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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jfc31jfc31 Posts: 4
    momster1 - I bought the Altima Hybrid with connection pkg at that dealership in the beginning of June. Paid less than $29,000 and financed at 2.9%. Great car....just got 40 MPG on my 2nd tank of gas....mostly highway, driving 70+ MPH
  • lynchelynche Posts: 13

    Tax credit is a one time deal for buying an altrenative fuel car. Different credits apply to different cars based on mpg and emissions and some weird formula based on how many alternative fuel cars a particular manufacturer sells (up to 60,000). Toyota and Honda have sold too many hybrids (1 million Prius' as of May) so they don't qualify. Nissan has sold I think less than 20,000 NAH's so have a long way to go before the credit goes away.

    Caveat is that you might not get it if you have to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax.
  • Just purchased full package, Nav, moonroof, leather, etc. $32,900 (negotiated from 33,500) plus current $1250 incentive.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Wow, This must mean dealers that still have these in stock are no longer selling them at invoice cost approx any longer. Invoice, supposedly on your vehicle around $30,500, and we all know the dealers get kickbacks of some sort.

    Must be this gas thing really catching! I can't tell you how pleased we are with our two NAH's purchased in March. Sure a few grand more than a Prius but no comparison. Plus the $2350 tax rebate sure helps a bunch.
  • jsyarussjsyaruss Posts: 50
    Yup - they're getting much harder to find at any sort of discount if you live in places where they're not sold. I decided to take the hit because, well, I wanted one... perhaps I could have argued more a bit on price... but basically, the few dealers that have them anywhere near me (a) aren't trading them to other dealers and (b) aren't much in the mood to negotiate because they're flying out the doors. My timing wasn't the best -- should have bought a couple of months ago, when people were getting great deals. Alas... I'm happy with the car, though (except for a minor EV mode difficulty)... So much so that we got a second Nissan for my wife this weekend. Never had a Nissan before, but now we're a 2-Nissan family! Go figure.
  • Hey Lynche thankyou for that explonation I cant thankyou enuff see now you have helped all of us out who did not understand that hole tax thing good lick with your Nahs they are a grate car one of the best out there thankyou for reading.
  • NIce real nice good luck with your nah it is a grate car tell everyone about it just as good os the HOnda and Toyota Hibrids. SO what was the secand Nissan that you got for your wife. You Cant go rong byeing a nissan grate cars. just as good as hondas and TOyotas thankyou for reading anything I can do to help any of you guys out let me no.
  • jsyarussjsyaruss Posts: 50
    Thanks Marco. The second one's a fully loaded Murano SL! Not quite the same mileage, but a bigger storage area ;-) (The trunk on the NAH is a little tight for weekend trips...) We're thrilled with both and my wife (not being an ipod owner) is having fun loading all her favorite CDs onto the car's hard drive. It's the little things...
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    Test drove the nah over the 4th of July weekend. I ended up going with the Accord. This was the most difficult buying experience I've ever had. What a great car the NAH is. It does'nt matter why I chose the Honda and not the nah. I just wanted to say the base model could be bought for 500 (rebate) under MRSP in NORCAL. That was the best price I found over the weekend. Of course you get the 2350 tax credit which is nice.

    If you are thinking of buying a NAH and have'nt test drove it yet be prepared to buy it because you will fall in love with it. I will not hesitate buying one in the near future.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    I traded my 2007 NAH for a new 2008 Accord few months ago. Good choice. The Accord is a excellent car.
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    Thanks Dude, just wondering why you traded in the NAH 07.
  • mazda6dudemazda6dude Posts: 283
    From the day I bought my NAH, it had a constant pull/drift to the right. I took it to servicing at the dealer as well as tire shops over a dozen times. I even filed a claim with BBB. To make the long story short, in the end I traded it in and got a Accord. Since I have bought the Accord, driving has been fun again. The NAH is a nice car, unfortunately Nissan didn't want to admit I had a bad/lemon so I got rid of it. I know this is not a Honda Accord Forum, but on a side note, my MPG has been 30 overall.
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    Hi, Guys:
    Whether or not the 2350 tax credit will be adjusted based on your income?
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    I plugged the number (Hybrid Vehicle) into 07 turbo tax before looking at the NAH to make certain I would qualify for the credit. I suggest you do the same or talk to the person that prepared your 07 taxes to see if you qualify. I don't know the exact formula used in determining the credit. will also give you the information you need.

    If you qualify, you will see a 2350 credit to your net return. You would need to be bringing in some serious cash not to qualify IMO.
  • tazdoctazdoc Posts: 6
    Bought one through Costco Program last night. Very pleasant buying experience in Falore Nissan in Sunnyvale, CA. The following is the quote and price.

    MSRP is $33,500 including 4-Cyl, 2.5L HEV, Automatic Transmission, optional Moonroof, Floor Mats, Technology Package and Destination Charge. Your price is $31,495. Tax, license & doc fees are extra. Factory cash incentives of $500.00 (expiring 9/30/08) have already been deducted from this price.

    Missed the $1250 cash incentive by a week. Tried other dealers in the area to beat that price, none could. According to the fleet manager, the price will go up soon because Toyota is running out of Prius and Camry and the demand for NAH is going up. The sticker price is MSRP + $3000. They are having a meeting next week and likely the Costco price will be either MSRP or higher. Don't know how true it is. They have about six in the lot and I just test drove the one I like. Remarkable bells and whistle and pickup (much better than my 99 Acura TL with Nav).
  • I just bought a base model (list $25905). Got a $2656 dealer discount, a $1250 Nissan rebate and a $2350 Federal tax credit for a net cost of $19649 before tax and license. Northern California dealer.
  • not a bad price grate deal what color and what options does your nah have in it how was the byeing prosese let us all no thankyou for reading. grate car the nah is good luck.
  • It is a base car; it has no options other then floor mats. However the base car does have auto trans, a/c, pwr windows mirrors doors and trunk, intelligent key entry, 1 cd player, 4 speaker stereo etc.
    It does not have NAV, moonroof, leather seats or the computer display. It has a computer readout in the pod in front of the driver.
    My car is slate grey metallic with charcoal cloth interior.
    The car was an advertised special so there was no dealing at all.
    I really enjoy the sportiness of the car.
    I am currently getting 32mpg while using the a/c most of the time.
  • namxleenanamxleena Posts: 9
    Was wondering which dealership you got it from. Also, was the 1250 rebate last month? Or, did you just get the rebate from this month? I believe the current rebate is only 500.
  • cephraimcephraim Posts: 31
    How do you claim the tax credit?
    What proof of purchase is used?
    Was I supposed to receive something unique from the dealer?
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    just do your taxes and fill out one of the forms, i forget which one
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    it's great to see people lining up to buy hybrid these days - but seeing how demand is beginning to outstrip supply I see prices getting closer and closer to MSRP.

    makes me wonder how long it will take for supply to surpass demand. or will they keep the supply side tight?

    with that said you can see why the "big" three are in a world of pain.
  • The rebate was last month.
    I found the car online as an advertised special.
    I prefer to not mention the dealer by name but it was in the Bay area.
  • hey thankyou so mutch for getting back to me and responding to my posting. Yea the bas Nah has alot of options did not realize how menny it had. that color combo is real nice so you really like it good luck it is a grate car keep on posting those grate deals.
  • was just wondering thanks for reading.
  • bobmagoobobmagoo Posts: 1
    Convenience package + moonroof - $26549 w/o rebate

    The dealers around here who had that configuration all came in around the same price. The spread was like $200.
  • nice car thankyou so mutch for getting back to me nice color good luck with it it is a grate car thanks for reading Marco.
  • Picked up my new Sonoma Sunset/Charcoal Leather NAH last weekend. I had to drive to NJ for the purchase (Cherry Hill Nissan), I live in south central PA. The travel was the worst part of my buying experience, although it was well worth it.

    I've been commuting 120 miles/day with it for the past week and a half and am loving it! 80/20 highway/city driving with ~36 mpg observed fuel consumption.

    MSRP $33,500 with a $500 manufacturer rebate, $1,500 dealer discount, $500 PA state rebate, and of course the $2,350 fed tax credit. The dealer even threw in a bottle of touch-up paint.
  • esteveesteve Posts: 10
    After getting 11 dealer quotes in the LA/Ventura area (with some in San Diego and up in NoCal), I picked up an Altima Hybrid (Convenience, moonroof, moonroof visor, and kickplates) for $26526 after $500 rebate on August 2nd from Thousand Oaks Nissan. Another dealer was $225 less but couldn't get the color combo I wanted.

    Averaging 35 mpg! :)
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