2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wetashwetash Member Posts: 4
    Enclave CXL 8-pass, AWD, White Diamond Tri-Coat, Cashmere, Driver Conf Pkg, Lux Pkg, Tow Pkg.
    Delivery date 12/28/07. FABULOUS and BEAUTIFUL vehicle. Quiet, :) Comfortable, Smooooth, Nice handling, Good Turn Radius, Great 3-row seating with unexpected leg room and reclining adjustments for 2nd row.
    Dealer has been fantastic - friendly, accomodating, and responsive - Bezema Motors in Norwood, MA.
    It was well worth the 3 month wait to get the fabulous paint job - white diamond tricoat.
    Recently owned vehicles: Suburban 1500 LT, Saab 9-3 Aero, Infinity G35X.
    My wife, who is never impressed by cars, immediately fell in love with the Enclave. We bought it to "share". But she wasn't interested in driving it for the first week. This weekend she was "forced" to drive the Enclave because our other cars were being used. She has now "claimed" the Enclave as her primary car.
    We also took friends out last night in the Enclave. They own the big Lexus crossover and a new Mercedes 500 CLS (replaced a BMW 740i). They were very impressed and "didn't know GM made such a beautiful, quiet, smooth, well appointed vehicle".
    I worked for EDS when it was owned by GM and a good friend ran IT for the GM truck division. I learned from him that when GM puts priority and design effort on a vehicle they do a great job (ex: Sierra Truck platform for Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, Denali, Escalade, etc.). This new Lambda platform (Outlook, Acadia, Enclave - for now) seems to be one of these critical platforms for GM where they have gotten it right!
    Time will tell how well the Enclave maintains such a quiet smooth ride and whether it will be as reliable as our other vehicles (all three have been superb and the Suburban has over 100,000 miles).
    Hats off to GM/Buick for now!
    Simply put, I give the new Enclave rave reviews.
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    It is all on how the dealer operates that is why it is very important to checkout the dealer as much as we do our cars. We were very furtunate that we had a honest dealer for ours. Our final deal, btw we picked ours up on Jan 2 (had to wait for some dealer installed options like window tinting), came to $241 over invoice and the car is working very well; my wife immediately packed my daughter and mother-in-law off for a trip while the boys went camping with scouts and is extremely happy with the car.
    Sorry, i digressed. I searched for the deals that were mentioned in the postings but could not find any for the Enclave. My dealer said that they did not know of any such deals for the Enclave but would honor any I found. The only words of advice I can offer is to report their "practices" to either the BBB or to your local news stations. I know that our Houston news station has exposed a local dealership with the bait and switch game on financing causing many to loose their cars and money. I will say that our dealer made a mistake with my bank on my financing that increased my loan a point but they made good on it (had it corrected) and gave me a loaner on top of it since our car was delayed so long. That is service the way it should be... :shades:
    One last item, our salesman did say that a lady who was ordering an Enclave changed her order to be identical to ours after seeing our car before we picked it up. That was a nice complement at the end of a long car buying experience :)
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    What does your contract say? Is there a clause in there that you will receive whatever the incentives/rebates at the time of delivery? If so, then that is what you will probably get. Buick has this verbage in their current incentive offer on their page "**For Cash Allowance or APR, take retail delivery by 3/3/2008. For Bonus Cash, take retail delivery by 3/3/2008." Back in September they probably had about the same verbage with a different expiration date.

    Dealer contract usually (don't have a copy of one handy) notes that you will receive the rebate/incentive that the manufacturer has at the time of delivery. If the incentives go up you will benefit, if they go down you will not. This really should have been made clear and emphasied when you signed the deal for future delivery. I doubt the contract wording would leave them open to honoring a manufacturer's rebate that has expired.
  • maylhmaylh Member Posts: 9
    Do you mind if you can pass the contact info for the person and dealer for your purchase. I am also looking for an Enclave in Houston.
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    I used WestPoint Buick (I-10 just west of the beltway), due to the rules of this page I can not provide the name of the salesman but he is older and very nice. They were very pleasant through the entire process and the sales manager came through in the end. I would use them again...
  • pjohns2654pjohns2654 Member Posts: 4
    Have you got your enlcave yet? How long did it take?
    I ordered mine on Nov. 1, 2007 and haven't heard anything yet?
  • first300mfirst300m Member Posts: 8
    Having waited almost 5 months, I finally got my Enclave on January 5. Here's the context: When I ordered it in mid-July, the sales guy estimated that they we'd be getting my Enclave in 4 to 6 weeks (said they could get them more quickly than other dealerships because of their high volume). Throughout the process, he was rudely unresponsive to my requests for information. Then, when we showed up to do the paperwork shortly after the car arrived at the dealership, the salesperson tried to charge me $500 more than we'd agreed, since, he said, in the meantime, Buick had raised their prices to the dealer by that amount. When I objected, he offered to split the difference. I ended up getting it for the agreed price, but was pretty put out that they'd have the nerve to pull something like this... This is supposed to be a premier dealership. I wonder what the others are like. Anyway, now that we've closed the deal they've actually been polite.

    We're generally pleased with the vehicle except for the mileage: 13.8mpg (mostly around town). Wondering if this is a signal that there is something wrong.

    Hope your experience is better than ours. Cheers.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    pjohns... I ordered mine Nov 2 and I am in the NYC area. I have a production date of Jan 17 (week of) and that's if there are no delays. Mine is White Diamond Tricoat and there was a slight delay due to the color... But I do not anticipate on seeing this car till early or mid Feb... I have already set my mind so I will and am not so anxious. Also since I am on the east coat with snow and salt and all the wintery messes I am ok letting it take it's time so It does not go through the wear and tear of winter.. Good luck Millie.... :surprise:
  • wmurphreewmurphree Member Posts: 3
    I ordered an Enclave from Bill Johnson Motors in Lagrange, GA, on September 5, 2007. They still have not given me a production date, and today is January 14, 2008. I was told it should be delivered in 4-6 weeks...it is now over 4 months and I suppose we can expect it no earlier than February! This seems to be a very poor way for a GM company to handle its business. I can't blame the dealer...his hands seem to be tied. I have conversed with people in Michigan at Buick, but they can't tell me anything...very frustrated over all of this.
  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    When you placed your order did the dealer say they had an allocation available? My understanding is that the dealers are limited in how many they can order based on several factors, all of which end up leading to a certain number of allocations. If your dealer took more orders than their allocations available, you may have ended up at the end of they queue. If they supposedly have an allocation available and then still can't get an order placed, then I don't know what is going on with your situation.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I am sorry about you situation wmurphree.. but your dealer should be able to tell you at what stage this vehicle is at least by now... Yes it is frustrating , but if he already promised you a 4-6wkdel that means he should already have a production date... good luck... milli :surprise:
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    I was under the same understanding. But we contacted every dealer in Houston and all were progressing at the same rate... We ordered ours in early September also and got it Jan 2, 2008. (build date was Dec 12-17; loaded on the train on Dec 17; arrived in Houston on Dec 26 via train; delivered on Dec 31-Xmas impacted the delivery time; dealer installed options same day as our pick up Jan 2). I wish I could tell you that I am enjoying driving it but my wife won't let go of it :) ! From reading through the thread it seems that the East Coast (NY area) gets a large number of allocated Enclaves.

    I can honestly tell you that while driving around between Houston/Dallas/San Antonio I only saw 4 Enclaves between Sept and Jan; and I was looking! It seemed like forever to get the car but the pain is mostly forgotten. This is kinda like the Wii... over a year later and people are still standing in line waiting for them. Unlike the Enclave; we got lucky and found one without any trouble and when we wanted it.

    Hang in there and call the dealer once a week... Hope it comes in very soon!
  • tencjeddtencjedd Member Posts: 44
    I ordered an Enclave from Bill Johnson Motors in Lagrange, GA, on September 5, 2007. They still have not given me a production date, and today is January 14, 2008. I was told it should be delivered in 4-6 weeks...it is now over 4 months and I suppose we can expect it no earlier than February! This seems to be a very poor way for a GM company to handle its business. I can't blame the dealer...his hands seem to be tied. I have conversed with people in Michigan at Buick, but they can't tell me anything...very frustrated over all of this.

    Don't blame GM, blame the dealer. They know what production schedules are, they know what their allotments are. They do a horrible job managing expectations.

    Why not just go to Buick's website and do a search of dealer inventory in your area and buy a car off of someone's lot? Poking around on Buick's website in your area, it appears there are cars available, and according to certain websites which I can't mention here, you should be able to buy one in your area for at least $1000 under sticker.
  • wmurphreewmurphree Member Posts: 3
    My dealer assured me that they had the allocation. Thanks for the comment.
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    Once again....don't blame GM. I don't think you'd blame Sony if you ordered a TV from Best Buy and it wasn't delivered as promised! When I ordered my Enclave in June the dealer told me it would be about 12 weeks...maybe more. It was 13 weeks! I had no expectation that it would be earlier. The dealer, and only the dealer, is to blame in your case. You just can't order an Enclave and expect it in "4 to 6 weeks". Just look at all the threads and orther websites...they ain't to be had! The demand is exceeding the supply...and justifiably so. It's a great car...just ask any owner.
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    I don't necessarily agree that it is the dealer's fault. GM is limiting the supply of Enclaves (similar to the Wii) because they do not want the cost of another plant, and that is a business decision. The amount of time to receive an Enclave varies around the country which is either by region or allocation; I dont' know. When I ordered mine the dealer said that it could come in within 8 weeks or 18 weeks; we don't know. But I will say that GM does not provide much information to the dealers, and NO information to the public, on the car orders. Again, we checked all around town and each dealer gave us the same response and as it turns out the time was about the same to get one. Now where I will get on the dealers is around pricing... we could have bought a car the week we ordered it (it was a different color than we wanted) but the dealership would not deal on the price (above MSRP)... we had to order to get our price. Hey, it is something called free enterprise. If we don't like it then we can go to another store-we did. That is why we bought at the dealership we did; only one to deal on price...
  • unkownuserunkownuser Member Posts: 23
    Does anyone actually have recent prices to post?
  • pjohns2654pjohns2654 Member Posts: 4
    When I ordered mine on Nov.1, 2007 the dealer in Ocala, Fl. had one on the lot for $2500. over MSRP and would not deal. I ordered mine with the color and options I wanted after they agreed to give me $1500 more fore my trade and agreed I to pay MSRP.

    On Jan. 14 I got the order number from the dealer and then called Buick. I was told that my Enclave was built and it should ship in about a week and I should get it in 2-3 weeks. Buick also advised me they do not have the $500 rebate that "Edmonds" was showing.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I am still waiting on mine I ordered Nov 2. I spoke to my dealer 2wks ago who alerted me about the $500 rebate. Late late last week he contacted me to let me know they pulled that rebate away. Yes right out from under me . So close yet so far... I was sure they would through some incentive since all this waiting has occurred but I have no such luck... I really think GM should get their act together because this is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth ... Millie :mad:
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    pjohns... Did your Enclave arrive yet??? My dealer just informed me that the vehicle has just been built and is now in the stage of transport/delivery and to anticipate it around Feb 2-10th... YES!!!! millie :shades:
  • first300mfirst300m Member Posts: 8
    Yes, see my post (#208) of January 13. Looks like you'll do a lot better than I did in terms of waiting time!

    The car is wonderful (except for abysmal gas mileage - but that seems to be improving as we drive it more).

    Hoping you'll be happy with your purchase when you get it! :D

  • wmurphreewmurphree Member Posts: 3
    The salesman told me today that I should get it in Feb. Of course, back in Sept. he told me the end of Oct. or early Nov. I want to talk with the regional sales rep. but the dealer wants to get her okay!!!
  • jackson15jackson15 Member Posts: 1
    NEED HELP!!!!

    Got a quote on an Enclave and need opinions please:

    Carbon Black CX with 8 seats, driver confidence pkg, dvd player, Bose upgrade, Sunroof package for 35,460 total.

    (MSRP is 38,300 give or take)

    Any help would be appreciated!!
  • pjohns2654pjohns2654 Member Posts: 4
    Sounds Too good to be true. Good luck, hope you can get it at that price.
  • ke80ke80 Member Posts: 1
    I paid $1,000 below invoice at Roberts Motors in Owensboro, KY.
  • gingrichgingrich Member Posts: 9
    You need to tell them you are a buyer, not leasing & focus on getting the best purchase price you can since when you lease they still factor the sales price into the deal & you do not want to pay a higher amount on leasing the car. Tell them you are preapproved & have your bank ready to cut them a check, just need to find the right car. I called about 10 dealers myself, shopped around & the best I could find in Southern California was $500 over invoice (most were only willing to sell at MSRP or $1000 over invoice). If the dealer does not want your business at your terms then tell them so & to take them off your list. They may not be hurting to sell this specific car, but they are hurting in sales overall, so most will end up budging. Good luck & dont play their games. I paid $500 over invoice & ended up leasing the car. 39 months, $653/month including taxes, $1700 up front (1st month payment & $699 smart lease fee). I thought that was the best way to go. Also, spend some time learning all the lease terms as they will try to throw some things in their. Good luck
  • mickicdmickicd Member Posts: 24
    Sticker price for my loaded Enclave was $43,335.00 and I paid $41,583.00 not including tax and other misc. fees.
  • mickicdmickicd Member Posts: 24
    My sales experience was nice. My experience so far with my new Enclave has been a nightmare. I have had this car in for service for leaking 3 times now and Monday will be my 4th. Also the check engine light has come on 3 times.
  • crennercrenner Member Posts: 5
    So I'm going for my first American made car and I'm a bit aprehensive... I've been an Audi customer for quite some time. Anyway, I wanted to get some feedback (good or bad!) on the proposed deal for a brand new, fully loaded Enclave cxl AWD...Here goes...

    MSRP $46,654
    With Employee Discount (thank you in-laws!!) $41,000.
    $500 down
    36 month lease 15k/year

    They originally wanted $684/mo with $1000 down. Thoughts? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    YOU CAN DO A LITTTLE BETTER. Just keep pushing because GM is hurting .. saw the news today.. Anyway, I picked up my White Tricoat Enclave cxl 4wd last week and it is a stunner... I cannot belive much attention it is getting. I waited # mths since ordering it Nov2,,, I drives smooth and it is overall a wonderful car/crossover... Good luck... Milie :blush:
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    You are fortunate for the employee pricing. I am real close to making an offer for a CX FWD on the dealer lot and would be grateful to make a below invoice deal. Since it is employee pricing, I did not think you needed to or could negotiate a better price? :confuse:
  • crennercrenner Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info Milie!
  • crennercrenner Member Posts: 5
    I thought the same thing, however they offered to do something off the books where I give them $1000 and they in turn give me a check outside of closing for $500 cash back. Shady, I know. I guess they can;t show the additional discount on the deal with GMAC...So you are correct in regard to negotiating an employee discount. I guess they are desperate to move vehicles.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    Help me on this! You gave them a check for $1000 and they gave you $500. :confuse:
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Member Posts: 66
    You have a pretty good deal there, but I would check out an Audi Q7 before committing to the Enclave. While the Buick is a bit larger, and has a better 3rd seat, and a more comfortable ride, it is missing Bluetooth, and feels cheap inside. If you are coming from an Audi, you will miss the German engineering, the quality and luxury of Audi, as well as great handling. When I leased back in late May, I was in a Buick dealer to purchase an Enclave. They would not dealer exchange for the color I wanted, and did the old song and dance to get me to buy the white one they had in stock (I DID NOT WANT WHITE). Audi was across the street, and had multiple q7's in stock, and were running a $549/mo lease deal. After doing a long test drive with both cars, I knew I liked the Audi more. I love the huge sunroof, the ride, the 20 inch wheels and the MMI. However, the real clincher was that the Audi (equipped like I wanted) was only $688/mo (3yr, 12K miles a year, $1000 down), while the Buick was $669/mo (same terms). For the small difference, I went with the Audi (and did not have to wait to get the car). Further, the lease deal on the Audi includes 3 years maintenance. Overall, price wise, these are going to be the same. I liked the Buick, I just liked the Q7 more.
  • first300mfirst300m Member Posts: 8
    I have an Audi A8, and a Suburban, and my new Enclave! Absolutely love the Audi and the Enclave. My good buddy bought a Q7 and I've ridden in that many times... very nice. Nowhere near as comfortable, smooth riding, roomy or quiet as the Enclave. But it handles more crisply than the Enclave, but not worth the cost in ride.

    Sounds like your deal is very good! I wouldn't get too greedy when GM is down. They deserve kudos for this particular vehicle. Pay what its worth.

    :) Cheers.
  • sbrain2sbrain2 Member Posts: 2
    I'm in Virginia Today shopping for a Buick. Great prices! I can buy a CX AWD with sunroof, towing, confidence package, block heater and roof rack for 36,000. (1000+ off dealer price). One BIG problem. None of the Dealers will sell to Canadians.

    GM is ripping Canadians off ! Why???

    Why should I spend $ 10,000 more to buy the exact same car in Canada?
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I don't think it's GM...more than likely there's a law...
  • sbrain2sbrain2 Member Posts: 2
    No law... In fact, NAFTA prevents companies from doing this type of action. GM is actually being sued by both Americans and Canadians. GM is the biggest importer / exporter into Canada. It seems ok for them to do it.

    The American government and Canadian government have all the import / export rules online and help to facilitate the process. I'm trying to support the economy by purchasing an North American Car; however, I don't want to be unfairly penalized because I'm Canadian.

    The vast majority of cars produced by GM in Canada are exported into American. The prices of these Canadian made cars are much lower in American. The dollar has been at par for a few months now. There is no valid reason that I can see why this practise is occurring.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    Follow the money trail and you may find out that taxes/fees and different vehicle regulations may be some of the answers.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    Okay. Ordering this:

    2008 CXL FWD
    Power Moonroof w/ Sunroof in Rear
    19" Chrome Wheel Pkg
    Luxury Pkg
    Driver Confidence Pkg
    Entertainment Group #4 (with NAV and DVD)
    Cargo Shade
    Cargo Net
    Metallic Paint ($95 charge)
    Including Destination Charge ($735)

    $1,250 total money at start to dealer (includes first payment) , 15K miles annually, 39 month lease with 38 remaining payments of $630 + tax.
    Is this a competitive deal???
  • jpiercejpierce Member Posts: 49
    I have to agree here with my fellow Canadian. They interviewed a director of regional sales for Lexus on Global TV and he basically said the reason they charge 25 grand more for a Lexus RX350 in Canada then the US (even when they are built in Canada) is because the market here in Canada will support the price (meaning people are willing to pay the higher price). There is no justification for the higher price just they can ask it and people are willing to pay. All taxes and freight are payed by the customer upon delivery so extra taxes is a crock. The only reason you pay a little more is to Canadianize the vehicle to meet Canadian requirements for emissions and instrumentation (which can add about 3000 grand to the price). So asking 16 grand more for the Enclave CXL here in Canada (62 grand versa 45 grand US) is a form of gouging. Enclaves and their sister vehicles here in Canada are over filling the lots because they are not selling (no waiting here).

    I will seriously consider purchasing my Enclave in the US. By the time I get it here Canadianized and such I will have saved around 10 grand total taxes in and everything. I know its not the dealers because they do not set the prices, so GM has to smarten up or go broke here in Canada.

    I know they have lowered some prices (cash purchases only) here in Canada and even then only by 6 grand were is the extra break for the consumer, not enough in my books.

    Just my thoughts

    JP :)
  • fireflyslkfireflyslk Member Posts: 6
    :):) Finally, I am driving my Buick Enclave....I ordered one in Feb. and was still waiting. I received a phone call from another dealership and they had one just like the one I had ordered except different color interior and tow package. I went to see it and I bought it after much negotiation. $4,000 under MSRP. I absolutely love it and it is the most beautiful car I have ever driven. Not sure what the deal is with GM. I was given no info on the car that I ordered and reading all about the strikes and closing of plants. So, I grabbed this one while I had the chance. Sorry to the car saleman because they are put in a bad position. Is this a selling tactic to make people want something they can't have yet? Crazy.
  • ekuanimalekuanimal Member Posts: 14
    EXCELLENT! Enjoy. We waited over 17 weeks for ours Sept 07 to final delivery on 2 Jan 2008; the dealer finally gave us a free rental for the last few weeks... We really enjoy ours also, I rarely get to drive it but my wife is very happy. Knock on wood, it has been a joy to own; and our kids love it too. We have only seen a few (3 total) on the road around us and have a lot of people ask us about it. We had a Lexus before this and feel it is has as good or better ride; it does ride better than my in-law's RX330. It does drink gas, but we knew that in the beginnig.
  • fireflyslkfireflyslk Member Posts: 6
    Thanks...congrats to you, also.....I test drove the Mercedes R350 and I thought that was the car that I wanted until I saw the Enclave. Never owned a Buick so was apprehensive about buying one. I have spotted a few and I was the one going crazy. Now that I have one (since Saturday) I am getting lots of attention. I am guessing you are right about the gas...I am watching my gauge dwindle quickly. Good luck with your car and I am so glad I did not have to wait that long. If this opportunity did not fall on my lap, I am not sure when I would have gotten the one I ordered. No information was given on the date it would be built. i don't have to worry about that now. My kids think it's cool. Guess that's the real ok.
  • nunzinunzi Member Posts: 50
    I ordered mine Nov 2 and go delivery Feb13.. White Tricoat CXL.. I truly love it as well I get a lot of stares!!! Stunning car.... Millie :blush:
  • fireflyslkfireflyslk Member Posts: 6
    Glad I am not waiting anymore. I am enjoying all the stares also. Pretty funny since I was the one staring only one week ago. lol.. Good to hear that you are enjoying your Enclave...what color interior did you get?
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    Got it last Saturday...only had it for 4 days now. My mileage according to the AVG Mileage indicator so far is about 20.5 MPG. Not too bad considering how big and roomy this SUV is. Dealer experience has been good so far. I am adding the chrome strips between the windows (on the bars between widows) as I have seen this on other cars and it looks great, especially on a dark car like my black Enclave. I love the way the dash lights up at night. I think if they stuck a Lexus badge on the outside of this car, they would be one of the best selling cars at a Lexus dealer. I have never owned or planned on owning a GM vehicle but must say, its really an amazing car and truly think this could be a huge step in the right direction for GM. Now just add the Bluetoogh and keyless pushbutton start/entry to car and I'm all set. If you drive this car, you will get one over the Lexus, Acura or Mazda CX9. Love It !!!! PS... Got the Black exterior with Black Leather Interior
  • fireflyslkfireflyslk Member Posts: 6
    I have had my car since Saturday too.....Loving every minute of it. My gas gauge is showing 15.9 mph. Love the idea of the chrome strips...I will look into that. I agree that this is a superior vehicle. Lexus owners will be jealous. Can't compare. Bluetooth and keyless pushbutton would make it complete, Love it...
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Member Posts: 231
    What color combination did you get? What did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking? Lease or purchase? What options did you get? I agree with you too that Lexus as well as others will be jealous of this car.
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