2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hondafordhondaford Member Posts: 51
    You are doing what I want to do, too. In CA there does not seem to be any on the lots. I have driven an Acadia, but not an Enclave. I like the looks and features of the buick better, and am hoping for a smoother ride. what part of the country are you in? what was your money factor? mileage allotment? length of lease? Also, how does money factor equate to apr?
    Thanks in advance for the info
  • bernhbernh Member Posts: 7

    I tried taking your advice on ordering and after trying several times with different dealerships I was pushed away from ordering they would try to find what I wanted from other dealers and one dealership said it would take a long time because he said Buick is having a hard time filling the orders right now because they cannot get all the parts for all the options and thats why it was taking long for people to recieve their Enclaves that they ordered. I really don't believe this. But anyway we just got tired of playing the game, we have trying to buy this car since it came out. We found one exactly how we wanted it about two hours away from us. Platinum Metallic- CHrome package(sunroof moonroof-19" chrome wheels), Luxury, Confidence, Entertainment package #4, cargo shade, cargo net,. We paid more then we should have but we are happy with it, and happy its over with. We ended up paying 40,650.00 plus tax.
    Good Luck to everyone else on your purchase. And thanks to everyone who gave me some good advice. :D
  • myenclavemyenclave Member Posts: 2
    ordered a CXL AWD on Friday, July 6th. Options on the vehicle were entertainment pkg # 3, 19" chrome wheels, luxury package and driver confidence package. MSRP was $42,355 with a dealer invoice (according to edmunds of $39,087. Price paid was $39,000. Dealer estimates time to delivery of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    I have posted several times on this forum about the details. I am just buying the car outright and I am not leasing, so I can't help there. Again, I would suggest going thru the internet manager or Edmunds or just emailing for prices and what you want to pay. Gmbuypower.com should give a listing of inventory and an ability to contact them. I hope this helps.
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I'm sorry to be so long in replying...vacation in the Outer Banks, NC. I live in New York City, so there are mucho dealers...NY, NJ, Pa...and so on. I ordered mine through a dealer in Queens, NY...a lady salesperson. This is what more dealers should do...hire some women (No, I'm a happily married grandfather) and the salesperson was an over 50, not pushy, very polite and informed individual. Hey, just try another dealer. It's your money and their "commission". Good Lock
  • budibudi Member Posts: 41
    I ordered my car on June 14th. I called my dealer and they told me that due to the shortage of the power telescoping wheel, that my vehicle is not scheduled to be produced until the last week in August. They told me to expect the vehicle in mid-September. I'm fortunate to not need the vehicle until October so I am not bummed. I do not think they make a difference in priority of builds based upon small dealer vs. large dealer. That sounds like BS to me. If you or others ordered the luxury package be prepared to either wait,buy off the lot or find another vehicle.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    Based on the last several posts, I stopped by the dealership where I ordered my car and spoke with the owner. He verified that there has been reduced production on the Luxury Pkg and the White paint options and some of them have been on "hold". He again checked my order showing Priority 1 and code 3000 meaning "production accepted" The computer showed there were 100 cars with the special white paint and 400 Luxury Pkg's going to production this week. He again reiterated that mine was not on hold. Next it will move to code 3300, then 3400(meaning it is being built) and then code 3800(being shipped)
    Again, dealerships do have allotments they get and priorities they assign to orders. He had two more Enclaves allotted to him this week.. The allotments are based on how many cars they sell and some other factors.
    Two and a half years ago, I ordered a new 2005 Mustang GT Conv at invoice and many people waited 6 mos to a year on their orders, while paying thousands over MSRP. Some were assigned low priority and some where purchased at small dealerships that had only a few allotted. Mine arrived in 12 weeks. I learned a lot about the ordering process and eventually knew more about the Ford ordering system than the guy in charge of it at the dealership.
    The computer status of my order with Buick is updated on Thurs afternoons or Friday. They are going to stay on top of it, and if my status changes to "being on hold", I will change the order and remove the Luxury Package as I really don't need it when push comes to shove.
    I would suggest if you have ordered, they print you a hard copy with the order number, priority code and production code and then explain it to you. If they won't do that, I would probably go elsewhere
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    Unfortunately, we don't seem to have all the info's that you guys have in USA. Can anyone in Canada please post your price here?
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    I stopped by the dealership today and my order has been updated to code 3300-Sheduled for production the week of 8-13-07. At that point the Buick will be shipped and should arrive in less than two weeks. Right now they are going by rail to St Louis and then by truck. However, since there is such a backlog of orders, there is a possibility they may start shipping directly by truck to the dealership, which will cut shipping time by as much as a week. Anyway, it should arrive the last week in August, a couple of weeks later than anticipated.
    In the meantime, I have purchased a used Infinity FX35 and my interest in the Enclave is fading. When it's all said and done, I may wind up purchasing the Enclave and then reselling it and just keeping the FX since it is so much fun to drive. I would think being in to the Enclave at about $4000 under MSRP, it should be no problem getting my investment back, plus a little bit. I have enough sales tax credits from other vehicles I have sold that I won't have to pay any sales tax. We'll see what happens
  • hondafordhondaford Member Posts: 51
    My lease is up in Oct and Enclaves remain rarer than hens teeth here in northern Ca. I have not even found one to drive. I have driven the
    acadia and ourlook, but want the buick (I think).
    Looking for an informed opinion as to when the production will catch up with the demand. I could extend my lease another 6 months and be ready to buy in April 08. But, will conditions be any better then?????????
    My nearest dealer had one in stock (1 1/2 hours of rough road away), by the time I was able to go check it out, it was sold and their next arrival (1) will be the end of next week. :confuse:
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I sympathize with you. Here in NY, the Enclave is a rarity. I saw my first one, and took a test drive, in May in Orlando, Florida. Here in Brooklyn my local dealer doesn't even have brochures! I ordered mine June 18th from a dealer in Queens. I was told to expect delivery probably about September 1st. I have plenty of time...my lease expires in December. The Enclave is more than a step above the Acadia...I've driven them both. The Acadia is like a no frills version. Have you tried going on GM's website and checking the dealers' inventories in your area? Maybe it's worth a drive to San Francisco to see one. Obviously, the advantage of ordering one is you get what you want, not just what the dealer has. Remember that the Enclave wasn't supposed to be released until October...so they really released it early. Instead of renewing your lease for 6 months, can you just go month-to-month...just a thought.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    I ordered my Enclave on 4/7 and was told to expect delivery around first week of june. I changed color on order from white diamond to cocoa metallic on 4/18, my dealer said it wouldn't delay the order since a production date hadn't been assigned yet. That was incorrect info. It turns out that the change caused my order to drop back to the beginning of the cycle. My car wasn't built until 7/18 and delivered to the dealer 7/24. I was told along the way that there is such demand for these that the factory can't keep up. I have only seen 3 or 4 on the road.Also I was delayed by the 2 week 7/4 holiday shutdown. I've had the vehicle 2 plus weeks now, it was worth waiting for. I have the AWD CXL, rear bucket delete,sunroof,chrome wheels, trailer hitch, entertainment #1. Received a great price from my dealer in Watkins Glen NY
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Member Posts: 26
    I was lucky at first and stumbled across a couple of Enclaves when a dealer had just received them and nobody knew what they were yet. Test drove 2 and the dealer even let me take one home to make sure it fit in my garage. However, all the ones I saw were heavily loaded so I ordered a CXL with no options (and not Diamond White either) on 6/2. Today is 8/13 and I'm still waiting. Will try to get update from dealer sometime this week.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    His system will tell him when vehicle is pre scheduled for production, and when it is broadcast(goes into production). If he wants, he can relay this info to you
  • mrbinsermrbinser Member Posts: 4
    My dealer in Phoenix can't even get the order accepted and says he has eight others all in the same boat. He said the luxury package is the delay. I'm considering dropping the luxury package to speed things up. Has anybody tried that?
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Member Posts: 26
    According to the dealer, my Enclave still hasn't been scheduled for production, which means that even if they build it tomorrow, I will have waited for 3 months for it by the time it gets to the dealer. Since they won't be building it tomorrow, who knows what the final wait will be. Anyhow, told the dealer that I will be dropping by on Saturday to see the printout of the order, the code and the priority. I'm assuming that nothing I can do will change the priority, right? Again, I didn't order the white and I have no options on the CXL.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    Have patience. I ordered 4/7, car built 7/18 del 7/26. I have about 1000 mi on so far, mileage 18-19 city... 22-23 hghwy. Love the car, worth waiting for.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    The change of color only delayed my order. It dropped to the bottom of the heap.I waited almost 4 months, ordered 4/7, delivered 7/26 to me. I must admit it was worth the wait. I love it! The car is bigger than my Bravada, but 600lbs lighter. Mileage is 18-19 city, 22-23 hghwy. I don't think you can do much but wait. The only thing my dealer could do for me was get a priority on delivery. I had called Buick to complain about delay in production. They were no help other than giving me a free oil change. Anyway, they said that after car was built, inspection and delivery could take 3 weeks. Dealer was able to expedite delivery, car built 7/18, delivered to dealer 7/24.
  • jragosta1jragosta1 Member Posts: 49
    I can highly recommend carbargains.com. They gave me prices for a new Enclave as low as $200 over invoice - which is pretty amazing given the demand for this vehicle.

    I ended up buying one at $1 K over invoice (minus the $1,000 GM discount for owners of non-GM vehicles which means I'm actually paying invoice).
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I spoke with the dealer today...I ordered my Enclave on 6/18. He has received an acknowledgement (3000). So, I expect it about 9/15...about 12 weeks, or so,total...about what I expected.
    He thinks that orders placed today will take about 5 months...glad I ordered it in June!!!
  • hdaohdao Member Posts: 20
    What did small things start going wrong with your SRX? Mechanically, electrically? In fact, Enclave, Acadia, and Outlook seem to use the same engine as Cadillac. They may also use some same components under GM brands. I am looking for my next vehicle just wonder how GM cars reliable this day? THanks
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I have owned a Buick Terraza for almost 3 years. I owned an 2002 Olds before that. My Buick has 33,000 miles on it, and anything that did go wrong with it (all minor) were repaired within 1 day under the bumper-to-bumper warranty at no cost to me. If I were not happy with GM, then I'd switch. Before I bought the Buick, I tried almost 30 other "vans"...not just by sitting in the drivers seat (if the driver isn't comfortable then everyone is in trouble), but by sitting in the rear seats. Yes, I road-tested quite a few of them too. Now you can see why I'm buying an Enclave!
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    The trip computer on the SRX would never be anywhere near correct, ie, mpg, gallons to empty, fuel used. Sometimes it would say 39 gallons used ( a 21 gallon tank) GM said the knew it but did not have a fix and would not fix it. Had to have all brakes redone at 28,000 miles. It was a really nice car and had much more acceleration than the Enclave and it handled much better, but I just had an uneasy feeling about it. Looking back, probably should have kept it because it was a great value and really handled well. I guess I got mad because Cadillac wouldn't fix the problem. I Thought the navigaion system was no as good as the Infiniti or BMW system. Hope this helps
  • cjb2486cjb2486 Member Posts: 26
    Dealer happened to call me yesterday and announce that it is now code 3000. Not sure if that is good news or if just means that this is just a new line to wait on. However, dealer says that it should take only 3-4 weeks now until I can take delivery.
  • hondafordhondaford Member Posts: 51
    Finally found one in Northern CA. Wife and I drove and loved. Made dealer an offer the same as I could get from a costco rep. They accepted! Salesman was an older man, knowledgeable, helpful and not pushy. I am not in a big hurry, ordered luxury package that I am reading about in other posts as a delaying item.
    Am wondering about conquest cash. Was told that depends on delivery date, not order date. Confirm or deny?
  • zman3zman3 Member Posts: 857
    Confirm. It is based on delivery date. I have heard of dealers writing up the paperwork early if the vehicle has a VIN assigned and is in transit however.
  • wantsvettewantsvette Member Posts: 1
    I am SO angry with GM over the Enclave I could scream! Today is September 4th. I ordered an Enclave on JUNE 14th and the only thing I can find out from both my dealer and GM is that I have an accepted order. No production date is available. That is NOT acceptable to me. It is ridiculous to think that it could take this long and not even have a production date. I ordered the Cocoa metallic color and made the mistake of ordering the luxury package. There is no information of just why this package is hampering production but I would like to know. The lease on my 2005 Rainier is up in mid- October and it looks like if I do not opt to take a vehicle I really do not want such as a Jeep Cherokee or a Honda Pilot I will be up a creek without a paddle (or a vehicle, for that matter.) For those of you who do not have a "constrained" order and you do not have your Enclave yet, look out - GM has added a third shift with 500 temporary workers at the Delta Township plant that produces the Enclave. Yours, as well as mine will be a "training vehicle" for those learning a new job. Even if I get it on time, I can't wait for the recalls to start!
  • kcoreykcorey Member Posts: 130
    I realize that you're upset, but try taking a few deep breaths. I ordered my Enclave 6/18, and figured it woul take about 12 to 14 weeks for arrival...Sept. 15th to Oct. 1st. My lease expires Jan. 15th, so I figured I have plenty of time. Hey, if the worst thing happens, you can always rent a car for a couple of weeks...it's not the best thing, but I think it's worth the wait.
    By the way, my sons' lease expires Feb. 20th, and my dealer suggested he place an order now...the waiting time could be as long as 5 months.
    Remember that when the Honda Pilot first came on the market that the waiting time was 6 months, and the dealers didn't even have a model to look at.
    Lean back, have a cold one, it'll be here soon.
  • mrbinsermrbinser Member Posts: 4
    The only thing I could think of while I'm fuming was to get a GM Mastercard and put everything I could think of on it. With a 3% rebate towards my Enclave in limbo, maybe it will make up for potentially losing the Conquest rebate.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Member Posts: 177
    I ordered my Enclave CXL with Luxury package, navigation, chrome wheels, sunroof and trailer package on June 15 and it came in on August 27th. They did promise me 6 weeks, but they should be moving pretty fast now.
  • bhaynesbhaynes Member Posts: 8
    I am looking at getting one of these in the states as they are much cheaper than canada so if you have a luxury one ordered and think wait is too long let me know i may buy it from you
    I would love to know where the best deals are as i am not eager as I have vehicles owned so no hurry.
    anyone ever import one to canada?
    where are these built?
  • awndeckawndeck Member Posts: 1
    Our Enclave was ordered May 23rd and is not received as of this date.
    Latest information indicates a build date this month - or about 16 weeks after order.
    Most of the posts concerning this problem fail to mention the effect of "Dealer Allocation". Order from a smaller dealer - as we did - and expect a longer wait. Order from a high volume dealer and your delivery will be sooner.
    As a Buick owner for over thirty years, we have never experienced this on any order.......but Buick has never had an "Enclave" in their lineup until now.
  • budibudi Member Posts: 41
    I ordered on 6/14 CXL FWD w/luxury package and I was told a few weeks later that the build date was the week of 8/27. It was built early and I picked it last week. I did not think they were a big Buick dealer but i guess they are to get an allocation, or it could be I was one of the first to special order one. They currently have 8 in inventory waiting for a good home. Let me tell you all it is worth the wait. The seats are very comfortable. I have a keen eye and can not find any misaligned trim pieces and the Enclave has a lot of them. The seats are very comfortable. Dealer gave me the price I was asking plus the conquest rebate.
  • grand6grand6 Member Posts: 12
    Went to Straub buick/Gmc in New Jersey today. Wanted to order today but dealer would not reduce price below MSRP. I could get $1000 conquest rebate but also really lowballed my trade-in. Is this the market now for the Enclave or have others done better than MSRP lately?
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Supply and Demand!

    Read all the posts on this board for some good tips and give it sometime!

    Good Luck.
  • mrbinsermrbinser Member Posts: 4
    Go through Costco. $500 over invoice in Phoenix, but they didn't have any in inventory. Who knows if the Conquest rebate will be avaiable by the time Buick finally accepts the order. Good luck.
  • davek137davek137 Member Posts: 8
    Shop for a better deal. I took delivery in July, bought for $200 over invoice, in addition received 1m conquest cash and additional $250 bonus earnings from GM card for having taken a test drive.
  • stetsonbustetsonbu Member Posts: 14
    Is GM offering the GM Employee Pricing on the Enclave? My company offers this and it should be 1% below invoice, plus all current incentives. So, it would be 1% below, plus $1,000K conquest.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    If the GM Employee Pricing is offered on the Enclave, what percent of the available supply of Enclaves are sold this way?
  • budibudi Member Posts: 41
    A lot of dealers will not offer GMS pricing on in-stock vehicles, they will probably offer it for orders but only if they have a large number of allotments. If they do not have many allotments they might not order one for you or place you at the back of the line.
    Good luck.
    BTW the Enclave is worth the wait.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    Unfortunately I do not have employee pricing so I may need to wait for the supply demand curve to balance out before I can buy at invoice. I may start in November or December to give an OTD price to a few dealers and begin a patient wait. Fortunately my vehicle is still running ok.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    In your case, waiting for the 2009 model next year might be a good idea. At least GM could have fix some of the early kinks of the 2008. There's always a tendency of demands mostly for new models and it's true to most cars.

    Good luck to everyone. I will keep following this forum. I'm also interested on this car but I hope that we can go diesel on this one. If GM do that, it wills surely be a winner ( as long as the quality stays ).
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Member Posts: 113
    Hopefully GMC, Saturn and Buick play together in the same sandbox so problems found in the 2007 Outlook and Acadia will be fixed in the Buick so it won't have "First Year" problems.
  • budibudi Member Posts: 41
    They already have. The first outlooks had a motor mount problem where frozen water could cause increased vibration. It was not a safety or reliability issue. I believe a handful of the models made it into customers hands. This happened in late 2006 early 2007. The trans hesitation, and air bag recall was incorporated into the Enclave production.
  • easym1easym1 Member Posts: 218
    That's good to know. This means that the 2009 model for Enclave will be a much better car quality wise.
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Member Posts: 83
    I agree wit bidi, I would encourage everyone to hang in there. I think this vehicle is worth the wait.

    I got my Enclave AWD on June 30th - Cocoa color with just about all the options, including Luxury package, Towing Package, Drivers convenience package, moon roofs, entertainment package #4. It was a dealer demo and had about 1,000 miles on it. I would liked to have gotten a brand new one with zero miles, but there were no other Enclaves in the entire greater Pittsbugh area that had the Towing Package that I wanted. I really didn't want the DVD player, but there was $1,000 conquest rebate which mostly paid for it. I was anxious to get one (had the new car fever), so I went ahead and bought the demo one - for a few hundred over dealer invoice press, less conquest.

    I love this vehicle. It drives and handles great - very smooth ride. It looks really sharp. I have had at least a dozen people come up to me over the past 2.5 months at store parking lots, gas station, etc. and tell me how nice they thought it looked. It is very roomy - even in the 3rd row. The 2nd row captains chairs are super - they make it very easy to get to/from the 3rd row seats - much better than having to flip, fold and/or slide the second row bench seats.

    Seeing so many people experiencing delays with their orders makes me feel good about my decision to buy off the lot and not to special order (which I wa considering doing, originally). But I have to encourage everyone to hang in there. I believe that you will LOVE the vehicle and it will be worth your wait.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    lwolf99, can I ask what you are towing with it (lbs.) and how it handles/rides/accelerates with the additional weight? Also am curious as to the ground clearance - would you mind measuring the distance from the middle of the receiver to the ground?

    Thanks - JB
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Member Posts: 83

    Hello. The distance from the middle of the receiver to the ground is about 16.5 inches.

    I don't really tow much. I got the Trailering package simply so I could mount my bike rack. In my last vehicle (minivan) I got a trailor hitch installed afterwards, and I thought it looked rather ugly. I thought the integrated hitch looked much better. And with the Enclave, it is mounted in the bumper area, and also includes a plastic overthat totally hides the hitch when I don't have anything connected. I think it looks very nice.

    With the bike rack and our 4 bikes mounted on it, I would guess that I am adding about 300lbs or so of total weight. It handles it fine - although that is certainly not a very heavy haul.

    I hope that helps you!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Member Posts: 890
    Thanks, lwolf that was very helpful - appreciate the response.
  • selooseloo Member Posts: 606
    Please post your deal in terms of $ below invoice price.

    07 Enclave ???? below invoice price.

    08 Enclave ???? below invoice price.
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