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Buick Enclave Maintenance and Repair



  • cdb5cdb5 Posts: 1
    For newly manufactured Enclaves, has Buick solved the floating-head/camshaft problem? Are there other defects that I should be aware of before making my purchase decision?
  • fryrfryr Posts: 1
    Your Enclave?Did you forget that it is a fleet vehicle that doesn't even belong to you?You also forget to mention that it took over two weeks to get the cylinder heads! The parts availability is not the dealers problem,it is caused by the manufacturers not having a surplus of parts available due to cost cutting measures that they have to implement because of outdated obsolete UAW ideas that cost GM billions of dollars. wish I could get my employer to pay all of my insurance and retirement. And if any of you with this problem think another manufacturer is better just go into some of the forums for other models and check out some of there problems. They all have the same technologies they just call it something different.
  • mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
    My car is in Service presently for the check engine light. They are doing something with the camshaft. I'm supposed to pick it up tonight. I will post the outcome later
  • twoffordtwofford Posts: 2
    We have had similar problems with the Enclave we bought in June of 07. The check stabilitrack light has come on several times, then service stabilitrack light comes on then goes off and is ok for awhile, then does it again. Has happened several times. The car has 21,000 miles on it . About 3 weeks ago we had to have it towed to the Buick dealer because of a loud knocking noise in the engine compartment that turned out to be serious enough that they are replacing the entire engine. We had the transmission software proogram updated several months ago because of a recall that was put out. The 6 speed transmission has some different shifting patterns than most others. This is supposed to maximize fuel economy according to the service manager. I think this car is so new and "state of the art" that it was put out before all of the bugs were worked out. We have been very pleased with it until this engine failure. We'll see what happens once the new engine goes in.
  • mickicdmickicd Posts: 24
    The rust that has occured in my Enclave is located in the back cargo area underneth the carpet. I suspect the rust that is located on the bolts back there is caused from a chemical reation from the carpet getting soaked from the rain.
    The dealership did nothing to fix this. They said it must have been caused by humidity and if they fixed it, it would just happen again because it is not the metal you mentioned that doesn't rust.
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Our 2008 enclave is a month old. We had a defective front strut replaced but now I can hear a slight air noise through the steering wheel. The repair tech. does not seem to hear it. I went to a new dealership and checked out a new enclave and it has the same noise but mush less noticable. Is this normal on the enclaves? If you roll up the windows and put your ear up to the steering you may or may not have the same issue. What could this be? Also they have to repair the left signal, it will not click off after turning the steering.
  • dianejdianej Posts: 10
    FYI, my enclave had both front hubs replaced by the local dealer at 5,000 miles. My initial thought was strut , but it was hub. Keep an eye out for that. You deserve to have a quiet ride because that's what you bought!
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    I still hear a clunk noise mostly in the morning after I turn the car I can hear a clunk under the front of the car. The dealer claims it normal, it's the power steering. Not sure what to think. The car is a month old.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    If it does it at roughly 7 MPH and 20 MPH it is the ABS self test and it is normal. They all do it to some degree or another.
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Thank you for the reply,very helpful! It does exactly do that clank between 7-20mph the service dept. did say it was normal thought it was the power steering and I was still unsure. The GMC acadia blog, a few people complained of the same issue.
  • saamwilsonsaamwilson Posts: 3
    Since I drove off the lot 1/31/08 I have had a rattle in the front end. I have taken it in to 2 dealerships a total of 4 times. Parts have been replaced and now its been 7+weeks waiting for new struts. I love the car but can't stand the rattle!!!!! Anyone else with the rattle/thumping noise. The first dealer actually told me to just turn up the radio...
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Yes, I have been back to the dealer several times waiting for parts. Twice the dealer was sent the wrong parts from GM. The dealer ordered the new parts but got parts that were similar, the coding was not updated yet from GM I was told. Not sure why. The front left strut was defective but they replaced both front struts and springs. I still get a knock after I make a turn but not a rattle. I was told this is normal from the power steering/brakes. I did notice a new sound coming from the steering wheel, sounds like air noise now, Dealer seems clueless on this issue. I did contact buick to give them the list of small repairs that the car needed since I drove off the lot. its good to do that so they can keep track and issue a recall if necessary. I still love the car and hope it lives up to it's rave.....
  • dianejdianej Posts: 10
    My rattle began 8 weeks into ownership. Dealer replaced both front hubs. Problem seems to be solved.
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Does anyone hear a clunk noise from the abs self check. My new enclave makes the noise everytime I first drive the car. I test drove a new enclave and I did not here that clunk. Just wanted to know if it's only on some cars or all. The dealer told me this was normal noted from GM. Other customers had the same complaint and was told the same thing. I thought this was suppose to be a quiet ride.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    All do it to a certain extent. Either some do it louder than others or some of us owners are more sensitive. I don't know which.

    There is a TSB out addressing the issue which supposedly lessens or eliminates the sound.

    And it is a quiet ride. ;)
  • saamwilsonsaamwilson Posts: 3
    I do hear this noise each time I start my car. It's not real loud but I do notice it. I will say that I had an 02 Expedition and the ABS went and I had to replace it. After I replaced the ABS I heard this same noise when I would first start the Expedition. I'm not sure if its normal but I do hear the noise too.
  • saamwilsonsaamwilson Posts: 3
    I take my car in Tuesday for the new parts I have been waiting for. If the rattle is still there I will ask about the front hubs. Thanks for the heads up!
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Driving on the freeway or anytime I switch lanes I have to manually turn the signal off. When I make a turn it will shut off on it's own. Does this sound about right or is there something wrong with it?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    That sounds normal. The steering wheel has to be turned through some minimum angle in order to "arm" the mechanism that will deactivate the turn signal when the steering wheel is returned to its neutral position. A safe lane change on the highway requires a fairly small rotation of the steering wheel.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • kugleykugley Posts: 5
    I had the ABS self check clunk noise. I noticed it every time I first took the car out - it would happen between 15-20 mph. When I took it back in again (for the 2nd round of check engine light issues), the service manager stated that GM had a bulletin out about the ABS self checking noise. It is my understanding that he uploaded a software patch to the vehicle's computer & that was to fix the ABS from checking itself too much. I will be requesting a copy of the bulletin when I pick my car up...but it might be a while before I have the bulletin number to share, as they are now (after first replacing the sensor) having to replace the cylinder head in the engine - and - my cams are off about 1/8th-1/4" off. I can't even express how frustrating & disappointing this Enclave experience has been - and it just seems to go on and on.
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    Thanks for the info, I would be interested to hear the outcome of your experience with the software update. Sometimes when I back up the car even after driving for a while I can hear a crack/clunk noise. not sure if that is related to abs noise.
    Good luck and keep us posted if you can.
  • My 6 month old Enclave would not start and in fact would not allow me to remove the ignition key. AAA came and said battery was drained and jumped started the car. Took it to the dealer and they check the battery & alternator and said all was fine - but I am curious as to how it happened. The only thing that I know that occurred was the Onstar diagnostic check was performed - any thoughts.
    Also had a leaky sunroof that Dealer said was due to gutters being to short - they ordered the parts and replaced them one week later. Seems to have solved that problem.
  • My wife's Enclave went dead a few months ago. I couldn't get the key out either. I charged up the battery, took it to the dealer and was told they couldn't find anything wrong. I'm sure there are others with the same problem.
  • Took the car out of the garage. Turned it off to get something from the house. Started the car up again for a two hour trip only have the driver side heater stay on HOT all the way. Passenger side was temperature controllable but nothing worked from the drivers side except having the window down. Been working fine since the return trip home. Anybody else having had this problem?
  • I talked to Onstar yesterday concerning the Diagnostic check. The Onstar consultant told me that they were trained to only do the diagnostics when the car was running. They transferred me to a "technician" and i must say that the test at the end of October was performed when the car was OFF. I asked them to cancel the automatic monthly diagnostic tests. Do yo have the tests performed??
  • I've since canceled my OnStar service. I took the car to the dealer but they just put their hands up and said they don't see a problem. Of course, every time your battery dies you lose 15% of it's life but I guess that's my loss.
  • When I went out to start My Enclave this morning Batt was completely Dead....Nothing . I also was unable to remove the Key. Called Buick and they said they will send someone out to tow the car in , tomorrow morning. The Buick Person told me that the car needs to be driven every few days to keep the battery charged up. We had NOT driven the car for at lest 6 days...Is there any truth to this?
  • I went out to start my Enclave this afternoon and it was basically dead also; just some clicking noises in the doors... like the last gasps of the battery trying to run a motor (power windows???). I couldn't get my key out of the ignition either. I hadn't driven my car for about a week either.
  • Great....Now when I go on a trip or as recently I went into the hospital....I have to hire someone to come in and feed the bird and excercise the Dog. Now I have to find someone to come in and excercise my Buick. I can't beleve that the Buick has so much stuff running in there that the battery won't stay up any longer than a week.
  • My wife's Enclave didn't wait a week. It died overnight. Buick said they couldn't find a problem.
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