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Ford Expedition Air Conditioning Questions



  • parkedparked Posts: 1
    It is between the battery and the engine on the condenser on the firewall. There is a computer component mounted directly above it. There are hoses and wiring covering the inlet. Hope this helps.
  • airconmanairconman Posts: 13
    With the shop vac trick, I had the selection dial set to AC. Make sure the ignition switch is on. The fan is set to the lowest setting. With the shop vac blowing in the vent I turned the temp setting dial back and forth from hot to cold and back a couple of times, then left it on full cold.

    I am not an expert and don't know much about the AC system. However, given that you are getting the same thing out of the front and back vents suggest it may not be the temperature blend door that is the culprit. There is temp blend door in front and another one in back that work independently. Unlikely they went out at the same time.
    Good luck
  • tom183tom183 Posts: 3
    I had 3 problem with my air controls in one day. My air speed control only works on low and high. The A/C only works on max A/C but not well. And last The A/C on any other setting blows hot air. A/C is charged was At 25 I upped the charge to 40 to see if that would help, But it didn't
  • tom183tom183 Posts: 3
    I just charged my 03 mine is just to the left and down about 1 foot. mine is on the pass. side and I'm leaning in on that side so left and down just follow the line towards the rear of the suv..
    Good luck
  • If your compressor is cycling rapidly and both front and rear are warm, you probably have low charge.
  • tom183tom183 Posts: 3
    I had 3 problems with my 03 Expedition, 1st problem was. My air speed control only works on 1 and 4 now hot or cold. 2nd The A/C only works on max A/C but not well seems hot and takes 10 seconds to change from hot air to cold. Seems as if the hot air is stuck on all the time.. 3rd The A/C on any other setting blows hot air. A/C is charged was At 25 I upped the charge to 40 to see if that would help, But it didn't
    I'm willing to try anything at this point, Checked fused and they seem fine too.
    Don't know where to look at this ponit and the shop want $170.00 to start to look at it... :confuse: and :sick:
    Thanks for any help
  • mrpatryanmrpatryan Posts: 2
    Thanks expedition 3. Yes, the compressor was cycling rapidly, but the gauge (came with the deluxe can of R-134) was reading FULL / OVER FULL. I went ahead and added the can and the AC is now running cold. The gauge just stopped dropping with the compressor cycle and went steady to a bout 35lbs. All is good now and I can sell this bucket and it should be appealing on a hot day!
  • jdw2878jdw2878 Posts: 1
    my 98 expedition only blows cool air on driver side all other vents including rear air blow warm.does anyone know where the blend doors are located
  • weldmechweldmech Posts: 3
    Hi Can anyone tell me please where the a/c charging port is located i only can find a thick one not sure its thats it Thanx in advance :confuse: have an expedition 2002 5.4
  • mrsmojo51mrsmojo51 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Expedition that the air has totally gone out! I took it in thinking it needed a charge and they chraged it...$177.00 later day 2 after getting the truck back and NO AIR. They blew dye into it and said it is leaking from the line along the manifold. another $480 to fix it. Has anyone had this kind of problem when the vehicles is only 2 years old??

  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    Maybe I should have posted this one in this thread. Here's one for the books -- can't find a TSB on it either. '04 expy EB with the rear climate control system. When I set the dial in the 1st and 2nd positions for rear ventilation, it makes two different sounds behind the middle seat on the passenger side. In the 1st position, it clicks, 2nd position, it makes a "whump" sound. Position 1 is "click, click, click..."; position 2 is "whump, whump, whump...". When the rear dial is returned to the "off" position (farthest to the left), it goes away.

    Also, if I set the vent system to "floor", it disappears. On the higher level setting, it comes back. Sometimes it goes away, other times it does not. Is there some sort of a vent regulator behind the passenger side middle seat? If so, does anyone know what this is, if there is a TSB or is this just one of those weird items no one else has experienced?
  • I am having the same problem on my 04 Expedition. When the car is under load (going up a hill or heavy acceleration) the A/C switches to defrost. When the load is lessened (top of hill or decreased acceleration) it blows normal. I have taken my car to the dealership three seperate times for this problem. Each time they replace a vaccum line or a check valve or something else related and each time it happens again. Any suggestions? I had someone suggest that it may be my catalytic convertor... Is this truly possible?
  • jg88jg88 Posts: 59
    Just paid $200 to have the blend door motor replaced -- the problem is gone. BTW, did not go to the dealer, they wanted $300 to $450 depending on what they found. Inquired at two local Ford dealers. The repair shop used all Ford parts so the work is warranted for 1 year on parts and labor.
  • tgrcchrtgrcchr Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 Expedition, and just recently I have started to hear a "whining" noise coming from the passenger side dash area. I turned off he AC and it stopped. It reminds me of when a wheel turns and it catches on something it makes a whining noise until it breaks loose...any ideas?? The noise isn't happens about every 30 seconds, or more....Thanks so much! :)
  • jlm1960jlm1960 Posts: 2
    I have a similar problem with the rear AC on my 2005 - there is a "whoooooing" sound, (like an owl). Speed doesn't matter, hiway or local driving we get the same noise. It's not constant but does happen even few minutes or so. I've been to the dealer twice with no luck. Anyone else have this problem? :confuse:
  • how do you cleanout the a/c drain on 2004 ford expedition?? help
  • tgrcchrtgrcchr Posts: 2
    You are right, it sounds more like an owl..and I have noticed that when I am using the rear air, it stops, but if I just use the front air, and turn off the rear air it weird!! At least my air still works great, since I live in AZ!! ;)
  • My 2002 Exp.blower only works on high. Is the problem on the fan itself?
  • jht2jht2 Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. Have you found an answer?
  • Thanks, this proves I'm not Kooky!! No, no one has been able to solve the problem and give me an answer about what the cause of the sound is.... As soon as I learn anything I'll post it here.....
  • My Expedition has no heat from the front - blower seems ok and I have heat to the back cabin area ok
  • I have the same problem with my 2003 Ford Expedition, I removed the panel to access the AC area, and found both the actuators (motors) gears are broken, one is for the climate control and the other is to direct air to the floor or overhead vents, they both are clicking, I am not sure if changing this 2 units will fix the problem or do I also need to replace the resistor? Any help will be appreciated. I thing since many people have the same problem, we should report it to ford and see if they will do a recall to fix this problem. Thanks for all your help in advance.
  • Hi, I have the same problem and I saw that the blend door motor & the temp door motor gears are broken. By reading your thread, I see that you have done a very good research, so what you think? should I replace both the motors or you suggest to replace the transistor too? please let me know what you suggest, if you can email me to I would really appreciate it.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    if you can email me

    Let's keep the discussion right here so as not to deprive our other members of valuable information. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • hello tidester, i have a 2004 Expedition Eddie Bauer with the same rear a/c noise problem. how were you able to correct the problem?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, JL.

    I was only replying to someone else who had reported the problem. You may want to scroll back for some information. Orlando seemed to have a handle on it:

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Tidester, thank you for the information. I just returned from the dealer and they wanted $530 to replace both actuators in the rear a/c or $285 for 1. This is ridiculous. When i told them no, they delivered the car with the heater on instead of the cold setting (like it was). They temporarily fixed the clicking noise now by unplugging the actuator and somehow resetting the door in the cold setting/chamber. God bless Ford manufacturing dates fiasco in trying to find out the right part number from the catalogue vs the physical part.
  • So I take it from your other posts that it is the difficult one that is actually broken? (temp, not floor/ceiling)
    For $25 and a little time you can do it yourself. It is three screws and a clip. Assuming their price for the difficult one is 285, they want 245 for what is basically a 5 minute job on the easy one. If they unplugged it, and set the door then they obviously have enough access without removing the trim.
  • jacksprjackspr Posts: 1
    front vents do not work, a/c is blowing through the defrost and floor vents
  • Does anyone have a picture of where the A/C low pressure port is on my 97 Expedition, 5.4 liter? Does it stick out on the side of the evaporator? Thanks a lot.
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