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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Unless there's a new part of the Nissan website that I haven't found, the answer is "no". I'm not sure how Nissan does it everywhere, but in Northern California, the cars are taken to a central depot once they're taken off the train. They are then transported by private truckers to the dealerships. Even the dealerships don't know exactly when the car will arrive, as far as I can tell, because of the private trucker variable. My dealership kept telling us the car was coming in a day, in a week, in a day, in a week. They had JUST told us the car wouldn't be in for a week, and a couple of hours later, they called us and said the car was IN. Weird... You'd think in these days of GPS locating, and electronic tracking (Like FedEx and UPS does), they could get a better ideal, but apparently not...the good news is, if you've been given a VIN, it won't be long, now. That was one of the last events to happen to us, before we got our car.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109

    Your last few lines wree the most encouraging I have heard. I am going to contact the dealer tomorrow as he said that he still thought the car would be in by the end of November. I will just tell him "Guess what? It is the end of November."

    Almost 6 months of waiting.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Notifiied today that the Hybrid with Jade and Tech package I ordered 6 months ago will be able to to picked up on December 5, next Wednesday.

    Has anyone by driving slow been able to move the Altima up to 40 MPH in EV mode only without the engine coming on? does it say in EV mode about the same as the Camry?
  • I'm checking internet prices for an '08 with Tech package and getting quotes around $29600 to $30000 at various dealers in the Riverside, CA area. Seems pretty good to me but am curious if this is currently a fair price to pay...anyone else getting similar or better offers?
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    The list on my altima Hybrid with tech package and sun roof was $33,325. My price with destination is $30,300. That is in New York. So I would say you were quoted a good price. More competition your way I guess.
  • I was quoted an internet price of $30,377 from Mossy in San Diego. Not sure if he threw in mud flaps & mats
  • tropotropo Posts: 15
    We have the exact same car (jade, Tech and Sunroof), We did not wait for it for six months, but a month as the dealer swapped it with another dealer. You will enjoy this car.

    We test drove the Camry Hybrid, and we feel that the EV mode is the same. As far as getting the Altima to 40 MPH in EV mode, it could be done in the following conditions:
    1. There are no cars behind you at all.
    2. you are not in a rush and have got all day
    3. Accelerate ever so gently that barely touch the gas pedal.

    In simple practical terms, no you can't get it to 40 MPH on EV mode. On the other hand, we average on the car close to 40 MPG.
  • You CAN get the car to get close to 40 M, PH in EV mode EVENTUALLY. We do it all the time, now, on flat streets, driving like there are egg shells between your foot and the accelerator pedal. Don't expect that to happen right away, though. The machinery is very tight when it's new. Our experience was that the gas mileage got better and better as we put more miles on the car, and the EV mode would stay on for higher and higher MPHs. When we got our first oil change, we saw a significant jump in performance.

    On the rare occassions I get to drive the car (my wife has claimed it as hers) I try to make a game out of it, and see what speed I can get to before the ICE kicks in. I've actually briefly gotten it over 40 (milliseconds, it seems like) but getting it to high 30's under the right conditions (flat road or slight downhill) is not uncommon.

    The other thing we've noticed, which doesn't take a physics major to figure out is that the faster you go on the freeway, the worse your gas mileage gets. The car WILL go quite fast (I've had it over 100 on desert roads). The gas mileage seems OK up to about 70 or a little over, but you get above that, and your computer will start calculating gas mileage numbers that are a little less than you'd like. We recently charged all the way up the I-5 from LA to San Francisco at about 75, and our gas mileage was in the 34 MPG range. Not bad, but not the best the car can do.

    EV is where this thing shines. I actually LIKE sitting in stop-n-go traffic, now, because I know I'm getting mid-40s gas mileage. Unfortunately for us, we live in a semi-rural area, so we don't get much in the way of traffic snarls, and rarely see the really, really good gas mileage.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Thanks you Hiwayman and tropo for your updates. That is especially helpful. While I was reading your response. I received and email from my New York State dealer (I am in Pa about 60 miles away) that my NAH came in. I hope to pick it up Friday.

    I will report. I will have a nice 60 mile local highway trip back to report.
  • Excellent! Enjoy! We love our car (at least my wife tells me we do ;) )
  • When we bought our loaded car, the salesman (who is a friend of ours) told us that the "mudflaps" (which are just small accents on the rear of the wheel wells) and the floor mats actually just come with the car, and Nissan just pops you for them as if they are added at the dealership. He didn't charge us for them, and we paid $1000.00 over invoice (this was in August of this year). We thought that was a pretty good deal until we found out that the profit margins on these cars are razor thin, so we probably just paid very slightly under MSRP.

    At the time we bought the car, you couldn't find them for any price and people in this area were paying as much as 3K over MSRP to get them at other dealerships. It seems like everyone is calming down now, and people are getting some pretty good deals, especially when you consider that gasoline is headed full-tilt to $4.00 a gallon soon.

    We have no regrets, though. The car is a fine car, and in the land where Priuses travel in packs (San Francisco area) it's nice to have a hybrid that's NOT a Prius (at least on the outside). The car is comfortable, has enough buttons and knobs to sate the techo-geek in me, performs well, and looks good (and I don't feel like a total tree-hugging, tofu slurping, hemp-clothed geek when I drive it.)

    My wife DID try to sneak a "Hillary 08" sticker onto the bumper, to complete the package, but I replaced it with a National Rifle Association "They'll get my gun when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers" stickr and a Nader 08 sticker under that. Neither currently visible sticker reflects my politics particularly; I just like to give people something to ponder when they're behind us in traffic. I'm expecting new stickers to appear very soon....
  • Well after months of deciding what to get I am purchasing a 08 NAH with tech no sunroof for $30100. It will cost me $600 to get it delivered to texas but with the 1.9 interest and the tax rebate it seems like the way to go. I have driven a camry hybrid and a 3.5 altima and I liked the nissan interior alot better than the toyota. I hope I don't regret selling my 05 G35 to get this but at least the gas mileage will be alot better and no more having to use premium fuel.
  • u need to change the way of driving u'll get lot more better gas milage... know how to step off and back on gas when u have no traffice
  • How is it being shipped, by dealer or privately? I live in GA and debating about that.
    Did you consider picking it up & driving it back?
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    you're going to stick a Ron Paul bumper sticker, won't you? what do you mean the profit margin is razor thin? i know Nissan Motor doesn't make much on this car, but as for the dealer, they probably made 2000. i think it's fair enough though. i paid about $800 over invoice
  • I considered driving but you have to pay cal sales tax which is 8 or 8.5% and buy a 21 day plate which is another $50 add in two days of driving, one nights lodging, gas and mileage on the car made shipping the only way to go.
  • tropotropo Posts: 15
    Hiwayman, if your wife will not tell you how you feel and what you want, how would you know yourself? :)
  • When we bought the car, we were told that the mark up (difference between invoice and MSRP) was about 1200 bucks. So, at first blush, it seems like we got a pretty good deal. What the dealers never tell you is what THEIR incentives are. Where the real truth is is a bit different. They get kick backs from Nissan for the numbers of cars they sell, how well they move less-popular body types, customer satisfaction scores, etc, etc. In some cases, the parent corporation will actually start charging the dealer if the don't move the car within a specified amount of time. Both positive and negative incentives. When they tell you they're selling you a car "below invoice" they aren't mentioning all these other ways to make money. If it was just straight invoice v. MSRP, a dealer selling below involce would be going out of business pretty quickly. The problem for us mortals, is finding out what a dealership REALLY makes on each car (they could tell you if they wanted to, but that's a deep dark secret, kept in a vault in the basement of the dealership owner's mother's house).

    Each company is a bit different in the way they handle this. Some companies, like Isuzu, for instance, have a set up where the factory owns the vehicle until it's sold. Their dealerships aren't as motivated to move cars and you may not get as good a deal. For dealerships that have to buy their inventory from the factory, the motivations to move hardware are much higher. But then, like I said, there's all kinds of incentive shenanigans going on in the background that put buyers at a disadvantage in the negotiations, without them every realizing it.

    Next time a dealer puts "their invoice" under your nose, just smile and say, "OK, now let's talk REAL money." :D
  • Tropo, that's funny. I'm a completely independent thinker (looking at wife now, and saying "Right honey?") HAHA!

    When our old SUV finally started making "I'm going to retire soon" noises and we started shopping for new cars, I wanted an Xterra or a Pathfinder. My wife wanted a NAH. We comprimised and got the NAH. HAHA. At least I have motorcycles to ease the pain....but that's a discussion for another forum.... ;) Actually, I was reluctant to get a hybrid at first. I don't really like the looks of Priuses, and I literaly couldn't fit in a hybrid Civic. We had heard that Nissan had come out with a hybrid, so we went to the dealership. I was fully expecting another geeky looking little shuttle pod like the Prius. When they told us that the Altima was the car, I was pretty happy. We took the thing for a test drive, and I was sold immediately. In hindsight, especially now that gas is pushing 4 bucks a gallon, I'm pretty glad we didn't get another SUV. Now if they'd just make an Altima with 1 foot ground clearance and 4 wheel drive, it would be perfect :D
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250

    but anyways, i understand all of that. for nissan's, there is a 3% holdback so the actual cost for your 30000 invoice car is actually 29100. you can't factor in how much the dealer is making from incentives and stuff, they need to make their money somehow. but i think that paying that close to invoice on a car that is pretty hard to find isn't that bad. it's not about how low you can get the numbers, but more like not getting ripped off.
  • Absolutely right. One thing that people seem to not understand is that dealerships are businesses. They need to make money to stay in business. Where the trick is for us consumers, is to find that sweet spot where we pay a decent price without getting ripped. There's a lot more than just holdbacks (I used to be a I can tell you there are more ways to make money on a sale than you can imagine). Knowing what the possibilities are just helps you, as a car buyer, negotiate more effectively. At the end of the day, unless the car is a Yugo, or you have a history with that dealership, the dealership will always find ways to make money on the deal. They need to.

    For instance, one way to sweeten the deal is to take financing from the dealer, even if it's higher than what you can get at your bank or credit union. The dealer always gets a cut of the action (a point or two, which is significant on a 30K car) on the loan. Just make sure there's no pre-payment penalty. Then go to your own lender for the better deal, and pay off the dealer's loan.
  • Could you tell me which NY dealership you dealt with gave you the price of $30k for tech package w/ sunroof? and salesperson? My e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks.

  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Chris, is that the right email address? I tried to send you the info but it didn't go. let me know.

  • Thanks everyone for sharing your buying experience (and EMGR for providing me with his salesperson and dealership but unfortunately I could not put it to good use, see below). I have done a lot of studying the past month or so on the Nissan hybrid. Lots of people have suggested that I consider a Toyota or a Honda but because of the Federal tax credit of $2350 and styling preference, I've had my mind set on a Nissan for the longest time.

    Earlier in the week I had sent out quote requests to numerous local NY dealers as well MA dealers. One stood out in particular b/c he had quoted me with $29,410 for a tech package which I found quite unbelievable since it even beats out So after pretty much daily correspondence with this salesperson I had made an appointment with him on Saturday for a test drive. Guess what, when I got there, he sat us down and kept trying to sell me a regular Altima. After insisting on test driving a hybrid he then pretended to check on the car and came back telling us that they had sold all the hybrids already. I was fuming, this is clearly bait and switch tactic. They clearly did not have the hybrids but tried to lure customers in by quoting them low ball numbers but what good are the numbers if they don't even have the cars. (I'm considering reporting them to BBB though they already have unsatisfactory rating with them)!!

    I then contacted another dealership nearby.. they appear to be the only BBB participant on Long Island. To make the long story short they had one available to test drive. The salesperson told us they had just sold one earlier and this is the very last one available. I called to test drive and that's why he held the key to make sure no one else could get into it (lots of BS but whatever).. this is the fully loaded version, so there's really nothing not to like ;) I don't need the NAV system (love my Garmin) but really wanted the power consumption display. Anyhoo, I still haven't figured out my AMT vs. reg. tax liability yet so I wanted to do that first before deciding to buy in 07 or 08 (I had made a career change so it would have mattered some what)

    We went back inside after the test drive. The salesperson (let's call him X) asked about my situation. I said I'll put half down and finance the rest. He then went and came back with some number like $600/M for 48 months + $15,000 down. I have excellent credit and considered this utterly ridiculous. X seemed clueless with all the numbers and appeared to be simply a messenger. I wrote down $$300/M for 48 months + 15k down + tax. X came back with ~$450/M for 60 months + $15,000. I was like, are you kidding me, you decreased the monthly payment and increased the number of months, how's that better than the numbers from b4. :mad: So X went back in again and at that point I was like they're playing the numbers as if we don't know Sh*t, let's get out of here. As mentioned previously, I wanted to calculate my tax liability first b4 deciding when to buy the car so walking out was not a problem.

    As soon as we started walking, some one yelled out to X and both X and guess his manager quickly came by to stop us. The mgr was like "Oh how you doing" and I was almost screaming you're trying to sell us a $30k car for $40k. He said maybe we made a mistake, see (showed me a paper) we make offers based on the car number (guess their stock #) on this sheet. Maybe the stock number got mixed up and we're quoting you a number that was really for a Pathfinder or something that's over $40k. He said give us another chance just please wait another minute. I stayed mainly b/c I was curious whether they would really accept my offer which would make the car $294k (not considering finance chg). After a short while, the mgr came over and asked me straight out, if we agree to your terms are you willing to take delivery today? To tell you the truth, I hesitated and got a bit scared of making such a big commitment w/o first finding out about my tax liab. But I went ahead and shook his hand and made the deal.

    All in all I was at that dealership for about 4 hours b/c they later tried to sell me an extended warranty (guess they're trying to make SOME money out of this deal somehow) which I declined. The Finance Mgr got frustrated at one point and was shuffling his papers around and jamming them into an envelope. I felt bad but I did not plan on taking on additional liability, even though the warranty might be good for all the tech stuff. I love the car, was at one point unsure which color to get, but the fact they only had one to choose from really makes my life a whole lot simpler. Even if I don't get the full Fed tax credit I think I'll still be very happy with the purchase!! :)
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Congradulations. After one week, I am still happy withe the overall car. I had to take it back because the CD player would not load CD's. The dealer confirmed and has to order a new one. That affect driving or the rest of the toys. It doesn't bother me since it will be replaced.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    so what color did you get?

    yeah, they call them stealerships for a reason
  • Wow! That's quite an adventure! Glad it didn't happen to me. I would have walked....As soon as they start playing games, I'm done. Prior to purchasing the NAH, we were actually trying to close a deal on a Ford Escape Hybrid. The Ford dealership were such slimeballs, that I just stood up mid-sentence, shook the guy's hand, shook my head "no", and said, "No deal. I don't like getting jerked around." The guy sat there gape-mouthed as I walked. He and his sales manager were heading across the parking lot toward me as I pulled away. Glad I dumped the deal. Our NAH is excellent.

    One thing you can always do to check the dealership's numbers is look at the bill of sale before you sign it. The dealerships are required by Federal law to disclose all costs, from the selling price of the car, to how much the financing is going to cost, shipping costs, dealer set up, etc., etc. They may try to get you to sign quickly, but take your time there, and look the numbers over. If you smell a rat, call them on it. Don't take, "It is generated by the system..we have no control over that." as an excuse...if it's not right, get them to fix it (they can if they want to). If they won't fix it, catch the shoe-leather express to another dealership...
  • I bought my car through Carsdirect so it ended up being a moot point, but I had prepared myself for shenanigans like this.

    Not only would I have brought my TI-83 (and its financial calculators) into the dealership for on-the-fly APR calculations, I had planned on casually dropping into the conversation that I'm a financial auditor and have completed the requirements for my CPA, hoping that the combination of those would convince them that trying to pull those types of things might not be a good idea. ;)
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    When we bought our loaded car, the salesman (who is a friend of ours) told us that the "mudflaps" (which are just small accents on the rear of the wheel wells) and the floor mats actually just come with the car, and Nissan just pops you for them as if they are added at the dealership. He didn't charge us for them, and we paid $1000.00 over invoice (this was in August of this year).

    Splash Guards and Floor Matts are ussually in every car, but sometimes they do not come in the car.

    These accessories are listed on the window sticker so they are not free. If your sales person didn't charge you for them than it doesn't matter but I think he/she was stating that they you don't ussualy see a car with out them these days but it does happen.

    As for what you think you paid, I don't know which NAH you purchased. If it had a tech pkg you got a discount of just over $1000... Not to bad on that vehicle. If you got a base on you got a discount of about $500.. Still not to bad.

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