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2013 and Earlier - Buick Enclave Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jpiatchek, what state do you live in and I just wanted to confirm that you bought and did not lease? I've spoken to delears in CT who say they won't even honor the X plan or GM Employee program since they feel they can get retail+, I typically shop in NJ anyway because most CT dealers seem to be disconnected from reality.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    I am in Springfield, Mo and I talked to the internet managers or salesmanagers and told them I was going to order and I wanted to do it at invoice. One dealer in Bolivar, Mo. I bought a new GTO from about 9 months ago and the other was right near my house. Once I got a commitment from one, the other dealer where I was test driving and ordered didn't want to lose the business. Their last offer origanlly was $200 over invoice until I got the other dealer to go to invoice. One dealer tried to dealer trade for the car I wanted at the same price, but we culd not find one within 300 miles like I wanted equipped. The dealer where I ordered found one nearby like I wanted, but they didn't want to dealer trade and wanted about $1,000 more. It really wasn't hard to do. However, I would email several dealers and I'm sure you will find one to do. A couple of years ago, I bought a 2005 Mustang GT Conv. when they were hot at invoice. Most everyone was $2-3000 over MSRP, but I found two dealers that would order at invoice. You just have to beat the bushes a little. Going through the internet managers or emailing is the easiest route. You will find a couple that want to sell a car. They still are making a bunch at invoice. Hope this helps. And yes, I did buy, not lease.
  • excellent information, thanks jpiatcheck.
  • I ordered an Enclave on April 12 and have yet to receive any possible delivery date from my dealer is this normal or should I look elsewhere? The dealer says they have no information as to a possible date. Can I check it out some way?
  • griz7674griz7674 Posts: 3
    I currently drive a 2005 F150 Supercrew 4wd. It's killing me on gas but it will seat 6 people which is nice since I have 4 children. I have test drove quite a few crossovers and keep coming back to the Enclaves.

    I spoke with a dealership about 3 hours from me and here is their offer.

    36 month lease based upon a GMS purchase price of $31,078. I am allowed 25,000 miles a year with a residiual of $17,547 and a money factor of 8.2. They are allowing me $19,000 on my F150 which I owe $23,879 on. This brings my monthly lease payment to $705 or $608 if I go with $12,000 miles.

    I have never leased before so am unfamiliar with what constitutes a good deal. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Not enough info to give you an answer...wondering more about if you can economically justify dumping the F150 for an Enclave. IF you drive 25,000 miles a year and get 12 MPG in the F150 and could maybe get 21 MPG by shifting to an Enclave, that could save you maybe 70 gallons a month. At $3/gallon, you would be saving $210 a month is gas.

    You then mention 12,000 miles a year, so if I adjust the calculations to about half that mileage, you would only save $100 or so a month in gas. If you are only going to be saving $100/month is gas, does it really make sense to trade? One kicker of course is that you will have to roll $4,879 of negative equity into a 36 month lease or about $130 to $140 a month right there.

    So, will you be any better off doing that vs keeping the F150 for a couple of years until it is paid off or you are at least even and not upside down?

    Beware leasing for low mile allowance then having a large mileage penalty at the end. Wondering about that since you quoted both 25K & 12K miles.

    I can't comment on the lease deal you were offered...I have not leased and have not sat down and gone through the process to see how it works. Sorry on that point.

    Just one thought, some folks like the Ford Freestyle...I have seen them advertised for the low $20K range lately, some have said $25K for a loaded Limited. 7 passenger as well, maybe not on the level of the Enclave but if your decision is really economic, it might be worth a look.

    Good day,
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    For the past month, or so, I've been looking into leasing an Enclave CXL. I presently lease a 2005 Terraza @ $371/ month, and the lease expires in January of 2008. The best "deal" so far is for a CXL with the Luxury & Driver Confidence Packages, no down payment, @ $521/month. What I want has to be special ordered, so it would be about September 1st for delivery. GM willl probably have a 2 month buy-back, and the dealer will pick up 1 months' payment for me. After contacting about 15 dealers, this is the best so far. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 80
    Can anyone comment on Advertising Fees. I saw a dealer invoice for an 08 Enclave CXL AWS in the Pittburgh, PA area, and there were two additional items on the invoice that was not expecting.
    - $450 for LAM Dealer Contribution
    - $225 for LAM Group Contribution
    - so a total of $675

    Are these Advertising Fees? Should I expect to include this amount in any calculations for dealer invoice price? In other words, if Edmunds invoice price is $41668. Do I need to add an additional $675 to that figure when trying to calculate an offer price of invoice + $some number.

    Thanks in advance.
  • bernhbernh Posts: 7
    I most applaud you on getting such a good deal; I have been through the worst weekend of my life trying to purchase a loaded Enclave. I live in Miami and have searched every dealer in south Florida all the way to Tampa, fl. and cannot get a dealer to budge below MSRP. NOTHING, not even 100.00 off. I went to Miami Lakes GMC-Pontiac (yes I am going to say the name so no one will go to this dealer) and the dealer actually said they had to add an additional 4,000 to MSRP because of availability. Man did I laugh in his face; this dealership was looked down on by many dealers that I talked to afterward. Anyway, I have been on the phone all day still no luck. How did you do it? All I’m trying to get is 1,000 off the MSRP. They are still making tons of money on this vehicle. (GREED) Anyway, I’m not giving up I will keep trying. :mad:
  • budibudi Posts: 41
    bernh, are you looking to purchase off the lot or factory order? It seems from the two dealers that I was working with that dealers are trying to hold firm to MSRP on cars on the lot and will negotiate on factory. The first dealer would only knock off $400 from MSRP, I was like :P I can do better than that! I did a factory order and I am slightly below edmunds tmv.

    p.s. There also was no trade involved on my deal.
  • bernhbernh Posts: 7
    We were trying to purchase off the lot, no one has offered to order us one, should we request it? We don't have a trade in either we are not doing any financing either we have already have the money we just need to purchase from the dealer. Today we had a dealer offer 350 off MSRP. We are still not happy with that. How do we go about ordering one? Your help is appreciated... :cry:
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I hope this helps...I went on-line to Edmunds, picked out the car (Buick, 2008, Enclave), then the body style (CXL or CX), then the color and options that I wanted (not what some dealer had on his lot). Then, I went to different dealers and told THEM what I wanted! I just asked them for a price. It's really none of their business, at this point, if you have a trade-in, are paying cash, or are financing. All you want is the price...and tell them you are willing to wait the 10 weeks, or so, for the car as YOU want it. Good luck in your search.
  • bernhbernh Posts: 7
    Thank you, I'll let you know how it works out....
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 80
    I just got my Enclave. CXL, AWD, Cocoa Metallic, Luxury Package, Drivers Convenience Package, Entertainment Package #4, Trailering Package, and Dual Moonroof.

    I agreed to $200 over invoice, minus $1000 Conquest Cash Rebate, equals $800 under dealer invoice. I got a SmartLease from GMAC, 39-month lease, with 59% residual.

    It was a dealer demo, with 800 miles on it. I wished I could have got one with zero miles on it, but there were absoletely no Enclaves in inventory in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area, that had the Trailering package. I found a few similarly configured ones without the Trailering package, but I wanted the hitch. I could have ordered, but the Conquest rebate was ending, so I took the deal. Dealer was nice (Budd Baer, Washington, PA). They originally offered $1300 over invoice, and 7.7% lease rate. When then came down to $200 over invoice and 7.2% lease rate, I agreed.
  • budibudi Posts: 41
    After contacting the dealer through edmunds. I wrote to the internet sales manager saying can you do this deal. I spelled out the options I wanted and what i wanted to spend including transportation minus any incentives at time of delivery. They accepted, I ordered ( gave a 1k deposit). Could I have gotten a lower price? probablly. I feel I got a fair price and he was getting a fair profit. You just need to take the bull by the horns and name your price rather than they dictating terms.
    Be nice, reasonable and I think you will get a better deal ordering than purchasing off the lot. I think dealers make a huge profit on the "got to have it now" condition.
    Good luck
  • jeanb1jeanb1 Posts: 2
    I ordered to Enclave on April 9....This is now July 3 and I am still waiting with no end in sight.

    I have tried every which way to check it out. GM cannot tell you anything more than they received way more orders than they expected for this car, then they refer you back to the dealer who can tell you nothing!

    So I am going on 3 months and have a feeling that it will not come in much before August.

    Depressing since there is no other crossover that I want. None have the size, features and quality that the Enclave has.
  • eabnyeabny Posts: 1
    Hi...I am interested in the Enclave with similar features as yours. Can you give me some real life MPG you are getting from the vehicle? Thanks for your help.
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 80
    I have only had it for a few days, so I really can't give accurate MPG numbers, yet. Sorry.
  • ody02tjkody02tjk Posts: 66
    Congratulations on your lease. I figured they would come down to your terms once you had the facts in front of them.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    I posted on message 31 that I had ordered an Enclave on June 15. I stopped in my dealer today and he printed a page showing my order number. It said-"Current Event: 3000-Accepted by Production Control" He said that meant they accepted the order. He said the next code would be "3300" Which means going to production. He still maintains it should be delivered the first week or two of August. I told him that others have been waiting since April 1 and still no car. He said it was probably in a small dealership with small allotments. He said there would be no problem in that they were a large dealership and had no problem with allotments. I will keep you posted. They also ordered it at Priority 1. I wonder what the priority number is of those of you that have been waiting for a long time. I will keep you posted.
  • hondafordhondaford Posts: 51
    You are doing what I want to do, too. In CA there does not seem to be any on the lots. I have driven an Acadia, but not an Enclave. I like the looks and features of the buick better, and am hoping for a smoother ride. what part of the country are you in? what was your money factor? mileage allotment? length of lease? Also, how does money factor equate to apr?
    Thanks in advance for the info
  • bernhbernh Posts: 7

    I tried taking your advice on ordering and after trying several times with different dealerships I was pushed away from ordering they would try to find what I wanted from other dealers and one dealership said it would take a long time because he said Buick is having a hard time filling the orders right now because they cannot get all the parts for all the options and thats why it was taking long for people to recieve their Enclaves that they ordered. I really don't believe this. But anyway we just got tired of playing the game, we have trying to buy this car since it came out. We found one exactly how we wanted it about two hours away from us. Platinum Metallic- CHrome package(sunroof moonroof-19" chrome wheels), Luxury, Confidence, Entertainment package #4, cargo shade, cargo net,. We paid more then we should have but we are happy with it, and happy its over with. We ended up paying 40,650.00 plus tax.
    Good Luck to everyone else on your purchase. And thanks to everyone who gave me some good advice. :D
  • myenclavemyenclave Posts: 2
    ordered a CXL AWD on Friday, July 6th. Options on the vehicle were entertainment pkg # 3, 19" chrome wheels, luxury package and driver confidence package. MSRP was $42,355 with a dealer invoice (according to edmunds of $39,087. Price paid was $39,000. Dealer estimates time to delivery of 6 to 8 weeks.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    I have posted several times on this forum about the details. I am just buying the car outright and I am not leasing, so I can't help there. Again, I would suggest going thru the internet manager or Edmunds or just emailing for prices and what you want to pay. should give a listing of inventory and an ability to contact them. I hope this helps.
  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I'm sorry to be so long in replying...vacation in the Outer Banks, NC. I live in New York City, so there are mucho dealers...NY, NJ, Pa...and so on. I ordered mine through a dealer in Queens, NY...a lady salesperson. This is what more dealers should do...hire some women (No, I'm a happily married grandfather) and the salesperson was an over 50, not pushy, very polite and informed individual. Hey, just try another dealer. It's your money and their "commission". Good Lock
  • budibudi Posts: 41
    I ordered my car on June 14th. I called my dealer and they told me that due to the shortage of the power telescoping wheel, that my vehicle is not scheduled to be produced until the last week in August. They told me to expect the vehicle in mid-September. I'm fortunate to not need the vehicle until October so I am not bummed. I do not think they make a difference in priority of builds based upon small dealer vs. large dealer. That sounds like BS to me. If you or others ordered the luxury package be prepared to either wait,buy off the lot or find another vehicle.
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    Based on the last several posts, I stopped by the dealership where I ordered my car and spoke with the owner. He verified that there has been reduced production on the Luxury Pkg and the White paint options and some of them have been on "hold". He again checked my order showing Priority 1 and code 3000 meaning "production accepted" The computer showed there were 100 cars with the special white paint and 400 Luxury Pkg's going to production this week. He again reiterated that mine was not on hold. Next it will move to code 3300, then 3400(meaning it is being built) and then code 3800(being shipped)
    Again, dealerships do have allotments they get and priorities they assign to orders. He had two more Enclaves allotted to him this week.. The allotments are based on how many cars they sell and some other factors.
    Two and a half years ago, I ordered a new 2005 Mustang GT Conv at invoice and many people waited 6 mos to a year on their orders, while paying thousands over MSRP. Some were assigned low priority and some where purchased at small dealerships that had only a few allotted. Mine arrived in 12 weeks. I learned a lot about the ordering process and eventually knew more about the Ford ordering system than the guy in charge of it at the dealership.
    The computer status of my order with Buick is updated on Thurs afternoons or Friday. They are going to stay on top of it, and if my status changes to "being on hold", I will change the order and remove the Luxury Package as I really don't need it when push comes to shove.
    I would suggest if you have ordered, they print you a hard copy with the order number, priority code and production code and then explain it to you. If they won't do that, I would probably go elsewhere
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Unfortunately, we don't seem to have all the info's that you guys have in USA. Can anyone in Canada please post your price here?
  • jpiatchekjpiatchek Posts: 177
    I stopped by the dealership today and my order has been updated to code 3300-Sheduled for production the week of 8-13-07. At that point the Buick will be shipped and should arrive in less than two weeks. Right now they are going by rail to St Louis and then by truck. However, since there is such a backlog of orders, there is a possibility they may start shipping directly by truck to the dealership, which will cut shipping time by as much as a week. Anyway, it should arrive the last week in August, a couple of weeks later than anticipated.
    In the meantime, I have purchased a used Infinity FX35 and my interest in the Enclave is fading. When it's all said and done, I may wind up purchasing the Enclave and then reselling it and just keeping the FX since it is so much fun to drive. I would think being in to the Enclave at about $4000 under MSRP, it should be no problem getting my investment back, plus a little bit. I have enough sales tax credits from other vehicles I have sold that I won't have to pay any sales tax. We'll see what happens
  • My lease is up in Oct and Enclaves remain rarer than hens teeth here in northern Ca. I have not even found one to drive. I have driven the
    acadia and ourlook, but want the buick (I think).
    Looking for an informed opinion as to when the production will catch up with the demand. I could extend my lease another 6 months and be ready to buy in April 08. But, will conditions be any better then?????????
    My nearest dealer had one in stock (1 1/2 hours of rough road away), by the time I was able to go check it out, it was sold and their next arrival (1) will be the end of next week. :confuse:
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