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Nissan Altima Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking at the messages. FYI. 2007 NAHs are selling at our below invoice except for the technology package in the Bay Area. While the dealers in the Bay Area negotiate tough because they know that those going for the tech package have fat wallets and stock is generally limited to just a few dealers, I was able to do $450 over invoice a month ago.
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    Fat wallets? Not so much. The cost of living thins those wallets pretty quickly. However, you're probably right, but for a slightly different reason. Since we are used to paying so much more for everything out here, paying a little over MSRP for those that don't do research is not as daunting as it may be in other parts of the country. Additionally, there are so many people out here that there's a much greater chance of a dealer finding someone willing to pay more, than there would be in less populated, and less well-off parts of the country. Our cost of living is equivalent to New York City. Just like New Yorkers, we make impressive salaries in SOME cases (my own salary is, uhhhh...NOT impressive). Just like New Yorkers, we pay exhorbitant amounts of money for simple items. It all evens out.

    I think if you'd visit California, (California is A LOT more than LA and SF) you might find areas that are very much like yours, both culturally and economically. Believe it or not, all our women are not 6' tall, wear thong bikinis to PTA meetings, and wannabe movie stars. Believe it or not, we can't all afford homes in the Hollywood Hills..... For instance, I have to park my NAH in the driveway, because my garage is where my butler lives... :D
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    Additionally, the Bay Area (where I live) is the hotbed of hybrid technology, both for purchasers and for research. Priuses travel in herds around here. It actually feels pretty good to cruise around in a hybrid that ISN'T a Prius (well, at least in the body style anyway; we all know Nissan's dark secret about "their" technology). This being such an environmentally-oriented area, anything that seems EC (Environmnetally Correct) demands a premium. I wouldn't doubt for one minute, considering the culture, that we pay too much for hybrids, when compared to the rest of the country. On the other hand, if you want to buy a Hummer, they're selling at below invoice. Hummer dealers can barely GIVE the things away. :shades:
  • tomscot2tomscot2 Posts: 33
    Here in San Diego and Orange Counties the market for NAH with TECH package is very competitive. If a dealer gets one, they don't even load into their computer inventory, just put on the lot and sell it in a week. They do have 3-5 of the other NAH models on the lot and you can deal on those.

    We got our NAH with tech package for $500 below MSRP on Memorial Day Weekend. It was one of those that was not listed on the computer and even some of the sales people didn't realize that they had a Tech package NAH on the lot. We felt very lucky to get the $500.

    BTW, we love our NAH and the mileage is improving with every tank of gas.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,966
    We don't have the NAH available here in central PA so I can't even test drive one right now. I want to see how it compares to my current Altima. Should make a good entry for the Alternate Route

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  • Finally, I get to post a message in this forum. I finally picked up my car (the second one, after the first one was sideswiped by some idiot on the way to the gas station pre-delivery :sick: ). I went through Nissan of Garden Grove in (duh) Garden Grove, CA. When it was all said and done, they did a good job, and I have to say I got a killer deal. Don't expect to get the same deal unless you work at Boeing, as I setup a discount with this particular dealer for all of our employees and retirees. I paid only $100 over invoice for my Sonoma Sunset with Blond Leather Interior, wood trimmed, sunroofed, Technology Packaged NAH. If you are a Boeing employee or retiree, I highly suggest that you go to this dealer. They put up with a lot of crap with me and my perfectionism, and I have to give them mad props for all the work they did in securing this car for me. The salesman that went through our delivery checkout was very knowledgeable about the car, and honest about the things he didn't know. Nothing worse than a guy just making up stuff on the fly, which happened to me at a Toyota Dealer once. If anyone would like the name of the sales associate that walked us through our deal, send me an email, and I'll give it to you, but I'm going to follow the rule on the forum here that says not to post salespeople names and contact information. If you live in SoCal, and are in the market for a Tech Packaged Hybrid, I heard that this dealer might have one, albeit a little banged up, that they might be willing to deal on. ;) If you're not in the market for a banged up one, or a Tech Package, they have base models in stock also. Go check em out.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    Congratulations on finally being able to pick up your car, :)

    so i assume you got a fresh one and not the banged up one, good decision. i think it's worth the wait to not get a car that was already involved in an accident

    let us know how you love your car and you can also go to to keep track of your fuel purchases and mileage (i think the number should be higher than the 33 MPG average it is now)
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    Central PA? Beautiful country! Way back in the dark ages when fuel prices were tiny and cars were huge, I had a girlfriend in the area. I always enjoyed the drive down from Massachusetts to see her.

    Well, for those that don't have the opportunity to drive an NAH, I can say that it is a far cry from a Prius, even though they share hybrid technology. The Prius has a 1.5 liter engine, and the NAH a 2.5 liter. Of course the NAH gives up gas mileage to the Prius, but having driven both a NAH and a Altima V-6, I can say that the NAH comes somewhere in between a 2.5 and a V-6. It SEEMS very close to a V-6 to me, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. At any rate, it's a fun car to drive, and the central location of the battery gives the car nice balance between front and rear. I wouldn't taunt a Z-car on a twisty road with the thing, but it IS fun and comfortable, and I can "squirt" from lane to lane in the gawdawful SF area traffic with ease.

    As we're learning to drive the NAH, we've found ways to tease the car into EV mode at speeds up to 40 MPH. It's a very delicate "dance" however, and any tiny mis-step on the accelerator brings the ICE into play. Oddly enough, in stop-n-go rush hour traffic, I find myself smiling, as I creep forward on electro-motive power. People must think I'm crazy.

    It sounds kind of silly, but one thing I wish hybrids would do would be to have an illuminated hybrid badge on the car that lights up whenever the car is in EV mode. That would drive the point home to other drivers that the car is indeed doing good things....;-) Since the cars lack that capability, maybe I'll just use one of those C02 powered horns, like they use at football games..... :shades:
  • newbee9newbee9 Posts: 1
    Considering purchase of new 2007 Altima 3.5 SE (CVT/auto). Assume pricing is better for the 2007 than the 2008 model. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences between the 2007 and 2008 Altima 3.5 SE (CVT/auto) models, i.e., style, standard equipment, quality control adjustments, or otherwise? Should I go for the 2007 because of better pricing (end of model year, $500 cash rebate) or is there some reason why I should go for the 2008? Received quote from a dealership internet manager for a jade green 2007 3.5 SE (blond cloth), no optional equipment, of $21,158 (not including destination of $625, tax and DMV). Dealer is offering cash rebate of $500 (if purchased by certain date) plus there's a national cash back rebate for the 2007 of another $500. Given that dealers are trying to get rid of the 2007's at this point, is this a good price? What do you recommend I do?
  • U hardly get much discount on Tech Pkg. but most i heard pay around or few hunder less than MSRP from nissanclub... but not like u guys dealer offer way over MSRP. Also for the Cov. PKG u'll get way below invoice. Like myself i got my like 3 month ago for 24020 which about 1200 under invoice at the same day i saw online ads. on SF which 700 cheaper than my and has few of them not just 1... also saw that on newspaper for the last couple week the Cov PKG for 24000, also today i saw on of the ads on Freeway has 1000 REDATE on hybrid,i guess this good news for who haven't gotten the Hybrid yet. Also 08 should be on the way soon why not wait if they not willing to gave u the deal u want.
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Read my responses from several weeks ago about what I decided to do.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    kind of the wrong forum, but I'd probably go with the 07...there's only minor updates (like ABS standard) and that doesn't matter to you, it's standard on the SE anyways
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    haha, that would be great, but would probably cost a pretty penny to add to the car

    i used to hate traffic so badly when i'm driving on the pike...alas, i don't mind it as much anymore =D
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    The Tech package here in SF area is very hard to find, for some reason. It seemed, when we were shopping, that the cars with the Convenience Package didn't really even exist except in the dealers' minds. The low-end NAHs were reasonably available. I do know that at the dealer we finally purchased from, we knew the salesman personally, and he called us to give us a heads up that 5 tech packages were on their way in. By the time we got to the dealer the next day, only two were left (fortunately, one was just exactly what we wanted, color-wise). They hadn't even hit the dealership computers, yet, and were already reserved with downpayments. Since then, or salesman has told us that they've looked all over the state for tech packages, and no one is willing to swap/sell them to his dealership because they go so fast, at such a good price (for the dealership). I know that dealerships will put ONE car in their ad at a good price, but I have yet to get there before the car is gone (maybe to the dealership owner's son-in-law? :shades: )
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    That's excellent that you finally got your new car, without dents. In the days of unibody cars (no frame to speak of) one never knows what kind of damage is done when the body is hit. It may not show up for quite a long time, but tires start wearing weird, and handling might get dicey.
    The dealership sounds like an excellent one, and the deal is pretty darned good! We thought we were getting a helluva deal when we got 1000 over invoice. We had to do some arm-twisting to get that, here in NorCal. Anyone who reads this, and can afford it, should definitely get the Tech Package. It really adds a lot to the car's allure. The only thing annoying (which can be turned off) is the voice-guided navigation. I started calling the female voice "Chatty Cathy" because she kept telling me to "keep left at the next freeway intersection". In the Bay Area, there are hundreds of freeway merges. She just wouldn't SHUT UP! The display is large enough that when it changes to guide you past a freeway merge, there's enough activity to attract your attention without Chatty Cathy pestering you. All the other stuff is very nice. Even the moonroof can be opened on the freeway, and, unless there's a bad crosswind or you're following a big, air-roiling truck, it's very quiet....
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Your experience is duplicated on the East Coast as well. Matter of fact, many dealers complain that the West Coast dealers are getting all the tech packages. Go figure.

    I am not sure who I believe anymore but I do know there is a definite projection problem at Nissan in figuring what they should produce for sale.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i think they had issues with the navigation system, that's why it took so long for them to come out...i was the first person to buy a tech packaged hybrid at the dealership, and that wasn't until april when the dealership had base ones in january
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    It may very well be that a lot of Tech Packages came to the west, since there's a lot of people out here (the LA greater basin has almost 22 million people in it alone!). My guess is (I have absolutely NO empirical evidence on this) that Nissan got caught with their manufacturing pants down. It's well known that Nissan was less than enthusiastic about the whole hybrid scene, which is one of the reasons they used Toyota technologies instead of coming up with their own. I think it just comes down to the fact that they just didn't make many NAHs, and of those, they didn't make enough Tech Packages. I talked to a friend here in the North Bay (that's the area north of San Francisco) the other day. He wants a NAH Tech, too. No 2007's to be had, at any price, in our area. He put money down on a 2008 NAH Tech (refundable deposit) without knowing the price of the car. He's been told that the cars will start coming in "sometime in late September/early October", but hasn't been given an exact delivery date. So, he's waiting on a car that he doesn't know the price of, and doesn't know when he's going to get it.....sounds like what you Easterners have been talking about. It seems to be a nationwide supply/demand problem. I be they're working their butts off in Kentucky right now! :D
  • Yes it may not seem like a big thing but my wife insists that any car I get have rear cup holders and the hch for one does not. Can someone out there let me know as I am in Texas and would hate to make a trip for nothing. Thanks
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    You have it dead on. East and West. I am still waiting to hear on the delivery on the 08. I put my deposit down on June 12th.
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    That's hilarious, man! I don't think I've ever heard of cup-holders in a car being a deal breaker before.... But yes, the NAH DOES have rear-seat cup holders. They are in the center, fold-down arm rest and in the door pockets (4 all together.
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    yep, cupholders galore!!!!!
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "yep, cupholders galore!!!!!"

    It's funny how times change. My daily driver is a 1987 Toyota FX, and there is not a SINGLE cup holder in the vehicle!
  • What is the warranty on the battery pack and does anybody have a clue on what next months incentives will be before I pull the trigger.Thanks
  • emgremgr Posts: 109
    Your latter question is the $24,000 question. From what I heard the batter warranty may depend on the state that you live in. I believe in NY State, Hybrid manufactures are obligated to warranty the hybrid parts for 180,00 miles. But I could be wrong in that figure.
  • I'm in the same boat, trying to decide whether to pull trigger now or wait. I would have to think the incentives after 9/4/07 would either stay the same or get better. Though at some point the 07 inventory dwindles. I am in no hurry, been researching/shopping for 2+ months now.
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    Battery pack warranty varies from state-to-state. Check with your local dealer. A quick phone call will get you the info you need. I think most of the warranties are 150,000 miles or better.

    The comment about cup holders appearing in late-model cars is interesting. Cup holders appeared. Ashtrays disappeared. Cigarette lighters did, too. So did vent windows. What's next? ;-). BTW, if my count is correct, between front and rear, there are 10 cup holders for 5 passengers. Four in the front center console, 2 in the rear center arm rest, and one in each of four doors. "Anyone need to stop for a bathroom break?!?!"
  • langjielangjie Posts: 250
    i think it's ONLY 9...there's only 3 in the center console.

    though the 3 are great, fits almost any cup!
  • Since the car is only sold in CA emission states and meets the government's AT/PZEV, the warranty is the same for all hybrids no matter where you have Nissan service it.

    California Emission Performance - 180 months/150,000 miles

    California Emission Defect - 180 months/150,000 miles

    California Emission High Voltage Battery - 120 months/150,000 miles

    Hybrid Electric(HEV)System - 96 months / 100,000 miles - pdf
  • hiwaymanhiwayman Posts: 98
    You're right. I checked later after writing the note. In the center console it's 3, with a couple of slots for coins or poker chips or cookies, depending upon what your needs are...
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