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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Great! Glad I could help! Let us know how that fog-light installation goes. I'm interested in doing the same thing.
  • Went to Steven's Creek Nissan in here in me home town of Santa Clara.

    Got the 2008 NAH in Precision Grey +Tech Pkg, +Aluminum Kickplates, MINUS sunroof (I'm 6' 3"... that extra 1.5" headroom makes a HUUUGE difference, especially when I'm not the designated driver and I'm forced to ride in the back of my own car and stew in my own loud-mouthed Long-Island-Iced-Tea induced stupidity... damn Bennigans and their $3 happy hours ;)

    MSRP was $32,475, dealer offered $29,128 + 8.75%tax + $343 flat dealer fee including reg. Out the door was $32,469 or so (I added LoJack negotiated from $699 down to $450)

    I was pleased with the dealership for staying true to their numbers all the way through; Alex Asi and Wilson Bui are really honest and cool guys to work with (they are the Internet Managers). The Guy In The Little Office that Tried To Sell Me a $5,000 Warranty was kind of an [non-permissible content removed], but that's his job. (I think his name was Mark). I flatly rejected his comeons. It was kinda fun to see him squirm, though.

    Funny story; I wanted the LoJack, but he kept trying to push it for 699... I said, "Make it 400 and you have a deal". He laughed right in my face, a big old fake, pretend laugh. With a completely straight face, I quietly said, "I don't remember telling any jokes." I think he wanted to punch me at that point :D. He said, "That's below my cost!", to which I replied, "Those are my terms. Okay, $450, and you can keep the six dollars you're stealing off the top of my trade. I saw you screw with the numbers". He got real quiet, took his warranty papers away from my side of the desk, clicked a few things on his computer, and printed the final paperwork in silence. I signed, shook his hand, and walked out of the room to get my keys.

    Sorry buddy; I'm the wrong guy to try to out intimidate.

    Overall though, I'm pleased with them, and am *McLovin* the hell out of my new ride.. All said, it took an hour and 45 minutes.

    Thanks everyone...I think I'll name her Sparky :D.

    I'll be lurking and posting from now on. You've all been very helpful. ;)

  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    nice, congrats!

    yeah, don't you hate it when they try to oversell you crap.

    i got an extended warranty though, initially it was 1800 (i went in a few times before buying the car), then they said there was a sale to 1500, and then they said the warranters had made a mistake and didn't know it was a hybrid and offered me 1180. i think 1180 is reasonable so then i got it
  • niners99niners99 Posts: 15
    Congratulations on your purchase. I have had my car for almost two weeks and absolutely enjoy the ride.

    Good job in avoiding the hard sell on the expensive "extras". I have never let my guard down on a car purchase up until now. I somehow managed to let them sell me a $600 paint and upholstery protection package. What the heck was I thinking! Obviously I wasn't. So good job for you. On the other hand I guess its only fair that I let them make up some margin for selling me an NAH with Tech for only $27.6k.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    I really enjoyed your story and your grit with the finance guy when he tried to sell you the extra s**t. I did similar and this was a gal and I told her not with me you don't. Congradulations and a great job. A good lesson for future buyers. I have the same car with the same package but in Jade. Now over 3,000 and loving it more every day.

    Driving in fun again.
  • j0nny5j0nny5 Posts: 9
    Thanks for the kind words everybody! Day 4, and still wowing friends with the phrase, "no, it *IS* running!"

    I don't mean to say that $1500 is a terrible deal for an extended warranty; it's actually not a bad price for what it covers. What *I* have a problem with is the whole, "but it only adds $50 to your monthly!" instead of just coming out and saying that the "gold package" warranty is $5,000. Then, there's the whole "suddenly, the price came WAAY down somehow!" Offer me your best price in the first place, and I'll believe the words that come out when you open your mouth :)

    Just as an FYI to everyone: they won't tell you this, but you have the full 3 YEARS and 36,000 MILES to decide if you want an extended warranty!! You can buy it at ANY time during your factory warranty period, directly from Nissan. I personally am waiting to see if my car turns out to be a drama queen near the 36K, and if I have continual problems with certain things, then I'll spring for the extra warranty *THEN*.

    We should have an NAH NorCal meet or something :D
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    I agree with you and have planned to do the same thing. I even told the finance lady..."What's the hurry? I have 3 years or 36,000 miles to decided plus 150,000 miles for the battery and other hybrid components."

    You have to do your homework and you definetly did.
  • I also purchased a NAH from Stevens Creek Nissan (March 1) thru the Internet Saleman, Vincent Nguyen. We bought the car with the technology package and nothing else. MSRP was $32,195. Dealer Invoice was $29,673. We paid $29973 before the $1250 rebate (so what is that now... $28,723), sales tax, and registration,

    Vincent was low key and very helpful. I would see him again if I needed another car. The credit lady, OTOH, was a bit pushy on the dealer packs, which we refused.

    An interesting thing happened tho... she was pushing us to buy some sort of tags to stick on various parts of the car, $250, I think it was, something she said would deter thieves. We said no, multiple times. She got up and left us alone. I'm thinking the office is bugged so we said nothing. A few minutes later she comes back and informs us she will give us the tags for free. I figure the car was already tagged and what she was waving in our faces were our copies. So we got those tags for free.
  • j0nny5j0nny5 Posts: 9
    Interesting; thanks for posting!

    Wilson Bui was my salesperson. Really nice kid. Yes, I saw the credit lady in the little glass cubicle right next to ours, working on another couple. I also got offered the tags, but roundly rejected all of it. The quickest way to do it is to make it seem as if you agree to all of it, then just reject all of it together at the end instead of objecting the whole time through. It also shocks the manager :)

    Another interesting note is that they were honest to their word; they told me to make sure to buy before the end of the month because the prices would go up March 1st (not as much pressure to sell at the beginning of the month). I thought they were just pushing to sell, but it looks like they did in fact go up by about $1,000 (my quote was $29,128 w/kickplates) but, you took the rebate, so you ended up saving about $300 over my price anyway. The choices were 3.9% for 60 months OR the rebate; I didn't have too big of a down payment, so I took the financing.

    So, note to everyone, Stevens Creek Nissan stands behind their word, it seems; the Internet Sales team is made up of nice, laid-back straightforward people, and they stick to their numbers. Their credit people are pushy as hell, but I think that's everywhere (and to give poor ol Mark credit, he did let me be after I insisted once).

    Enjoy, and congrats! :shades:
  • mswlogomswlogo Posts: 2
    I had looked at the Altima Hybrid, Prius, Civic Hybrid and was leaning towards an Altima. But my wife had not seen any of them. So we did the rounds this Saturday.

    We went to the Altima Dealer first.

    They had like 8 of them. I could go either way on getting a base one vs a loaded one. I usually get the loaded cars to get nicer interiors. But the base model looked pretty good. So we take the base model they had (Black with Charcoal interior) out for a ride. I absolutely hate the blond or light grey interiors of the Prius.

    Overall Altima was pretty nice. It didn't drive as nice as our old 99 V6 passat but it wasn't bad.

    So then we go and sit down and we tell him we only would consider dark interiors. So he puts 3 folders on his desk and walks away for a minute. I see none of them are the car we drove and wanted. They were all loaded.

    He comes back and says the car we drove has already been swapped out to another dealer.

    Then I ask what the price would be on the car anyway and on the loaded ones. I told him we were offered a Prius for $500.00 below invoice. No trade, No Loan.

    He comes back and says invoice. He also said that was the FIRST ever, yeah right. And if we decide today we can still have the car that was supposed to be swapped out. I was very tempted. But my wife had not seen other cars yet.

    So we passed on the deal. They extended the deal to 5PM saturday. Saying he had to call the other dealer before 5PM saturday to not come on Monday to pick it up (in NewYork).

    Now thinking back on the weekend I wonder if the whole thing was a setup.

    1) If the car was sold to another dealer why are they letting me drive it?
    2) Seemed kind of odd that they could so easily back out of a swap they already agreed on.
    3) He wins on both fronts pulling this game. I either buy the more expensive car or think I got what I "shouldn't get" by getting the car that is supposed to be swapped out.

    I drive by the dealer everyday. If that car is there Tuesday morning I'll probably never buy a Nissan in my life time. I'm almost sure it was a setup. We are so gullable.

    We did take out the Civic and Prius. Civic was sporty but I felt the most unsafe in it. The Prius actually drove smoother and quieter than the Altima.

    My wife raised a good point though. I was well aware of the limitation with fold down rear seats. One purpose of getting the high mpg car was to use it instead of a gas guzzling SUV on trips from MA to NH on weekends. Which we do a lot of cross country skiing. There is no way to put skies in the Civc Hybrid or Altima Hybrid (I'm not dealing with roof racks, been there done that). I think we may be stuck with the ugly Prius with light grey boring interior. It did drive nice though.

    I'll follow up with this on Tuesday on if the car is still there.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    The story could well be true. I pick up and drive cars that are swapped or sold dealer to dealer and that does often happen at the last minute that a salesman will have sold the car that is supposed to be swapped. the reason is that no checks had changed hands yet. Not until the car is delivered to the dealer. However, the original dealer who owns the car can cancel up to the minute it is on the road to be delivered. If the car is on the dealers lot, even if it is sold but not picked up, salesman are allowed to use it as a demonstrator. It doesn't devalue the car.

    While I also don't believe most salesman talk, this one could be right as I have experienced it several times. Just happens.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    Let's just put it this way, it's the dealers job to sell you the car before you leave. That is a possible way or not letting you leave.

    Regardless though, you can surely get the same deal at any other Nissan Dealership, trust me. They just need to have the car you want. The only thing I expect from a dealership is to give me a price. Everything else I ask smells like a heaping load of bull.

    You ought to email other dealership (via carsdirect) to see what they have to offer.

    But yes, I know what you mean about trying to go up to NH to ski (snowboard for me). Hard to fit any of that stuff in, and a roof rack would lessen your MPG's
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    I'm not going to say whether or not the salesman was scamming you, but those tactics are certainly classic pressure techniques. There are all kinds of variations on the theme, but the tactic that "The car is gone" or "see that guy over there? He wants the car too." are classic saleman 101 techniques. He was also running a bait and switch on you, trying to get you to go to a more expensive car. This is often the case at dealerships. They'll advertise a cheap car, but when you get there it's gone. Of course, they'll have similar, more expensive models available.

    These techniques are not unique to Nissan. Almost any dealership you walk into will have variations on these techniques. I wouldn't boycott Nissan because of one snake of a salesman, I'd just go to another dealership. My own Nissan dealership is very much up front. They didn't play games. They sold us a NAH at a good price, and financed it at rock bottom finance rates. There was no pressure, and nothing sneaky. Another Nissan dealership we went to in our area was more similar to the experience you had. Lots of wheeling and dealing. We stood up in the middle of the scamming and walked out, and the salesman actually tried to keep me in the showroom by putting his arm around my shoulders and holding on to me. Old school salesmanship. Not a chance, buddy.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I guess I am welcoming myself to the club. Make a long story short, bought today NAH, convenience package, moonroof, moonroof deflector and kick plates, list approx $28,200 for $26200, which includes 5% Mass tax & dealer fees, registration, inspection sticker ($29 in MA) plus full tank of fuel (worth approx $60 today) from Mastria, Raynham, MA. Plus "free tires for life" (if I want to have the vehicle always serviced there) Shopped around quite a bit last few days & that seemed to be the best price out there. That included the $1250 rebate from Nissan, plus I will get back next year when I file taxes another $2350 tax rebate. Any comments on how I did would be much appreciated. Got "black on black"

    Have read a lot of messages about real world gas mileage and I will be reporting what I receive. I put the high mileage on my Subaru Tribeca (still going great at 63,000 miles, I average just about 20 mpg for mostly highway driving) and hope to use this car (if my wife will let me) on day trips where I will be putting on 300 - 400 miles, which I do often.

    From what I have read, looks like I should expect around 35 mpg overall, but, time will tell.
  • gammagirlgammagirl Posts: 11
    Congratulation. Sounds like you made a great deal. I had the same options ( added the heated leather in separately from the dealer) and paid a tad more. Of course, taxes here in NJ are 7%.

    Question: My mileage calculator says I am getting 21MPG. I have been driving the car around for 3 days and have about 170 miles on it. Right now , the needle is Just under the 3/4 tank mark. Have you guys that bought the vehicle brand new been getting 30-35MPG on your first tank? I am hoping that once the engine is broken in, the mileage will get better. It also seems to also only go into the electric mode when I decelerate or brake.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Question on the extended warranty... I purchased a 5 year, 100,000 mile "Classic" warranty for my Subaru Tribeca for $1000 (thought that was a great deal) but I put a lot of mileage on that vehicle (around 35,000 per year) The NAH for my wife and historically she drives around 10,000 miles per year. I will probably "borrow" the car from her for a day once in a while when I have a long day trip to go on to save a few bucks;. On a typical trip from home (near Providence, RI) to Albany NY & back around 400 miles. Tribeca gets around 20 mpg so 20 gallons premium = $65, I figure with Altima 11.5 gallons regular around $35 so I can save around $30 for that trip. Once a month I drive to Montreal, almost 800 miles round trip can save about $60 on those. I love my Tribeca and in lousy weather would still take that vehicle.

    At at rate, anyone out there have any comments on extended warranty for the NAH. I was thinking maybe 7 years, 70,000 miles might be a little more realistric. Or, gamble & get nothing at all. Of course the dealer trying to sell me one of those, and I know they are very profitable to the dealer. But, certainly not going to spend $1500 or so.

    Comments from anyone on this board would be greatly appreciated!
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    here are my fuel purchase records. you may want to reset the meter if you haven't already. but my first tank was around 35 mpg, but that was when weather was warmer here in new england

    Date Odometer Gal MPG
    04/14/07 442 11.8
    04/25/07 1075 18.1 34.9
    05/01/07 1319 7.8 31.5
    05/17/07 1968 18.0 36.0
    05/26/07 2486 14.0 37.0
    06/04/07 3111 17.7 35.4
    06/22/07 3732 16.3 38.1
    06/28/07 3972 7.0 34.2
    07/13/07 4574 17.1 35.2
    07/27/07 5053 12.9 37.2
    08/04/07 5661 16.7 36.5
    08/23/07 6356 18.5 37.6
    09/06/07 7117 18.9 40.2
    09/22/07 7461 9.9 34.7
    10/06/07 7948 13.7 35.6
    10/21/07 8554 17.2 35.3
    11/05/07 9116 16.7 33.7
    11/17/07 9496 10.8 35.1
    11/29/07 9812 10.0 31.6
    12/13/07 10323 18.2 28.1
    12/17/07 10494 5.0 34.3
    12/22/07 10738 7.9 30.8
    01/05/08 11188 14.7 30.6
    01/12/08 11578 11.4 34.2
    01/26/08 11978 13.6 29.4
    02/07/08 12401 14.0 30.2
    02/18/08 12876 16.0 29.6
    03/03/08 13397 16.8 31.0
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I have been getting a consistent MPG avg. of around 35-36MPG every tank. Hope this helps.
  • gammagirlgammagirl Posts: 11
    Is there a "break in " period? It has been cold in the morning ( in NJ) and I notice it takes awhile until the engine is warm and then it goes into the electric mode when coasting downhill, slowing down or braking. If the engine is still cold, it will not go into the electric mode at all. Do you have to change your driving style to get that kind of mileage?

  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    yes, there's a break-in period. after awhile, the mileage seems to go up, but then you also have to change your driving style also if you want to get maximum efficiency.

    i think your mileage will go up with the weather
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    I just welcomed my self to the NAH club, and still coming, but I wanted to relate this experience to you all..

    Had one quote, Balise in Warwick. RI 08 black on black (fabric) with convenience package & sunroof for $26440 (that incluses all dealer fees and approx $1250 MA sales tax and also includes the $1250 rebate. I knew they would lower the price by a few hundred, but went elsewhere (Mastria in Raynham, MA) and did find identical one with $200 more options (the bubble in front of the moonroof and alumimum door guards, or whatever you call those things) for $26200, so I signed.

    Have not taken delivery yet now Balise calls me back after I told them I shopped elsewhere now willing to sell their vehicle for $25508, that's a reduction of almost $900!

    I asked Balise why they could not have given me a better offer in the first place. I am just shocked by how much they have lowered the price. The vehicle we want is in stock and I may now cancel the second guy & go down to the first one. Plus, they are throwing in a 5 year key protection plan (value supposedly $295, maybe cost The offer of 25508 then means they are offering me the vehicle for approx $24,000, plus MA sales tax, registration fees, etc., Even adding back on the Nissan Rebate of $1250, isn't invoice for this vehicle somewhat more than $25,250?

    Any comments???
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    invoice price for that car is $26,195 (convenience, moonroof, floormats)
    subtract 1250 rebate and it's $24,945

    25250 is still over invoice price (24,945 - WHICH IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PAYING!!!!!!!)

    did you sign papers yet? if yes, oh well
  • looks like Altima Hybrid has been going up on price... i got my last year in May for 24020 and 260xx(CA 7.75% TAX) out of the door with Cov.Pkg and floormate. no Moonroof but thats about 700 extra. thats like 9 month agos already and no REBATE offer at that time but they do has 0.7% for 36 Month. i saw people brought under what i paid all the time so if u get with the moonroof shouldn't be more than 24000 b4 tax then thats a right deal
  • ogbzaogbza Posts: 7
    I am beginning my car search and the Altima Hybrid is near the top of my list. I am planning to lease for a variety of reasons, one being that i cannot take advantage of the hybrid tax credit for buying.

    I see several accounts of peoples deals for buying this car, but very few for leases. Can anyone share some lease numbers that they have gotten with this car. Thanks in advance.
  • redwood2redwood2 Posts: 19
    I'm looking now, will purchase in a week. Using online and email tactics.
    Sorry, in all of my research, haven't come across "lojack." What's that?! :confuse:

    Anyone: aluminum kickplates worth it? look good?

    sonoma county
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    they look good, not worth the price you pay at the dealership though. you can buy online and put them on yourself.

    $54 20&siteid=214459&catalogid=5509

    I suggest just getting the fronts (the rears weren't worth it IMO)
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Welcoming myself to the "club" for a second time. I post previously about the NAH I purchased last week, liked the vehicle so much purchased a second one picking up tomorrow.

    This one with all options (although disappointed no fog lamps!) tech package, roof, the whole bit. List was, I believe $33300 or so, they showed me invoice for $30,700 (including transportation) Ended up purchasing for $30,500, less the $1250 rebate. "tires for life" "double powertrain warranty until 120,000 miles. three free oil changes (big deal!) Extended warranty for 5 years, 100,000 miles (the best one) for $1400, plus 3.9% finanacing.

    Traded my 06 Subaru Tribeca for $15,500. That was real close to KBB, for the mileage I have (65,000 miles) I thought that was reasonable.

    Really hope I am doing the right thing.... Until a few days ago, never owned a Nissan product. Hope that I will get the gas mileage advertised, and this vehicle will be ok in bad weather. I don't expect it will be as good in the snow as my Tribeca, but hoping with traction control, stability control, etc., it will be ok.

    I went into Tire Rack to check out the OE tires that come with the vehicle, and got some pretty poor ratings on the vehicle. Sure, I can them replaced no charge from the dealer, but I hope they are decent to run on.

    Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. I still have until tomorrow morning to back out of the deal...
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    Wow! 2 NAH's! Amazing.....I'd be happy to be adopted by your family if you don't mind a 50+ year old "son".

    The tires on the NAH are stiff, high-mileage tires. They are designed to reduce rolling resistance, and as a result, increase your mileage. When looking at tire ratings pay attention to what variables were used to rate the tires. Generally, harder, long-mileage tires don't handle as well, and don't work as well in inclement conditions. These tires, however, are used on many brands of cars, and considering the litigious environment these days, they'll be pretty good for you by design. Remember too that hybrid and high-mileage cars are still in their infancy. In the next few years expect to see significant advances in all technologies around this, now that car, lubrication, and tire companies realize that the public wants these cars.

    I can tell you that your mileage in the city will probably not approach the rating on the window sticker. Whatever city they found that allowed that mileage must have had downhill streets in all directions. Kind of like your grandad walking uphill in the snow both ways, to and from school ;-). Our city mileage in a relatively flat city north of San Francisco generall hits in the mid-30's. The highway mileage, once you learn to drive gently, and stay below 75 or so, easily hits the mid 30's, once the car is broken in.

    It's too early to tell how this particular model of Nissan will come out, reliability-wise. In my mind Nissan has always been the hidden gem in the auto industry. They generally make very good vehicles. They listen to their customers and, like any Japanese company, constantly improve their products. We have a car like yours (an 07, which we paid slightly less for) and we couldn't be more pleased with it. I only have two very minor complaints. 1. The "auto" day/night mirror can't be adjusted manually, so in those times where there's a bright light behind you during the daytime, you can't dim the mirror. 2. The outside mirrors don't auto dim with the interior mirror (I had a Lincoln that did that a few years ago...very nice). Other than that, the car, both inside and out, is well-engineered, well thought out, and even things that don't seem logical in the way they behave at first, are done pretty well (you just have to figure out why Nissan did something a certain way).

    As far as the dealer experience goes, that varies from dealer to dealer. I've heard horror stories, and wrestled a snake of a Nissan salesman at a dealership (where I DIDN'T by the car) myself. The dealership I go to in Petaluma, California (North Bay Nissan) is excellent. No matter what I go to them for, they are always patient, communicate well, and make sure I'm well-taken care of. Not only that, but we constantly get phone calls and emails from both the dealership and Nissan, making sure we're happy with our product and services. We've never had that experience with any other brand of car (and we've owned Toyotas, Hondas, and various American brands).

    I'm a little more cautious than you. If I had your kind of money, I'd wait to see if I personally liked the car before I bought a second one. That being said, I think you'll be very, very pleased. These cars are comfortable, stylish, quick, and (so far) very reliable....
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Only had the first car for a few days, and my wife absolutely loves it. She only travels maybe 10,000 miles per year -- I will be almost four times that & tired of spending a fortune for gas. Sure looks like we are headed towards $4.00 per gallon, and who knows if it will ever drop to substantially less than that during the next few years. With all the driving I do, much more highway mileage. I realize that the "ecomomics of this vehicle" are such that city mileage better than highway, and I will not realize that benefit. However, I am a fairly easy going driver, rarely over 70 highway. I hope to get close to mid-thirties mpg. My Subaru Tribeca averages just about 20 mpg. 35,000 miles per year means approx 1750 gallons. If I can get 35 mpg on NAH, will save around 750 gallons per year, even at $3.00 per gallon that's over $2000 per year, plus I would use regular instead of high test, so that would save another $200 or so per year (around here high test 20 - 25 cents per gallon higher than regular)

    It's probably because of the $2350 tax rebate that cinched the deal on each vehicle, otherwise really could just justify the purchase. I realize the Prius would get another 10 mpg or so, but you absolutely cannot get one with moon roof, and that was a must on both vehicles. Not only that, the companies that specialize in installing moon roofs will not put one on a Prius. Probably because of the rounded roof.

    I have never owned a Nissan before, and have been very pleased with my Subaru Tribeca. But, I have realized that 99% of my driving is on business by myself, and I can manage fine with the small trunk. If we need anything large to move, have a 1999 Dodge Dakota 4wd p/u that just sits in the driveway. A 99 wi less than 26,000 miles on the Odometer! I use it so little, last time I put in gas was early November and have drive around 125 miles since that time.

    Oh well, I hope I have made the right decision. I am kind of an impulsive buyer.
    At least the two vehicles are different colors, my wife's black, mine silver.

    I will post on this formum my experiences, as well as detailed info on gas consumption.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    I live in the great lakes snow belt. We had 26 inches of snow last weekend. I had put Nokian RST winter tires which are also Low Roll Resistant. They were tested in the Artic. Went through everything including uphill with deep snow and unplowed. Mine is also the tech so I guess the VDC traction control and the rest helped as well. Enjoy and consider the Nokian if you are in a snow area. The regular tires don't do very well as was mentioned above.
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