disappointing sales, relative to their expectations, all they would need to do is lower the price to sell more. In the meantime, nobody's forcing you to buy any particular make and model - it's up to you to find one that you consider to be the best deal, given the options that you have. And just remember that "free trade" does not guarantee you any particular price, whether the product is made in Canada or the U.S.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    I'm sorry if you get offended ( you're making me suspect that work with them ). There is a fair price and a price that's tantamount to price fixing and gouging. The news that you'll see here in Canada when they talk about our car prices is 'GOUGING' and you're guaranteed to get offended once you read them. Now, with regards to the Buick Enclave, there's no such thing as fair deal here.

    I'm not only expressing myself but the sentiments of many Canadians with regards to the arrogance of the carmakers. And your response is basically 'go to hell'. It's too bad that you and the automakers don't get it yet.

    Check NAATA and you'll see the antitrust case againts the automakers were they were fined by European court in millions for doing exactly the same thing. If you tell the Europeans what you just told me, I can only imagine what the response would be.

    Thanks, to Edmunds.com and the internet, we can compare prices here and the US and the more we know, the more we realized that we are literary TAKEN FOR A RIDE by the automakers!
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    While GM an set whatever prices they want on their vehicles, if a customer does not have the ability to buy where he wants then a rip off is occurring.

    People tend to be smart when it comes to their money and making money. It seems like a cottage business must have been created to have a US customer buy a buick in the US then sell it in a private sale to the Canadian.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    easym1, I took your suggestion and checked out NAATA. They are a "not-for-profit association of vehicle dealers that import and export vehicles across international borders". Here's a quote that more than anything helps explain why Canadians are paying more for vehicles built in the U.S.:

    "With the Canadian dollar so high these days against the U.S. dollar, many vehicles are priced lower in the United States than Canada. Traditionally, vehicle prices have been higher in the United States."

    As for the fines imposed by the European Commission, bear in mind that these are specific to the laws they have in the EU to encourage competition across their borders. I'm sure if there were similar laws in effect between the U.S. and Canada, there would be plenty of lawyers filing class action suits over here.

    This is my last post on this subject, as we are seriously off topic. Good luck in finding the best deal that you can.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    Just look at this entire issue another way. We in the US pay substantially higher prices for drugs than our neighbors to the north. The issues are similar. Yes US citizens can buy drugs in Canada, but their insurance won't reimburse them because the Canadian drugs aren't approved by the FDA. These are exactly the same drugs made by the same companies. It's all politics and BS.,the same as with the Enclave.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    There is a difference between drugs and the Enclave. The Canadian government subsidizes the drugs. For the Enclave the Canadian government rakes in more in taxes.

    I still would like to know if it is GM or the dealer that benefits from the inflated price.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Guys please stop, you are killing us!

  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    If you had read my post you'd note that I stated the issues are SIMILAR not the same.
  • bcbudbcbud Member Posts: 6
    Toyota, Lexus, Acura near the border are the hard dealers to buy new from. I'm also interested in the enclave and would imagine if you call around you will not have a problem finding a dealer willing to sell to you. You can try Carsdirect.com, fleetbargains.com and fitzmall.com as well. Please indicate how your expereince goes because Enclaves are much less expensive in US. You also find aloot of help on this subject on this forum: http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=307601

    I would waite another year as the US economy is TERRIBLE, we will find tremedous car ( & land) prices.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    Thank you bcbud, It might be better for me to wait till next summer to see possible good deals due to slowdown in US sales. There is also an ongoing 2 Billion court case in Canada againts automakers regarding the way they conduct business. I hope that it will affect the prices here and we may not have to pay extra to an auto broker.

    Thanks to all the great information on this site and I appreciate the pros and cons input from everyone.
  • tinbigskytinbigsky Member Posts: 3
    I ordered my Enclave on September 15, the deal was $500 over invoice. Most of the dealers within a 500 mile radius weren't negotiating at all and were staying at the MSRP. My dealer indicated that he hadn't received his 2nd allotment, should I have asked him to put in my order as his 2nd allotment? For those of you who have ordered in late July and August, have you received your vehicle yet?
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    My son ordered his on the same day I picked mine up, and from the same dealer...this was on September 18th. I spoke with the dealer several days ago and he informed me that he had ordered 10 Enclaves the week after I picked up mine. Of the 10 ordered, only one (my sons') had been accepted...the rest are on hold. I told my son to anticipate a 14 to 16 week wait when he ordered, so he's not upset. As long as he gets it by the end of February he'll be OK. It seems that the dealers are being allocated a certain number, but no one seems to know how GM is arriving at that number. Here in New York City, very few (I don't know of any) dealers have any. My dealer sold his last one to someone from Virginia who just happened to be going by the dealership and saw it and it was just what they wanted. Yes, at MSRP.
  • bobelewbobelew Member Posts: 17
    I ordered my Enclave on July 29. I am still waiting for mine to show up. I have been informed that the main reason for the delay in my enclave is that I have ordered the Luxury Pkg. This gives you the articulating headlights and the power tilt. There is a constraint on that particular option. My dealer checked with the regional rep to find this out. Had I ordered the car without this option I would have had it by the middle of September. I am still holding out because I want the package, at least the articulating headlights! It appears as though the seven passenger seating is now possibly another delay.
    Here is a website that you can look up and find out what is delaying the production of most cars. www.donlen.com/production_cars_gm.asp
    Hope this helps.
  • medema7medema7 Member Posts: 19
    Would you mind sharing the actual pricing numbers, model and features of your purchase?
    Did your $500 over invoice price include the conquest rebate? I hope you can understand that $500 over invoice can be such a relative value. Thanks

    P.S I had one dealer offer invoice with the conquest rebate, however, the dealer wouldn't guarantee the conquest rebate. What kind of offer was that???
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    There is no doubt that the Enclave is a nice car.

    Financial experts state that paying full MSRP (plus all the other extra fees) on a rapidly depreciating item is a very poor personal financial decision.

    I am not critising anyone, but it is hard to believe that well-informed consumers will stand in line to gladly overpay for a car. Especially, when they know that once supply and demand issues are resolved, you will be able to purchase these cars for under the invoice price.

    So what is the motivation?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Part of the motivation is that when a very desirable new model comes out, and it meets with more demand vs. supply, some people will gladly pay full MSRP just to have it. They make a decision that for them this model is more attractive and offers more value than competing models, even those that are being heavily discounted. Other buyers choose to wait until prices (hopefully) come down. This is how the marketplace settles the demand vs. supply equation, with real-world transaction prices. How quickly prices come down depends on to what extent the manufacturer is able (or chooses) to boost supply. Some car makers run into problems with suppliers, technical issues, etc. that prevent them from boosting supply as quickly as they would like. Others have a tradition of purposely limiting supply so they don't flood the marketplace, in order to keep prices up. And to some extent this isn't entirely within their control, as other competing models are introduced and become the next "hot car". Right now the Enclave is clearly a hot car, and it's unclear what Buick intends to do as far as meeting the demand, including those who are holding out for better pricing. If Buick ends up flooding the market, and discounts become widely available and you end up seeing one around every corner, the Enclave could lose some its luxury appeal. I would guess Buick will take the middle road, trying to sell as many as they can while still limiting supplies somewhat so prices hold pretty firm and those buying now don't experience rapid depreciation as soon as they drive it off the dealer's lot.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    You are overpaying for any car you buy since almost all of them depreciate. Maybe you should do what a high school teacher of mine did. He would proudly buy a 6-7 year old car cheaply and drive it into the ground. He still lost money, just a lot less. Seriously, though, if you like something and can afford it you buy. I was able to get mine under invoice, and the conquest cash, and my GM card earnings along with a $250 earnings bonus for taking a test drive. This car is the best vehicle I have ever owned. My 03 Bravada stickered for 38M I bought it late 03 for 26M. This car obviously cost a lot more but it's worth it.
  • tinbigskytinbigsky Member Posts: 3
    AWD CXL $33,898.43
    ENT PKG #4 3,585.60
    DRIVER CONF PKG 431.60
    CARGO NET 37.35
    CARGO SHADE 37.35
    DIALOGUE 20.00
    DELIVERY 735.00
    ADVERTISING 322.54
    LUXURY PKG 767.75
    TOTAL $40,578.47 + $500.00
    My dealer said he would give me any available rebates when the Enclave came in. We need to have at least a VIN Number by 12/31 so our business can depreciate it out in 2007. It qualifies for the accelerated depreciation because of its GVW.
  • 08enclavebuyer08enclavebuyer Member Posts: 1
    I agreed to pay $1,000 over invoice in late July for an ordered Enclave. Invoice at the time for the Enclave as spec'd was 39,435 + 735 destination which was consistent with Edmunds, Consumer Reports, etc. The Enclave just came in with additional invoice charges of $428 * 2 for Dealer and Group LAM Contributions.

    Is this actually part of "invoice"? We had agreed that to the extent invoice changed (up or down) I'd pay actual delivery invoice + 1000. However, there were no LAM amounts or even line items specified at order date.

    Also, they tell me the Conquest rebate is good for $500.

  • medema7medema7 Member Posts: 19
    The Conquest rebate should be for $1000.00 unless GM changed the amount. The crazy concept behind the rebate is that they (GM dealer) will only allow whatever rebate is in place at the time of your delivery. In other words if GM decided to pull the rebate one week before you took delivery and didn't offer any rebate, you would receive nothing.
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    What's even crazier is that GM offers a "Conquest Rebate" to non GM owners, but nothing to loyal GM owners...that really stinks!!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    I agree, this makes no sense. It sort of reminds me of Comcast (and other companies) giving special deals for new customers only, just to get them in the door, while their loyal customers pay the full price.
  • mmbossmmboss Member Posts: 2
    The dealership called yesterday to tell us that the center console for the second row will not be available until January. When we ordered the car in late Septmeber, they said it was going to be available then. Anyone else hearing this?

    Then, the man at the dealership offered to cancel our order for us, if we wanted to wait until January to reorder. Why would a dealer want us to cancel? The center console is not a priority for us, so we are going to go ahead with the order.

    The dealer told us 8 - 10 weeks from when the order went in- October 1st. Based on the information here, I'm sure it will be much longer!
  • beach15beach15 Member Posts: 1,305
    Correct. It was delayed in re-development, and they then said late September/early October that it would be available. But, that changed again, and now it is on indefinite hold.

    If some of you get familiar with "other" specific Buick Enclave forums on the web, here was what was posted by a member, direct from the GM Hot Sheet to dealers on October 12, 2007:

    DK1 (2nd Row Center Console)...Although we had announced that the DK1 center console would be available for production at the end of this month, there are now Engineering issues that prevent us from building the DK1 center console. We now expect to keep this console on 0% constraint until likely after the first of the year. Although the option will still be in Order Workbench and Autobook, please refrain from ordering this option at this time due to long lead time.

    So, it just isn't available yet, despite what was said earlier.
  • jacobmjacobm Member Posts: 15
    I am trying to figure if is worth it for me to buy this vehicle rather than lease.
    Can anyone offer an educated guess based on their prior experience what I can expect this car to be able to fetch in 4 years?
    FYI - looking at a CXL fwd 7 passenger with sunroof and navigation.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    If you are planning to get the most of your car, buy it and drive it to the ground..but if you plan to have a new car every 3 to 4 years, you might as well lease it. If you are self employed, leasing could also have some tax benefits.
  • jacobmjacobm Member Posts: 15
    Leasing quotes for 36 months with 0 down was $700 a month = $25,200. Sounds like a pretty awful deal to me.
  • dengjdengj Member Posts: 1
    Hi folks,

    I got an quote from an dealer in IL for the Enclave on their lot. I like this model & color, and trying to determine if this is a good deal:

    CX AWD
    Red Jewel tint paint
    Driver confindence package

    MSRP $35,705.00
    Invoice: $34,035.00 (though Edminds Invoice price $33,710)
    Dealer Price: 33,700
    Less conquest dollars $500 (not sure if this is true, but the dealer said GM reduced conquest dollars to $500 just 2 wks ago)

    Final price: 33,200 + TTL

    Is this a good deal?
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    Hello jacobm, either way you go, you will lose unless you keep your car for as long as you can. One thing we're not sure is the depreceation. If you buy it and sell it after 3 years, will you be ahead? How much did it cost you including interest in 3 years to purchase the car, and how much will you able to sell this car 3 years later. If the car got a good resale value, you're ahead but if the car depreciates big time, you're behind. There's just a lot of factors involved.

    Or you can ask yourself, how much can I pay every month without breaking my wallet?...then, decide on that budget.

    Good luck to you my friend whichever way you decide.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    There is a good article in today's WSJ concerning production limits for the Enclave. Since GM has rid themselves of future health care cost, they are going to try to control inventory like other car makers do and keep demand high. It may be a somewhat risky plan, considering the new Chevrolet model of this car is coming our next year. The article also said that the Outlook lags when compared to the other models. Interesting.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Member Posts: 764
    It's easy to figure out why the Outlook lags behind the others: $$$$. While the Outlook starts with a lower base price, a fully-loaded Outlook has an MSRP equal to an Acadia. With Saturn's "no dicker" policy, their Outlook ends up costing more than a comparably-equipped Acadia when discounts and incentives are factored in.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I am going to the dealer this weekend to order an Enclave because there are so few out there... I have the same experience as your wife saw the Acadia but fell in love with Enclave... A dealer near me who did have one wanted to charge me $467- advg fee!!! I balked and walked away even tough I was going to go through the Costco program.. He never called because there are so few out there that these dealers have you by the ****'s..Frustrated!!! I am now going to drive to the Bronx and deal with an old friend who is a car dealer...And I live 150 miles away... Do what you gotta do....Mille ;)
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I feel sooo guilty for wanting this car.. I am due to order it over the weekend but am going to deal with an old friend who I know very well will try to work with me. It's human nature.. We want what is hard to get...mille :(
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I have written about this before, but for the sake of new readers, here goes.
    I had been leasing a 2005 Terraza, whose lease was up in January 2008. I knew I would exceed the mileage (36,000) so I had to get moving...this was in June.
    I had looked at the Enclave in Orlando, Florida, in April, and THIS was THE car!!
    I ordered mine on June, 18th from a dealer (Cunningham Motors) in Bayside, Queens, NY. They couldn't have been friendlier. I knew then that it would take about 12 to 14 weeks...but I had plenty of time. The dealer gave me credit for 2 payments, GM would give me credit for 2 months (Early Give Back Program), and my son who lives at the same address has a Mercury, so I got another $1,000 off for "Conquest". Not bad, considering.
    Well, our Enclave arrived about September 15th, and we picked it up on September 21st. I think most new cars are probably great, but this one is sensational. We loved our Terraza, but this one has it beat, hands down!.
    Oh yes, we tried to go through Costco, but, at that time, they didn't list the Enclave, only the other Buicks, and the dealer was not willing to offer any discounts or incentives. I think I did just as well anyway, and have a good dealer besides.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    Queens!!! L.I. here (North Fork) neighbor to the hamptons and I will have to go to the city to order mine.. you got a great deal.. I do not think I will be so lucky. My 02 Navigator is depreciating and by the time this Enclave comes in I will not get much.. That's why GM should off ;) er more incentives to those who wish to order and wait...Millie
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