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Ford Expedition Air Conditioning Questions



  • asandsasands Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Expedition and the rear overhead vents are not working. The AC works fine in the front, but when we try to turn on the rear air it only blows in the third row seating floor vents. Any idea what might be causing this? :confuse: :confuse:
  • buzzz1buzzz1 Posts: 42
    This is a common problem. Check some other ford message boards for more info. Ford tried to blame it on having a cell phone charger plugged into the 12v outlet near the controls....
  • I have a 2003 Ford Expedition, and the front AC is stuck in defrost mode. All other AC controls work. It just won't change modes. Is there a relay or control board that changes the modes or is it just in the switch?
  • Go to O'Reilly's and purchase a new Actuator and install Price is $32.00 Plus Tax. Very easy fix for the clicking sound in the rear air. Just pop off the side panel and unplug the wire on the side next to the front of the blower and it will confirm the problem. Will only go one way so be careful. Good Luck! :)
  • How to you get the side panel off. Is it the panel from floor to roof. I do not see any panel the will pop off. Thanks
  • Any hints on how to remove the rear panel? Thanks.
  • Hope you found your fix. I replaced one in the Ford front end to my 99 motorhome and now I need to work on my Expedition. Did the 75K ohm resistor work?
  • I recently had the heater core replaced and since that time, when either using the AC or the heater, when I turn the truck off, the blower for the front defroster will come on after the vehicle is completely turned off. I have pulled the fuse, #22, for the blower and it still remains on. The only way to turn it off is to disconnect the battery. The auto repair shop where the heater core was replaced says there is nothing wrong. Please help.
  • This started last night and still doing it today. Whenever I turn on the rear air conditioning of my 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer, I hear a clicking noise from the rear passenger side panel. Can you help me identify this problem?
  • I have an 03 expedition EB, i am hearing a noise almost the sould of a winshield wiper running from the rear right side panel in the back behind the third row seat???? Any ideas of what this could be?
  • drallendrallen Posts: 1
    Thanks!!! just had a new engine put in an ever since going up hills would stop air conditioner from pushing air forward. After reading your message I check the vaccum lines and found one not like a charm now!!! thanks again..
  • I have a 03' expo and i have just recharged the refrigerant however the A/C is only shooting out what seems to be vent air. does anyone happen to know what is going on?
  • arch610arch610 Posts: 1
    I just replaced the A/C Door Actuator motor today it worked till the temp got cold and the the clicking noise started again. Any ideas let me know
  • dtownse1dtownse1 Posts: 1
    Just had the ac go off on a 95 degree day. after pushing buttons finally got rear to blow cold but not front seats. Checked fuses (3 different ones related to climate control) and everything ok. Turned vehicle back on and everything worked fine. What gives??
  • maumalienmaumalien Posts: 1
    I have an '07 EXPY. I noticed that
    my AC was working, occasionally. Then I noticed that my cold-hot gauge would drop to "c". When this would happen the air compressor would shut down and then the AC wouldn't blow out cold air. Then, for whatever reason, the gauge would be reading correctly and the air would resume. This eventually got to be where the guage wouldn't read at all then there was no cool air. I took this to the dealer and a local mechanic. Both said there was no correlation, but still no solution to the problem. THe local mechanic has replaced every thermostat that might be related, the accuator, flushed (or whatever) to the vacuum, but still no cold air, nor does the hot-cold guage work. The dealer has never seen this problem. Any suggestions?
  • tbone06tbone06 Posts: 1
    Good call on that vaccum line fixed that same problem on my 99 Ford Expedition. Thank for the info.
  • wralexjrwralexjr Posts: 1
    Did you get a fix to this problem? My 03 is doing the exact same thing.
  • bart175bart175 Posts: 1
    I can only find one port but it not the one I need to recharge the system I looked all over the truck does anyone know where it is.

  • jmlmeljmlmel Posts: 1
    Hi, I have 2000 Expedition that is doing the same thing. Did you ever get it figured out? Thanks
  • slick3299slick3299 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Eddie Bauer Expedition and the rear a/c is not blowing cold air. The front works great but the rear air is not cold MOST of the time. Every once in a while it may blow cold . Does anyone know what my problem is?
  • mkabrickmkabrick Posts: 2
    One for the best of the best. My 97 expodition has issues.

    When I first start the car I have good control to the hvac system hot and cold. After a while, when the car has warmed up OR with excessive RPMs things begin to change.

    For example: A hot day. When I first start the car I've got good AC front and back. After driving a short distance you hear the noise, the distinct sound of an air damper closing (I call it sucking over). After it sucks over there is no going back to cold air. The rear a/c WILL still blow cold, but the front is hot as can be.

    On a cold day when I need heat, the unit will blow cold until I can get it sucked over. I do this after the engine has warmed up by reving the RPMs, while the car is in first gear. Once it has sucked over there is no controll of the temp on the thermostat. It only blows HOT.

    Oh yea one more thing, it idols rough. The thermostat knob is NOT digital.

    I thought it was my blend door but now I'm begining to wonder if I have a vac leak.


  • The Expedition has an electronic blend door actuator. Vacuum controls where the air comes out but not the temperature. It sounds like your front blend door is going to the full hot position and staying there.
  • You may be low on charge so there is not enough charge to keep both evaporator cores cool.
  • >
    The blower kept blowing, but at gradually lower volume and higher temperature after you had been driving for a while?
    If so, your evaporator core was iced over. Turning off the A/C allowed the ice to melt and then it worked again.

    Confirm if this sound like your issue.
  • Look in the back of the engine compartment near the accumulator (the big cylindrical metal object attached to the suction line near the dash panel). It might even be on the accumulator. Let us know if you find the port and exactly where it is.
  • pinkkeithpinkkeith Posts: 1
    I have the same problem w/ 02 Explorer, did you ever find out the cause/remedy?
  • If it is stuck in defrost you probably have a loss of vacuum to the vacuum motors due to a pinched, damaged, or disconnected vacuum line. Find the vacuum motors, check for vacuum in the different control modes, and trace the problem back.
  • airconmanairconman Posts: 13
    I've read many of the threads here and believe I have a problem with the temperature blend control. The front vents only blow hot air when in AC mode with full cold dialed on the temp dial. The back vents blow cold air (when in AC on cold) and hot air (when temp turned to heat) like they are supposed too. I know I need to take the dash and console off to do the full repair.

    My question is - is there a simple temporary quick fix to get the temp blend valve over to cold A/C for the time being until I can go through the dash removal hassle? Thanks for any replies!
    Great site btw -
  • airconmanairconman Posts: 13
    Okay, I found a quick temporary fix to share in case others are in a similar bind. Given we are in the hi 80's, low 90s most days I need the air con blowing in the front (not heat).

    I was able to get the temperature blend door to shift over to blow cold air. I turned the ignition to on, but did not start the car. I closed the front vents, except one. Then I took a shop vac and reversed the hose to the exhaust position to blow air, and I put the hose up to the one open air vent. Then I moved the temperature dial back and forth a bit and finally left it on full cold. Voila, when I started the car, crisp cold air was coming out of the front air con. So the temperature blend door was somehow shifted to the cold position. Not sure long it will stay this way. Hopefully until fall, or until I can remove the dash.
  • mrpatryanmrpatryan Posts: 2
    I tried the trick to no avail. Maybe I missed a detail or two, so here are the questions I have airconman.

    - When you do the trick with the shop vac do you have the selection dial to AC Max, or Vent or Defrost or what?

    - Do you have the fan dial turned on when you do this?

    Also, a couple details about my symptoms. My AC is blowing non-cold in front and back. However when I hook up a can of R-134 with the dial gauge on it, it reads to the top of the "Full" category before I add any. So I start the engine with the gauge attached and turn the AC onto max and fan on High and the compressor kicks on ever few seconds and the the gauge dials down to the bottom of the "Full" range then slides back to the top of the "Full" range and the compressor cycles again. The gauge never dips into the "Low" range.

    This looks to me like I have plenty of R-134 in my system and some other issue is causing my AC to not chill. Maybe I have a vent door issue too?
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