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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    Excellent deal, smoder! Han Lee's Hilltop Nissan in Richmond California was advertising $21,388 for a base model that had an MSRP of $26,075, but that was including a $500 rebate during Memorial Day weekend's Nissan National Tent Event. A week later, they were advertising one at $21,888; same MSRP so I think it might have been the same car. Don't know if anything was wrong with it; supposed to be new.
  • Pleas if anyone has any idea when the Nah 2009 is cumming on to dealer Lots Pleas advize Thank you . And sorry guys My title like got cut off.
  • bkenedtbkenedt Posts: 3
    I decided to get the Altima Hybrid after learning of the Nissan incentives, $1250 , plus I was promised the extra $500 for the Memorial Day sale. I put a $300 deposit down and was told the vehicle ,was coming in on May 25th. When I inquired about the car, I was told the owner promised it to another dealership, and they tried to sell me a white one , fully loaded. I chose the blue Hybrid, was quoted a price for 24,500, and have a purchasing agreement. The salesman said there should be another sale coming soon, but I felt I was screwed over. I don't know if I should even bother contacting Nissan.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    If you put down a deposit and had identified a specific vehicle, price and delivery date, I'd say you were screwed over. Sounds like bait and switch. Talk to a consumer protection lawyer and ask if you have a case. It would really help your case if the dealer gave you a receipt for your deposit that gave all the details, e.g. negotiated price, identified the car (VIN or stock # would be ideal), which would allow you to argue you had a written contract notwithstanding that it wasn't on dealers form purchase agreement. If so, you could get the difference between the price you agreed, and the cost of the substitute.

    Short of a lawsuit, file a complaint with your local BBB (Google BBB), complain to DMV which regulates dealers, and write a review on Edmonds dealer review. Name names as long as you stick to the facts.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    I Googled. One article said August 2008.
  • bkenedtbkenedt Posts: 3
    Actually, it was a form called "Vehicle Cash Purchase Agreement". The information for the car was for a 2008 Altima Hybrid, blue in color, with a price of $24,986 before the rebates. It was signed by the general manager , who stated I would qualify for the rebate of $1250 that Nissan was promoting till 6-2, and also he would give me the extra $500 for the Memorial tent sale. Are you saying that because it was a Purchase Agreement, I don't have a case? I was thinking of calling Nissan. I would take another hybrid, but would want the rebate price. Thanks for your help.
  • thankyou Linche for the Heds up I will look on google Marco.
  • Hey if You signed sum thing with the dealer ship You should get the same price and they will have to find the same color car. on a nother nah. if they wont onner the agreement that they rote up and had you sign get your Money back and go to a nother Nissan dealer Keep us updated thankyou Marco.
  • nmacmill01nmacmill01 Posts: 16

    While reviewing my sales contract I noticed the odometer on the contract stated 2115. The car showed 52 miles on it when I purchased it new. Didn't think to check it on the day I picked it up :blush: . Should I be concerned, or was this just a clerical error?

  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    shouldn't be a problem really. actually, it's even better to get a lower mileaged car.
  • bkenedtbkenedt Posts: 3
    I decided to purchase a altima hybrid after seeing that Nissan was giving a $1250 rebqte until June 2nd. I agreed on a price for 24900 for a blue standard model. I even signed a "Vehicle Cash Purchase Agreement", and put down a $300 deposit.. The salesman told me to come back in 2 days, because Nissan was giving an extra $500 rebate for the hybrid, Memorial Day Sale. When I returned on Friday, I was told by the general manager that a shipment of hybrids were coming in next week, and he would honor the full rebate. Well, when I returned in a week, I was told by the salesman that the owner had promised the blue hybrid to another dealer, and he tried to sell me a fully loaded white one for 33,000. He said don't worry, that another sale will probably be offered by Nissan. I was told by someone that a purchase agreement is not a contract and that Nissan wouldn't honor it. Even if they get me a hybrid, the $1750 in rebates are over. I was thinking of calling Nissan, but not sure if it's worth it..
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    Just for FYI. I used to own a 2007 NAH. I traded it in and bought a 2008 Honda Accord. The salesman, dealerships and Nissan North America gave me terrible customer service. I had a problem with the NAH constantly pulling to the right. I will never buy a nissan again. The salesman and manager were un-helpful. A very bad experience. Nissan needs to improve customer service badly.
  • smodersmoder Posts: 13
    Lynche, that was the dealer add I used to leverage the local dealer down. Looking at the Vin # that car was at least 6 months old. The local dealer had a similar deal for a car built in Dec 07(Silver with Black); I ended up with Gray and Black and a car built in Apr 08 with 6 miles on ODO(Never test driven). I just sent a friend down to the same salesman to get the same price..although I see the extra $500 memorial day cash back is no longer available. Thanks
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43

    Did you end up getting a hybrid Altima? I too am in Portland and looking serioulsy at getting one. Any info would be appreciated. Also, if you live in Oregon, I'm pretty sure you won't pay any state taxes for a vehilce purchase. It's based on your state of residence, rather than the place of delivery.
  • let us no if your frend gets a nah keep us updated thankyou.
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43
    I'm up in Oregon and looking to fly down and get a NAH from somwhere in the Bay area. At this point in the model year, based on the deals I've seen on this post, I would think invoice minus the $1250 rebate would be reasonable for an '08 hybrid. Plus dealers are advertising 4K off of base models on Craigslist. Here's a post from Bay Area Nissan:

    Bay Area Nissan Craigslist

    The posting is for $21,999 for a NAH, which I'll assume is a base model. That's about $4K off MSRP, so I would think something similar would be available for a car with only the CONVENIENCE pkg, around, $23K, but that's not the case.

    I was quoted $26,000 ($1500 off list) less the rebate, so $24,750.

    From what I've seen, I should be getting better quotes. Has anyone purchased a NAH convenience recently in CA?

    Also, where can I find invoice? I can't find invoice on edmunds or carpoint.

    Thanks in advance.
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    08 NAH base invoice $23,591 (at least in March 2008 when I was buying).
    Connection pkg $3817, Tech pkg $5551, moonroof $738, alum kickplates $134, floor mats $84, moonroof wind deflector $71.

    Interestingly, 2008 base invoice went up only $149 over 2007. It'll be interesting to see what the 09s are, given the gas landscape. Supply and demand rules.

    I :confuse: 'm now looking for an extended warranty. I see that someone pd $1595 for Gold Preferred, with other info being $1300 and invoice being $915. Anyone have other info or recommendations on which package?

  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    "Are you saying that because it was a Purchase Agreement, I don't have a case?"

    No, I said you might have a case, and if you had a Purchase Agreement, your case would be even stronger. The General Manager's signature makes it even better.

    The general rule is the more specific the terms of your deal, the more likely you can enforce the deal. Also, the more you change your situation in reliance on the other party fulfilling his part of the bargain (e.g. traveling long distance, selling your car), the more likely you can enforce the deal.

    Talk to a lawyer (call your local bar association for a referral to a consumer lawyer, plaintiff side), or buy a car with the same specs and invest a few bucks and time to file a small claims action for the difference between the price you paid, and the price this dealer promised. (This way, you get the car now, and get a shot at getting any difference in price between what you actually pay and the bargain price you thought you had. Otherwise, you could file suit now to get a judge to order the dealer to sell a similarly equipped car to you at your negotiated price, but then you don't have the car and there's never any guarantees you'll win in court.)
  • yes he is Rite you might have a case. but Y wont the dealer just find you a car just like the one he sold that he was to give to you go in with the paper work Keep us updateded on what happens thankyou for reading.
  • nmacmill01nmacmill01 Posts: 16
    Purchased in early May:

    MSRP was $31,225.00. With the $1250.00 rebate, I paid $27,000.00 + Lic/Tax. Leather, Moon, Mats, Kick plates, and Connection package.

    Vallejo Nissan, (Northern California).
  • mlocamloca Posts: 15
    I found the one I want on the Nissan Website Radiant Silver, Charcoal Leather, Technology Package, Sunroof, Floor Mats. MSRP: $33,500

    Right now Edmunds doesn't have the invoice price listed (why not sure).
    The TMV is $31,956. Is that before the $1,250 rebate?
    If so I should pay at most $30,706.
    AAA's website on the other hand says the invoice is $28,927 (including $1250)

    Someone told me I can get one for $5% over invoice before the rebates so that says I can buy one for $30,300.

    Do these numbers seem correct for a loaded $33,500 MSRP car?

    Any experience would be great.
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13
    If you Google Altima Hybrid, you'll see other car review sites. Some will show invoice, others, like Edmunds, will say it's being researched. Have to look at several. I think MSN might have it.

    Never mind that. At least in April/May, dealers in SF areas were advertising specials where dealers were discounting almost $3,000, not including the rebate. They call them loss leaders. I doubt they're really taking losses because different dealers keep doing it. Some even do it week after week.

    Based on that, I think the dealers still profit some at about $4,000 off MSRP, counting rebate.

    However, that was last month just after gas crossed the $4/gal line. Note that until April, Toyota dealers had lots of Prius on their lots, and couldn't give away the Camry hybrid. After April, Prius were gone from California dealers, and TCH's started getting scarce and now in mid-June can't be found on lots either. I've seen dealers, though fewer, still advertising specials on NAH's, but instead of throwing in dealer discounts of almost $3,000, they're advertising $2,000.

    That tells me that $3,000 should be fairly easy to get. Could try for $4,000 off, but if dealers don't bite, then it means that NAH demand has picked up due to higher gas and scarcity of Toyota hybrids. In which case, you can pay up for NAH, or wait until supply catches up or (dream) gas prices come down.
  • momster1momster1 Posts: 8
    Hi everyone,

    I test drove an Altima Hybrid at Bruce Bennett Nissan in CT and really liked it. I'm looking for one that has the connection package without the moonroof, although it seems that those are hard to come by. The dealer quoted me a price for the connection package with the moonroof, and after reading some posts here, I don't think it's a good price at all. He said MSRP was 31,500 (which I'm having trouble getting to myself when I "build" it online anyway) and my price would be $30,151. Since we would be financing, we wouldn't get the $1,250 rebate.

    At any rate, it seems like I could almost get the tech package for that price! I put out an internet request to other dealerships in the area, but I already got one call without a price (saying "make us an offer") which I sort of hate.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks so much.
  • quickreplyquickreply Posts: 43
    I had a hard time finding invoice as well. Try Kelly Blue Book - they have the invoice pricing listed. You should be able to get within a few hundred dollars of invoice, if not invoice itself, less the rebate. From what I understand, the rebate is $1250 or $1000 if you finance through nissan. I'm purchasing a hybrid altima with the convenience pkg out of California:

    MSRP: $27,550
    Price w/rebate: $23,987

    Good luck.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    you are right in thinking that the 30151 is a rip off. i would make them an offer of lower than you are willing to pay obviously. just offer something like $4,500 under msrp and see where you go from there
  • yes He is rite I would offer $4000 or maby $5000 off the price of the car. Now with the gas prices might not bee helping. Keep us updated thankyou for reading.
  • desi7desi7 Posts: 1
    Purchased from Nissan of Elk Grove 10 days ago. MSRP $33,500, paid $31,115 without the $1250 rebate (took the 2.9% financing instead). Metallic jade, blond leather, tech, moon, mats.

    Sent emails out to mulltiple dealers in N Cal - only heard back from Boardwalk - wanted full MSRP (yeah right!) and Elk Grove. Smooth deal, great customer service - check out dealerrater to see their reviews. They rate a 4.5 out of 5 with the most reviews of any N Cal Nissan dealer - most other NCal dealers are rated at <2.

    My advice - use nissanusa site to check out current dealer inventories. Contact dealers with the most NAH's on their lots - Elk Grove or North Bay when I shopped around. The smaller dealers won't respond or budge from MSRP as gas prices continue to climb.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    I was at a Costco in San Jose, Ca recently where a NAH was being featured out in front of the store through the Costco car buying service.

    The car looked great until I got up real close and read the sticker on the window.
    The dealer wanted MSRP plus $3,100 in dealer "Added Value"?!! :confuse:

    Total price was just over $36,000!

    I thought people must be waiting in line to get the NAH if dealers are charging MSRP much less adding "value" :surprise:
  • ecr72ecr72 Posts: 9
    I've never seen a "Costco price" on a car outside their store. It's always sticker and sometimes they have the silly "Added Value Mark-Up" crap on there as well. I guess they don't want a non-member seeing the Costco price. Their auto buying program is not that great anyway. You can get the same deal by just emailing the dealers in your area and offering a few hundred over invoice on almost any car. When I got my NAH, I sent requests through Costco to a couple Nissan and a couple Toyota dealers since we were still debating between the NAH and TCH. About 1/2 the dealers didn't even respond and we said we were ready to buy that weekend (sent requests on a Thursday). The ones that did were giving me prices about $500 over invoice. Thanks to this message board and some Craigslist ads I found, I went in armed and got a price under invoice before rebates/cash back.

    So far my wife is getting about 31mpg on the computer. About 29.5 calculating it out. It's a bit disappointing after reading about people getting mid to upper 30's but the AC's always cranking so I suppose that doesn't help much. In the end, we went from a 15-17mpg AWD Sienna so I can't complain too much. Also, every once in a while, like right now, I remember we have a nice juicy $2350 tax credit coming so that puts a smile on my face.
  • Hey I am so glad you guys are loving the Nah it is a verry good and grate car. so 31 Miles per galan not bad and yes alot bettor then the van but you said you have the tax credit cumming nice sounds good to me is it an only one time thing or will you be getting the tax credit for a few years not shore how that works if anyone nos about that ples post on this bord. good luck with it grate car theese nissans. ps not shore about the ac thing if that is a factor in gas milage also if anyone nos about that let us all no thanks for reading have a verry good day.
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